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The gender pay gap is probably the single most risible widespread, popular myth in contemporary American culture, one that implodes on the first sign of scrutiny.

A non-exhaustive list of reasons that, on average, men tend to earn more than women do:

–which happens to men far more frequently than it does to women–requires a pay premium.

– Men work in higher paying industries that require more specialized skills (computer engineering vs childcare, etc).

– Men, on average, have been with their current employers longer. Most organizations have tenure-based pay raises because experience is an asset while hiring, orientation, and training are costly .

Men are more likely to work non-conventional schedules like weekends or overnights. These undesirable hours also require a pay premium.

Men work longer hours and more overtime. Incredibly, the 77-cents-to-the-dollar assertion makes no adjustment for total hours worked. That is, the alleged 77% of a man’s pay that a woman gets isn’t an hourly figure, it’s an annual one. Just making the obvious adjustment for hours worked, to get a comparison by hourly rates, cuts the 23-cent gap in half.

– Relatedly, men report a stronger desire to work more to earn more. Being more occupationally ambitious, men make more money.

– Men get more satisfaction from work. This is the corollary of women getting more satisfaction from nurturing children and taking care of the home.

If women doing the same work with the same efficacy as men were actually paid less, an easy way to crush the competition would be for a firm to fire all its men and hire women to replace them, thus realizing a 23% reduction in labor costs without changing anything else!

Perhaps Audi will take advantage of that? I wonder what percentage of this high-end, expertly-engineered automobile company is female. Surprisingly, the ad doesn’t tell us. If we drill down into the company’s website we can find it, though–14.2% as of the end of 2014.

From interracial relationships portrayed at any opportunity to every major corporation having its bugger logo ready to go the minute the supreme court blessed same-sex marriages, from celebrating the dispossession of America’s founding stock to denigrating natives and cheering on foreigners, the corporate world is a fully converged arm of the Cathedral.

Women are a more precious resource than men because sperm are cheaper than eggs. Healthy societies know this. Despite the efforts of companies like Audi, most people instinctively know it as well. It’s why we send men to fight in wars and why we put women and children in lifeboats first. A tribe coming out of a turf war with two men and 48 women remaining survives. A tribe coming out of the same conflict with 48 men and two women left alive does not.

Audi is in a position to lead here by embracing reality and refusing to apologize for it. Instead, they put out self-serving virtue-signalling like this stupid commercial as a means of providing cover for themselves so that entities like the EEOC will leave them alone in favor of harassing smaller, less well-connected companies whose pockets aren’t deep enough to pay the Diversity Tax.

Parenthetically, the line about grandpa being worth more than grandma is a bald-faced lie. Women control most of the private wealth in the country because men, in part from having lived more physically stressful and dangerous lives, die younger, leaving their widows with everything.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Exurban Bourbon,

    Great post, thanks. I'll admit I only paid attention to the video for a couple seconds before starting the process of finding links for the data compilation. I did notice how ridiculous the Audi looked at the end but just chalked that up to some combination of sloppiness, the jarring juxtaposition of a gritty commercial about a luxury car, and the need to stick a product in at some point to be able to label as a commercial what was really a few million bucks spent on virtue-signaling.

  2. Damn it. Damn Audi and damn Germany.

    They probably think they are saving the world to make up for WWI and WWII but the reality is that they are on the side of wreaking yet again.

    My father is worth more than my mother? F.U., Audi. Don't talk about my mother like that! Who that is not spiritually dead even thinks about their parents or grandparents in terms of who is worth more than the other?

  3. Dan,

    Right, the narrative is alien. Who thinks ranks their own parents or grandparents against each other? The same people who choose favorites among their children, I guess.

  4. It is freaky. WWI and WWII Germans were on the wrong side of the war, and now again they are going to be on the wrong side of this one. It is like they are congenitally always late to the party.

  5. It'll be interesting to see where the country is culturally in a year. I know a lot of progs believe the Women's March and the Superbowl ads are the start of a victorious movement, but it's more likely that those things were planned for Hillary's inauguration and the early days of her presidency. As such, these things are more likely echoes of the past, rather than brand new starts.

    My guess is that, in a year's time, the nannying, lecturing tone of the SJWs ("5 words that were acceptable in 2014 that are NOT OK in 2015!") will be less common. I bet corporations will start pulling the plug on SJW marketing campaigns (heck, there are rumors that Disney made Rogue One less obnoxiously feminist because the reaction to Ghostbusters was so harsh).

    The left will be as rampant as ever, but will be more on the fringe, more violent, and more of an identity unto itself. The incident at Berkeley serves as the harbinger of what the left will be. This Audi ad, conversely, was more representative of how the left was under SJWs from 2012 to 2016.

    The condition of the right will be tied to how well Trump does. I think Trump's popularity will solidify if he stays out of wars in Yemen and Iran, which I fear the neocons are trying to lure him into as I write this.

  6. Chris,

    They're leading the EU as the EU leads Europe to its own self-abnegation.


    Right, the women's march was huge for supposedly being spontaneous, but it was also uttery pointless. That its point had been pulled out from under its feet fits.

    Trump needs to heed Pat Buchanan's advice–Middle Eastern wars break presidencies.

  7. How are 2 men going to defend 48 women? I can see 48 men finding a way to get some women though

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