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Wisconsin: Five Dead After SUV Crashes Into Christmas Parade
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A white man angry about anti-Kyle sentiment has crashed into a crowded Christmas parade in Milwaukee and killed five people.

The feds are no doubt going to use this as part of their “domestic terrorism” agenda.

I’m just joking.

It was this guy!

They haven’t announced that he did it because he was angry about Kyle, but come on. I don’t believe it’s not related. It’s a racial hate crime.

After hyping up a white man shooting people who were trying to kill him for a year, the Jewish media will bury this story of wild, brutal murder before the corpses are buried.


A joyous scene of marching bands and children dancing in Santa hats and waving pompoms turned deadly in an instant, as an SUV sped through barricades and into a Christmas parade in suburban Milwaukee, killing at least five people and injuring more than 40 others.

One video showed a woman screaming, “Oh my God!” repeatedly as a group of young dancers was struck Sunday. A father talked of going “from one crumpled body to the other” in search of his daughter. Members of a “Dancing Grannies” club were among those hit.

The city of Waukesha posted on its social media accounts late Sunday that it could confirm at least five died and more than 40 were injured, while noting that it was still collecting information. The city’s statement also noted that many people took themselves to hospitals. The city did not release any additional information about those who died.

A “person of interest” was in custody, Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson said, but he gave no details about the person or any possible motive. The investigation was ongoing, with assistance from the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

The media isn’t reporting his name. They’re definitely not saying his race either!

But there are photos.

So the cover-up has already begun – refusing to report someone’s name when they’ve already been identified in the media is a cover-up. In fact, not saying that he’s black is a cover-up. There is no way this wasn’t political, so they are removing that entire piece of information from the public space.

They want to censor all of the people who currently do tell you the name and race of violent hate attackers so they can just bury it completely.

What do normal people think of this? Why do they believe the media is trying to promote this black hate agenda? Every knows that blacks are destructive savages. What is their game in promoting them as they do?

How can you explain any of that without saying “the Jews did this”?

“What took place in Waukesha today is sickening, and I have every confidence that those responsible will be brought to justice,” Attorney General Josh Kaul, the state’s top law enforcement officer, tweeted.

The horror was recorded by the city’s livestream and onlookers’ cellphones. One video shows the moment the SUV broke through the barricades and the sound of what appears to be several gunshots. Thompson said a Waukesha police officer fired his gun to try to stop the vehicle. No bystanders were injured by the gunfire, and Thompson said he did not know if the driver was struck by the officer’s bullets.

They’ll probably prosecute that officer.

Another video shows a young child dancing in the street as the SUV speeds by, just a few feet from her, before it hurtles into parade participants a few hundred feet ahead. One video, of dancers with pompoms, ends with a group of people tending to a girl on the ground.

“There were pompoms and shoes and spilled hot chocolate everywhere. I had to go from one crumpled body to the other to find my daughter,” Corey Montiho, a Waukesha school district board member, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “My wife and two daughters were almost hit. Please pray for everybody. Please pray.”

The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies posted on its Facebook page that “members of the group and volunteers were impacted and we are waiting for word on their conditions.” The group’s profile describes them as a “group of grannies that meet once a week to practice routines for summer and winter parades.”

A Catholic priest, multiple parishioners and Waukesha Catholic schoolchildren were among those injured, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee spokeswoman Sandra Peterson said.

Chris Germain, co-owner of the Aspire Dance Center studio, had about 70 people in the parade ranging from as young as 2 being pulled in wagons to age 18. Germain, whose 3-year-old daughter was in the parade, said he was driving at the head of their entry when he saw a maroon SUV that “just blazed right past us.” A police officer ran past in chase. Germain said he jumped out of his own SUV and gathered the girls who were with him to safety.

Then he walked forward to see the damage.

“There were small children laying all over the road, there were police officers and EMTs doing CPR on multiple members of the parade,” he said.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had just about enough of this whole “multiculturalism” thing.

I want all of these apes to leave my home. They’re not welcome here, and they all need to go back to whatever shithole they emerged from.

Just imagine that the Jews are going to bury this story. Just imagine it.

Just yesterday, Jewish CNN told us that “angry white men are the most frightening thing in America.”

Kyle – who did not ever appear angry – shot a literal Jew pedophile and a communist, both of whom were trying to kill him – and that was the single biggest news story ever.

This ape rammed his car over completely innocent white kids celebrating Our Jesus – out of literal hatred for the color of our skin.

Most people will never even find out the guy is black.

Joy Reid will be on TV saying that whites need to shut up and stop whining.

Leftists are joking about it.

Whatever is going on with this multiculturalism, no one can claim it is working.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. tyrone says:

    “Whatever is going on with this multiculturalism, no one can claim it is working.”……wait a second, that depend on what work they want accomplished i.e the destruction of western society root and stem……’s going swimmingly.

  2. Twitter is a pro-war platform. It’s used as such in every jurisdiction it’s permitted to broadcast. It’s a curated cast of shitlib sociopaths. Of course it will be used to incite greater levels of violence surrounding any race violence. A very heavy investment has been made by tech companies, media, military and politics to brainwash American blacks into being atavistic remorseless killers.

    Ultimately, Trump’s cowardice and imbecilic advisors thought race hate would help their bio warfare wrecking operation along. It’s the desired result of the Deep State. Race war is their exit strategy from their staged false flag terror, staged mass school shootings, staged gay disco shootings, staged marathon bombings, staged concert mass shootings.

    The federal force structure and their tv media bitches love going live with their satanic drag show they call news. Especially if it’s racial. TV news cut it’s baby teeth on Anti-White hate.

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
  3. BuelahMan says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had just about enough of this whole “multiculturalism” thing.

    As he notoriously beds asian women.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  4. AceDeuce says:

    Posted a variant of this on Sailer’s blog. The negro ex-alderman, Michael McGee, has stayed in Milwaukee, where he’s been a longtime commentator on negro radio–he’s influenced generations of black ferals in that city, pounding his message into their 70 IQ minds. His hateful ass is regarded as a hero by local blacks.

    Here you go:

    Gee, I’m old enough to remember when a negro Milwaukee alderman (AKA city councilman) named Michael McGee was loudly, publicly, and openly threatening, for several years in the 1980s and 1990s (and afterwards) to stage terroristic threats against Whites–fun things like negro snipers shooting Whites in the stands at Milwaukee Brewers baseball games-y’know, harmless black fun.

    Here’s a portion from a WaPo story from 1990, the “good old days” of racial harmony (LOL). It was written by a White cuck who later wrote fawning biograhies of Bill Clinton and Obama.

    In the article, the negro public servant threatened black attacks on an upcoming Milwaukee “White” children’s parade–sound familiar?

    This month (July, 1990), McGee found a bigger target. He threatened to bring his militia downtown last Sunday to disrupt the Great Circus Parade, a midsummer extravaganza of marching elephants, caged cats and clowns that attracts enormous crowds along main streets. “Be advised that the Black Panther Militia will not bring our children,” McGee wrote in a memo to Ben Barkin, a public relations executive and a parade organizer. “I’m sure they wouldn’t enjoy this parade. I don’t think any children should be present — things could get ugly.”

    The city obtained a court order restraining his militia from interfering with the circus parade, which McGee obeyed. In return, city leaders agreed to set up a committee to study racial inequity in Milwaukee.

    Read the whole thing. Note the mild tone they take with this lowlife.

    And here’s an article on his dirtbag son who has continued to be a credit to his race.

    • Replies: @moron
  5. As of 7am the mainstream media were saying a person of interest was in custody and no motive was known, but he may have been fleeing “someone”.

    We knew who he was and what he looked like 12 hours ago.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
    , @Haxo Angmark
  6. Dr. Doom says:

    A war is going on, albeit one sided right now.
    These dumb blacks are just pawns in the Jew’s War against Western Civilization.

    Freeing these idiots was obviously a mistake.
    They should instead have been shipped back to Africa.

    They are too stupid for freedom as that requires responsibility.
    There’s an r-word they cannot spell out.

    This failed state is now imploding.
    The Jews are ramping up the Anti-White hatred because they are desperate.

    The ponzi scheme laughingly referred to as an “economy” is falling down.
    This failed state is crumbling, and so is the globalist fantasy.

    Its only a question now of speeding up this collapse.
    Do not assist, RESIST. Sabotage, subvert and smile.

    Do not contribute to a system that hates you and wants you dead.
    Lower your taxes. Do not support the media. Cut off their support.

    Point out the Jew. Tell everyone this is a Zionist Occupied Territory.
    Sabotage the system. Subvert the narrative. And remember to SMILE.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  7. Money quote:”Whatever is going on with this multiculturalism, no one can claim it is working”. Of course it is working!! It is working to discourage white people. It is working to get white people to quietly surrender all their worldly goods, and willingly adopt a position of enslavement. It is working to get some white people (renegades? Wiggers??) to enforce the new enslaved reality on other white people.

    Oh, it is working alright. That is the problem. It really is working.

    • Agree: Angharad
    • Replies: @Amanuensis
  8. Trinity says:

    Reckless Driving Gone Wrong.

    Not related to Kyle or race. He a good chile.

  9. BCB232 says:

    Stop calling Joseph Rosenbaum a pedophile. He was a anal-rapist of little boys. Pedophile sounds like he has an abnormal attraction to children, with no specification of whether he acted on it. Just like how Anglin calls the “pride” flag the “anal sex flag” – let’s call a spade a spade.

    Otherwise, good article.

    • Agree: Catdog
    • Replies: @Snutts
  10. Wokechoke says:

    One of Santa’s Bantu Helpers?

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  11. Snutts says:

    Bet he’ll use the ‘dindu nuffin’ defense

  12. Richard B says:


    I want all of these apes to leave my home. They’re not welcome here, and they all need to go back to whatever shithole they emerged from.

    AA + an added comment from yours truly

    How can you explain any of that without saying “the Jews did this”?, ie; hired a guy like Andrew to write the first quote above thereby sinking whatever message we need to hear that might be of value.

    If AA isn’t an ADL shill he might as well be. Either way, you’d have to have rocks in your brains to think he’s on the level or actually helping.

    He’d be much better off using their own words against them and simply apply those words to current events. For example:

    Maurice Samuel’s lament or menace, (whichever was intended) of 1924, “We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever.” + Current Events = The Destructive Force of Jewish Supremacy Inc.

  13. As long as us Angry White Men are being described as “frightening,” I think we ought to live up to the billing. This Thanksgiving we can be thankful that we have the ability to frighten people. Now get out there and scare the shit out of these people.

  14. A lot of the snarky “self-defense” tweets are coming from Canada, the UK and Australia–the anti-American hoplophobic Anglosphere.

    ALL of these countries (who rely on the U.S. military for their defense) take great pleasure from every terror attack in America–the receipts are online and easily searched. But they demand total sympathy from America when one of their unruly pets blows up a concert in Manchester, or shoots up half of Nova Scotia.

  15. @Richard B

    If AA isn’t an ADL shill he might as well be. Either way, you’d have to have rocks in your brains to think he’s on the level or actually helping.

    Everyone, police your language! There’s a new language-sheriff in town. We need to take a lesson from the left, who’ve been so unsuccessful monitoring carefully for temperature and offensiveness every word they publish, plus…

    Oh wait, that wasn’t the left.

    If anyone’s ADL at this joint, it’s you, Richard B, concern troll extraordinaire.

    • Troll: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
  16. Richard B says:
    @Smashed Squash

    Check out this new video and what the newscaster says at 14 seconds.

    We’re stopping that video before we see that red SUV collide with the marching band.

    Later in the video they try making excuses for him.

    Or, my edited version:

    We’re stopping that video before we see that red SUV collide with the marching band, even though we’ll show everything from Rodney King to Goerge Floyd videos over and over again so as to Divide and Conquer until we destroy the country.

    This could serve as the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Stranger things have happened in history. Especially when considering one of history’s recurrent themes: that people start saying No! to something where previously anything but Yes had been unimaginable.

    And the inspiration could be the fact that, as someone once said about Jewish Supremacy Inc. They always go too far.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  17. @BuelahMan

    Anglin is practicing “When in Rome, do as Romans do.” (e.g. bed Roman women). The last time I checked, he wasn’t aiding and abetting the migration of Asian women to the US.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
    , @John Johnson
  18. Multiculturalism is working the way it’s supposed to work.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
  19. @Richard B


    I don’t understand your comment.

    Anglin is 100% correct. The Jmedia incited this dumb negro to kill a bunch of innocent white people.

    This is retaliation for Kyle’s not guilty verdict.

    The small hats are mopping this up so that most white people won’t have access to the truth about what happened.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Richard B
  20. Richard B says:

    Your reaction comment reads like something from a JIDF Troll of the lesbian varieity.

    What’s that Nietzhsce said, Whenver anyone overreacts (like you and other touchy JIDF Trolls) it means they’re lying to themselves about something.

    No need to lie. Just embrace your inner-JIDF Troll.

  21. anon[276] • Disclaimer says:

    Andrew. This meeting of Epstein with the Pope John Paul John Paul II II, CIA’s man in the Vatican. Good catch. About the interpretation.

    Wexner bankrolled Epstein, sheepdipped the horny loser as an international man of mystery, and funded his jailbait whorehouse and blackmail ring. For you, Wexner ∈ {Jewry}. Wexner also relocated Southern Air Transport to his mobbed-up hometown. For anyone who knows that, Wexner ∈ {illegal domestic CIA agents}. There is no contradiction. But which is more important?

    Lawrence King and Craig Spence got caught fucking kids in ‘Nam and got the same pedo dream job, blackmailer/pimp. Was Jewry on the scene in ‘Nam? I dunno. CIA was. CIA has been blackmailing VIPs and agents since inception.

    For you, {Barr ∈ Jewry}. Barr also obstructed justice for CIA’s Iran-Contra gunrunning enterprise. For anyone who knows this, Barr ∈ {CIA focal point in DoJ}.

    You might say Adelson ∈ {Jewry}. Adelson also ratfucked Assange for CIA and blackmailed CPC big shots in Macau. Adelson ∈{CIA agents} too.

    The intersection is of great importance. CIA routinely delegates its dirtiest dirty work with eyes-only intelligence liaison agreements that turn crime into diplomatic confidences. They rely on Mossad because there’s nothing Mossad won’t do. If that’s not what’s going on, How did a shitty little vaxed-up, DU-sterilized, cowardly one-nuke laydown of a shtetl state take over mighty lawless CIA? This question requires an answer.

    If you were swimming around at night and a great white shark ripped your leg off, would you scream “Help, A remora!”?

  22. Bookish1 says:

    We can mark November 21, 2021 as the official date of the start of the black/white race war.

  23. Anyone paying attention over the last decade could see this coming.

    The random attacks on Whites have begun. The negroes will use vehicles, knives, firearms, feet and fists. If you try to defend yourself you will be incarcerated, while the negroes will be released because of “bail reform.” Legions of White cops are quitting because they are powerless to do anything and/or because of the vax mandate. City governments will hire as police the very criminals that openly attack Whites. With a new proposed Federal law pushing national bail reform, the whole messy situation could spread across the entire country.

    Get out of cities. Get out, now. We are beyond the situation where you should care about your lifestyle and what “amenities” you can access. The commies are intentionally creating chaos so they can capitalize on it; people will be screaming for law and order, and the commies will oblige by instituting a national police force.

    Then the purge will really start.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  24. The SUV driver was a “rapper” who had just been released on bail 2 days earlier for multiple charges including battery. He was fleeing in the SUV while being pursued by police for a “knife crime.” So of course in his tiny, impulsive, ape-like brain it’s OK to mow a bunch of people down with a vehicle rather than be captured by the cops.

  25. @Automatic Slim

    He deliberately mowed down WHITE people.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  26. Someone needs to drop CNN a line and thank them for helpin’ the white boys get laid.

    • LOL: Jimmy le Blanc
  27. @Trinity

    Another rocket surgeon and aspiring rapper.

  28. @Automatic Slim

    If he was being pursued by the police, why are there no cop cars chasing the red SUV in the horrific video??

    This story is the coverup the MSM is going with.

  29. Between Rittenhouse, Arbery, and now this, anyone else aware that the Jizzlane Maxwell trial is going on? I didn’t think so.

  30. Alfa158 says:
    @Dr. Doom

    Lincoln was planning to ship them back, or if that was prohibitively expensive, at least to the Caribbean islands. Like Jefferson he realized trying to live together in the same society would ultimately fail.

    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  31. A homicidal kneegrow?


    My money was on Abdul Camelshag.

  32. anon[335] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews needed this incident to direct attention away from themselves since antisemitism is getting to the point where it is becoming a real worry to them. This is the race war that jews have been trying to start for a long long time. This won’t end pretty.

    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  33. HbutnotG says:

    Dancing grannies.

    It was a case of cornball overload. (that would be (((my))) defense.

  34. @Alfa158

    Lincoln was planning to ship them back, or if that was prohibitively expensive, at least to the Caribbean islands. Like LBJ, thought, he realized they would be reliable voters for his party for decades afterwords.

    Fixed it for you.

    And Republicans haven’t stopped trying to get black votes since then. It’s such a core part of their identity I doubt they ever will, especially when so many of them hate their white core constituents.

    • Replies: @Observator
  35. @anon

    Jews needed this incident to direct attention away from themselves since antisemitism is getting to the point where it is becoming a real worry to them.

    This would work better if so many of them weren’t exulting over this attack, making it clear it’s payback for the Rittenhouse verdict.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  36. @Automatic Slim

    “Darrell Brooks was not being pursued when he entered the Waukesha Christmas parade.”

    Jewy MSM lie.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @InnerCynic
  37. They’ve now launched a full on assault on white people and whoever else is in their way.
    They gone from BLMr – burn loot murder and Rape riots to armed snatch and grab looting to direct attacks on whites across America.
    I once proclaimed “I live on a Glock block, we don’t call 911.
    Today I say, “I live in a Rittenhouse, I aim to kill should you attempt to attack me or my family.
    Pack a loaded gun, don’t leave home without it. Phuc any CC permits, we are at war.
    Schitt has hit the fan, guns with badges run and hide. You are on your own for protection.

  38. @Jimmy le Blanc

    Maybe he wasn’t being pursued by cops chasing him, but he was being pursued by the Jmedia small hats whispering in his ear, “White men are killing black people…..everyday…..a young white man killed three innocent BLM protesters….and he got away scott free! Are you going to stand for this injustice?
    You have to fight back!”

  39. @Richard B

    He was fleeing police and accidentally turned into a Christmas parade and accidentally ran over and killed and seriously injured dozens of people in his way.
    This gentle giant of society was just another aspiring rapper trying to make a living in a white mans world.
    If it weren’t for white Supremacists/domestic terrorists chasing him, this would have never happened. s/

    • Replies: @Richard B
  40. ‘…They haven’t announced that he did it because he was angry about Kyle, but come on. I don’t believe it’s not related. It’s a racial hate crime…’

    More importantly, it happened at least partially because the media legitimized this response to frustration, personal unhappiness, whatever. You’re black and things aren’t working out? It’s whitey’s fault — get some pay back.

    This is how it works. If the media keeps pushing something, the looser screws are going to pop out. That’s statistically almost inevitable.

    …but are they going to take responsibility?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  41. @Jimmy le Blanc

    Recently I was listening to a conservative radio host who was an ex-marine say, “get out of the blue states”. It’s where the communists have the most power”. Right he was.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning

  42. Video Link

    A paragon of the community!

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  43. This is going to get real ugly, really fast.
    Back in the 70s I lived in the building in San Fran that the Zebra shooters victims lived kidnapped then killed husband left for dead but survived.
    The original ‘drive-by’ they were just taking a walk.

  44. This poor Black man obviously needs the psychological support that’s been so cruelly denied him by systemic white racism.

    He will likely be blamed for his tragic but understandable response to relentless oppression. I only pray he can finally get the help he so desperately needs.

  45. How did he even know about this Christmas parade?
    Got to make you wonder that someone whispered in his ear and texted him a map
    “Go to it boy”

  46. @beavertales

    this just in:

    the negro saw a shoelace hanging on a telephone line,

    and mistook it for a noose. Can

    you blame him for acting out?

    (((MSM))) thinks not.

  47. The thing I love about Amerikastani on Amerikastani violence is how it makes Amerikastanis hate each other and divide and weaken themselves. That’s why I bothered to read this article. Please continue ranting at yourselves. Thank you.

    • Troll: Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
    , @Irish Savant
  48. Richard B says:
    @Robert Dolan

    I don’t understand your comment.

    Fair enough Robert. I’ll explain. I agree he’s write when he says this:

    How can you explain any of that without saying “the Jews did this”?

    My point was, why then would he have to add this?

    I want all of these apes to leave my home. They’re not welcome here, and they all need to go back to whatever shithole they emerged from.

    Why would he have to add that when it’s exactly the kind of thing Jewish Supremacy Inc. uses to invalidate the truth about them? And we all know that they do this. That’s how they operate. It’s a way to smear the truth itself.

    The small hats are mopping this up so that most white people won’t have access to the truth about what happened.

    That’s exactly right! And when the truth does get out they put it in the mouth of someone they’ve already designated, or branded, as a racist. So the truth about them that we need access to is discredited through association. That was my point. JSI has been doing things like this for ages.

  49. Thomasina says:

    Andrew, you are using the same wording as the MSM: “Wisconsin: Five Dead After SUV Crashes Into Christmas Parade”.

    “Crashes” implies that it was an accident, unintentional, a simple collision.

    Words like “plowed”, “bulldozed” or “flattened” would be more appropriate.

    This was an intentional and racially-motivated attack. They’re saying he was trying to escape. Escape who? I didn’t see anybody chasing him.

    No, he was advancing on his intended target – the people in the parade.

    • Agree: ThreeCranes
  50. Katrinka says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Mission impossible to build and maintain a viable society with pukes like this guy.

  51. Whoa!
    His facebook page.
    Illuminati, WW3, Hitler saying blacks are the real jews, Georgia Guidstones stated 7 billion to be killed. Banksters, UN, US FED. Royals, vatican.

  52. It’ll be interesting to compare the media’s treatment of this to how they handled the killing in Charlottesville.

    Swine. Watch.

    • Agree: Pierre de Craon
    • Replies: @beavertales
  53. Anonymous[133] • Disclaimer says:
    @Colin Wright

    Well, there was one solid black leader that was talking that way, it’s really too bad he was killed in his prime – off all of those guys in that timeframe, he seemed the most promising.

  54. anonymous[418] • Disclaimer says:

    Two other key SUV & vehicle incidents … alt-right James Fields Jr vs Jewish Lizzie Grubman

  55. aglhkj says:

    You all talk a big game, but you’re all cowards.

    • Troll: Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  56. @aglhkj

    Well well well, your very first comment at the Unz Review (at least while using your current screen name).

    (((Hasbara trolls))) are trained to post ambivalent clutter, using frequently changed monikers.

    Not that I’m calling you one…

  57. @CelestiaQuesta

    Yes! If I lived near you (wherever that is) I would have your back.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
  58. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    The flip side of that is keep the blue bastards out of our red states. Don’t roll out the red carpet for your new woke liberal neighbors. Shun the SOBs.

  59. This failed state is now imploding.
    The Jews are ramping up the Anti-White hatred because they are desperate.

    Why would the (((underminers))) be desperate?

    They have infected every institution.

    Their senile WH puppet obeys earpiece orders.

    They steer the central bank and control most media and academia.

    The border is wide open and unguarded.

    The stinking orcs do their bidding.

    Finally, there’s a surplus of traitorwhite golems running interference.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @littlewing
  60. @Sick of Orcs

    Everything you said is true, and at the same time normies have to be looking around thinking…..

    WTF is going on around here?

    Who did this to us?

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  61. @Colin Wright

    Darrell Brooks makes James Fields look like a saint.

    The Media always claim that James Fields deliberately drove his car into counter-protestors, implying it was a planned attack. This was never proven in court.

    What we know is that James Fields was trying to get home in one piece, without being assaulted. There was no evidence he wanted to use his car as a weapon, but plenty to say he was trying to get away from violence.

    Darrell Brooks coldly kept hitting people and driving over the bodies.

    • Agree: Miro23, Pat Kittle

  62. Video Link

    Vince James gives a great analysis.

  63. @Bookish1

    ‘We can mark November 21, 2021 as the official date of the start of the black/white race war.’

    ? It only starts when we begin to fight back. Until then, it’s not a war.

  64. It looks like the media and authorities are whitewashing the incident already.

    The killer was apolitical and the deaths were accidental.

    So what are people going to do about it?

    • Replies: @Biff
  65. @Sick of Orcs

    Because they couldn’t vax the Rittenhouses, they failed and they are in panic now.
    We said “We ain’t fucking backing down,”

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  66. Miro23 says:

    We can mark November 21, 2021 as the official date of the start of the black/white race war.

    Or the start of generalized anarchy:

    The new normal? Bay Area is hit by THIRD consecutive day of looting as 50-strong hammer gang storms jewelry store after Macy’s and Lululemon stores were hit: Thieves take advantage of woke ‘misdemeanor’ law

  67. @CelestiaQuesta

    You guys planning a race war (and I fully support your right to kill intruders), why don’t you pull up stakes? I had concealed carry down in Fairfax, Virginia 1996-2009 and by then left. Nice to be in a place you don’t NEED to carry a weapon. The best firearms training there is highlights the legal issues first and especially, where does your bullet go if you miss or score a through-and-through. With all this, leave anyplace there are orcs, universities, or blue cities.

    This town Washkusa or whatever, has a black BLM police chief and E-Z bail court system. In a 92%White city. And a groid that should have been in jail for his crimes was allowed in every way to do what he did. Tragic, but yet another example of why you leave these places. Black Supremacists are enabled and authorized to kill. If your city is blue/black, leave.

  68. @That Would Be Telling

    “This would work better if so many of them weren’t exulting over this attack, making it clear it’s payback for the Rittenhouse verdict.”

    Man, oh, man, ain’t that the truth:

  69. Jiminy says:

    As long as the guy never ran over any jews then he’s safe. Although it’s becoming very complicated trying to remember the hierarchy of the protected species. Are asians lower than whites? But what if the victim was a trans lesbian amputee who believes that they are black. What would be their standing? Man this is getting hard to digest.

  70. A man drove into a crowd of people. That is how my local media reported the incident. Where as, the same media channel reported another story beginning with three “white men”. The establishment media, will never ever change.

  71. @anonymous

    Obviously, Lizzie Grubman is deeply demented and the time she served, tells another story. There are two distinct stories here.

  72. Anglin, look at it from another angle. evil is an invisible force that could overpower anyone with any shade of color.

    the only power on earth that can decisively defeat it is the power of Christ, to Him be glory forever and ever, amen.

    Mark 5

    1 Then they came to the other side of the sea, to the country of the Gadarenes. 2 And when He had come out of the boat, immediately there met Him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit, 3 who had his dwelling among the tombs; and no one could bind him, not even with chains, 4 because he had often been bound with shackles and chains. And the chains had been pulled apart by him, and the shackles broken in pieces; neither could anyone tame him. 5 And always, night and day, he was in the mountains and in the tombs, crying out and cutting himself with stones.

    6 When he saw Jesus from afar, he ran and worshiped Him. 7 And he cried out with a loud voice and said, “What have I to do with You, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I implore You by God that You do not torment me.”

    8 For He said to him, “Come out of the man, unclean spirit!”

  73. Biff says:
    @Colin Wright

    It looks like the media and authorities are whitewashing the incident already.

    Totally; it’s in the phase of “move along, nothing to see here”. It’s gonna be up to the victims(and what little money they have) to raise a stink.

    • Agree: VivaLaMigra
    • Replies: @VivaLaMigra
  74. This crap is a result of the white traitors that have been working to empower malcontents and lunatics in the country that was mostly built by white peoples sweat and sacrifice. What an abomination.!! Having a Christmas parade gets you killed.

  75. @littlewing

    We said “We ain’t fucking backing down,”

    Whites wishing to survive never will.

  76. @Robert Dolan

    and at the same time normies have to be looking around thinking…..

    WTF is going on around here?

    Who did this to us?

    I have trouble recalling the timeline of my own awakening, and am at a loss how to explain to Joe Sixpack the frequently true statement, “Jews did this.”

    Any attempt will be met with the bullhorn: REMEMBER THE SIXTY GORILLION.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  77. Jiminy says:

    I just heard on the news how this killer tried to run over his woman three weeks ago. It looks like it’s his favourite past-time. And on a slightly different note, what is meant by “holocaust survivor son.” WhenI saw that written down somewhere I thought is that a thing?

  78. Where’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on this one, eh? Race baiting cowards.

  79. @Jimmy le Blanc

    “When he entered the parade”? Don’t you just love it…. He “entered” the parade as though it was as simple as turning onto a highway onramp. Nobody just ENTERS a parade unless welcomed. What kind of weasel words are these?

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
  80. Richard B says:

    He was fleeing police and accidentally turned into a Christmas parade and accidentally ran over and killed and seriously injured dozens of people in his way.
    This gentle giant of society was just another aspiring rapper trying to make a living in a white mans world. If it weren’t for white Supremacists/domestic terrorists chasing him, this would have never happened.


    But you forgot to add Honor student.

    He was fleeing police

    This was the part of their spin that was so predictable, but disgusting nonetheless. Though obviously so gratuitous, so over the top, it crosses the line of intentional malice and proceeds straight to just plain dumb. And that’s because, as someone once said about them, They always go too far.

    • Agree: VivaLaMigra
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  81. @Jim Christian

    Maybe, but I recommend David Cole’s piece in Taki’s to you.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  82. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    “weaken themselves”, you say. Well, who is this “themselves”? You speak as though we are one people. In reality, they ain’t us and we ain’t them. No sane white person aspires to share any DNA or culture with blacks. For us, it’s a lose/lose proposition. White is white and black is black and never the twain shall meet.

    • Replies: @moron
  83. moron says:

    White anti-people with pants pulled up to their chest watching caged animals and reveling in the lower class boorish dreg parade of MidWest complacency and assumptions… what’s not to hate?

    Nature is telling you something but it falls on deaf ears.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  84. moron says:

    Somebody shared his DNA with the SUV driver in that photo, and the twain clearly met.

  85. @Richard B

    We all know had this been a white guy mowing down blacks all hell would have let loose. How much longer will whites tolerate direct attacks on family, friends and culture by blacks is anyone’s guess.
    As for me, I’m ready to pop me some gangsta rapping nigga azz who comes within limitations of my armory should they threaten my space.
    They want a race war, bring it on nigga boys.
    Let’s finally end this once and for all.
    Blacks win – Whites go back to Europe
    Whites win – Every black goes back to Africa – Thats everyone of you black muthaz.
    At 100 to 1 odds, and the fact niggaz can’t shoot straight (mostly killing their own), just leave and spare us the bloodshed.

  86. anon[335] • Disclaimer says:

    ? It only starts when we begin to fight back. Until then, it’s not a war.

    True and if we don’t do something in return for what that black did at the xmas parade we look weak. In the minds of blacks we look like wimpish washed out weaklings and cowards. Imagine if it was a white that drove into an all black xmas parade. Blacks would have burned the cities by now. If there is no response to this by whites it is only going to invite more killings of whites. It is too bad it has to be that way but that is the way the world works when we have a huge black population with the way they act and react to events given their uncivilized and impulsive way of viewing the world. Right now they are one up on us whites and don’t think that they aren’t basking in their glory in their minds at that fact.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @VivaLaMigra
  87. @Jim Christian

    I’m not planning a race war, I’m preparing for one, there’s a difference if you can comprehend the bigger picture and what they’re launching at whites wherever they be.
    You may think you can live in a safe harbor/space/outback, whatever, but you’re not safe at all.
    They’ll be coming round the mountains in full force like the inglorious bastards they are. You’ll be treated with the latest torture tactics used by drug cartels against their rivals, too despicable to describe.
    Shit has already hit the fan, you just don’t see it yet, you will soon enough.
    Awaken my friend.

  88. @Brian Reilly

    Agreed. It’s working great in my blue city. The paper is unreadable and delivers only narrative; the new mayor is undoubtedly a globohomo tool. The RINO governor thinks he has a shot at the presidency in 2024. He could be correct, but Dominion would have to work overtime, imo.

  89. @anon

    In a very sick and sad way, yes, this is like the Hatfields and the McCoys.

    They way the scum sees it, Kyle got three….then the rapper upped the ante and got 40……if we follow your way of thinking…..whites have to go out and slaughter at least 100 poc’s to get even.

    Except whites are not evil scum.

    Whites don’t generally engage in gratuitous violence.

    And most whites operate under a Christian value system.

    We weren’t applauding the fact that Kyle had to kill people. We were happy that our right to self defense was being affirmed (it should never have been threatened in the first place)

    But the evil scum on the left, fueled by the intense hatred that is generated by organized jewry, are overjoyed that innocent white people were slaughtered. They see no distinction between self defense and murder. They are just happy that lots of white people got run down.

    I don’t know how you deal with this. Whites are not initiating the violence. Whites, including Kyle Rittenhouse, are the victims of the violence.

    Revenge never ends and creates an endless cycle of violence.

  90. @Jim Christian

    90% Waukesha seems to be at least 80% cucked. Witness this typical Midwest white rube opening his door at night for a black felon that looks exactly like you’d think a black felon would look:

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  91. @Wokechoke

    One of Satan’s Bantu helpers more like it.

  92. @Bookish1

    A war requires both sides to fight. As of now I see all the action coming from one side only.

  93. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    There’s no “themselves”. America has long been balkanised into mutually hostile tribes.

  94. There is a suspicion that the whole thing was faked,did the” Simpsons” preview such a stunt?

  95. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Anglin is practicing “When in Rome, do as Romans do.” (e.g. bed Roman women). The last time I checked, he wasn’t aiding and abetting the migration of Asian women to the US.

    Oh whatever.

    There are single White women in this country.

    Just get out of the cities.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  96. AceDeuce says:

    You, sir, are aptly named.

  97. @Semi-Employed White Guy

    Not only did the naive white man open the door…he let the killer jogger take his cellphone….and then he couldn’t get it back.

    This little scene is the perfect metaphor for the current relationship between blacks and whites.

    Blacks take and won’t give back.

    And whites just keep giving and giving and giving……..

  98. @That Would Be Telling

    People tend to forget that Lincoln’s party totally abandoned the freedmen when it became politically expedient to do so. The GOP lost the 1876 presidential election but its leaders were not yet ready to surrender power to the rival party, as they put it, of “rum, Romanism, and rebellion.” They cooked up a deal with former Confederates to invalidate the votes of three southern states in return for withdrawing the last peacekeeping force of US troops from the south. For four tense months the nation teetered in the brink of a new civil war. Ex-CSA General Longstreet got in the papers speaking of his hope to command a federal army against Boston. Finally, the day before the scheduled Inauguration Day (then March 4), a partisan Electoral Commission duly declared Hayes the winner. Though an honest man, “His Fraudulency” was unable to govern effectively because of the stigma of how he entered the office. His term was marked by control of the national government slipping from the voters to the robber barons, where it has remained ever since.

    In the Republican dominated popular press, powerful images of courageous black soldiers and former slaves taking on the responsibilities of citizenship gave way to ludicrous caricatures of chicken-stealing, coon-hunting simpletons, and the promise of equal justice for all was lost.

    • Thanks: Sick of Orcs
    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  99. @John Johnson

    All that may be good general advice, but Anglin is not in a US city surrounded by US countryside because he would be in jail. He is in some foreign county.

  100. “One officer, named as Officer Butryn, was helping with crowd control near East Main Street when he heard over radio that a car was approaching the parade route, the complaint said.

    Butryn went onto East Main Street just before the car turned onto it, driving at an estimated 25 miles per hour, the complaint said.

    “Stop, stop the vehicle,” Butryn is recorded as saying several times, the complaint said.

    “Officer Butryn observed the driver looking straight ahead, directly at him, and it appeared he had no emotion on his face,” the complaint said, without naming Brooks. The car then drove straight past him and towards the parade, its horn honking.

    Soon after Butryn saw it begin to speed up, and after it appeared the car had braked and might turn off the road, it made a sudden acceleration toward the crowds, the complaint said.

    Butryn said the car’s movements appeared to be part of “an intentional act to strike and hurt as many people as possible,” the complaint said.

    Another officer, named in the complaint as Detective Trussoni, was cited as speaking to a witness who also believed that it was “a direct intent to hit as many parade participants.”

    Brooks’ apparent demeanor behind the wheel in the moments before the plowing is a chilling detail as investigators piece together the events that led up to the killings.

    “A member of the public had alerted police to a fight between two people near White Rock School around five minutes before the rampage began, the complaint said.”

  101. On April 15, 2015, when Officer Michael Slager shot Walter Scott in the back as he was escaping arrest, the only thing Officer Slager knew was that Walter Scott was dangerous.

    Scott had engaged in a drawn out physical fight with Slager and tried to disarm him. Was he a killer? Slager didn’t know, but he wasn’t going to let this dangerous guy escape custody.

    Slager shot Scott believing the worst, while applying the law that deadly force may be used to stop an assailant escaping lawful arrest. He was doing his job.

    If it had turned out Walter Scott had been a murderer with a body in the trunk of his car, Slager would have been a hero.

    If a Waukesha cop had taken a lucky shot and killed Darrell Brooks behind the wheel before he mowed down the parade, those 6 people wouldn’t be dead, 40 people wouldn’t be injured, and BLM would be making Darrell Brooks out to be a martyr.

    And yes, the Waukesha cop would be charged with murder. Officer Michael Slager is serving time because he didn’t go lenient on what could have been another Darrell Brooks.

  102. @Tono Bungay

    I read all of Cole’s pieces. Mexican immigrants crowded out LA blacks, and Cole takes credit for hanging in there. He says you might as well stay where you are and take your medicine, because woke racists are coming for you White people wherever you move. I would expect that from a jew, he sits nice and safe where he is, the rest of you, take your medicine. But I didn’t have thirty years left to wait out a Mexican/black race war to clean up NoVa. So I found a nice place way up north with police who shoot criminals black, White, whatever, and because we like our peace and quiet, nobody riots, but mostly because there are no blacks here to riot. David Cole, proof there are jewish reverse racists all over the place, even where WE read.

  103. “Death” toll is now officially up to six, which is TWICE the number killed outright by the two racist Muslims [sorry for the redundancy there, folks] in Boston several years ago. One of the racists in that atrocity is still alive; the other, nicknamed “Speedbump” by the alternate media, was left for dead when the younger racist backed up over him attempting to flee from the police. That Muslim racist [or racist Muslim; take your pick it’s all the same] is still wasting oxygen, despite the O’Brandon Administration ostensibly going to The Supremes to reinstate the death penalty, which, of course, they’ll never carry out anyway. Why Trump never had the racist Off’d, I’ll never know. In any event, the “death toll” in neither case accounts for the lingering suffering of dozens of those maimed to the point where life is essentially destroyed. One Boston victim underwent several attempts to salvage her leg, only to finally agree to amputation since she couldn’t endure the pain any longer. A young girl in WI had her pelvis crushed, one kidney destroyed, and the other severely lacerated. She’ll probably be wheelchair bound and on dialysis for the rest of her now limited life.

  104. @anon

    Well, what TF are “we” going to “do” about it? AFAIK there is no death penalty in WI and even if it’s on the books, they’ll never use it anyway. FFS, they don’t execute WHITE scum anymore in most of the states; what makes you think a racist black guy is ever going to get Off’d, deservedly so, for this atrocity? And, it IS an “atrocity” not a “tragedy” which in the classic sense means the victims contributed to their own misfortune. You think the O’Brandon Regime would ever step in with federal “terrorism” charges? Dream On! The perp is black. Besides, we already have a “white” guy who killed three or four in Boston, maiming dozens more, and he’s still wasting oxygen almost a decade later. Swift trials and even swifter EXECUTIONS of the death penalty are required in these instances. This society has simply lost the brains and the BALLS to do that.

  105. @Biff

    Sadly, too true. We’ve reached the point where being killed or maimed by savages who happen to have skin just a tad darker than a paper grocery sack is to be considered a mere accident, like being struck by lightning. And, if the savage happens to be “dead white” it’s No Biggie, either. Three white savages attempted to kill Kyle; he was supposed to just lie down and take it.

  106. @Observator

    … the last peacekeeping force of US troops …

    For anyone who either studied US history prior to the late 1960s, since which time its teaching has been an artifact of Left politics and Jewish-devised propaganda, or else has gone to the heroic lengths required of those who insist on truth in preference to malicious woke fantasy, the quoted phrase is a dead giveaway of what a man given to understatement might call the highly partisan character of Observator’s analysis. Those given to plain speaking would probably just call it rubbish.

    Virtually all of the troops stationed in the postbellum South behaved at best in the degraded and debauched manner characteristic of occupying armies everywhere, and at worst their behavior rivaled what the Soviet troops did to innocent German civilians in 1944 and 1945. If anything, the officers were even more corrupt than the enlisted men. Had not the disgusted citizens of the North, fully half (at least) of whom had been opposed to Lincoln’s war from its inception, made plain their revulsion for continuation of Reconstruction, especially in the wake of Grant’s disastrous presidency, the Republican Party operatives in 1876 would never have been put in the position of having to resort to a deal incorporating decent, moral conduct with regard to their victims in the former Confederacy.

    As for the image substitution referred to in the virtue-signaling second paragraph, “courageous black soldiers and former slaves taking on the responsibilities of citizenship” were about as widespread in the real postbellum South as, say, devout Traditional Catholics are in a marauding mob of Antifa and BLM thugs and thieves.

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