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World War Rogan: In the Trenches of the Frontlines of the Rogan War
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The biggest threat to our feeble and frail democracy, the most looming danger to the sacredness of our weak values, is a stoned wop who just talks to random people about whatever he’s thinking about at the time.

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You may recall a war between Alex Jones and Joe Rogan, which was known as “World War Jones” and lesserly known as “Uncle Jones’ War.”

Alex Jones won that war when Joe Rogan surrendered.

Now, Joe Rogan is embattled in yet another World War situation, this one entitled World War Rogan.

Tucker Carlson had a great monologue summarizing it on Wednesday, for anyone playing catchup.

Basically, the entire establishment is now calling for Joe Rogan to be banned from the internet because he had people on his show that you’re not supposed to talk to, and talked about issues you’re not supposed to talk about. They’re focusing on the virus and the vaccine, but it’s really just everything – they don’t want some normal guy having the biggest platform on earth to just talk about whatever he feels like talking about. That is a threat to democracy (I say that unironically).

I said that when Joe Biden called on “companies” to shut down people who disagree with his vaxer agenda, he was suggesting Joe Rogan. But then Jen Psaki literally just came out and said “yeah, we’re going to need Spotify to ban Joe Rogan, okay?”

Rogan in 2020 signed a $100 million exclusive contract with Spotify, a music and podcast streaming service. The demand, from the mass media and the government, is that Spotify ban him from the platform.

In response, Spotify banned thousands of podcasts that were presumably saying the same thing as Joe Rogan. But they can’t really ban the guy they paid the $100 million.

But I don’t know – I’m not very good at math. Right now, the media is claiming that Spotify has lost $1 billion by not banning Rogan, due to stocks… because I guess people are selling stocks in the company because either they hate Joe Rogan or because they think the company is going to be destroyed by Neil Young and the US Federal government.

This brings up questions as to whether it is even possible for a publicly traded company to function at all in the current year. I mean, they paid $100 million for the guy because he’s really popular. Now they have to drop him because in the time since they made that contract, the “paradigm has shifted” and now Joe Rogan is not allowed anymore.

What is the CEO of this company supposed to even do? Staff, board members, the government, the entire media – all of them are breathing down his neck, telling him to dump a $100 million investment. We don’t know what Joe’s contract said, but I think it’s safe to assume that it doesn’t say “if we fire you arbitrarily, you have to give us our $100 million back.”

Also, Spotify probably shouldn’t have banned those other podcasts. No one was asking them to do that – they were asking them to ban Joe Rogan. Now, the CEO has said he has “no editorial control” over Rogan (i.e., no responsibility for his content), and it’s like “well, then how did you ban all those other people?”

People are commenting on his “publisher” statements.

But like… that argument was invalidated by his own decisions.

So, Neil Young and a whole list of other musicians have joined a convoy against Rogan. Neil Young started it. It is ride or die Pfizer 4 Life. He’s going to get “Pfizer Life” tattooed across his navel.

I was disappointed that the rest of CSNY joined the convoy.

I actually still had some respect for David Crosby. But I mean, he’s gotta be senile. It was probably his whore daughter who signed the papers.

Recently, the red sheep of the royal family and his royal negress came out and threatened Spotify.

Most of the people attacking are people with nothing to lose, who are getting a publicity boost from taking a moral stand. Rosanna Arquette was like in… some David Lynch movie in the 1990s?

But, as tensions build, it’s entering into a situation where people are going to start feeling pressure as to “why are you still on Spotify? Are you a Roganist?”

Then, some other competing company – I guess probably iTunes – is going to come out and say “we welcome people fleeing the brutality of the Spotify Roganist regime” (although Apple would then put themselves in a position of having to do way more censorship themselves, so… I don’t know). But someone will say “we welcome artists who are against Joe Rogan and support The Science of these safe and effective vaccines.”

On the other end, Rogan is getting some support, including from Dwayne Johnson “The Rock.”

Rogan also recently got some love from the head of state of Brazil.

Pretty big endorsement. (I wish I could have gotten that endorsement in 2017.)

All the normal people are of course supporting him – but that doesn’t really mean anything.

Bizarrely, Jon “Stewart” Leibowitz has said that this is an “overreaction.”

(I guess maybe he’s a smarter Jew and is thinking a bit further down the line.)

It’s a fascinating situation.

If these people succeed in silencing the biggest broadcaster who has ever existed because he disagreed with the government, that will probably be the Biden Administration’s biggest victory so far.

I hate to say it again, but none of this would be happening if people would have rallied around me in 2017. I know they were saying “neo-Nazi,” but firstly, anyone who read the site for ten minutes could see that was bullshit and this is a right-wing meme site, and secondly – what difference does it make? Free speech either exists or it doesn’t.

Anyone at the time could have said “I find his content repulsive, but we cannot allow a standard to be set where private companies are allowed to organize together to silence protected speech.” Back in 2017, you could still say things like that without being called a “sympathizer” or whatever.

As I said from the beginning: if people are so stupid that they can just be totally confused and misled by having free access to information, then how can they be allowed to vote? It doesn’t make any sense.

But hey – whatever.

It’s just whatever.

We the people have allowed the government and these corporations it’s aligned with to become a totally out of control monster of incomprehensible power that obviously can’t be stopped. The only thing any of us can do is get out of the way and wait for this lumbering beast to collapse under the weight of its own lies.

It is literally made of lies to the point where Joe Rogan just getting stoned and talking to people threatens to totally collapse it.

This can’t go on forever.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Notsofast says:

    so disappointed with neil young i can’t tell you. what ever happened to 4 dead in ohio? now you’re one of the tin soldiers banging the drum.

  2. Baxter says:

    No, the strange dystopian nightmare land that America has become cannot go one forever. Nobody can predict the future, funny things happen. What I ask myself sometimes is “what’s next?” Perhaps the decriminalization of beastiality…or legal marriage to a tree…or, men who take hormones and have surgery to look like women will be called women. Oh wait, that already happened.

    • Agree: true.enough, JWalters
    • Replies: @JWalters
  3. eudion2 says:

    They condemn Joe Rogan in a vague, general sense while never specifically mentioning that he was interviewing doctors and what the qualifications of the doctors are, and what evidence they bring to the table.

  4. Trinity says:

    More Jew script. Some aging hippie going up against a bald midget ninga. I bet Neil and Toe Rogaine march to the beat of the same drum about one issue.

    Toe Rogaine is a meathead and Neil Young is a pussy. I used to love hearing Toe Rogaine talk about boxing. The guy knows absolutely nothing about boxing and Neil Young doesn’t know how to do anything but suck cawk like a whore.

    Whoopie Goldberg? Lmao. Whoopie is being paddled by her Jew masters in the latest episode of Jew script.

    Jew flu? More Jew script.

    I know nothing about Neil Young, but isn’t he from Canada or some other all White enclave? Another sheltered race expert from the great white north. Lololol.

  5. Franz says:

    Jon “Stewart” Leibowitz has said that this is an “overreaction.”

    Jon’s the only one that has his ear on the ground. Even if he’s a shill, he’s looking ahead.

    Going after guys like Rogan is a step too far, even for the pro-Biden hacks. Sun-Tsu advised: “When your enemy is strong, feign weakness. When your enemy is weak, feign strength.”

    Right now, Joe Rogan is strong. The Biden hacks act like they are strong. Bad move. Biden’s numbers are at record low approval ratings. Joe Biden’s reputation is in the toilet. That’s where it belongs. So what do they do?

    They pull off the almost-supernatural stunt of making Joe Rogan look like the underdog. Bad tactics, bad strategy, bad all around planning from top to bottom.

    Add to that this: Joe Rogan won a lot of respect for putting Andy Ngo on after nobody else would touch him. Andy was the guy covering an Antifa mob in Portland, Oregon, and took a quick-dry concrete milkshake to the head. No one else thought that was news, it’s never news when the media’s pets attempt homicide.

    The main point is, the media, the “President” and all the carrion want Rogan off, so he must be on the right track. Asking the obvious questions and getting straight answers is Endangered Behavior in this lunatic era.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @The_Masterwang
    , @Don Unf
  6. Free speech either exists or it doesn’t.

    It doesn’t. Joe Rogan chooses his words very carefully. You might want to watch his interview with Alex Jones.

    1.) it’s a great episode.
    2.) he fact-checked Alex in real time 60 or 80 times which slowed it down to a crawl at points (he had Jamey do the actual fact checking and at one point Alex complimented Jamey on his google-fu) but one amazing part is Alex is saying ridiculous shit at 100 mph like Alex does and he was something like 57/60 or 76/80 on the real time fact checking verifying his madman memory.
    3.) the Alex Jones argument that Davos club wants to kill us all and replace us with robots if only they could stood up pretty well.

    I am unsure if I am convinced they want to kill me but I’m considering it. I wonder if Joe Rogan is considering it. One thing I am pretty sure (99%) on is they would rather kill Joe than me.

  7. Hitmarck says:

    Joe – Obama was the best president ever, Michelle should run – Rogan

    • Agree: Supply and Demand
    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @TKK
  8. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Rogan only interviewed people like Robert Malone who have impressive stature and credentials. On the other hand what makes entertainers like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, or a royal retard like Harry, qualified to give opinions on matters of science and technology? Yet there they are, forming mindless mobs to attack those who won’t repeat the party line. What a bunch of totalitarians all these seemingly liberal types turned out to be. The divisions are getting wider and deeper, the noise louder. Everything is being viewed as symbolic.

    • Agree: TTSSYF, fnn
    • Replies: @Avery
    , @JWalters
    , @vinteuil
  9. The Rogan Affair shows the ‘liberals’ moving from fascism to outright totalitarian obscurantism. To see hordes of pygmy MSM thugs abuse Malone, one of the creators of mRNA vaccine technology, with the patents to prove it and a subsequent highly productive scientific career, and McCullogh, one of the most cited and widely published cardiologists on Earth, as ‘fringe’ figures spreading misinformation, is simply outrageous and nauseating. But these are possibly the most Evil insects on Earth, after all.
    All Rogan does is present various opinions, which are discussed, a process once the very bedrock of ‘liberal’ discourse and the scientific method. That the liberal fascists now reject anything but the Party Line, is straight out of 1984. To demand that Rogan ‘balance’ his guests, which he already does, when the MSM practises ruthless censorship and engages only in Mob Think, adds an element of hypocrisy that is simply gargantuan.

  10. Thursday’s memes were a hoot. Andrew has basically won me over just over the memes.
    First it was Monday memes then he hits us with Wednesday memes. I’m sold.
    I’m officially an avid anglin fan and i was wrong to not support him. Hiss life was ruined. He’d be worth millions if not for the lynch mob.
    I’ve said Some terrible shit about the guy but i doubt i coulda held up as well as he has. They really put him thru the ringer.
    You either support free speech or you don’t. I woulda banned him from my site(i don’t have one) and was actually disappointed Mr Unz started carrying him.
    Mr Unz i do thank you for your contributions.
    Andrew is the funniest guy on the web. Geez…i mean funny. If I’m not mistaken he’s the only guy on the web that still tells jokes. That are ya know…actually funny.
    I take it back Andrew. God speed.
    Wish i could help but looks as if most of us are in the fight alone. Isolating us, as i believe they have, was their best move but then again i don’t much imagine white men ever really cared much for organizing.
    I know dozens of white men with 2lbs of force on the trigger already but eh…they aint helping nobody but themselves and i don’t blame them.
    Just since last summer i walked into a fucked up jogger situation and both times i stepped right on into the mix.
    What could i do? I knew those people. For crying out loud one was the wife of someone i know. What was she gonna do? And when she saw me she was like o thank you God. And it all worked out.
    Things are getting bad even where i live. Those 2 incidents are just the tip o the iceberg. Unfortunately i have a blackety BLACK neighbor(3 out of 104)and she and i are gonna meet if she don’t get wise. And she won’t. And it ain’t gonna matter to me.

  11. Maybe I should listen to Joe Rogan. But that means paying for a Spotify subscription. I hope Rogan takes his show elsewhere.

    • Disagree: Hitmarck
  12. What’s all this talk about ‘supporting’ Joe?
    Joe isn’t supporting Joe, or us.
    Did you listen to his apology?
    Once you betray trust you don’t get it back.
    His podcast is over – because he’s now caved and made it so.

    • Replies: @heymrguda
    , @Billy Ash
  13. statsman says:

    Hey, dude, what happened to your website?

  14. “As I said from the beginning: if people are so stupid that they can just be totally confused and misled by having free access to information, then how can they be allowed to vote? It doesn’t make any sense.”

    Quote of the century.

    • Agree: Nancy
  15. heymrguda says:
    @john cronk

    Agree — the podcast might continue but he!ll never again have anyone even slightly controversial on his show.

  16. Anon[270] • Disclaimer says:

  17. Avery says:

    { Yet there they are, forming mindless mobs to attack those who won’t repeat the party line. }


  18. Greg S. says:

    This article is funny. It completely misses the point of what Joe Rogan did and why “they” are so seethingly mad at him.

    Here’s what Joe did: when the dust settles, he might just be credited as the single person who saved humanity. That’s not hyperbole. You see, Joe had on his podcast two people: Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone. Due to Joe’s reach, those podcasts have been seen by between 50 and 100 MILLION people now. Even worse, a huge part of his audience are “normies” or “sheeple.” They are not supposed to have that information. No sane person would ever take one of these shots again after listening to those guys. Sane people that did take those shots would be mad as hell after listening to those guys. They were supposed to be branded as fringe “anti-vaxxers” by the Ron Unz’s of the world and ignored, not reach millions of people.

    This accelerated the global collapse of the fake-vaccine narrative at a pace the globalists were not anticipating, leading to things like the Trucker protest in Canada coming out of nowhere, vaccine mandates being dropped all over the place, and vaccine intake plummeting. They are now in full panic mode. All thanks to Joe Rogan.

    Since “they” cannot attack Malone and McCullough any more than they have already, and “they” certainly cannot debate either man on facts or via “fact-checking,” they have been forced into the dangerous game of attacking Joe Rogan himself, which has as much chance of backfiring as it does of working, as happened with their first salvo from the idiot Neil Young.

    • Agree: frontier
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
    , @Anon
    , @MLK

    Now they’re trying to get rid of him because he used the Magic “N Word”. Yes, that word, to describe the magical people. Never mind that 80% of the time it’s uttered, the speaker is just quoting or emulating negro entertainers and that the other 20% of the time the speaker is saying, “Don’t use this word…”

    It really is like the famous scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian: “He said it! He said it again! Stone him!”

    “You white crackas can’t have dat word comin’ out ur moufs!!!”


  20. Trinity says:

    Joe will gain my support when he names “virus” by its real name which is the Jew flu.

    Don’t you just love all these old hippies ( hippies were led by greasy Jews back then) who were all about fighting “the man” are now the most gutless conformist out there. Of course “rebels” like Neil Young were gutless shills all along. This cawk sucker and other hippies were being led by Jews named Ginsburg, Hoffman and Rubin. The Jew led the hippie movement and the Swindle Whites Movement back then just like they are leading blm and antifa today. Every filthy stone you lift up you find a slithering Jew. NAACP? Yep.

    5 Dancing Shlomos.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  21. Nancy says:
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    Hmmm…. I think H.G. Wells and pals (Bertrand Russel, et al) and heirs (Gates, Schwab, etc) certainly want to kill most of us off… and said so quite clearly.

    Video Link

    • Thanks: Sepp
    • Replies: @FoSquare
  22. raga10 says:

    Spotify’s CEO said that he won’t be censoring Joe Rogan’s content because the company sees itself as a distribution platform rather than a publisher.

    The problem here is that they paid him to put his content on their platform and one can argue that makes them a publisher. But as usual, Spotify wants to have it both ways.

    Anyway…I don’t pay any attention to Rogan and as for Spotify, they are rip-off artists. By which I mean they rip off the actual artists. No sympathy from me!

  23. Nancy says:

    As a 75 yo, I find Neil Young to be a sad embarrassment to my Boomer cohort… remember his ‘Let’s Roll’ after 9/11?

  24. @Anonymous

    Many thanks for a great post.

    E. Michael Jones is not only one of the greatest intellectuals of America, a man of unparalleled moral courage, but also a funny person who can satirise an asshole like Neil Young. Just for the memory, once I was shopping at a music store back in the early eighties and Neil Young song’s “ Old Man look At My Life” was being broadcast on the radio, and the store owner looked at me and asked me if someone can take that man out of his misery. Now I realise that a miserable buffoon like Neil Young is beyond redemption; the man is dead set on making a meaning to his life by being a public nuisance.

    Hollywood and Music celebrities of the likes of Neil Young and Mick Jagger have shown their real mettle by siding with the forces of darkness.

    We love you E. Michael Jones.

    • Agree: Towey, Emslander, Nancy
    • Replies: @Anon
  25. @Emil Nikola Richard

    Listen to Joe Rogan podcast #911 with Alex Jones as the guest. It came out right after Trump was elected, and Jones pretty much predicted everything they put Trump thru during his presidency, including unleashing some kind of bio-weapon.

    • Thanks: chris
  26. @Greg S.

    The ‘liberal’ totalitarians are ever more like cornered rats, as the entire CoViD19 psy-op collapses due to popular resistance. As is typical of the liberal fascists, and is in part at least a sign of Judeofascist influence, with their perennial refusal to compromise and belief that any opposition to their agenda is driven by racist hatred (a ghastly example of psychological projection), when cornered they go ape-shit in response. See the destruction of Corbyn and the ongoing criminalisation of the BDS movement for examples. This, naturally, increases the breadth and depth of the opposition to their diktat, which further increases the intensity of liberal totalitarian oppression. This all must end badly.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Greg S.
  27. They’ve now made a compilation over tens years of him saying the most taboo name of all, the N-word. All out of context but damaging when fed to woke jokes of Wokekandia.

    Nigga Pleez, I said the n-word over fitty times in the last twoneny fo hourz.

    • LOL: Angharad
  28. Anonymous[376] • Disclaimer says:

    Anyone who wants Neil Young’s or CSN’s or CSNY’s music already has it so they don’t need Spotify. Anyway Young doesn’t even own his own music. And didn’t Joni Mitchell claim to have Morgellon’s a couple years ago? Eff those poople.

    • Replies: @Darryl Ford
  29. @Sick 'n Tired

    Yes. (Joe Rogan) convolve w/ (Alex Jones) is like Thomas Paine on acid or something. Lucky for us Head Hoodlum will never watch it. They are like Moose and Squirrel!

  30. “Uncle Jones’ War.”

    Hmmm, guess I stand corrected. I thought it was called The War of Jones’ Ear … or something.

    • Replies: @Emil Nikola Richard
  31. @Patrick in SC

    they’re trying to get rid of him because he used the Magic “N Word”

    I think that that is just the excuse. They are desperate to keep the lying narrative alive and he gave McCullough and Malone a platform. That’s the real reason I believe.

    • Agree: Redman
    • Replies: @Marat
  32. @Emil Nikola Richard

    That episode? Was godawful and unlistenable. I couldn’t finish it. Just Joe being unsufferable, interrupting Alex nonstop.

  33. @Emil Nikola Richard

    Omg did i ever love that moose. Me mum regretted getting me a bullwinkle sweat cuz i refused to take it off.
    Watch me pull a rabbit out of…
    O God did i ever love that moose.

  34. @Anonymous

    Absolutely, any old timer like myself who half liked Neil Young and his contemporaries would have the CDs, LPs or cassettes in their possession. I’m considering destroying mine. Re “poople” : hahaha, yeah fuckemall.

    • Replies: @Angharad
  35. @The_Masterwang

    Many of Rogan’s shows are available gratis on various podcast players.

    I often use Google Podcasts and search for “Joe Rogan”. Multiple shows will appear for you to choose from.

  36. Anon[378] • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Levantine

    I agree on EMJ, such a learned man. Taught me a lot about Christianity (actually everything) all I was before was bored. ‘Lust darkens the mind’, and ‘a man has as many masters as he has vices’…true dat (I know those are other’s quotes but absent EMJ I wouldn’t know about them).

    • Thanks: Towey
  37. Hitmarck says:

    Joe’s daughter is half n n-word.

    • Replies: @Emil Nikola Richard
  38. @mulga mumblebrain

    This all must end badly.

    Hopefully for them and not the people.

  39. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    They don’t want to kill you. If you die, you can’t suffer anymore. They want to make you suffer.

    You see, if they can make you suffer and you can’t stop them, that proves they’re “dominant.” Which they constantly need proven, since they’re so incredibly weak. Very Gnostic, trying to hide from Reality.

    • Replies: @Emil Nikola Richard
  40. Alrenous says: • Website

    This brings up questions as to whether it is even possible for a publicly traded company to function at all in the current year.

    It’s so much easier to understand the world once you admit America is a Fascist country. It has never been possible for a publicly traded company to function. Fascism works on public-private “partnership” and if you refuse the “partnership” you can expect to have your business outlawed or otherwise regulated into oblivion. Ref: the fun rollercoaster coal mining has taken through Obama-Trump-Biden. Ref: Gab.

    Free speech either exists or it doesn’t.

    Indeed. And the answer is: it doesn’t. The Constitution must have been written by a clown, because it’s a joke and I’m laughing. America isn’t a country, it’s a game show. A women’s daytime-TV game show.
    If you want something you have to stop asking for permission. You can’t be granted freedom; that’s not just infeasible, it’s logically impossible. You have to seize it.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  41. @Alrenous

    Wholeheartedly agree with…
    Indeed. And the answer is: it doesn’t.
    I guess i could be wrong butt i would swear i heard Mr Unz say that his site was a free speech site that didn’t censor comments and i thought hmmm.
    I never bother to show any proof but I’m not certain this will post. If this was iSteve doing the whimming i wouldn’t even bother to post and it seems as tho only about a dozen or so folks get to comment on iSteve. I don’t even bother to peruse iSteve any longer.
    Not saying I’ve ever posted(or attempted) anything of value or was in anyway not stupid but geez…
    Is this site a free speech site for comments or isn’t it?
    I suppose that’s why Mr Unz has the big jooo brain and i have the dumb goyim brain. If he says so… 👌.
    Sure, methinks i overstand.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  42. Rogan is a small hat-owned coward and a homosexual midget.

  43. @Alrenous

    Did you catch Styx’s interview on Red Ice about the illuminati?

    If not I recommend it. Styx might be the only guy on the internet who has the illuminati correct. He is a pretty dumb on average but give him props for that.

  44. @Hitmarck

    Joe is not my kind of standup comic. I agree with him totally when he says the criterion is:

    is it funny?

    He is not funny (at standup).

    That youtube of Joe is pretty damn hilarious though.

    • Replies: @Hitmarck
  45. @No Worries

    He’s also a liar.
    But…then again, hey, who isn’t beneath telling a lil white lie huh.
    Also, muh dick, snarf snarf

    Joe really put the screw to that stool tho. Nice job. Way better than the approx 10-12 minutes of his stand-up that i almost couldn’t stomach. That guy he no funny.
    Good at screwing a stool tho. But…eh…i saw a guy screw a lawn chair at the Kentucky derby years ago for like hmm at least 30 minutes.
    Hundreds if not thousands cheered him on. Had to be there ispose
    Again, uh muh dick snarf snarf

  46. Ghali says:

    Good analysis. Neil Young is a Zionist and an ardent supporter of Israel’s terror in Palestine. Young spent his BS life in a dark cesspool. By the way, “The Rock” is reversing as we speak.

  47. Anard9 says:

    He is a jewish entertainer, another one to distract the people
    why bother with these people? 20 years ago it was Bill O’Riley, 10 years ago it was Alex Jones and today it is Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, Sean Hannity, etc.

    There is a huge profit in hiding thetruth, Tucker is filthy rich just like Sean Worship Jews Hannity

  48. @Franz

    You quoted the Art of War wrong.

    • Replies: @Papa
  49. Nigga Pleez, my whole Plain White Rappa vibe is about bein uh white nigga from the hood.
    I ain’t racist, I hates everyone.

    Isn’t Joe Rogan a wrestler who likes to wrestle with other male wrestlers? That’s kind of creepy when you think about it.

    Joe is what happens when you become to big for your britches, and former bwitches want to turn you into stitches.

    That’s all I gots to say for the moment.

  50. Sepp says:

    Recently, the red sheep of the royal family and his royal negress came out and threatened Spotify.

    This interesting article by DailyMail lists some of the controversial statements my Dr’s Malone and McCullough:

    The truth about Joe Rogan’s controversial guests: ‘Father of mRNA’ Dr Malone pointed out that hospitals get COVID bonuses and said Biden government is ‘out of control’ – while Dr McCullough said US is hypnotized and ‘pandemic is plandemic’

    It also says this about Harry and his Sheboon:

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who have a $25 million deal with Spotify, said they were concerned about Rogan’s podcast

  51. Anon[204] • Disclaimer says:
    @Greg S.

    Samizdat is wonderful and liberating at the same time. Rogan is samizdat


    Biden = Andropov

  52. chris says:

    Pretty big endorsement. (I wish I could have gotten that endorsement in 2017.)

    Maybe late, but his endorsement covers you just as much as everyone else.

    If freedom of speech means anything, it means that people should be free to say what they think, no matter if they agree or disagree with us.

    Unfortunately, his statement is completely true but only conversely. (Technically speaking, freedom of speech, doesn’t mean anything)

    And to this:

    Rosanna Arquette was like in… some David Lynch movie in the 1990s?

    Wahaha, no, no, she was much more than that, she was probably also a graduate of the Weinstein Riding Academy.

  53. This whole thing has gone waaaay beyond comedy and into out and out farce. When that ugly little redheaded presidential press secretary goes after a popular personage like Rogan who calls it as he sees it; we can only imagine that the support level for this total insanity of political correctness, wokeism, BLM and Antifa is plunging faster than Zukerberg’s stock portfolio So-toss in Our Little Georgie of Our $orrow$—and then top off the hasty pudding with a beyond senile ambulatory advertisement for Depends—the false reality paradigm is totally getting it in the shorts. Self-inflicted wounds, no less.

    Then turn your heads around to check out the Great White North where Canuckistanis got tired of getting called that right here on U.R. and transformed themselves back into proud Canadians waving their Maple Leaf flags and singing O’ Canada like a convoy of Welsh Choristers, all because a bunch of working-class Truckers called Lil Trudy’s bluff and decamped on the little brother of the Di$trict of Corruption, named after a half-extinct First Nation; putting the elites like the Bronfmans into a state of hyper-hysteria.

    The narrative is collapsing like a house of cards, gang. Hans Christian Andersen called it spot-on: The Emperor has no clothes. And it’s happening right in front of God and everybody. Betcha that notorious Crime Clan which created their little special treatment joint for “special people”, even paying for and designing the Knesset and their Extreme Court right there in Jerusalem, are looking High Larry Us as they wear nothing more than their little Green Beanies while stumbling around desperately clutching their wounded weenies.

    It’s unraveling. They’re getting desperate. They are losing control over the message, the narrative ,and its all happening at warp-speed. You know, it’s kinduva good time to be alive, just to take in this clown show. The tiny handful of under-30’s occasionally lurking on the site will have something to tell their grandkids…that is if they’ve not taken three jabs of Pfizer up their wazoos and thereby no longer able to create offspring.

    True, they might have suckered in a portion of the population and forced another chunk to take the jab in order to keep their jobs…but even then those of us who survive all of that will still outnumber them. Not only that, but those who have been turned into Jabzombies may be out for revenge.

    • Replies: @Sepp
    , @Fred777
  54. JWalters says:

    Short the oligarchy, go long on Joe Rogan. The oligarchy’s obvious desperation, trashing freedom of speech in America, is because (1) they’re not American, and (2) they see they are being outed and their control is collapsing.

    For example, here are another couple of relatively new shows with informed, intelligent people who are also not afraid to disagree with our financial overlordrs and talk about the actual facts.

    “Breaking Points” with Krystal & Saagar
    Ten minute reports and discussions of current stories in the news. Slogan: “Best way to say screw you to the corporate media”.

    “Darkhorse Podcast” with Bret and Heather
    In-depth discussions of current stories, and implications for society. A scientific perspective from two professional biologists.

    Both these shows have backup plans in case they are taken down by YouTube. But they are both solidly enough established and credible that YouTube so far has only dared to de-monetize them. Informative, interesting, and entertaining.

  55. JWalters says:

    “what’s next?”

    One possible scenario is that the lies of our financial overlords become so obvious that their bubble of deception bursts. No amount of desperate lying by all their talking heads can put it back together. The honest people in Congress and the Justice Department will ride the wave of public outrage, and start pressing charges and making arrests. The syncophants will scramble to escape justice. We’ll hear a chorus of, “I’m shocked! shocked to find bribery, blackmail, robbery, and murder going on here!”

    The control of money creation will be taken back from the private bankers, into the hands of the people, as per the US Constitution (by nationalizing the “Fed”). All debts to these swindling bankers will be cancelled, since that money should have been created by the people, and belonged to the people in the first place.

    All money going to Israel will be stopped. The Israel Lobby and all its sub-groups will have to register as agents of a foreign government, thus eliminating all Israeli money from American elections.

    The current Zionist banker monopoly of corporate media will be broken up. Such “hidden” monopolies by a few people owning controlling shares behind the scenes will be illegal. This will include Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Factual, historical research and discussions of Zionism will not be suppressed, but will be protected under the 1st Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech.

    With that corruption removed from the banking, media, and political systems, with its financing of exaggerated, divide & conquer conflicts in our society, our differences and common goals can be discussed calmly, honestly, and productively, following the model of Joe Rogan.

    For Unz Review readers who haven’t seen it, historical background on this corruption is in “War Profiteer Story”

  56. JWalters says:

    Not all liberals, but the sell-out fakes definitely. Just like the sell-out fake conservatives.

    • Replies: @Negrolphin Pool
  57. Percival says:

    Well, while Wang Lin is obviously mostly right, the problem doesn’t come down to whether Pandora’s Box was opened in 2017 when such and such a person did censor the Stormer or didn’t protect it, etc. Ultimately, as the world becomes stupider and less White the ideal of free speech will lose its lustre. But also, something like free speech is easy to get behind when your society is hale and peaceful and you live a prosperous and comfortable life, but when the going gets tough it’s a different matter.

    Jordan Peterson was boasting on a podcast the other day that this relentless assault on Joe Rogan through Spotify would backfire due to a Dunning-Kruger effect, but all anecdotal evidence suggests that deplatforming or silencing Joe will have exactly the desired effect: stifle his voice, cut his audience substantially, weaken his influence. The notion that Joe would “create his own platform” and become a dazzling beacon outshining all conventional media outlets is laughable. Even with the help of an Elon Musk it’s not clear how he would accomplish this. And now Joe appears to have taken the bait and apologised for saying “nigger” 10 years ago.

  58. Don Unf says:

    Jon’s the only one that has his ear on the ground. Even if he’s a shill, he’s looking ahead.

    After all, he does have his new show to look out for. He’s going to want his old reputation as the cool, edgy voice of reason back. Especially he’s going to be angling for that after he made an ass of himself attacking Harry Potter last month on the inaugural episode of his kvetching new show.

    • Replies: @James Scott
  59. Anon[296] • Disclaimer says:

    Comment from Twitter

    …. Forget that Joe Rogan stuff! I wanna know how Ghislaine Maxwell got convicted of sex trafficking without any of her customers being brought to light…..

    • Thanks: Trinity
  60. Tucker says:

    Here is the question that I want an answer to that makes sense and which fully adheres to the definition of Freedom of Speech, as outlined by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution in our Bill of Rights.

    Where is the justification by these left wing totalitarians, a group that nobody can deny is heavily infested with the grandchildren and direct descendants of the jewish Bolshevik Communists who seized the Russian people by the hair of their heads after the 1917 Bolshevik Communist revolution and who then proceeded to mass murder, according to Alexander Solzhenitisyn’s estimates, somewhere in the neighborhood of 65 million or more White Russians and other White Europeans in other nations that fell under the yoke of the USSR – where do these evil fanatics get the idea that there needs to be two separate dictionaries – one for blacks and every other non-white minority, and an ABRIDGED version of the dictionary that restricts the words that Whites and only Whites are allowed to say or write?

    Every black rap song that is produced screams the ‘dreaded N-word’ over and over and over, and the sickest consequence of this whole vile and disgusting rap music industry is how many of our White sons are blowing wads of their money to buy and listen to this jewish financed and promoted black degenerate garbage. So, Negro rap artists have been given the luxury of using whatever words they feel like using, even to the extent of using words that they turn around and claim are only derogatory if they pass through the lips of Whites?

    I could care less about what happens to Joe Rogan. I seldom ever listen to anything the guy says, and only then, if I stumble across a short video clip of his that someone uploads. I would not spend a nickle of my hard earned money to pay to listen to his podcasts. And, this is especially true now that I see how this spineless wimp has been groveling and begging for ‘forgiveness’ for uttering a lousy word that is completely within his First Amendment rights to say whenever he feels like it.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
  61. Emslander says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    From Anglin:

    The only thing any of us can do is get out of the way and wait for this lumbering beast to collapse under the weight of its own lies.

    It’s very close. What Rogan did that formed the basis of the WH desire to see him silenced was to state the obvious, that the people who didn’t get the mRNA vaxes were right. They are less likely to contract the Delta or Omicron flu, while the dutifully vaxxed are now most of the people testing positive.

    Hospitalization is irrelevant. Treatment of the ill has improved. Ask your friendly GP. That was the uptake from the McCullough and Malone interviews.

    When the duped morons who worshipped the Fauci madman begin to admit this to themselves, all hell will break loose and the antivaxxers will only need to sit and watch the insane world go round and round.

    • Replies: @Flubber
  62. Joe Rogan incident is related to Canadian Freedom Convoy. Can anyone hazard me a guess why Ron Unz is studiously avoiding the latter?

    • Troll: Supply and Demand
  63. Sepp says:
    @emerging majority

    As the famous saying goes, “It’s not over until the fat lady sings”, and we don’t even know who the fat lady is. In fact, the fat lady is not even on stage, she is still hiding behind a veil of secrecy that has kept her hidden from view for over 2 centuries, likely over 2 millenia.

    Jewish Power is running rampant across the globe. Greenblatt of the ADL has redefined the definition of racism for the third time in two years, and no one dares, especially not Joe Rogan the nigger banter, to bat an eyebrow:

    The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) changed the definition of “racism” to an “interim definition” in the wake of African-American actress Goldberg’s comments on the Holocaust. Goldberg suggested that “the Holocaust isn’t about race,” but just “two white groups” going at it. ADL’s new “interim definition” for racism reads:

    “Racism (interim definition): Racism occurs when individuals or institutions show more favorable evaluation or treatment of an individual or group based on race or ethnicity. ”

    ADL’s definition of “racism” used to be radically different. When race riots scorched America in the summer of 2020, ADL updated its definition of racism, according to a screen capture of the WayBackMachine from Aug. 27, 2020:

    “The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.”

    ADL’s definition of “racism” was wholly different just a couple months prior to that change. As of June 1, 2020, according to the WayBackMachine, ADL defined “racism” as:

    “[T]he belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, that a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characteristics. Racial separatism is the belief, most of the time based on racism, that different races should remain segregated and apart from one another.”

    Every new definition of “racism” is another twist of the Jewish dagger that is stuck in humanities back. Who are these Jews? It is not clear, but through the 19th and 20th century they were known as the illuminati. What are some of the tools still waiting patiently in the Illuminists tool box to be pulled out if their plandemic flounders?

    War. Headlines today are blaring the Putin could invade Ukraine tomorrow. US moving B52’s to England. Russia flying Bear bombers into UK airspace.

    Pestilence. Bill Gates has already told us that there are more pandemics to come. Virus infected Monkeys rampaging around Missouri. Ebola, Marburg, even Small Pox are constantly bantered about.

    Climate. Or, more appropriately, Weather Engineering. Cyclone bombs, Firenadoes, Hurricanes, 100 year storms, the list is never ending.

    Energy crisis. Nukes being shut down across Europe, oil exploration and gas on ice because of ESG, ice storms shutting down wind mills, infrastructure being shutdown or sabotaged like Nordstream II or Keystone.

    The list of tools in the tool box goes on and on: Cyber attacks and EMP, Starvation and food shortages, Bank runs, Inflation and hyper-inflation, Judeo-Natural disasters like earth quakes and and volcanoes.

    And what tools do the forces of freedom have at hand? Limited hangout Joe Rogan and the Freedom Caravan. A hand full of extremely rare but highly competent doctors and scientists who may be brave and ethical, but already have been cancelled and silenced.

    The vast majority of people across the planet are in a Mass Formation stupor, divided and bickering among themselves.

    I found this recent Steve Kirsch substack article to be very revealing:

    How to “red pill” your friends

    I get hundreds of emails a day from subscribers…but this one stood out. Apparently, a few of my posts have “red pilled” people. Wow. I didn’t think this was possible.

    Steve Kirsch is a Jewish Silicon Valley entrepreneur like Ron Unz, and he almost as stuck in the mass formation. Ron Unz thinks that he is red pilled because he realizes that “Covid” was a deliberate bioweapons attack, yet Ron Unz suffers from acute Vaccine Certainty Psychosis. Steve Kirsch thinks that he is red pilled because he belatedly has realized that the vaccines aren’t safe and effective, but hasn’t bothered to revisit all his other historical assumptions about critical historical events like 9/11, the Holofraud or even the causes of WWI and WWII. Neither of them are willing to name the Jewish Power hiding behind the veil on the stage, and they are certainly not willing to state that this Jewish Power is under the control of a group of inbred Jewish families who have been tormenting Christian culture since Titus Flavius tore down the second temple to Solomon.

    • Replies: @inspector general
  64. onebornfree says: • Website

    “We the people have allowed the government and these corporations it’s aligned with to become a totally out of control monster of incomprehensible power that obviously can’t be stopped. The only thing any of us can do is get out of the way and wait for this lumbering beast to collapse under the weight of its own lies.”

    Or, “We the people” could instead finally come to understand that :

    “The State is, and always has been, the great single enemy of the human race, its liberty, happiness, and progress.” Murray Rothbard

    … and that therefore, it benefits them greatly to either abolish all governments (my preference) or, at the very least, (at least here in the US) , to drastically downsize the federal government, in one fell swoop, back down to its original constitutional size and functions, which would shrink it back down to around 5% of its present size.

    To the best of my knowledge, there has only ever been one presidential candidate in the last 50 years or more who proposed to do exactly that: Harry Browne in 1996 and 2000.

    “The government is good at one thing. It knows how to break your legs, and then hand you a crutch and say, “See if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk”.” Harry Browne:

    What the US needs right now is both a new Harry Browne, I.e. someone who is determined to drastically shrink the federal government back to its original size/functions, and enough voters that understand the fact that in the final analysis, government cannot solve their problems, and that, as always:

    “Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure” Robert LeFevere

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @joelc
  65. Hitmarck says:
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    Would the Curb your Enthusiasm hosting race mixer (in shame, he mixes in shame, poor daughter Rogan) be the first to to rationalize Andrews deplattforming?

    Of course he is entertaining, as ever fool who discovered weed in his late 30s is. Pure Fremdscham. Peak Cringefest. 😉

  66. @Anonymous

    Neil Young, old man look at your life…and get a life.

  67. Sepp says:

    This is also what Rogan apologized for. What a cuck. He was already cucking when he told this story, now he has double cucked.

    “I’m sitting in the audience with all black people, but there is no movie preview that isn’t by whites”

    “Everyone’s white in the movie, except the bad guy who is black”

    What a cuck. No wonder I never liked him, I could couldn’t care less if he gets banned from Spotify. Neil Young was right, he deserves it.

    • Thanks: Pierre de Craon
    • Replies: @Trinity
  68. Papa says:

    You’re right. It think it’s when you are weak act strong an when you are strong act weak. But in today’s meta game, looking like acting the victim is a play of strength.

    • Replies: @The_Masterwang
  69. Nat X says:

    “I hate to say it again, but none of this would be happening if people would have rallied around me in 2017.”

    Tears from the deplorable yt lol.

  70. Andrew, I am a nobody. However in 2017 when you were banned I posted on conservative websites that it was free speech for all, or it will soon be free speech for none. The conservative press was to busy in being enthralled at a Nazis being banned to realize the reality.

    As for Rogan, he groveled. Now he will reap scorn from all. Sad as it is, he is a fool at this stage. Also no tech company’s business model is to actually make a profit. Just to do the bidding of the deep state, and reap the rewards of stock market plays.

  71. Avery says:

    Well, it’s hard to tell, without the context — what exactly is being discussed and why he is saying “Nigger, …..,nigger”. Dave Chappel’s monologues are full of “N_____ this, N____ that”, and nobody gives a hoot. Before him, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy,….

    The whole thing was obviously manufactured and probably financed by Big Pharma and the Usual Suspects. I mean why the Hell does someone like the dinosaur Neil Young even care what Joe Rogan says about Covid-19? And old hag Joni Mitchell chiming in? What a joke.

    • Agree: Towey
  72. Trinity says:

    I wanna know what kind of all Black neighborhood has a movie theater? That theater would close within a year. How many movie theaters, restaurants, malls, stores over the years have been closed down because of tnb? Tnb.and Chuck E. Cheese go together like peanut butter and jelly.

    • Replies: @Sepp
  73. Rogan folded….Owen Benjamin was right about Rogan.

    Joe Rogan is three foot two.

    Neil Young ranks up there with Bob Dylan for having the shittiest voice in music history.

    But Joni Mitchell……hands down one of THE greatest talents EVER…..a real poet with the voice of an angel…..and alas…..a bad case of jewbrain.

    No wonder I drink.

    • Agree: SurfingUSA
    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  74. HT says:

    The Jewocracy has already started the destruction of Rogan. He is taking a few body shots right now with contrived racism nonsense but as in a fight, that is just the start. The Jew media will eventually marginalize him as they always do with their enemies.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  75. Seems about right

    • Thanks: Levtraro
    • LOL: Happy Tapir
    • Replies: @littlewing
    , @Happy Tapir
  76. Anglin’s the only dissident voice worth reading now.

  77. Just heard that Rogan apologized. NEVER APOLOGIZE!!!!!

    The N-word? Every black person uses it every day. White people used to use that word in the early 00’s.

    It is not an owned word by any race!!!!

    Rogan has 100 million dollars!!!! Why is he crawling on his belly like a coward??????

    What a complete weak SIMP. White people: stop APOLOGIZING!!!!!


    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Avery
  78. Biden Admin = Jews Around Biden = JAB

    Just call it JAB.

    • Agree: W
    • LOL: Trinity
  79. Neil Young drank the Kool Ade.

  80. Trinity says:

    Alright American White truckers, pilots, shipping and dock workers, railroad workers, electricians, farmers, etc., lets shut this mutha down.!

    Convoy by C.W. McCall
    Shaky Town by Jackson Browne
    Keep On Trucking by Eddie Kendricks

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @anon
  81. @Notsofast

    Ronnie Van Zant was right.

  82. @Priss Factor

    The top of the cap is the Jewish central banking class.

  83. Fred777 says:
    @emerging majority

    When the time comes they will just restart the BLM antifa riots.

  84. FifthDim says:

    I cancelled my Spotify Premium subscription after I learned that Spotify removed more than 100 Joe Rogan’s shows. The Ministry of Truth is so convinced that people are already that low IQ’d that they don’t have the mental capacity to decide what is right or wrong. The Ministry of Truth decided that people’s narrow minded concept of freedom of choice is as outdated as the Constitution.

  85. Ole_ed says:

    Why would anyone respect David Crosby?

  86. FoSquare says:

    Thanks. Edifying video.

  87. anon[355] • Disclaimer says:

    what kind of working-class white man with dignity wants to bust his ass on behalf of tyrone’s EBT payments and kike globalist schemes?

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @Trinity
  88. @Anonymous

    Dr. E. M. Jones no stranger to this site. Just finished his “Logos Rising: The Ultimate History of Reality.”

    Excellent, parody, and the man also knows his Wagner to boot.

  89. A weak little queer. He’ll probably slip the noose on at some point.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  90. It’s beyond childish that with all that is happening in the world – Russia’s possible invasion of Ukraine, the imminent austerity that could come with the post-Covid world – we are caught discussing nothing more than a druggie’s podcast.
    More consumable news as always from the likes of CNN and Fox distracting attention from important matters to increase clicks and fuel the culture wars. It’s rather sad.

  91. Greg S. says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Agreed. We are entering the most dangerous phase of the fake pandemic to date. The data is out, the real science is settled, the whistleblowers have come out: the vaccines clearly don’t work, the vaccines are killing millions of people, the masks don’t work and never worked, everything the politicians and corrupted media told everyone was a lie… And yet, the most entrenched ‘liberal’ totalitarians are not backing down, not even an inch. This act in itself shows that these politicians are complicit in the scheme, know they are compromised, and are cornered like rats. Which does make me think they are plotting to double-down somehow.

    To date, I’m not aware of a single acting world leader who’s come out and publicly acknowledged reality, and stopped the jabs in their country. A few have stopped the mandates, but none have stopped the jabs themselves. This means that we are a long way from ending this thing…

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  92. anon[399] • Disclaimer says:

    The left are extremely petty, oversensitive, small-minded people. I’m so sick of their daily hysteria over even the slightest perceived offense. We’ve become a nation of hysterical, oversensitive Jews — redundant, I know.

    Now that he’s under attack, Joe Rogan might as well get to the heart of the matter, come out swinging at the woke left’s (((puppet masters))).

  93. Avery says:



    [John Wayne – Never Apologize]

    “Never apologize Mister. It’s sign of weakness”

    Indeed it is.

    • Thanks: restless94110
  94. @JWalters

    Nice, informed vision. You did overlook the Extreme Courtesans, those Black-Robed puppets who have literally been creating law since John Adams’ literally last minute appointment of the egregious John Marshall, a historically convicted Federalist, began MAKING law in his majority opinion in Marbury v. Madison.

    The Constitution, however flawed by intent, makes no provision for courts to create law. Their most major recent decision was the infamous “Citizens United—get this: “Ruling”–allows for corporations to contribute as much as they want to political campaigns. Unbelievably, this even includes FOREIGN corporations.

    Virtually every time a federal or state court, most particularly the former, issues a RULING, they are violating Constitutional Law. However these bass-turds have this follow-the-leader game of devoutly following an invention of theirs they have the chutzpah to call “case law”, which is based on nothing more than something they like to call “legal precedent”. Meaning of that is quite simple. If another court or courts have made a “ruling” on a particular case then that establishes “precedent”. We do elect a president, however Dependsdant they may be, even if not actually elected. We do not elect a gang of Black-Robed traitors to rule our lives.

    The take: We need to abolish the entire quart system as it exists…meaning that those occupants of the benches are lawyer/politicians APPOINTED to their elevated positions by other politicians, who are in a majority of cases, themselves lawyers. It’s like a legal circle-jerk.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
    , @Curle
  95. Flubber says:

    Not to mention the ever increasing numbers of heart issues and runaway cancers spontaneously occurring among the jabbed.


    • Replies: @Curle
  96. aandrews says:

    Rumble CEO Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million “To Make The World A Better Place”
    Monday, Feb 07, 2022 – 11:17 AM

    Leaving Google to go to Spotify was (as Rogan said about Gettr) a fugazi. Google owns Spotify.

  97. TKK says:

    Really? That is the worst.

    Even Joe has to parrot the Sacred Negro script.

    Rogan is easy to listen to because has the rare sense to not interrupt his guests. When he does ask a question, it is usually common sensed based and logical. He comes across as pretty authentic. This is why he is so popular.

    The reason Joe Rogan is being targeted right now is due to mid term elections. Or is it just a flex? To show they take anyone out who does not tow their Party line?

    If you want to laugh, listen to Tim Dillon. He is literally the funniest guy I have heard in decades.

    • Replies: @Jack Sparrow
    , @Hitmarck
  98. Trinity says:

    Unfortunately most won’t stick together. I personally know a pilot for a major airline who took the jab. This moron is fifty something year old millionaire, owns several rentals, has vending machines in addition to making 300 bucks an hour as a pilot. This blowhard was talking shit about he would quit before he took the shot. This asshole has money to live the rest of his life comfortably but he still wimped out.

    I finally know someone who tested positive for the Jew flu and they had taken all the jabs. Did I get sick being around said person? Slight sore throat, mild cough, went to.gym did an hour and half with weights followed by an hour of walking treadmill varying the incline/decline from -2 to 40 grade incline. Feel good. About to.go and chow on a huge Italian sausage and spinach calzone. Btw, I am geriatric 60 year old. Looks like the Jew flu bounces off the kid. Lololololol.

    Cue: Macho Man by The Village People.

  99. @Notsofast

    Is there a more tone deaf response than from these old hippies? WTF?

  100. @Notsofast

    what ever happened to 4 dead in ohio?

    That’s a simple one. All these free speech revolutionaries always go one way: against Republicans. Against Christians. Against traditional American values. Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Neil Young, Gloria Steinem, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, all of them. They’re not for liberty, they’re against the nuclear family in Bumfuck, Nebraska, whom they mock and denigrate at every opportunity.

    Since WWII this gang has been litigating, protesting and screeching to destroy White male Christians, their values and families. Gosh, it’s almost like some (((group))) has been controlling our national narrative my whole lifetime…

  101. @TKK

    Two of the best comics I have seen recently on line are J.P. Sears and Bret Pella. Pella was doing a character called Denk Grifter or some such name. Fear salesman. So he is on the phone with the press feeding them fearful headlines to keep the masses in line. Absolutely spot on and hilarious.

    • Replies: @TKK
  102. Dutch Boy says:
    @Robert Dolan

    She’s a manic depressive and has been cuckoo for years.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  103. Pancho says:

    For the bast article about the “N word,” don’t miss this one:

  104. Sepp says:

    His entire spiel about going to an all black movie theater in an all black neighborhood stinks from beginning to end. First he takes the advice of a negro cab driver. Then he goes to watch planet of the apes in an all black neighborhood. Riight. What I found totally off-putting and phony was his faked ebonics dialect that sounded more like the black panthers from an era before he was born. Blacks haven’t spoken that way for 40 years.

    He was groveling to negroes years before taking the knee even came into vogue. What a cuck.

  105. Rumble has offered Rogan $100 million to leave Spotify and come over, no restrictions.
    I supported you Andrew, then I was banned from everywhere just because, muh jews.

    On the Canadian Truckers:
    All measures will backfire on them. The world IS really watching this.
    The social contract has been broken, won’t be repaired.
    Trudeau will resign, 2 wks tops.
    His father Fidel Castro was a real leader, like him or not.
    He would slap his hiding effeminate son silly if still alive.

    • Replies: @The_Masterwang
  106. Sepp says:

    This Woopie meme is a classic, it really encapsulates the Communist “build back better” putsch that is happening all around the planet. A woke vaginocratic utopia.

    PS: Note the hidden hand.

    • LOL: W, Avery
    • Replies: @Dumbo
  107. Henchmn says:

    Lenny Bruce 60 years ago: “lf President Kennedy would just go on television and say l’d like to introduce you to all the niggers in my cabinet. And if he’d just say ”nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger to every nigger he saw, boogie, boogie, boogie, boogie, boogie, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger till nigger didn’t mean anything any more! Then you’d never be able to make some six year old black kid cry because somebody called him a nigger in school.”

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  108. Agent76 says:

    Feb 7, 2022 Freedom Convoy ADDRESS TO THE NATION – Feb.6, 2022 “State of Emergency Update”

    Freedom Convoy Leadership Update – Address to the Nation 7:00pm February 6, 2020. Ottawa Mayor declared a state of emergency. How Ottawa Police taking the convoy fuel and occupying the convoy tents does not impact the Freedom Convoy logistics.

    FEBRUARY 2, 2022 Hidden Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Data suggests all Pregnant Vaccinated Women Miscarried

    A lawsuit filed by Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency produced documents from Pfizer revealing that its Covid-19 vaccine caused all of the pregnant women in its trial to miscarry.

    • Thanks: Pierre de Craon
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  109. Who paid to produce and promote the joe rogan nigger video?

    They had an AI scraper go through thousands of hours of content to find the occurrences but there were people with names who did the production and marketing.

    They must be so proud of themselves. They must be without any sins at all on the record. Right?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  110. @Papa

    The idea is you must divorce the enemy from reality whenever you can because victory is only possible when the enemy makes mistakes. It’s all very intuitive and simple.

  111. @littlewing

    A man like Fidel Castro can’t possibly be the father of that bitch of a man. See how he was humiliated by China and Brazil when this nobody sat pathetically between them.

  112. TKK says:
    @Jack Sparrow


    I subscribed to Bret. I saw that skit, with him as the Fear Salesmen. Brilliant. I like his mania!

    Here is a JP Sears classic. I love it. His wife adds to the skit at not bursting out laughing. Pretty and fit wife. He’s not married to a snarling Wildebeest. JP has one of the quickest wits around now.

  113. Dumbo says:

    What was “antisemitic” about Whoopi’s comment?
    Don’t the Jews themselves say that “Jews are not a race” (when it’s convenient for them)?

    But really, her comments were extremely mild.

    I guess now you can’t even say “Jews” without bowing down or that’s anti-semitic?

  114. Something just occurred to me. We always just accept things that suddenly pop out at us: Oh, Paris Hilton is not a hotel; oh, Joe Rogan is so famous he has a billion listeners.

    But I was wondering. What made Joe Rogan famous? How was it done? Who made him famous? What big money is behind him? And how did they finagle him into such a huge audience? Couple of years ago I never heard of him. Now all of a sudden he seems to have been there forever and everyone in the world except for anybody I know listens to or watches him.

    What’s the inside skinny?

  115. ricpic says:

    The caption under the first photograph identifies Joe Rogan as a WOP!

    Joe Rogan is not a WOP.

    Carry on.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  116. @Emil Nikola Richard

    Greater hate hath no man. Who specialised in trawling through every on-line utterance of thousands of UK Labour members when the anti-Corbyn, and utterly fraudulent, ‘antisemitism’ witch-hunt was in progress. And who invented the ‘I feel unsafe’ tactic to purge Bad Think from academies, even entertainment, initially over criticism of Israeli State barbarity?

  117. @emerging majority

    Abolish the ‘quart system’! Go metric like the sane world!

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  118. @Greg S.

    You should see it here in Austfailia. The fanaticism is unflinching. Even as the evidence from around the world shows that third ‘booster’, injections with the mRNA gene therapies are fecking useless, still the entire ruling apparatus screeches ‘boosters, boosters, boosters’, without a word of dissent allow anywhere.
    So-called ‘doctors’ spew lies incessantly. Natural immunity does not exist, or is weak compared to the precious ‘vaccines’ or wears off quickly, myocarditis, endocarditis, pericarditis don’t exist, or CoViD causes them more often, or are ‘mild’, masks are highly effective, children as young as five need gene therapy shots to ‘protect them’, IVM doesn’t work, take the third, the booster, shot, and you’ll have ‘long-term’ protection, etc, etc, etc. No wonder they need 100% censorship of any opposing opinions (which they condemn as ‘misinformation’ with Heaven-shaking hypocrisy), no matter how well-informed.
    This is a corrupt and deracinated ruling elite in full collapse. Like a rotten house of cards, the dystopian anti-society created by the Right since our last sane PM, Whitlam, was ousted by the local Right, Murdoch and the CIA in 1975, stinks of moral, spiritual and intellectual corruption. Politicians on all sides are a scabrous collection of the worst human types, pig ignorant, unethical, mendacious, bigoted, greedy and stupid. Real ‘lick up, kick down’ types. At least they have a ‘self-destruct’ mechanism at work that will cleanse the whole Augean swamp-their fanatic lust to attack China.

    • LOL: Sepp
  119. @Agent76

    Highest recommendation to watch this video. This leadership council on behalf of the truckers also includes doctors, lawyers and other professionals who are willing to stand up and take risks to their careers. The trucker reps themselves are very controlled in their approach and every bit as professional in their presentations as their degreed allies. There is one word which well describes this heart of resistance by the Canadian people: SOLID.

  120. Nancy says:

    Hmmm… us oldies like the oldies, but we are dying off. Looks like more and more of the younsters, even Dems!, like the Rogans, Carlsons, Fox, et al. Maybe they like the logic and authenticity?

    And who is a major owner of Spotify? Tracks back to a billionaire ashketurk… who might care more about manipulating the message/media, i.e., pushing their CRT weapon, than maximizing their obscene profits. Interesting times 😉

  121. @Notsofast

    To understand the Niel Youngs of the music world I recommend you read “Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon”, by David McGowan, it’ an analytical look at the late 60s and 70s music scene as viewed from LA’s famous Laurel Canyon and home of the US Army studio Lookout Mountain.
    The author connects the dots between the CIA and the Tavistok Institute, to the music I loved and believed in as anti-estanlishment and revolutionary. Like Covid19 the Hippy/Acid generation was generated, not organic in any manner.
    It was anything but. Members of the most popular groups were blood relatives to military intelligence operators and blue blood money.

    • Agree: Robjil, Nancy
  122. @mulga mumblebrain

    Here you are totally being left-brain hyper-dominant. The ancient “English” system, still adhered to here in the states is altogether organic—NOT based strictly and solely on a system developed by a silly Swede during the peak era of alleged “Enlightenment”, the only lasting value of which was to establish a divorce between “reason” and the organized religion narrative.

    A cup is a cup is a cup and one can drink from it. Quite tangible, eh? So it proceeds with a nice pint of bitters–a couple of them constituting a quart, which just happens to be one-quarter of a gallon. Give me a gallon of gas anyday as against those poor folks up in Canuckistan who are obliged to buy their petrol by the over-priced liter, or litre, if you prefer. Then the residents of Saskatchewan, for example, who often need to drive 160 or thereaboots to buy groceries or view a movie, would only need to drive a hundred miles or so to get the same results.

    Though it can get pretty hot up here in northern Minnesota, where I actually live NORTH of the majority of Canadians, we endured thirty below ZERO, Fahrenheit a few nights back. I could care less what that temp would be via the C. grading system. Simple measure here: Having lived up here for most of my days, it is clear, concise and highly evident that there is a tangible difference in how it feels when the temps are BELOW zero. Even if winds are calm, below zero and it stings. But in a totally leftbrain, logical, rationalistic, analytical, scientististic, academicistic and materialistic Celsius world there is no conceptual basis for FEELING. That phenomenon simply cannot be measured.

    Measurements under laboratory conditions and relevant spinoffs are absolutely fine with me when applicable to such constraints. But try standing for a few minutes out in the middle of a northern prairie when its ten below zero and a Hyperboreal wind is driving down at you clear down the slot from Fort Yukon and even the average Aussie would quickly comprehend that there happens to be a well-grounded philosophy behind the concept of below zero degrees Fahrenheit…the experience of pain.

    Personally, I’m into balance and thus would favor a bipartite system employing both the traditional English system, comfortably accommodated by us Yanks and the Celsius “one size fits all” metric, which say in Belgium where an hour’s driving in most any direction takes you into a whole nother country. But say in places like Canada and Russia, those extensive expanses could use a system even more amplified than mere miles. Also benefiting from the warming aspect of the Gulf Stream, Belgium has a climate which can vary by Celsius measurements from say minus ten, up to perhaps plus nineteen. Steady as she goes, eh?

    Now back to Saskatchewan which can attain temperatures of 100 Fahrenheit in July to 50 below in January…why the hell are they stuck with Celsius? I’ll tell you. Back in the day when Canuckistan’s current little dictator in hiding’s daddy was Prime Minister; his regime turned the whole damn place globalist on Celsius with virtually no debate in Parliament.

    And please…do not virtue signal by a lazy use of a word like”sane” to describe a totally abstract worldview, rebarred into concrete and imposing systematic absolutism on human consciousness.

    So there is also this dictatorial angle emanating from the “one size fits all” power elite and their precious little technocrats who possess degrees up their wazoos, but nary an ounce of common sense.

    • Thanks: Towey
    • Replies: @raga10
  123. @mulga mumblebrain

    To demand that Rogan ‘balance’ his guests, which he already does, when the MSM practises ruthless censorship and engages only in Mob Think, adds an element of hypocrisy that is simply gargantuan

    “… adds an element of hypocrisy that is simply… Jewish”.

    Fixed that for you. You’re welcome

  124. @obwandiyag

    Joe Rogan started out an actor on a sitcom called “News Radio.” The late Phil Hartman was also on this show along with Andy Dick and others. He then became involved in UFC announcing and from there moved into doing some standup comedy but not sure which came first there. Then he started an interview show on YouTube which he eventually moved to spotify. He gets some really good guests and fills a niche for a much more authentic interview with all walks of life. He relates well to everyone and usually lets his guests do most of the talking without trying to push some kind of narrative. He is fairly unbiased which is rare although he tends to run and hide at times.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  125. bruce county says:

    Thats a keeper… Thanks.

  126. @Patrick in SC

    You got there before me with this fine and brutally intelligent comment – Bravo, and many thanks. Now perhaps you might also be the only person on the planet (or at least on TUR) who can answer the question I’ve failed to find an answer to for 40 years: Ready ?

    Why can Hollywood niggers from Richard Pryor to Chris Rock, through Eddie Murphy and all the rest, call themselves niggers in public and in private – and teach da boyz in da ‘hood to do the same – but Whites can’t ? If it’s so gross, offensive, disgusting, etc etc … Why do they insist on continuing to keep it alive long after Whitey has given it up and gone home ?

    (I hope you’re not going to suggest it’s for the same reason that the Jews insist on keeping alive – and bathing daily in – the memory of how every innocent, sacred, precious Jew on earth was slaughtered in cold blood at Auschwitz in 3 years though Poland didn’t suffocate under the piles of corpses ? )

  127. Shit Libs are experts at dragging their bullshit out forever.

  128. @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Hollywood has had it in for rural and suburban America for quite some time. lets just start a small list of some of the movies that portray blue collar/regular Joe types as evil depraved monsters.
    1. Psycho, 2. Kentucky Chainsaw Massacre franchise, 3. Friday the 13th, 4. Nightmare on Elm Street, 5. U-Turn, 6. The Hitcher, 7. The Hills Have Eyes., 8. Children of the Corn, 9. Halloween, 10. Kalifornia, 11. Deliverance, 12. Natural Born Killers, 13. Scream, 14. Porky’s, etc, etc. you get the point.
    And lets not forget about a third of the episodes of the X-Files. You could literally fill pages with the fear and hate spewed at average working Americans.

  129. bruce county says:

    Joe Rogan is not a WOP.

    Joseph James Rogan was born on August 11, 1967, in Newark, New Jersey, US. He is of three-quarters Italian and one-quarter Irish descent. His father, Joseph, is a former police officer in Newark.

    That wasn’t hard to disprove.

  130. bruce county says:
    @Jack Sparrow

    Obiwanggrabber is a pry mate. Don’t waste the time.

  131. @Lord Charles Hustle 4256

    I never bother to show any proof but I’m not certain this will post

    Did you notice this posted ?

  132. Angharad says:
    @Darryl Ford

    I always hated Young, because he is a TERRIBLE singer. He has a nasty whiney voice. I always hated those libardy folk singer types.

  133. raga10 says:
    @emerging majority

    Then the residents of Saskatchewan, for example, who often need to drive 160 or thereaboots to buy groceries or view a movie, would only need to drive a hundred miles or so to get the same results.

    You do realise that whether you call it 100 miles or 160 kilometers, the distance you drive is the same, don’t you? Metric system might not be “organic” but it is easy to use: if you ask me how many meters is in two kilometers I can answer instantly: 2,000. If I asked you to express your miles in feet, first you have to remember there are 5,280 feet to a mile, then you have to perform multiplication 5,280 x 2. Doable, of course – but not as convenient.

    even the average Aussie would quickly comprehend that there happens to be a well-grounded philosophy behind the concept of below zero degrees Fahrenheit…the experience of pain.

    Zero degrees Celsius actually happens to be one measure that is perfectly relatable: it’s when water starts to freeze or conversely snow starts to melt. What can be more natural than that?

    Speaking of Australia, it changed to metric only sometime in the 60’s, I believe. I’m sure there was some grumbling about it at the time, but thank god they took that step. I only wish they had the same foresight and also changed to Right Hand Traffic that now dominates world-wide (Australia still drives on the left – legacy of its British past)
    (I’m curious, BTW – did Canada, who also belongs to the Commonwealth, ever drive on the left?)

  134. Hitmarck says:

    I am more into Metokur, Murdoch Murdoch, MillionDollarExtreme and sometimes Owen Benjamin.

    For Joe the Floyd Riots were a white thing, those are opinions that make him very tough to listen to for myself.

  135. Hitmarck says:
    @Dave Bowman

    Aren’t they canceled too?
    Where they’ve been the recent years?
    Blacks are dead my friend. They just don’t know yet.

  136. @raga10

    But who needs to measure miles in feet. It kinda defeats the purpose. Oh, Anders Celsius correctly determined that water freezes at 32 Fahrenheit and because of his acquired leftbrain dominance, he used that metric metric in his totally logical system. But for those of us who live in northern climates, mere freezing means comparatively little compared with the total reality of BELOW zero conditions. Those of us who do physical outdoor work during the winter months are almost totally d’accord in that realization.

    So, to each his own I guess. Floridians might think zero Celsius is just fine, because that’s when orange blossoms freeze. Also other folks in coastal climate zones are more concerned with frost than with deep cold. I get that. But I speak for upper middle America and we see it the way we feel it.

    Because of its proximity to this monster to their immediate south, the Canadians wisely kept to the right. Sorry about Aussies still remaining left-out. Perhaps that can be amended when those folks wake up to the reality that they happen to be a Dominion UNDER the Crown and her own Governor General, who essentially sacked Gough Witlam, who had a mind of it’s own.

    This whole Imperial preference nonsense could get shitcanned if Aussies realized that they got USED by the Brits, getting caught up in the horrors inflicted in South Africa so the goddamn Rottenchilds could get their grubby mitts on the gold and diamonds in the Transvaal. Second such usage of Aussies and Kiwis was at bloody Gallopoli when the band played “Waltzing Matilda”. The consumate psychopath, W.S. Churchill dreamt up that particular scheme. One war later it was the Canucks who caught it in the shorts at Dieppe.

    So my advice to those who live in three of the Five Eyes, is to become republics and say to hell with the Bloody British Empire.

    • Agree: Towey
    • Replies: @raga10
  137. @Notsofast

    Either you die a hippie or live long enough to see yourself become The Man.

  138. MLK says:
    @Greg S.

    They were supposed to be branded as fringe “anti-vaxxers” by the Ron Unz’s of the world . . .

    As you surely know from reading Ron’s articles, he waits a couple or few decades after events and then informs that he was ever so ignorant then and until he started reading up recently.

    So, say what you will about him, years from now he’ll write what he will describe as the definitive article on how we were all played on Covid and the vaccines.

    • LOL: Trinity
  139. @Not Important

    Please tell me you’re talking about Bill Gates ?

    Better still the head of the ADL or $PLC.

  140. vinteuil says:

    What a bunch of totalitarians all these seemingly liberal types turned out to be.

    No kidding?

  141. In one sense (at least) Joe Rogan is definitely a threat to “our democracy”.

    By asking questions and taking note of the obvious he destroys the illusion of democracy.

    Unfortunately (for us) the illusion is all that we have left of democracy. If we leave Joe Rogan uncensored, our Masters will remove the Velvet Glove and all we will have then is the Steel Fist.

    Of course, some might prefer the truth (no matter how unpleasant) to a lie, but that, too, is Crimethink.

    “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face, forever.”

    Truly, these are the times that try men’s souls.

    • Replies: @littlewing
    , @Miro23
  142. Rogan is to be made an example of.

    He seems to be groveling satisfactorily, so what’s the problem?

  143. @obwandiyag

    Joe Rogan realized that most young people, as per polls, now say “they have no friends.”
    Back in the 90s I was married with a child and stayed home with him. I moved and had no friends and I used to watch the loop of CNN. I felt like they were my friends. This is what he plugged into. Most of them white males who have been canceled as a group.

    Personally I think Joe Rogan is an operative of the ruling creepyass class (the central banking class). CNN certainly was, I figured that out in the mid 90s.

  144. @HorriblyDepressed

    Find Jesus.
    Don’t go to church or they will brainwash you.
    Jesus was not a Jew. He snuck in under the tent flaps to confront the
    Satan worshipers.
    Its all good and it FEELS real good to embrace the truth.
    Very soon you will see the power of Jesus, like …..2 months….

  145. Curle says:
    @emerging majority

    “ Virtually every time a federal or state court, most particularly the former, issues a RULING, they are violating Constitutional Law.”

    Federal law as articulated in the constitution has intended boundaries worth debating but it exists for a reason and the federal judiciary is part of the constitutional scheme. You inclusion of state law in this mix makes no sense.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  146. @Dutch Boy

    Here’s Joni with some jazz greats.

    She might be nuts but she’s a massive talent.

  147. Billy Ash says:

    You don’t have to pay for a Spotify subscription to listen to Rogan. They pester you, but you get Rogan.

    • Thanks: The_Masterwang
  148. Billy Ash says:
    @john cronk

    Joe Rogan interviews people. Their opinions are theirs not Joes. I will continue to listen to select Rogan podcasts of people I want to hear. His podcasts are free on Spotify.

  149. Curle says:

    Spontaneously? How does one differentiate between spontaneous and non-spontaneous cancer.

  150. Billy Ash says:

    Joe Rogan is interesting. I don’t listen to all of his podcasts. He interviews many standup comics and MMA people which I skip. But he is current with his guest’s writings and ideas.
    The podcasts I listen to are War Room, No Agenda and Rogan.

  151. @the grand wazoo

    By coincidence I’m replying to you twice in a day. I never hear about Neil Young or any of the other celebrities mentioned in McGowan’s book without thinking of him and how onto all of this he was.

  152. Monday memes weren’t upto the very high bar aa has established on a consistent basis today.
    Much appreciated. They seemed a bit moar meaningful than the usual hilarity. I’m moar into the hilarity. Both are good.
    I was thrilled when he started hitting us with those Wednesday memes and last Thursday he throwed a meme bone our way and that’s something i hope continues.
    Those memes converted me. Never realized how powerful a meme can be.
    Ol aa knows his memes.
    I Can’t expect him Togo full on ko every time. They were good.
    I’m a full convert.
    Patiently awaiting Wednesday memes. It’s come to be one of those things i relish and look forward too.
    I encourage everyone to check out some memes.

  153. @JWalters

    Post 1990 “liberalism” is not tenable because it’s founded on false premises; all its adherents are sell-out fakes in practice if not theory.

    BTW, what happened to the Daily Stormer? It’s been offline for days. Any word on the responsible party?

  154. @Don Unf

    I think he sees his tribe’s control slipping. He is reading the writing on the wall and trying to slow it down so the frog will not jump out of the pot.

  155. @Curle

    Constitutional law establishes a Supreme Court and unnamed “inferior” courts. So please tell me, oh wise sir, how is it that nominally “inferior” Federal district courts have the power to make “rulings” which take on the color of law.

    Now, get me started on state law and state courts. Somehow these friggen “Justices” on the Supremes (say if Dianna Ross is still vertical and Biden wants a Black woman on the court, why not her) made a “ruling” that overturns the very clear and evident “double jeopardy” clause, so that state courts, because of their “dual sovereignties” “ruling”, one can be tried by both the feds and the states on the very same offense.

    The courts are utterly and almost completely corrupt. Just like the prostiticians, these generally unelected dictators are OWNED. Your understanding of elementary Constitutional law is, as the Italians would say “Minuscule”. Perhaps you should search out essays by the country’s leading expert on C.L, Dr. John Whitehead. If memory sustains, he may have books out on the subject.

  156. @Negrolphin Pool

    Here’s the current take: Liberality is a blessing, both for the one who blesses and the one who is blessed. LiberalISM is a social disease. All isms are social diseases. One does not hafta be a member of the herd. Always think for yourself.

  157. raga10 says:
    @emerging majority

    But who needs to measure miles in feet. It kinda defeats the purpose.

    Well, that was somewhat artificial example but the principle holds every time you need to convert from one unit to another and don’t tell me that never happens! It happens all the time in engineering. Take another example: you have the area, sides of which are given in feet and inches, and you have pressure, measured in pounds per square inch: To do any calculations regarding pressure on this area, you need to first express it in square inches and there is, what, 12 inches to one foot? But in metric system all such changes from one unit to another are seamless because you just need to shift the decimal point.

    And the uniform prefixes mean you only need to learn once, and once you know that “kilo” means thousand, you know that kilometer has thousand meters, kilowatt is thousand watts, kilogram is thousand grams, etc. Knowing about relationship between feet and inches tells you absolutely nothing even about relationship between feet and miles, let alone about any other units of measure – you have to learn each one of them individually.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  158. Miro23 says:

    In one sense (at least) Joe Rogan is definitely a threat to “our democracy”.
    By asking questions and taking note of the obvious he destroys the illusion of democracy.

    Agree with that . Totalitarians nowadays need the illusion of democracy. The Soviet Union had its parliament , as did Saddam Hussein – and the US has its Congress.
    Free speech Joe Rogan style is a threat and it HAS TO be met by cancellation, media attacks and ultimately violence if the dictatorship is to survive.

    The question then turns on the totalitarians capacity for violence.

    For example, the Soviet Union was ready to crush the anti-communist Hungarian Uprising (1956) but didn’t have the stomach to do the same with the fast growing, broad based Polish Solidarity Uprising (1981) and it was all downhill (for them) from then on.

    Following this line, US dissent is certainly growing and the ZioGlob is being challenged on multiple fronts + showing major failures. For example with regard to 9/11 information control, Covid information control and Afghanistan . The Euro bullying is failing and China is non-compliant.

    So if they’re going to survive they have to turn into Stalinists – and it doesn’t look like they’re ready for that. The US security forces probably wouldn’t comply and the US public are too well armed. That’s probably why they’re trying to ignite a large war Emergency, or alternatively/simultaneously run Cyber Polygon to get more Emergency Powers.

  159. @raga10

    Appears you are the victim of an Aristotelean,Newtonian, Neo-Darwinian leftbrain educational paradigm. My argument is not in favor of a total system but of a bipartite one. Miles make more sense in large countries than kilometers. In cold climates, Fahrenheit measurements are more user friendly than Celsius metrics.

    As for lab-work, military uses and similar systems where mathematical precision is essential, the metric system is fine by me. You definitely think like some engineer rather than the more holistic approach to be found by a thorough grounding in history, geography, the classics and literature BEFORE going into leftbrain dominant professions. Your perspective strikes me as narrow and limited and rather antipathetical towards inspiration based upon intuition, thus deficient in creative thinking.

    • Replies: @raga10
  160. raga10 says:
    @emerging majority

    Appears you are the victim of an Aristotelean,Newtonian, Neo-Darwinian leftbrain educational paradigm.

    Victim?!? That’s funny… If only our school systems produced more “victims” who can actually design or manufacture something useful!
    Yes, I do think like “some engineer”; I know that was not your intention but I consider it a compliment.

    Your perspective strikes me as narrow and limited and rather antipathetical towards inspiration based upon intuition, thus deficient in creative thinking.

    I disagree; I think creative thinking can only be impeded rather than enhanced if you have to devote part of your attention to drudgery like manipulating units of measures instead of your actual goal.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  161. aandrews says:

    World War Rogan: Andrew Yang Defends Joe, Then Cucks
    Andrew Anglin
    February 8, 2022

    Chinese are really too autistic to be involved in American politics.

    It’s too bad. They could probably outsmart the Jews and bring us into a New Dawn of Sino-Friendship.

    But they’re just too autistic.

    Yang literally apologized for saying he doesn’t think Joe is a racist, saying he deleted the tweet because it was “wrong-headed.”

  162. @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    … and while we’re on the subject of “4 dead in Ohio,” three of these dead Commie revolutionaries were Jews, as was the girl wailing to the heavens in the iconic photograph. Amazing how Tiny Hats are always at the center of strife and aggression in America.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  163. @raga10

    “Manipulating units of measure”? Perhaps if I were into baking, measuring cups would be of some avail. Cooking by the seat of my pants, so to speak, is far more fun than trudging through some cookbook. The results are generally quite satisfactory, as in this morning’s “Imperial Oatmeal” which included a total of 17 ingredients.

    Creative types do not care to be burdened with measurements, except perhaps when we need to do a bit of carpentry. In some of its extensions, the metric system is simply not user friendly.

    • Replies: @raga10
  164. So why did rogan apologize?

    He’s a coward and nobody likes a coward.

  165. raga10 says:
    @emerging majority

    In some of its extensions, the metric system is simply not user friendly.

    What do you mean by that? Give me some examples.

    BTW, I am really puzzled by your idea that miles are better suited to larger countries… because distances look like smaller numbers?!? How the hell does it matter? Sure, units should be somewhat proportional to the scale and that’s why we have different units – you’re not going to measure distances between cities in centimeters, though technically you could just as well. But what’s so difficult in thinking of distance as, say, 100 km rather than 62 miles? Australia is a large country; it used to use miles but now it uses kilometers and everything works fine.

    • Replies: @Sisifo
  166. On our local ABC Radio National LNL show last night, one Bruce Shapiro, a US ‘journalist’, observed that Rogan was ‘…KILLING people by actively promoting ivermectin, by actively promoting hydroxychloroquine, by challenging the CDC and promoting fake science’.
    Rogan was, according to Shapiro, promoting ‘disinformation’ not ‘misinformation’ ie knowingly lying. Do you still have libel laws in the USA? This fellow openly accuses Rogan of MURDER on the radio and pontificates on ‘fake science’, with what credentials one wonders, particularly in a contest with Malone and McCullogh. Perhaps Rogan could sue Shapiro, Adams his mumbling interlocutor and the ABC here in Austfaila. Our libel laws are more generous.

  167. @Dave Bowman

    You can say ‘nigger’ and NOT mean any harm by it. You can say ‘Black’ and fill it with contempt and hatred. The need to say ‘nigger’ in everyday, polite, conversation is about zero, but IT IS JUST A WORD. It is the context and meaning attached to it that counts.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  168. @Henchmn

    My old man went to see Lenny when he visited Sydney in 1962. Bruce was given the traditional Sydney ‘welcome’ of faked MSM coverage and all-round abuse, cancellation of his shows, police (then perhaps as corrupt as they ever were in a very corrupt city)harassment and refusal to dispense his doctor ordered meds-rather like ivermectin today.

  169. Sisifo says:

    Australian’s idea of distances is somehow ethereal.

    “Up the road” means everything from a few hundred metres to a few hundred km…

    • Replies: @raga10
  170. raga10 says:

    Australian’s idea of distances is somehow ethereal.

    “Up the road” means everything from a few hundred metres to a few hundred km…

    Yeah, at one point I spent some time in a remote inland settlement, where a Friday evening trip for a beer, a movie and with some luck maybe seeing someone wearing a skirt meant a round trip of well over 150km. But here’s the thing: if I measured it in miles, it would still be the same trip…

    … I didn’t last long there… about 10 months. 10 very, very long months 🙂

  171. Sepp says:

    This blurb from Weird Scenes in the Canyon is interesting:

    “Bruce Berry, a roadie for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, died of a her-
    oin overdose in June 1973. Berry had just flown out to Maui to deliver a
    shipment of cocaine to Stephen Stills, and was promptly sent back to LA
    by Crosby and Nash. Berry was a brother of Jan Berry, of Jan and Dean.
    (Dean Torrence, the “Dean” of Jan and Dean, had played a part in the
    fake kidnapping of Frank Sinatra, Jr., just a couple weeks after the JFK
    assassination. The staged event was a particularly transparent effort to
    divert attention away from the questions that were cropping up, after
    the initial shock had passed, about the events in Dealey Plaza.)”

    That a “roadies” responsibilities included running cocaine for Young, Crosby, Nash and Stills comes as no surprise. But that Bruce Berry somehow ties Neil Young back to the Kennedy Assasination is a surprise…

    • Replies: @Emil Nikola Richard
  172. @Priss Factor

    That progressive pyramid is so accurate. Where did you find that Priss?

  173. @Sepp

    Bruce Berry was a working man
    He used to load that econoline van

    One thing nobody in the mainstream would ever write that I saw is cause-effect for Neil Young’s massive drug consumption and his childrens’ birth defects. I think I would have gotten a vasectomy after the first one.

    • Replies: @Sepp
  174. @the grand wazoo

    I had this book about the musical community living in Laurel County saved on my phone and it showed that almost all the rock stars had close connections to the MIC. These included Frank Zappa, Morrison and many more. It was freely available online but I can’t find it now.
    Please post the link if it still works. Thanks

    • Replies: @the grand wazoo
  175. Sepp says:

    Jimmy Dore drills down into the hit piece on Joe Rogan:

    “Dem SuperPAC Behind Rogan Smear Campaign The recent multi-pronged attack on Joe Rogan has been exposed as an organized hatchet job, likely coordinated by a Democratic Party-affiliated SuperPAC called Meidas Touch. The effort has sought to smear Rogan as a spreader of COVID misinformation and a racist. Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the likely reasons why Rogan was targeted and why others with much worse records have escaped scrutiny.”

    • Thanks: Nancy
  176. @raga10

    Mumblebrain is missing a few screws and has have them replaced. Superficially he mimics an intellectual but if you read his posts closely, he’s often wrong.

    • Replies: @raga10
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  177. Sepp says:
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    I wasn’t aware of all the birth defects, so I went looking. I came across this article:

    It turns out he had “polio” before the “Salk” vaccine arrived. This may explain some of his obsession with vaccinations…

    “In his memoir, Waging Heavy Peace, Young remembers being “about five years old” in 1951, and his parents rushing him to Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto, and that “it was hard for [him] to walk for some reason.” A painful lumbar puncture (“that hurt like hell and scared me to death”) revealed what his doctor feared: Young Neil Young had polio. The disease had ravaged his body, and his brother, Bob Young, recalls a lengthy hospitalization, after which Neil had to re-learn how to walk. “I remember him trying to get from one part of the living room to another by hanging on to furniture to keep his balance,” Bob Young said. “He was unsure of what had happened with his battle with polio. ‘I didn’t die, did I?’ He said.”

    Young felt the wages of polio well into adulthood. Lower back vertebrae were surgically removed, and he frequently wore a back brace, even during concerts.

    You are right about his kids all having defects, but Neil had his own to deal with as well….

    When Neil Young was a child, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, reports Biography. Also called “juvenile diabetes” because it’s historically beset children, it’s a hormonal disorder in which the body cannot regulate blood sugar because the pancreas doesn’t make insulin, according to JRDF.

    Young also suffered from epilepsy. While likely not his first seizure, one such episode in 1967 remains memorable for him. He was hanging out a radio festival called the Hollywood Teen Fair, when he suddenly found himself “on my back on the pavement,”

    I certainly would not want to deal with all that tragedy in my life.

    Neil Young’s first child, Zeke (above middle), was born in September 1972. Doctors diagnosed cerebral palsy, and attributed his paralyzation to prenatal brain damage. He also suffered from developmental delays, such as being unable to talk until after his second birthday (and after extensive therapy). He eventually overcame most of those physical setbacks, and suffers from permanent limited mobility in one arm and one leg. Zeke Young’s mother, actress Carrie Sondgress said that after she and Neil Young split up, Zeke rarely saw his father.

    Neil Young moved on to marry the former Pegi Morton, with whom he had two children, a son named Ben (above left) and a daughter named Amber Jean. Like their half-brother (and their father) both Ben and Amber Jean were diagnosed with chronic medical conditions early in life. Doctors diagnosed Ben Young with cerebral palsy, which manifested in quadriplegia and the inability to speak. Amber Jean developed epilepsy.

    What is most unfortunate is that Neil Young hasn’t been able to figure out that he, and his offspring, are most likely the victims of toxins and heavy metals that may well have been deliberately introduced into his environment in order to cause the exact health problems he and his family have suffered for.

    As far as his drug consumption and party lifestyle having caused these defects, I would bet that it was more likely the result of his sex partners trying to keep up with him by living the same way.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  178. Sepp says:

    This one hits the hypocrisy bullseye:

  179. raga10 says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    Mumblebrain is missing a few screws and has have them replaced. Superficially he mimics an intellectual but if you read his posts closely, he’s often wrong.

    I never read his posts any more and I wasn’t replying to him so I don’t really know how he fits into the picture here.

    But in any case, you’re right.

  180. @mulga mumblebrain

    It is the context and meaning attached to it that counts

    Yes. I understand that perfectly.

    But you have misunderstood – or simply missed – my whole point:

    What is the precise “context and meaning” by which BLACKS use the hated WHITEY word, “Nigger” ?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  181. @Sepp

    Thank you for your research.

    … Neil Young … and his offspring are most likely the victims of toxins and heavy metals … introduced into his environment …

    And not solely his environment!

    The disturbing prevalence of heavy-metal toxicity as an underlying factor in many, many forms of illness, including cancers, thyroid malfunctions, and cardiac arrhythmias, is something that mainstream allopathic medicine and its practitioners have been willfully blind to for more than a century. Indeed, one of the primary characteristics that differentiate most so-called alternative medical practitioners from their Big Pharma colleagues is their interest in testing for elevated tissue levels of lead, mercury, and half a dozen other metals to which exposure is, for most people in today’s highly urbanized societies, an unfortunate inevitability.

    It should come as no surprise that the same experts and public-health officials who prefer poisonous “vaccines” and ventilators to ivermectin and zinc would also prefer transplants and stents to a dozen sessions of dirt-cheap chelation therapy.

  182. @Dave Bowman

    I wasn’t replying to you, just using the opportunity to express my opinion on the matter.

  183. @Rev. Spooner

    The ‘queer old dean’ has found a fellow spirit. How touching.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  184. @Commentator Mike

    It’s an example of ‘mass formation psychosis’ or, if you prefer, Jung’s ‘psychic epidemic’, and the madness, not of crowds, but of elites. The whole Atlanticist/Imperial/Washington Consensus/Free Market cancer has reached its end-stage. There is no more healthy tissue to feed upon, the waste products produced by the neoplastic system have built up to toxic, life-threatening levels (ie pollution, unpayable debt, increased inequality etc)and the elite metastases are besides themselves with The Fear.
    The Fear that the proles may, at last, wake up to just how EVIL the Western ruling elites are. Evil and incompetent. The pandemic and the monstrous fashion in which the elites have dealt with it, combining incompetence, lying, totalitarian censorship, suppression of life-saving medications, enforced injection with experimental gene therapies, even of children at NO risk from the disease, and the deliberate and malign promotion of fear and terror etc, is the final straw. No sane person can possibly deny any longer that ‘liberal democracy’ produces anything but psychopathic Gadarene swine as rulers, and that they are growing more wicked and desperate by the day. When a liberal American ‘journalist’ can declare on the ABC Radio National in Austfailia that Rogan was ‘killing’ people by promoting ivermectin, you get a real view of what it is like in The Abyss of the deranged ‘liberal’ hive-mind.

  185. @JWalters

    What comes next is human extinction. We have the technological means in military weapons, bio-warfare, weather modification technologies and the like to exterminate all Life on Earth, or very near. Meanwhile ecological collapse proceeds apace, not just unremedied, but worsened every day by the cult of Mammon.
    In charge of this system are ‘elites’, in the West, selected over generations by the ‘liberal democratic’ system for their varied psychopathies. I cannot think of a public figure in the West, in politics, the MSM or business today, who is not detestable and dangerous. Monsters controlled by monstrous ideologies and pathopsychologies. There is no conceivable way they can be cured of their spiritual and psychological disease, so destruction is just a matter of time. War against Iran, Russia or China will do the trick. If not, ecological collapse, or the next bio-weapon. INEVITABLE.

  186. Sepp says:

    I was thinking about Neil Young having to spend weeks or even months at the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital and it occurred to me that this might be where he was exposed to MKUltra. I made a couple of searches and was only able to find this:

    MK-ULTRA is alive and well, at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. from MKUltra

    I realize that this would have been 10 or 15 years after Neil was staying at the hospital, but the link to Epilepsy and the strong links between the Laurel Canyon music scene and Tavistock and MKUltra could well be more than mere coincidence.

  187. Nancy says:

    Well, a little OT.. or not? Here’s more of Mike Jone’s musical talent – ‘Ballad of the Neocons’ (We have to laugh while we still can)

  188. @Negrolphin Pool

    BTW, what happened to the Daily Stormer? It’s been offline for days. Any word on the responsible party?

    It’s at .name.

    • Replies: @Negrolphin Pool
  189. @acementhead

    I can’t thank you with a thanks tag. So thank you.

    Do you know what party was responsible for the latest deplatforming?

  190. @mulga mumblebrain

    Gulma Bummblerain kate your cedimenes.

  191. @HT

    I’m afraid you are right. Rogan wavered, trembled, shivered and these wolves saw it. Now they will not let up.
    Rogan should go to the Amazon basin for a month and return after being rejuvenated.

  192. Sepp says:

    Joe Biden weighs in on the word nigger:

    Video Link

  193. @Sick 'n Tired

    See the Lex Fridman youtube three minutes “joe rogan gave me his watch.”

    Joe Rogan backed Alex Jones for no material motive but personal loyalty. Lex Fridman backs Joe Rogan for no material motive but personal loyalty.

    Joe Rogan’s enemies are opportunists.
    Joe Rogan’s backers are friends.

    Who do you want on your side?

    (OK I am exaggerating a little here. A little.)

  194. Marat says:

    The left considers psychology, pop psychology, psychobabble, and terminology relating to psychological diagnosis/analysis as their turf. (Especially as the Bureaucratic State metastasizes and the “Caring Professions” are substituted for functional families.)

    I thought the discussion about “mass psychosis formation” seemed to hit a nerve. In Leftie’s World, victims rely on trusted sources to blabber a constant stream of self-esteem puffery in every form of media, entertainment, and now even professional journals. Offhanded bandying about of unofficial witch doctor terminology by anyone to the right of Timothy Leary is definitely “unwelcome”.

    Of course, Rogan was already on the Most Wanted list. And unfortunately for the entire world, the Dems are in a huge tizzy over 2022 – and Tucker’s proving a little harder to remove than they anticipated.

  195. @Sepp

    Unfair to critique Unz’s (admittedly disappointing) views on vaccines as if it indicates bad faith. All knowledge is partial–one of the greatest reasons why freedom to discuss is needed if a fuller truth is to emerge. Unz has done valuable work in his “American Pravda” series, and has admitted more than once when he has had to “relearn” what he thought he knew.

    This is his platform, and we are using it because of its value.

  196. joelc says:

    There will always be a divide on the political spectrum that goes beyond Left or Right.

    That is, how much government is required and of what type. On the right, you’ll have the full monty. You got anarcho-capitalism, green anarchy on the one end. Then on the other, you’ll have Monarchist (of the absolute variety, not parliamentary one), Fascist and a wide variety of more obscure authoritarian regimes.

    For the United-States to be what you want, you’d first have to notice they have the Eagle as a symbol. You’d need a revolution to change the imperial status of the country. It is a technocracy ran by complete morons at the top. Those are puppets, they’re irrelevant. If you removed the morons at the top, it wouldn’t change much to the imperial power of the institutions it yield.

  197. @Rev. Spooner

    I don’t have a link. Years ago I bought the book, and have never again looked at the 60’s in the same light. Couple McGowans views with the work of E. Michael Jones and the picture is complete.

  198. I have seen some very interesting comments on the Rogan fiasco here. I’m glad found this thread

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