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On a primal level, one has to wonder if shitlib White women are lashing out at their own weak men through the barbed tips of anti-White agitprop.

Relatedly, the move towards miscegenation–more than 1-in-10 babies in born in the US today are mixed race--could be perceived, subconsciously or otherwise, as a way of protecting offspring. A white woman seeded by a POC will have a child contemporary American culture views as a POC. The one-drop rule gives a white parent a way to free her child of the cursed whiteness that would otherwise hang like a millstone around his neck throughout the course of his life.

In the Current Year, being white is obviously not a privilege, it’s a curse. It’s why every sphere of contemporary life is characterized by a flight from white. Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King don’t have counterparts running from non-white to the putative privilege whiteness carries with it.

What to do? First, establish that it’s okay to be white. Then make America white again by instituting a generations-long immigration moratorium, deporting all non-citizen residents, and restoring native fertility rates to (at least) replacement level.

Simple. Not easy, but simple. If we can’t manage it, how surprised can we be by the behavior of shitlib white women?

No one is coming to do this on our behalf. We have to do it ourselves.

In 2008, years before we ever met, my wife voted for Obama. In 2012, when we’d been dating for a couple of months, she voted for Gary Johnson. In 2016, as a mother of two (soon to be three), she voted for Trump and of course a couple weeks ago she voted for Kobach.

That’s the template. Simple.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Unmarried women vote left and as the number of umarried women increases and marriage declines this will lead to serious consequences for whites and even more leftist politics.

    Women are programmed to seek ways to extract resources from someone. They can either extract them from their husband or from the government. In the first case, as studies have shown, they vote more to the right as they seek to protect their provider's interests.

    "In 2008, years before we ever met, my wife voted for Obama. In 2012, when we'd been dating for a couple of months, she voted for Gary Johnson. In 2016, as a mother of two (soon to be three), she voted for Trump and of course a couple weeks ago she voted for Kobach.

    That's the template. Simple. "

    Yes, that's the template. There are wild swings in the female vote depending on the condition women are put in. With men, their vote is more homogenous (in comparison).

    You can also add this to the template.

    In the future:

    "My wife divorced me and then she started voting democrat" (as single mothers, including white single mothers, vote strongly for the left).

    "My wife became a housewife and then she became a full blown nazi" (as housewifes are the most right wing women of all types of women).

  2. Doesn't the data indicate one-fifth of marriages being mixed, but only one-tenth of births are. Is this a lagging indicator, or an indication that there are increased number of out of wedlock births?

    Hard to say if the conditions that allow for the high Jewish TFR in Israel can be replicated.
    -Garrison state, conscription
    -Increasing, rather than decreasing religious observance
    -State financed fertility treatment
    -A Jewish/Muslim (even secular) marriage must be performed in Cyprus
    -Dominant Zionist ideology that has even overridden some Haredi that used to be anti-state
    -Outright territorial expansionism

    What is interesting to me is whether Jeremy Corbyn survives the attacks from the UK Jewish community. There was a lot of chatter among French Jews that they were going to bail for Israel given terrorism/LePen, but the Jupiterian has held it off for now. One has to wonder if Corbyn became PM if they would leave. I can imagine the donor spigot would be uncorked for the Conservatives if Corbyn is still Labour leader at the next election. What I think is likelier is that Sadiq Khan challenges Corbyn for the Labour Party leadership.

  3. The 10% figure doesn't seem right. It says that about half of nonhispanic biracial adults are Amerindian/White mixes. Given that Amerindians have low birth rates, this is impossible. It is just whites claiming Amerindian heritage in polls.

  4. Bringing white women onto our platform is perhaps the greatest challenge of our branch of the right.

    Simply put, we need more white babies and you don't get them without white women.

    Furthermore, we need the GOP to become the white party, and for the GOP to stay competitive in the coming decades, it will need a larger percentage of the white vote. White men and married white women voted for Trump to a similar degree – it's unmarried white women who were with Her!

    Finally, there's a great deal of personal dissatisfaction among young white men today, and winning white women is key in helping resolve that.

    In short, white men marrying white women and then having a number of white babies together is fundamental to our entire programme. There is literally nothing more important than that.

    This isn't to say that men who produce no children (like Pat Buchanan) and men who marry women of other races (like the Derb) can't play huge roles in what we're doing, but ultimately if there aren't enough white babies being born, then all the ink in the world won't amount to much.

    So the question is: How can we turn unmarried white women who voted for Obama and Hillary into white mothers who will vote for people like Trump and Kobach? This is perhaps the most daunting question we have to answer!

    Female nature adapts to the circumstances it finds itself in, and it is drawn to the men who command status, hoard wealth, and wield power.

    In order to draw white women in, we'll need to win political, cultural, and economic battles. It's not enough for the movements associated with the alt-right and the manosphere to be an army of disaffected white men: we need also to win.

    In short, I think that unmarried white women will be less inclined to shitlibbery if we push ahead and win the battles.

    The best thing the left can do for is to keep the attacks on "Becky" rolling. White women are directly appealed to by the left. Obama cooked up the "War on Women" narrative to win reelection in 2012. White women getting kicked out of the Coalition of the Fringes can't happen quickly enough.

  5. Sid,

    Consider that whites are probably the most committed to feminism, even among lower class whites. By contrast, despite having a higher rate of single parents, Blacks/Hispanics are still in a culture of male chauvinism where there less expectation for men to be beta. Ending the War on Drugs could be a way of reversing this. While the typical "drug dealer" never acquires a lot, the "supplier" can make a substantial living that boosts SMV. And let's not forget that prison sentences boost SMV unless its for sexual deviancy.

    An alternative credentialing system would be an economic revolution, alongside a single payer system backed up with sumptuary laws.

  6. I have won over my wife, stepdaughters and parent-in-law. My mother-in-law has been on the receiving end of her first PC hate attack. It made her see what the other side is really like.

    My ex-partner is from a northern English city riddled with Islamic child prostitution rings. As far as I know, she is still PC, and if she didn't know what was going on, it is because she chose not to. There in no reaching out to her.

    I tried to have kids, but we were too old – two miscarriages.

  7. maybe it's time for white men to wake and realize that we already lost…it's over…and we need to realize that…

    first, about women…for almost all of the history of our species the tribes have raided other tribes and taken females as breeders…therefore females have evolved to adapt to new tribes…and females are not rebels..they are evolved to follow tribal leaders…they internalize the dogma of the tribal leaders…men are the rebels…

    so the female of the species has no skin in the game…if a new tribe raids into the camp and kills all the men, the females taken captive just have sex with the raiders and go on with their lives as before…

    that scenario has already taken place in the West…our own leaders turned against us because immigration and nonwhites increase the population and prop up the ponzi economy via increasing consumer demand, which is 70% of the economy…

    another thing–white females are liberal until they have children, at which point pheromones or some other (unknown) biological mechanism acts on their brains to make them staunch, near-maniacal defenders of children, at which point they become conservatives, and go with the GOP–because the GOP is anti-abortion. Generally speaking the only white females who vote GOP are those who have had children and have therefore had their brains altered thereby, leading them to vote gop…and white females are having fewer children and having them later…

    So, to summarize–the establishment is anti-white male, pro-immigrant, pro-immigration…the reason is because that is how they increase population and increase consumer demand to prop up the ponzi economy…yeah, sure, you can say that all these anti-white libs actually do hate whites and love nonwhites and that this is not about money…ok fine…but if you say that then it shows you have little understanding of this species mankind…humans are evolved to be manipulated by the ideas of the tribal leaders…and our treasonous tribal leaders are flooding the tv shows, movies and most importantly the textbooks with anti-white multiculti propaganda–because that makes the rich richer by increasing consumer demand and propping up the ponzi economy….

    here is the causal chain: 1) plutocratic greed creates propaganda (example: step 1) globalist CEO that buys tv ads tells tv network management to speak well of immigrants and denigrate those whites who reject white guilt…why? Because that ideology manufactures consent for more mass immigration; 2) tv network follows through because said globalist corporations is the hand that feeds their mouth; 3) this multiculti propaganda generated by the media then shapes and molds young white minds, generating white guilt, which is hard to overcome…some of us are too old to have been subjected to much of it, and are therefore free…other whites (primarily males) for one reason or another reject the multiculti propaganda…they are the exception, however…most whites accept the seed of white guilt planted in their minds by the elites, and that crop of white guilt is harvested in the voting booth for decades…

    the question is whether we white dissidents can overcome the white guilt planted in the minds of our fellow whites? No, we cannot. For one, we are numerically insufficient. It's too late. Our time is past. Our numbers are too small. And the elite are fighting back with a blitzkrieg form of immigration warfare…they are desperately working to induce more thirdworlders to come to the West as fast as possible…soon the elites will enable foreign voters, even illegals.

    end part 1–see part 2 below

  8. part 2 continued from above:

    Nothing we can do about it. All we have is the electoral college. That is our only advantage. And that is only good for the presidency. The gop senate hides behind the majority leader and the filibuster rule, thus enabling them to get paid by their corporate masters for not passing the populist legislation they promised and instead fighting against whatever populist president the whites can elect using the electoral college. The House does much the same thing. Hide behind a treasonous House speaker. Of course the media is not going to point this out.

    Sure, trump will be reelected. And maybe even another populist president will be delivered by the electoral college in 2024. So what? The congress will not help him. And of course the federal courts are filled by judges who are by and large good little boys and girls who completely internalized the dogma of the elite as young students….they are by definition creatures of the elite, good slaves to elite dogma, creatures of the upper class who are filled with white guilt…

    So, no exit. No happy ending. But can we take revenge? yes! First, subvert the racial preference system of the elite. Claim hispanic heritage. It's not against the law to suddenly claim hispanic heritage. Nothing stopping you. Most of the land area of america was owned by Spain at one. Thus most white americans have ancestors who lived on land owned by spain at some point. So you can claim hispanic heritage.

    Also, never buy anything you don't have to. All the elites care about is the economy. Hurt the economy is any way you can. If there is any chance for whites, it is to breakup the USA. And the only way to do that is via an economic collapse. Pray for such a collapse, and help it along any way you can.

    Another way for the USA to breakup is if the elites start a war against a nation that might fight back via destroying washington dc…it would not be that hard to do….north korea could do it…our affirmative action military is poorly trained because management fears bias complaints.

    another way to collapse the ponzi economy is by creating anti-immigrant propaganda, such as fake news articles telling of how immigrants are being mistreated in america. Nothing illegal about that, and if these articles are translated and disseminated into third world nations, it might slow immigration and collapse the ponzi economy.

    Face it, we lost. The judges, congress and all the major societal institutions are against us. And there is a vast reservoir of white guilt out there that exists and is very hard to erase or reverse.

    But we can still damage our treasonous elites.

  9. Passer by,

    Indeed. Married homemakers are more than 2:1 R, while single working women are more than 2:1 D.


    The Pew report puts it at a little over 6% of marriages being mixed race (in 2013), compared to 10% of births, which is what we'd expect with births being a leading indicator of what is coming down the pike (since births obviously skew towards the younger end of the marital distribution).


    Yeah, great observation. I assumed that American Indian in that context just meant "Amerindian" (i.e. racial "Hispanic" in the way the average person conceptualizes it). And to some extent it probably does. On the other hand, Pew is using "Hispanic" as an ethnic/linguistic identifier, not a racial one, so for the half of Hispanics who racially ID as white, they are not showing up as mixed race here.

    It would be convenient to have a racial category for Amerindians. Mestizo would be fine as far as I'm concerned.


    Exactly right. Withdrawal is surrender. It's not tactical maneuvering, it's surrender.

    What's the endgame if it doesn't include this?


    The constant insinuation that deferring child-rearing (if you must have them at all, bigot!) is a sensible thing to do is one of the more pernicious strains running through popular culture. It's sad that many people who would love being parents will never actually attain parenthood.

    active pooter,

    Agree re: whites best chance. But the ponzi-scheme economy is going to collapse before whites become a minority in the US. When the US dollar loses reserve currency status, there will be populations–probably by state, though not necessarily–that will run from the utterly unplayable debt of the US federal government.

    Groups like Identity Evropa are doing *a lot* more behind the scenes than people realize. A lot more. We have a lot of sharp, determined young blood on our side that sees the writing on the wall and is infiltrating the system in all kinds of ways.

    I can't sign onto the idea that we have lost. I'm not doing that to my children. It's not fair for my four year-old son to have already lost without ever having a fighting chance.

  10. The Genetic Omnidominance Hypothesis broached some of this nearly 20 years ago. Although I relied perhaps too much on the Y-Chromosome's influence on extended genetic expression, the general idea is applicable to most of what Heartiste has written about Game.

  11. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Similar topic here. I wonder how many of the problems our society faces due to the idea that women must pursue careers or they’ll be failures?

    So many (white) women are spending the most fertile years of their lives in college and in the working world. Most of the older women I know without kids are batshit crazy (I suppose that could be a chicken-egg type of deal; are they crazy because they don’t have families? Or did no man want them because they’re crazy?). I strongly believe that most women’s greatest strength in life is the ability to nurture. Men just can’t do it as well. It almost seems like it’s their duty in life. By ignoring it, they’re ultimately harming themselves most.

  12. Appealing to white women is tricky because non-white feminists have been going after white women hard these last few years and the response has generally been for them to virtue signal harder. Ever notice how many white girls in their teens and twenties talk like sassy black women? In between them talking about how woke they are for liking Beyonce and how out of touch those white people are, am I right?

    I almost think the better strategy is to appeal to the men: get men to want to accept being a father instead of trying to put it off. Most men with options understandably try to play the field as long as they can but if they start wanting to make white babies at age 23 instead of 28, that will get more white women to follow along.

    I think appealing to women the wrong way can backfire. There are no shortage of Republican cat ladies out there like Liz Mair and Meghan McCain who claim to be conservative and think the best strategy for Republicans is to be further to the left than the Democrats. It is a mistake to try to overtly appeal to women because the first instinct would be to try to appeal to women on feminist terms, which won't be very effective and will just end up importing childless women who will join the GOP because they want lower taxes so they can spend more money on Manolos and an apartment overlooking Central Park.

  13. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:


    I don't mean to be crass or unkind as I don't know you or your wife. However, what you describe is really only going to happen among attractive white women as I assume your wife is. Ugly white women will continue apace. It is widely said that feminists are ugly, and while not universally true, there may be some truth to it. So, how do people move the unattractive and less attractive white women?

    Also, I think Sailer posted that the most common racial mix is white and Asian. White guy and Asian woman. Asian surely carries no privilege in the current year. While Asians might not be directly attacked by the media for being privileged, all the hubbub about the segregated public schools in NYC is obviously about Asians as well as the current lawsuit against Harvard.

    I am not disagreeing with you one bit. But it is really hard to reach people when they are dropped off at age 5 at the local public school and left there for most of their waking hours for the next 13 years. And when they are not directly institutionalized in a coercive context they are tuned into the equally destructive seductive virtual media environment. Let's just say it is not peer pressure because it is not their peers who are doing this purposely, it is the authorities.

  14. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:


    I think that 10% might be a bit inflated, even after you account for non-white + other type of non-white couplings.

    Like someone else pointed out, it's incredibly easy for whites to claim 'american indian' heritage, at which point their 99.9% (or more likely, 100%) white baby is officially a mixed race baby. Those couplings account for '50%' of "mixed people."

    As I've always said, racial mixing isn't a threat to whites. We simply don't do it that much. Many white women and men will 'talk the talk' but they won't 'walk the walk.' Too many single moms with black babies for all to see for that to ever happen.

    We face only two existential threats. One is mass immigration, the other is our low birthrates. The latter is far more damaging than the former, but is mitigated when you remember that the 'right whites' are still having above replacement level fertility. Liberals cutting off 25% of their population with every generation is what's killing our numbers right now.

    Still. Instead of an average of ~2.6 TFR, I'd feel a lot better if 'extreme' white conservatives had 4+ kids.

  15. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:


    Lololol. If you think that many women seek to extract resources from the gov't you must be a prole.

    Where I come from, most women don't need to seek to extract resources from anyone. Women and men inherit wealth from their parents. Women and men use their intellect, education, and social connections to amass wealth via employment. No marriage or welfare is necessary.

  16. @Anonymous 8/18/18, 7:34 PM

    Oh, they do extract resources wherever they live, they are programmed by nature to do that. Its quite simple why is that – they are less productive on average plus they need resources for their children.

    Not surprisingly rich men repruduce better than poor men, and have higher marriage rate, as women put emphasis on resources in men, and thus the hypergamy that exists (women seeking men who earn more than themselves)

    In the West all types of data shows that women are more supportive of a big government and a welfare state and cause a growth in government.

    Men pay 70 % of taxes (in western societies, in other societies could be more). Thus a New Zealand study found that women take more from the government than they pay in taxes.

    One of the reasons marriage exists and is prevalent everywhere is precisely that. No matter the country, women earn less than men, have lower employment rates, in most non-western countries significantly less than men.

    So they do need to extract resources because they are in more disatvantaged position:
    1. Less likely to be employed.
    2. Earn less on average even if employed.
    3. They need to take care of children and those children need money.

    So marriage in needed in order for women to be able to properly take care of kids, as they will have significantly more resources with a man than without a man.

    A chinese woman earns twice less than a chinese man – 500 $. If she becomes a single mother with 2 kids the family will have 500 $ per month, not to mention that she will have to stop working or work less when she needs to give birth or take care of the young children. If she marries someone she will have 1500 $ per month total and a free bodygard for her and the children.

    In case 1 you get 166 $ per family member. In case 2 you get 375 $ per family member. This example shows the evolutionary dominance of the family unit, as a child with a present father will benefit from more resources, attention and more protection than a child without a father, thus a tribe with fathers will probably outcompete and replace a tribe with single mothers due to the higher quality offspring and probably higher birth rate as well, as more resources will allow for more children per woman.

    In most nonwestern societies the family unit is stronger than in western societies precisely due to the lack of welfare state. You either get resources from the husband or the government. If there is no proper government this will force women to rely more on marriage and thus the generally stronger family units in non-western socieites.

    In the West specifically, the decline of the family unit caused a growth in the welfare system, and one study shows it caused women to become more left wing.

    Thus women will either extract resources via marriage or via the government. If there are no husbands, they will make the government the husband, thus the more left wing attitudes of women in modern western societies.

    @Random Dude on the Internet

    Yes, good job noticing that. Voting patterns do not show the whole picture. One of the problems with women in the right is that they are on average more left ing than the men. For example female republicans are more left wing than male republicans (as studies found), also more supportive of immigration, thus pushing the party to the left from within.

    So this is definitely a problem.

  17. "Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King don't have counterparts running from non-white to the putative privilege whiteness carries with it."

    Not entirely true. There have been those of black, hispanic, and other ancestry that have tried "to pass" for White. It is less prevalent than it used to be, but there are those of other races that recognize the inherent superiority of White culture and would prefer not to be associated with the failures of their other genetic components. There are also those, like Meghan Markle, Janet Jackson, or Beyonce to appear as White as possible. And there has been a conflict between the high yellows, redbones, and dark Africans due to the cultural hierarchy of lighter skinned to darker.

  18. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:


    Again, you're talking about proles. Rich women and men inherit wealth from their parents, grandparents, and childless aunts and uncles. The average woman earns less money than the average man IN HER SOCIAL CLASS. That being said, my aunt still earns more than 99% of men in society.

    Also, when you mention children, you do realize that kids are separate individuals from their parents, right? If a child is using up resources from his father or from the government, the resources are going TO THE CHILD, not the mother. Last time I checked, the average adult woman cannot fit into clothes made for children age 0-12. Your accounting reeks of poor arithmetic.

  19. Dan-

    The growing dominance of female mores I would attribute to generational factors and corruption cycles. The original feminists of the late 19th century arose out of an era of growing corruption, not unlike how the man-jawed careerist harpie arose out of the 70's and 80's.

    The Boomers are the most women-ish generation ever (no other generation hated their fathers so much and invested so much in attacking the rational basis for Western Civ.) Constantly downgrading stoicism and wholesome modesty, in favor of hysterical outbursts of anger and sadness. As the Boomers began to make up important element of leadership in 70's and esp. 80's/90's, they rewarded women-ish complexes of insecurity, jealousy, and mood swings. Narcissism, basically, which is what defines women and children who don't go through the last stage of development that adult males go through, in which the team supercedes the individual's needs and goals.

    Criticizing women has been increasingly off-limits in recent decades, never mind how warranted it may be. For example, the whole point of women "looking good" is obviously to manipulate men into both impregnating them and then sticking around for at least a little while, hopefully. Although with divorce easy (thank to the 1970's feminist revolution) and Uncle Sam generous, many women these days flat out give up on staying attractive soon after marriage/kids.

    WRT immigration, it's obvious that status conscious male sociopaths are taking advantage of the breakdown in public order that's grown over the past 50 years. Dumping in exploitable cheap labor and more "consumers" has been both a cause and effect of the current crisis level situation. Paging Heartiste, women (who are no longer kept in line) superficially are motivated by compassion for immigrants, when in reality they get their jollies from increasing male competition, which is boosted by immigration. In an era of common sense reforms (which peaked in the 1920's-1950's, the got more warped as the 60's and 70's went on), we don't buy into emotion driven drivel about "helping people". No, we let objective understanding of resources inform our decisions (for example, building excessively large houses is an obvious irrational waste of resources, since families don't need them to survive; once women were fully accepted as equal partners to men in the 1980's, houses starting getting bigger, not unlike how literal mansions became increasingly fashionable after about 1880.

  20. Passer by:

    Don't feed the troles. The whole point of life is to develop a resource backstop; when things are wholesome, everyone agrees to rein in excess so that resources are spread more equitably. When things are corrupt, venal and misguided people encourage narcissistic acquisition and hoarding of resources and status.

    Women abusing their menfolk and Uncle Sam to feed their narcissism is an obvious sign of a sick and corrupt culture. Which is further enabled by men being hyper-competitive and ego-fragile. Women who sponge rather than feel shame, and men who destroy rather than build. E.g. Baby Boomers.

    Most of the current non-sense attacking "Beckies" and so forth is easy understand once you grasp the resources element of things. Women and "POC", esp. the ones already elite (such as the ones permitted to write in the NYTimes), are viciously covetous of that which they don't have or want more of. There's no greater sign of a corrupt culture than already rich and privileged people wanting more, BAMN, and often at the expense of others. The NYTimes and so forth aren't bursting with accounts of working class people being taken advantage of by robber barons, which is what the media permitted in the 1920's and 1930's when the culture was becoming more wholesome (to the point that incidence of infectious pathogens like E Coli declined heavily in the 1940's and 50's, then got noticeably worse after 1980 when the Me Generation fully committed to greater status seeking).

  21. Unlike the Boomer propaganda mill of women being wise stewards and pure of heart, in reality it's women who in a corrupt period are allowed free rein to pursue their princess dream. It's really men who, on average, just want a fair shake and a roof over their heads, and that's that. Recall that all women are essentially the same, while men are more accepting of hierarchies. Most prole men aren't narcissistic enough to think that they should be big shot yuppie professional types. Whereas all women, no matter how stupid, mentally unstable, or unattractive they may be, feel entitled to be the princess.

    To me this also fits with the modesty hypothesis, that's it's really a handful of men and most women who succumb to the worst kinds of arrogance and greed in a period of growing corruption. Men reasserting control over women, and their own competitive male tendencies, will help usher in a new age of newfound modesty and common sense choices.

    It can't be emphasized enough that the comfy 1950's were about everyone, rich, poor, male, female, rural, urban etc. being grateful for what they had and respecting each other's dignity. This was not a time of bullying, rudeness, selfishness, jealousy, etc. And that's precisely why the Me Gen will not lead us to the promise land. They defiantly cast out modesty, patience, kindness, etc. as they drove us into an era of people being moronically over-competitive and thin-skinned.

  22. @Anonymous 8/19/18, 8:54 AM

    When talking about women as a whole, one looks at the average woman (and those are billions of women), not at your aunt.

    Who cares about your aunt, which is only one individual out of many? Are you 12 year old? Because you sound like one. I'm talking about statistics and averages and he/she says "but my aunt". This is primitive, solipsistic thinking. You should not talk to adults before you leave primary school.

    As far as extraction of resources goes, women (taken as a whole) extract resources from men (and from the government as well, which again means men, as men pay most taxes) both for their children and for themselves. An important reason why women marry men is precisely to get more resources for their children. In primitive societies, this was not the case (see J. D. Unwin), women took care of children mostly by themselves, fatherhood was weak, but later marriage and monogamy replaced the primitive tribes where men did not care about children and did not invest resources in them or their mothers.

    So marriage is a societal institution that exists to get men to share their resources with their women and their children.

    Extraction of resources takes many forms – also during divorce, via alimony, child support payments, government support for mothers, even larger government support for single mothers, maternity paid leave, special quotas for hiring women, better loan conditions for female run businesses, special contracts for women's businesses, special grants for women, special support for mothers in colleges, special scholarships for women in Universities, and so on.

    Many of those resources go to the mother and then she decides on what to spend the money – whether on herself or on her children. Then within families, plenty of studies exist showing that women control purchasing decisions and spending, thus money goes from men to women, and then from women to children or to themselves.

    Even the infrastructure and the public services women use for free are mostly paid by men (most taxpayers).

    Not surprisingly, a study found that taken as a whole, women take more from the government than they pay in taxes.

    Even in the case of the very few rich women (women are 11% of the few people who earn more than one million $), gender based extraction of resources from society (and therefore from the mostly male tax payers) or directly from men can still exist, and this is the case in many western societies. For example there are special quotas for women in corporation's boards of directors, special government support for women run businesses, and so on, and there are plenty of divorces where relatively rich women get stuff from their husbands.

  23. Everyone here needs a heavy dose of reality.


    For starters, Heartiste DEFINES what is a weak man. He has hit the wall in his 40's, remains single, and has little to no desire to raise a family. He had to reboot his brand given the fact he is on borrowed time, so he went all Alt Right.

    When it comes to race mixing, American and European men and women will make their own decisions on this matter. There is no turning back, despite Alt Right pleas that such action is "dysgenic". Besides, their freedom of association absolutely has no impact on your own life or your family's life.

    And for you Christians out there –> Regarding the Christian view toward interracial marriage, the wife of Moses wife was of another race. In Numbers 12:1-15, Aaron and Miriam were punished for criticizing this interracial marriage. The book of Ruth also details how a foreigner became part of the lineage of Christ. Rehab the harlot, also of another nation, is included in the lineage of Christ as recorded in Matthew 1. Colossians 3:11 makes it clear that from God's perspective all are one in Christ.

    Refer to Exodus…“take heed to yourself, lest you make a covenant with the people of the land where you go (the Promised Land the Israelites were to inherit), lest it be for a snare . . . 14. For you shall worship no other god . . . 15. Lest you make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land, and they go whoring after their gods . . . 16. And lest you take from their daughters for your sons (marriages), and their daughters go whoring after THEIR gods and make your sons go whoring after THEIR gods (Exodus 34:12, 14-16)

    To whom is God giving the above warning? To all those who he led out of Egypt, a great mass descended not only from Jacob (Israel) but also from other peoples and nations (Exodus 12:37). What does the warning concern? It concerns marriages between those who will enter the Promised Land with those already living in the area. Why is the warning given? Notice that "interracial" relationships for their own sake are the focus of the passage. The warning is given to keep those who worship the true God from being led astray to worship FALSE deities by their pagan mates. God is not forbidding interRACIAL dating and marriage in the effort keep people racially pure, He warned against interRELIGIOUS matrimony, meaning marriages between those who follow Him with those who do not follow Him.

    "The one-drop rule gives a white parent a way to free her child of the cursed whiteness that would otherwise hang like a millstone around his neck throughout the course of his life."

    While there are white people out there who are upset that their race is being denigrated or decapitated or deracinated, or whatever term suits your fancy, the fact remains that white people generally do not find their themselves being "cursed for being white" by their non-white family members or friends. And, no, they are not "brainwashed" by public schools, the media, and the elites, or they are not unconsciously "hating" their own race. Rather, they are firm believers on their own behalf regarding racial and ethnic immersion in our society. That is the simple truth of the matter.

  24. Anony 3:59…

    "But it is really hard to reach people when they are dropped off at age 5 at the local public school and left there for most of their waking hours for the next 13 years. And when they are not directly institutionalized in a coercive context they are tuned into the equally destructive seductive virtual media environment. Let's just say it is not peer pressure because it is not their peers who are doing this purposely, it is the authorities."

    There is no "coercive context" or children being "directly institutionalized" or our people being "seduced" by the "media". Rather, such things are created willingly by our citizens, who embrace certain ideals and principles, and implement them in their own lives as how they see fit.

    Passer By…

    "Unmarried women vote left and as the number of umarried women increases and marriage declines this will lead to serious consequences for whites and even more leftist politics."

    You mean serious consequences for those whites who are aligned to the ideology you espouse.

    "Women are programmed to seek ways to extract resources from someone."

    Men and women, sir, men and women. It is a symbiotic relationship. Biology 101. Capitalism 101.


    "Ending the War on Drugs could be a way of reversing this. While the typical "drug dealer" never acquires a lot, the "supplier" can make a substantial living that boosts SMV. And let's not forget that prison sentences boost SMV unless its for sexual deviancy."

    I see you are an acolyte to the cult referred to as the sexual-social hierarchy. Why on earth would men in particular be told that they are a "gamma" by other men who do not even know them, or that they lack "sexual market value"? It is completely subjective in nature.

  25. Feryl…

    Narcissism is what defines individuals, whether it be a man or a woman, who exhibits consistently this trait. You are not even on the same plane as Erik Erikson, so your "stage of development" comment is over the top rhetoric not even grounded in reality. Furthermore, our sick and corrupt culture is the result of an abusive society, from politicians to the media to everyday people like you and I. But at least your Boomer schtick makes me smile, even though it is cringeworthy. Like a train wreck.


    "So the question is: How can we turn unmarried white women who voted for Obama and Hillary into white mothers who will vote for people like Trump and Kobach? This is perhaps the most daunting question we have to answer!"

    1) Massive propaganda campaigns. It's about ideology, not identity.
    2) You and your fellow posters actually taking the message to the streets. Grass roots! Commenting on blogs simply does not cut it. And if people do not have the stomach for getting "outed" and/or "doxxed" because they are frightened about telling the truth about "race realism" and "white nationalism", then the movement is just not that important. Personal sacrifices will have to be made. It's not enough just for white people to have white children or white people to build white communities.
    3) Preparation for a civil war, IF that ever occurs, one that will be bloody. And the only way for the Alt Right to "take back their nation" is to purge their opponents, and that means death to men, women, and children. Peaceful secession is not really going to be an option. Why on earth would a white "shit lib" who lives in Alabama be forced to leave their domicile along with their white and darkie neighbors merely because they were told by some group that "this land is ours, leave"?

    "Female nature adapts to the circumstances it finds itself in, and it is drawn to the men who command status, hoard wealth, and wield power."

    That is a great slogan…about 100 years ago. But while there is truth to what you say, it really depends upon what is your interpretation on how men ought to command status, hoard wealth, and wield power.

  26. @ Corvinus

    "Men and women, sir, men and women"

    Hypergamy means that this is not the case, as far as gender relations are concerned. Women seek to marry men richer than themselves, but this is not the case with men, thus rich men have no problem marrying poorer women.

    Not surprisingly the richest men have higher marriage rates and reproduce better than poorer men, but this is not the case for women.

  27. @Corvinus: You are confusing what people SAY with what they DO. If given the choice, whites send their kids to overwhelmingly white schools. They live in white neighborhoods. Property values go down when POC invade a neighborhood and rise when whites "gentrify." With the odd exception of a top-10-percenter here and there, forced integration of schools has been an unmitigated disaster.

    White families often send the wife out to earn money so that the family home's garage can hold the 2-3 cars required to drive past the old run-down neighborhood to get to the semi-nice toddler day-care… all to uphold the cognitive dissonance of nice neighborhoods and desegregated schools. It is a terror tactic to make us pay this never-ending penalty for not being coffee-colored. It causes divorce, child abuse, and massive confusion about gender-roles. It is just about the literal source of all our problems – and you would tell us that if we simply surrender to it, everything will be fine.

  28. "But at least your Boomer schtick makes me smile, even though it is cringeworthy. Like a train wreck."

    It's not schtick, it's based in research. Remember, I practice what I preach; I don't care about ideology or emotion, I want the facts. And the facts indicate, via studies, that Boomers have exhibited elevated levels of narcissism and greed. Also, studies indicate that Boomers tended to have strained relationships with their fathers, who were often accused of lacking emotional depth and warmth.

    Boomers hate empiricism and logic, precisely because it exposes how worthless they are. What else do you expect from a generation which still (still!) blames older generations for the world's problems. Ya know, perhaps you could've spent your blessings on doing more to actually be good leaders and caretakers, and spent less resources on status striving and ruthless punishment of the less fortunate (mass incarceration, gutting welfare, gutting entry level wages and worker benefits, open borders etc.)

  29. I really don't like this whole idea of convincing someone of a political view. It kind of sounds patronizing. I mean obviously if asked, I'd mention my views. But I'd like to think they could come to the views with just a suggestion, not by force. I don't know why, but I sort of find myself becoming a petty dick like pleasureman on mpc.

  30. " With the odd exception of a top-10-percenter here and there, forced integration of schools has been an unmitigated disaster."

    Yes, in the days of segregation the more qualified black students and teachers kept the dregs in line. With integration, not only did majority black schools go to hell, but the integrated majority white schools also were prevented from giving better care to the lower grade white students (the higher grade ones will be fine no matter what). Furthermore, a lot of prole white students often ended up getting caught in schools that were rapidly becoming less white, with obviously dire consequences.

    Joe, WRT "good schools" and so forth, that's about liberal minded and usually more affluent whites compartmentalizing various spheres of "reality". At heart we all wish to be among like minded (and like-skinned) people for our own peace of mind, but SWPLs can hang out with talented 10th POC at college/work, or bestow gratitude towards compliant immigrant (usually Mexican and Asian) labor in one particular sphere as they ignore or explain away the unpleasant sphere of majority-dark underclass areas. This fairly comfortable arrangement will only change in the face of two things: a major reassertion of tribalism by any or all ethnic groups, probably sparked by resource conflict, or failing that, a popular surge towards an underclass champion who aims to be more forceful to upper class people (usually white). Back in the 1930's throughout the West more and more elites favored giving more breaks to the underclass, and agreeing not to tamper in too Leftist a way with our demographic and cultural make-up (so that means lowered immigration, the government doing little to nothing to upset the communal and demographic norms of each town and city so that things like covenants could remain in place. In the case of Hitler and Mussolinni, they vowed to fight in fascist way the "modern" forces of decadence so that traditional culture could be restored; FDR, Churchill et al felt somewhat similarly but shied away from overly radical measures, leaving it up to The People to proceed as they wished, with the obvious exception of treating German and Japanese Americas with a great deal of hostility and fear during WW2. Western elites in the 1930's felt obligated to do more to defend trad. native stock, because they feared that they'd be the victims of popular rage if they didn't shape up their act.

    It's interesting that modern elites appear to be largely clueless as to the dangers of ignoring the economic plight of the working class, while also being actively hostile towards cultural and demographic history throughout the West. This I blame on the Boomer-fication feel-good society, where "hard work" and individual wealth are to be celebrated as markers of moral value, while lower class people are said to "cling" to the past in the face of unwelcome changes. The message is clear: good successful people transcend soil and tribe, white the "losers" cling to the remnants of traditional society as a security blanket. That an ever increasing number of ethnic and generational groups don't believe in neo-liberal individualism doesn't seem to matter; nor does the plummeting level of trust in the system among even middle class people seem to matter.

  31. WRT Boomers, it's evident that the Clinton Power Couple are the most corrupt and narcissistic figures to ever gain any prominence in our politics. There's literally lists on the internet devoted to the dozens of people who have died "unexpectedly" after running afoul of the Clintons.

    The failure to eject the Clintons, to not throw them behind bars, is an indictment of the privilege dynamics and corruption you see with Boomers. It's bad enough that these scumbags did what they did, what's worse is the total absence of accountability. Also pertinent to the gender topic, Hilary is a greater sociopath than Bill. On the '16 campaign trail, Bill tried desperately, in vain, to convince Hilary that it wasn't acceptable to be so callous towards large segments of the country. Hilary was so vainglorious, so convinced of her chances, that she treated the campaign itself like a coronation as she hung out with one status insecure Boomer dipshit after another (thanks Bon Jovi and Springsteen for taking a massive dump on your artistic legacy by throwing in with the neo-liberals).

    The Boomers have now produced 4 president, each of whom had reputations for egomania, corruption, and/or incompetence. The Clinton presidency happened close enough to a more wholesome time that in some respects it wasn't THAT bad, but Bush and beyond have been a clown show.

  32. There's no way to invert the process of falling fertility rates among white people, because it's not created by "propaganda", the "propaganda" is simply a reflection of the process itself. The truth is that white western people have been genetically selected to delay pregnancy (HOW is not entirely clear, one interesting hypothesis is Hdbchick's suggestion of bipartite manoralism), and that in today's post-industrial world there are plenty of economic benefits for delaying pregnancy, and plenty of disincentives to have a child when you're young.

    Fertility rates are dropping all over the world, they're just dropping MORE among the groups which are more susceptible to delaying pregnancy, and in the social environments that reward later pregnancies more.

    The "browning of America" is inevitable, just like the decline of America is also inevitable. An increasing number of Hispanics will mean an increasing support for government entitlements, lower rates of entrepreneurship and of STEM graduates, lower average IQ in general, higher corruption, more social tensions and a gradual loss of power and relevance.

    In 60, maybe 80 years the US will be a second-rate failing power, similar to Brazil, with strikingly high income inequality, favelas, massive corruption, socialist parties trying to appeal to the "damned of the earth", and no-go areas infested by crime and chronic poverty.

  33. With Europe likely torn in civil wars between muslim enclaves and other ethnics, with whites declining and eventually leaving the picture, Russia a degenerate country of elderly drunks, and America resembling Brazil, it will be China and to a lesser extent India which will take over the world.

    The "global liberal order" will likely fall, and be replaced by efficiently run Chinese puppet states and semi-independent dictatorships unburdened by Christian "slave morality" and by utopian "socialist" failures, and instead inspired by China's authoritarian grip over society.

    The age of white people as the global source of laws, orders and customs will likely be over. Christianity will be a Latino/Black affair, while Muslims will establish small and big theocracies wherever they can. But islam will retain its backward irrationality that will lead to cultural stagnation and constant tribal fighting.

    Blacks in Africa and elsewhere will likely be even more poor, violent and chaotic than today, due to highly dysgenic trends. Africa will be overpopulated, ravaged by famines, droughts, wars and diseases, even more so than today, due to overpopulation, dysgenics and lack of "western" aid.

    The Chinese will control the local puppet regimes and get the most of them in terms of resources while they will manage aid to support their own interests, especially because no "yellow guilt" will inform actions the way "white guilt" has.

    Israel will have to fend off the Arabs on its own. In the long the demographic Arab bomb will go off, and I don't see this ending well for Israeli Jews. The Samson option might become a reality.

    The "end of whiteness" is inevitable. The Marxists and the blacks will rejoice for a while, before they'll mess everything up on their own, and will be left to deal with problems they won't be able to solve.

    The only possible solutions to white decline would be so draconian that no white-majority nations will ever be able to implement them. Maybe the Chinese will manage to set up the Final Solution of the Uygur question. But the West is doomed.

  34. To sum up: the solution is a steady supply White Vitamin "D"

  35. Delag,

    Trends are not fixed. Mussolini was of the perception that America would be black majority by 2000, Malan was of the perception that South Africa would be whiter in 2000 than it was in 1950. Many of our large cities were considered irreversibly lost circa 1990. There's a place for the blackpill, but also a place for the Faustian man.

    However ruinous it has been, Merkel's refugee invaders brought back previously forbidden ideas in German politics. The public cheers on bans of the burqa, and could be quickly followed by bans on non-adult circumcision and ritual slaughter. Perhaps there will even come a chance where the military leadership decides to remove a civilian government, or even China/India decides to save some of our nations from their own stupidity. Remember that it took two economic crises to bring down Weimar, and it still would have survived if not for French reluctance to put Germany under military occupation again.

    What is helping the globalists is the incremental nature of their strategy, or as Cyril Ramaphosa says the "boiling frog". But some of their people are impatient, and that's where the opportunity for us lies. The Muslim Brotherhood also had an incrementalist strategy, but they are no more after only a brief period in the sun. Relatively small amounts of Muslim terrorism and BLM rioting drove Trump into the White House, and those events have mysteriously stopped. We have a chance of turning the corner if we acquire our own media platforms.

  36. @Feryl: Yeah, Boomers suck. They watched a lot of TV. They resonated with Kramer vs Kramer. The lack of self-awareness in the white upper-middle class, who has a black friend, cheers cuck-ball, and gives to the ACLU; well, they are the real Deplorables.

    @Dealg: I really think if we stop forcibly integrating schools, whites will have more babies. It is that simple, as it will start a virtuous circle. Lower-middle class whites have at times in history had large families with low infant mortality. And though they felt poor, they had riches in community support that we could have again if our communities and families are not constantly torn apart by school integration. Very quickly, rich whites would realize they are over-paying for their empty far-suburban McMansions, and start having kids too.

  37. Anon,

    Yeah, being cubicle cattle is something to aspire to? Unfortunately that rhetorical trick is even less effective now than it was a decade or two ago. As workplaces become more and more female, they become more feminized. Hierarchies break down, lots of gossip, everything becomes personal, etc etc–and a lot of women like that. They like it more than the traditional workplace structure, anyway.


    You may be correct. It's hard to tell. The question is how to characterize Hispanics. If we group by non-H each race and then Hispanics of any race, the most common pairing is W/H. The Pew report doesn't look at Hispanic "ethnicity" though. Otoh, yes, the American Indian Fauxcahontas angle makes the 10% figure highly suspect. The report even says that just 22% of those W/AI multiracials actually ID as multiracial. Most of the rest probably ID as white.

    Passer by,

    Good point re: what I've called the "steady studs, dysgenic dolls" effect. The trend among n-H white men is, if anything, modestly eugenic–higher status/income/IQ men have slightly more children on average than more modest men do. Among women, though, there is a clear 'dysgenic' trend.

    Men care very little about female status, and to the extent that they do care, the correlative direction isn't clear. A restaurant manager may not want a HS dropout as a wife, but he probably doesn't want a PhD wife, either. Women, in contrast, care a lot about male status.


    It's hard for women in their late teens through their mid-twenties to be ugly as long as they're not fat and they try to look their best (let their hair grow out, no piercings beyond the ears, no visible tattoos, dress well, etc).

    What to do to help them? Mock the hell out of the entire feminist package. To a blue hair: Bitterness and cat piss in your future, then?


    A couple generations ago, yeah. Not in the Current Year. The skin lightening is an aesthetic thing among blacks, but it's a fallacy to think that means they want to ID, or be IDed, as white.


    Right. The NYT now exclusively champions members of the 1% who check the most oppressed boxes–non-white, female, non-hetero, non-Christian, etc.

    A black lesbian from an upper class family who has had the skids greased her entire life who becomes a federal judge or a CEO is celebrated as overcoming all the systemic -isms in the US to make it to the top (no matter that she started there). A white kid from a broken, dysfunctional, poor family in West Virginia who does the same is suspect because after all he only got there because of all his white privilege.


    Heartiste has a gift he's sharing with the world, for free. If he doesn't have kids but gives countless men the figurative cajones to have them, he's waging war on the side of the angels.

    Do you not think the zeitgeist has an influence on mating decisions? Miscegenation was much rarer a century ago than it is today because it was a social taboo. Social pressure works, and it works especially well on women.

    A train wreck makes you smile?

  38. Joe,

    Dude, it's not rape if you stop fighting it. Lie on your back and enjoy!


    Put them into practice, be successful in all areas of your life as a consequence, be unapologetic and candid about what you believe, and people will naturally want to emulate.


    Maybe. Okay, quite plausibly, Nietzschean sinitic master morality and all.

    Otoh, we're now a couple generations into the decoupling of fornication and procreation. People who have large families now are doing so because they have a suite of genetic traits that incline them to want to have large families. They pass that along to their broods and those broods will also tend to want to have large families. People who only look at family formation as an economic proposition are weeding themselves out. It's not clear that current trends will continue indefinitely.

    Also, there is no better predictor of female fertility (or lack thereof) than female educational attainment, both between countries and within them. The college scam isn't going to go on indefinitely, either. Not sure what will replace it, but it's plausible that it won't involve women finally stepping out of adolescence at age 30 like so many of them do now.

    I'm not quite as white pilled. Will whites bestride the world like a colossus again? No. But will we have rump ethno-states (implicit or explicit), armed with nuclear weapons, that will carry on? I think so. There are hopeful signs from Eastern and increasingly from southern Europe now, and after political dissolution hits the US, there will be pockets here, too.




    Well put, thanks.

  39. as far as college being a predictor of female fertility, or lack thereof – maybe it means taking it to the logical conclusion and put dummies in college. <a title=”"”>Morrakiu</a>&#8221; href="”>Morrakiu</a&gt; mentioned something similar.

  40. "A black lesbian from an upper class family who has had the skids greased her entire life who becomes a federal judge or a CEO is celebrated as overcoming all the systemic -isms in the US to make it to the top (no matter that she started there). A white kid from a broken, dysfunctional, poor family in West Virginia who does the same is suspect because after all he only got there because of all his white privilege."

    It's stunning to contemplate, but back in the 1940's-1980's there was a diminished sense of regional and class differences. With the result being that the chattering classes were less likely to view Middle Americans as this exotic and endangered species. I recall that the 1990's is when a lot of class snobbery started to develop, and many companies high tailed it to trendy coastal cities. The upper classes like minority "success" stories because of PC and the whole "role model" thing (remember when Tiger was supposed to usher in black golfers, but in fact blacks are less likely to get involved in golf because per Sailer blacks since the 1970's have considered it to be "demeaning" to caddy for whites?) Meanwhile, prole whites are asked to just please roll over and die already.

  41. Heartiste has a gift he's sharing with the world, for free. If he doesn't have kids…

    I recall him mentioning at least one conquest who bore his child.  I may be wrong.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  44. Feryl,

    I distinctly remember when my family lived in the Dallas/Ft Worth area my dad expressing his frustration with a neighbor who was a transplant from Philadelphia. We were also transplants and the guy had mocked Texans as gaudy unsophisticates to my dad. My parents loved the neighborly Texas atmosphere.

    Mr. Rational,

    He's jokingly (?) talked about how he may have kids out there he doesn't know about, but I don't think he's an IDed progenitor.

    Daniela bot,

    Is he Japanese or sub-Saharan African? I must, MUST know!

  45. Feryl…

    "It's not schtick, it's based in research. Remember, I practice what I preach; I don't care about ideology or emotion, I want the facts."

    Right, "facts" that you twist and turn to blame Baby Boomers for everything bad in this world. It's a schtick.


    Cool story, bro.


    "Heartiste has a gift he's sharing with the world, for free."

    His "gift" are outright falsehoods and displaced anger.

    "If he doesn't have kids but gives countless men the figurative cajones to have them, he's waging war on the side of the angels."

    He wages war on marriage and siring offspring. I get though, no punching to the right. That's why you have to defend him.

    "Do you not think the zeitgeist has an influence on mating decisions?"

    What has had an influence on the increase in race mixing is that it was falsely labeled a social taboo. And obviously social pressure and shaming does not work, as more women (and men) are exercising their own liberty to choose mates rather than succumb to the Alt Right's virtue signaling.

    Passer by…

    "Hypergamy means that this is not the case, as far as gender relations are concerned."

    More manospherist nonsense. In our modern society, for both genders, it is a combination of innate instinct forged by behavior and reproductive strategy through forces of evolution (sexual selection) and social pressures, priming them to seek the best traits a prospective mate is able to offer and provide. In this process, they may be engage in strict selectiveness or may be causal in how that selection.

  46. Corvinus,

    All you do is repeat the same slop that Ben Shapiro does, but no one even pays you to do it. You aren't "edgy" at all by promoting establishment orthodoxy in anti-establishment communities. Sexual neoliberalism is displaying its failures alongside all the other neoliberal pieties. The fruits of your worldview is r/hapa directing rage at white males.

  47. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:


    Whites have the least amount of interracial marriages per capita than any other group, and these numbers have remained fairly static.

    Not sure why you think anyone here would care about non-whites mixing with non-whites. This doesn't seem like the right site for that sort of concern. Perhaps try the black forum lipstickalley?

    Social shaming does work and has always worked. I suspect the number of non-white offspring to white women would be vastly higher if everyone didn't subtly look down on them for it.

    Despite what the media tells you, most white women know exactly how unmarketable having a brown baby makes them to white men – and with women of every racial group (except asians, but I believe this is more due to numbers than group disloyalty) being more against race mixing than men, white men are in very high demand indeed. Everyone else knows it too.

  48. Aud – I got me a blog now, finally, @

    It's going to be mostly GSS stuff (usually limited to Race1 and Sex1 unless otherwise noted, so people don't just give boring replies that it's the Jews or blacks.

  49. Anonymous [AKA "custardpie"] says:

    As is legal, I have been claiming Hispanic heritage for more than 25 years, because my mother is Spanish Criollo from Louisiana (which means Spaniards born on the mainland, akin to early Tejanos). I also got the DNA test (although not necessary) which showed, as I expected, about 1/3 Iberian ancestry.

  50. @Corvinus

    "More manospherist nonsense."

    Actually in is not manospherist non-sense, hypergamy in humans does exist and it leads to females being more selective than males, thus fewer males (compared to females) reproduce. In nature as well, females are generally more selective and males are more expendable.

    Thus there is no perfect "fairness" or "perfect equality" in nature.

    In the case of humans, females favour resource provisioning abilities in males, which is why women seek to marry men richer than themselves, but males, whether rich or poor have no problem marrying all types of women, including poorer women.

  51. @Corvinus: Heartiste's "Game" is no more anti-woman than diamonds or regular bathing.

  52. Corvinus,

    C'mon, you can't be that thick. There is a lot less social shaming of miscegenation now than in the past and consequently we have a lot more miscegenation now than we did in the past. Everyone has known the health risks associated with cigarette smoking for generations now, but the hard reductions in smoker rates have come about over that same period of time because of the social stigmatization associated with smoking, not primarily for health reasons.


    I recommend employees of mine and people I know who are white either choose "other" and if they can pull it off, "Hispanic".

  53. AE- Does blogger allow putting certain commentators on ignore, along with those replies? It gets exhausting seeing the arguments against Crow's bad-faith statements. There's no there, there.

    The concept of the POC shield makes a lot of sense, but the long-term effects are going to be horrifying. Except for the 2-3% where dad stays around during the entire childhood, the mixed generation of neurotic Obama-esque wrecks will be coming a-cropper right when the electorate goes majority-minority. Who will help them, the members of r/happa?


    Uncuck the Canuck?

    Men apparently really want economic competition, women are more interested in their beta husband's economic prospects than they themselves are?

    Not surprising that women have the highest favorability the importation of "refugees".

  55. Kipling,

    Probably, but the only way I know how to do it is by requiring verifying account logins (google, twitter, etc) which is something I don't want to do.


    Hah, it's a little tricky to have that roll off the tongue but once it does, it sounds great.

    That's the same trend we see stateside. Unmarried women are especially supportive of wide open borders. Married women are actually only modestly worse than married men on it.

  56. she voted for trump because she was married european woman with european kids. those are the only women who vote republican in numbers. you probably didn't convince her of anything and nothing you talked to her about likely made any difference.

    if she was single, she's have voted for clinton. if she was divorced with no kids, she would have voted for clinton. if she was divorced, with a european kid, she would have voted for clinton. if she was divorced with a vibrant kid, she would have voted for clinton.

    if she voted at all, of course. not everybody even votes.

    the most important thing to understand is that european women who have kids with a vibrant man become permanent democrats. in fact, this action produces 3 new permanent democrats:

    1) the father, who usually doesn't even stick around, is a vibrant who votes democrat
    2) the mother, now likely a single mother, will vote democrat
    3) the kid, a vibrant, obviously grows up to vote democrat

    vibrant men getting european women pregnant is a disaster for western technological society, from a political perspective.

    serious studies of this topic have found that african men in particular who have kids with european women, leave them at a rate over 90%. over 90%! all it takes to make 3 new permanent democrats is a year or two of sex with some woman he plans on leaving.

    hard to believe how stacked against technological and societal progress the entire system is now.

  57. herp derp,

    I get the sense the momentum is slowing, slowing, slowing. Maybe we get to a big checkpoint (genetic engineering, nuclear fusion, etc) before we start going backwards, but if we don't, then I don't see what stops us from gaining speed as we plunge back down.

  58. 216…

    No, I have much more insightful comments than that Jew Shapiro.


    White Americans in absolute terms are involved in interracial marriages more than any other racial group due to their demographic majority. And this social shaming angle only works if, wait for it, people give a damn about the social shaming.
    With rates of intermarriages among newlyweds nearly tripling from 1980 (6.7%) to 15.1% in 2010, repeatedly saying "race mixing is bad" has fallen on deaf ears.

    "Most white women know exactly how unmarketable having a brown baby makes them to white men…"

    And I would suspect that these women would remain on the dark side, eh. Not really our concern.

    "women of every racial group (except asians, but I believe this is more due to numbers than group disloyalty) being more against race mixing than men"

    Competition. Aint' life a bitch.

    Passer By…

    Hypergamy exists as far as men and women being similarly selective in prospective mates.

    "but males, whether rich or poor have no problem marrying all types of women, including poorer women."

    No, they generally take issue with women who are less financially well than them, considering the high rates of divorce (rape).


    "There is a lot less social shaming of miscegenation now than in the past and consequently we have a lot more miscegenation now than we did in the past."

    OK, so? How does it directly and personally impact you and your family?

    "Everyone has known the health risks associated with cigarette smoking for generations now, but the hard reductions in smoker rates have come about over that same period of time because of the social stigmatization associated with smoking, not primarily for health reasons."

    Red herring on your part. Race mixing…a benefit? [GASP]

  59. Corvinus,

    My family is white, completely white. Its white-owned farms in South Africa today, 401(k)s in the US tomorrow.

  60. They're be, if not civil war, a major, major, crises, perhaps economic collapse and/or secession of some states, California perhaps, before the United States of America puts a moratorium on immigration, Jesus Christ.

  61. "My family is white, completely white. Its white-owned farms in South Africa today, 401(k)s in the US tomorrow."

    How do you explain this to the idealistic Bernie-ites? FDR's New Deal took place at a time when 95% of POC were ensconsed in the Deep South, Indian reservations, and urban areas which whites (esp. Anglo-Teutons) were escaping in successive waves, end result being that something like 70+% of white Boomers grew up in the suburbs and small towns, a trend that has held true with each subsequent cohort of whites, with white Gen X-ers and Millennials in particular being perhaps the most suburban generation of kids ever (for Millennials, many grew up in exurbs which sprouted up due to 1st and even 2nd ring suburbs being colonized by POC in the 1990's). Point being, it was (relatively) painless to "get cute" about the diversity problem in past decades when the general population was much whiter.

    Besides, the real catalyst for (relative) racial calm in the 1940's and 50's was whites moving out of the urban US. Agnostic has tried to claim that whites were comfortable with gibmedats as means to keeping the racial and civic peace. That may have been true to some degree, but racial tensions are best avoided by……Simply staying out of each other's physical space. The Battle of the Eyes. Oh, and sure enough Oakland CA has been about 30% white since the 1980's. So how has the black pop. declined since then? Millennial blacks aren't as menacing as Gen X blacks, and Mexicans and Asians (who've not been socialized to kowtow to blacks) have been able to raise their presence from around 10% in 1990 to 30% in 2010.

    And Agnostic said that POC have no power whatsoever in America. Are you kidding me? The Asian and Mexican pop. is exponentially larger compared to what it was in the 1970's. Territory and manpower is, well, power. Who's gaining more of it, and who's losing? Blacks have declined in much of the Western US, and a decent chunk of the Northeast. Their Southern and Midwestern base is still quite strong, but even then, whose to say what the culture and demographics of say, Atlanta, will be like in 30 years? At the end of the day, this tiring frozen-in-1980 mindset about American race relations, which inflicts both Rightists and Leftists alike, is useless and dying.

    We may have reservations about Mexicans and Asians in America, but the silver lining is that they already have, and will continue to have, a newfound and large impact on race relations and group dynamics in America. Sailer and Derbyshire have both noticed that shitlord Asians in CA are doing more to raise the alarm about dangerous sun people than the area's legacy inhabitants. And for those who are skeptical, ask yourself this: Do "anglos" fire bomb black housing? Of course not, the CultMarx government, media, and global capitalist class is so quick to denounce whites who stand up for themselves that whites on the whole, in effect, have been abandoned. Of course rich whites (who tend to be the most liberal about race) couldn't care less about displacement and even abuse of whites, as long as the former get to be in comfy places. Since the 1970's, incidents of whites being aggressive towards POC have been so unusual that the rare exceptions tend to get their own Wikipedia articles (such as the Italian teenage mob that pursued and heavily beat a black hoodlum in late 80's NYC, Bernie Goetz going vigilante also in the 80's, Dylan Roof more recently, and last that comes to mind was a late 80's Ethiopian immigrant getting ambushed by a neo-Nazi in Portand OR). Naturally Midwestern whites are a total no-show against the Forces of Diversity (coming from stoic farmer stock that's a thousand years in the making doesn't make you effective against invaders). And the Midwest has had by far the most damage done to it's cities since the 1960's.

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