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Uzbeks Doing the Jobs That Russians Wouldn't
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For years the now defunct Iron March forum was widely regarded as the most hardcore Neo-Nazi hangout on the Internet. It spawned the “Atomwaffen Division”, which subscribed to a sort of Far Right Posadism that promoted race war through the cleansing fires of nuclear destruction. Its members wracked up five murders, a most impressive tally given its membership of less than a hundred, though a considerable part of it was amongst themselves such as that one Florida Man who converted to Islam and then offed a couple of his former comrades for disrespecting the Prophet (PBUH). Well, we all have our minor faults.

So who was the founding Fuhrer of this fearsome organization?

Lenta reports:

Russian BBC journalists found out that Alisher [Mukhitdinov] comes from an influential Uzbek family, his relative on the patrilineal side headed the Uzbek SSR, and then became a member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party, was an ambassador to Syria. His mother was a sports journalist. His father is a businessman, sponsor of MGIMO (university that trains Russia’s diplomats), and head of a foundation that helps labor migrants. On the site, Alexander wrote that he is half Russian, and is “OK” even by the laws of Nazi Germany.

The Le 56% Face memes just write themselves.

Based in Russia, there is of course no chance that the KGB FSB is not behind him, at least according to our friends at PropOrNot.

Because PUTLER only picks the very best people.

Until 2013 he was in an internet relationship with Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, a half-Laotian half-Slav living in Illinois. The following shows what goes on in the depths of the Uzbek’s troubled mind:

3/30/2012 3:25:44 PM Silent Sugartits the Impaler (Alisher) you can’t imagine a SECOND of your life go by without it ravaging you
3/30/2012 3:25:52 PM Silent Sugartits the Impaler sending you closer and closer to the abyss of pleasure and pain
3/31/2012 9:52:00 AM Silent Sugartits the Impaler and I’d grab onto the headpost and start fucking you even faster, slamming down on you, my cock splitting your walls open, ravaging you mercilessly, you’d be in a sea of pleasure and pain, it would coat you, fill you, make you sing with pure lust and desire as you experience my cock inside you and focus on it’s shape, it’s details, how it throbs hard, painfuly so

[10/6/2013 2:44:54 AM] spooky skeleton (Lindsay): Have I ever told you about how I’d watch Slavros masturbating on webcam
[10/6/2013 2:45:30 AM] neptune: NO
[10/6/2013 2:46:14 AM] spooky skeleton: because he’d do that
[10/6/2013 2:47:01 AM] neptune: whyyy
[10/6/2013 2:47:04 AM] spooky skeleton: and I’d listen to him groaning and talking about his fantasies in that weird-ass accent of his

Incidentally, this chick is apparently quite the lolcow herself and is now doing a life prison sentence for plotting to shoot up some boomers at a mall or something like that.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Humor, Minorities, Neo-Nazis, Russia, Uzbekistan 
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  1. Please keep off topic posts to the current Open Thread.

    If you are new to my work, start here.

  2. Denis says:

    Russian BBC journalists found out that Alisher [Mukhitdinov] comes from an influential Uzbek family, his relative on the patrilineal side headed the Uzbek SSR, and then became a member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party, was an ambassador to Syria.

    There I was, certain that the Horseshoe Theory was total nonsense, when I learned of this gentleman: a relative of high-ranking Uzbek communists who started a literal neo-nazi death cult.

    Shows what I know.

  3. I believe this repost of an issue I have raised in the past is appropriate. 😂😂


    • Replies: @Blinky Bill
  4. As if you expect me to believe this wasn’t FED POSTING all along.

  5. songbird says:

    On the site, Alexander wrote that he is half Russian

    Does he look half-Russian?

    I’m not always a good judge of these things, but, if you gave him a checkered red and white cloth, I would say that he looks like a member of the House of Saud with above-average African introgression.

    • Replies: @Shitposter
  6. Atomwafffen?
    More like Glow-in-Darken

  7. Cererean says:

    The Le 56% Face memes just write themselves.

    You laugh now, but just wait until genetic engineering advances to the point where people can purge their genomes of unwanted admixture.

  8. Sushipal says: • Website

    Hmm. If Uzbek was ever in need, I see a strong career for him writing racy novels.

  9. Bliss says:

    How many of these dangerous, screwed up, autistic virgin nerds had their minds poisoned by the neo-nazi far right?

    Fortunately, in this case, the deranged eurasian psycho was caught and imprisoned before she could carry out her plan to achieve alt-right martyrdom/sainthood by shooting up a canadian mall Columbine style:

    Btw, how the hell do these girls get their small eyes so impossibly big (anime style)? Look at the illusory power of make up:;0xw,0xh&resize=1600:*

  10. @songbird

    I’d say he’s a Latino with a lot of Indio in him. Pretty big cheekbones. Must I say it again…The Alt-Right is a Latino Movement.

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