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Podcast with Robert Stark About Corona
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This month’s “Coronacast” with Robert Stark and Dain Fitzgerald:

Robert Stark is joined with Moscow based Unz Review columnist Anatoly Karlin and Bay Area based blogger Dain Fitzgerald who has written for Spliced Today, Rachel Haywire’s Trigger Warning, and . Follow Anatoly and Dain on Twitter.


Going back to Anatoly’s initial predictions on the pandemic from February
The short term modest economic recovery due to the stimulus but not sustainable long term
How the pandemic has been neglected due to the rallies
Spike after re-opening and limits of quarantine capital
Asia’s hard lockdown vs the West’s potential epidemic yo-yo of cyclical lock downs
Peter Turchin published a paper in 2010 predicting political, economic and social instability would peak in 2020
Protests overseas as American Cultural Imperialism
The culmination of the Great Awokening
How conservatives are naive to think that wokeness only thrives under prosperity
Whether woke capital really is a deliberate plan to subvert class consciousness
How de-funding police might be purely symbolic but, if true, we’ll see more private security and gated communities
The oncoming urban exodus due to remote work, the pandemic, economics, and rising crimes rates
Fertility and Immigration trends
UK may grant refugee status to residents of Hong Kong
Breaking of the Chimerica arangement?
Biden’s advantage as a perceived return to normalcy
Speculating which nations will fare the best economically and containing the pandemic


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  1. Please keep off topic posts to the current Open Thread.

    If you are new to my work, start here.

  2. Max Payne says:

    People are still talking about corona? I thought the BLM riots proved it was a huge nothing burger.

    • Replies: @Anatoly Karlin
  3. @Max Payne

    It certainly proved that many people are idiots, with the commenters on this website not an exception. Though we knew that already.

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