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All Quiet on the Corona Front
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There is now only a small fraction of the interest in coronavirus that existed before the lock downs even began, let alone at the disease’s peak in popularity. Americans have moved on:

All-consuming today, gone tomorrow.

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  1. According to Nielson, viewers have decided the new TV show is better than the old TV show…

  2. There might have been a hysteria. Conspiracy theorists might be right that there is a PC interest to test citizens’ obedience to absurd regulations.
    There also seems to be some PC taboos, hiding some exculpatory facts about Corona and creating exaggerated fake mortality statistics
    Some social distancing, masks and testing seems to be a very wise policy. Trump stopping distancing in press conferences seems very unwise. Let us pray Trump will not catch Covid-19 and possibly die of it. He is a high risk person …. He cannot be replaced by anyone ….
    Unlike some other issues, Covid-19 is real, dangerous, just probably not dangerous enough to shut down the world economy
    I predict that the riots will cause a major outbreak. The virus will be very racist, after the riots, with young rioters infecting their grandparents.

  3. Iran has had a resurgence. Yesterday, they exceeded their peak from 30th March; having previously “crushed the curve.”

    Low to high to low to high seems to have taken place at month long intervals. An American season 2 may well be launching soon.

    In fact, the US is barely down from its peak. It seems that we need to binge watch all of the seasons in a row.

    Furthermore, imagine the low, high, low of going from cowering-at-home-panic, to riot supporting bravado, and probably back again, all in the space of a month?

    The true believing cult of progressivism is on quite a trip!


    I await with morbid fascination for what seasons 4, 5 and 6 will bring. What will be the Big Bad next time?

    The writers pulled off a sly one by not focussing on homophobia during Pride Month. Perhaps we’ll be surprised again.

    Yes, these are people’s lives, and this is all terrible, but the desperation with which so many are engaging, and cheering on, is a huge cause of the problem.

    They’ve outsourced key parts of themselves to others and events, and, perhaps, cannot take them back. Climbing down is always hard, but all of this will be harder.

    What coalesced into substance with the 2012 Great Awokening has transformed its adherents and converted in many more.

    But they’re looking in the wrong place for meaning and will therefore be unlikely to happen across it.

    Instead, they’ll need to continually up the dose, still chasing that (falsely) transcendental first hit. They’ll also need to up their frequency as the lows come crashing in so much faster, and faster, and faster.

    Accelerationism is a fact of addiction. And the particular hole they’re trying to fill makes this the most addictive endeavour. It only stops when they bottom out, someone forcibly puts them in rehab or, in the rarest of cases, a perfect and loving intervention gets through to them.

    Some more will bleed into the movement and a few will bleed out, after having found what they were searching for elsewhere; but the mass is now critical, so hold on tight everyone. Addicts destroy the lives of those around them, but we can at least observe ourselves enjoying the ride.

  4. What more proof do I need that the Corona-chan Panic was overblown?

    I predicted months ago now, in a comment on the Steve Sailer blog:

    100,000 COVID-19 deaths by summer in the United States

    I was correct. All I did was eyeball the best graphs I could find. I was exactly right, but anybody could have done it. I don’t deserve special credit.

    Our economy has been wrecked, thousands of American business owners have been destroyed, tens of millions of Americans have been made unemployable, my whole country has been decimated by this.

    And then there was Hurricane Floyd! The coup d’état.


  5. Some Guy says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Are you saying the death toll would be the same even if nothing was done?

    That argument is like anti-vaxxers saying “Why are we taking all these vaccines, people rarely get these diseases anyway.” Yeah, because of vaccines.

  6. @Some Guy

    No. The cost of what we have done is SO DAMNED HIGH that I know beyond a reasonable doubt that it has not been worth it.

    You can’t catch me with your — quite correct — logic, because what I am saying is outside that.

    What I have been screaming for months now is that people had to die while this virus ran through us. Our only other option was to destroy ourselves — WHICH WE HAVE DONE.

    Let some people die — or destroy ourselves. That was our choice. Our leaders chose to destroy us.

    Eventually, the Chinese will come in and take over the world.

    Hurricane Floyd is the coup de grâce. (Not the coup d’état I referred to earlier, unless it results in the death of my legitimatly-elected government. Which right now seems remotely possible.)

    • Agree: Brás Cubas
    • Disagree: Corvinus
  7. unit472 says:

    Deaths had been declining but cases are now spiking. Some say the viral load of new cases is not as high as the earlier outbreak. We had better hope they are right otherwise we are going right back to where we were.

    Today’s ‘protest’ in Washington is a case in point. Washington, D.C is a hot spot with more covid cases than Arkansas, New Mexico , Oregon, Idaho, Vermont, Hawaii, Montana, both Dakotas even Puerto Rico and Washington only has a population of 700,000. Adjacent Maryland and Virginia are also heavily diseased. The idea that you would allow thousands of people to mass together to chant about some dead ex-con who was himself spreading covid disease is medically insane. A few superspreaders emerging from the slums of Anacostia and those protesters could end up in the ICU in a few weeks.

    My guess is these George Floyd protests are going to kill more people than all the police in America did over the past 10 years. Worse still, for the protesters, those dying of covid are concentrated in cities like Detroit and Philadelphia. How ironic if Trump wins those states in November with a margin less than the covid deaths in those two heavily blue cities.

  8. @Some Guy

    Lockdowns keep the elephants away…

    • LOL: Manfred Arcane
  9. @Some Guy

    Per your straw man arguement about vaccines… Vaccines themselves sometimes kill and induce sickness, and no country ever before shut down a country and it’s economy waiting for the developement of a vaccine… They also didn’t quarantine the healthy, they quarantined the sick! Buzz is correct! Death By Cure is a disaster!

  10. SFG says:

    Cases have plateaued–of course, that’s no guarantee they will continue to do so with everyone assembling to protest.

    Now they will have to decide whether to pay attention to the virus or keep ‘dealing with racism’.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  11. Even the search interest in Covid is not quite what you’d think:

    Some of searches obviously aren’t driven by the disease itself.

    • Thanks: Audacious Epigone
    • LOL: Rosie
  12. @Buzz Mohawk

    Yes it’s all very stupid, but we live in Clown-World so stupidity is considered one of the high virtues. As for the economy, etc. all it did was to show those with at least one eye that the Grand Golden Goose-Bubble created by legendary Usury-Kangz of Wall Street was really just General Butt Naked.

    I think there used to be a children’s tale by some old dead white guy which illustrated this kind of thing about an emperor, new clothes and a child.

  13. Anon[363] • Disclaimer says:

    We will know by July 1st.

    There should be quite a few sick protesters by July 1st at the latest. If not, then the coronavirus must have mutated to a weaker form.

  14. The news always has a short attention span. When did it ever not? I don’t know what you’re so surprised about.

  15. Dumbo says:

    America moves from media frenzy hysteria to media frenzy hysteria with regularity, no more than a few weeks are given to each topic; corona actually lasted way too long. After the riots, probably we will have some school shooting, or some other racist cop, or maybe some more Russian collusion in the elections, or whatever.

  16. Rosie says:


    I suspect the mobile home park leeches are on their best behavior under these circumstances. I can’t imagine harassing Granny for more “land rent” (WTF) would go over well just now.

    A mobile home park is “like a Waffle House where the customers are chained to their booths” (Frank Rolfe, Mobile Home University)

  17. It looks like “racism is a bigger threat than Kung Flu” is the best they can do. Sort of like Joe Biden.

  18. Corvinus says:

    “Americans have moved on…”

    from searching about Covid-19, but not by dealing with its impact. There remains a strong concern that it will return at full throat in the Fall/Winter, and relevant issues are on the minds of people regarding this virus.

    Local news continues to make it a priority to talk about, and state health officials provide continual updates. So the reality is that there is of direct interest in coronavirus by the masses, especially with the anticipation of new cases as a result of the protests.

    • Replies: @Lars Porsena
    , @nebulafox
  19. Corvinus says:

    “Now they will have to decide whether to pay attention to the virus or keep ‘dealing with racism’.”

    Both will be at the forefront moving forward, along with Trump’s reactions. As our president recently touted “Hopefully, George is looking down right now in saying this is a great thing happening for our country. A great day for him, a great day for everybody.”

  20. SafeNow says:

    Americans have moved-on in large part because they have accepted the nearly ubiquitous characterization that “the” vaccine or “a” vaccine is on its way. In contrast, Tom Inglesby of Johns Hopkins uses the adjective “possible.” “A possible vaccine,” he told Chris Wallace. I agree with Hopkins, not the MSM. Taking it a step further, I agree with the non-political experts who explain that even IF the possible vaccine emerges, it will be like the annual flu vaccine, that is, effective perhaps 10% or 50% of the time. I think the percentage of Americans who have “moved-on” would be considerably less if they understood that there is a strong chance that Covid will be with us forever, and life will never be nearly the same. People do not move-on from major life traumas that quickly, if they truly understand the situation. I propose to Unz posters that they consider adopting the use of the adjective “possible.”

  21. @Buzz Mohawk

    I didn’t want to use up a [Disagree] on you, Buzz, but I do on this one. I think your answer to @Some Guy should be “Yes”. No, it’s not the same as with vaccines. There have already been experiments. In my town loads of college kids and other young people blew off the mask wearing crap months ago. Are they really washing their hands more? Pssshaaaw!

    Now, I went to the grocery store and found they had doubled-down with the Kung Flu bullshit since last time. Yet the number of cases and deaths started leveling off weeks ago. I don’t think all of this LOCKDOWN crap mattered.

    If you look at State run by Totalitarian bitches like Michigan and compare them to low-key state like Florida at the end of 2020 or 2021, you’ll see the same rise of deaths during this bad-flu season, though possible offset in time. You’ll see the number of deaths for the year 2020 or at least a 2 year period roughly the same as one would expect for each place for a normal year. That’s my prediction.

  22. @Corvinus

    That’s kind of astounding. According to that, 49% of Australians think opening businesses puts too many people at risk.

    A grand total of 102 people have died of corona in Australia, out of 7252 cases. The peak of 7 people dying in 1 day was on April 4th, and the most recent death was May 24th.

  23. Glt says:

    I don’t think search frequency has much to do with perceived importance in this context. In the absence of a news (like hard evidence of human origin, virus mutation, or drastic increase in fatality or transmission rate) you would expect this same pattern even if people still thought it was a big deal.

    • Replies: @Bert
    , @Audacious Epigone
  24. 216 says:

    The NFL has been moving further and further toward the political left for several years. Many NFL players and teams openly castigate their fans and denigrate anyone who doesn’t conform to their political correctness. Overall, the NFL has become a toxic stew of identity politics and divisive intollerance.

    However, the Denver Broncos are taking division up a notch today by declaring if their fans do not stand with their brand of virtue signaling politics, then you stand against them.

    The uniforms obscure the people underneath.

    Whites largely ignore the NBA compared to its 1990s peak.

    The same could be coming for the NFL. Certainly white parents are liable to forbid their sons from playing football due to injury risk. And thus endeth the NCAA and NFL.

  25. nebulafox says:

    Lockdowns are over and aren’t coming back. The authorities have themselves ensured that through their toleration of recent events. So, if the pandemic currently isn’t on America’s mind, it certainly will be soon if cases proceed to take off. There’s going to be no easy answer to this. I don’t think the populace would be willing to tolerate a similar degree of lockdown, certainly not in the current economic context.

    I think a good start would be more selective quarantine and social distancing measures targeting the aged, who are clearly most at risk of dying and aren’t as likely to work. Unfortunately, our gerontocracy probably won’t be enthusiastic about that one. Oh, and start rebuilding national health infrastructure without any regard for private or foreign (looking at you, China) interests. Again: not going to be popular on the Hill. And large, society-wide scale anti-obesity campaigns might help build innate resistance against the virus. Not going to be popular with the people.

    • Replies: @Bert
  26. nebulafox says:

    I completely agree the pandemic isn’t going away: we’re only now just getting data on the nature of immunity/re-infection.

    But unfortunately, what is practically implementable policy-wise differs from what might be ideal:

    You are simply not going to convince most people that their lives depend on them not going to the gym or getting their teeth fixed, not after the likes of this transmission-fest is openly tolerated. The US is not Singapore: if the authorities try to revive total lockdown, they’ll just be ignored by a lot of the populace.

    It’s time to think of alternatives that take into account post-Floyd reality.

    • Replies: @Bert
  27. Bert says:

    Correct. Initially the populace was informing itself about the threat. Now the epidemic is accepted as a fact of life.

  28. Bert says:

    It’s time to think of alternatives that take into account post-Floyd reality.

    The alternative is mandatory public masking. It has worked in countries that implemented it. But the virus-deniers ridicule this simple solution.

  29. Bert says:

    Over the last 50 years Americans have become fatter, less disciplined in general, and less able to think straight. Of course a populace like that will not easily accept the horrible injustice inflicted upon it by Nature. Wear a mask? No, we Americans are above that; it’s degrading.

  30. @SafeNow

    I think the percentage of Americans who have “moved-on” would be considerably less if they understood that there is a strong chance that Covid will be with us forever, and life will never be nearly the same.

    It will not be “with us” forever. The ClowardPiven-19 virus will disappear like the Rocky Mountain locust. The question is, will the scientific community take the lesson and realize that their whole conception of virology is flawed, or will they blunder on in their ignorance.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  31. @Buzz Mohawk

    Eventually, the Chinese will come in and take over the world.

    Probably. With a more or less similar people and without the upset caused by diversity and a measurably higher I.Q., the Chinese have every advantage. Plus the patience to weather the occasional setback.

    Their only drawback is a natural tendency to be homebodies. Much like the expatriot Irish are always yearning to return to a mythological “Old Country”. The Chinese have to cultivate an internal pressure so that her people have incentive to leave and seek their fortunes in distant lands. Like the British of the eighteenth century.

  32. @Intelligent Dasein

    or will they blunder on in their ignorance

    They will blunder on. The Scientific Community has almost no ability to correct for error. Since it is largely contained within the western Universities, it is obligated to discover truths desired by those who supply the money.

    Remember the great oil shortage predicted just a few years ago? Remember global warming more recently? When University Scientists go looking for something, predefined, they find it.

    For a few million, they can find whatever you want. If not here, then at some obscure University in England.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  33. @Some Guy

    If certain governors and mayors weren’t sending the infected to nursing homes or telling people to go out and see a movie as late a March it probably wouldn’t be as bad either. Or if the CDC and “experts” didn’t tell us masks didn’t work because they couldn’t admit a mask shortage was due to Chinese control of the supply

  34. How many times have we heard the same crapola? “Two more weeks! Just you wait, in two more weeks, there’ll be corpses stacked on the street corners! TWO MORE WEEKS!”

    The boy’s cried “wolf” a few too many times.

  35. @HallParvey

    Remember the great oil shortage predicted just a few years ago?

    A lot of the stuff being called “oil” today was called something else a few years ago.  The term now includes things like heavier condensates and is considerably lighter and less energy-dense than what was traditionally called “crude oil”; a barrel today isn’t the energy-equivalent of a barrel then.

    This stuff IS running out.  It’s like land, they’re not making any more of it.

  36. @Buzz Mohawk

    What more proof do I need that the Corona-chan Panic was overblown?

    America can only focus on one hoax at a time. Out with the old hoax, in with the new hoax.

  37. @SafeNow

    The alleged Covid death toll is vastly inflated. (For example, under CDC standards, George Floyd should be counted in the 100,000 death toll as someone who died “with” Covid.)

    More fundamentally, though, the only deaths it arguably “causes” are old people who are rapidly dying of other things and have the process hastened by a few months by an opportunist Covid infection.

    Epidemiologists use a calculation of Years of Life Lost (“YLL”), which measures the reduction in life expectancy caused by a disease. Because alleged Covid deaths are solely among the old and sick who are about to die anyway, the YLL for this epidemic is pretty paltry. It really is on the order of a bad seasonal flu year. (I ran these numbers in a iSteve post a few weeks ago.).

    No hyperbole — this thing has been a hoax.

  38. @Glt

    Possibly, though it dominated the news through all of April and the first weeks of May.

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