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Who should Russia support in this conflict? By treaty, Russia is not obliged to do anything, at least so long as Azerbaijan (or Turkey) do not violate Armenia's internationally recognized borders, of which Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh is not a part. And while neither Azerbaijan nor Turkey can be remotely considered Russia's friends, they both have a substantial... Read More
KMIS poll on Ukrainian attitudes to Lukashenko vs. protesters from: It was carried out on 12-16 September, i.e. after the breakdown of Belorussian-Ukrainian relations following Lukashenko's about turn on extraditing the Russian mercs to Ukraine. Across the Ukraine, 31% support Lukashenko while 45% support the protesters. I would actually probably similar to figures for Belarus... Read More
Kievan Rus was a historiographic term invented by 19th century historians in the Russian Empire. The people in Rus' ("na Rusi"), or the Russian lands ("Russkaya zemlya"), from Galicia to Vladimir-Suzdal called themselves "Rus." "Rossiya" is nothing more than than Greek for Rus' ("Ruthenia" in Latin). That cleared up, I really don't really understand what... Read More
The standard narrative is that the 1920s policy of korenizatsiya - the promotion of "national cultures" over the Russian one across the non-Russian republics of the USSR - was reversed in favor of Russification from the mid-1930s. However, at least so far as the book publications goes, this really seems to have been more of... Read More
Night in Novogrudok, Belarus (2017) by Pavel Gamburg. Even though we tend to take it as a given, it isn't exactly obvious why Belarus should be so much more "Russophile" than the Ukraine. The lands of White Russia were "regathered" into the Russian Empire well more than a century after Left-Bank Ukraine (the lands east... Read More
Didn't blog about it at the time, but just a bit more than a week ago, Putin formally signed Russia's new immigration law easing citizenship requirements for Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and Kazakhstan nationals (something that I long advocated). It's not an open borders project (the kneejerk hysterics of a few anti-Putin Russian nationalists aside). It's... Read More
The action, in which LGBT activists draped their rainbow flag over the Motherland statue in Kiev, is called "Mother Understands and Supports." Ukrainians are about as homophobic as Russians, according to polls. But the cargo cult is more important. The wars in the comments - or khokhlosrach, as they are known in our parts -... Read More
Ol' Terrell J. Starr's... star... is shining bright! No doubt he deserves his six figure book deal, his struggles with elementary geography regardless. Because yes, Ukrainians now confirm, they were oppressed POC too. The face of the oppressed: Nor were Ukrainians the only othered POC in the former USSR. Why hello, fellow POC! Hello hello!... Read More
Some Ukrainian fact-checker website - these are a dime a dozen, sustained by the usual Western NGO/Atlantic Council money - has been spreading the take that Antifa is a "hierarchical" Russian organization that has been propeling the George Floyd riots. Isn't it embarrassing when your hirelings don't get the memo that Antifa are actually the... Read More
This Bogdan Vechirko story is just perfect on so many levels of "meme convergence": > Be Ukrainian nationalist from Vinnytsia. > Leave for work in a Western country, just like any Ukrainian nationalist would given the chance. > Work intermittently as truck driver in US since 2015. > Become #MAGA chud. > Launch your very... Read More
Of being breeding stock to foreigners. Except now they're doing it of their own volition. 46 babies stuck in a Kiev hotel because the foreigners can't collect thanks to Corona-chan and something like 500 in the country as a whole. So it seems to be a substantial "industry". Since they're apparently happy to abase themselves... Read More
Russia has excluded Ukrainians registered in the LDNR from foreigner status so far as coronavirus-related right of entry into Russia is concerned. The LDNR was going to be in quite a pickle due to coronavirus, having been blockaded by both the Ukraine and Russia when these countries closed their borders on March 16 and March... Read More
The stream of articles suggesting that Russia is covering up its Corona numbers has increased from a stream to a veritable flood: CBC: Russia’s coronavirus count under scrutiny as Putin government denies hiding cases Moscow Times: Russia Says It Has Very Few Coronavirus Cases. The Numbers Don’t Tell the Full Story. Reuters: Sharp increase in... Read More
Russia's still quite low, though now rapidly expanding, number of cases has predictably provoked the Western media into a slew of headlines about how the Putler regime is supposedly suppressing information on what must, by now, be a raging epidemic: Russia's coronavirus count under scrutiny as Putin government denies hiding cases Russia Says It Has... Read More
Time for this year's update, now that 2019 preliminary stats are out. I am not going to write much for this one, since there's nothing new or interesting. For the most part, updating the graphs should suffice. For extended commentary, you'd be better off reading the last one. None of the main trends have changed:... Read More
EDIT 2020/03/03: Original video deleted - here's another one. I try to avoid cheap jokes about Ukraine is like Africa. But I do sometimes wonder. This is how doctors and nurses at a Lvov hospital reacted to finding out that they wouldn't be hosting potential coronavirus infectees evacuated from China. By singing the ще не... Read More
The call to revise the Russian Constitution has given Russian nationalists in Moscow an opportunity to clarify what they stand for. At a meeting the other day, a list of preliminary suggestions were drawn up, discussed, and broadly agreed upon. Translation: Preamble: "We, citizens of Russia, united by a common historical destiny, confirming the rights... Read More
New census finds that there are 37.3M people in the Ukraine, down by almost 30% relative to their Soviet era peak of 52M. This means that at least semi-officially, the Ukraine now has a lower population than Poland for the first time in recorded history. In reality, even this is probably a significant overestimate: Official... Read More
I will be in Polska on Dec 17-30 (itinerary: three days Krakow; pass through Oswiecim, Katowice, Wroclaw; the rest in Warsaw). Will be happy to meet up with Poland based readers. szopen? Polish Perspective? I will need to get myself this powerful Jew talisman. It is ironic how I planned to do the Habsburg Reunion,... Read More
Some interesting estimates of the numbers of foreign fighters that participated in the Donbass War from 2014-2019 from a report [PDF] by the Soufan Center. (h/t Kholmogorov) The claim that 13,372 foreigners fought for the LDNR sounds like a lot, considering that the NAF numbers ~40k troops and that not more than 10% of them... Read More
All this brouhaha over Russiagate and to think that in the end it was Ukraine that did it... :) Anyhow: I am pretty sure this is a trap (for the Dems), who are initiating impeachment without even knowing what's on the damn transcript. It will be nice to see some questions on how exactly Hunter... Read More
This is yet another question that excites much heated commentary in the "Ukraine debates." There is a "school" of thought amongst the more ideological Russophiles that the Ukraine has completely emptied out. Here is an article by Andrey Fomin in which he argues that it only has 22-24 million people versus the official figure of... Read More
This is one of the main topics of discussion in the endless "Ukraine debates" on this blog, though not one that I usually participate in due to lack of qualification in this subject. That said, I recently saw a very interesting article that I believe definitively answers the question. While supporters of the Ukraine's Polish... Read More
Albeit with a minor adjustment for reality that was not to the advantage of our unfortunate patient. Dmitry Tymchuk was a svidomy activist and "information warrior" whose Facebook postings were followed by 270,000 people. He was also a friend of the obese toad Anton Gerashchenko, who set up a website hosting a hit list that... Read More
Five years since the referenda in Donetsk and Lugansk about joining the Russian Federation. By early February 2014, numerous regional administrative offices (OGAs) had been seized by Maidan forces in Far West Ukraine, with attempts at storming them elsewhere in the West and Center. Some city and regional councils made autonomy- or even independence-sounding proclamations.... Read More
Guardian: Ukraine president offers Russians citizenship in snub to Putin I take back everything bad I ever wrote about Zelensky - not when it emerges that he is my faithful reader! I strongly approve of the Ukraine giving out passports to Russians. No oppressed Russian should be denied the opportunity to participate in Ukraine's vibrant... Read More
RT is now reporting that Putin said Russia may offer fast-track citizenship to all Ukrainians at the Belt and Road summit in Beijing. He has also reacted forcefully to critics of giving Donbass residents citizenship: So what did I tell you? This as good as confirms that PUTLER reads my blog. Back in October 2018,... Read More
Putin has just signed a law on simplified citizenship for residents of the LDNR. Any person with LDNR residency documents now has the right to apply for Russian citizenship, and can expect an answer within three months. Citizenship is immediately conferred upon a positive decision. Comments: 1. Fundamentally, this is the humanitarian thing to do,... Read More
Prokudin-Gorsky. Malorossiya, c.1905-1915. In the 24 hours since the results of the second round of the Ukrainian Presidential elections became known, there has been a strange convergence of views on Ukraine's course under President-Elect Zelensky from opposite sides of the barricades. Many "svidomy" Ukrainians are in tears over their "hoodwinked" or "stupid" compatriots electing a... Read More
Zelensky [green] vs. Poroshenko [red] via @vybory_91 Raw results here. With 99.74% of votes counted as of the time of writing, Zelensky is at 73.22% to 24.46% to Poroshenko. The sole region where Poroshenko won was in Lvov oblast. Zelensky [green] vs. Poroshenko [red] abroad via @vybory_91. Raw results here. Poroshenko's best performance: Canada, where... Read More
The second round of the Ukrainian elections are this Sunday. * Zelensky is almost certainly going to win (PredictIt has had him at ~95% for weeks now). It looks like he is going to blow Poroshenko out, probably something like Zelensky 67% vs. Poroshenko 30%. * Unless plans change I'll be discussing the Ukrainian elections... Read More
Alexander Chalenko. There are many forms of Ukrainian identity. The svidomy believe that the Ukraine is a purely autochthonous entity, whose "Russian" achievements were stolen by Muscovy (Richard Sakwa, more politely, calls them "monists"). There are "pluralists" who believe that they share a common cultural and genetic ancestry with Russia and Belorussia in the medieval... Read More
I looked at this question in depth in 2016 (see "Trump Is Factually Right on Crimea"). TLDR: Yes, the did, and overwhelmingly so. I am not going to go over this again, since I'd mostly just be repeating the older post. Suffice to say that since 2016, nothing has changed. In a VCIOM poll this... Read More
It seems to be the one *major* country where the more intelligent - on average, and adjusting for the east/west gradient - vote for the "nationalist" candidate, Poroshenko. And just to be clear, he has for all intents and purposes captured the nationalist niche, however unlikely. His slogan: "Army, Language, Faith." Meanwhile, Zelensky talks of... Read More
So it's pretty clear from the exit polls that Zelensky and Poroshenko are going to be the ones duking it out in the second round. It's also very likely that the next Ukrainian President is almost certainly going to be Zelensky. The former might have had a chance if there was only 5% separating Poroshenko... Read More
The latest polls, jointly conducted by KIIS (Ukraine) and Levada (Russia), show that the collapse in Ukrainian sentiment towards Russia may be turning a corner. Legend: Ukrainian attitudes towards Russia [blue]; Russian attitudes towards Ukraine [orange] For the first time since April 2014, more Ukrainians have a positive impressive of Russia than the converse. Attitudes... Read More
One persistent criticism of Russia's decision to annex the Crimea/support its people's right to national self-determination [cross out as per your ideological preferences] is that it has had dubious benefits not just for Russia, but for Putin himself. This is a common take. For instance, as the 5th anniversary of Crimea's incorporation into Russia approached,... Read More
The Ukrainian elections are coming up in a couple of weeks, so there'll be a number of related posts in the next few days. *** More notable posts since the last Open Thread in case you missed any of them. Russia's Uber Gets Better Tracking China's Naval Power Mussolini Did Nothing Wrong The Terrorist Attack... Read More
I am not one of those people who mock Ukraine as Africa with snow. It's amusing, but not really accurate. But goddamn they do they sometimes give cause for it! Not only do they have the highest measles rate in Europe, they have the highest measles rate in the entire world. 53,000 cases in 2018!... Read More
Currently there are a bunch of Maidan/Crimea related five year anniversaries that have come up, or will soon come up. I will try to poast about them as time permits. Admin note: Whenever I post more than 1-2 articles a day, some of them may not be visible, since there are three slots and 1-2... Read More
Found this actively updated map on UOC-MP defections to the (schismatic) Orthodox Church of the Ukraine, which was granted its tomos by Istanbul Bart this January. (h/t Insomniac) Commenter AP has predicted that UOC-MP will become the near exclusive province of Ukraine's Russians in the coming years. But that doesn't seem to be coming along... Read More
Russian TV - being, for the most part, sovok bilge - says that it is... because you get a "decommunization" award for sniping off the head of the Great Bald One. But basically the entire ideological spectrum outside sovokland dismisses this. The anti-svodomist Insomniac Resurrected: The arch-svidomist Ironically, Lenin himself derided what he called... Read More
The reason that I maintain that svidomy are a subset of sovoks is because they don't just topple mass produced monuments to Lenin - they seek to rewrite their entire Russian imperial heritage. For instance, this is what the Maidanists and their Western supporters refer to as "de-Communization". A couple of days ago, the Suvorov... Read More
How can you identify a cargo cult culture? (Or, as Thorfinnsson elegantly calls them, "fake and gay countries"?). Well, here's one thing I notice about many of them. They're obsessed - obsessed! - over naming conventions for their countries and cities in foreign languages. For instance, precisely nobody in The Netherlands - to the best... Read More
Latest reports that Kiev is planning to impose martial law. Anyhow. Poroshenko's only real hope of getting reelected is by having a short victorious war (as I suggested back in May). Though the "victorious" part will be really hard.
I'll go back to posting proper material soon enough, but in the interim, here's another open thread. *** * Glenn Greenwald: Trump DoJ prosecution of Assange is unprecedented threat to press freedoms but many vindictive Democrats support it * Atlantic: Declining marginal returns to science? In past few decades importance of new discoveries fell even... Read More
The Commieblock: Hopefully AquariusAnon appreciates this. I am very happy to see that Guillaume Durocher has joined The Unz Review. Only the best people! Here is a short intro to what he'll be writing about: You can browse his archives at Occidental Observer, Counter-Currents, and Radix. I a
Blogging October has been an exceedingly successful. While September was my all time record month (thanks largely to my post on The Idiocy of the Average), with 46,000 unique visits and 154,000 pageviews, this past month came close despite the absence of any viral posts - 37,000 visits and 145,000 pageviews. I am now consistently... Read More
PSA from Patriarch Kirill II on the Ukrainian question in Moscow. Just your normal billboard ad. :) INSOMNIAC RESURRECTED Longtime Russia watchers may recall the Austere Insomniac blog, which used to offer excellent analysis on the Ukraine and was first to introduce the term "svidomy" into the English language. Unfortunately, it later closed down, but... Read More
Kiev Pechersk Lavra. This is what Nicetas, Archbishop of Nicomedia, wrote in the 12th century about the Great Schism (1054) between Catholicism and Orthodoxy: Difference between then and now? A millennium ago, the Vicar of Christ presided over a flock that was about as demographically predominant within Christendom as the Russian Orthodox Church is within... Read More
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I am a blogger, thinker, and businessman in the SF Bay Area. I’m originally from Russia, spent many years in Britain, and studied at U.C. Berkeley.

One of my tenets is that ideologies tend to suck. As such, I hesitate about attaching labels to myself. That said, if it’s really necessary, I suppose “liberal-conservative neoreactionary” would be close enough.

Though I consider myself part of the Orthodox Church, my philosophy and spiritual views are more influenced by digital physics, Gnosticism, and Russian cosmism than anything specifically Judeo-Christian.