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***Note to readers and commenters*** The blog is now archived and inactive. Ron Unz has created a comment thread for the intellectually diverse community of commenters to continue open discussions on whatever topics they deem interesting. The blog and thread will no longer be moderated and will only be accessible to previously approved commenters who... Read More
The cup overflows with thought provoking reactions for this COTW. Wency on the drop in the stock price of liberal white women: Democracy is a zero sum game. That's why it generates so much anger and resentment. Wency again on the two most famous dystopian novels of the 20th century (with Fahrenheit 451 occupying the... Read More
One man, in this case dfordoom, calls it an echo chamber. Another man might call it a sanctuary: Maybe. On the other hand, the presumption that there should be a designated place where people of disparate beliefs and sensibilities congregate is an odd one. It isn't borne out in other media or entertainment trends. A... Read More
So desperately I sing to thee of good news that may not come as too much of a surprise to readers of comment sections anywhere--left, right, or otherwise: It's easy to despair over the increasing intellectual totalitarian absurdity of The Great Awokening. That despair might be justified. But the inanity could also be indicative of... Read More
Dfordoom wants to abolish the intelligence agencies: They do a lot of bad things, like violate civil liberties, assassinate foreigners, frame citizens, and lie countries civilization-destroying wars. On the other hand, they're woke. You're not a white supremacist, a sexist, a nativist, a homophobe, an anti-Semite, and an ableist are you? Then you'll stand in... Read More
Search interest in the term "inflation" is so far 50% higher this May than it has been in any other month since Google began tracking query data nearly two decades ago: Nothing to see here. It hasn't anything to do with ordinary people seeing consumer prices going up in their everyday lives, no siree!
The Woke response is what? It's bad because black lives matter? Of course not. It's bad because white lives don't matter? For some, of course not. For others, yeah, but we can't be perceived as defending white lives.
Many people do not think the virtual playing field is an even one: A plurality of BIPOCs and of Democrats perceive social media to be fair. Pluralities of whites and of independents, and an outright majority of Republicans, see the deck stacked in favor of the left. Know thy enemy. Curiously, nearly one-in-five Republicans perceive... Read More
If they control the media, they don't do a very good job controlling perceptions of the media! It's said critique is their thing, so maybe that's it: In seriousness, class matters. It's a big club and most of us, including most Jews, ain't in it. General Social Survey variables used: CONPRESS, YEAR, RELIG(3)
The percentages of people, by selected demographic characteristics, who describe those who display American flags on their homes or vehicles as "racist": One-in-five "very liberal" people view the American flag as a racist symbol, as do one-in-eight blacks and one-in-nine people under the age of 35. The stars and stripes haven't suffered the same fate... Read More
Until Donald Trump temporarily renewed the left's faith in the corporate media, the integrity trajectory was down, down, down for the merchants of mendacity: The media's knob-slobbering, ring-kissing, bootlicking deference to and running interference for the Biden administration isn't going to sustain liberals in the same way their acrimony towards Trump did. That blue line... Read More
Almost Missouri on nature raw in tooth and claw: You are walking through the woods when you come upon a grizzly bear. It sees you and draws near. Whatever you're able to do in the next few moments constitute the full the extent of your "natural rights" in this world. Everything else is a privilege.... Read More
- Is the February cold snap climate modeling's stagflation? Probably not, but expertise from the comment section is thanked in advance for explaining why. Are there supposed to be days of record breaking low temperatures across huge swaths of the North American continent if the center of the temperature distribution is accelerating its movement towards... Read More
Apropos recent remarks about how conservative whites will increasingly come to wield civil rights legislation as an aegis against systematic oppression against them, consider two current events germane to the subject. The first has garnered a lot of attention--gone "viral" as they say: But, but, it's whiteness, not white people per se! POCs can fall... Read More
The percentages of people, by belief or lack thereof in God, who think "religious extremists" should be forbidden from "publish[ing] their views on the internet": Because atheists and agnostics want to let religionists hoist themselves with their own petards, or because they are genuinely more tolerant of free expression and open inquiry than theists are?... Read More
Riffing again off a comment thread from a recent post on verbal intelligence by race and political orientation, average Wordsum scores among Democrats, independents, and Republicans by self-described political orientation follow. Wordsum is a ten-question vocabulary test with results that correlate with IQ at .71–quite rigorous for the social sciences, but of course not perfect.... Read More
Apropos a discussion in a recent comment thread regarding political orientation, race, and intelligence, let's take a look at what the GSS offers us. We'll use the Wordsum test. Wordsum is a ten-question vocabulary test with results that correlate with IQ at .71--quite rigorous for the social sciences, but of course not perfect. For one... Read More
He has a lot of work in front of him to stake out territory on Mars, but Elon Musk's weekly trips to the moon are becoming a regular thing. He tweets about a financial instrument, any financial instrument, and it immediately shoots up by double-digit percentages. What's going on here? A few possibilities come to... Read More
The following graph shows net support for toughening (easing) the legal requirements for obtaining a divorce in the US over the past decade by intelligence bucket as measured by the Wordsum vocabulary test. To avoid racial confounding and language fluency issues, the analysis is restricted to non-Hispanic whites born in the US. Values are calculated... Read More
A substantial minority of Americans do not think their fellow citizens should have the ability to protest against perceived unjust political actions. The following graph shows the percentages of people in opposition ("not sure", constituting 10% of the sample, are excluded): We are headed past authoritarianism on our way to totalitarianism. A sentiment like that... Read More
Ratioed hard: The company once boasting about being the free speech wing of the free speech party is now so strongly associated with biasedly suppressing human expression it makes tin pot African dictators blush. The biggest threats to human liberty no longer come from governments, they come from Woke Capital. The US government can't get... Read More
The advancedatheist takes issue with the relationship between atheism and nihilism: According to the GSS, atheists are four times as likely as firm theists to definitively agree that "life serves no purpose". The percentages are small though, 8% and 2%, respectively. Fortunately the survey asked the question on a five-point scale, so it's easy enough... Read More
The results from the annual Gallup survey of the top 10 men and women Americans admire most tracks fairly closely to the demographics of the country itself. Blacks are overrepresented, Hispanics underrepresented, whites and Asians proportionally so. If we count Pope Francis as white, which we probably should since he is a second-generation Italian immigrant... Read More
Almost Missouri on an often overlooked perverse consequence of old age government welfare benefits: Back in the days before the Great Awokening, when our rulers would at least put up a logical pretense for why they had to screw us over, we were told immigration was necessary to prop up our old age retirement programs... Read More
At least in the state of Georgia: The sample sizes for Hispanics and Asians are small but the general philosophical preference for simple measures to protect election integrity is clear. Despite Democrat pols and their allies screaming bloody murder about voter ID requirements, a slight majority of their actual voters--and most of the independents they... Read More
Wency cautions the Amish about attracting the gaze of Sauron's eye: Lord, make me Amish--but not yet! Cloudbuster on the unconstitutionality of a federal mask mandate: Mask mandates are obviously unconstitutional at the federal level, because there’s no grant of power to allow Congress to legislate on such a thing. However, there are potentially 50... Read More
The following map and table show the degree to which Trump and Biden outperformed the RCP polling averages at the state level: State Trump (Biden) over West Virginia 21.8 Wyoming 15.7 New York 14.3 South Dakota 13.2 Kentucky 10.4 Oklahoma 9.6 Tennessee 9.3 Missouri 8.6 Utah 8.0
Google Trends search interest three weeks after the 2016 presidential election Donald Trump won: As lame duck, Barack Obama generated a small fraction of the interest the incoming president did. Trump's opponent couldn't hold a candle to him, either. Three weeks after the 2020 presidential election he appears to have lost, then, we would expect... Read More
Have an opinion, no matter how uniformed: Since even Republicans think quantity has a quality of its own, it goes without saying that felons should be able to vote. Non-citizens, too. And kids. Not just teenagers, but eight year-olds as well. They're sure to vote for more candy and more Minecraft: An interesting hypothetical poll... Read More
With social media purging set to kick into overdrive, it's increasingly important to have viable alternatives for the intellectually curious. Beyond the network effect, the tech giants also enjoy hard-won virtual vertical integration. Facebook provides news, advertising, group message boards, public social media feeds, electronic marketplaces, and DMing all in-house. It is a one-stop shop... Read More
I do not think it means what you think it means: It's almost as if putting all your focus into doing well by the people who didn't elect you while neglecting those who did isn't the most effective reelection strategy in the world.
Please provide links to videos, stories, and data on instances of American democracy dying in darkness in 2020 in the comments. We'd like to curate as exhaustive a post on *ahem* irregularities as possible in a forthcoming release. This is a non-partisan request. Post them irrespective of which candidate or party they appear to benefit.... Read More
One issue with Steven Pinker's The Better Angels of Our Nature is the book's presumption that popular entertainment may reliably be used as a proxy for cultural sensibilities on the ground. Medieval Europeans did bear baiting and burned cats alive for entertainment. Hardly surprising since their societies were more violent than the most blighted urban... Read More
Forget fraud, Indiana Jack points out the potential ramifications of many incorrectly completed mail-in ballots being disqualified. This presumably at a higher rate than in-person voting which enjoys a comparative lack of distractions, an automated ballot review, and poll workers to assist voters:
A minimum of 35% and a maximum of 65% of Democrats say the GOP-controlled Senate should've considered Merrick Garland in 2016 but that the GOP-controlled Senate should not consider Amy Coney Barrett now. A minimum of 17% and a maximum of 40% of Republicans say the Senate was correct in not considering Obama's nominee but... Read More
It seems Harry Reid's chickens are coming home to roost: The alacritous president is ready to go: Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death was surely less of a shock to Washington insiders than it was to those of us in the provinces--and it isn't all that shocking to us. The late Justice was a decade older than... Read More
From DanHessinMD, the L(ink)OTW: Cutting to the chase, the working conclusion is that low relative humidity of indoor air is a big contributor in increasing the severity of the disease. This conceivably explains why cases remain high but reported mortality is much lower than was the case a few months ago. I've little to add... Read More
About 70% of young adults enroll in college after high school. One in three end up dropping out without attaining a degree. About half of zoomers are thus on track to make it through the college grind. About one in five of them benefit beyond the credential from the experience. So anything that saps higher... Read More
DforDoom is true to his handle: There has been nothing like a massive backlash in South Africa, and the situation is far more dire there. On the other hand, the Afrikaners are facing hard repression. That's not the case in America, where things are by necessity softer. If the hundreds of millions of Americans who... Read More
It's not okay to say white lives matter: It is okay to say, again and again, that white lives don't matter: It's okay, but it's not very optical. The smart ones aren't going to utter things like that in public, let alone vociferously proclaim them ('Doctor' Gopal's teaching and research interests are "in colonial and... Read More
The following graphs show the perceived net (un)trustworthiness of some of the largest news media organizations in America, and also OAN. The values are calculated by taking twice the percentages of respondents rating an organization "very trustworthy", adding the percentages rating it "trustworthy", subtracting the percentages rating it "untrustworthy", and subtracting twice the percentages rating... Read More
A white circle of protection, that is. And they'll need the mana to use it, so let's get appropriate legislation started now: Via Tusk, Wizards of the Coast understands that the phrase "White Lives Matter" is repugnant. There's a card to deal with the cancer of human history. It remains legal and damned well better... Read More
Is there anything Wokeness won't spoil? Rhetorical: The subsequent pieces of art will all be replaced online with this: With Wokeness there can be no art,
In a recent post investigating the relationship between intelligence, theism, and political orientation, an interesting discussion broke out in the comments concerning the putative correlation between theism and optimism, and the causal nature of that alleged correlation. I wondered if such a relationship exists. Atheists on average have higher IQs, higher educational attainment, and higher... Read More
What other than Who? Whomism? could explain why 54% of Democrats say if allegations of sexual assault against Donald Trump are proven, they disqualify him from the presidency while just 30% of Democrats say the same regarding Joe Biden? A subconscious conversion of "if allegations against X are proven true" to "do you think the... Read More
In the 1880s, American babies were eight times as likely to be given a first name beginning with the letter F than they were a century later: This is fascinating. Or maybe to get with the times, I should say it's xascinating. In the inclusive spirit of our age, the three most expendable consonants in... Read More
Searching up "coronavirus cases by country" returned these three suggested news stories ahead of the links retrieved in response to the actual query: The neo-liberal establishment isn't held together by scapegoating and subverting white conservatives. That's a conspiracy theory. What are you, some kind of bigoted extremist? Remember two weeks ago when it was racist... Read More
Tom Schmidt: The pandemic presents a perfect power-grabbing opportunity for Woke Capital, and Woke Capital won't pass the opportunity up. When activity is brought to a standstill, the family-owned diner and the auto repair shop partnership have enough cash on hand to last a few weeks. Beyond that and the disruption to cash flow becomes... Read More
COTW is a twofer--sagacious eloquence from Mark G.: And not Trump the Transformative but rather Trump the Transitional from nebulafox: let’s look beyond Trump for a little while: he’s not important in the long run. What is important is the fact that the GOP is now the populist party now, whether they want to be... Read More
When the corona dust settles, there may not be a single state where a majority of public schools are not closed for an extended period of time. If a handful do end up remaining open for the duration, though, NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) comparisons between 2019 and 2021 will provide a great experiment... Read More