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One issue with Steven Pinker's The Better Angels of Our Nature is the book's presumption that popular entertainment may reliably be used as a proxy for cultural sensibilities on the ground. Medieval Europeans did bear baiting and burned cats alive for entertainment. Hardly surprising since their societies were more violent than the most blighted urban... Read More
American Indians often go unmentioned in our now ceaseless lectures on racial diversity, inclusion, and equity. Their insufficient enthusiasm for the cultural revolution is presumably one big reason why: Some 447 American Indians participated in the 2018 Cooperative Congressional Election Study, so these results aren't distorted on account of a small sample size. American Indian... Read More
Elmer's Washable School Glue provides profundity on the problem of abortion: Athletic and Whitesplosive sees the seemingly sudden collapse of the Soviet Union as analogously relevant to the state of the American Union, the context being in response to the assertion that political dissolution cannot happen here because the nation's power centers won't allow it... Read More
Four years ago: Have they indeed been forgotten? An RNC featuring a naturalization ceremony with newly minted Americans from every corner of the globe is what citizens here--including a plurality of those forgotten men and women--is what they say they want: The total population distribution has 47% saying diversity makes America a better place to... Read More
The racial distribution of those who ethnically identify as "American only" may come as a surprise: Some 11.3% of American blacks identify this way. The vast majority of blacks ethnically identify as African. The remainder identify from somewhere else, mostly with origins in the Caribbean or as American Indian. By comparison, just 1.5% of whites... Read More
The Federal Reserve is stuck. There is no way to raise interest rates without crashing the market. That was made clear in late 2018. The Fed balance sheet must continue to rise towards infinity in hopes that it is enough to goose the financial system forever. Even that hasn't been enough for the repurchase markets,... Read More
From Cassius Dio on the downfall of Sejanus, murdered praetorian prefect of Rome's second emperor: Who is the contemporary man this speaks down through the ages to? Not the stubborn southern secessionist. Not exclusively, anyhow. For statues of Ulysses Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Hans Christian Heg, and Junipero... Read More
Defunding oppressive cops, protests against perceived brutality, five-fingered discounts, cities on fire, the formation of autonomous zones, BLM's corporate cashout putting Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push Coalition to shame, and the shameless cultural appropriation of corrupt geriatrics haven't been enough to turn reparations into a popular cause, at least not yet. "Not sure" responses, constituting 22%... Read More
The country is disunited culturally, religiously, ethnically, politically, linguistically, morally, and racially. The only strong bond remaining is one of economic expediency and that is rapidly coming to an end. It's too bad the autonomous zone inside Seattle is doomed to failure because the political dissolution of the US is overdue. Still, an imperfect contemporary... Read More
More than fifty years after the civil rights revolution and opening the country up to immigration from all over the world, we have a progress report on how citizens of the empire think things are going. In short, not particularly well: Among no racial group does a majority perceive American race relations to have improved... Read More
One of the upsides of climate change in the form of global warming will be fewer cold, dry days and thus shorter flu seasons, hampering the ability of viruses like COVID-19 to spread in the future. If around 5% of the American white population owned slaves through the middle of the 19th century and the... Read More
Spurred by an exchange between regular commenters dfordoom and EliteCommInc, following are a few graphs showing the change over time in church attendance and certainty of God's existence among American Christians, as well as the percentages of Americans identifying as Christian, all by broad age cohort: The stated beliefs and reported behaviors of self-identifying Christians... Read More
I fear at some point the Wokeists will set their sights on the polling industry. Incredulity at the very existence of the (partially publicly-funded) GSS has been noted in the comments many times over the years here. In this vein, an empirical look at the scourge of anti-Semitism reveals it to be disturbingly darker than... Read More
Comments on the 2020 presidential electoral maps as they would appear if election day results were in line with the latest RCP polling averages included several along these lines: The corporate media pegged Clinton's chance of victory at some place well north of 90%. Nate Silver--who had been wrong about Trump again and again and... Read More
How's that for SEO maximization? Commenter Jim Christian writes: As it happens, the GSS has since 2004 recorded the sex of the interviewer in addition to the sex of the respondent. The following graph shows reported average opposite-sex partner counts among those at least 40 years old by the sex of both the interviewer and... Read More
Rumors of campaign Biden's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Okay, maybe just slightly exaggerated. But he hasn't lost any support over the last several months, let alone the last couple weeks. Here is his Democrat primary support over the last 77 polls, extending back to mid-June, the same time in the 2020 cycle that Trump... Read More
Several months ago, I downplayed the observation that alarmism over putative global cooling was a generational precursor to the alarmism over global warming we're experiencing now. The phrases "global cooling" and "global warming" were both scantily used--with similar frequency--from the 1950s through the 1970s. Then "global warming" began rocketing upward in the 1980s. But I... Read More
Since Reuters-Ipsos stopped updating its extensive online polling database months ago, YouGov has gained pride of place when it comes to putting interesting and controversial cultural questions to the public. The organization recently released one asking including a section entitled "Battery of anti-semitism items". The following graphs show results from several of those items. "Neither... Read More
J1234 writes: The GSS doesn't ask respondents about the ages of their children but it does ask about whether or not they have any. Mean support for mandated busing from 1972 through 1996: As previously noted, support for busing steadily increased over the period of time in question. The figures above are averages for the... Read More
A question about whether or not gay pride parades are sexualized? Could there really be uncertainty about that? Way back in the dark ages of the late oughts, when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton expressed hidebound opposition to same-sex marriage and retrograde support for marriage traditionally defined, people who asserted that normalizing homosexuality would lead... Read More
From a NYT article via Steve Sailer: Feldman critiques the "expectation that the victims of racism are people of color". So whites can be the victims of racism after all? Whew, glad we got that cleared up. Incidentally, the racial distribution of American Jews: "Middle-class": Colonial subjects? To the contrary, Jews were
They are incorrigible. There is no reformation, only destruction of legitimacy--theirs or ours. After total Narrative Collapse, the bloodthirsty lunatics tried to rally around this: The earlier footage of Native American veteran Nathan Phillips being mocked by Trump supporters is so much worse. — Waleed Shahid (@_waleedshahid) January 21, 2019 After over an hour of... Read More
Steve Sailer: The cliche isn't just raining down from above, it's miasmically rising up from below. Search volume in the US since 2004: That's quite the secular bull market. How about other Anglophone countries? First, the still largely Anglo Anglophone ones. Great Britain: Australia: Canada: Volume isn't high enough to register in
The Imperial Capital is the only 'state' in the country that has, since 1970, lost non-whites and gained whites, in both absolute numbers and in percentage-terms. Funny how the political power center driving the Great Replacement has itself not only remained impervious to that replacement, it has--alone among the states--actually reversed the trend. The following... Read More
In response to the accusation that this is shamelessly self-indulgent, I'm just following Derb's lead. That's what epigones do! It also serves as an introduction of sorts to those who've found the blog through Ron. What is your idea of perfect happiness? Rediscovering life through the eyes of my children, aged 5, 3, and six... Read More
The indefatigable Ron Unz stirred the pot by publishing his formerly private missive from last year addressed to those on the alt right. Ron points out that even as California has become considerably less white over the last fifty years, white racial consciousness has even less purchase in the state now than it did then.... Read More
From Trends' state-level analytics, internet search interest in the term "Holocaust": The Murk Dwellers of the Imperial Capital, many of whom spill over into Virginia and Maryland, are a lot more interested in keeping the industry memory alive than the subjects they rule over are. Backing DC and its suburban states of Virginia and Maryland... Read More
Concurrent with the inception of non-white sacralizing and of the flight from white. While the latter two trends continue their now five-decades-long ascendancy, Peak Holocaust hit in the early 2000s: As white gentile nations have increasingly taken on foreign non-white populations that are more hostile to Jews than the natives of said white gentile nations,... Read More