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Becoming Darren Wilson
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The percentages of respondents who thought the Grand Jury should’ve indicted police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown:

In multiracial societies, you don’t use standards of ethical behavior or the morality of actions to assess justice, you assess justice in accordance to race and ethnicity.

Brown was a criminal thug who assaulted and stole from a clerk and then tried to steal a cop’s gun and shoot him with it after being pulled over for walking down the middle of the road. Brown was very obviously guilty as sin yet only 1-in-5 blacks thought officer Wilson should not have been sacrificed.

Is South Africa making sense now? If blacks were 90% of the US population instead of less than 15% of it, Wilson wouldn’t have just had his career ruined and to have gone into hiding, he and his family would’ve been butchered like Boers.

Mendacious media’s blood libel against middle America
Mendacious media’s blood libel against middle America

Welcome to the skins game. There are only two questions you’ll need to ask going forward: Who? Whom?

Let them guide the formation, maintenance, and enforcement of all of your nation’s policies, especially its immigration policies.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. This is a mild white pill for me. No surprise that whites are the least inclined to wish Darren Wilson had been indicted, blacks the most, and JAHs (Jews, Asians, Hispanics*) somewhere in between.

    But if you had asked me to guess the percentages off the top of my head, I would've supposed whites would've been 40%, blacks 95%, and JAHs ~60%. Heck, I would've expected Jews to reach 70%!

    Law and order is a winning message. The MSM may hold the megaphone and did everything they could to assassinate Darren Wilson, but black criminality is so blatantly obvious that only the dimmest and most fanatical SJWs don't see it as a massive problem.

    Of course, it's hard to feel sorry for Republicans losing when they refuse to pick up that $100 off the ground!

    * The JAHs acronym almost surely won't take off, but it's useful!

  2. Welcome to the skins game. There are only two questions you'll need to ask going forward: Who? Whom?

    Proof by way of inversion?

  3. "Let them guide the formation, maintenance, and enforcement of all of your nation's policies, especially its immigration policies."

    Indeed. They have done an absolutely spectacular job of that when they assumed control of the mainstream media. Every year the ratings slump, budgets are cut, and their collapse is no longer in doubt.

    Looking at this case, we need to accept and acknowledge realities. The only person that can see to your safety is YOU. Buy a gun, learn how to use it. Limit your exposure to blacks. Stay out of their neighbourhoods, and do whatever you can to keep them out of yours. Blacks cannot live by complicated laws designed to protect the innocent. They need to have their own law – a system that is dirt simple and uttlerly brutal. It's becoming increasingly clear the pozzed judiciary and law enforcement cannot enforce justice – it will have to be done right at the crime scene as it was with Trayvon Martin.

    There are of course exceptions to these general realities and truths – but as your graphs and stats point out – they are the exception.

  4. Who/Whom. It’s been that way since the sixties, st lesst. Blacks, Latinos, and Asians hve recognized it from the beginning. Some whites are starting to wake up. The qustions are: Will it be enough of them? Will it be in time?

  5. AE this is WAY less bad than I would have expected. Even after weeks of breathless incorrect media coverage of this one and all of the "hands up don't shoot" and then the retractions quietly buried on page A18 of the Timeses (NY and LA) weeks later, still a majority of Asians, Hispanics, and Jews are still making the right legal call. Meanwhile in the face of all of that -plus- what must be a ton of peer pressure even 1 in 5 blacks are making the right legal call. America phuck yeah!

  6. They are not us.
    They never were us.
    They never wanted to be us.

    They just wanted us to pretend they were us.

  7. I know I'm being pedantic here, but "Who, Whom?" is just one question.

  8. Sid,

    For anyone interested in truth, there was no doubt in the Brown case. I wonder which event red-pilled more people, Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown?

    Let's give it a try. We did pretty well with NAMs. I've thought about NBMs–N-Bombs–for non-black minorities, but it'd almost certainly lead to people confusing it for blacks rather than for not-blacks.


    Interesting. Maybe.


    In the short term, give the kids "the talk" and demand isonomy. Over the longer term, separation.


    Touche. If naïveté was an excuse then, though, it sure as hell isn't one anymore.


    To Mr. Bohnson for the glass-half-full take!


    All peoples need to become who they are. Neither whites nor blacks can do that as things currently are.


    Who said it? And to whom?

    That's how I conceptualize it. Though I suppose it could just be shorthand for "who did what to whom?"

  9. AE,

    I had been red-pilled on genetic differences between the races for a long time when the Trayvon Martin case happened. To me, the red-pill was on just how far the MSM would manufacture and disseminate fake news.

    I think that the Michael Brown incident red-pilled far more people. I mean, I know that Trayvon Martin red-pilled many, but Michael Brown was what spurred BLM to national prominence. (Also, Darren Wilson was by all accounts just a good cop doing his job. Zimmerman was innocent but clearly had some real problems in his life.) I remember that Jared Taylor said BLM was winning him readers like nothing else.

    NAM worked really well because of the humor laced in it. JAHs may or may not work, but it gets at a social reality that on many important issues, non-black minorities are somewhere between whites and blacks, which is what we're seeing here.

  10. AE: Definitely keep an eye on the ongoing NYT Upshot live polls:

  11. AE –

    Pre-Trayvon I was about 50% redpilled (re: blacks), 75% or so after, and 100% after the Gentle Giant.

  12. I was already aware of HBD before the saga of St. Trayvon, but I didn't think it was particularly important. Like Sid it also opened my eyes a great deal to how far the media would go to lie and obfuscate.

  13. Can confirm that Tryavon and Brown were YUGE red pills in regard to the media. Back then even a total SWPL hipster friend of mine remarked that it was ridiculous and transparent that the media kept showing old photos of Trayvon as a chubby cheeked 10 year old rather than an accurate current one (while still maintaining that George Z should probably be charged with something).

  14. To add to Sid's comment above (that the Wilson case spurred BLM to national prominence), their continued insistence that Brown's hands were up (despite the *Obama* DoJ finding otherwise), showed many whites that BLM really means "ONLY Black Lives Matter".

    And, regarding the JAH poll numbers, I'll bet that the gap between their numbers, and that of URBAN whites, would be hardly major.
    This matters, because the number of *rural* JAH's must be trivial.
    Urban areas produce SJW-ism, far more than do rural areas, probably because of many factors, most of these pertaining to specific aspects of urban life, e.g. anonymity (esp. for single women's pursuit of sex with Alpha males).
    (See e.g. ).

    Let's compare apples to apples.

  15. Where I refer to "rural", I also mean small-town, and even (to a degree) suburbs etc. where the physical layout encourages home ownership, family formation, and demographic stability.
    Where I refer to "urban", I mean particularly those parts of cities where the physical layout (apartments) encourages transience/ anonymity.
    Alas, most (esp. big) cities are so top-heavy with apartment-dwellers, that these folks usually dominate the city's political culture.

    Renters tend to lack the home-owner's sense of stake in the community, and so are more prone to having their whims (often manufactured by the MSM) become SJW-ism.

  16. Bottom line: I'll bet that, if pollsters divide *urban* whites from (urban) JAHs, the numbers will be rather close.
    And, if pollsters divide white apartment-dwellers from other whites, the gap between these two groups will exceed the gap between urban whites and (urban) JAHs.

  17. The thing about BLM is that it is now yesterday's news. The left wisely squelched the BLM protests after 2016, riots pissed of whites while doing the opposite intended effect of boosting black turnout. Going back to the "War on women" has paid dividends.

    The narrative that the evidence is showing is one of vast personal disgust at Trump and the Republicans. We went from inopportune comments about rape/abortion in 2012, to three prominent Republicans being accused of rape 2016-18. Opposition to political correctness is "broad but shallow". The reality is that we live in a feminist society, I'm displaying my beta nature here, but complaints about political correctness strike many as being the result of arrogant aging Boomers. Everyone Millenial and younger views PC as the necessary price of good manners to keep social peace.

    All the pandering about black unemployment aside (which is still not below the 5% mark of full employment), the Right has done nothing but agitate blacks for no return since 2016. Public approval of Kapernick (a Communist) is now 50-50, Roy Moore made dumb comments about slavery, the largest Alt-Right protest was about defending Confederate monuments instead of stopping illegal immigration, and Ron DeSantis used "monkey" when running against a black opponent (this is the main reason why he's behind in the polls, its Allen/VA 2006 all over again). We are never going to win large numbers of black voters, as they have many reasons to favor redistribution. But we can reduce their incentive to turnout, as we did in 2016.

  18. Indeed, 216, where you say "the largest Alt-Right protest was about defending Confederate monuments instead of stopping illegal immigration", you're dead on.
    If everyone Millenial and younger views PC as the necessary price of good manners to keep social peace, and if Opposition to political correctness is "broad but shallow", defending Dixie statues shakes up social peace, with no upside of expanding the depth of opposition to political correctness.

    Even most who largely oppose PC saw the alt-Rights' statue obsession as, at best, a nutty cow about a silly issue.
    And, the appearance of Nazi flags there just fed this idea of alt-Righters as caring more about flipping the bird to blacks etc., than about actually defending whites' *vital* interests.

  19. The swastika flag carrier at Charlottesville came in with Antifa.  He was theirs, literally a false-flag operator.

  20. Mr. Rational, even if that's so, Spencer etc. could've tried to preempt/ mitigate that inevitability, by *emphatically* stating that they'd oppose any such flags entering the Permit Area, and press the cops to remove anyone showing such flags.
    (This was rather like BLM's failure to call themselves "Black Lives *Also* Matter".)

  21. The point is, to try to assure Uncommitteds that you're trying hard to work with others (while standing *firm* on your vital interests), and that it's your opponents that are being pricks (e.g. because they're so wound-up by their resentments).

  22. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Ferguson was definitely my final red pill.

    No matter how many lies were exposed, BLM still clings to that as an example of police brutality.

    Here’s a partial list of lies that were exposed:

    -Mike Brown and his friend stole gum from the QT and the QT clerk called the cops on them (this directly resulted in an innocent business being torched and looted)
    -Mike Brown was a good kid who never committed a crime (he robbed a C-Store, has weed in his system, and attacked a cop-that’s 3 broken laws just that day)
    -Mike Brown was shot for walking in the street
    -Hands up! Don’t shoot!

    All of this has been exposed. BLM just ignores the facts.

  23. Anon,

    BLM, as many blacks do, takes liberal promises at face value. Equality means de facto Equality. That means blacks must have the same living standards as whites, if they don't it is unredeemable racism.

    If the facts conflict with the legend, you print the legend.

    Remember that Steve Sailer posted a blog item not that long ago on how 2/3rds of black males think they can win a fist fight with the average stranger.

  24. Regarding red-pilling, I've religiously read Steve Sailer since 2005 and Derb since 2008, so these events didn't dispense what was already in my bloodstream. But the Michael Brown event is the event that I most associate with my Rudyard's Beginnings. It's the time that this Saxon began, in fits and starts, to hate.

    Darren Wilson was–well, is–the quintessential middle American. He followed the rules, did everything he was supposed to do, by all indications acted in good faith–and he was fed to the wolves anyway. We're becoming barbarians within the American Empire.

  25. aNanyMouse,

    The point is, to try to assure Uncommitteds that you're trying hard to work with others (while standing *firm* on your vital interests), and that it's your opponents that are being pricks (e.g. because they're so wound-up by their resentments).

    Right. This is why "It's okay to be white" was such a brilliant meme campaign.


    Four crimes–he was jaywalking, too!

  26. The role of the New York Times in spreading lies to foment race war over Michael Brown should not be overlooked.

    That was probably the biggest red pill for me: the totally obvious narrative construction. That they continued to spread the lies after the evidence and the video of him committed armed robbery (the weapon being his gigantic self) was really dark and sinister.

    Continuing with my general theme of recent comments.

    Trump has constructed an elaborate trap. I am not talking about the moronic hope that sleepy Jeff Sessions will suddenly unleash 10,000 indictments of deep state. I am talking about how he is simply bringing success and economic growth that is carrying things to heights that will be unbelievably difficult (and probably impossible) to sustain by a culturally enriched America.

    Trump has even Tweeted how if Democrats take power everything will fall apart.

    Trump has been swimming valiantly upstream. Conservatism is hard in good times. But when the Great Decline comes, the scales will fall from many eyes.

    Remember it was the Democratic cities that cracked down on crime after a couple of decades of extremely high crime.

    I don't relish what is to come although on an intellectual basis it will gratifying.

    Only afterwards will people See. Let us pray for based shitlord politicians of the future whose politics consists of twisting the rhetorical shiv to everlastingly compare all future times with the past glory that was the Trump era.

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