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Mean number of president Trump tweets per day, by month (through the 6th of June):

After a couple months of executive order flurries, Trump got bogged down in the swamp. Instead of drowning the murk dwellers, he started cozying up to them. Predictably, they stabbed him in the front, sides, and back every time he got within arm’s reach.

Trump’s much attuned to what is directly in front of his face at the moment. It’s better for us (and Western civilization) if that consists of memelords on twitter than if it’s the murk dwellers hanging out in the cabal coffers of the Imperial Capital.

The murk dwellers know this, so they feign embarrassment and frustration over how Trump isn’t acting “presidential” when he takes to social media. A lot of naive cucks foolishly believe this and they, too, urge Trump to put his phone away. Never take freely offered advice from your enemies.

Every single word out of their mendacious mouths is intended to contribute to Trump’s downfall.

The god-emperor is onto them:

The man learns from his mistakes.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Pres Trump needs to understand the rules since 1991 are campaign every day in office and his Tweets are his most powerful communication tool to accomplish that.

    Winning isn't everything, it is the only thing.

    Washington DC is now Hama, Syria. AKA

    There are no rules and "RULE OR DIE."

  2. Feryl says: • Website

    How's the media handling the heavy (heavier?) hitters, as measured by physical and/or ideological proximity to Trump's regime, to a man?

    It's like there's three tiers:

    – Early adopter Trump loyalists, who are subjected to D.C. manicured narratives over alleged morale problems and/or crisis of faith/conflicting goals WRT Trump. See Bannon circa March-April, then Kushner in April-May, and now Sessions in June. The Sessions drama seems particularly laughable, given that he's Trump's biggest public ally in the system and Sessions is no doubt aware that no other president would come anywhere near a good chunk of Sessions' agenda. Sessions also probably realizes that the Pentagon boarding party (to use Agnostic's term) is behind the ostensible softening of Trump's stance/agenda. The idea that the Russia recusal would immediately poison the relationship of the two seems pretty ridiculous.

    – The muh Russia stole our election narrative spreading constant weaselly worded innuendo about people not on board with the globalists being Russian dupes. Besides Trump himself, the main victim was Mike Flynn, but others have gotten lots of crap too. Like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. I can't even remember everyone who applies to this, go ahead in fill in the blanks.

    – Most tellingly, who isn't being subjected to *any* kind of unflattering press? Mattis, McMaster, et all the Pentagon's boarders. The octopus knows these guys are huge tentacles who are madly trying to grasp ideological outsiders and suck the non-globalsm out of them. As Trump himself would indicate, don't even bother wasting time looking at whatever the C.I.A. is pushing in the MSM at the moment.

  3. Feryl,

    It's a template for evaluation from our point of view that should be used in reverse.

  4. Yeah who cares? Let them hang Trump out to dry. What has he done? Bombed Syria? America Last again boys. Don't be a fool. This is political theater. They want you to believe that Trump is fighting the system. They must be having a good laugh at the expense of anyone who believes this crap. Record number of Muslim "refugees" last month. More Green Cards than EVER. Dreamers and rapists for every White community. SUCKER.
    Why even bother with this old fool? He's Little Jebbie with a con job past. Don't you know a con when you see it? If this guy is soooo scared, he still has plenty to say about North Korea, Iran and the Forever War between the Bankers and the countries yet to loot.

  5. Joshua,

    It's a question of making the good–or even something that is acceptable in piecemeal form–the enemy of the perfect. I'm constitutionally inclined towards pragmatism, but I understand your sentiments entirely.

  6. Audacious Epigone,

    Speaking of "Hama Rules" and President Trump, the following TCTH essay by sundance is worth reading closely.

    My impression from reading it was the controlling Democratic party operative faction of the FBI — possibly with some help from the Secret Service hold overs in the White House — were setting up Pres-elect Trump for Obstruction of Justice to cover up Pres Obama's and their involvement with using NSA intercepts for partisan political power…

    …and got caught out doing so.

    This would go far to explain Pres Trump's "Imperial focus/bandwidth" lack of personnel appointment issues. I have a strong impression that Trump does not want to hire more moles to add to the one's he has already, until he has secure work spaces and close government staff he can trust.

    Or as Sundance puts it —

    "Now, accepting the politicization of the entire Russian Conspiracy Narrative that was leading the headlines for the two months prior to this dinner; and knowing moments earlier your Chief White House counsel informs you that two political operatives (Yates and Priestap) within the DOJ were providing classified intelligence reports about General Flynn; and knowing the prior months (Nov/Dec/Jan) were fraught with leaks from intelligence reports identical to those discussed; wouldn’t you perhaps think that any action you take could be utilized to add fuel to this Russian narrative? And/Or be used by these same leak facilitators to make something seem like something it is not?

    Think about it."

    By way of background for the above, Pres. Trump has rebuilt his Secret Service Presidential Security detail with hyper-competent people from outside — military & ex-military — from the FBI Special Response Team. Which will in time become the senior management of the Secret Service.

    The FBI SRT are where Seal Team Six and Delta Force Commmando's retire when the pressure of constant combat operations burn them out and/or they want stability to raise a family. These folks are the most functionally patriotic and constitutionalist people you can find inside the Federal government.

    They are also the Federal government's best assassins, and the most effective way to protect a VIP is to have trained assassins on the VIP's protective detail.

  7. Mil-Tech Bard,

    Interesting, thanks.

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