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Reading Razib in my hotel room in God’s country over the long weekend moved me to check out the fitness room. Here she is:

Editorializing a bit, it’s repetitive, low intensity equipment, exclusively. And it’s typical. This stuff burns muscle and causes the body to store fat in the kangaroo pouch. Diet is the primary cause of the obesity ‘epidemic’, but this non-dietary prescription is about as helpful as the call for more education is when it comes to trying to equalize economic outcomes.

Parenthetically, I pack a weight vest and a medicine ball when travelling and go to work in the room. It’s enough.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
• Tags: Health, Self indulgence 
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  1. Haha, that's pretty much every hotel "fitness room" in existence. You'd think they'd want to diversify more. Maybe dumbbells get stolen or something.

    When people find out that I do ballroom dancing, they always say, "Oh, that must be good exercise," and I respond, "No, deadlifting my body weight is good exercise. Dancing is an excuse to touch girls."

  2. Jokah, out slingin' the ladies around at dance class…?

    Good for you. I hope you me(e)t someone extra special.

    Audacious, what sort of medicine ball stuff do you do? Is this sort of thing recommended for old guys with disc problems down in the lumbar zone? (You can take that as a rhetorical question if by some chance you're not a physical therapist.)

  3. I read that Discover article.
    Razib is kind of grouchy. Must be why he gets along with Cochran. (I like them both BTW, even though I have a different style.)

  4. Jokah,

    You do the deadlifting so that the dancing is more enjoyable!


    I mostly use it for plank work (feet on the ball) and plyo chest work (hands on the ball). I also like doing hands-to-feet exchanges in the 'banana' position.

  5. Jokah will soon be livelifting. All you need a is a lady with a really straight back who doesn't mind being rested horizontally against your knees.

  6. Olave,

    Curling girls gets great results.

  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    Check out Ross Enamait's "Never Gymless", Mark Lauren's "You are your own gym" and Paul Wade's "Convict Conditioning".

    Some, say 30%, of their stuff is kooky and far-fetched, but these books have a lot of interesting bodyweight exercises and progressions if they get too easy. It's great for on-the-road work and travel.

    (All can be downloaded through torrents.)


  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I think the question as posed is close to meaningless.

    That said, I do think it is interesting that liberals, who reject the possibility that genetic differences account for differences in most life outcomes (e.g. intelligence) are so ready to believe that genes play a large role in obesity.

    Looking at the results, everyone seems to agree that obesity is partly genetic. The only split is over how much of it is genetic. So Razib's customary beating up on conservatives is more pointless then usual.

  9. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    That right there is a chick fitness room. Chicks measure their workouts by time because they don't want to work too hard. So, working out for a long time = working out hard in chick logic. As a chick, I know these things. So a chick who takes ten hours to do the same work as guy does in seven considers herself a harder worker, even though she isn't. She just works slower. But there are real consequences for working slower including working slower at working out. Now if you cranked up those machines pictured here to max intensity and then pedaled/ran with max effort for a relatively short time, you could get some benefit, but most won't do that. They will just kind of piddle around on the thing for a "20 minute" workout as though all "20 minute" workouts are somehow equivalent. Suckers.

  10. Your great mistake is to have read anything by this Razib character. It's not that his math is wrong but that it's wrong headed.

    It's appropriate to analyze religious beliefs or personal tastes by political stance. But questions of fact should be treated differently.

    It means something (if very little) if you find that Republicans prefer oak paneling to pine paneling but what does it mean or matter if you find that more Democrats than Republicans think that pine is a hardwood?

    Razib is just engaging in garbage analysis. There are gazillions of correlations and connections that mean little or nothing.

    Get some stat sofware and you too can post irrelevancies.

    Or consider a related issue – statin drugs. Right now statins are prescribed routinely by many physicians. They work in reducing mortality but just how they work isn't quite known. Many people are cautious to use a class of drugs that have so many side effects. I would like to know under waht circumstances they should be prescribed. Razib is the kind of person who wonders if Medodists are more wary of statins than Baptists.


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