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Black Students Do Better with White Teachers Than with Black Teachers
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When the nebulous and obfuscating phrase “bad schools” is employed by Cathedral votaries, the idea that students are anything other than the outputs of their external environments is taken for granted. There are lots of rotating factors that are identified as influencing student academic performance, but the quality and composition of the students is rarely, if ever, included among them (even though it is likely the single most important one). Consequently, most of what passes for research on how to improve educational outcomes is garbage.

With that in mind, let’s have some fun tapping the NAEP well again to look at 8th grade student performance by the races of teachers said students had in their math and reading courses. The scores for both tests are on a 500 point scale, with a standard deviation of 37 on the math assessment and 34 on the reading assessment. In the subsequent table, these are converted into IQ estimates with a mean of 98–corresponding to the national average NAEP scores of 283.62 for math and 266.02 for reading–and a standard deviation of 15. The math and reading scores are weighted equally:

Mean IQ of students with teachers who are…
White 99.6
Asian 98.7
Hispanic 93.2
Black 92.6

When it comes to most character traits and behavioral dispositions, the Cathedral is committed to the idea of individual malleability. Homosexuality is a glaring exception to that general rule.

Similarly here the Cathedral’s instinct is to actually view these results more as IQ scores than as measures of elastic scholastic performance. It’s not that NAM teachers are pedagogically less effective than white teachers are, it’s just that white teachers tend to get smarter students! When other variables like the socio-economic status and racial characteristics of the students are measured, however, performance reverts to merely being a measure of elastic scholastic performance rather than of IQ, and the depressed scores of NAMs and the poor are a result of external environmental disadvantages. Keeping track of what causes what under what circumstances can be tricky business, but that’s what expensive preparatory educations are for!

One could have some fun executing a polemical pincer of an unsuspecting SWPL by leading with the assertion that white and Asian teachers get better performance from their students than black and Hispanic teachers do. Trapping the poor creature will be almost too easy.

To cause some more uncomfortable squirming, converted IQ scores among black 8th grade students from results on NAEP math and reading tests by the race of their teachers in the respective subjects using the same methodology as before follow:

Mean IQ of black students with teachers who are…
White 91.6
Asian 90.3
Black 89.6
Hispanic 88.4

White teachers get modestly better results from their black students than black teachers do. It might naively be thought that white privilege and systematic oppression of minorities by whites would result in the unfortunate black kids being taught by white racist teachers suffering academically as a result, with black students only able to flourish when instructed by amicable souls who share their racial background. Alas!

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Dan says:

    Oof! This one is especially brutal. I love it! I sure hope Sailer takes note, with his large readership!

    Sites like this are very important to help normals keep their sanity with Cathedral gaslighting dialed up to 11.

    One more instance where the Cathedral medicine is particularly poisonous to the designated victim group.

  2. That'd be a great one-two punch if he did–Heartiste did so a few hours ago.

  3. Couldn't this just be that black kids that have white teachers are from middle class neighborhoods and black kids that have black teachers are from poor neighborhoods? There is a significant IQ difference between the children of white middle class adults and the children of white lower class adults. I would be surprised if the same was not also true for blacks.

  4. BTL,

    Yes, I'd almost certainly bet that is the case. I'm trolling Cathedral votaries–or rather illustrating how unsuspecting ones might be trolled–with the post.

  5. We could say that the white teachers are baddies because they apparently raise the mean IQ of white sudents by 8 points but only raise the mean for black students by 4.2

    We wouldn't say that would we?

    Who says IQ is fixed?

  6. Different schools can be an effect. Same students were analysed to compare White and black teachers scores differences!?


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