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2012 Presidential Support Among Single Women
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Heartiste writes:

Since universal suffrage was passed into law, women voters have pushed America toward the extreme far Left. Now we have a biological underpinning that helps explain why. The liberal, social safety net, open borders preferences of women align with the political preferences of effeminate men (like John Scalzi, Alex Pareene, and Ezra Klein). The effeminate men never had much of a political voice until they were able to hitch the behemoth female voting bloc to their cause. And now we have gay marriage, mudsharking on prime time TV, and slut walks featuring half-naked fat chicks.

The evidence is overwhelming and indisputable among women unmoored by the oppressive patriarchal institution of marriage. The electoral intentions of never married women on election day, 2012:

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Of course cat lady sluts marry the State. It doesn't mean the rest of us are bound to them until death do us part as part of the contract. Never mind suicide pact.

    Perhaps we shouldn't leave our fate in their hands?

    Or if it means our destruction: the hapless electorate?

    Sometimes the old ways work best. Democracy is old but the franchise without conscription is new and 20th century. Also quite mad. There are other and even older ways who's outcome leaves no doubt as to the winner.


  2. Anonymous [AKA "CuckOff"] says:

    Expanding suffrage inexorably moves the country left. It is no surprise the left wants to lower the voting age, make voting compulsory, allow criminals to vote, remove any I.D. requirements for voting et cetera.

  3. Will American democracy, like the French revolution, eventually devour itself?

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Your image suggests "Single, Never Married" women were for Obama more than five-to-one, which was about the general Nonwhite margin for Obama. On closer examination, this is mostly because Nonwhite single women were so overwhelmingly pro-Obama (The opinion-shapers rallied them to the Obama colors: They had a double serving of victimization points, victims of both White racism and Male patriarchy, and could indulge in such because they had no families).

    Looking at only straight White women only (as some of the White pro-Obama "single women" may be disproportionately lesbians or etc.) (Reuters May 1, 2012 to November 6, 2012 combined polls, total sample size, 33,839):

    Heterosexual White Women:
    Obama: 35.4%
    Romney: 42.8% (Romney +7)

    Heterosexual White Women — Single, Never Married (15% of heterosexual White women polled):
    Obama 43.4%
    Romney 32.7% (Obama +11)

    Heterosexual White Women — Living With Partner (7%):
    Obama 42.9%
    Romney 29.4% (Obama +14)

    Heterosexual White Women — Married or Widowed (66%):
    Obama 31.9%
    Romney 48.2% (Romney +16)

    Heterosexual White Women — Divorced or Separated (13%):
    Obama: 39.9%
    Romney: 35.3% (Obama +5)

    There is a Marriage Gap here but it doesn't come close to reaching five-to-one. It doesn't even reach 3-to-2 for Obama among single or "living with partner" White women, and some of this may also be an artifact of age, with younger people being obviously less likely to be married. Interestingly, the most pro-Obama subdemographic of White Straight Women is not "Single Never Married," but "Living With Partner" (sample size, 2,249), but the margins of error of the two overlap.

  5. Hail,

    Interesting discrepancy, especially since it comes from the same source.

    Drilling down further just to never married single white women, n = 330, we still get 61.0%-22.6% in favor of Obama on election day. It is worth noting that the gap widened considerably over the last couple of weeks before the election. I don't remember the specifics of the "war on women" mantra from 2012, but I have a vague recollection that there was some manufactured controversy about it that October.

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