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Blacks Want Confederate Statues Removed; Everyone Else Not So Much
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Gadfly commenter Corvinus scoffing at a poll showing overwhelming public opposition to the removal of Confederate statues:

“After a week of torture-chamber gas-lighting, it turns out that Americans, even in a Democrat-skewed poll, OVERWHELMINGLY support keeping southern monuments in place.”

Out of 1,125 adults surveyed.

Most normies abhor the Confederacy. It represented slavery and secession. The Confederacy sought to DESTROY our nation. The norms are about what those monuments represent FROM THE PAST. They do not care that monuments serve as a historical record, nor do they care about the history of such individuals the monuments pay tribute to. Yes, Robert E. Lee opposed slavery. Yes, he had significant reservations about personally abandoning the Union. But what matters most is that he supported the Confederacy.

It was the only poll on the question at the time but Reuters-Ipsos has subsequently released its own and it confirms what the aforementioned Marist poll reported. Parenthetically, 1-in-5 respondents answered “don’t know”. Those responses are excluded in the following graphs.

The sentiments of the general population (n = 4,088) and by sex:

Interestingly–to me, anyway–is that women are more strongly opposed to statue removal than men are. This holds across racial and political lines. I suppose destroying things appeals more to men than it does to women.

By partisan affiliation:

Trump’s instincts on this are good. They also happen to be politically expedient. Excepting the worthless #NeverTrump crowd, Republicans are uniformly with him.

Most independents are as well. By a 3-to-1 margin, they oppose statue removal.

Even white Democrats are mixed, leaning modestly in favor of preservation.

There’s a wide gap between the sentiments of blacks and white Democrats on the issue. Drive a wedge into that Coalition of the Fringes, Mr. president!

By race:

Cutting right to the chase, blacks want Confederate statues removed. No one else really does. There you have it–that’s why we can’t have nice things anymore!

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Gadfly Corvinus's historical knowledge is sadly deficient. He should do some more research into Lincoln's War. But I doubt that he could tell a primary source from a DNC presidential primary.

    Not that it matters. If DR3 is a hopeless strategy, The Confederacy were the real heroes of freedom and the American dream against Union totalitarians—accurate thought it may be—is even more hopeless.

  2. – End affirmative action
    – Revamp civil service tests to require greater skill/IQ, thereby getting rid of many black gov. workers (and thus the hilariously phony black "middle class" vanishes without a trace)
    – Legalize the full panoply of demographic covenants/restore freedom of association

    This is what it will take to bring the black population to what it was before 1960. Do we have it in us? Whites have lost ground every year since 1960, demographically. Black birth rates have declined since the mid 90's, but just the same, we still subsidize what growth does occur via the above policies.

    There's a meme with LBJ crassly explaining how he planned to capture the black vote for generations to come. In the West in particular, the Left has always had the option of pandering to and even importing various minorities who can be counted on to have grievances against the majority. If blacks in a particular place no longer had whites to pick on, they'd go right back to tearing each other apart with no whites to get in the way. As South Africa has found out, absent legal policies to keep blacks in line, dealing with blacks is like dealing with the Terminator: can't be reasoned with, can't be bargained with, won't stop until you are dead.

    How naive that anyone, for even 10 seconds, ever thought that Trump would somehow attract a decent amount of black voters (the demo. identity of each party was solidified in the late 60's and I doubt things will ever change). "Free enterprise zones" make no difference. Blacks want gibs and and their egos to be stroked.

    Hey, look, we found a black conservative! The embarrassing cuckery of effusively highlighting exceptions to the rule is something that's perhaps inevitable since circa 1990, the American right has often chosen minority outreach over attempting measures to protect or restore traditional demographics. The globalist elites in all Western countries have pathologized any effort to promote the idea of stable ethnic demographics. They're never going to crack the Slavic or perhaps even Baltic nut, however much they wish it or will it. Nobody really believes in multicultural crap unless they've got a lot of non-Slavic Euro ancestry; certainly, blacks, Mexicans, Asians etc. may learn to talk the talk for the sake of fitting in and gaining status, but deep down inside they want ethno-states (and outside of the motherland, they'll settle for having mini-ethno-states in certain towns and cities). Ash. Jews are an interesting dilemma; they're clannish to an extent, but they also represent the clever-silly stuff better than anyone else and can talk themselves into anything; not to mention being against Nationalism for obvious reasons. So they'll try and make multi-cult. work, by any means necessary, no matter how much damage it does to countries and even Jews themselves in the long run (Islam and tolerance of anti-Semitism by Euro authorities is making Europe inhospitable to Jews).

    The trite and depressing reality of diverse societies is that inevitably, the populace will always descend into inter-ethnic bickering over resources (jobs, houses, land, political control, etc.). When each country was reserved primarily for a given ethnic group, we still of course had conflict between nations (aka tribes). How exactly, were things going to play out any differently by letting certain countries be over-run by non-native ethnic groups? Now conflicts happen on a near daily basis ("the battle of the eyes", often leading to battles of the mouth and the fist) since "we" aren't allowed to have 90%+ white countries anymore. Oh, to long for the days when years would pass between eruptions of tribal warfare.

  3. Desdichado,

    Agree. Best tact is probably the limp-wristed moderate one in this case: Historical monuments are reminders of history and should be maintained as such, whether they're good, bad, or indifferent.


    Diversity + Proximity = War.

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