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Atheists and Agnostics Don't Believe in the Tea Party
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While Secular Right appeals to non-religious rightists more concerned with the unrelenting growth in the size of the bureaucratic state than with social issues conventionally associated with conservatives, atheists and agnostics are more openly hostile towards the Tea party movement than even black Protestants or Jews are. The following table comes from Pew’s recent survey report on the Tea party, social issues, and religion:

A full two-thirds of A&As disagree with the things tea partiers stand for. Among no religious grouping or among those otherwise unaffiliated with any religion who do not self-identify as A&A does that portion even reach 50%. If your God doesn’t live in the sky, I guess He lives in the halls of Congress, or even worse, in Turtle Bay.

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  1. Surely that's part of the point of Secular Right: to demonstrate the existence of atheistic conservatives to a world that assumes that an atheist must be a Leftist (because, indeed, most atheists are Leftists).

  2. I'm a tea party supporting atheist. We are few, but we are a hardy, passionate few.

  3. The Reluctant Apostate,

    Yes, certainly, although I've seen people like Half Sigma argue that atheists are more rational and pragmatic than believers are. That's not self-evident to me.


    .3% of the people surveyed fit into your category. One in a million (almost)!

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "If your God doesn't live in the sky, I guess He lives in the halls of Congress, or even worse, in Turtle Bay"

    What an odd conclusion do draw from the data. I thought Tea Partiers essentially won the last congressional election – and therefore [you would think] A&As would be hostile to the current Congress. Also, what is the problem with Turtle Bay? Do people you don't like live there?
    One of the most interesting results of this survey is that A&As are the only group with a substantial majority that can identify what the Tea party stands for. Perhaps if everyone could the results would be quite different.

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "One of the most interesting results of this survey is that A&As are the only group with a substantial majority that can identify what the Tea party stands for."

    Sounds like you treated the data as a Rorschach test. You didn't even click through to the original source, did you?

  6. There are just very few true skeptics. The book, What Americans Really Believe" notes that on the spectrum of credulity, traditional religionists tend more toward skepticism than the irreligious. I would argue that some religionists eventually fall off the religion wagon because of skepticism. However, those who claim no religion actually more readily believe the unproven and even the disproven. Skepticism doesn't appear to be the reason many eschew traditional religion.

  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Half Sigma is either an idiot or he trolls his own blog on a regular basis. I still haven't figured out which is which. He reasons logically for a stretch, than jumps to some tenuously supported conclusion.

    Empirically speaking, most atheists are statheists.

    Statheism: the belief or doctrine that there's no God but the state.


  8. "which is which" = "which it is"
    "than" = "then"


  9. Anon,

    Turtle Bay is home to the UN building.

    Anon and silly girl,

    This definitely supports those assertions.


    Spam? No, that's steak!

  10. "Empirically speaking, most atheists are statheists."

    Such a bold claim requires evidence.

  11. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    As an atheist who hates the Tea Party, allow me to explain:

    Most religion is evil. One of the key components of Christianity (and Islam) is that non-believers should be sadistically tortured for all eternity. Most people are OK with sadistically torturing billions of people for billions of years (which I find hard to understand), but a few people who have some compassion look at that and think "hey, that's not right!", and disbelieve.

    Compassionate people strongly oppose the Tea Party, for obvious reasons.

    Most religion is also stupid. Most people can believe that the world was created by a magical space pixie who cares about us but never does anything to show his existence. But a few people who have some intelligence and integrity look at that and think "hey, that's not right!", and disbelieve.

    Intelligent people with integrity also strongly oppose the Tea Party, for obvious reasons.

    In summary, people with enough compassion and common sense to realise religion is nonsensical and cruel, can also see the same about the Tea Party.

  12. Anon,

    Because you're presuming that the tea party is full of Christians, who you also hate? I'm not sure I understand the genesis of your disdain, other than the nebulous accusation that both Christians and tea partiers lack "compassion".

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