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The Wheel Turns, Ages Come and Go, And Thus Dies the Russian Reaction
It was never my mission to pursue "activist" goals so much as to try to accurately understand and explain how the world works, and at best, play some modest role in informing the debate in those areas that I hoped could make use of some of my insights. From that perspective, my record of my... Read More
Russia has just recognized the LNR and DNR, the logical culmination of Russia's "Nationalist Turn" that identified as having been initiated under Putin by the late 2010s, as well as shorter-term predictions. As things stand now, we have: We have Putin openly calling Ukraine a Bolshevik-created fake state to universal Western shock and disbelief, openly... Read More
The previous thread had become very sluggish and the Russia/Ukraine situation led Anatoly to publish his first new Substack column in several months: So here's a new Open Thread for the Karlin commenting commenting, with a few of the Russia/Ukraine comments relocated here from the end of the previous one. --- Ron Unz
Here’s a new Open Thread for the Karlin commenting community. — Ron Unz
Here’s a new Open Thread for the Karlin commenting community, jump started with a relocated comment from the previous thread. — Ron Unz
As a New Year's present, here's a new Open Thread for the Karlin commenting community, jump started with a few relocated comments from the previous thread. --- Ron Unz
Here's another Open Thread for the Karlin commenting community since the previous one has gotten very long and sluggish to load, jump starting it by moving a couple of the previous comments. — Ron Unz
The previous Open Thread had passed 1,000 comments and was getting very sluggish to load. Since Anatoly is apparently very busy working on crypto-currency projects, I've gone ahead and opened this new one for his commenter-community, moving a few of the last comments over to it. --- Ron Unz
There's apparently popular demand for a new Open Thread so here you go! Though I probably won't be checking up on the comments here much. I needed to recharge the past month. But I'll start writing much more frequently on the Substack from next Friday on.
This is presumably my last Open Thread on Russian Reaction (posted on on A123's request). As I said in the previous thread, after 7 years of blogging, I will be leaving The Unz Review. Though my original intention was to focus on other, non-blogging related projects, there was such a large outpouring of demand for... Read More
* In his latest newsletter, Adam Tooze points out that the Chinese government is asserting greater state control over the economy, including the power of Chinese business magnates to "cash out" of their holdings. In retrospect, this is perhaps the most logical explanation for the crypto crackdown. * Diana Fleischman has a good article in... Read More
🇷🇺💪🇮🇳 * As usual, "real result" of United Russia would have been around 35% instead of 50% (and a simple majority instead of a Constitutional majority). But Western criticisms much less effective in the wake of analogous - if statistically implausible - claims about the 2020 US elections. * EVERGRANDE. I was a China bull... Read More
Another pilgrimage to the Fortress Monastery. *** * AOMI. Robin Hanson: The Insular Fertile Future. Reproductively successful cultures are insular from the global culture. * Scott Alexander: Book Review: Modi - A Political Biography * AFGHANISTAN. Apparently internal frictions amongst the Taliban, with Pakistani-backed hardliners winning out and filling the Cabinet exclusively with Taliban (in... Read More
I was at the Army-2011 expo this week. Very cool, sort of like a military-themed Geek Picnic. *** * POWERFUL COMMENT. Thorfinnsson on the Japanese economy. * Adam Tooze: Chartbook #35: It's not the fall that kills you .... Afghanistan's looming triple crisis. "Afghanistan as a country where the costs of central governance exceed local... Read More
*** AFGHANISTAN * The terrorist attacks today. The Taliban did free all those Islamist militants, not all of them would have been strictly suborned to the Taliban themselves. What's so surprising? * Notable foreign relations developments. Tajikistan has adopted a cold tone to the Taliban, accusing them of gong and has reportedly supplied the NRF... Read More
*** * MUSTREAD. @pseudoerasmus thread on the history of the Taliban. * Steve Sailer on Pashtun proverbs. * Erik D'Amato: 20 Hungarian Lessons the West Is Still Missing * Noah Carl: Observations on Afghanistan * Lyman Key thread on Chinese TFR. We still don't really know what's going on there. * MUSTREAD. Philip Lemoine: Why... Read More
*** * Emil Kirkegaard: The ‘Hereditarians bad people’ objection. On the recent spat between Cathy Young vs. Charles Murray, Steve Sailer, and other hereditarians. Ended with Steve being blocked by Cathy. * Hungary has become an object in the culture war. Their demographic problems long predate Orban, who was actually more successful on the economy... Read More
Rosatom HQ. *** * RIP. Sam Dickson: William H. Regnery II: A Hero’s Life. A Hero’s Death. I intersected with him in Moscow in 2018 at the end of a transit of the Trans-Siberian with a friend. Too little to get a know a person, but my impressions were positive, FWIW. On a non-political tone,... Read More
Time for something more stereotypical. *** * The AK. About a couple of months ago the National Bolsheviks ("Other Russia") had me round to their "bunker" for a podcast. It's now been released, you can listen to it here. (Obviously only in Russian). Alt Right columnist Tobias Langdon "featured me" as a Jew besmirching the... Read More
*** * I think travel in much of Europe will remain significantly restricted as Delta makes its way from UK/Portugal to mainland Europe. * Nature - Mounting evidence suggests Sputnik COVID vaccine is safe and effective. But Europeans still not rushing to approve, with France being intransigent in particular. Seething over Sanofi failure? * Aeroflot... Read More
*** * Scott Alexander - Welcome Polygenically Screened Babies. First baby polygenetically screened born to a family with a history of breast cancer which wanted to reduce to reduce those chances. SA implies the client was a reader. Eventually it could be possible to do this for intelligence and other personality traits. * Putin's Q&A... Read More
*** * Press F for John McAfee. Even NBC acknowledged he was suicided (if briefly). Certainly a very colorful character. * @BirthGauge with new table of preliminary TFR estimates for first few months of this year. Germany will have a higher TFR than the US for the first time in more than a century this... Read More
Prestigious. *** * Putin-Biden summit in Geneva. No surprises to the upside or the downside (if you credited the theory that Biden wants to curtail the breakdown of US-Russian relations to slow down its drifting alliance with China). $150M in weapons aid to Ukraine canceled, on top of the dropping of sanctions against German companies... Read More
The weak should fear the strong. *** * Richard Hanania had a podcast with Sean McMeekin about his new book. (I made some comments on that post). Incidentally, I have started reading Stalin's War. Not far in, but my initial impressions are that McMeekin is weak on military realism - he seems to think that... Read More
This week's Open Thread. *** * Zach Goldberg, the guy who coined the "Great Awokening", is now blogging at Substack. You should give him a follow. * Alex Tabarrok observed that it is "depressing" that you'd have done better investing in Dogecoin this year than in Pfizer. I think this is a function of (1)... Read More
*** * CORE. Richard Hanania - Freedom House, Woke Imperialists. Traditionally, Freedom House just penalized countries for not hewing to American geopolitical interests (e.g. see What I Learned from Freedom House…). Now, it's transitioned to also penalizing them for opposing liberal/Woke positions, such as Poland's opposition to "LGBT and gender ideology", while the "connection between... Read More
This week's Open Thread. ~ Emil Kirkegaard - Meta-compilation of HBD related materials. Very useful link. Also dug up this Blast from the Past: Who’s afraid of the big bad data? ~ NEW PAPER. Rieger, M. O., Wang, M., & Hens, T. (2021). Universal time preference. PloS One, 16(2), e0245692. (h/t @whyvert) ~ XENOS. Pop... Read More
Just one and a half years ago, I was heralding the end of the blogosphere and its replacement by the vlogosphere. But last year, along came Substack - a modest newsletter service that doubles as a blogging platform with inbuilt RSS, analytics, and monetization infrastructure. Seemingly exploding out of the blue, before long a rafter... Read More
Jan 9, 2020 marks the 12th year since I began blogging about Russia in 2008, before expanding into broader geopolitical topics, HBD, and futurism within that same year. Here is a graph of my pageviews across my websites during this period. (I did not plot visits to my personal webpages and for 2019-20... Read More
French blogger & philosopher Philippe Lemoine has a Twitter thread arguing for using real names online, which has excited some vigorous discussions and counter-arguments: My own two cents are that both approaches are fine, depending on personal circumstances. I don't regret "self-doxing" a few months after I started blogging in January 2008. I'm fine with... Read More
So it's Russia Independence Day today: *** In other news, I have been shadowbanned on Twitter. This basically means that I am invisible on the platform to anybody who doesn't follow me there (that is, all of Twitter minus ~7,000 people), and even they will see my poasts much less frequently. I am attaching the... Read More
This week's Open Thread. EDIT: Well I am sorry for maligning ~20% of my readers - actually explanation is that we have not only been zucced, but also Googlehammered. Blackpill - even on a "based" website such as The Unz Review, it appears that too many of our readers are weak Facebook drones. My visitorship/viewership... Read More
So as you might have heard Facebook has banned The Unz Review from its entire site. You can't link to it on your Wall, in closed groups, or even mention it in private communications. It has become The Website That Must Not Be Named, like South Front just a few days ago - another website... Read More
View from Ostankino Tower. I am back. Happy 88th OT! This break from blogging, which was not 100% voluntary, gave me the chance to reflect on my content and how I can improve it going forwards. Though it may not seem like it at this moment, my output has been steadily increasing the past few... Read More
I began blogging in 2008. This was the Golden Age of the blogosphere, though by that time, in retrospect, its peak was already behind it. One example: Below is a fair representation of right-alternative ("Dark Enlightenment") bloggers in the early 2010s: Fast forward a decade and the scene has changed. Sure, many of the old... Read More
My post on the maximum world population drew a large number of "powerful takes" - unfortunately, powerful in the bad sense of the word - idiotic trolling (humorous trolling is allowed), ad hominems, conspiracy SIFs, negative value added, etc. While I appended the MORE tag to a bunch of them, I was also forced to... Read More
It's now been eleven years (and six days) since I started blogging. Since this is not that big of a milestone, I am not going to recap the history of how I got there; you can check out last year's post for that. Instead, I'm just going to talk of developments in 2018, and plans... Read More
Visits to alt media portals (via Similar Web). Sites I am particularly interested in are highlighted. The Unz Review has continued to do very well, surging well ahead of other competitors in the "alt media" (LewRockwell, Takimag, Marginal Revolution, TruthDig, TruthOut, Antiwar, VDare, Mondoweiss). We are now essentially level pegging with both The American Conservative... Read More
As of this day, less than 2/3 of the way through 2018, I have written 170,072 words [all of 2017: 221,850] of text in 198 [262] poasts. More people have viewed these poasts than during all of 2017. You have contributed 36,000 comments, which is already almost double last year's numbers - and more than... Read More
January 9, 2017 marks the day I began blogging a decade ago.   I suppose now's as good a time as any to launch my second panhandling drive. If you like the words that I write, and want me to write more of them, you can personally make that happen:   My first (non-intro) post:... Read More
Russian nationalists and "patriots" - much like the "Alt Right" and Alt Lite in the United States - each have their own media ecosystems, though overlap is inevitable. As in the United States, "patriotism" is at least an order of magnitude more prevalent than nationalism (indeed, it is one of the defining strands of Putinist... Read More
We seem to be doing pretty well, if SimilarWeb stats are anything to go by. The Unz Review is clearly the dominant website amongst the "Intellectual Dissident Right" (we are far ahead of VDARE, Takimag, and are even catching up on the normies at The American Cuckservative). It is also strongly competitive amongst the "Intellectual... Read More
About time to update my sidebar (current one dates from November 2015). Blogroll: Added a few sites, removed a few. Version with slightly more links here: My linking policy is that if your blog is at least somewhat active and interesting, and if you link to me, or if you make a... contribution (just make... Read More
This appears to be my 1,000th post at The Unz Review (including the archives from my old blogs). Coincidentally, it will also be my 100th post this year, which would represent an almost threefold increase in intensity relative to 2015-2016. So I guess now is as good a time as any to launch my first... Read More
I just finished updating my Unz Review custom blogroll, along with an expanded set of "inspirational" quotes. Here it is: *** ANATOLY KARLIN joined the Unz Review in January 2015 to blog about Russia, geopolitics, HBD/psychometrics, and futurism. For a comprehensive overview of my past and present projects, as well as links to my current... Read More
As you can see the site has had a major redesign, and new blog posts will start appearing as of this Monday. Here are the major changes: (1) Back to self-hosted, after a year and a half at There will be no repeat of the pharma hack that torpedoed the old Sublime Oblivion. My... Read More
This June I had the pleasure of once again attending and speaking at the World Russia Forum. The event now happens twice a year, in Washington DC and Moscow, and is intended to draw together Russian and American experts, academics, journalists, and policy-makers in an effort to improve relations between these two nations. An account... Read More
I'm writing this from an Internet café in Seattle, so I'll be brief. (1) Congratulations to SWSPires - the winner of the promised $25 Amazon gift certificate for participating in The Russia Debate during its first month! Incidentally, he was only the sixth member to be drawn by lot from the members pool; it's just... Read More
From a Freedom House publication:
Anatoly Karlin
About Anatoly Karlin

I am a blogger, thinker, and businessman in the SF Bay Area. I’m originally from Russia, spent many years in Britain, and studied at U.C. Berkeley.

One of my tenets is that ideologies tend to suck. As such, I hesitate about attaching labels to myself. That said, if it’s really necessary, I suppose “liberal-conservative neoreactionary” would be close enough.

Though I consider myself part of the Orthodox Church, my philosophy and spiritual views are more influenced by digital physics, Gnosticism, and Russian cosmism than anything specifically Judeo-Christian.