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• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Humor, Russia, Syrian Civil War, Turkey 
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  1. Please keep off topic posts to the current Open Thread.

    If you are new to my work, start here.

  2. Mikhail says: • Website

    Further evidence that Soros and a good number of those who he tends to favor are anti-Russian extremists, who’re overly subjective, inaccurate, to go along with having dictatorial tendencies when it comes to hearing out views different from their own.

    • Replies: @Aedib
  3. Aedib says:

    They supported the moderate headchoppers but now refuse to accept the consequences of these dirty games and, of course, blame Putin.

  4. Not Raul says:

    What’s the numerological significance of 6?

  5. @Not Raul

    Jewish and Zionist writers were claiming that 6 million Jews were in dire threat of destruction as early as 1919. I believe the first instance of it was an article called ‘The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!’ by Martin Glynn in a Jewish newspaper in New York.

    (That any Talmudic Jews have the audacity to complain about “crucifixion” is delightfully ironic, but, I digress.)

    As for where they chose that number, Jewish tradition holds that the total population of Hebrews in Egypt was 600,000. Changing this number to 6 million accounts for the large size of the Ashkenazi community, but it’s the same context: it’s a way of saying that the Jewish community was in threat of being totally destroyed. The number was probably chosen initially, therefore, to make an emotional appeal to American Jews, who were supposed to help the European Jews with money, lobbying for immigration, etc.

    Of course, at the time, in both World Wars 1 and 2, no one except the Jews cared very much that the Jews were being persecuted very hard by the Nazi government. And no one showed any interest, or knowledge for that matter, about their supposed extermination. However, regardless of the historical claims (which is unlawful to question in Russia and Germany, as well as several other places) the number was jumped upon by Allied governments immediately after the war so they could pretend that they had bombed civilians and sacrificed their own soldiers for any reason besides crass power politics. The record of Parliament, for one example, shows that many MPs were willing to openly question the conduct of the British “area bombing” campaign. Churchill himself was very worried after he became aware of the sheer horror of Dresden. So the Allies did what any smart politician would do: as we say in America, they “wagged the dog” and revisited the Jewish/Zionist accusations. They also accepted the patently absurd documents given them by the Soviet prosecutors (I hope I don’t have to remind anyone that the Soviet chief prosecutor claimed the Germans did Katyn). Luckily for them, the average human being is too dull, or too preoccupied, to question this disgusting “two wrongs make a right” morality or question the historical grounds upon which the “morality” is based.

    • Agree: Tusk, Kratoklastes
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  6. Rahan says:

    I seem also to remember a mystic prophecy that once 6 000 000 are given as burnt offerings to YHVH, the Jews can reclaim their holy land.

    Hence, on a mystic level, Israel is only ‘legitimate’ in the eyes of YHVH, if the whole world believes that 6 000 000 perished, and specifically got burned up afterwards. If the world stops believing this, and YHVH gets wind that the Jews were only pretending to have lost 6 000 000, then the deal is off and Israel is once more illegitimate on a metaphysical level.

    Something like that.

  7. Unfortunately a large part of those, who publish opinions about this subject in Germany, seem to believe the same thing. They actually believe that the Russian administration cynically bombs cities to have more refugees who than are used to attack Europe indirectly. Of course they seldom see the contradiction of this assumed negative impact of refugees with their stance that refugees are no problem at all.

  8. LondonBob says:

    The old Bolshevik tactic to accuse your opponent of doing what you yourself are doing.

  9. neutral says:

    Two completely contradictory narratives:
    1) Refugees are good for Europe
    2) Putin is trying to destroy Europe with refugees

    Yet the self declared elite have zero problem peddling both of them.

    • Replies: @Beckow
  10. The Economist is also peddling the FT/Soros line, saying we should back Turkey – hopefully the new deal might stop that.

    • Replies: @reiner Tor
    , @LondonBob
  11. @YetAnotherAnon

    The Americans also wanted to back Turkey.

  12. LondonBob says:

    Dominic Raab rushed to Ankara to back Turkey.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  13. Beckow says:

    1) Refugees are good for Europe
    2) Putin is trying to destroy Europe with refugees

    It is only a contradiction if you think. It is not, if you are in a highly emotional state, live as an advocate for good, and know who the satan is.

    We have been sold universalist ideologies and religions for a few thousand years based on the claim that they are not based on ethnicity, unlike their primitive tribal predecessors. It has been a lie: all we do is live others people’s ethnic preferences and ideologies. This is the result: a complete mental chaos. Time to go native.

  14. GeeBee says:

    Not surprising when you remember that his boss is part Turkish…

    • Replies: @LondonBob
  15. LondonBob says:

    Ali Kemal was half Circassian, he was lynched by angry Turks.

    • Replies: @songbird
  16. songbird says:

    You’d think that Boris would be more based.

    I mean, I know he wrote that novel, and probably understands group differences and possible points of conflict, but, like a lot of other pols who probably know, it doesn’t seem to show up in his policy.

  17. @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    no one except the Jews cared very much that the Jews were being persecuted very hard by the Nazi government.

    Persecuted? Yes. at least most of them were.
    Persecuted hard? Would that be as opposed to persecuted soft, or moderately persecuted -whatever that means? Persecution is mostly subjective. If I am forbidden to do something I think is my right to do, but the person next to me is also forbidden, but saw it as a common practice, I’m going to be “more persecuted” than the person next to be.
    So it was for many people in NS Germany, just as it is in (((Western liberal democracies))) today.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  18. Medvedev says:

    Putin is no saint, but he is the only one who was helping legitimate government of Syria. While US/NATO/Europe were funding and supporting opposition/freedom fighter that ultimately turned out to be ISIS.

    MSM feeds people garbage and brainwashes them everyday with statement like this, blaming Putin, Assad and encouraging starting more wars in the Middle East. Apparently wrecking havoc in Lybia, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan wasn’t enough for the globalist.
    Instead of eating garbage from a pig trough (MSM) American people should think for themselves×1428+0+0/resize/840×586!/quality/90/?

    compare with

    Far from being perfect Assad (and his father) ensured stability and piece between multiple ethnic and religious groups (Christians, Sunni/Shia muslims, Alawites, Kurds, Turkomans, Assyrians). US and EU involvement almost destroyed Syria and tore it into pieces.

  19. anarchyst says:

    There was a reason for the so-called “persecution” of (some) jews in pre-ww2 Germany. The jews who were “persecuted” were criminals, communist infiltrators, troublemakers, and other assorted “ne-er-do-wells”. The ordinary “law-abiding” jew had nothing to fear.

    In fact, jews lived in Germany during the whole WW2 episode. Not all jews were sent off to work camps. In France, jews carried on normally, most of which were left alone.

    It was zionists who insisted on jews being required to wear the “star of david” as identification.

    Sending jews to camps only to kill them is preposterous and adds fuel to the premise that the so-called jewish “holocaust™” is a fraud of the highest order.

    Lampshades, soap and shrunken heads, oh my…

    The “Anne Frank” situation is more “theater of the absurd“. The Frank family and their associates were arrested for “black marketeering”, nothing more.
    Anne Frank supposedly died of typhus while her father survived, being treated in a camp hospital. Now, if the goal of the Germans was “extermination” of jews why was Otto Frank treated in a hospital?

    Anne Frank’s “diary” is also suspect, being partially written with a “ball-point-pen” not invented until the 1950s.

    The so-called jewish “holocaust ™ is being exposed for the massive fraud that it is…

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