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Barbaric Animal Cruelty Is Recreation in China
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The worst societies with regards to Western views on women’s rights can arguably be said to exist in the Islamic world or possibly in sub-Saharan Africa. On animal rights, though, China is about as reprehensible as it gets (beware the link as it contains some grizzly pictures):

The smiling children giggled as they patted the young goat on its head and tickled it behind the ears.

Some of the more boisterous ones tried to clamber onto the animal’s back but were soon shaken off with a quick wiggle of its bottom.

It could have been a happy scene from a family zoo anywhere in the world but for what happened next.

A man hoisted up the goat and nonchalantly threw it over a wall into a pit full of hungry lions. The poor goat tried to run for its life, but it didn’t stand a chance. The lions quickly surrounded it and started tearing at its flesh.

“Oohs” and “aahs” filled the air as the children watched the goat being ripped limb from limb. Some started to clap silently with a look of wonder in their eyes.

The scenes witnessed at Badaltearing Safari Park in China are rapidly becoming a normal day out for many Chinese families. …

Next to the main slaughter arena is a restaurant where families can dine on braised dog while watching cows and goats being disembowelled by lions.

The zoo also encourages visitors to “fish” for lions using live chickens as bait. For just £2, giggling visitors tie terrified chickens onto bamboo rods and dangle them in front of the lions, just as a cat owner might tease their pet with a toy.

During one visit, a woman managed to taunt the big cats with a petrified chicken for five minutes before a lion managed to grab the bird in its jaws.

The crowd then applauded as the bird flapped its wings pathetically in a futile bid to escape. The lion eventually grew bored and crushed the terrified creature to death.

The tourists were then herded onto buses and driven through the lions’ compound to watch an equally cruel spectacle. The buses have specially designed chutes down which you can push live chickens and watch as they are torn to shreds.

Once again, children are encouraged to take part in the slaughter.

Savagery. And child abuse.

Accessing one of the clearest windows into a man’s soul is as easy as observing how he treats the defenseless when he has power over them and no external consequences for his behavior exist. The Chinese are severely autistic even by Western trophy hunting standards.

Those who think the dimunition of the West, especially of the US, is somehow going to be a boon for human (or in this case, animal) rights are sadly mistaken. Our broad understanding of what it means to be “humane” is something unique to Western Europeans and their descendants.

In 1960, one-fourth of the world’s population was of European descent. Today it is less than one-sixth, and by mid-Century it will be about one-tenth. The economic and military growth of the Middle Kingdom, and the continued demographic growth characterizing the Middle East and Africa are going to bring with them an uglier humanity in the eyes of most Westerners.

The CPC has no qualms doing business with the Sudanese government, Mugabe in Zimbabwe, or Ahmadenijad in Iran. This debased form of Chinese entertainment, on par with bear-baiting that was finally outlawed throughout the British Empire in the 19th Century (thanks in large part to the efforts of Puritans who had been fighting the barbaric practice for 300 years), illustrates why there is virtually no public opposition to such business and governmental dealings in China.

Note too, that this is not merely a passtime for adults–young children are exposed to it and encouraged to enjoy themselves in the process.

Genetic engineering? Ninety-one percent of Chinese geneticists said they’d favor eugenic practices for the good of the nation. Selective reproduction? Policies on mandated abortion already exist. These are things the Chinese will embrace, with much less angst than will be felt in the West.

I favor a national consumption tax to replace the federal income tax system. It will levy the tax on foreign goods as though they were made domestically, irrespective of other taxes previously imposed prior to domestic entry. It will remove the disincentives that currently exist within the tax structure for manufacturers, reduce imports and internal consumption of cheap consumables, and increase exports.

Breaking the back of Chinese economic growth–fully 10% of China’s entire GDP is comprised of exports to the US alone (compared to the one-fifth of one percent of US GDP that exports to China represent)–is a consequential side effect that wouldn’t break my heart.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Hmmm, I seem to recall that Michael Vick was involved in some pretty cruel activities with respect to dogs.

    On that basis perhaps other countries should boycott US-made goods?

    That is to say, China has more than three times the population the US has, and you are taking the activities of some of the people (who might not have gotten the memo as yet) to tar the Chinese with a pretty broad brush.

  2. Anonymous: Don't be stupid. Vick was tried, convicted, and imprisoned. The activities described in the article are carried on with the full knowledge and consent of China and its government, and they could end it any time they want. But they don't.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Well, there is a problem here.

    Badaltearing is not a Chinese name, especially not the name of a place near Beijing.

    Secondly, another article on this matter says:

    Astonishingly, the zoo also sells tiger meat and wine produced from big cats kept in battery-style cages.

    Thirdly, what attempts have been made to verify this story. The only references seem to back to original article by the daily mail.

    To me it looks like another Duke Rape Hoax with people uncritically believing what they want to believe.

  4. Anon,

    Dennis beat me to the obvious retort. Dogfighting is nowhere close to being even culturally tolerable in the US. Vick was one of the most promising quarterbacks in the NFL and it destroyed his career and landed him in jail.

    In China, by contrast, this sort of Coliseum-like viciousness is on public display in several places across the country, and children are encouraged to take part.

    That equivocation is on par with the assertion that Christianity is no more compatible with liberalism than is Islam, since there are those who have blown up abortion clinics.

    Are you saying all those pictures and videos are fakes, and media figures like Emma Milne are being misquoted? I don't follow why you think this is a 'hoax'.

    Here's a Sky News video report on the same type of barbarity from multiple zoos.

    Also, see my post on one of the dog massacres that occur from time to time in China.

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Epigone, watch this:

    Tigers in China eating a live cow in front of tour buses for entertainment. Genteel entertainment, huh?

    Audacious Epigone wrote:

    "Accessing one of the clearest windows into a man's soul is as easy as observing how he treats the defenseless when he has power over them and no external consequences for his behavior exist."

    Man Ive told people variatons of this theme for many, many, many years when it comes to assessing new aquaintences. If a guy or gal you have a business/personal relationship with treats a waiter very rudely, or another person brusquely for no reason, that says alot about them. Anybody can be friendly when they want something from you.

    Id seen some YouTube video before of a Chinese park where Siberian Tigers are kept and are fed birds that can't fly very well. The big cats jump up and pull them out of the air for the enjoyment of people riding by in little buses. The cats were in a pit of some kind. I could look around for it, but you get the idea.

    Simply put:
    Liberals and neo-cons love trading with China because they hate regular, boring white people in America, and are glad to see their birthrates dip under replacement levels. There is no way we should trade with a communist country that treats its people the way that the Chinese do.

    When you really think about it: Why do we trade with any country that has a minimum wage that is not somewhat on par with our own? Do you want to wear a shirt made by a teenager who makes five bucks a day? How can we compete with that? Of course we cant (and shouldn't even try). The US should trade with the more advanced South American nations, Europe, Canada, Russia, Australia, perhaps Taiwan, and New Zeland. Nations that employ sweat shops should not have access to first world markets. I remember watching a televison documenturary about some South Asian hell-hole that Tom Delay was getting money from that tricked young girls to come and work there, got them more or less "trapped" there, made them have abortions, and worked them ungodly hours for a pittance. It was horrible, but asshole "free-trade" wall street bought-offs will tell you these people are better off, etc. What about our people in Appalachia who used to do this stuff for seven bucks an hour? They are not better off.

    If this nation did not have its Navy and Nukes to protect it, we'd look at the world in an entirely differnt way. Unfortunately our military superiority has allowed our elite into flights of fantasy regarding the rest of humanity. History is not pre-written. Egypt fell, Assyria (in its time a bigger superpower than we are now), Babylon, Egypt, The Hittite Empire, The Mongols, Rome, and the British and Spanish empires all fell. At any one time all of these empires probably looked as if they'd last for thousands of years in virtual hegemony, but they didn't. Hell, I remember reading about how unbeatable (and wealthy if you read Strobe Talbot in Time magazine) the Soviets were in the mid-eighties.

    Our elite thinks they can continually outsmart common sense, but blood is thicker than water and it always has been. Miles

  6. Miles,

    Man, I've seen enough of it now. There's nothing natural about dropping a piece of livestock into a pen of tigers (they're supposed to be solitary animals!), and letting the corpulent cats who've become terrible hunters slowly gnaw it to death over a period of 20 minutes. To take joy in watching it is sicker still.

    This isn't comparable to the slaughterhouse, either, where the animals are knocked unconscious, usually by electric shock, and then suffocated.

    It is not the death of the animal that is so appaling, but the glee that is taken in causing it to suffer as much as possible, that illustrates Western and Chinese cultural differences.

    Re: trade in search of the cheapest possible labor, this inhibits innovation. Unless we expect technological breakthroughs to come from these 19th Century sweatshops (they're not going to happen here, without an industrial base to be borne from), the hunt for ever-cheaper slave labor is a recipe for technological stagnation.

  7. Chinese barbarians? And to think the middle kingdom was once the civilised part of the world! The muslim world is similar in barbarity.

    Can you imagine a world where the mores and rules for everyone were concocted by either the Chinese or the Muslims? A world without America.

  8. Can you imagine a world where the mores and rules for everyone were concocted by either the Chinese or the Muslims? A world without America.

    Stories like these take away the need for imagination…

  9. AP, you might this piece by Spengler interesting.
    "At the Creation and at the manger"

  10. Stuff like that was pretty common entertainment in France and England as recently as the mid-18th C (see Hogarth's Stages of Cruelty engravings).

    So, either 1) there hasn't been enough time for the Chinese with more middle-class values to outreproduce those without them, or 2) the Chinese have hit on a genetic way of being more middle-class, but that doesn't include losing a love of violence.

    You can test these by comparing China vs. Japan on measures of animal cruelty. If Japan is pretty similar, then it suggests 2). The analogy there would be lighter skin color — East Asians have hit on a different way to be pale, in a way that doesn't also lighten their eyes or hair, as in Europeans.

    If Japan is more Western, it suggests 1), and we'll just have to wait.

  11. Agnostic,

    I wonder if there are any significant voices of protest in China, akin to those of Puritan groups in England leading up to the ending of the bloody kinds of entertainment.

    The Japanese Parliament passed a pretty stringent animal cruelty act in 2000, but I have little idea of the state of country in that respect, and I can't find any sort of index attempting to shed light on it. The Japanese view on whaling is at odds with most of the West, but that's not the same thing. Any idea on how to go about making that comparison?

  12. The correct name is "Badaling Safari Park". I have no idea how a "tear" got in there. Also, lol @ "wine produced from big cats". I think the conclusion we can draw from this is that the Daily Mail is not a reliable news source. However, using the correct name (Badaling) one can still find stories about animal cruelty going on there. Here's one link to start.

  13. And that link which I just posted seems to indicate, much to my surprise, that "tiger wine" really exists. Their better-worded explanation is as follows:

    "Surprisingly, the zoo also sells tiger meat, which is widely eaten in China, and the wine, made from the crushed bones of the animals, is a popular drink."

  14. Thanks sleep, I was picturing tigers with diabetes…

  15. Sleep,

    Thanks for the semantic clear-up.

    A translation error in the course of 'Romanizing' a proper noun from Mandarin doesn't strike me as a reason to suspect the source is unreliable. There are lots of other pictures and reports that corroborate the story.

    Tiger wine is apparently pretty easy to come by via internet auction sites in China. I'm not sure how it'd add to taste, but gelatin is made of bone too, so it seems like it wouldn't be tough to slip a little crushed bone in the wine and play it up for its exotic-ness.

  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I have to agree with Anonymous in saying that this sort of thing did occur in Europe, even up to the 18th century, as it did in China.

    However, the modern PRC of China is not a reflection of the culture of premodern China. Most of traditional Chinese culture was, in effect, wiped out by the Cultural Revolution; only recently has this begun to be undone.

    The cuisine of, say, the affluent Song Dynasty, was not barbaric by any measure. It was civilized and tempered. Dog meat was so rare as to be non-existent in menus, and exotic foods, like stuffed owl and shark-fin soup, were expensive, rare treats, like caviar and frog's legs is today in Europe.

    What we see in China today is, on the whole, unhistorical. This is a country that has had its impressive millenia-spanning history torn to shreds by Communism, and replaced with an immoral, dishonest selfish social ethic. 'Chinese' 'culture' in the PRC is only a few decades old. Even Russia did not suffer culturally to this extent.

    The real China that I recognize is Taiwan. This is what you should judge, despite its small size, if you want to weigh the merits and flaws of real Chinese people. Chinese philosophy of the Warring States, and later NeoConfucianism of the Song Dynasty, thought badly of animal cruelty, let alone human cruelty ('cept Legalism).

    There are many enthusiastic animal rights groups in the PRC, and they are trying their darndest to spread their message, but it is hard in such a government.

    As a European (English) man, I think it's wise to not make hasty judgments on an entity which is only a shell of what used to be China, whatever power it may wield.

  17. i am indian. this would be nice if hot chinese woman watch it and enjoy it.
    people in west are jealous of china..thats all.

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