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Section 230 protections should not apply: Twitter hides this tweet from the president's timeline with the following explanation: The word "most" would more fairly be rendered as "some"--the young, those without co-morbidities, etc--and the word "far" probably shouldn't be in there at all. But the points are all worthy of consideration. There are lots of... Read More
Nebulafox on a crucial distinction between Occident and Orient: The West wasn't afraid of physics so the 20th century was the Western century. The West is afraid of genetics, though, and the Chinese are not, so we have another reason to believe the 21st will be the Chinese century. On the other hand, I suspect... Read More
From the large 2016 Cooperative Congressional Election Study: Total fertility rates of non-Orthodox Jews are below replacement. TFRs for the Orthodox are hard to pin down, but they are well above replacement, with estimates ranging from anywhere between 3-8 children per woman. By the time Donald Trump's Orthodox Jewish grandchildren are his age, Jews will... Read More
Per A123's suggestion, an open thread if one is worth creating about the category 4-pushing-5 hurricane headed towards the Louisiana and Texas coasts in the Gulf of Mexico. There are still four months left in 2020. Surely you didn't think the catastrophes were over yet. Does Laura have a friend named Katrina, by the way?
Some 11% of poll respondents say they have had "a close friend" die from COVID-19. With the formal count at 173,000 deaths nationwide, this implies the average American has 218 close friends. Impressive! Dunbar's number BTFO. Wha? No, no, I'm not a loser, I didn't say just the other day that I had three close... Read More
One of the more helpful frameworks for understanding American cultural dynamics is Thomas Sowell's Black Rednecks and White Liberals. It applies to beliefs and behaviors white liberals implicitly disdain white conservatives for having and doing, but that white liberals are forbidden from criticizing non-whites for having and doing--even though non-whites hold the beliefs and engage... Read More
From DanHessinMD, the L(ink)OTW: Cutting to the chase, the working conclusion is that low relative humidity of indoor air is a big contributor in increasing the severity of the disease. This conceivably explains why cases remain high but reported mortality is much lower than was the case a few months ago. I've little to add... Read More
In 2018, the GSS introduced a question concerning how often respondents perceived other people acting as though they, the respondents, were "not smart". The following graph shows the percentages who answered either "almost every day" or "at least once a week", by selected demographics. IQ buckets are derived from Wordsum scores: Empirically assessing the validity... Read More
For close to a decade it has been reported that Americans under the age of 18 are "majority-minority", yet non-Hispanic white births continue to constitute a majority of the country's newborns. The reason for the discrepancy is methodological. The CDC tracks race by that of the mother exclusively, so babies who will be categorized in... Read More
It's nothing, stop being racist against the Chinese. Hug them instead. Wash your hands and sanitize inorganic surfaces to stop the spread. Don't wear masks, they don't help. The virus is far more deadly than the flu. Not many people have it yet, but it spreads fast so if many get it, millions will die.... Read More
The first bar for each group (uniform color) shows the percentages of respondents who view coronavirus as a "very serious" problem for the country, the second bar (varying colors) the percentages who view it as a "very serious" problem locally. Respondents can assess it as a very serious problem both nationally and locally or nowhere... Read More
There is far more income variation within racial groups than there are between them. It's futile--not to mention racist!--to obsess over racial differences in median income. Less than 15% of income differences occur between races. More than 85% of income differences occur within racial groups. We've been looking in all the wrong places with this... Read More
When middle America became restless over the forever lock downs, breathless admonitions about the coronavirus catastrophe about to brought down on the country showed up in every article the corporate media put out, on the timelines of all the blue checkmarks, and in the public pronouncements of the legions of stern-faced labcoats. When protests and... Read More
[As noted yesterday, the following essay was written by a reader and commenter who requested the opportunity. In the spirit of the open inquiry and free expression UR is renowned for, its contents are neither endorsed nor condemned by this blog or webzine. On account of the essay's thoughtfulness, though, it has been deemed worthy... Read More
Tomorrow a short book-length critique from regular comment contributor Intelligent Dasein on the concept of human biodiversity, or HBD as it is commonly referred to, will be published here. Briefly, I would define ID's conception as a strong form of HBD, one that presumes a far more ambitious set of classifications, categorizations, and prescriptions than... Read More
Scientist, author, and entrepreneur Spencer Wells goes double-or-nothing: Nuremberg for being too laissez faire, for not being fascistic enough--that's an interesting twist. Before tearing into the American response in general and the Trump administration in particular, Wells offered that: This humble blogger bends his knee in observation of an awesome display of audacity that puts... Read More
When the US began shutting down in response to fears about an impending coronavirus catastrophe, we asserted the health effects would pale in comparison to the economic carnage the pandemic would initiate. That take drew equal amounts of derision and incredulity. Clarifying that coronavirus was the match starting the conflagration rather than the dry brush... Read More
The subsequent graph shows percentages, by selected demographics, who view governmental stay-at-home orders to be violations of Americans' constitutional rights. "Not sure" responses are excluded, so residual values represent those who see no civil rights violations in the orders: It may be deemed necessary, but good luck getting it to square with the first amendment.... Read More
An anonymous commenter channeled the sentiments of many irreligious readers in a recent post discussing the religious angle of the coronavirus divide: The commenter's disdain aside, the first assertion is an empirical question. The last assertion is, too, but I've yet to come across good data to evaluate it by. Using the GSS, the following... Read More
COTW from DanHessinMD: The combative righteousness will repulse some. That's understandable. Personally, I appreciate candor even when I'm not in agreement with it. That said, is Dan onto something regarding religiosity and attitudes towards coronavirus? None of the polling I've seen has broken down attitudes towards coronavirus and the societal response by religious affiliation or... Read More
The correlation between ascribed per capita coronavirus deaths by state and the percentages of residents in each state who report being "extremely concerned" about coronavirus is a vigorous .71. Seeing is believing, as they say. The demographic and partisan divides have become starker as time has gone on. We're getting close to the point where... Read More
A plurality of Americans now believe coronavirus was "created in a laboratory". This doesn't necessarily imply a belief that it was intended as a bioweapon. Those who suspect it was used for other research purposes before spreading to the public through carelessness or disgruntlement will be included in the plurality alongside those who think it... Read More
Bold Brian or Callous Kemp? Mostly the latter, though it depends on who you're asking. If it's people who voted for the Georgia governor, there's an elevated chance for the former, but the odds are still long. The following graph shows the percentages of Americans who believe it will be safe to fire things back... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of people who prefer "the government respect civil liberties, even if that means accepting some risk to public safety". Residuals show the percentages who prefer "the government ensure public safety, even if that means limiting some civil liberties": Most Americans don't want a shot at liberty if it comes... Read More
Percentages of adults under the age of 40 who report having experienced poor mental health--defined as "stress, depression, and problems with emotions"--over the last month by race, sex, and political orientation: Black conservatives Jon Miller and Candace Owens come off as psychologically unshakable--archetypally so, it would appear. And then there's that iconic photo from early... Read More
One of the early analytical errors I made was in assuming guys like Heartiste were wrong about fundamental aspects of the modern sexual marketplace because the data showed, if anything, that the quantity of per capita sex was going down while the share of celibates was going up. Promiscuity? Ha, more like prudishness! Upon further... Read More
It's easy to feel like progressive morality is always advancing, sending the gods of the copybook headings heading for the hills and creating new gods in their stead. Writes dfordoom: Homosexuality went from being disgusting to ignored to tolerated to accepted to celebrated in remarkably short order. In considerably less than a single lifespan it... Read More
Iceland has a fortuitous combination of factors making it about the best place in the world to come by good data on coronavirus. It's an island, it has a small homogenous and cooperative population, and it is home to deCODE Genetics: Whatever the R0 of coronavirus is, the consensus seems to be that it is... Read More
Correlations with coronavirus death rates as of April 11, 2020 at the state level are weak across the board: Obesity rate -- (.13) Median age -- .09 Clinton's 2016 vote share -- (.04) Population density -- .13 White population % -- (.18) Black population % -- .20 Asian population % -- .13 Hispanic population %... Read More
As of April 3rd, the peak rate of growth in confirmed coronavirus cases is in the rearview mirror of every American state and territory. This welcome news comes in spite of greatly increased nationwide testing capacity that makes it less likely than before that symptomatic cases go undiagnosed. Absent a resurgence following the relaxation of... Read More
Confirmed coronavirus cases per 100,000 people as of March 31, 2020: State Cases/100k New York 389.7 New Jersey 210.5 Louisiana 112.7 Massachusetts 95.2 Michigan 76.4 Connecticut 72.1 District of Columbia 70.1 Washington 68.1 Illinois 47.0 Rhode Island 46.1 Colorado 45.6 Vermont 41.0 Pennsylvania 38.8 Nevada 36.1 Georgia 35.3 Delaware 32.8 Indiana 32.1 Mississippi 31.5 Florida... Read More
The pandemic pandemonium is driving liberals batty. SurveyUSA recently released a poll containing an interesting battery of questions concerning self-described mental states induced by the coronamindvirus. The differences by political orientation are stark. Percentages who say they are anxious: Who say they are depressed: Who say they are angry: Who say they are afraid: Who... Read More
Countering the fairly strong correlation between coronavirus cases and the size of the ethnically Chinese population at the state level come a pair of polls from SurveyUSA (N = 1,850). The organization asked respondents if anyone they know--a friend, a relative, a colleague, or a neighbor--has been diagnosed with coronavirus. The percentages who responded in... Read More
Last week we found: Six days later, with the confirmed nationwide caseload approaching 20,000, the respective correlations have increased from .40 to .58 and from .09 to .16. Correlation does not necessarily mean causation, of course. When increasing the sample size also increases the strength of the correlation, though, it suggests we're onto something real.... Read More
A long-time friend of the blog writes the following, for which I have nothing to add beyond uninformed skepticism and yet still a sense of obligation for sharing:Here is the most amazing thing I am seeing right now: COVID-19 coronavirus is following dry winter air. Where it gets more humid, the virus dissipates. Wuhan, China... Read More
From 2000 onward for contemporary relevance, among women aged 40 or older for completed fertility, and restricted to non-Hispanic whites to avoid racial confounding, we have TFRs by educational attainment and religious service attendance: Religiosity is a strong correlate with fertility. Nothing quite trumps the inverse correlation fecundity has with female educational attainment, a robust... Read More
Listening to a discussion between polymath Razib Khan and demographer, social scientist, and geneticist Melinda Mills, I was struck by something Mills said in the context of using information such as polygenic scores gleaned from studies on huge genetic databases to help people with fertility problems overcome those problems. It is clear she is uncomfortable... Read More
Washington state governor Jay Inslee briefly appeared on the Democrat presidential debate stage. His tack was environmentalism. He went nowhere, of course. Environmentalism is a boutique political issue. When indigents are defecating in the streets, environmental concerns--concerns more sophisticated than how to remove the scat, anyway--get put on the back burner. It's as true in... Read More
Better dead than possibly perceived as racist. The following graph shows the percentages of people, by selected demographics, who think the US government should deny entry into the country to any foreigner who has coronavirus. "Not sure" responses, constituting 17% of the total, are excluded, so the residuals represent percentages opposed to a ban among... Read More
A refreshingly stark story about a German couple living in Britain: Frieda is 38 and is struggling to have a baby. She got married in 2011, and started trying to conceive immediately. Eventually it became clear there was a problem. "I actually had four rounds of IVF treatment and obviously none of them were successful.... Read More
Kratoklastes writes: The stereotype about atheists being pricks notwithstanding--or, to put it in psychological terms, low on the personality trait of agreeableness!--the research clearly backs his assertion regarding the correlation between religiosity and measured intelligence. The GSS shows a similar result. Mean IQ by theistic orientation converted from Wordsum scores assuming a mean IQ of... Read More
The corporate media is certain Asians hate--HATE!--being thought well of: In the latest YouGov survey, Yang gets 13% of "other" (predominately Asian) Democrat support, compared to just 3% of Democrat support overall. Asians don't seem too concerned about his "feeding into the model minority myth". I get the sense that the obsession with Andrew Yang's... Read More
Presuming an average national IQ of 98 led to estimates for mean white IQ by state that appeared to be too high. Instead of norming at 100, the results normed 102. The US mean score of 98 was taken from the compilations of Lynn and Vanhanen. Their data is a over a generation old now,... Read More
The following table and map show estimated mean IQ by state from 2019 NAEP mathematics and reading results among non-Hispanic white eighth grade public school students. Estimates are computed by averaging mathematics and reading scores and then converting them to IQ scores assuming a national average IQ of 98 96 and a standard deviation of... Read More
The following table and map show estimated mean IQ by state from 2019 NAEP mathematics and reading results among eighth grade public school students. Table coloring corresponds to how states voted in the 2016 US presidential election. Estimates are computed by averaging mathematics and reading scores and then converting them to IQ scores assuming a... Read More
The percentages of Clinton, Trump, and third party voters who believe astrology is scientific: More evidence of who f*cking loves science! and who is a superstitious deplorable. GSS variables used: ASTROSCI(1-2)(3), PRES16(1-3)
To clarify, the previous post showing rudimentary science knowledge by sex and by race, while multiple choice, also permitted survey quiz-takers to choose "not sure". The online version of the quiz did not contain this fifth possible choice (a by-product of which is the flattering of the online contingent when they see their results compared... Read More
In early Spring of this year, Pew Research released the results of an 11-question quiz gauging rudimentary science knowledge. On all eleven questions men fared better than women, Hispanics fared better than blacks, and whites fared better than Hispanics and blacks. Results for Asians and other racial groups were not separately reported. This reveals Pew... Read More
Gregory Cochran, physicist and anthropologist, commenting on a genome wide association study based on data from the UK biobank: From the GSS, the percentages of people who have experienced poor mental health--described as "stress, depression, and problems with emotions"--in the previous month: Cochran: This may actually significantly overstate the number of homosexuals being evaluated. Alternatively,... Read More
From the GSS, the percentages of respondents, by decade of participation in the survey, who assert that "homosexual acts are always morally wrong": It's pozitively remarkable how socially progressive Jews were nearly fifty years ago. Extrapolating current trends of moral sentiment into the future, it will be around the year 2070 before blacks become as... Read More