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Because We Live Here
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”Because we live here.”
”Because we live here.”

New column over at is a brief look at the new Red Dawn remake movie in theaters today, and a much longer look at the man who directed/wrote the 1984 Red Dawn — John Milius [“I Would Have Done It About Mexico.” American Hero John Milius Denounces RED DAWN Remake, VDare, 11-21-12]:

Well, don’t worry: in the upcoming remake of Red Dawn, the cast has the Politically Correct mandated diversity that we’ve come to love and expect from Hollywood.

More significantly, and ignominiously, the original story of the Chinese invading America—standing in for the now defunct USSR from the first film—was scrapped after filming was finished, with the North Koreans (!!) digitally interpolated…so as not to offend our Chinese overlords. [‘Red Dawn’ Villains Switched from China to North Korea,, November 21, 2011]

Milius had already blasted the upcoming remake, which he deemed completely unnecessary. 24 Frames’ Rachel Abramowitz reported:

“I think it’s a stupid thing to do. The movie is not very old,” says Milius, who’s not involved in the new film but was given a chance to read the new script. “It was terrible. There was a strange feeling to the whole thing. They were fans of the movie so they put in stuff they thought was neat. It’s all about neat action scenes, and has nothing to do with story.”

In the original film, the Soviet Union has invaded the continental United States, and a group of young men and women (Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey) band together as a guerrilla group, nicknamed the Wolverines, to fight off the occupiers. In the 2010 edition, directed by Dan Bradley and starring Chris Hemsworth and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the villains are the Chinese.

While the new baddies might tap into American fears about a rising China, to Milius it makes little political sense. “There’s only one example in 4,000 years of Chinese territorial adventurism, and that was in 1979, when they invaded Vietnam, and to put it mildly they got their [butts] handed to them,“ says Milius, noting that China built a wall to separate itself from invaders. “Why would China want us? They sell us stuff. We’re a market. I would have done it about Mexico.” [ Original ‘Red Dawn’ director takes aim at the remake, March 26, 2010]

Mexico, eh? Judging by the state of California, Arizona, Texas and, increasingly, the entire United States, Milius might be onto something.

Read the rest there. Comment on it here. Just remember Milius is known for writing some of the most gripping dialogue in all of American cinema history.

But one line uttered with righteous indignation from Patrick Swayze in the original Red Dawn is all that matters: “Because we live here.”

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. amen. & that's not even factoring in blacks or muslims, or whatever "refugee-flavor-of-the-day" is in season.
    press 1 for English.

  2. MPC is definitely a forum that every person on the American far right should familiarize themselves with.

  3. The problem with the motto "Because We Live Here" is the pretty similar to "People for the American Way" or "Because that's not Who We Are." or, conversely, "Because that's Who We Are."

    Those who mendaciously impose their beliefs about the "benefits" of immigration while calling others "supremacists" ostensibly know, to a moral certainty, immigration is beneficial therefore, "Because We Live Here", "we" want the "benefits" immigration "here".

    That's what Social Pozness Zombies here in Iowa relentlessly push and, ostensibly, why they push it.

    Not to engage in mere "critique", a better motto is "Because We Don't Consent".

    In so reframing the slogan, the argument is removed from the endless sophistry of "social science" and relegated to the ethics of consent:

    Force the Social Pozness Zombies to own their supremacist fanaticism. Once that is accomplished, moral justification for war is assured. Getting this wrong leaves whites in a state of demoralization due to a lack of moral justification to force the Social Pozness Zombies to behave themselves. Given the heart and soul of the majority of Social Pozness Zombies is simply one big Shit Test by girls living in the bodies of women, they aren't really asking to be killed — they just want evidence that Men exist and, failing that, male animals. They'll settle for the latter in the form of immigrant males if that's all they can get.

  4. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    I needed to renew my driver's license in person because I have already renewed online two times. The picture was at least ten years old. Anyway, due to Hurricane Harvey and ridiculous inefficiency, two of the offices in Houston, TX are still closed down. The get in line online option system is down. There are four male Texas state police officers at the Rosenberg driver's license office to keep order because there are hundreds of people in line outside mega center driver's license office that makes a super sized Walmart look small. He tells me it is four hour wait in line just to get in the building to get a number to wait.

    I didn't see a white person among the hundreds in line there. I was pretty stunned.

    I drove a half hour down to El Campo, and that line took about an hour because it is a tiny office with two clerks and one officer. About half the people were white and had driven down from Fort Bend County rather than join in the line.

  5. AE – what was the asian vs NAM population at that elementary? If the minority population is all asians, its not the best situation, but its still a functional school. If its NAMs, then yeah not worth sending your kids there.

    Jim Bowery – what part of Iowa do you live in? I live in the central part of the state

  6. AE…

    "The next time gadfly Corvinus bleats "but how does this effect you or your family?", we'll link here and do exactly nothing else"

    [Laughs] this interloper thanks you for linking to someone who took every known stereotype in the book and conveniently wrote a narrative befitting of it being printed by Castalia House. Consider, however, that our nation’s history is based on this cycle:

    Newcomers arrive
    Newcomers are unwelcome
    Newcomers assimilate
    New newcomers arrive
    Old newcomers are unwelcome toward new newcomers
    Ad infinitum

    Note that the Mexican man, who is an illegal alien and murdered a native woman (and, of course, he should be shot by a firing squad for his heinous crime), sired a child** with an American citizen. This birth was…wait for it…ethnic mixing, NOT racial mixing. So my question to you regarding miscegenation–has YET to be properly answered. I will give you a passing mark on your effort to distract.

    It's more than OK that you seek to raise your family in a neighborhood of your choosing. You have that liberty…as do your fellow (white) Americans to willingly choose to live among "their own kind", however that THEY define it. But be keenly aware It was never "your" town, or even "my" town. It's "our" town. Indeed, "Because We Live Here”.

    **Which this custom of granting automatic citizenship at birth to U.S.–born children of foreign tourists, temporary foreign workers, and illegal aliens should be permanently removed. Ironic that conservative icon Michelle Malkin, born to Philippine immigrants in Philadelphia, is so vehemently against “anchor babies”, as she was a beneficiary of this concept.

    As an aside, I am shocked that someone on the Alt Right has not come up with some sort of “educational series” designed for youngsters to indoctrinate them, I mean teach them proper, about race realism, Jewish machinations, white nationalism, etc. There could be a wide range of activities–-word searches, hidden pictures, coloring (heh!) pictures–-along with words of wisdom from Whitey McWhite, and his sidekick, Geno Cide. As a bonus, there could be a game based on this classic that the lil’ shit lords can procure through three proofs of purchase.

  7. But what does Heritage American even mean, not just to normies/the mushy middle, but to the Alt Right? Consider the immortal words of Vox Day –> “So I’m going to make some of you extremely uncomfortable here, because what I’m going to tell you – and this is not going to be comfortable for those of you who are US citizens – a lot of you are not Americans and you never were. Your parents aren’t, you’re grandparents aren’t, because Americans are defined very, very clearly and the United States Constitution was written for a very specific group of people and that doesn’t include immigrants, it doesn’t include refugees, it doesn’t include the great grand children of former immigrants, it doesn’t include anybody except for the sons and daughters of the American Revolution…The Italians and the Irish were the original problem. They could have, and should have, been handled like the Chinese were. But they laid the groundwork for the Jews, the Germans, and the Scandinavians, who made things even worse. And they paved the way for the Mexicans, the Africans, and the Muslims. At this point, the USA probably can’t get back to 1986, let alone 1965."

    A damning indictment on white Europeans who opened up the floodgates to other “alien”, but white, Europeans to invade our shores, nuzzle with our nubile women, and run roughshod over our liberties. Indeed, nativists from the mid and late 1800’s were not too keen, to put it mildly, on several European ethnic groups, chiefly the Irish and the Italians, arriving here because of their genetically inferiority and social incompetence. Recall it did not matter that these newcomers were white, it mattered to nativists that these two groups were utterly incapable of fitting in. Nativists were convinced the Irish and Italians possessed in-born tendencies that would perversely transform the American landscape as created by Anglo-Saxons.

    So, using Voxian logic–remember, he is a 3SD+ mega genius–our ancestors who came AFTER the founding of our great nation are not "American", and they assuredly are not “Heritage Americans”. Who on this very fine blog are able to claim on BOTH sides their direct lineage to the English, thus boldly pronouncing to the world their title of nobility?

    In summary, the Irish and the Italians, the Slavs and the Poles–ALL designated as being imbeciles with the absolute inability to understand Constitutional principles, or if they miraculously comprehended these core beliefs, they would be brutally misapplied. So, if you are of the mindset that the nativists were absolutely wrong in this assessment, or that these four groups back then indeed had the skill set to comprehend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, you open up the door for the same argument to be used against you when stating that non-Europeans today are ill-equipped to embrace neo-Lockean concepts.

    Let us turn to Vox Day for closure on the notion of "Heritage Americans"–“Immigrants, the children of immigrants, the grand-children of immigrants, and the great-grandchildren of immigrants should never be given the right to vote on anything. No one forced them to immigrate, and they always vote to change – and usually to ruin – the societies into which they have immigrated.”

    We all have to go back!

  8. You guys keep ignoring what I say about culture and you'll keep getting tapeworms like Corvinus taking up residence, rent free, in your blog intestines.

  9. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    "Newcomers arrive
    Newcomers are unwelcome
    Newcomers assimilate
    New newcomers arrive
    Old newcomers are unwelcome toward new newcomers
    Ad infinitum"

    All the previous 'newcomers' were of European descent though. The recent ones are not.

    Your argument is akin to saying that because the formula: "f(prime numbers)" always produces x, it will still produce x even if the input are composites. In other words, your argment is reductio ad absurdum

    "youngsters to indoctrinate them"

    The difference between indoctrination and learning is the truth, and the truth is correspondence with reality. The liberal worldview is not only divergent with reality, it is also becoming increasingly obsolete.

    "We all have to go back!"

    If you feel that way then go right ahead.

  10. Pretty accurate description. I've seen many small towns in my area turn into this because of meatpacking or large agribusiness. Another note to add is that since many of these people come from Central America, many of them are unable to speak Spanish, speaking a Mayan dialect and are of course totally illiterate. Your local school district has interpreters of a variety of languages that used to only exist in Guatemala and El Salvador. You, whitey, are paying for it all.

    Also left out are all of the apartment buildings that get constructed that are for Section 8 housing only. Then towns that consist of 2500 people now have gang signs spray painted on strip malls. They get painted over but then they get replaced and so on until the strip mall owner gets tired of spending money and just leaves it. Your wife who was venting about going to the aquatic center was chirping a few years ago about all of the ethnic food restaurants that popped up. Wow! Authentic Mexican food! Your local packing plant imported a bunch of Somalis so now you get dragged into a Somali restaurant because "c'mon we need to learn about their culture" Now your wife wishes she listened to you when you said that these people were going to be nothing but trouble.

  11. This post is also a good demonstration of the fact that it's not all about crime stats and terrorism. The opposition to non-white immigration is about not having our culture completely swamped and displaced by something else. We don't want our communities overtaken by Mestizos, Somalis, what have you, even if they were the least criminal people around.

    I could go on, but you get the idea.

    That said, I do realize that using the crime stats and terrorism threat are effective weapons in this fight. But the cuckservatives who think it's all that matters make me see red.

  12. The other thing is that there's no solution that doesn't involve hurt feelings. The husband described in that MPC post will vote for a Republican every time but will still go to the mat for "natural conservatives" whenever they see rhetoric about building a wall or sending them all back. Rather than fight back, it's just moving to the next town over. Taking up a second job to put their kids through private school. As we saw with the Tibbetts case, the local GOP leaders are enriching themselves financially with all this diversity. No way out…or so it seems. Their local church telling their parishioners to embrace all people while they get paid by the government to import diversity to your very home town.

    You've seen movies where everything turns out in the end but this isn't a movie. There is nobody that is coming to save us. Trump tweets a good game but in the few times when he does take decisive action he gets shut down by a judge in Honolulu. You look at South Africa where your fellow people are getting drowned in boiling water but you still hang on because well, someone is going to save you, right? Move to the next town over, get frustrated at the cop who tells you not to file a police report for that time your car got broken into it, deal with your crying daughter who almost got sexually assaulted by the local "youth" on her way home from school. Welcome to the New America.

  13. "the Irish and the Italians, the Slavs and the Poles"

    Every ethnic group is the distinct product of a certain pattern of reproduction tendencies and cultural selection, and in the case of mountain people, Northern Euros, and East Asians, many generations of (relative) isolation. Slavs, esp. in the Midwest and Western US, have fully mixed into the Anglo-Teutonic white American norm, and indeed many Slavs aren't THAT genetically dissimilar from the Teutons who settled much of the Northeastern, Midwestern, and Western US. Irish are the most Celtic people in the world, and the Catholic ones in particular have an idiosyncratic ID, much of it in a defensive posture against the forces of Anglo-Teutonia. Jews and Irish-Catholics have the worst bouts of Ellis Island nostalgia and have a hard time getting over what happened to their great grandparents, esp. in the Northeast. Italians, after several generations to catch up, have done pretty well (their average IQ is supposed to be pretty high, after all) and they tend not to wallow in self-pity and other kinds of destructive and subversive sentiment (unlike High IQ Jews). Now granted, Italians haven't assimilated as fully as Slavs (surprise surprise, genetic distance does matter), but we can tolerate a distinct ethnic group that doesn't spend it's time sulking about past discrimination or actively trying to subvert Anglo-American traditions.

  14. What's up with the Midwest being the Alt-Right stronghold?

    Personally I think that the Sun Belt is more rootless and individualistic, so whooosh, out goes any sense of tribalism. In the Northeast, you've got whites who've been conditioned with Ellis Island nostalgia, so any criticism of modern immigration is automatically interpreted as hypocritical and an insult to one's own immigrant ancestors (that some of these critics are actually descended from pre-Ellis Island settlers doesn't seem to matter). And the West Coast speaks for itself.

    Also, I think Bob Putnam said that in his late 90's studies of American communities, the Midwest had the least amount of diversity (as defined by racial groups, religious groups, immigrants, and languages spoken). So it stands to reason that the Bush and Obama years have aggravated us because prior to the 2000's immigrants seldom went to the Midwest with only a handful of exception in terms of some pockets of big cities like Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, and MPLS. But the suburban and small town Midwest was blissfully free of immigrants, and even to a large extent black people, prior to the 2000's. The diversity has gotten much worse over the last 4-5 years, and thus we see the catalyst for the Midwest moving massively towards the GOP and esp. Trump during this time. I can't wait for the 2018 GSS revealing the demos of Trump voters (me think that those with a background in smaller towns and the Midwest shifted big time toward Trump and away from Obama).

    If you look at regional histories and crises, and ID, there definitely is variation some of which can be easily explained, but not always. For example, in the late 19th century much of the Western US was actually considered a hot bed of populism, whereas since 1946 the Western US has been trending closer and closer to conformity with elite globalism, whereas the Rust Belt and Appalachia have been increasingly alienated.

  15. As the descendant of WOP immigrants on both sides, I emphatically agree with everything Vox Day has to say about early European migrants. That's what the "But what about YOU and your ancestors?!!!" crowd fails to comprehend. We (WOPS, Micks, Pollacks, etc.) are not trying to gain Vox's or anyone else's approval, nor are we concerned about being recognized as "Real Americans or Heritage Americans." We never will be at that's fine by us.

    Our great grandparents, grandparents, and parents were forced to assimilate. They were not molly-coddled by a system that encourages them to retain their ethnic identity or given the benefit of a bilingual education. They were shamed for speaking their native language outside the home and were taught to quickly adopt American customs and traditions. When you combine that with the fact that they looked similar enough to the Heritage folks then the difference starts to become clear. So all this nonsense about explaining the cycle of immigration and assimilation and trying to apply it to today's Latinos, Africans, and Middle Easterners just because that's how it went for previous generations of European immigrants is self-deception.

    Also, if what happened to our ancestors was indoctrination, good. Who gives a fuck? There is such a thing as a distinct and uniquely American way of life, and it was clearly better than what they were escaping, or else they would have stayed wherever the hell they came from.

  16. Anonymous [AKA "LordVir"] says: • Website

    Consider, that our nation’s history is actually based on this cycle:

    Newcomers (whites) arrive in 1607
    Newcomers are unwelcome by natives.
    Newcomers bring more of their own over.
    Newcomers (whites) finally take over continent in 1848
    New newcomers arrive (2000s)(South Americans/Meixcans)
    Old newcomers are unwelcome toward new newcomers
    Newcomers bring more of their own over.
    (Guess what happens next)

    History is not a perpetual hugbox of tolerance and understanding towards different people.

    History is the story of one tribe killing, raping,enslaving, displacing and genociding another, over and over again.

    Only whites think abstractly enough to believe the lie that somehow white countries are different, that white countries can alter human tribal nature among even among the lowest races because we did it with Europeans.

    American magic dirt theory shows an enormous amount of collective hubris.


  17. This is the story of our thirty years residence in Gwinnett County, Ga and it has only progressed in the fourteen years since we left.

  18. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    We assimliated.
    You don’t press 2 for Italian, 3 for Gael, 4 for Polish… we also didn’t get welfare.

    And we’ve been here since the 1850s.

    We also had to wait for JFK to arrive.

    Except for a wave of immigration none of the other conditions apply.

    Of course the old native stock demanded and enforced Americanization. As opposed to being whiny pussies who blog.

    Probably helped that women didn’t vote either- and that dear hearts was not the Catholics.

    Now stop whining and do something – or die with some dignity at last.

    I’m nearly as sick of hearing bitching from the right as whining from the Left. At least their victimization pays. Ours doesn’t.

    You actually succeed in making us seem weaker minded than we are – no small achievement.

    Man up or die.

    You do realize the spanish will actually fall in line if we do – right?


  19. No “Because we live here” is Red Dawn.


  20. Culture follows power so reach for the pistol.


  21. Culture is artificial selection. Race is the results. Any lesser definition of culture and, for that matter, race is subhuman irresponsibility. There is no "Superman", only Man and SubhuMan, distinguished by the degree they accept responsibility for evolutionary direction. The only real question facing Man is which culture to construct. As Men will differ in their answer, the moral question of the first magnitude is how this dispute is fairly resolved. It is within this metamoral that individual differences in morality find accommodation.

    Turn your attention to that and I believe, after you have permitted the lesser issues to find their perspective, you will recognize that land is prior to "property" just as life is prior to culture. So the metamoral is about land allocation between the different cultures to which individuals consent.

    There's that word again:


    Keep hammering on that and you'll get what you want:

    The moral justification to kill, if necessary.

    Don't worry white nationalists — whites are vastly more genetically disposed to individuality and fairness, so you'll get to kill all the "unfair" you want — and then some. After all, visceral feelings arising from being virtual gang-raped by the collectivist genotypes aren't adapted to the magnitude of the problem. You'll likely lose that killing feeling long before the job is done, and you may even start thinking of ways to solve the problem that don't require killing the Social Pozness Zombies. But be warned, enslaving them has been tried before. It never ends well for the fair.

  22. herfsi,

    It's death by a thousand cuts.


    I know of it only through Heartiste. Recommended?


    Less tersely but more precisely "because we actually have to live our day-to-day lives with the consequences of our immigration policies". Because We Live Here has high rhetorical appeal because it's pragmatically straight to the point–we want to live around people we trust, who share our values, speak our language, etc. It's implicit white nationalism–a step past civic nationalism, a step behind an ethnostate.

    Yes, we're predisposed to fairness, but also to harm avoidance. The latter is the big obstacle, isn't it?


    There is a bustling mall right in the center of Johnson County that looks like a bazaar. I was in there over Christmas last year and it was reminiscent of the Mall of America footage. I'm going to record a walkthrough there one of these days and post it.


    4% Asian, 29% black/Hispanic. Not good.


    No, the "ad infinitum" part is conjectural and likely to be positively disproven during our lifetimes, either through political dissolution (more likely) or something again to 1924+Operation Wetback (less likely).


    Exactly. Crime and "economic growth" are tips of the iceberg, the most salient but least impactful elements of the Great Replacement.

    Random Dude,

    Our WEIRDO niceness will be our downfall. It's a trait that is beneficial in highly WEIRDO societies, but it becomes decreasingly less so as the WEIRDO percentage of the population decreases. At some point critical mass is reached, and becomes positively disadvantageous to be "nice" because it ends up being mercilessly exploited and never reciprocated.

    That there is no going back without a huge shift in attitudes (and probably violence) is something boomers just don't seem to understand. The old America is gone. As currently defined, it will become a second-tier country like Brazil. The demographics, if trends remain unchanged, guarantee it.


    Is it? I'm not sure what sort of metric to use to measure it. Google Trends doesn't show much–a little stronger in the east, actually, but the differences are modest and of course it's hard to tell how much of that traffic is due to antifa-types searching for targets vs people actually interested in the content.


    Yes, it's an intentional misrepresentation of VD's point, which is not that those of Irish descent are going to be deported, but that the American experiment as originally constituted failed over a century ago. It has to be abandoned and something new has to come out of it. He is not a conservative. He supports political dissolution.


    Exactly. The American Indians were utterly conquered and are now a vanquished set of peoples. There's an obvious lesson there.


    Power comes from infiltrating the institutions that exist. We are doing that, to an extent I would absolutely not have believed two years ago. Things are changing.

  23. AE, I'm dealing with the ambiguity of "we" and "here". Around "here", in Iowa for example, "we" have a lot of people that have been brainwashed or have fled to a place they can continue to spout their moral poison without immediately suffering the consequences. Arguing with these people about social science is an exercise in futility. Arguing with them about individual consent, however, can lead them to see the justifiable homicide box closing in around them.

  24. The old America is gone. As currently defined, it will become a second-tier country like Brazil. The demographics, if trends remain unchanged, guarantee it.

    America is actually lucky when compared to most of Europe. Brazil is a second-tier country with plenty of "shithole regions", but it's better than having a permanent status of civil war with an increasingly powerful and growing muslim minority AND a growing, aggressive and highly fertile black community, as it is already happening to the UK, France, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, and to a lesser extent Spain, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland and Norway.

    Western Europe is doomed to a civil war like it happened in Lebanon, and then muslim political, social and cultural dominance, unless drastic measures like forced repatriations of all immigrants and a stop to immigration are taken soon, which isn't likely to happen anyway.

    Eastern Europe is safer…for now. But when muslim leaders will be hugely politically influential in the European Union and they will have a say in how nuclear powers like the UK and France use their weapons, who knows?

    And of course South Africa has already started the preliminary phase of an ethnic cleansing of white people.

    Compared with losing your country, if not your life, or having to lead with a muslim insurrection/political regime, having to deal with Latino ghettos and gangbangers will be a breeze. Sure, cultural replacement is horrible, but at least you'll still have Idaho or Utah for a while.

    Indeed if a future political dissolution of the US produced some white ethno-states in 60 or 80 years they could bring in many white Europeans escaping from the muslims in their countries. If America was led by white nationalists they should let in white South Africans.

  25. Indeed a good compromise for America would be to leave the Black Belt and black majority cities to blacks, California and other Latino-majority areas to Latinos, and turn white-majority areas into white ethno-states which let in only white immigrants and take measures to ensure higher fertility rates.

    Maybe have some population exchanges to have better defined borders, and leave the blacks to New Wakanda and the Latinos to Aztlan, where they're the leaders and are not oppressed by Evil Whites. Let them sort out their crime and cultural problems on their own.

    But of course the "diversity" program won't allow this to happen. And even if somehow happened the citizens of the shitholes that New Wakanda and Aztlan would inevitably become would try to sneak in into the far more successful white areas.

    So perhaps it's better to simply reinforce the power of white-majority states, slow down immigration of non-whites, encourage internal immigration of white people fed with diversity, and leave the multi-culti areas to sort out their own issues. Assuming that the federal government doesn't butt in to enforce diversity, of course, which requires a Republican hold on the presidency and possibly Congress and the Supreme Court too.

    Hopefully Trump will at least ensure the latter.

  26. "fed with diversity" should be "fed up with diversity"

  27. I know of it only through Heartiste. Recommended?

    Oh yes. A lot of my comments on this blog are inspired in part by things I've read on MPC. They take the intellectually provocative position of advocating for a far right politics that is both unashamedly racist yet also anti-WN. Sort of an edgy "neo-paleoconservatism" that's up to date with the latest memes and social research.

    Roissy's patronage of that place is interesting because they tend to express contempt for people like him. I like to think that he recognizes them as some of the few people who are his intellectual peers and enjoys the challenge.

  28. Minor point, but at our local pool, in our upper middle class California college town, the (mostly overweight) black and Hispanic women who bring their children often enter the pool wearing cut-off jeans and other "street" clothing.

    If a white or Asian woman did this the (mostly teenage) lifeguards would reprimand them. Nothing is ever said to the black and Hispanic women.

  29. Jim,

    Right. Literally interpreted, it sounds like residency is the most important determinant. Rhetorically, though, it's very effective–we are the ones who have to live with the consequences, so we'll decide things accordingly based on our own preferences and interests, for the benefit of ourselves and our posterity. Interests over principles.


    It's a blessing in some ways, at least in the shorter term. We also have more history living with non-whites in the US than they do in Europe and we have a lot more space to run away to. Otoh, if time is not on our side, the sooner things come to a head the better, and that's an advantage Europe has going for it.


    High praise for it. Duly noted, thanks.


    It's thousands of these "minor point"s, though, that add up to our dispossession.

  30. Anony 10:44…

    "All the previous 'newcomers' were of European descent though. The recent ones are not."

    Of UNDESIRABLE European descent. Nativists did not want their kind anywhere near their nation, nor their daughters for breeding.

    "The difference between indoctrination and learning is the truth, and the truth is correspondence with reality. The liberal worldview is not only divergent with reality, it is also becoming increasingly obsolete."

    I wouldn't say with much confidence that the Alt Right delivers "truth". Perhaps from their own perspective, but that's pretty much it.


    "We (WOPS, Micks, Pollacks, etc.) are not trying to gain Vox's or anyone else's approval, nor are we concerned about being recognized as "Real Americans or Heritage Americans." We never will be at that's fine by us."

    You only speak for those that you know you are OK for not being recognized as Heritage Americans. Otherwise, you are making a sweeping generalization.

    "They were not molly-coddled by a system that encourages them to retain their ethnic identity…"

    Except the newcomers fought like hell to maintain that cultural heritage when they got here.

    "or given the benefit of a bilingual education."

    Please educate yourself on our nation's history on this topic.

    "For instance, in the late 1600's, German Americans tried to maintain their language through schools which used German, or both German and English, as the language(s) of instruction (Crawford, 1989; Hakuta, 1986). Also, during much of the
    nineteenth century, many immigrant groups, including Italians, Poles, Czechs, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Germans,
    incorporated mother-tongue instruction in their schools (Casanova & Arias, 1993; Kloss, 1971). Beginning in the mid-1800s,
    some states passed laws which prevented interference with public school instruction in a non-English language, particularly
    German (Hakuta, 1986)."

    "They were shamed for speaking their native language outside the home…"

    Not in urban ghettos, where the Irish, Italians, and Poles spoke in their native tongue.

    "and were taught to quickly adopt American customs and traditions."


    "When you combine that with the fact that they looked similar enough to the Heritage folks then the difference starts to become clear."

    No. Southern and Eastern Europeans looked markedly different compared to WASPs, as evident by the political cartoons and drawings of the time period.

    Furthermore, "Madison Grant's 1916 book The Passing of a Great Race, held that older immigrants were skilled, thrifty, hardworking like native born Americans and recent immigrants from southern and eastern Europe were unskilled, ignorant, predominantly Catholic or Jewish and not easily assimilated into American culture. Madison Grant and Charles Davenport, among other eugenicists, were called in as expert advisers on the threat of "inferior stock" from eastern and southern Europe, playing a critical role as Congress debated the Immigration Act of 1924. The act attempted to control the number of "unfit" individuals entering the country by lowering the number of immigrants allowed in to fifteen percent of what it had been previously. Existing laws prohibiting race mixing were strengthened as well. The adoption of incest laws and many anti-miscegenation laws were also influenced by the premises of eugenics."

    "There is such a thing as a distinct and uniquely American way of life…"

    And so who is chiefly responsible for it?

  31. LordVir…

    "Only whites think abstractly enough to believe the lie that somehow white countries are different, that white countries can alter human tribal nature among even among the lowest races because we did it with Europeans."

    Code for–white people are generally stupid for invading and inviting the world, even though they have high IQ's.


    "Of course the old native stock demanded and enforced Americanization."

    At best. But they would have preferred that undesirable Europeans NOT arrived on their shores.

    "We assimliated."

    But you weren't wanted in the first place!

    "we also didn’t get welfare."

    They did get aid from Social Gospelers, jobs and other help from political bosses in exchange for votes, and were employed as disposable labor for factory owners. Ain't America grand!

    "And we’ve been here since the 1850s."

    At the expense of WASPs. They didn't want you here!


    "Indeed a good compromise for America would be to leave the Black Belt and black majority cities to blacks, California and other Latino-majority areas to Latinos, and turn white-majority areas into white ethno-states which let in only white immigrants and take measures to ensure higher fertility rates."

    There will be no compromise on this issue, nor should they be, considering that white Americans will fight you and the Alt Right to the death to ensure that this nation will not break up merely due to your fanciful whims.

    Jim Bowery…

    "Culture is artificial selection."

    The development of culture is a result of natural selection. If aspects of a culture make it easier for its people to survive and reproduce, then it reasons this process would occur naturally elsewhere. There are numerous examples here–we see eusociality develop in a number of species through convergent evolution; animals develop cultures of their own to aid their own species; dogs and wolves form hierarchical structures; prairie dogs form colonies. Altruism is not unheard of in the animal world.

    "Don't worry white nationalists — whites are vastly more genetically disposed to individuality and fairness, so you'll get to kill all the "unfair" you want — and then some."

    Highly doubtful that this group will go on some bloody rampage given their general low T levels and lack of initiative.


    "No, the "ad infinitum" part is conjectural and likely to be positively disproven during our lifetimes, either through political dissolution (more likely) or something again to 1924+Operation Wetback (less likely)."

    What is conjectural is this notion of dissolution and/or another Eisenhower-style purge.

  32. Has anyone put together data on what U.S. population would be today if we had a net zero international migration figure since 1965 or if Hart-Cellar had never occurred? I more thinking how many people, not so much the composition of who they would be.

  33. Hard to figure, Blake.  Without the downward wage pressure and upward housing cost pressure of immigration, native fertility would probably have been considerably higher than it actually was.  The question is, how much?

  34. "Because we live here."


    Because if we're not here, we're GONE.

    This isn't HOME to Mestizos. Or to Somalis. To people whose parent or even grandparents came to the USA, this is NOT home. Clowns like Corvinus must have little contact with, for example, kids (born in the USA or not) whose parents don't speak English. In my experience, most of them consider HOME to be where they came from…"here" is just for the bene's (free Medicare for refugees, free everything else–including schools set up specifically for people whose parents paid no taxes to build them.)

    If it's a contest, I have nowhere else to go. This is the beachhead, and there's no evacuation of Dunkirk. The rest, including Corvinus…they can leave. They will leave. When it gets hot enough, and/or putting all the bene's on the National MasterCard finally becomes impossible.

    When Plenitude finally fails, and the last 50 years is reframed in a condition of anxiety and RAGE, anyone who CAN go home WILL go home. The rest of us here will remove the mask.

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