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Dave Matthews Wishes He Was a Socialist
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I’d meant to pass comment on this last year but let it get lost in the sauce. It’s an illustration of leftist logic at its finest. Dave Matthews in a Rolling Stone interview:

[Bernie Sanders is] a guy who is talking about something real and that isn’t insulted by being called a liberal. Someone could call me a liberal, and I’d say, “Thank you.” Someone could call me a socialist, and I’d say, “I wish I was a socialist.” I should get a shirt that says, “Tax me! Tax the fuck out of me!”

We have the front man for the most successful touring band in history, his net worth is estimated at $300 million, claiming to support the idea of wealth equality through mandatory confiscation and redistribution while incapable of voluntarily bringing himself to redistribute a sizable chunk of his own massive fortune, something the state would graciously allow him to do if he so chose.

That is, he favors the state taking for the purposes of redistribution from those who don’t have one-tenth of one percent of what he has even though he refuses to voluntarily offer a share of his pile of gold, a pile that is 1,000 times larger than theirs. He’d be a good person if only someone would just point a gun at him already!

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Awesome post!

  2. Maybe "Raven" was about socialism. "One hand is open and the other hand holds the gun."

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Duh everyone pays their fair share is his point. Him paying a few million wouldn't do jack but everyone who makes the kinda money he does contributing more would. People who make the kind of money he does (or Trump does). Stop the Foxnews outrage and go listen to Kid Rock since conservative assholes can't write music. If this is the kind of stuff you think about on New Years day YOU'RE a snowflake buddy.

  4. Aside from Donald Trump, is there a single person in the world worth over $10 mil or so that isn't an anti-white shitlib or libertarian? I support taxing all of their estates at 100%, and if they leave my country to escape then good riddance.

  5. So, so rich in irony.

  6. Jokah,

    Interesting. I've seen the Busted Stuff lyrics for Raven (which are way different from the Lillywhite Sessions) alternatively applied to generic generational differences and specifically to the the Catholic church's child abuse problems. I tend to think of it as a leftie correction to Dreams of our Fathers, which gives a begrudging reverence for the wisdom of those who came before from a narrator struck by a feeling of emptiness and a sense of ennui. Parenthetical trivia–Dreams is the only song in the DMB officially released discography that has never been played live.


    That logic applies to charity, adoption, voting, saving a bus full of children that just veered into a river, etc etc etc, too, right?

    It starts with one step, however small, first step is hardest of all. If he voluntarily did what he wants (or wishes he could want? Is a liberal but wishes he were a socialist) the state to do through coercion, well, he might die trying.


    Outside of court jesters and those who leverage the power of the state, I'm sure there are some. … But, uh, I can't think of any. Yikes.

  7. > Aside from Donald Trump, is there a single person in the world worth over $10 mil or so that isn't an anti-white shitlib or libertarian? I support taxing all of their estates at 100%, and if they leave my country to escape then good riddance.

    Many of these people made their money within the current political environment (which I consider 1965 to the present), which is center left and thirdworldist. That or they come from old money and all they have to do is not ruin it so it's best to go along to get along in that case. So these are the beneficiaries of the current system so it's in their interest to keep it going. Also a lot of these people are dependent on subsidies, convoluted tax breaks, and sweetheart deals that are custom designed for these people.

    It's high and low vs. the middle. It's how the DNC was able to raise well north of a billion dollars this election cycle.

  8. That's unfair argument. If I would go with my friends and we would deliberate whether to hire a taxi, I would happily contribute my share and I would vote "let's all share the cost fairly", but I am not "freier" and I won't pay when others won't.

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