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Asian and Amerindian Electoral Inertia
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Steve Sailer has a long-running gag about the Latino Electoral Tidal Wave failing to ever hit shore. Hispanic (and Asian) turnout rates among eligible voters have been and continue to be reliably lower than white and black rates are.

That’s because the invaders New Americans aren’t that interested in politics. Those on the losing side of the previous invasion aren’t much interested, either. One reason blacks still loom disproportionately large in the minds of elites at the expense of other non-whites is because blacks are a lot more culturally salient than other non-whites are. Electoral behavior is part of that.

The following graph shows political interest by race. The GSS asked respondents about their personal level of interest in politics with five potential responses ranging from “not at all interested” on the low end to “very interested” on the high end. Inverted from the survey for ease of comprehension, the higher the score, the greater the interest (N = 2,730):

This isn’t attributable to a large share of the browns and yellows being ineligible to vote on account of being non-citizens. Both foreign-born Hispanics and foreign-born Asians actually express modestly greater interest in politics than their native-born counterparts do!

Attributing greater interest to higher intelligence doesn’t fit. Yes, Jews are on top, but whites come in ahead of Asians while blacks come in ahead of Asians, Hispanics, and American Indians despite having lower average IQ than any of them.

A loquacity-taciturn gradient fits better, with blacks and Jews expressing more interest while Amerindians and Asians express less.

GSS variables used: RACECEN1(1)(2)(3)(4-10), HISPANIC(1)(2-50), RELIG(1-2,4-13)(3), POLINT

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The gradient appears to be testosterone X IQ.

    As an aside, I learned today that MSNBC is the most-watched cable network (all of cable, not just news) among blacks. Their primetime audience is 1M viewers, half of whom are black. I'd thought their audience was primarily cat ladies, so that explains a lot, i.e. why their programming makes Fox look like Bloomberg.

  2. Does the Asians category include Indians? My impression is that Indians have greater interest in politics than East Asians do. Indians also seem to be more successful in politics and politics related endeavors like political media punditry.

  3. The fact that Hispanics just don't seem to be a salient part of the American cultural narrative is why I'm optimistic that the media furor over the policy of separating children at the border will ebb out soon.

  4. Let us control the information infrastructure of a country and we care not who makes its laws.

  5. IHTG said…
    The fact that Hispanics just don't seem to be a salient part of the American cultural narrative is why I'm optimistic that the media furor over the policy of separating children at the border will ebb out soon.


    Which is why the only #Lives that will ever #Matter in the American narrative are #Black.

    Human society, especially the American one, does not reward those who sit quietly on the sidelines expressing disinterest.

  6. Interestingly, the politics in Hispanophone countries (incl. Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, etc.) really doesn't map well onto American politics. For example the environmentalist party is often socially conservative, the party more associated with Catholicism can be economically leftist, etc. In Mexico and Ecuador sometimes the parties aren't even primarily ideological – just more like competing associations. Then there are Cuba and Venezuela, which are communist basket cases but socially conservative in a way, such as that homosexuality is frowned on (or still illegal?) in Cuba, and they have a clear discriminatory racial hierarchy with whites on top.

    So perhaps people from Hispanic cultures have a barrier to interest in US politics because the parties and arguments don't reflect axes that they could easily align along. Just a hypothesis.

    I also have a hypothesis for Native Americans – they are the only racial minority in the US that is primarily rural. Again, that does not align with US political axes, where the Democrats are perceived as the home of racial minorities but the Republicans are perceived as the home for rural and exurban people.

  7. The thing about ant people though is that they still aren't to be trusted. When crime declined and cultural liberalism took off in the late 90's, Asians shivved the GOP right in the back. The GOP enthusiastically brought Asian boat people to America believing that they hated communism and would be a good fit for the GOP, but as time's gone by Asians have become more Democratic. Asians in the early 1990's detested American blacks (the LA riots) and associated them with backwardness and urban decay, as is evidence by Asians voting more like white Southerners in the 80's and early 90's. With Millennials being substantially less dangerous than older generations, Asian can now buy into the coalition of the minorities fantasy about white people being powermad bigots who need to be held to account first.

    BTW, as usual I have to add the disclaimer that I don't want to leap onto a grenade for the GOP. However, in the very high crime climate of the 1970's-early 1990's, the GOP could make hay in a certain kind of way that they just can't anymore. Gen X blacks attacking Korean shop-keepers was grist for the mill back then, and hardly any Asian back then really believed in a "rainbow coalition". Lastly, we saw how hard a backlash there was towards PC in the early 1990's during a period of record crime levels; even black leaders back then could speak of upping sentences for criminals and drug dealers.

    It is funny how as California became less white in the 1990's, so too did non-whites in the state become less Republican. There was a palpable sense of something changing in the culture of the later 90's; a lot of airheaded liberal fantasies came back into trend after being moribund from the late 70's-early 90's (when crime hit a record high), and nothing is more airheaded than the "rainbow coalition" which young Gen X black males made impossible. What now passes for "mainstream" liberal thought only occured in the wildest wet dreams of the humanities department in the 80's.

  8. snorlax,

    Very generally, the bipolar low-brow and high-brow approach of the broad left is attributable to the two non-gentile white groups most influential on the left.


    It does, but the numbers are pretty small–in the teens and twenties by Asian nationality. Indians show more interest than the Chinese and other east Asians but less interest than Filipinos.


    The comment sections indicate people already don't tend to care much. Good. When the left complains about Tommy Robinson being separated from his children, get back to me.

  9. Sid says:


    "When the left complains about Tommy Robinson being separated from his children, get back to me."

    I've seen a lot of rightists tey to point out examples of leftists not caring about children being separated from their parents. None of them have worked – until now. That's the most striking and poignant example of family separation I can think of.

    I generally try to refrain from wishing suffering on people, but in this case I wish bloody death and burning hell on the people who moved Tommy Robinson to an unsafe, Muslim-dominated prison.

  10. Sid,

    He's the father of three white children. He's been taken away from them and delivered to the inbred saracens who've raped, with impunity, children just like his for decades.

    Ourselves and our posterity. Nothing else matters.


    Encouraging, thanks.

  11. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    yeah, voting matters a lot…
    let's see…

    the gop took control of all 3 branches in the early 2000s…and they did it by promising school vouchers….and did they follow through?

    the dems took control of all 3 branches in 2008…and they did it by promising single payer ….and did they follow through?

    the GOP took control of all 3 branches in 2016…and they did it by promising immigration control and of course as they have for decades, promised smaller government….and did they follow through? Nope…and in fact even though trump asked for radical cuts in many govt agencies, the gop congress increased the budget…

    yeah, voting really matters…a whole lot…guess who understands this? Latinos

  12. Turnout in Mexico is never all that high either, relative to Western nations. It used to be much higher, but as the country as collapsed into anarchy, voting has come to mean less and less. It will be interesting to see how many Mexicans bother voting next month.

    Another challenge for our rulers in organizing the brown horde against us is that the brown hordes are just as prone to attack one another as attack whitey. Puerto Ricans trust blancos much more than they will ever trust Mexicans or Salvadorans.

  13. Anon,

    It doesn't do much. On the other hand, it doesn't take much effort to do. Bad is better than terrible.


    The NYC public school coalition of the fringes bloodbath provides a front row seat to the country's future as it runs out of white children to spread around.

    We'll know we're in a new dystopian era when one segment of the CotF petitions the shrinking white rump to take its side against another segment of the CotF.

  14. Historically speaking, white people weren't always that interested in politics either. Notwithstanding the American Revolution – which was itself driven by only a tiny fraction of the population – the early days of the Republic were similar in practice to a landed aristocracy. Most people still carried over at least some Victorian sensibilities and considered political participation to be nasty, distasteful, often violent, and generally somebody else's problem. It took about a century of democracy to truly corrupt what we now call the "electorate".

    Given the short length of time (barely over 50 years) that we've been accepting large numbers of Mexican and Asian immigrants, and the kind of cultures they come from (Mexico, with its gang-rule kleptocracy, and China, which is still basically Imperial), I'm not surprised that these immigrants are disinterested in politics, even 1-2 generations down the tree. Give it a few more generations, though, and I think you'll start to see some very different results, and the voting will mostly be along identity lines.

    Also seems likely to me that Hispanic turnout would spike if anything really important went up for debate, like a reduction in public education and welfare benefits.

  15. If Asians had a shot at winning the racial headcount they'd have more interest.

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