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Credibly deniable assassinations are a complex O-ring task (everything in a long chain of procedures has to go right). So is covering up failed ones. FSB graduation parade.
Navalny has released a video in which he has the gall to complain some more about the "Novichok" accelerated weight loss program and multiple rounds of beauty treatments that PUTLER! provided him with for absolutely free. But I just realized something rather more interesting and politically relevant. He has 4.3M subscribers on his YouTube. Dmitry... Read More
I am not much interested in moralizing over this - there are many other "alternate bloggers" happy to do that anyway (though why be particularly outraged if you view Israel as this great fount of evil anyway? A rhetorical question, I know). At the end of the day, Mossad is quite ruthless in pursuing the... Read More
From the start I refrained from speculating too much about what precisely happened to Navalny. Thing is, several weeks on, we are collectively none the wiser. Though Novichok seems to have done him good in the looksmaxxing department: But reality is rarely as important as the narratives around it, and so far as narratives are... Read More
People want me to comment on Navalny. I have avoided doing so because I just don't know. There are plenty of other people who don't know either but are writing about it anyway so why would I waste my time and your time on this. I don't know what the poison was. It probably was... Read More
I didn't comment the story at the time because it seemed so absurd on the face of it, but who knows? Anyhow: Fact of the matter is, Russian intelligence services are not cool enough (and perhaps not competent enough, either) to take out hits on foreign Russophobes. Who are a dime a dozen, anyway.
All elites need some kind of internal disciplinary mechanism for their polity to function. In traditional societies, it is mainly the aristocracy's sense of solidarity, noblesse oblige, feudal bonds, the Mannerbund institute. Though I don't mean to idealize it. It proved completely maladaptive come the industrial age. In totalitarian regimes, chiliastic ideology and repression/terror plays... Read More
Some headlines and quotes that tell an unfamiliar story. * ZeroHedge: Putin Hints At New Russia-Saudi Axis: "No Reason To Spoil Saudi Ties Over Khashoggi Killing (Oct 18) * Angered By Saudi Plan to Purchase Russian S-400, Trump Admin Exploiting Khashoggi Disappearance to Force Saudis to “Buy American” *
Khashoggi wasn't some sort of dissident or human rights activist; he wasn't even your run of the mill neoliberalism.txt crusader. He was a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, palled around with Osama bin Laden, and served as media advisor to Turki al-Faisal, one time-head of the Saudi Mukhabarat and so not a nice guy by definition. Nor... Read More
Could this be the strongest case of the Assad curse yet??
Most things in life are strongly g loaded, from obvious things such as socio-economic success and chess ability to less obvious ones such as an appreciation for Indian cuisine or quality terrorism. Assassinations are no different. Assassination quality seems to be a function of national IQ, plus the levels of remuneration and prestige with the... Read More
Transcript here. On a more serious note, this is a PR disaster. Even Margarita Simonyan herself visibly realizes as the interview goes on. Their tourism story reaches levels of implausibility that should not even be possible: We are just heterosexual business partners - but no, we won't go into any details; our first sightseeing tour... Read More
So one of my commenters keeps urging me to write something about the Skripal case, even hinting at a conspiracy to keep "bad news" from denizens. I was going to briefly mention in my weekly Open Thread, but not anything more, because I don't see this news are either important or unexpected. But given... Read More
Main Brazilian challenger for the Presidency "Trump of the Tropics" (© Thorfinnsson) Jair Bolsonaro has been stabbed by a Communist activist. He is said to be in a serious but stable condition. I assume his chances of winning have skyrocketed, assuming he survives. If not, the Army may intervene (his VP is a general). I... Read More
Alexander Zhuchkovsky reports that there has been an explosion at the "Separ" [separatist] restaurant in Donetsk, killing DNR head Alexander Zakharchenko. DNR Income and Collections Minister Alexander Timofeev has also been seriously injured. He had come under increasing criticism in recent years for making loud pronouncements that went unfulfilled, such as promising that the Ukraine... Read More
Wiltshire pair 'poisoned by nerve agent' Alexander Mercouris has written at length about the outsized impact of British individuals, especially in the intelligence services, on pushing the Russiagate conspiracy theory to annul Trump's stated desire for rapprochement with Russia. With the Trump-Putin summit in Finland coming up on July 16, the timing is certainly impeccable.... Read More
EDIT: There has been a rather significant correction to this piece. My preliminary take: Babchenko struck a deal with the SBU. He participates in this stunt – makes SBU and Lutsenko look competent – possibly gets money, and certainly publicity, for make benefit of his Yandex Koshelek – SBU gets to roll up a few... Read More
Since nobody knows anything, as Alexander Mercouris points out, I haven't bothered following this closely. Still, I suppose it's big enough that I should post something about it. This comment from for-the-record seems not entirely implausible: What seems eminently clear is that whoever did it knew that this would be attributed to the Russians, and... Read More
A week ago, I speculated that Voronenkov was most likely killed by a Ukrainian nationalist who overdosed on svidomism, and not by the Dark Lord of the Kremlin: This was strongly suggested by the fact that the gunman, Pavel Parshov, was a former member of a Donbass batallion that had participated in the ATO. He... Read More
The basics on Denis Voronenkov: Communist MP. Bombastically patriotic. He led the way on highly needed and necessary legislation, such as a ban on Pokemon Go, and often waxed lyrical about the "patriotic" and "non-materialistic" values instilled on him by his Komsomol education. This patriotism and lack of materialism expressed itself in the form of... Read More
Anatoly Karlin
About Anatoly Karlin

I am a blogger, thinker, and businessman in the SF Bay Area. I’m originally from Russia, spent many years in Britain, and studied at U.C. Berkeley.

One of my tenets is that ideologies tend to suck. As such, I hesitate about attaching labels to myself. That said, if it’s really necessary, I suppose “liberal-conservative neoreactionary” would be close enough.

Though I consider myself part of the Orthodox Church, my philosophy and spiritual views are more influenced by digital physics, Gnosticism, and Russian cosmism than anything specifically Judeo-Christian.