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German_reader looks askance at my theological speculations. Am I serious? Yes, actually, I am. Here are a few ways of interpretating Russian 20th century history: 1. Russians spent 70 years under the rule of a succession of traitors and saboteurs. It turns out that Trotsky and the old Bolsheviks were traitors and foreign agents (1930s),... Read More
While I am not much of a religious person, there is one particular argument for His existence that I find to be rather convincing*. Those who wage war on God are unmade by God. And their descendants, too. The idea that He is humane, or fair to individuals, is a modern conceit. The Old Testament... Read More
Anatoly Karlin
About Anatoly Karlin

I am a blogger, thinker, and businessman in the SF Bay Area. I’m originally from Russia, spent many years in Britain, and studied at U.C. Berkeley.

One of my tenets is that ideologies tend to suck. As such, I hesitate about attaching labels to myself. That said, if it’s really necessary, I suppose “liberal-conservative neoreactionary” would be close enough.

Though I consider myself part of the Orthodox Church, my philosophy and spiritual views are more influenced by digital physics, Gnosticism, and Russian cosmism than anything specifically Judeo-Christian.