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At Least the Black Guy Said "Parents" Instead of "Mothers and Fathers"
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As they scurry away to the swamps of Ravenna, the enemies of the Trumpening are grabbing at anything that can reassure them of their own moral superiority at such a dark, dark moment in their lives (spoiler alert: It gets darker for them still). This clip has been one of the more prominently displayed of their recently discovered holy relics:

Trump never said anything critical of blacks during the campaign. He did better among blacks than Romney or McCain did even with the entire media complex and a black president aligned against him.

Trump’s theme was very clearly American vs non-American, and the assertion that the good of the former should be the driving factor in how the government deals with the latter. It’s ridiculous how difficult it is for many people to grasp this, but it was plain from the beginning.

That said, there is no time for this lugubrious, mawkish crap.

Where was Van Jones when NFL teams, politicians (both Democrat and Republican–we’re looking at you, Rand), celebrities, the attorney general, and the media establishment were putting their hands up in imitation of Michael Brown’s totally fictitious “hands up, don’t shoot”? The only thing Brown used his hands for was punching Darrin Wilson and trying to take his gun.

Explain to your kids how an innocent white man doing a dangerous job in an impeccably professional manner has had to drop off the face of the earth because the powers that be wanted to turn a criminal into an angel and a decent, salt-of-the-earth middle American into a sacrificial lamb for the sake of Who? Whom?

Wilson is emblematic of why working-class white men, the only demographic in the country without a single group that stands up for them, came out more than 3-to-1 in favor of Donald “I am your voice” Trump.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Miracle is a weird word. But consider that Trump led on only 2 days of the last 500 with western civilization on the line…

    The chart also shows the brutal effect of Romney and other NeverTrumpers. On March 3rd, when Romney, the closest thing we had then to the head of a party, savaged Trump like he had never savaged Obama, Trump was down by just 3.4 against Clinton. And Romney never even endorsed anyone, attacking without providing any alternative. With Romney leading the charge, Trump was soon trailing by double digits. And with that, Trump's job instantly became so much harder, climbing a mountain while roped to people pulling in the opposite direction the whole way.

    Romney's goal apparently really was to bring Republican defeat 2016, in the way that his father fought against Goldwater, thinking that it would be better for the party in the long run.

    Romney apparently doesn't see that without Trump there is no long run.

  2. Dan,

    And now Romney is done. Every NeverTrump cuck is finished. Trump was able to beat them when every arm of the Establishment was unified against him. Now Trump has some real control of the machine that opposed him. He'll be in a stronger position now than he has been at any point in the last 18 months.

  3. Anonymous [AKA "FlyingHigh2016"] says:

    When you factor in the MASSIVE, 17 month long, All-hands-on-deck media smear campaign against DJT, the scheming of the NeverTrumpers, including McMuffin, Johnson/Weld, & the Donor class, this result is simply surreal. NeverTrumpers will be relentlessly trying to worm their way into the administration, and DJT must act massively on his promises in the first 100 days. And he must co-opt all good ideas which support middle class prosperity. For god sakes, do not listen to the Wall St parasites, the crony capitalist insiders including agribiz, & Silicon Valley. Channel Teddy Roosevelt & co-opt the smarter aspects of Bernie Bros/Elizabeth Warren policy: trust busting, tighter labor supply for higher wages, & exposing the negative externalities created by the Elites open borders advocacy.

  4. You forgot to mention Michael Brown also used his hands to rob a store.

  5. FlyingHigh2016,

    FDR's victory made clear the power of radio. JFK's victory made clear the power of television. Trump's victory made clear the power of the internet generally and social media specifically. We're in a new era now, one in which there is no real centralized media control nor any way for messages to be silenced. Even the ability to obstruct is going away. Infogalactic will run parallel to wikipedia, Gab to twitter, and something else to Facebook at some point. Trump reached more people, and faster, via social media than CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, the WSJ, the NYT, and the WaPo combined.

    Saint Louis,


  6. Those guys who backstabbed him in the primaries and the election are still there in Congress and he will have to do business with them for awhile. Trump's going to need a united party behind him to get anywhere, so we're entering a very dangerous phase once he gets sworn in.
    For the time being, I would be delighted if as a strong start they could get Ryan knocked down from speaker of the house.
    I've been reflecting on how this could develop.
    If these riots, secession talk, #notmypresident catch on and BLM keeps flaring up it's great news for Trump. He can sit back as they discredit themselves and then pounce on them when the time is right to the sound of cheers.

  7. Giovanni,

    Yes, his situation is like Julius Caesar's after the battle of Pharsalus. Caesar chose clemency for most of his erstwhile enemies. That shored up his popularity and his political power but it also left him vulnerable to declared erstwhile enemies who then became undeclared current enemies.

    Trump has to use the bully pulpit like a hammer to keep Republicans in congress in line. If someone is obstructing, announce it across the country and let said congress critter feel the heat of tens of thousands of angry constituents.

    Paul Ryan must go. He has shown a willingness to abandon Trump at the drop of a hat, and he has done so repeatedly. Fool me once…

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