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The following graph shows the change in Donald Trump's advantage or disadvantage against his Democrat opponent by various demographics from 2016 to 2020. In 2016, Hillary Clinton had a one-point edge among those aged 45-64. In 2020, Trump has a one-point lead over Joe Biden among that age group. The change is thus represented in... Read More
In Manufacturing Consent, Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman describe how the Establishment creates a softly coercive consensus using the combined power of corporate media, DC think tanks, and the military-industrial complex. By laundering information through this vast network, the system is able to fabricate perceived realities at odds with reality itself. Future president Kamala Harris... Read More
In the previous post on interracial and intersexual homicide distributions in the US, Kratoklastes and Buzz Mohawk point out these distributions deal with absolute numbers, not rates. By rate, blacks are 11.4 times more likely to perpetrate interracial homicide than whites are, and others--a mishmash category including Asians, American Indians, and many people of mixed... Read More
The FBI breaks offenders and victims down into three racial categories--White, Black, and Other. Most Hispanics are consequently included in the White figures while Asians, American Indians, and people of mixed race are amalgamated into the Other category. All figures exclude homicides in which the race or sex of the offender is unknown: While whites... Read More
Among members of the Democrat coalition, POCs are relatively more pro-life than their white allies are: Perhaps the GOP could more successfully pander to non-whites by holding the line on the social conservatism it allegedly believes to be virtuous instead of perpetually trailing in the shadow of the DNC on cultural issues, apologizing for functioning... Read More
Per t and res, a poll from a few weeks ago with an order of magnitude more respondents concerning net support for California's Proposition 16 gets a substantially different result: Compare to the more recent SurveyUSA poll highlighted yesterday: On the backs of conservative white men, perhaps isonomy will yet be carried forward in California.... Read More
Net support (opposition) to California's Proposition 16 follows. If passed it will allow for racial and sexual characteristics to be used in considerations of public employment, contracts, and education by repealing Proposition 209, a 1996 amendment that prohibited the use of race and sex in government employment and educational placement: Proposition 209 was modeled on... Read More
A large minority of Americans think Breonna Taylor would not have been shot by police if she'd been white instead of black: From what has been reported, police blindly returned fire in the course of executing a drug-related search warrant when Taylor's boyfriend shot at them, hitting one cop in the leg. It seems neither... Read More
Twinkie on how that which has so much influence its influence cannot be pointed out is probably the most influential of all: If Trump were a tyrannical dictator, nobody would be able to get away with calling him one. If so-called white privilege was beneficial, non-whites would be trying to pass as white to cash... Read More
The First Step Act, attacking Biden/Harris for being tough on crime in the past, bringing the great Herschel Walker on among a host of other soul brothers at the RNC--none of these things are working: Also, dar rEpUbLiCaNs ArE tHe PaRtY oF tHe RiCh! The Democrat party has outraised the GOP in corporate donations in... Read More
From the fairly nationally representative battleground state of North Carolina, we learn most people want to see the police intervene to stop the destruction even if people are out of harm's way: The vast majority of people don't want to see people get hurt, though: One-in-ten people don't want the police intervening at all, even... Read More
In July of 2016, five police officers were fatally shot by a black nationalist in Dallas. The atrocity soured much of the country on the then ascendant Black Lives Matter movement. By April of the following year, when Civiqs commenced its tracking poll, net support among all Americans was modestly negative, at -4. In the... Read More
American Indians often go unmentioned in our now ceaseless lectures on racial diversity, inclusion, and equity. Their insufficient enthusiasm for the cultural revolution is presumably one big reason why: Some 447 American Indians participated in the 2018 Cooperative Congressional Election Study, so these results aren't distorted on account of a small sample size. American Indian... Read More
James Bowery: The Cooperative Congressional Election Study of 2018 surveyed 60,000 people. The smallest Jewish sample from the three items considered here is an impressive 1,490, permitting us to drill down into broad religious movement among Jews. For comparative purposes, positions of whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are also shown. On building the wall: On... Read More
From the large 2016 Cooperative Congressional Election Study: Cubans and Filipinos, among Hispanics and Asians respectively, are generally considered to be the most assimilated into the American way of life and so they, like white Americans, exhibit a great deal of political diversity among their ranks. Koreans and Filipinos are considerably more likely to be... Read More
The racial distribution of those who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 but for a Democrat congressperson in 2018: Those who presumably experienced voter's remorse are whiter than the electorate as a whole is. That is not the case for those who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 but for a Republican congressperson in 2018:... Read More
A 1997 survey of black Chicagoans found (N = 639) that 38% believed Jews financed the slave trade (which is not strictly false in its entirety but is quite misleading in this context), 33% that Jews are "blood suckers", and 28% that white doctors intentionally released AIDS into black communities across the US. It's not... Read More
Michael S suggests rather than an electorally unified and active black population directing the Democrat party, the DNC tells blacks what to believe and they believe it: It brings to mind the plantation analogy white conservatives love hearing non-Democrat blacks talk about. There could be some truth to it, though as Michael allows it doesn't... Read More
The extent to which the preference of older black Americans override the preferences of the many other factions of the Democrat electoral coalition is difficult to overstate: It's not predominantly the party of working people or the party of immigrants or the party of government or the party of peace. More than anything else, it... Read More
Support for the BLM movement is primarily partisan but is also racial in nature: Hey now, the obvious still needs quantifying!
It does not look upon them favorably. Excepting the proper noun "White House" and an instance in reference to the Ryan White fund, the following excerpts exhaustively contextualize contemporary official Democrat doctrine on whites and whiteness: The string "white" makes 23 appearances in the document but is notably absent from the list of "all our... Read More
Net favorability ratings for president Trump and presidential hopeful Biden by selected demographic profiles follow. For being a hidebound old white man, Biden does pretty well with non-white women--and abysmally with his fellow white men. For a Trumpian white pill, note that excepting women under the age of 35, Trump is viewed more favorably than... Read More
From Civiqs comes a huge survey on support for or opposition to the "Black Lives Matter movement". Net support (opposition) to BLM among whites by sex, age, and educational attainment: The gender gap is striking. It's even more pronounced among younger generations than it is among older ones. Drilling down to postgrad white women under... Read More
One of the more helpful frameworks for understanding American cultural dynamics is Thomas Sowell's Black Rednecks and White Liberals. It applies to beliefs and behaviors white liberals implicitly disdain white conservatives for having and doing, but that white liberals are forbidden from criticizing non-whites for having and doing--even though non-whites hold the beliefs and engage... Read More
From a Civiqs tracking poll with an enormous total respondent pool (N = 393,130), president Trump's net approval among non-Hispanic white registered voters by state: State NetApproval 1) Mississippi +62 2) Alabama +59 3) Louisiana +54 4) Arkansas +48 5) South Carolina +40 6) Georgia +34 7) Wyoming +33 7) West Virginia +33 9) Oklahoma... Read More
Jesus is king: Corporate media has nothing to do with conveying actual news and everything to do with using its platform to construct a narrative bearing little resemblance to reality--at least not yet. The reality is not to be discovered, it is to be fabricated. Americans still love Christians, but they like Jews, too: Well... Read More
The percentages of people, by race, who said their "ethnic group membership" is "very important" to their sense of who they are. The question was only asked once, in 2002, so it has gathered some dust, though the results feel evergreen: One of the most important socio-cultural questions of the 21st century is how people... Read More
The racial distribution of those who ethnically identify as "American only" may come as a surprise: Some 11.3% of American blacks identify this way. The vast majority of blacks ethnically identify as African. The remainder identify from somewhere else, mostly with origins in the Caribbean or as American Indian. By comparison, just 1.5% of whites... Read More
For close to a decade it has been reported that Americans under the age of 18 are "majority-minority", yet non-Hispanic white births continue to constitute a majority of the country's newborns. The reason for the discrepancy is methodological. The CDC tracks race by that of the mother exclusively, so babies who will be categorized in... Read More
White progressives like pointing out that by nominating Biden over Sanders, the party has ensured no one is going to vote for the Democrat presidential nominee. Instead, they'll vote against Trump. Well, that ignorance is spoken from a place of privilege. It otherizes the lived experience of black bodies that have been eager to support... Read More
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson are going the way of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis: The question included a "not sure" response. It was selected by 22% of those surveyed, so these figures are conservative estimates of deconstruction sentiments . Only 25% of blacks definitively oppose the statues being removed. In the... Read More
Last year, 1,004 people were fatally shot by police. The vast majority of them were armed men. Over the last two decades, the number of men who take their own lives each year has increased by over 13,000. That's not 13,000 men who kill themselves annually--that's 13,000 more men who kill themselves today than killed... Read More
There is far more income variation within racial groups than there are between them. It's futile--not to mention racist!--to obsess over racial differences in median income. Less than 15% of income differences occur between races. More than 85% of income differences occur within racial groups. We've been looking in all the wrong places with this... Read More
COTW gets rolling with Wency: If cutting off engagement is too much, consider striking a balance by not funding those who hate you. With regards to the specific subje
When middle America became restless over the forever lock downs, breathless admonitions about the coronavirus catastrophe about to brought down on the country showed up in every article the corporate media put out, on the timelines of all the blue checkmarks, and in the public pronouncements of the legions of stern-faced labcoats. When protests and... Read More
Three-part COTW starts off with indocon on Trump's modus operandi, that of speaking loudly and carrying a tiny twig: Because of his rhetoric, the left thinks he's a dictator and they plan to calibrate their vengeance accordingly, while his supporters have nothing of substance to show for it. Buzz Mohawk on America's coronakari: The cost... Read More
Defunding oppressive cops, protests against perceived brutality, five-fingered discounts, cities on fire, the formation of autonomous zones, BLM's corporate cashout putting Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push Coalition to shame, and the shameless cultural appropriation of corrupt geriatrics haven't been enough to turn reparations into a popular cause, at least not yet. "Not sure" responses, constituting 22%... Read More
The more concerned you are about racism, the more racist you are. The first step to combating racism is admitting it's a problem: It's a twist on the aphorism about wisdom and knowledge--the more you know, the more aware you become of how much you don't know. For every internal demon of racism you slay,... Read More
More evidence American public discourse is controlled by a small but vocal minority of young leftists who do not represent the sentiments of the majority of the citizenry. They don't even countenance the voicing of those sentiments: "Neutral" responses, constituting 17% of the total, and "not sure", constituting 4%, are not shown. People have been... Read More
Taken from the beginning of America's third great religious revival, the percentages of GSS respondents, by race and also by political orientation among whites, who attribute blacks having "worse jobs, income, and housing than white people" at least in part "because most just don't have the motivation or willpower to pull themselves up out of... Read More
From a nationwide SurveyUSA poll, the following graphs show the percentages of people who answered "entirely appropriate", "unfortunate but understandable", or "not sure" (fewer than 2% of respondents) to questions concerning violence against police officers, arson and property destruction, and the theft of store merchandise, by selected demographics: Many young leftists are in a revolutionary... Read More
The following graph shows net support for Black Lives Matter (BLM) by selected demographics: Retrograde Republicans are predictably stuck in the past, hidebound hicks hankering for the halycon days when heartlessly harking about all lives mattering wasn't a hate crime. Young women with doctoral degrees make the best allies: But you already knew that: It... Read More
More than fifty years after the civil rights revolution and opening the country up to immigration from all over the world, we have a progress report on how citizens of the empire think things are going. In short, not particularly well: Among no racial group does a majority perceive American race relations to have improved... Read More
UK's COTW: Yes, it is fundamentally immoral (a word I do not use ever) that the S&P 500 should be so fully secured by the state that it can be at its record high from equity super-boom October of just last year. It really is a case of playing at the casino, keeping your winnings... Read More
As America burns, one of the arsonists' recurring calls is for minority-owned businesses to be spared: So destroy businesses, but not non-white businesses. In other words, destroy white businesses. A minority-owned sign on the window is the new lamb blood on the doorframe: They are targeting white businesses. They are targeting the White House. They... Read More
The subsequent graph brings to mind Steve Sailer's observation that whites are increasingly resembling American Indians as defeated peoples suffering in despair: GSS variables used: RACECEN1(1)(2)(3)(4-10), HISPANIC(1)(2-50), LOTR3(1-4)(5)
[As noted yesterday, the following essay was written by a reader and commenter who requested the opportunity. In the spirit of the open inquiry and free expression UR is renowned for, its contents are neither endorsed nor condemned by this blog or webzine. On account of the essay's thoughtfulness, though, it has been deemed worthy... Read More
The first three years of the Trump presidency saw a gentle easing of racial tensions in America, interrupted by a three month setback following the Charlottesville fiasco. The interracial killing in Georgia is going to erase those polling gains like coronavirus erased the Trump administration's market gains. As in the Trayvon Martin killing, blacks and... Read More
Twitter is not real life: The question is a binary one, so the residual percentages--representing vast majorities of people of every race--are those who answered they do not in any way feel discriminated against at work on account of their race or ethnicity. Race is not merely a social construct. It's a biological one, too,... Read More
From Civiqs, perspectives on American race relations over time during Donald Trump's presidency: Charlottesville set American race relations back... three months? As the severity and prolonged nature of the econoclysm sinks in, the trend towards greater racial comity will reverse. Until last month, the US economy had ostensibly been good and getting better throughout Trump's... Read More