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On the fourth of July, Americans celebrate the freeing of their country from the binds of the British. In the same way whites cannot be victims of racism because racism equals prejudice plus power, the idea of one group of whites attaining freedom from another group of whites is an affront to the concept of... Read More
The following graph shows how American Jews perceive the importance of various things in defining what it means to be Jewish. The figures are computed by taking the percentages who rate a thing as essential and subtracting from it the percentages who deem it unimportant. The percentages indicating a thing to be important but not... Read More
The following series of graphs show contemporary American views on past (and present) US wars by partisan affiliation. Pat Buchanan was fighting an uphill battle with Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War: Vietnam is the least popular war over at least the last century and change, the second world war perceived to be the most... Read More
One man, in this case dfordoom, calls it an echo chamber. Another man might call it a sanctuary: Maybe. On the other hand, the presumption that there should be a designated place where people of disparate beliefs and sensibilities congregate is an odd one. It isn't borne out in other media or entertainment trends. A... Read More
Search interest in the term "inflation" is so far 50% higher this May than it has been in any other month since Google began tracking query data nearly two decades ago: Nothing to see here. It hasn't anything to do with ordinary people seeing consumer prices going up in their everyday lives, no siree!
Rather than asserting that without slavery the United States would not have become as wealthy and technologically advanced as it is today, it seems the opposite is true--without ending slavery, the United States would not have ever become as wealthy and technologically advanced as it is today. And the perverse incentives and retarding aspects of... Read More
Wency on how below replacement fertility, Woke Capital, and high anxiety are just some of the blessings modern status striving has given us: Caspar von Everec offers speculation as to why foreign policy doesn't have the domestic purchase it used to have: Americans nowadays simply don’t care about foreign policy that much. That was a... Read More
If you have not yet reached forty years of age, you had not until this last month experienced the rate of consumer price increases Americans experienced in April. We have to journey all the way back to 1981 for that. How, with the labor force participation rate so low and so many jobs unfilled, can... Read More
Personal income in the US grew over 20% from February to March. March of 2021, the last month for which full data are available, was the most lucrative month in American history in terms of personal income--by a long shot! Not at all unrelatedly, March also set a new all time record trade deficit. The... Read More
To the assertion: dfordoom responded: It's a good point, one the blog is fond of making. The leveling impulse still motivates many contemporary progressives, but it has been coopted and repurposed by the neo-liberal establishment for use in their relentless consolidation of cultural, political, financial, legal, and military power. And in an increasingly atomized world,... Read More
As if the imploding American empire doesn't have enough explosives along its foundations as is, there has been a marked bipartisan increase in hostility towards the world's ascendant second pole over the last four years: The setup for a spectacular American collapse is nearly complete. If China makes a move on Taiwan, a move on... Read More
All the corporatocracy had to do to neutralize the Occupy Wall Street movement was signal support for Wokeism. We'll cheer on transgender athletes and BIPOC Ivy League graduates, you let us grind the working and middle classes into the dirt while enacting the largest upward transfers of wealth in the history of the world. Deal?... Read More
Wency on how entrepreneurial evangelicals have outhustled corporate Catholics. Profiting from (and for!) the prophet: It's drying up for both. A shame, for we could use as many good explications of how the new covenant meant an end to offering sacrifices as the country prepares to offer up a human sacrifice in another futile attempt... Read More
Trust in American institutions is in secular decline. One salient exception to this trend is the US military. The way the military was regarded and soldiers treated after Vietnam is a far cry from how it's regarded and they are treated today: Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the obliteration of Iraqi forces... Read More
John Johnson offers pithy relationship advice: More charitably, it will tend to be differences in interests rather than the woman being inherently boring. A man's best friend should be neither his dog nor his wife. It should be another man. Nebulafox on the state of the GOP and where it must go from here: One... Read More
Read into this what you will, if anything: One-quarter of respondents were indifferent or answered "not sure". Their responses are excluded such that the residuals represent "bad thing" percentages. This blogger reads it as yet another indication young people are chafing under the current system. The neo-liberal establishment's mix of liberal democracy and corporatism isn't... Read More
Immigration restrictionism has lost its populist appeal. It is increasingly becoming a distinctly partisan issue. The following graphs track sentiments over time by political orientation: It's hard to fathom that less than twenty years ago, liberals were more than three times as likely to say immigration to the US should be decreased as they were... Read More
The percentages of GSS respondents, by political orientation and by year of participation, who responded they had "no religion" when asked about their religious affiliation: The religious are more fecund than the irreligious. With eccentric but ultimately marginal exceptions like the Shakers, this has been the case for as long as records have been kept.... Read More
The following graph shows, by political orientation and over time, the ideal number of children GSS participants think a family should have and the actual number of children they do have: There are a lot of intersections on the graph that make it more challenging to follow than it should be. The light colors trace... Read More
Twinkie on how rather than weakening European Jewry, the Nazis inadvertently strengthened them after their brutal trial by fire: Duck, er, beavertales on how the family man and the devoted wife and mother of his children are the new counterculture:
Conservatism is liberalism's shadow, part XXVIII: There is a lot of talk about how the socially conservative, economically leftist quadrant of the political compass is drastically underserved (while the socially liberal, economically 'conservative' is full of corporately-funded chiefs who don't have any indians). Maybe, but one thing that becomes apparent when sifting through social survey... Read More
The liberals of the 1970s found homosexuality more morally objectionable than contemporary conservatives do. Social conservatives have conserved their positions on guns and abortions. Not much else: Gays were widely considered predators and deviants a generation ago. Now they are among the most revered groups in the country. It's a reminder of how quickly the... Read More
Almost Missouri on the beta testing of the corporatist neo-liberal establishment that was the Trump presidency: The State of the Union will be a heavily militarized event. Trump was mocked for wanting a military parade through the capital during his term; now Joe Biden is getting a permanent one. The left used to recoil in... Read More
The following graph shows how views on abortion have changed over time by political persuasion: Ronald Reagan's famous Morning in America ad explicitly focused only on economic prosperity. The aesthetics hinted at cultural issues, but they were an afterthought. The modest differences between liberals and conservatives at the time explain why. By the time of... Read More
The subsequent graph shows how baby boomers, defined as those born from 1946-1964, self-identified when asked about their political orientations in 1974 all the way through how they did so when asked in 2018: The one demographic trend American conservatives had in their favor--the positive correlation between age and a tendency towards rightwing politics--is at... Read More
Racists are the neo-liberal establishment's biggest boogeymen. Communists are the right's biggest boogeymen. Because the neo-liberal establishment has a lot more influence in the modern West than the right does, racists are the worst thing a person can be. Even in the midst of The Great Awokening, though, a majority of Americans oppose censoring them:... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of respondents, with the 13% answering "don't know" excluded, who express a favorable opinion of the people who trespassed into and vandalized the Capitol Building on January 6: Overall, for each person with a favorable opinion, six respondents express a negative one. Not as widely despised as 9/11 obviously,... Read More
The following graph shows net support (opposition) to "the US government doing more to fight domestic terrorism" by selected demographics: Nearly twenty years ago, Republicans, flush with corporate cash, waged a war on terror while ignoring the perceived systematic civil rights violations perpetrated against groups like gays and immigrants. That war created countless terrorists and... Read More
The subsequent graph shows support today for FDR's executive order 9066 (though FDR is not mentioned in the question) that "created military exclusion zones during World War II and allowed for the forcible relocation of Americans of Japanese descent to internment camps", by selected demographics. The YouGov survey does not break out Asian responses. We'd... Read More
The following graph shows net support for toughening (easing) the legal requirements for obtaining a divorce in the US. Annual values are calculated by taking the percentages of respondents who think divorce should be made more difficult to obtain and subtracting from it the percentages of respondents who think it should be easier to obtain,... Read More
Martin Luther blew the whistle on corruption and exploitation in the Church. He found sanctuary under Frederick the Wise in Saxony. Frederick wasn't especially interested in Luther's grievances, but he did have a desire to take the Holy Roman empire down a few notches. Edward Snowden blew the whistle on corruption and exploitation in the... Read More
Black Americans think the arc of history has been bending away from justice for generations: They must think Jim Crow was bad but Jim Snow is even worse! Okay, that's probably not it.
The Senate convicts Trump. Pence briefly becomes the country's 46th president. Biden dons the purple to become the 47th president but doesn't make it to the end of the year before being replaced by Kamala Harris, the nation's 48th president. The first domino is unlikely to fall, but would it shock anyone if it did?... Read More
Almost Missouri on an often overlooked perverse consequence of old age government welfare benefits: Back in the days before the Great Awokening, when our rulers would at least put up a logical pretense for why they had to screw us over, we were told immigration was necessary to prop up our old age retirement programs... Read More
During the crisis of the third decade, every political event is centrifugal: The 330 million people living within the borders of the American empire are aware of it. The following graph shows net optimism (pessimism) that "Americans of different political views can still come together and work out their differences": Democrats are enjoying a small,... Read More
Just as there are betting markets for the number of tweets Donald Trump will send out over the course of a week, there are scientific polls conducted on the public perception of those tweets: From 2016 through 2020, many Democrats viewed Trump as an illegitimate president. A majority of Republicans now view Joe Biden in... Read More
He will graciously inform us if my memory fails me, but I believe Blinky Bill nearly perfectly predicted the 2020 electoral college map. His only miss was Georgia, the state set to have the narrowest margin of victory in the country. Unfortunately, the image link he provided in the comments section of the election prediction... Read More
The following map and table show the degree to which Trump and Biden outperformed the RCP polling averages at the state level: State Trump (Biden) over West Virginia 21.8 Wyoming 15.7 New York 14.3 South Dakota 13.2 Kentucky 10.4 Oklahoma 9.6 Tennessee 9.3 Missouri 8.6 Utah 8.0
One issue with Steven Pinker's The Better Angels of Our Nature is the book's presumption that popular entertainment may reliably be used as a proxy for cultural sensibilities on the ground. Medieval Europeans did bear baiting and burned cats alive for entertainment. Hardly surprising since their societies were more violent than the most blighted urban... Read More
American Indians often go unmentioned in our now ceaseless lectures on racial diversity, inclusion, and equity. Their insufficient enthusiasm for the cultural revolution is presumably one big reason why: Some 447 American Indians participated in the 2018 Cooperative Congressional Election Study, so these results aren't distorted on account of a small sample size. American Indian... Read More
Elmer's Washable School Glue provides profundity on the problem of abortion: Athletic and Whitesplosive sees the seemingly sudden collapse of the Soviet Union as analogously relevant to the state of the American Union, the context being in response to the assertion that political dissolution cannot happen here because the nation's power centers won't allow it... Read More
Four years ago: Have they indeed been forgotten? An RNC featuring a naturalization ceremony with newly minted Americans from every corner of the globe is what citizens here--including a plurality of those forgotten men and women--is what they say they want: The total population distribution has 47% saying diversity makes America a better place to... Read More
The racial distribution of those who ethnically identify as "American only" may come as a surprise: Some 11.3% of American blacks identify this way. The vast majority of blacks ethnically identify as African. The remainder identify from somewhere else, mostly with origins in the Caribbean or as American Indian. By comparison, just 1.5% of whites... Read More
The Federal Reserve is stuck. There is no way to raise interest rates without crashing the market. That was made clear in late 2018. The Fed balance sheet must continue to rise towards infinity in hopes that it is enough to goose the financial system forever. Even that hasn't been enough for the repurchase markets,... Read More
From Cassius Dio on the downfall of Sejanus, murdered praetorian prefect of Rome's second emperor: Who is the contemporary man this speaks down through the ages to? Not the stubborn southern secessionist. Not exclusively, anyhow. For statues of Ulysses Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Hans Christian Heg, and Junipero... Read More
Defunding oppressive cops, protests against perceived brutality, five-fingered discounts, cities on fire, the formation of autonomous zones, BLM's corporate cashout putting Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push Coalition to shame, and the shameless cultural appropriation of corrupt geriatrics haven't been enough to turn reparations into a popular cause, at least not yet. "Not sure" responses, constituting 22%... Read More
The country is disunited culturally, religiously, ethnically, politically, linguistically, morally, and racially. The only strong bond remaining is one of economic expediency and that is rapidly coming to an end. It's too bad the autonomous zone inside Seattle is doomed to failure because the political dissolution of the US is overdue. Still, an imperfect contemporary... Read More
More than fifty years after the civil rights revolution and opening the country up to immigration from all over the world, we have a progress report on how citizens of the empire think things are going. In short, not particularly well: Among no racial group does a majority perceive American race relations to have improved... Read More
One of the upsides of climate change in the form of global warming will be fewer cold, dry days and thus shorter flu seasons, hampering the ability of viruses like COVID-19 to spread in the future. If around 5% of the American white population owned slaves through the middle of the 19th century and the... Read More
Spurred by an exchange between regular commenters dfordoom and EliteCommInc, following are a few graphs showing the change over time in church attendance and certainty of God's existence among American Christians, as well as the percentages of Americans identifying as Christian, all by broad age cohort: The stated beliefs and reported behaviors of self-identifying Christians... Read More