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In the previous post it was noted that according to exit polling data the entire increase in Hispanic turnout in the 2016 election compared to the 2012 election was accounted for–and then some–by an increase in California’s Hispanic turnout.

Pithom doesn’t buy it:

Though the effect of Loretta Sanchez on the ballot may have helped Hispanic turnout in California, the numbers I saw before election day from early voting in North Carolina showed “other race” and “multi-racial” turnout up reasonably strongly …

I suspect Florida and Nevada had higher Hispanic turnout, as well, though that Hispanic turnout was also more pro-Trump than it was pro-Romney in 2012, at least, in Nevada.

I didn’t make it clear enough that I’m skeptical of the veracity of the conclusion. While it’s unavoidable given the data, it presumes that the data is accurate. There are reasons for skepticism. For example, nationally the percentage of voters without a college degree apparently declined by 25% between 2012 and 2016. That strikes me as almost literally incredible.

On election day, I heard, read, and saw several reports about huge lines at voting locations. All the people I talked to who voted on election day, though, said the lines and the wait times were minimal or nonexistent. Given that turnout was flat from 2012 and down from 2008 and that a record number of ballots were cast before election day, I suspect this anecdotal evidence scales better than the media accounts do.

Parenthetically, exit polls show North Carolina’s electorate was 70% white this time around, unchanged from 2012. Hispanic turnout in Florida and Nevada was flat to 2012 (up 1 point and down 1 point, respectively). For what it’s worth, the state exit polls mesh with the story that the national exit poll appears to tell.

Speaking of the California senate race (still another reason for Calexit!), it was nice to see that Loretta Sanchez, the candidate who was beaten decisively, actually won among Hispanics. It was also nice to see the winner, who is black, won the black vote by a 4-to-1 margin. When there isn’t a badwhite to unite the Coalition of the Fringes, the various parties comprising that precarious coalition turn on each other in a flash. Diversity is a wonderful thing! Lee Kuan Yew knew.

And speaking of Hispanics, Steve Sailer has noted that, relative to their IQs, Hispanics tend to be underachievers. They’re less likely to go to college or vote than blacks are, for instance. They’re also less likely to read. From Pew, the percentages of people, by race, who have not read a single book in any format in the last year:

Hispanics — 42%
Blacks — 31%
Whites — 24%

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Off topic, what the f is up with akinokure and all those other PizzaGate nutters?

    My comment which I posted on his blog:

    I'm not a shill for anybody but where is the smoking gun — I just don't see it.

    Friggin' put up or shut up.

    My view is SWPLs are total dorks who worship the ordinary like a pizza place because they lack church or traditional community. These SWPLs were always smart and awkward and cocooned and then you get them together as grownups and the dorkiness goes stratospheric. They make a big deal about gathering at some hangout like this because that is the highest meaning in their pathetic lives, with no church, no connection to their parents or relatives, and the isolation of rootless cosmopolitans. Observers are right to sense that something is off about these people.

    How can pizza be at the center of someone's life? I think the answer is just that these are shallow cosmopolitans who in a different era would have been connected to church or extended family or community and now this is what they have. A hangout that they like becomes the center of their world.

    That does not equal pedophilia.

    Where is the substance? I approach everything with skepticism.

    I've looked at a little of the so-called evidence that akinokure gives and its like some Rorschach test where people see what they want to. Epigone, you have thoughts on this?

    I guess our side is a bunch of nutters…

  2. Dan,

    I read that post this morning and thought the same thing. It's similar to how these rootless types drench everything in ironic false earnestness. Nothing has anything close to transcendental meaning to them in their lives but they still have a natural predilection for it, so they masturbate by doing things like this.

    On the other hand, this has been a year where conspiratorial stuff has had a great run in terms of turning out to be true. Not my cup of tea, but by all means let them dig.

  3. I find it very unlikely that pizza chains are sex trafficking rings. You'd figure a place where you have dozens into hundreds of people going in and out of the restaurant every day, let alone per hour, would be the last place you'd want to have something like that going on. An exception being "ethnic" neighborhoods where the community such as it were would be apathetic to that kind of thing going on and would lean towards protecting their own within the community than calling the police.

    Doesn't mean that Hillary's inner circle isn't depraved and sociopathic, I'm just not sure that they are "cheese pizza" purveyors or customers.

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This supports my supposition that the
    "Authoritarian Personality Type",
    which is held to correlate with
    Right-Wing political beliefs, is actually a measure of the in-group loyalty,aggressive tendencies and social environment which is perceived to be threatening to one's in-group and consequently to ones self.
    Change the social environment and the "Authoritarian Personality Type" appears or disappears.
    This explains why a person can be for "minority rights" in societies where their in-group is a minority, and "Authoritarian"
    in societies where their in-group is a majority.

  5. "On the other hand, this has been a year where conspiratorial stuff has had a great run in terms of turning out to be true. Not my cup of tea, but by all means let them dig."

    I disagree. I think this a very bad look, just like Richard Spencer is a very bad look.

    LOTB has a great post today on it, which I totally agree with. There are real, serious problems (that the Clinton took money for her foundation and this influenced her policy) that are totally ignored for a theory that is almost certainly false.

    Also, it makes our side look like a bunch of kooks.

    I want our side to be the side of truth, (dark truth perhaps but truth nevertheless) and clearer thinking. I take pride in knowing I am darkly enlightened, but if the dark enlightenment intermixes with too much nonsense conspiracy theorizing, then it won't feel very cool any more.

    Regarding "no enemies on the right" I think I disagree for several reasons:
    (1) Spencer's stupid Sig Heil alienates almost everyone in America.
    (2) We don't control the narrative. You will be associated with your most extreme elements.
    (3) Conservatives are actually the ruling party now (which I did not expect) and if you want that, you can't come off as crazy. Trolling and satire are great strategies if you are disenfranchised or relegated to the fringe. But the right is not outer party, at least not now.

    I am not saying to go all William F. Buckley or National Review with purges, but when someone is throwing their hand in the air like an idiot, they are asking for it.

    I'm all for expanding the Overton Window, but anyone who thinks sig-heiling can ever be inside the Overton Window has lost the tune.

  6. I didn't bother commenting on the Agnostic pizza gate thread 'cuz the comment approval makes back-and-forth discussion more tedious (if I lock horns about something, it takes too long to defend myself).

    General thoughts about pedo scandals:

    – we need to distinguish between age and gender preferences. Dudes who want 15 or 16 year old girls aren't going to hang out with queer pedos who want 7 year old boys.
    – Even when one adjusts for the small number of gays, gays are still wildly overrepresented in every category of psycho-sexual dysfunction. Serial killing, promiscuity (esp. of the anonymous and thus dangerous kind), pedophilia, sadism, and so on. Search the akinokure blog for evidence of this kind of thing (it was more researched before the mid 90's and PC). Much of the gay "scene" is an abundance of deviant sexuality and damaged people, which is why it seems like gay pervs are much more adept at forming partnerships and rings with other deviants compared to hetero weirdos, who generally work alone. In fact, it's more common to see a hetero weirdo Stockholm vulnerable women into participating than it is to see two hetero perv males working together.

    – commons sense check. Why hasn't anyone been busted at a pizza place before, at least in terms of connecting the dots between one corrupt pizza worker and another at a different restaurant? Pedos get caught from time to time. I do believe however that the super elites in law and politics get immunity to varying degrees. There are a lot of compromised people in law and politics. Especially due to the fact that gays are quite overrepresented in these fields (gays have an unusually high verbal IQ). Scott Foval turned out to be a pozzed queer. Culture warrior Paul Cameron cites 70's/80's psychiatrists who studied gays and came to the conclusion that gays are often angsty and vindictive misfits who take out their frustrations on people by frequently deceiving and using people. Why do ya thing gays are so leftist?

    And why would the pozzed legal/political establishment risk being decloseted and having their professions/careers be utterly disgraced by going after the worst excesses of gay lawyers and politicians? The Catholic church's rep has been destroyed for generations to come in the West after facing much legal wrath. Hollywood and D.C. would be shattered if any kind of disinfectant was applied. The NFL hasn't acknowledged players gambling since the early 70's. Why? In institution is never going to be forthcoming about it's sins, so as to save face and not commit financial suicide. To make matters worse, there's cocooning to deal with. Allegations of homosexual deviance ended careers before the mid 90's. A Bryan Singer would've faced massive boycotts in the 80's, when people weren't clueless about what was right and wrong.

    The track record of dealing with this stuff is, uh, spotty. Likely since so many important people don't want to be embarrassed. From time to time, one or two people get nailed though it doesn't necessarily mean they get locked up or exiled. Barney Frank still has his job after his underage shenanigans were exposed. Denny Hastert skated for years before almost inexplicably being busted for rape years after retirement (to make an example out of him? Or was some VIP's son hurt by Hastert?) By the way, Hastert evidently got treated for some exotic STI that was making the rounds among queers in 90's D.C. Eccch.

    A more fertile ground for pedo hunting is Hollywood. There are a lot Corey Feldman's out there, who remain tight lipped since they don't want to draw the wrath of some 72 year old litigious cranky Jewish big shot. I've heard Jamie Lee Curtis say that she doesn't think child actors should be allowed in the industry,albeit without explaining why. Read between the lines.

  7. Oh, and just for the record, some of those images posted are damn weird. Especially the King David ones. Like, really? I wouldn't doubt that some of these people are screwed up at least to the point of not having any taste or propriety. But that doesn't mean there's a massive ring of pizza pervs.

  8. Dan,

    Just like NPI's event, these things are easy to false flag. I suspect the b-list actor who went into the pizza place with a rifle is a false flag. It's almost too easy for him not to be.

    Otoh, it's often tough to project ahead of time whether or not these things are going to turn out to be true. Hillary's health is a perfect example. It was all fake news, even up to midway through the day on 9/11, until the video of her falling surfaced.

    Feryl gives plenty of evidence as to why the specifics here are probably wrong but the instinct to assume something similar is occurring is justifiable.

  9. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Pizza places would be an ideal location for the following reasons:

    1)Most of these pizzerias in metro areas aren't nation-wide chains/franchises; so no corporate oversight.
    2)They are small businesses (again more applicable to metropolitan locales) which deal with a large influx of cash that can be hard to account for.
    3)It is more inconspicuous to go to a pizzeria every week or multiple times a week than, say, your local dry cleaners.

    As for pizzagate itself, some of it is a real stretch [like the codewords in the Podesta Emails] but there is something really strange about Comet Ping Pong Pizza or whatever it is called. I think it is fair to say that anyone reading this has seen the videos and photos of this place having some sort of shady 70s gay-club vibe going on. I've visited my share of pizzerias and I've never come across that. Additionally, the logos of these places in a small radius of D.C. matching up to that pedo-report floating around is troubling too. And it doesn't help that the Podesta brothers are creepy and Bill has a track record of hanging out on PedoAir.

    That being said, it is still pretty far out there. I think the evidence more likely points to some sort of money laundering scheme and I wish somebody would investigate that angle. Why are all these 'important people'{TM} hanging around, supposedly eating pizza at these cheap looking pizzerias?

  10. I am of two minds of 'no enemies on the right' I guess.

    On the one hand
    – Trump probably had the right instinct to fire General Flynn's son.
    – Trump probably was right to disavow David Duke etc
    – This Pizzagate feeds into the "fake news" narrative, there being no victims as far as I know.
    – The sig heil looks bad

    On the other hand
    – "the enemy to the right" could easily be you or me — In fact, the fact that I wouldn't want to condemn or censor anyone besides Nazi LARPers means I am probably "the enemy on the right"
    – through all of 2016 "enemy to the right" for 75% of the establishment right meant Trump, the Republican front runner and future president
    – Facebook and Twitter are in heavy-duty censorship mode. It seems like as soon as someone gets interesting on twitter, they are gone.

    Probably a better response would be to, rather than feel forced to support or condemn, simply and strong affirm that people have a right to free speech and that everyone's speech is there own.

    If you have an organization, as Trump does, you need to police against nutters and have discipline.

    One problem is that left goes around spotlighting embarrassing right wingers and demanding disavowals. Did Hillary Clinton have to disavow all of the horrible people on the left?

    At least so far, there is no shutdown of websites in America as far as I know. Right? Of course search results can be manipulated.

  11. I am old enough to remember when writing Trump's name in the sidewalk on a college campus was considered hate speech, so I should probably focus on attacking the censors and not pile on.

    That said, being a pursuer of truth, I feel right about criticizing PizzaGate for lacking any useful evidence.

    I want the alt-right to be a reservoir of truth in a gaslighting world. Part of that is the disciple that rare people like you, A.E., have of only saying things that you have empirically found to be true.

    That is interesting enough, and shocking as it is. The weaker thinkers grasp at weak correlations and flimsy threads when truths as strong as steel lay around completely ignored.

  12. Dan,

    I appreciate that, thanks.

    I've been at this in my little corner of the virtual world for over a decade. In the last 12 months though the site's traffic has gone from ~30k hits a month (~1000/day) to ~75k hits a month (2500/day). The intellectual core is still here, but we have shock troops now, and those shock troops are doing work. I'll keep my brand what it is but in this war I'm only going to constructively criticize those who are broadly on the same side of things as we are for their own benefit such as it is.

    Trump has great instincts, and even his disavowals are half-hearted. It's obvious he doesn't get worked up over thoughtcrime, including the stuff he probably doesn't even believe to be true. It's great. If there turns out to be any truth to pizza gate, the firing will look a little silly but it'll still be understandable. The speculative work needs to be done on the outside, not from within our new power centers (i.e. the presidential administration itself).

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