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What If They Are Hiding the Truth?
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What if President Obama secretly agreed with others in the government in 2011 to provide arms to rebels in Libya and Syria? What if the scheme called for American arms merchants to sell serious American military hardware to the government of Qatar, which would and did transfer it to rebel groups? What if the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of the Treasury approved those sales?

What if the approvals were kept secret because some of those rebel groups were characterized by the same Departments of State and Treasury as terrorist organizations? What if the ultimate recipients of those arms were the militants and monsters in al-Qaida and ISIS who have slain and tortured innocents?

What if this scheme is defined in federal law as providing material assistance to terrorist organizations? What if that’s a felony? What if that’s the same felony for which the U.S Department of Justice has prosecuted dozens of persons merely for attempting? What if this scheme was not a mere attempt, but an actual arming of terrorists?

What if this scheme was approved not only by the president, but also by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? What if the idea of doing this was hers? What if congressional leaders in both houses of Congress and from both parties signed off on this? What if the remaining members of Congress and the American people were kept in the dark about this scheme? What if those who agreed to permit this scheme knew that the arms were destined for terrorist organizations and they were flirting with a criminal conspiracy to violate federal law?

What if Clinton was asked by senators while under oath about the delivery of arms made by American manufacturers to ports in the Middle East and she denied knowing anything about it? What if she knew she had personally approved the deliveries but falsely claimed she had no knowledge?

What if this arms-to-terrorists scheme began to unravel? What if the rebels were really bad guys? What if there are many rebel/terrorist groups with varying degrees of hatred for the United States? What if some of the groups that received American arms are so hateful of the U.S. that they will bite the hands that fed them?

What if Clinton’s job was to prevent American arms from slipping into the hands of terrorists? What if she secretly did the opposite of what her job required? What if she and the president and the other conspirators viewed themselves as being above the law? What if they thought the terrorist groups they were arming would overthrow the Gadhafi government in Libya and the Assad government in Syria? What if they believed those revolutions would be greeted with cheers in the West? What if they hoped the cheers would be for them?


What if their goal of regime change succeeded in Libya, and yet the result was chaos? What if under Col. Gadhafi Libya had been a stable U.S. ally? What if today there is no central government in Libya and it is ruled by gangs and tribes and militias?

What if the American assistance to Syrian rebels became known to the Russians? What if that knowledge prompted Russian President Putin to help his ally, President Assad of Syria? What if the American and Russian introduction of heavy military hardware into the Syrian civil war has resulted in prolonged war and more deaths of innocents and destruction of property, not less?

What if one of the terrorist groups that received American arms from this scheme attacked the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, because it wanted more arms from the U.S. and it knew arms were stored there? What if that attack killed U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three of his colleagues? What if this was a nightmare scenario for the conspirators? What if the conspirators now fear that the truth of their plot will become known?

What if the tragedy at Benghazi was unwelcome but not unforeseen? What if the conspirators knew of the risks to innocent lives attendant upon breaking the law by giving arms to madmen? What if members of Congress who were kept in the dark about the arms-to-terrorists scheme were outraged over Benghazi? What if leaders of the House of Representatives, some of whom were conspirators, formed a committee to investigate how the murder of Stevens came about?

What if some members of that committee already know that Stevens and the others were murdered with U.S. weapons illegally given to U.S. enemies secretly by U.S. government officials? What if the stated purpose of the committee — to seek the truth about Benghazi — is not the true purpose? What if the real purpose of that committee is to suppress the truth so that the president and Clinton and the other conspirators do not get indicted? What if the truth is the last thing the conspirators want to see come out?

What do we do about lawless government by secrecy? What do we do about government officials who act as if they are above the law? What do we do if one of them lives in the White House and controls all federal prosecutions? What do we do if another of them is presently on her way there?

Copyright 2015 Andrew P. Napolitano. Distributed by

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Hillary Clinton, ISIS, Libya, Terrorism 
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  1. And what if the whole disaster happened in the first place because the fall of Assad in Syria was desired by the leaders of Israel? And because the Israel “Lobby” has a death grip on Washington politics?

    • Replies: @Karl
  2. What if nothing has changed since Iran-Contra?

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  3. MarkinLA says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    What if nothing has changed since Iran-Contra?

    What if nothing has changed since 1946.

    There fixed it for you.

  4. Don Nash says:

    What if stating the glaringly obvious is ignored and construed as irrelevant? Amerika is down the rabbit hole and there is no accountability.

  5. unit472 says:

    I’m not going to say no US arms were transferred but ANYONE who followed the fighting in Syria, Libya being another matter, would know that the Syrian rebels were dreadfully ill equipped and had only ‘heavy’ weapons captured from Syrian government forces for the first two years of the fighting. The website Brown Moses detailed the weaponry being used in the fighting on both sides and the rebels gear was little more than homemade rockets and small arms. They suffered terribly because they had no anti air capability to the point that Assad’s forces could hover over rebel held towns and roll ‘barrel bombs’ out the door of helicopters just above the range of small arms fire.

    Obama finally began allowing some mortars and more recently TOW missiles to be transferred to ‘our’ rebels but by the time this happened al Nusra and Islamic State were so dominant on the battlefield US supplied equipment did fall into terrorists hands as many of ‘our’ rebels defected or quit the war. Of course when Islamic State overran the Iraqi Army in Western Iraq last year they captured the full panoply of an American Army division including tanks and heavy artillery. Since Iraq did not face any threat from the air we can be grateful that serious anti air equipment was not also captured though Assad’s forces are, perhaps, even more grateful otherwise their helicopters and jets would be in far more danger than they are and Islamic State might have had a few US pilots to burn alive as well!

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  6. Kiza says:

    What if you are making me look stupid by responding “YES” 100 times?

  7. You missed something here judge. What is or which is (‘what is’ & ‘which is’ being the better expressions) ..

    “Which is exactly what happened, all on Hillary’s watch and what better dirt to pile on Hillary’s (very desirable) political grave than the fact she had initiated policy directly responsible for the rise of Islamic State and consequently Iraq coming apart at the seams (again.) But wait, let’s not jump to a sole, simplistic conclusion. When Department of State wants a hatchet-job accomplished, whether a ‘color revolution’ initiated, or an insurgency created, they turn to their Siamese twin, that is the CIA. Department of State decides what needs done, the CIA decides how to go about it. Enters the scene, stage (hard) right, David Petraeus, in a play that could easily have been ghost-written by Robert Gates”

    Excerpt from:

    ^ ‘Truth Jockeys’

  8. @unit472

    “Brown Moses” is Eliot Higgins, i.e. bellingcat, a Western Intelligence front operation.

  9. guest says:

    We’ll learn about it in the history books, or not. By then it’ll be “old news,” and whoever’s running things will be free to make the same mistakes and/or commit the same crimes.

  10. MarkinLA says:

    ‘our’ rebels

    It should have been obvious to anybody that our rebels were never going to win. It should have been obvious that even if they did they would be eventually swamped by the bad rebels in the same way that the Taliban overran the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan.

    Therefore any arming of any rebels was stupid on our part.

  11. “What if the tragedy at Benghazi was unwelcome but not unforeseen? What if the conspirators knew of the risks to innocent lives attendant upon breaking the law by giving arms to madmen? ”

    Possibly one innocent life was taken. Stevens was a co conspirator and the two ex SEALs were paid mercenaries. So those three were not innocent. If we classify Smith as a spy, then there were no innocents killed at Benghazi.

  12. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    At this point it doesn’t seem that there’s any “if” to all this, that it’s all pretty much true and the question is how much deniability can be thrown up as a smokescreen. It’s clear that no matter the prestigious schools they’ve attended, the foreign policy articles and books they’ve written, the speeches, the apparent erudition, most people involved in foreign affairs are never as smart as they and their supporters believe. They can’t help but fail at their attempts to be Machiavellian; there’s always blowback and unexpected consequences. More harm than benefit is often the result.
    Then there’s another aspect to all these machinations by the high and mighty and that’s the amoral nature of it. Supporting odious regimes and groups, supplying arms to various warlords and factions, selling weapons to both sides, war profiteering and all the rest in a quest to gain money and advantage is an affront to the common person’s sense of morality. The past century was punctuated by outbursts of ultra-violence and death that has left the world shaken to this day. Is it possible to evolve to a higher level of existence and outgrow the old ways of doing things? Can a higher standard of living be achieved without violence? People in general don’t like the idea of inflicting misery upon others even if they live far away and are therefore an abstract entity. Our actions in the ME have caused hundreds of thousands to die and millions to become pauperized refugees, a staggering thought when one thinks of the enormity of it. Yet our supposed leaders keep doing it. They have no respect for human life whatsoever.

  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    What if the pink unicorns are behind it all?

    What if your headspacing is a little tight?

    What if you recently began using an inferior grade of tin foil in your hats?

    What if I spin around clockwise instead of counterclockwise, will the Sun still come up in the East?

    What if a bunch of random hypotheticals don’t constitute a reasoned argument?

    • Replies: @gdpbull
  14. Thought it was public knowledge that the usa provided arms to the syrian rebels???

    everything else in the article are just what ifs.

  15. bomag says:

    It seems to me that a journalist could develop some contacts, piece together a couple stories, and start to answer some of these questions.

    Apparently, they are too busy looking for the next trans-gendered to swoon over.

  16. Johann says:

    What if Hilary’s lesbian lover is a member of the Moslem Brotherhood and a Jihadist who had married a Zionist Democrat Congressman. The plot thickens.

  17. Alright Judge…time for another youtube!!!! 🙂

    oooops, already done:

  18. Karl says:

    Emblematic >>> And what if the whole disaster happened in the first place because the fall of Assad in Syria was desired by the leaders of Israel?

    And what if people stop fantasizing that there’s secrets that the Hebrew Press doesn’t find out about, and instead, cite real citations of ANY kind that show that the shilton in Jerusalem, and/or nationalist elements in Israel, don’t believe that Assad is as good as its ever gonna get for us in Damesek?

    Every Palestinian knows that the Jerusalem isn’t trying to throw the Assad family out of the palace in Damesek.

  19. What if Andrew Napolitano learned to write declarative sentences?

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
  20. olde reb says:

    What if the arming of all factions of dissidents in a nation and then proding them into conflict to overthrow the political structure so that Wall Street can install a puppet regime and economically exploit and oppress the nation (as in Greece and Haiti) has been the practice for 70 years ? Ref. NWO—DEAD AHEAD

    What if the same Wall Street financiers successfully established a central bank in the United States 100 years ago that could embezzle humongous amounts of money under a guise of “loaning” funds without any financial investment in the same manner used in medieval Europe and with the Euro and never get caught ? Ref.  Ref.  

    What if the money obtained by this embezzlement was used to fund gaining control of the financial and foreign policy of the United States ?

    What if internal memos of the Wall Street financiers have identified collecting on the $18 trillion National Debt of the United States as the “ultimate goal” ?

  21. gdpbull says:

    He has links to back up each what-if. He uses that style of writing often. But the what-ifs are documented to actually be true. The links are not included in this copy, but just google andrew nepolitono and find this article, and you will get the links.

  22. Escher says:

    What if all these wars in the Middle east are to maintain the hegemony of the Petrodollar by ensuring that no country ever dares to sell oil in any other currency?

  23. anon • Disclaimer says:

    What if he documented all the allegations?

  24. Smitty says:

    “What if” is now DOJ agreed fact, and the treason included the previous GW Bush administration (inferred) , here is a press release from the US DOJ 3/15 admitting such activities occurred, from 2004-2010. BTW there was no criminal prosecution for the SLM Directors and Officers which included 2 high ranking federal officials, one of whom was in daily communications with Bush directly on National Security directive matters. (Jamie Gorelick).

    Bush knew, read it and weep.

    Make no mistake, “oil services” included US Military protection.

    Bush funded & protected the Iran and Sudan oil regimes from 2004 till exit.

  25. Antiwar7 says:
    @International Jew

    What is the difference between libel and musings?

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