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Remember the advice to replace rice with more vegetables at Korean BBQ’s? Well, one place I sometimes go to (Steve’s BBQ) to my pleasant surprise now has a new dish made specifically of just salad and BBQed chicken, pork, or beef. It was specifically marketed as Lo-Carb. The paleo revolution is gaining.

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  1. Lo-carb diet is nice for losing weight but it is linked to increased chances of cardiovascular disease.

  2. While I don’t agree with the cardiovascular disease stuff, I agree with the losing weight part. That’s not how your dieat should look like every single day. I also don’t see why carbs should be banned if you’re a young and active male.
    It doesn’t need to be pizza, pasta or white bread. You can have fruit, oats etc. I need about 3000 kcal to maintain weight, not very easy if you get your carbs from fruits/vegetables only.

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