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Did not dindu nuffin
Did not dindu nuffin

From a SurveyUSA poll conducted in the San Diego metro area on Trump intervening in China to pull the pampered thieves from UCLA out of the hot water they jumped into, we see an uncharacteristically strong level of support from a demographic group not generally favorable to him.

The percentages, by race, who say Trump did the right thing in intervening (“not sure” responses are omitted; N = 500):

But remember folks–color doesn’t matter, ideology does!

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Blacks aren't big brained enough to see that they can derive virtue from actively working against their own people's interests.

  2. Very interesting that Hispanics wanted those black men locked in a Chinese prison.

  3. Oh black people…never change!

    Regardless, Trump did the right thing. Impossible to get a fair trial in a foreign country, even if the foreign country in question is not actually communist.

  4. Dan,

    It's hard to interpret, though it could just be an allergy to saying anything positive about Trump combined with an ignorance of college basketball and China!

    Dissident Right,

    Agreed. These men embody so much of what is wrong with modern America–a disgrace to their country, their race, their college, and their sport–but for all that they are American citizens who were in trouble with a foreign government. The US government has to go to bat for them.

  5. Surely the cream of U.S. higher education. I'm so proud. University athletic programs have done so much to promote superior moral and intellectual development such as this.

  6. AE – That is the natural right-wing position. I was surprised to see so many conservative knee-jerk reactions in favor of Trump leaving them there. Trump was literally doing his job. Suffering criminal consequences in America is not the same as suffering them in a foreign country. The race issue aside, the point is they symbolize Americans in this case.

  7. I thought Trump did the right thing, but I would rather he did it after they spent a few weeks in prison.

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I haven't been keeping up with the details of this debacle, but will these sports-thugs be tried for their Chinese thefts in a U.S. court?

    Or is it OK for Americans to steal as long we do it outside our national boundaries?

    Or is only OK for blacks anywhere to steal as long as they play sportsball, a la Jameis Winston (pride of the Florida State Criminoles)?

    I just wonder what the rules are. Or perhaps there aren't any.

    Steve in Greensboro

  9. Cloudbuster,

    The optics could hardly have been any worse for the US than they were. The ChiComs must be scratching their heads in bemusement about how America still seems to be on top. A lot of ruin in a nation is the best I can come up with.


    It would've been enjoyable to see the athletic world scrape and beg for Trump's intervention. But as DissidentRight says, it was Trump's duty to do what he could on their behalf.


    Who? Whom?

    They are being suspended for a few games–or maybe just one, I forget. No criminal charges as far as I know. But they've learned their lesson!

  10. That sizeable opinion gap between both 'Hispanics' and 'Others' (compared to 'Whites') is more evidence of the leveraging opportunity for sh*tlording and throwing the Coalition of the Fringes into disarray. Despite what The Cathedral would have us believe, Mexicans hate blacks, and blacks hate Mexicans. And the Asians hate both. And all hate each other way more than whites hate any particular group.

  11. Do the crime in China, do the time in China. Given the antics of the father they should have been left in China. Doubt that it would have taught any lessons though.

  12. "The optics could hardly have been any worse for the US than they were. The ChiComs must be scratching their heads in bemusement about how America still seems to be on top. A lot of ruin in a nation is the best I can come up with."

    Neil Howe says that Gen X-ers have been slower to rise in politics, going by the average age of congress and the senate, than any other generation in American history. And this is probably true of other countries also (look at how many hated Boomer politicians there are still hanging on, and on, and on….). Boomers arrogantly freeze younger generations out, who get tired of the gridlock and corruption and say fuck it, I ain't getting involved. The exceptions to this were mostly born in the late 60's and very early 70's, in other words the very early X-ers who grew up with Boomer siblings and acquaintances and also who partially came of age in the 70's. Later X-ers had Boomer parents/uncles/aunts and came of age after 1980 when Boomers solidified their grip on the culture and if anything, their arrogance and meddling just got worse as time went on. With aging Boomers arguing with each other and considering it out of the question to even notice X-ers, let alone respect their wishes and ideas, it's not suprising that people who came of age in the 80's and 90's have chosen to just stay the hell out of the way of domineering Boomers.

    Note that another Boomer type generation fubard America before and during the civil war, as they acted like sanctimonious hot-heads who refused to build a mutually beneficial consensus regarding anything. And theyyoungest generations during that time shook their head and became overly indecisive, perhaps as an over-correction to the manic fervor of the aging people who were at each other's throats.

    The flawed traits of the Boomers are perhaps muted in many non-Western places, since those places sucked big time in the 60's-80's, so at this point leaders are trying to build things back up. Whereas in white Western countries, the degree of incompetent Boomer leadership is positively correlated to how comfortable the Boomers were in the 50's-80's. The Anglo diaspora is struggling mightily to get it's shit together these days, no surprise considering that American/Canadian/Australian were such wonderful places to live in back in the 50's and so forth. Boomers came of age taking their privilege for granted, and proceeded to bicker over quite trivial matters while ignoring their responsibility to maintain the foundation of a functioning country and economy (e.g., make good stuff, keep bad people out, don't encourage living beyond one's means, etc.)

  13. If you have a current passport, and read the list on page six, item six warns that while in a foreign country you are subject to its laws and punishments may be more severe than in the US. The State Department website says they can't get you out of jail.

    I don't think Donald Trump "did the right thing". No one else has gotten special treatment to be brought home.

  14. Logical Meme,

    Indeed. Sailer's suggested rhetorical/polemical strategy: Turn the Democrat party into the Black party. Not the non-white party, but the Black party, specifically.


    Understandable sentiment.


    When the boomers drop off significantly in the next decade or so, the landscape really is going to look, feel, sound, and smell different.


    Yes, good point. Trump certainly was not legally compelled to take any action.

  15. Resident Gump blows it again. This clown couldn't play Checkers with Nixon's dog. This old fool got zero thanks from blackity black fail and just went full cuck a doodle yankee stupid to boot.
    The Chinese must be laughing at this ass. He's not Caesar, not even Caligula. He's Kim Kardashian's ass.
    This damn fool could have waited for these loser blacks to beg him to spring these genetic throwbacks, but loser Bush League stupid went all the way to Cuckservative without even a whimper from the Left.

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