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The cup overflows with thought provoking reactions for this COTW. Wency on the drop in the stock price of liberal white women: Democracy is a zero sum game. That's why it generates so much anger and resentment. Wency again on the two most famous dystopian novels of the 20th century (with Fahrenheit 451 occupying the... Read More
The following graph shows why American men and women use dating sites and applications. Respondents were permitted to select as many reasons as they wanted to: Dating apps and websites probably aren't as debauched as you think they are, especially if you came of age before the internet swallowed up all social interactions. Not all... Read More
The crony isn't just in the capitalism. It's in the alleged meritocracy, too. As nebulafox explains: After legacy admissions and affirmative action, what place for genuine merit remains? The former is an intractable problem so long as the process retains any semblance of discretion. Explicit race-norming with a Woke spin--ie, systemic oppression favors whites and... Read More
The young are at much lesser risk from Covid-19 than the elderly. That doesn't appear to be the case with the vaccine shots, though. If anything, the opposite is true: Rogan was right, or at least eminently reasonable, when he hypothetically advised a healthy man in his twenties to forego the shot. There is a... Read More
The assessment Facebook banned and the corporate media destroyed people for holding looks to be the correct one. Oops, looks like the fact checkers effed up again. Despite more than a year of the merchants of mendacity running cover for the US and Chinese establishments, most Americans see through the lies: Virtually every aspect of... Read More
The dam of resistance has burst. Democrat apprehension over reopening society has been washed downstream. Bipartisan majorities support a return to normalcy: It is truly bizarre to watch national officials still carry on as though the public is looking to them for permission to have a few friends over on the fourth of July. There... Read More
It will come as a surprise to many that left-leaning YouGov finds net nationwide support for Texas Senate Bill 8. The pro-life bill bans abortions of fetuses with detectable heartbeats. Heartbeats become detectable as early as six weeks into pregnancy. When the bill takes effect in September it will be one of the most restrictive... Read More
The empirical assessment of the validity of stereotypes--or the lack thereof--is the blog's raison d'etre, so let's reclinate towards the place we began. The following graph shows how much more likely men are to say they find "slimmer women" more attractive than "chubby women", how much more likely women are to say they find "taller... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of people--by race, sex and political orientation--who say "genetic testing will do more harm than good": Fetal genetic testing during the first trimester and embryo selection during IVF procedures to screen for conditions like Down or Patau syndromes is eugenics. It's voluntary rather than coerced as many of the... Read More
Dfordoom wants to abolish the intelligence agencies: They do a lot of bad things, like violate civil liberties, assassinate foreigners, frame citizens, and lie countries civilization-destroying wars. On the other hand, they're woke. You're not a white supremacist, a sexist, a nativist, a homophobe, an anti-Semite, and an ableist are you? Then you'll stand in... Read More
Black Rednecks and White Liberals part XXVIII: It's time to declare victory and come home. As is the case with flu shots, allow people to decide whether or not they want to take the jab each year or every few months or whatever the recommended schedule is. The Biden administration gets a win, Big Pharma... Read More
Many people do not think the virtual playing field is an even one: A plurality of BIPOCs and of Democrats perceive social media to be fair. Pluralities of whites and of independents, and an outright majority of Republicans, see the deck stacked in favor of the left. Know thy enemy. Curiously, nearly one-in-five Republicans perceive... Read More
By selected demographics, the following graph compares whether the disease or the putative cure is perceived to be the greater threat. The figures are arrived at by taking the percentages identifying Covid-19 as a greater risk than adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines and subtracting from it the percentages identifying the cure as a bigger... Read More
As previously noted, both men and women who self-identify as bisexual tend to have significantly more opposite sex partners than they have partners of the same sex as their own. For men and women who self-identify as "gay, lesbian, or homosexual", same sex partners are overwhelmingly more common and substantially more common, respectively: Some L... Read More
The median number of sexual partners among bisexuals, by sex of the respondent and the number of partners of each sex he or she has had since turning eighteen: Is it that those who have experimented at some point with someone of the same sex who otherwise pursue members of the opposite sex describe themselves... Read More
The blog's raison d'etre is to empirically assess the (in)validity of stereotypes. File this one in the valid drawer: Because expanding the definition of marriage from being a union between two members of opposite sexes to being a union between two people had nothing to do with redefining the the parameters and expectations of the... Read More
Like everything else in modern America, the Covid poke or parry is highly partisan: If there is a Covid kill switch, too many deplorables are going to escape it. If refusing to take the jab is playing Russian roulette with one's health, too many deplorables are going to... die? That doesn't sound like an outcome... Read More
After the mop up operations were complete and the last incalcitrant resisters snuffed out in the Culture War battle over transgenderism, this blog suspected the next front in the siege on sexual mores would be against the presumption of at least serial monogamy. The celebration of open relationships is on the way! That doesn't look... Read More
Wency inadvertently makes an Israel-as-crusader-state argument: The Kingdom of Jerusalem provided (relatively) safe passage for pilgrimages eight centuries ago. When it collapsed, those pilgrimages became less safe. The crusader states were economic sinkholes. Unlike true colonies that enriched the empire at home, European monarchs spent a couple of centuries promising more men and money to... Read More
Twinkie on health care: That sounds a lot like auto insurance. If companies provided auto insurance and in turn auto insurance covered oil changes and tire rotations, it'd be a lot more expensive, too. What about the relatively novel subscription model? It has exploded from nothing to hundreds of primary care facilities in the span... Read More
If it is necessary to calibrate the climate, calibrating it through technology rather than by Luddism is the preferable way to go about it: On the other hand, Bill Gates is critical of cryptocurrencies. Energy is a big cost to the blockchain: If the sun provides less light, electricity will have to provide more! Elon... Read More
When it comes to liking themselves as individuals, blacks come out on top and whites on bottom: If a man doesn't like himself, why should he expect others to like him? What does he know that they don't? Quoth Broken Record Man, we’re told society pedestalizes whites while causing people of color to feel bad... Read More
In terms of physical appearance, do you think you are more attractive than average, average, or less attractive than average?: The white distribution approximates a normal one. The non-white distributions display various levels of Lake Wobegon effect. We're told society pedestalizes whites while causing people of color to feel bad about themselves. The data say... Read More
Wency shares an interesting observation: Belief or lack thereof in God strongly correlates with belief or lack thereof in the sanctity of the unborn: This provides a pretense to dig a little deeper into the GSS to shed some light on an admittedly mostly academic question. Pro-choice percentages, defined as agreeing that a woman should... Read More
Nearly one-quarter of young men at the horniest stage of life wander through a sexual desert: Men in their early twenties are having less sex than men in their sixties do. These zoomers aren't having less sex than those boomers did during the summer of love--they're having less sex as striplings than the boomers are... Read More
The percentages of GSS respondents, by political orientation and by year of participation, who responded they had "no religion" when asked about their religious affiliation: The religious are more fecund than the irreligious. With eccentric but ultimately marginal exceptions like the Shakers, this has been the case for as long as records have been kept.... Read More
Mark G. on Mick Jagger's fence: Social media speeds everything up. That slow decline has become rapid. Nothing is stable, increasingly including our mental health. Conservatives hold the line on guns and abortion. Not much else, including marijuana legalization, to 216's chagrin: The Culture Industry has condemn
Americans mostly oppose transgender athletes competing against members of the opposite biological sex: For now, anyway. The pattern and distribution of these figures feel a lot like those on same-sex marriage in the aughts. It's not difficult to imagine majority opposition to any sort of ban a decade from now. On the other hand, this... Read More
Conservatism is liberalism's shadow, part XXVIII: There is a lot of talk about how the socially conservative, economically leftist quadrant of the political compass is drastically underserved (while the socially liberal, economically 'conservative' is full of corporately-funded chiefs who don't have any indians). Maybe, but one thing that becomes apparent when sifting through social survey... Read More
There is no need to fear here. J1234 writes: Relatedly, a reminder that as the state-enforced eugenics movement of the Progressive Era was a predominantly leftist cause, so are the voluntary individualistic eugenics of today a primarily leftist cause. The following graph shows the percentages of people, by political orientation, who would want (or want... Read More
Almost Missouri on nature raw in tooth and claw: You are walking through the woods when you come upon a grizzly bear. It sees you and draws near. Whatever you're able to do in the next few moments constitute the full the extent of your "natural rights" in this world. Everything else is a privilege.... Read More
- Is the February cold snap climate modeling's stagflation? Probably not, but expertise from the comment section is thanked in advance for explaining why. Are there supposed to be days of record breaking low temperatures across huge swaths of the North American continent if the center of the temperature distribution is accelerating its movement towards... Read More
The inverse correlation between total fertility rate and per capita CO2 emissions at the national level is a modest but not insignificant .35. I've little insightful to add to that result, a result more modest than I imagined it would be, but since it was a slog to calculate, it may as well be shared.
Our elites, never missing an opportunity to weaponize Wokeness as means of to sowing discord among the population, have asserted it is unfair for elderly people to get the Covid vaccine ahead of non-whites. The public doesn't buy their nonsense, though. They know age is the biggest risk factor by a mile: Some humanity remains... Read More
Apropos a discussion in a recent comment thread regarding political orientation, race, and intelligence, let's take a look at what the GSS offers us. We'll use the Wordsum test. Wordsum is a ten-question vocabulary test with results that correlate with IQ at .71--quite rigorous for the social sciences, but of course not perfect. For one... Read More
The following graph shows public support for the right of a person to end his or her life by that unfortunate person's circumstance, over time: What was the minority position a generation ago now has the support of two-thirds of Americans. Most people support the idea of someone suffering from an incurable disease voluntarily taking... Read More
He has a lot of work in front of him to stake out territory on Mars, but Elon Musk's weekly trips to the moon are becoming a regular thing. He tweets about a financial instrument, any financial instrument, and it immediately shoots up by double-digit percentages. What's going on here? A few possibilities come to... Read More
The following graph shows net support for toughening (easing) the legal requirements for obtaining a divorce in the US over the past decade by intelligence bucket as measured by the Wordsum vocabulary test. To avoid racial confounding and language fluency issues, the analysis is restricted to non-Hispanic whites born in the US. Values are calculated... Read More
Almost Missouri views localism and agorism as dead ends: Several states tried this in 1861. It turned out the the President did indeed have that power, that power and more, so much more, never mind it wasn’t in the Constitution. A couple of generations ago a few school districts tried to go their own way,... Read More
The inverse relationship between fertility and educational attainment is more pronounced among people of color than among whites and more pronounced among women than among men: When it comes to educational attainment the inverse correlation with fertility is barely detectable among white men, while it is quite pronounced among non-white women. If hypergamy is real,... Read More
The following graphs show the mean number of children by frequency of religious worship service attendance. The survey period covered is from 2000 to 2018 covering adults aged 30 through old age, so TFRs are higher across the board than they are among people in their reproductive primes today: There is nothing to the color... Read More
Things are getting really bad as the third wave washes over the American landscape: The Covid-19 epidemic is sending people to hospitals and urgent-care centers in every state, and medical centers are responding with extraordinary measures: Asking staff to work overtime, setting up triage tents, restricting friends and family visits and canceling elective surgeries, to... Read More
DanHessinMD on the Covid catastrophe: A major problem has been that the powers that be have massively distorted reality on the dangers of COVID and have literally censored anything that went against the panic narrative. Early in the pandemic, sincere scientists and doctors made videos advocating against lockdown and saw their content banned. It was... Read More
What were the three biggest red pills of the year? The top three from our vantage point: - The corporate media permitting Joe Biden to use a teleprompter for interviews. The most common reaction to these revelations was, well, yuk yuk, there's even more evidence Biden is a senescent, doddering old codger! What they actually... Read More
Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety are a majority: Working-class white men are a problem. They're always a problem. Nobody else except Republicans--a redundancy, since we already mentioned white men--has an issue getting with the program. The troglodytes hate The Science. They need remedial education. In camps, if... Read More
Twinkie on Occidental xenophilia: Badwhite countries like Russia and Hungary are more restrictionist than globalist countries like South Korea and, increasingly, Japan are. On a similar note, nebulafox on one of the practical problems with race-based nationalism in a globalized world: One of the big practical problems I see with enforcing
From the newspaper of record comes concern that older, affluent whites will try and elbow their way to the front of the vaccine line, pushing non-whites to the back of the proverbial bus yet again: Hey, Lipsitch, Gould, and Schmidt are the names
The percentages of people who believe more than 1 million Americans have died of Covid: Stoking hysterical fears in young, poor, politically disconnected women of color? For shame, media, for shame.
Being an epigone means being a sucker for pithiness, and this line from Rosie is that: The most unequal power dynamic in human society is the one between parent and child. A child doesn't choose his parents. He has nowhere to go and effectively almost no one to talk to if they neglect or abuse... Read More