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Russian Trolls Are HBD-Aware
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From the latest DoJ indictment of Russian trolls [pdf]:



Anyhow, the excerpts suggest that Russian trolls have a surprisingly sophisticated understanding of American trigger points.


That said, I don’t quite see how this kind of “Internet research” qualifies as conspiring to “commit offense against” or “defraud” the United States (18 U.S. Code § 371).


• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Russia, Russiagate, Trolling, United States 
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  1. inertial says:

    This is how the news is presented for the sub-100 IQ set:

    • Replies: @for-the-record
  2. Are you sure that these are actual Russian Trolls, not Americans misidentified as Russians? I mean it’s pretty obvious that the US regime wants certain political viewpoints outlawed. What better way to do it than to portray Alt-Right movement as a Russian Conspiracy?

    • Replies: @notanon
  3. melanf says:

    Russian Trolls Are HBD-Aware

    That’s because we read white supremacist books

    • Replies: @DFH
    , @DFH
  4. notanon says:

    the shamelessness always amazes me – the media gloatingly destroying (white) America while attacking Pooty for it

    • Replies: @notanon
  5. DFH says:

    Don’t go children

    What did he mean by this?

    • Replies: @melanf
    , @inertial
  6. notanon says:
    @Felix Keverich

    99.99% of “Russian trolls” are alt-right or MAGA people and the remaining 0.01% are likely not trolls at all but clickbait companies trying to earn advertising revenue by crafting links that will tempt specific demographics to click on them – hence during an election these companies try to create separate links tailored to appeal to different factions – that’s why some of the earlier indictments involved people making posts on *both* sides of an argument (e.g. abortion)

    it’s all about grabbing attention

    in the context of Russia vs Neocons this is all lies of course but still interesting in the sense of are clickbait companies – through their honing of clickbait by using experimental A/B analysis of what grabs attention – magnifying political divisions?

    • Agree: Felix Keverich
  7. notanon says:

    meant to be a reply to post #1

  8. Serrice says: • Website

    Quality trolling is a high-cognitive ability venture and always has been throughout history.

  9. Beckow says:

    Does US law actually allow for prosecuting a crime of ‘spreading divisions in the society‘? What happened to the 1st Amendment? If freedom of speech doesn’t apply to ‘foreigners‘ we have a real problem. How exactly would that be applied across the global internet? Some sort of a global ID?

    If the charges only apply during elections, can anyone ever comment about any other countries’s elections? Or issues in those societies? What if I dislike wearing of chador in some countries, is mentioning it an attempt to ‘sow division‘? Me thinks somebody is losing common sense.

    Stalin would relate to this, he knew who were his enemies. The laws can always be found, ‘promoting divisive views’ can be literally anything. West has arrived at its intellectual nadir. What next?

    • Replies: @iffen
  10. @inertial

    That really is classic, is it for real?

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
    , @inertial
  11. melanf says:

    “Don’t go children”
    What did he mean by this?

    This is the first part of the meme “do not go children to Africa to walk”. This phrase originally appeared in a comic poem, but then the meme began his own life

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  12. @melanf

    In fact, it is “children, don’t go”, not “don’t go children” (the latter has a totally different meaning in the US)

    • Replies: @Anon
  13. If the story of “Russian trolls” stealing the US election in 2016 were true, American political consultants would have been flocking to learn from those imagined trolls: they allegedly achieved for a paltry few million what the corrupt bitch failed to achieve spending two billion.

  14. How can YOU become a member of the Hillary-club?

    Lose an election despite support from the bureaucrats, celebs, banks, mainstream-media, big business and foreign governments!

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  15. DFH says:

    Pretty sure there is some sort of Russian male thing for black girls; it’s a pattern I’ve noticed before (e.g. Brat 2), this is just further confirmation

    • Replies: @AP
    , @melanf
  16. Dan Hayes says:


    Unfortunately this New York Daily News front page sample is all too real. As the News approaches closer and closer to financial bankruptcy its editorial policy (which permeates the whole paper) becomes more and more unhinged.

  17. @Another German Reader

    You should have also mentioned losing the election after outspending your opponent 2:1. Very few presidential nominees ever managed that.

  18. AP says:

    In the 90s (the Brat movies are of that era) it was fashionable for post-Soviet guys to experiment with black girls; most of the students I knew from that time did that at some point after coming to the USA.

  19. inertial says:

    It’s a line from the a well known (in the USSR) children’s poem by K. Chukovsky.

    Little children!
    For nothing in the world
    Do not go to Africa
    Do not go to Africa for a walk!

    This is the poem that the famous Stalingrad fountain was based on.

  20. melanf says:

    Pretty sure there is some sort of Russian male thing for black girls; it’s a pattern I’ve noticed before (e.g. Brat 2), this is just further confirmation

    I think that’s not true. Cover in post number 2 is a typical cover for books about “popadantsev”. The standard plot of such books: cool guy (but usually a loser) from our time is transferred to ancient Russia/ancient Egypt/Ancient Rome/Galactic Empire/elven Kingdom/…. In the new place, the hero becomes a super warrior (alternative-supermag), seduces long-legged princesses (or princesses seduce the hero), becomes a padishah / king/Pharaoh, etc. such a book is accompanied by a cover: a muscular hero in the society of a half-naked mistress.

    for example

    As for the movie Brother 2, as far as I know, the hero’s love affair with a black girl was put into the script solely for the sake of avoiding accusations of racism. “Russian male thing for black girls” – probably this occurs, but this phenomenon is extremely atypical.

    • Replies: @AP
    , @DFH
    , @German_reader
    , @songbird
  21. notanon says:

    the BBC interferes in US elections more than Russia

    • Replies: @Mitleser
  22. AP says:

    I knew a lot of Russian students in the USA in the early 90s and trying black girls was very fashionable for them. They avoided overweight ones but were interested in the athletic ones. None of them settled down with a black girl (though one of them ended up as a diplomat in western Africa, I wonder what he has been up to with the locals?).

    • Replies: @Dmitry
    , @melanf
  23. DFH says:

    A guy in medieval armour with an assault rifle enjoying the attentions of a four-armed blue Hindu goddess with a Greek helmet all taking place in space; that is quite some fantasy

  24. @melanf

    Those covers are hilarious, you need to post more of that stuff.

    • Replies: @Anatoly Karlin
    , @melanf
  25. @German_reader

    ROGPR even did an entire podcast about them.

    You’re welcome.

  26. Next up –

    Robert Mueller indicting thousands of Israeli citizens, including US-Israeli dual passport holders, including all those Tel Aviv Wikipedia posters, on conspiracy and collusion to influence US democracy and elections and defraud the Murican peoplez

    Or maybe not …

    • Replies: @Beckow
  27. Beckow says:

    I have a policeman friend who tells me that every day, almost any driver could get a ticket. Usually multiple ones. It is all at the discretion of the police, do they want to bother?

    US seems not as much a ‘land of laws‘ as a land where there are too many laws. So any Murican – and now it seems also any resident of the planet – can be ‘charged‘ with something. Freedom? What happened to it?

    • Agree: utu
    • Replies: @Dmitry
  28. songbird says:

    In spirit, seems a bit similar to the Flashman series by George MacDonald Frasier, an Englishman. Since that series aways had the protagonist with some exotic woman on the cover.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  29. Dmitry says:

    trying black girls

    I found Rashida Jones from the Office (daughter of black musician Quicy Jones) to be very cute, about 10 years ago. Nowadays looks too old, but she was good until about 40.

    • Replies: @Hyperborean
  30. Dmitry says:

    It’s a situation increasing with the internet. How many times are all of us guilty, of theft through piracy? Or of violating various hate or libelling laws, already?
    But not specific to America only. In Russia, some people have been prosecuted, for just reposting satirical articles due to Article 282.

    This said, America is probably statistically where you need to be most frightened of laws and police in general (America has the highest per capita prisoner rate, and where American police are often executing innocent people on camera, and then in some cases police are not prosecuted for these brazen executions).

    • Replies: @Beckow
  31. Dmitry says:

    American police are often executing innocent people on camera, and then in some cases police are not prosecuted for these brazen executions

    • Replies: @iffen
  32. @Dmitry

    I found Rashida Jones from the Office (daughter of black musician Quicy Jones) to be very cute, about 10 years ago. Nowadays looks too old, but she was good until about 40.

    She doesn’t look African, rather more ambiguously brown.

  33. Jason Liu says:

    God I wish China had this level of understanding when it comes to western societies. Our propaganda ministry is an outdated disgrace.

    • Replies: @Mitleser
  34. Beckow says:

    …situation increasing with the internet

    We are heading towards a situation where everyone is potentially a criminal – and all it takes is a decision to go after them. It would be like having an unmarked police car following you all day ready to pounce for any mistake – or simply make one up.

    It is bad enough within each country, but the insane enthusiasm that Washington has for extra-territoriality, claiming that anyone, anywhere in the universe is subject to the ‘US laws’, is particularly bizarre. I guess, when one is a global policeman it follows that they are also the universal law-giver. Nobody likes busy-bodies and preachy know-it-alls, and with all the ‘soft power‘, being liked still matters.

  35. melanf says:

    I knew a lot of Russian students in the USA in the early 90s and trying black girls was very fashionable for them.

    I don’t know about Russian students in the USA, but here in Russia students have no particular interest in black girls. A small number of students from Africa study at our University (on a paid basis). Black girls from this number have zero success.

    Well they look not as black Actresses from Hollywood movies. Probably, if they had the appearance of Halle Berry, the attitude towards them would be different

  36. melanf says:

    It’s funny, but there’s a similar literature for girls. Here’s an example (paraphrasing the abstract, I of course have not read the book ) – the girl suffers from lack of male attention. But she gets to another world and becomes a paramour of …centaur! The centaur has the body of a bodybuilder, but other organs…

  37. Mitleser says:

    That is kosher interference like Israel’s, though the Jewish State seems to be much better at it.

  38. Mitleser says:
    @Jason Liu

    Why don’t they hire them?

  39. iffen says:

    Does US law actually allow for prosecuting a crime of ‘spreading divisions in the society‘?

    It must not because I don’t see any politicians or “journalists” being prosecuted.

  40. iffen says:

    American police are often executing innocent people on camera

    For every police execution there are tens of thousands of executions carried out by criminals.

  41. @melanf

    Thanks, highly entertaining!

    • Replies: @melanf
  42. melanf says:

    Sorry for offtopic question – maybe you know: in the Cologne ticket machines for train accepts cash? Or just cards?

    • Replies: @German_reader
  43. @melanf

    Don’t know specificially about Cologne, but the ticket machines at railway stations I’ve used in Germany accept money (Euros, no foreign currencies); not even sure if there’s anything with cards (I don’t use them). Germany is fortunately still pretty cash-based.
    And a major railway station like Cologne should also have a counter with Deutsche Bahn employees where you can buy tickets from them (though they’re not always competent/polite), if there’s trouble with the machines.

    • Replies: @melanf
  44. melanf says:

    Thank you very much, this is very valuable information

  45. @melanf

    I wonder why she chose an Anglo pseudonym? The phonetic ‘Vudvort’ looks rather strange.

    • Replies: @melanf
    , @Anon
  46. @melanf

    Are those are our Harlequin romances?

    • Replies: @melanf
  47. melanf says:
    @Daniel Chieh

    Are those are our Harlequin romances?

    Probably. This literature for people (especially schoolchildren) dissatisfied with boring everyday life. For example the boy over whom classmates laugh, will be able to imagine how he cuts dragons into pieces and has a harem of concubines-topmodels. And the girl that guys don’t want to notice, she will (with a book from this series in the hands) imagining himself in the bed of the elf Prince

    Of course the quality of such books is very low. The book about Africa in post number 2-quite normal adventure literature (contrary to a cover – without any supermatism), but this rare exception. Usually such books are garbage

    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
  48. melanf says:

    The phonetic ‘Vudvort’ looks rather strange.

    The target audience of these books does not know English

  49. @melanf

    Reminds me of the isekai genre of anime, which is usually just wish-fulfillment: the main character, usually a high schooler or a salaryman, reappears in another universe where he is important and lovely women fall for him.

    There’s one that’s a favorite of mine, Re: Zero, but its major subversion of that: the main character finds out that he’s basically helpless and worthless, his modern knowledge doesn’t do much for him, his greater height and strength is meaningless in a medieval world where all noblemen are trained fighters, his language is only partially useful, and while lovely women exist, they don’t particularly like him(and medieval courtship is complex anyway). The entire story is a slow struggle for him to gradually become not-worthless.

  50. Anon[649] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m an American and don’t go children just sounds like a nonsense phrase to me. You are of course right that Children, don’t go is better English, and the phrase could also be rendered Do not go, children, to Africa to walk though it still does not make all that much sense to me. Maybe in context it is more understandable.

  51. Anon[649] • Disclaimer says:

    I must be dense, or just an ignorant American, but what’s Anglo about it? The name Francisca?

    • Replies: @Hyperborean
  52. @Anon

    I must be dense, or just an ignorant American, but what’s Anglo about it? The name Francisca?

    ‘Vudvort’ is a phonetic rendering of Woodworth.

    • Replies: @Anon
  53. Anon[649] • Disclaimer says:

    Oh, I see, thanks. I agree it’s not the most fortunate rendering.

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