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Blacks, Jews, and Liberals Think Whites Are More Intelligent Than Blacks
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Since 2000 the GSS has asked respondents, broken down by race, if whites and if blacks “tend to be unintelligent or tend to be intelligent”, with answers on a 7-point scale, the higher the score the more intelligent the group is perceived to be. Because both questions have been paired every year they’ve been asked, the same respondents are opining on the perceived intelligence of both whites and blacks.

Every racial grouping, including blacks, perceives whites to be more intelligent than they perceive blacks to be. This holds for both men and women, liberals and conservatives, the young and the old. The differences are a matter of degree, not direction.

The following graph shows how much of an intelligence advantage whites are perceived to have over blacks by the race (and other selected characteristics) of those assessing the intelligence of each. A standard deviation is just over one point on the scale, so you’ll notice that the perceived racial gap isn’t as large as the fundamental law of sociology reveals it to be, but a perceived gap does indeed exist (n = 11,419) [edit: Altered the color scheme slightly to be a little more intuitive with the age and educational groupings–none of the figures have been edited]:

So much of the Cathedral is founded on racial egalitarianist grounds that undermining those grounds will likely cause the whole edifice to come crashing down. It’s why anyone who is perceived to be questioning the building’s structural integrity is mercilessly set upon by the Cathedral’s inquisitors. Yet it has been constructed on a foundation of loose gravel and sand.

In case you thought otherwise, even if those of European descent won’t “go there” when it comes to understanding and eventually acting upon genetic differences across the entire spectrum of human traits, including intelligence, Asians will. If they’re precluded from doing so in Western countries, they’ll still do so in Asia.

MG recently put together a characteristically excellent post showing that, among other things, what progressives do–irrespective of their virtue-signalling public proclamations–reveals that they are racial realists rather than racial egalitarians. That racial realism manifests itself here, too.

Parenthetically, astute observers will notice that the perceived gap is larger among all whites than it is among either liberal or conservative whites. Self-described moderates tend to be less intelligent and less educated than both liberals and conservatives. That those without college degrees perceive the white-black gap to be twice as large as those with degrees–“clever sillies” if you prefer–do helps make sense of this in the current context.

The GSS has also previously inquired about the perceived intelligence of Hispanics, Asians, and Jews, but only for a single year (2000) in which the racial characteristics of respondents were concurrently tracked. I’ve posted about that before here, though sample sizes are small. The figures for perceived white and black intelligence in that post only extend through 2008, so this post now updates that one with four more years of additional survey data to draw upon.

GSS variables: INTLWHTS, INTLBLKS, YEAR(2000-2014), RELIG(3), RACECEN1(1,2,4-10,15-16), SEX, AGE(18-34,35-54,55-89), EDUC(1-15,16-20), POLVIEWS(1-2,5-6)

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. "if whites and if blacks "tend to be unintelligent or tend to unintelligent"

    Dear Audacious:

    The opening line is a little opaque. I want to link, but the first line will stop readers in their tracks. Could you fix it up a bit?


  2. CPAC highlights… maybe more later…

    Trump rocked it as did Bannon and Conway. They are doing yeoman's work though because there are plenty of neverTrumpers trying to weasel their way in.

    Also met Farage, Cernovich and John Bolton.

    I tried to ask Bolton why we are allied with Saudi Arabia when they are the number one exporter of terrorist ideology and fund radical mosques all over the world. He didn't answer. Bolton and the neocons are worming their way back in and if Trump doesn't fight hard against them they will make a lot of problems.

    Bolton is obviously itching for trouble with Russia and Iran. I assume it is cold war games all over, with Saudi Arabia, one of the worst countries in the world, as our chess piece against Russia and Iran. Dumb.

    Bolton said he wants Japan, Malaysia and Australia in NATO. I am so glad he isn't SecState. He had a breakout session on foreign policy and I managed to get the first question. I hit him hard over Saudi Arabia. There was a non-answer and then the question-and-answer abruptly was halted with my one question.

  3. Also chatted it up with Allum Bokhari and Charlie Nash from Breitbart. As well, talked with Bill Mitchell and saw Sheriff Clarke speak although didn't get to talk to him directly.

    Conservative girls are definitely prettier and they are Midwest nice.

    Facebook had a big station. I argued with them for about 1/2 an hour about their censorship and double standards and the fact that the people who decide at Facebook are totally on the left and that they lack ideological diversity. They totally denied this. Hopefully my argument is the most memorable thing for them since most people walked past their setup. Their head person at their station used to be campaign manager for Diane Feinstein, which he didn't disclose but which I discovered by searching.

  4. Cernovich is a mensch but maybe a little paranoid. Suggested black bloc is CIA, which seems really far-fetched.

  5. You could represent the 55+ age group with grey, for grey hair. The 18-34 group should of course be green, like young green shoots, "you're still green", etc. The 34-55 group could be a darker shade of grey than the 55+ group.

  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It's fascinating that Asians are more closely aligned with measured reality than all the other groups. Does this correspond to other areas? I realize they're the most outside of the black/white history for this comparison. Do they have a stronger grasp of empirical realities beyond other groups? Are they "brutalist" upon self reflection as well?

  7. Steve,

    Bah, sorry for the sloppiness. The actual GSS question phrases it as unintelligent or intelligent rather than intelligent or unintelligent, which I caught at the last moment and thought I fixed but obviously didn't. It's coherent now.


    Damn man, great work! Is there video of that floating around? Shutting down an imperialist (Bolton isn't really a neocon) with an America First-style question is devastating.

    They sent a former campaign manager of Diane Feinstein's to represent Facebook at CPAC? Can you confirm this? That's potentially huge news, too.

    So you got a good vibe from Cernovich? Interesting to hear. Any guess as to what he's aiming at, ultimately, besides his own success? I don't mean to sound derogatory there, either–he deserves his success–but I'm genuinely unsure of what he's ultimately driving at.


    Hah, yeah you can tell I struggled there. I'll update accordingly tomorrow. Don't have much for the educational divide. Maybe bronze for uneducated and gold for educated?

  8. Anon,

    I remember a study finding that the vast majority of Chinese scientists have no qualms about eugenics. They're also less individualistic than Europeans are, which makes it easier for them to be individually 'judgmental' (seemingly paradoxically but not actually so).

  9. Anyone who believe this is about blacks is kidding themselves. The black is a lousy victim for the Left to keep pushing, but its savage and violent nature causes enough attention to be diverted from the actual issue. Yeah its jews. Always is really. Anyone can see the jews are vastly over-represented. (((They))) claim its intelligence. We know better. Its the natural tendency for jews to discriminate in favor of themselves and push out any competitors like Whites. This IQ shows how this is done. On one hand the egalitarian thing is pushed two ways. Don't make the black savages angry by telling them they are inferior, and Whites are guilty for bringing them here so you have to let yourself be discriminated against. The jew weasels out of it, even though its all about (((them))). That 115 IQ median is crazyworld. That's higher than even pureblood Germans or High Orientals. These swine are no Engineering geniuses are they? Its called Lying by Omission. The 115 is the "Verbal" IQ. There are three components to this IQ Test and the 115 is just one of them. All jews ever do is talk so a high verbal IQ is not surprising. What (((they))) don't want you to know is that their Math skill are lower than yours, and that spatial or mechanical IQ in jews is at the retarded level. That's why there aren't any real jewish engineers at all. The blacks are just bullies threatening to shut it down, and the secret (((they))) use these blacks to hide is that when you add all three IQ dimensions and divide by three the way you're supposed to, you end up with about 86. Around their Mestizo gardener or nanny.

  10. Joshua Sinistar,

    No n-bombs. I'm as in favor of free expression as they come but that string triggers sensors and it'd be a hassle to have this blog disappeared.

  11. The guy from facebook is Andy Stone.

    Here is a bio.

    I don't think he was acting like a spy per se. He worked as a professional dem and now works at facebook. I mean he never hid his ID. But it is common knowledge that facebook is all lefties starting with Zuckerberg.

  12. Facebook was there to sell Facebook live which i think is sort of like periscope. But the paid $$ for a primo spot. In an case lots of opposing press there, its a public event.

  13. Dat college/no college gap.


    Is this the first cognitive test with a negative g loading?

  14. Anatoly,

    I'm not sure it qualifies as a "cognitive test". If so, then the same would apply to the poll during the presidential election cycle that asked about perceptions of blacks.

  15. It seems like verbal strength is required to delude yourself silly.

    We see a class of verbal elites for whom status signaling/defense is based on denigrating whatever the proles believe (including HBD awareness), and this impulse seems strongest in loquacious Jews while being virtually non-existent in taciturn Asians.

    The less verbally oriented East/Med Euros and New World indigenous people seems to be much more un-PC than NW Euros and Euro Jews.

    One is reminded of the tensions between verbose Brits and stolid Germans, between plain spoken gentile proles and fancy talkin' Anglo/Jewish overlords, between Euro Jews and swarthier Jews, and most of all, Big Man Africans and retiring Asians.

    The 55+ performance is too funny. We all come down with sudden elder honesty syndrome eventually. The well aged simply don't concern themselves with tiring fashion or status markers.

    The political orientation difference was smaller than I expected. Perhaps white GOP'ers have for decades been sensitive to racism accusations so if anything they may be LESS likely to be candid than prole Dems.

    David Brooks recently called Trump "rude", which is all the more evidence that the modern Anglosphere elite is an Anglo-Jewish hybrid that seems determined to batter us with the worst traits of either group. Decorum policing, haughty disdain for manual work, and legalism run amok.

  16. Josh –

    Jews are very gifted intellectually. The problem is when host populations/the cultural climate let them get away with a lack of noblesse oblige.

    They've tried to sidestep their crimes against Euro Gentiles by citing Jewish mores regarding helping the disadvantaged. They act like blacks, Latinos, and Arabs are so low on the totem pole that Jews needn't concern themselves with the plight of whites. Intermarriage with elite whites has amplified this; prole whites are ignorant morons who wasted their opportunities and deserve to be cheated. Basically, pushing prole white gentiles down is acceptable in the name of lifting everyone else up.

    Jews are quite capable of doing anything; it's just that Jews and Anglosphere elites prefer to leave the sweating to proles or other ethnic groups altogether. I mean, you didn't see Germans or Asians rushing to shove factories out of their countries over the last 30 years.

    A most toxic delusion is the Jewish/Anglo delusion (once called Anglo disease on a blog I read years ago) is that manual labor is deserving of contempt, so therefore, let's build our entire economy on FIRE and service jobs. You end up being dependents on foreigners, piling up huge debt levels, as the rich laugh their way to the bank. Furthermore, the plight of proles is explained away via claims that instead of waiting for the past to return we all should enter fields for which many proles are not qualified or into which entry is daunting due to the competition.. With the mismatch in HR and good jobs available (further distorted by too much foreign scab labor), the native born lower-middle class is devoured by bills and debt.

  17. Trump is acting like a home-owner who just got home from a vacation and found a squatter sleeping on his couch, a pentagram on the wall, and a pile of crap on his bed. He's righteously driving the bums out, and Euro Jews, who are clueless about honor and reciprocity, are reduced to pointing and sputtering about how mean Trump is.

  18. Yeah I recall that one. Tongue in cheek comment.

  19. Feryl,

    They act like blacks, Latinos, and Arabs are so low on the totem pole that Jews needn't concern themselves with the plight of whites. Intermarriage with elite whites has amplified this; prole whites are ignorant morons who wasted their opportunities and deserve to be cheated. Basically, pushing prole white gentiles down is acceptable in the name of lifting everyone else up.

    Right, we see this most saliently in comments like the one Bill Kristol made a couple of weeks ago or that piece in National Review during the presidential election (I dk if Williamson is Jewish–his name suggests he's not–but he's in that milieu), but it's a widely held sentiment.

    There is a lot of obvious self-serving for Jews in pretending that everyone is innately equal. When you come out on top in that situation, you look like you've played the best game. If it's widely understood that you had extra pieces on the board and got to take 3 turns in a row to beat your opponent it's not as impressive (and people will have a harder time standing for it).


    Speaking on previous blog posts about self deportation, looks like asylum seekers are now flooding from the US into Canada by the thousands. The good news is that it looks like self deportation is currently going on now, which of course has positive implications about the country's demographic future. The bad news is looks like we need a wall for our northern border as well.

  21. Great news. The empty virtue-signalling gets a little harder to pull off when there's a direct negative consequence from it.

  22. I always liked this post when it came to status signalling and the alt-right/neoreaction.

    It probably explains why we have so many successful contrarians.

  23. If this is about a perceived gap then wealthy/college educated whites(and jews) are only interacting with well above average blacks. They wouldn't see the underclass, and out of sight, out of mind. They aren't necessarily being clever-sillies, just insulating themselves.

    As for asians, just how many stores do they run in bad neighborhoods?

  24. Chris,

    The Derb has argued something similar (and far less technically) on multiple occasions. Milo is the type of person who capitalizes on that. I'm not sure this applies so much to the quant side of the Dark Enlightenment/Steveosphere/Alt Right though. The Derb, again:

    "The dissident temperament has been present in all times and places, though only ever among a small minority of citizens. Its characteristic, speaking broadly, is a cast of mind that, presented with a proposition about the world, has little interest in where that proposition originated, or how popular it is, or how many powerful and credentialed persons have assented to it, or what might be lost in the way of property, status, or even life, in denying it. To the dissident, the only thing worth pondering about the proposition is, is it true? If it is, then no king's command can falsify it; and if it is not, then not even the assent of a hundred million will make it true."

    Maybe that's just self-serving, self-directed flattery on my part though!


    A commenter at Steve Sailer's asked about Asians, which include both South and East (and Southeast) Asians. Indians perceive the smallest gap, Koreans and Vietnamese the widest. Vietnamese are fairly poor so they probably have more contact with blacks than other Asians and Koreans were notoriously targeted in LA by blacks.

  25. "If this is about a perceived gap then wealthy/college educated whites(and jews) are only interacting with well above average blacks. They wouldn't see the underclass, and out of sight, out of mind".

    I've never bought this argument. Unless you're Howard Hughes, you will experience rampant evidence of racial differences throughout your life. It's not just IQ; ethnic differences in temperament and character are obvious across all IQ levels. For example, intelligent blacks are more likely to be late, make excuses, back talk, and be boisterous than high IQ whites.

    One thing that's absolutely frightening to contemplate is that not only are "talented" blacks at the same intellectual level as mediocre whites, but they're going to have character that is worse than any group of whites. Before the later 60's, whites applied strict rules of conduct to blacks out of fear that blacks essentially were savages who were not to be enabled.

    Jews and elite gentiles refuse to acknowledge what they know to be true because denial of HBD has become a tenet of Western elite society. It's not surprising that Asians are more un-PC since they still don't feel accepted or powerful among cultural elites even if Asians do pretty well economically. Note the obvious discrimination towards Asians at the Ivy League; Jews in particular find Asians foreboding since they're not verbally oriented and they don't care about activism.

    Steve has wondered why Hollywood literally looks at things in black and white. Well, it's cuz taciturn ethnic groups (Am. Indians, Asians, non-conquistador Latinos) keep their mouths shut. Loud Left-wing activism is dominated by Jews and blacks. Behind every Leftist uprising in the West are Jews pushing buttons and pulling strings.

    Also, if elite whites were really that clueless, why wouldn't their friends by a variety of races? Yet, the average white these days (including elite whites) overwhelmingly chooses to befriend ice people. Among white women, only the trashiest ones date black men. One would think that if elite whites were sincerely devoid of prejudice, they would date and marry blacks without hesitation. But, they're not stupid. Vote with your feet? How 'bout vote with your genitals.

  26. "I've never bought this argument." – the graph reports that they do see a difference, but not the one that others who aren't insulated see.

    "Also, if elite whites were really that clueless" – They aren't, they are insulated. that doesn't preclude them also blocking crimethink, but severe enough trauma would break through that block, and they've largely protected themselves from that.

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