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Russians Would (Unenthusiastically) Vote for Trump
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If Russiagate fantasies were real and they had the vote in US elections – at least as suggested by this FOM poll.

This is not to say that Russians like Trump – their short post-elections honeymoon was soon after undermined by Russiagate sanctions and foreign policy erraticism, such as the strikes on Russian mercenaries in Syria.

Nonetheless, 23% approval vs. 43% disapproval…

… is better than Joe Biden’s 5% approval and 24% disapproval.

It’s hard to see which outcome will be worse for Russia. Conventional wisdom says Joe Biden, who has promised to expand sanctions and is channeling the fury of tens of millions of boomers radicalized by RussiaGate.

OTOH, American global economic dominance slips with every passing year, and it is now also increasingly locked into a Cold War with China. This development is driven by the deep state, not Trump, which correctly perceives China as the only realistic threat to US hegemony. So even if Biden wants to refocus the brunt of US hostility towards Russia and away from China, his room to do so is limited.

This is apart from the fact that a further distancing from the West may be good for Russia given its BLM and associated madness.

Furthermore, for what little such things are worth, Biden’s program has almost nothing on international relations. The only section that I can find which predominantly deal with it mention China four times (2 of which are negative) and Russian twice (one of which is negative).

As such, I find it hard to credit headlines along the lines of “The Kremlin Is Increasingly Alarmed at the Prospect of a Biden Win” which are sure to become more prevalent in the runup to November.

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  1. Please keep off topic posts to the current Open Thread.

    If you are new to my work, start here.

    • Replies: @Mikhail
  2. A123 says:

    If Trump can ever get clear of the RussiaGate investigation, there is an opportunity to improve relations with Russia. We know that Trump attempted to extract the U.S. from Syria and ran into opposition from the Deep State establishment.

    It is hard to see how Russians can expect anything good from the DNC. After years attacking Russia for mythical ties to Trump, any DNC President would be trapped by their base who believe that Putin is a comic book super villain.



    You may have posted the wrong graphic for Biden. It looks like you have the insert for Trump twice.

    AK: Thanks.

  3. Derer says:

    Russians see Biden (not Trump) thru his slimy meddling and corruption in Ukraine that has been directed against their Slavic cousins. Biden is hated in both countries despite what Ukrainian ruling clique will tell you. Russians see Biden and his DNC participating in deception and violation of the Bush-Gorbachev agreement of NATO non-expansion upon withdrawal of all the troops from East Germany and other satellite countries. Trump has better chance to break the deep state yoke in the second term.

  4. This is not to say that Russians like Trump – their short post-elections honeymoon was soon after undermined by Russiagate sanctions and foreign policy erraticism, such as the strikes on Russian mercenaries in Syria.

    Just fyi this was largely fantasy
    That’s not to say the story isn’t indicative of attitudes in the U.S.; Americans did indeed coom at the thought of turning Russians into mincemeat with aircraft.

  5. I am very fond of the Russians I know or knew. But whether they , who, how or why they would vote a certain way for the executives in the WH in the US is simply

    I don’t much care save as a curiosity.

  6. Ano4 says:

    I believe a great deal of Russians simply don’t care about American politics. Those who do, would mainly simply want US of A leaving Russia alone and NATO stopping its saber rattling at Russia’s borders. If it was not for NATO, a significant proportion of Russians would also stop being interested in anything happening in the former USSR, including Ukraine and Belarus. NATO should have been disbanded simultaneously with the Warsaw Pact.

    As per the American Election, I think whomever wins the chaos will continue due to the crazy polarization of the American society.

  7. Russia would undoubtedly suffer more from us voting in their elections rather than vice versa.

    The way this election is shaping up, we’ll soon be nostalgic for a time when all we had to worry about was a few unsupported claims of foreign interference.

  8. Most Russians I know always prefer the Republican candidate, certainly Bush, because they are more predictable. The certainty of a worthy enemy is preferred to a questioable friend.

  9. Mikhail says: • Website
    @Anatoly Karlin

    This is probably well worth watching:

    I’m about to view it.

  10. 216 says:

    From the non-interventionist perspective, this is one of the better campaigns. Biden isn’t perceived as a “hawk” as Hillary was, even though the neoconservatives (other than the West Straussians at Claremont) all support him.

    That said, I’d imagine that the NED budget will get a large increase under a Harris Occupation, and the large multinationals will be prodded to be even more woke than they are now.

    If you think Grennell pushing gay legalization is bad, wait until you get a leftist version on steroids.

  11. Objectively, Biden and his puppet-masters would do a lot more to ruin the US then Trump. If we look at it that way, the polls show that more Russians want the US to remain a player than to become a smoldering ruin of yet another Empire.

    • Replies: @A123
  12. It is not so daft idea.
    In domestic affairs, US presidents have very limited power and it does not matter very much who wins the world’s biggest clown contest and gets to sits in the big house. Trump couldn’t get up even his stupid concrete wall.

    On the other side, in foreign policy, US president can kill anyone in the world he wishes, can sanction, blockade, bomb or invade any country he wants, for any reason or no reason at all.

    Therefore, it would be fair if whole world voted in American elections, because their lives are at stake.

    • Replies: @Hyperborean
  13. @another anon

    Therefore, it would be fair if whole world voted in American elections, because their lives are at stake.

    It wouldn’t work because if they had this right large parts of the world wouldn’t vote for non-intervention but rather for intervening against their enemies, especially when they know they are not risking their own nation, with the resultant eternal wars.

    So in effect it merely becomes a global numbers game for who gets to die.

  14. It’s better to have America divided under Trump, than united under DNC. Better for everyone.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  15. @Felix Keverich

    It’s better to have America divided under Trump, than united under DNC.

    Luckily for America, the chances of it being united under DNC are as close to zero as makes no difference. The elites worked hard on dumbing down the populace, but there are still not enough morons to unite the US around DNC and its puppet-masters.

  16. A123 says:

    The problem that Putin faces with Gropey Joe:

    — Biden family investments in Ukraine
    — NeoConDemocrats have returned to the nest
    — Mental instability & poor impulse control

    Put all three things together and there is massive potential for a miscalculation over Crimea. Russia did not like Reagan’s unpredictability. Biden is an even bigger roll of the dice.

    If Hiden Biden is forced from office, the result would be Kamala. 0% foreign policy track record. Anything could happen. With NeoConDemocrats giving her advice, there are way too many poor choices on the table.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  17. @A123

    I’d say that the US faces even more serious problems with Biden. First, it’s not so much investments in Ukraine as his corruption, extortion on behalf of himself and his son. Moreover, he used his office of vise-president to quash the investigation of Burisma in Ukraine, which is a crime. Second, now he is clearly senile, which means that someone else will call the shots. Kamala, however unattractive, is highly unlikely to be that someone else, she is more likely to be an obedient puppet in the hands of DNC puppet-masters. I am no fan of Trump, but if we want to preserve the US, he is a better choice than senile Joe.

  18. AP says:

    Every Russian in the USA I know is voting by for Trump. As are about 80% of Ukrainians I know. So he brings people together.

    • Replies: @A123
  19. A123 says:

    It is what I keep pointing out.

    Christian Russians and a Christian Americans are on the same side.

    SJW Globalists, including Biden & Harris, threaten those who have faith in God.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  20. @A123

    SJW Globalists, including Biden & Harris, threaten those who have faith in God.

    You don’t even need faith in God to prefer Trump over Biden and DNC/globohomo gang. All you need is common sense.

    • Agree: Ano4
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