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Why Is the Biden Administration Splitting with the Media on the Ukraine?
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Slavia Ukrainia! A Ukraine soldier is pictured in the hills around Moscow as the military begins closing in to take down Putin once and for all.

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I recently pointed out some of the instances of the mainstream media calling for a US surrender in the Ukraine, or at least suggesting that a victory is not possible.

An op-ed in RT today points out more examples of this.

Serbian journalist Nebojsa Malic writes:

Even as the collective West continues to insist – against all observable reality – that the conflict in Ukraine is going well for Kiev, major media outlets are becoming increasingly uneasy with the situation on the economic front. More and more observers are admitting that the embargoes imposed by the US and its allies aren’t crushing the Russian economy, as originally intended, but rather their own.

Meanwhile, major publications have begun to report on the actual situation on the frontlines, rather than uncritically quoting myths like the ‘Ghost of Kiev’ or ‘Snake Island 13’ propagated by Volodymyr Zelensky’s office, as they did early on. There have even been hints, however timid, that the West should perhaps stop unconditionally supporting Kiev and promote a negotiated peace instead.

“Russia is winning the economic war,” the Guardian’s economics editor Larry Elliott declared on Thursday. “It is now three months since the west launched its economic war against Russia, and it is not going according to plan. On the contrary, things are going very badly indeed,” he wrote.

Elliott actually argues that the recent US announcement of sending rocket launchers to Ukraine is proof that sanctions are not working: “The hope is that modern military technology from the US will achieve what energy bans and the seizure of Russian assets have so far failed to do: force [Russian President Vladimir] Putin to withdraw his troops.”

In a May 30 essay, Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins also said that the embargo had failed to force a Russian withdrawal, but argued the EU should “stick to helping Ukraine’s war effort” instead, while withdrawing the sanctions because they are “self-defeating and senselessly cruel.”

As Jenkins points out, the sanctions have actually raised the price of Russian exports such as oil and grain – thus enriching, rather than impoverishing, Moscow while leaving Europeans short of gas and Africans running out of food.

Note that Jenkins is wrong about the supposed effectiveness of Western weapons, given that Russian and Donbass troops have won a series of victories over the past month – from Popasnaya to Liman. On May 26, the Washington Post of all places published a shockingly frank account of how one Ukrainian unit lost more than half its strength near Severodonetsk and retreated to the rear. Its commanders actually got arrested for treason after speaking to the US outlet.

This reality couldn’t be ignored by even the Telegraph’s defense editor, Con Coughlin, who’s become somewhat of a meme for prophesying Russian defeat on a weekly basis. He is now saying Moscow might pull off a “shock triumph” – albeit in service of his argument that Kiev needs even more weapons.

The collective West’s failure to break Russia was apparent even to The Economist, not exactly a publication sympathetic to Moscow. The newspaper reluctantly admitted a month ago that the Russian economy had bounced back from the initial sanctions shock. Meanwhile, it’s the West that has to deal with energy shortages, spiraling costs of living, and record inflation. It’s Americans, not Russians, who can’t find baby formula in stores and can’t afford gas.

Perhaps that’s why this “spring of discontent” with the Western sanctions policy hasn’t been confined to the European side of the Atlantic. On Tuesday, the New York Times ran an op-ed by Christopher Caldwell in which he criticized the Biden administration for “closing off avenues of negotiation and working to intensify the war” by sending more and more weapons to Kiev.

“The United States is trying to maintain the fiction that arming one’s allies is not the same thing as participating in combat,” Caldwell wrote, pointing out that this distinction is getting “more and more artificial” in the information age. A day later, the head of the US Cyber Command admitted to conducting offensive operations against Russia on Ukraine’s behalf.

The US has “given Ukrainians cause to believe they can prevail in a war of escalation,” Caldwell wrote, which is why Kiev isn’t eager to make peace. Indeed, when none other than Henry Kissinger tried to argue in Davos for settling the conflict quickly, Zelensky’s office cursed him out. He was soon designated an enemy of the Ukrainian state.

There have been calls for an off-ramp to the war even earlier – though few and far between, and lost amid the ongoing cacophony of media cheerleading for Kiev. Back on May 18, the usually hawkish Charles Kupchan of the Council of Foreign Relations advised Ukraine in the pages of The Atlantic to “take the W,” so to speak.

“Russia has already been dealt a decisive strategic defeat,” he wrote. “For NATO and Ukraine alike, strategic prudence argues in favor of pocketing these successes rather than pressing the fight and running the tantamount risks.” NATO, Kupchan added, should advise the Ukrainian government on how to end the bloodshed, and soon.

The very next day, the New York Times’ editorial board echoed his argument, saying a decisive Ukrainian victory over Russia was “not a realistic goal” and that US President Joe Biden should tell Zelensky that there is a limit to which the US will go.

“It is imperative that the Ukrainian government’s decisions be based on a realistic assessment of its means and how much more destruction Ukraine can sustain,” they wrote.

It’s all intensely strange. It’s difficult to grasp what is happening. The New York Times Editorial Board piece was especially confusing.

The Times is quite literally the paper of the American intelligence services. They print the narrative. Of course, if you are one of the few that reads the op-ed pages, you know that they print differing views – it’s a place for Jews to argue with each other about the best way to stick it to the goyim. But an Editorial Board piece is something very specific, as it generally means “this is the official policy of the intelligence establishment.”

After reading it in the Times, and then seeing these other media outlets saying the same thing, it made sense to me when Biden seemed to be drawing a line at the HIMARS. I thought we were finally going to start seeing the government pivot falling in line with the emerging media pivot.

Instead, the very next day, “Biden” wrote an op-ed for the New York Times, declaring eternal support for the Ukraine, and vowing to send the missile systems.

I just want to be clear: I have no idea what is going on here. I’m pretty good at coming up with one or more explanations for things, even when we don’t have the details, but in this case, I cannot think of a single possible explanation.

We could come up with various theories about why the Administration is refusing to back down in light of an obvious total defeat. But none of those theories jives with the fact that the media is telling people the war is lost.

Hopefully at this point, everyone understands that the American media is state media – as much as media is state media under communism, American media is state media. The Daily Stormer is Samizdat, which is why most of the time we have the exact opposite position as the mainstream state media.

So it’s a very rare thing to see the media breaking with the Democrat Party on anything at all, and particularly on a war.

The only thing I can draw from this, in terms of a theory about what is going on, is that the intelligence services are calling for a surrender while someone in the Biden Administration is pushing him to keep going. It has to be some kind of disagreement, unless it is some kind of psychological operation that I can’t figure out the purpose of.

You’ve even now got Mark Milley coming out and saying it’s time to negotiate.

So who is saying “no, no – keep going”?

I have no idea. We don’t know because we don’t know who is running the Biden Administration. So it’s impossible to point to where the power lies. Typically, we understand the agenda by looking at the media, but that doesn’t work here and I don’t know why.

The whole thing is certainly compounded by the fact that there is no possible way for the Ukraine to do anything but lose harder in the coming weeks and months. On Wednesday, they fled a major strategic town and Russia took it. In the future, we are just going to keep seeing loss after loss.

Of course in theory, you could say that the US just wants to maximize destruction. That is just going to maximize their own humiliation when they finally are forced to admit defeat, but it’s at least plausible.

But still – why is the media jumping off?

I suppose it’s possible that it is just the media trying to preserve their own credibility. That’s usually not how this game is played – see the 2016 election, when the media knew Trump was going to win and just kept lying – but maybe in this case, the media is being allowed to save their credibility, because no one really seems to care about saving Joe Biden anyway, who just keeps getting thrown under the bus, being blamed for the fallout of the lunatic Democrat agenda that he’s played zero role in developing.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Don’t try to make any logical conclusion or find any common sense in the coverage of US cabal.

    You have the current administration supporting a \$40 billion military aid package for Ukraine which includes countless dollars for weapons and helpful US backed experts to do the installation and training.

    But in the US you have the same administration lobbying for gun controls. Of course none of the weapons shipped to Ukraine will ever find their way back to the US or any other unsuspecting country.

    You just can’t make this stuff up!

  2. Jim H says:

    ‘If you are one of the few that reads the NYT op-ed pages, you know … it’s a place for Jews to argue with each other about the best way to stick it to the goyim.’ — Andrew Anglin

    One might speculate that within the dysfunctional Biden regime, which probably resembles Biden’s dysfunctional family in its chaos, neocon factions are clashing over whether to fight to the last Ukrainian, or cut their losses and sue for peace.

    As others have observed, State Department neocons such as Secretary Blinkey, Jake Sullivan and Victoria Nuland have no reverse gear. As slaves to the sunk cost fallacy, they press on regardless: government feels no pain.

    Is this any way to run a superpower? No doubt America’s imperial rot is now painfully apparent to the rest of the world, as it blows its own feet off with sanctions that are actually enriching the Russians whilst impoverishing Europeans and driving up inflation in the US.

    Brilliant. Just brilliant.

    • Agree: EoinW
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  3. “On Wednesday, they fled a major strategic town and Russia took it.”

    Yet fighting is still going on in Severodonetsk and the much-predicted “cauldrons” have failed to materialise.

    Fighting in urban areas is costly for the attacking force, unless they are prepared simply to flatten these urban areas, which Russia seem not be be, because the population is split between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian.

    On the subject of pro-Russian, there are lots of vox-pops appearing of happy pro-Russian civilians greeting their liberators. But if the US have their way and the areas are regained for Ukraine, those happy old ladies will face treason trials.

    • Replies: @Bernard Davis
  4. Wokechoke says:

    If they can prolong admitting the bad news until after the Republicans sweep the Dems out of office they can blame the collapse of Kiev on Rand Paul and Josh Hawley. The government might admit Ukraine is lost after November elections but only to gain some sort of way to blame Trump and his posse.

    It might just work. Then they can activate their planned for expat Ukie terror network to blow up Berlin, Paris and Vienna and make further attacks on the right for it. Using US Weapons Paul and Trump attempted to block, and that Vindman and Zelensky impeached Trump over.

  5. TG says:

    “I have no idea. We don’t know because we don’t know who is running the Biden Administration. So it’s impossible to point to where the power lies.” – kudos for this!

    Indeed, referring to the current US administration as “The Biden Administration” is sloppy thinking, Biden is a senile corrupt lickspittle whore whose only agenda is doing whatever his wealthy patrons want without question. But who really is running things? We know it’s not Biden. I am pretty sure (?) that it’s not a single person. You can say “the jews” but, which jews? There are lots of jewish people in the world and most of them aren’t writing Biden’s scripts. Maybe, after a half century of selling out the American working class for money, Biden has surrounded himself with a staff that automatically tries to figure out what the rich and powerful want without being told. Maybe there are some ‘charities’ run by Soros and Gates and Zuckerberg etc. that have a direct line to the Biden administration. But without knowing who’s running things, we let our rulers get away with things without taking any responsibility. Biden is a like a lighting rod, people will blame him and his senility for what is really the deliberate result of specific malice.

    Who is running things? Pity we don’t have a free press that could try to find out for us.

    • Agree: Decoy
  6. Joe’s gone rogue? Maybe he really thinks he can win WW3.

    Making America Glow Arrrgh!

    • LOL: Adam Smith
    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  7. Russia has set the pace in this engagement. They have laid down a consistent baseline. They have shown that they are not interested in murdering innocent bystanders. The USA has finally realized that they have to conform to Russia’s tempo. The USA realizes that they must adapt to Russia’s determined effort, that Russia will not be deterred or turned aside or distracted by outrageous claims in the US media etc.

    On the other hand, the US has shown that they are willing to back western Ukraine to the hilt. Russia’s hopes of driving to Ukraine’s western border are gone, evaporated. They can’t do it. The line of equilibrium is being established, just like the stickleback fish in Konrad Lorenz’s fish tank or the boundary between any two males in species fighting for territory. To go further is to risk complete annihilation and any victory will be a Pyrrhic victory. Time to reassess, trim one’s sails to the new destination and prevailing winds and get on with business of living.

  8. anon[166] • Disclaimer says:

    Just so, the Times is CIA’s Glavlit, purveyor of the party line. And the party line is, Don’t look at me! CIA doesn’t want to get blamed for losing the war it started. Some sad sack will have to say uncle now that Russia’s got a Sarmat with Avril’s name on it, and one with Cohen’s name on it, and one with Blee’s name on it. So Biden’s going to surrender, get purged and die, ideally in that order.

    Same thing happened when the CIA regime bombed neutral Cambodia. The world formulated the definition of aggression with direct preambular reference to weapons of mass destruction. That meant, Do you want the Russians to fucking nuke you? So what did CIA do? They ousted Nixon after putting the Cambodia bombing as a charge in the draft impeachment. Bad apples, tsk, tsk. Then they installed Ford as a new broom and made the poor brain-damaged palooka attack CIA from the sea. Lucky for us Saint Jim Schlesinger balked it. That’s another reason CIA hates his guts.

  9. Notsofast says:

    …who is saying no-no keep going ?…..michael mcfaul, victoria nuland, tony blinken, etc, the neocons that are going to be utterly humiliated by their abject failure and for which they will be promoted.

    • Agree: Bumpkin
    • LOL: JWalters
  10. When Britain was dragged into WWII because of their war guarantee to Poland, they soon realized that sending actual equipment wasn’t an option (although the Poles were begging for it) because Churchill knew that it was a wasted effort. Whatever Poland would get would be lost for Britain.

    Perhaps America sees the same fate for Ukraine, and isn’t going to arm an obvious loser anymore.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  11. Rich says:

    My guess is that the political people in Biden’s camp are afraid to say no to more advanced weapons because they think a repub candidate in 24 will use the loss of Ukraine as a campaign issue. They want Biden to be able to say he gave the Ukes everything they asked for when they are ultimately defeated. “can’t blame me” will be their campaign slogan, just like they tried with the Afghan withdrawal debacle. They’ve talked themselves in so deep, they’ve let the morons prevent any type of negotiated settlement.

    • Replies: @Anon
  12. Decoy says:

    The US Government is in uncharted territory at this moment in time. Its not just the Biden Administration that pushed, and pushed for this proxy war against Russia. Its almost the entirety of Washington D.C. So admitting defeat is going to be doubly hard with no change of course impetus from either party. And what is at stake is gigantic. If it was only the tacit and then quickly forgotten admission that we used Ukrainian soldiers and citizens as cannon fodder in an attempt to harm Russia we could tell Zelinsky enough is enough and go on with life here in the United States. But the “Rules Based Order” in which we make the rules is at stake. The influence of the Davos crowd is at stake. The USD as the worlds reserve currency is at stake. And on, and on, and on. It seems to me that this dumb and unnecessary war is going to end only when the cannon fodder figure out what is happening and the Western world governments realize that if it doesn’t stop the entirety of Ukraine may cease to exist. I hope the Western governments, working with Western media, come to their senses very soon as watching the distress inflicted on so many innocent Ukrainian citizens is painful.

    • Replies: @Green Pyramid
  13. neutral says:

    I just want to be clear: I have no idea what is going on here.

    Biden was always a low IQ moron, the type that was stupid but thought he was smart, on top of that he is now also senile. This means he incapable of any thought and decisions, there are various factions within the regime and he being kicked around made to say whatever the current faction in the ascendency wants him to say.

    • Agree: Realist, Emslander, lavoisier
    • Replies: @Miro23
  14. @TG

    It’s easy enough to figure out that jews are running the show because it’s ALWAYS jewish interests being served and the interests of white people are NEVER served.

    • Replies: @TG
    , @Irish Savant
  15. EoinW says:

    I doubt the Russians ever had any intention of taking western Ukraine. Those no economic value plus they’d inherit a population which is 100% anti-Russian.

    Eastern Ukraine will become part of Russia. This has always been the most likely outcome. Only two questions remain to be answered: 1) does the USA prolong the war so long that Russia also takes the southern coast, to Odessa? 2) does US provocations reach an extreme which forces the Russians to attack NATO targets?

    • Replies: @Decoy
    , @Dutch Boy
  16. Anonymous[368] • Disclaimer says:

    Ukraine is suffering unimaginable losses each day (500+ KIA and probably triple that in TBI). They’ve lost 8-10k guys to surrender.

    UA is continuing to throw guys into this meat grinder for no other purpose than to keep up resistance.

    It’s like a toughman competitor in a boxing match with a top professional boxer. While the toughman has landed a few good blows during the bout he has been totally outmatched and has been taking blow after blow.

    Yet even with his eyes almost swollen shut and his head now becoming deformed from swelling he’s still standing. He’s waiting for his corner to throw in the towel but they keep sending him out saying this round will be a game changer. He’s taking increasing punishment and is now to the point of irreparable brain damage for no real purpose other than to keep the bout going.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  17. As Gonzalo Lira judiciously observed in one his videos, they don’t know to back down, so they double down.
    They perhaps actually know that what they’re doing is evil and are afraid of being held responsible for it. In their minds, backing down is a step towards defeat and defeat is a step towards being held responsible. They know what they do to people they defeat, there is no reason the same won’t be done to them if they are defeated. Therefore they double down.
    I know the reasoning seems far-fetched b/c, let’s be realistic, what are the chances that they’ll be held responsible? Yet, the fear of retribution is there, and every time they get away with a crime that is worse than the precedent, they feel like bungee jumping.
    And they won’t stop until they’re stopped. Or until they run out of Ukrainian men to send to slaughter.

    • Thanks: beavertales
    • Replies: @beavertales
    , @Dorfbinf
  18. Who is behind the Ukraine War?

    The ADL

    Johnathan Greenblatt

    Leo Frank

    The SPLC

    Anthony Blinken

    Johnathan Greenblatt’s probocus

    Leo Frank

    Leo Frank

    Leo Frank

    The ADL

    The Great Replacement

    White Genocide

    • Replies: @Kim
  19. Realist says:

    We don’t know because we don’t know who is running the Biden Administration. So it’s impossible to point to where the power lies.

    The Deep State/Power Elite is running the Biden administration…just as they have done with all administrations for decades.

    • Agree: JWalters
  20. The emphasis on long range artillery supplied to Ukraine suggests a shift in strategy from offense to defense. Canada just announced a major gift of 155mm ammunition to Kyiv, in coordination with NATO supplying the guns.

    The limit of Russian advance will be the areas of East Ukraine where Russian is the dominant language and they enjoy popular support. These areas will vote in a referendum to join the Russian federation.

    What’s left of Ukraine will eventually be in a state of permanent war, lobbing 155mm shells over the border at the former East Ukraine, and facing the east with a militarized zone. Like North Korea, Kyiv will never admit the war is over. NATO will bankroll them and run their affairs. Russia will look for diplomatic solutions to end the shelling, as their offensive war will have reached its objectives.

    • Replies: @Catdog
    , @Kratoklastes
  21. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    It represents a split in the ruling class as to what the priorities should be. The Kissinger faction seems to view China as the competitor and threat while the old school types prefer Russia as the villain. It’s sort of a ‘go north’ vs a ‘go south debate. What’s the best way to plunder the world, that’s all.

    • Replies: @Realist
  22. MarkU says:

    You can say “the jews” but, which jews? There are lots of jewish people in the world and most of them aren’t writing Biden’s scripts.

    Its the damned bankers, how many times do people have to say this? Given a head start in usury when other major religions were disapproving, a small clique of Jews came to dominate banking. The toxic combination of compound interest and fractional reserve banking working over several centuries have given them the financial power to dominate the western world. Their incredibly arrogant, inbred, deranged, intellectually mediocre offspring have succeeded in wrecking the most powerful nations in the world in just a few decades in their attempts to dominate the entire world. Incapable of any other response than doubling down when faced with failure they may yet destroy the whole world rather than admit defeat.

  23. @Passing By

    “they don’t know to back down, so they double down”

    Same as the January 6th affair and the stolen election.

    Everyone knows the 24,000 national guards posted around DC was unnecessary overreaction, and that there was no ‘insurrection’ in the four hour disturbance at the Capitol. Brian Sicknick died of unrelated causes, and Ashli Babbit was killed for no reason.

    Yet they have kept J6 prisoners incarcerated for over a year in extraordinarily harsh conditions, and insist the 2020 election was not a coup.

    The Regime on the Potomac are illegitimate, and doubling down on falsehoods is all they’ve got.

  24. rienzi says:

    When this all started, we were told that the sanctions were going to crush the ruble as a currency. At that time you could buy about 100 rubles for a dollar. As of a few minutes ago, you could only get 62.

    Did these people all fail economics in college?

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  25. Realist says:

    It represents a split in the ruling class as to what the priorities should be.

    There is no split. The Deep State plans to rule the world…Russia and China included.

    The Deep State doesn’t care about the unimportant internecine squabbles of the two parties as long as their important issues are advanced (wealth and power). As a matter of fact, it strengthens the false perception that there is a choice when voting. In fact, we live under a plutocratic oligarchy.

  26. Realist says:

    What’s the solution?

    • Replies: @anon
  27. Levtraro says:

    Hopefully at this point, everyone understands that the American media is state media – as much as media is state media under communism, American media is state media. The Daily Stormer is Samizdat, which is why most of the time we have the exact opposite position as the mainstream state media.


    So it’s a very rare thing to see the media breaking with the Democrat Party on anything at all, and particularly on a war.

    Here is the explanation.

    Back in March readers and commenters were wondering why western media was promoting obvious lies like the ghost of kiev, the fight-to-the-death in Snake Island, and many other ludicrous stories about Ukie heorism and successes and Russian incompetence. To explain this, commenters speculated that the western-Ukie side wanted to prepare a big false flag whose justification will be Russian desperation.

    I said to these commenters there is a simpler explanation. Western media were giving to their readers what their readers wanted to read thus harvesting lots of clicks which ultimate yield ad revenue.

    The opposite is happening now. Readers don’t want to read fantastic stories about Ukie heroism and successes because they got bored of that topic and/or they stopped believing the stories so there is not much ad revenue to be collected by decreasing number of clicks. So western media is now proudly starting to produce some more realistic analyses and recommendations.

    On the other hand western govt’s are not in the click-to-ad-revenue business, they have other incentives, so they have not changed their discourse to agree with reality.

    You’re right Andrew Anglin that western media is state media and functionally comparable to Soviet media but western media is mechanistically different from Soviet media by having shorter hierarchies that are less firmly connected to state hierarchies.

  28. TG says:
    @Robert Dolan

    OK fine. Whether one believes in jewish conspiracies or not, it is a matter of record that at least 50% of the billionaires who run the United States are jewish. But again: WHICH jews (and non-jews, I’m sure there are some in there as well)? I think it’s important to put specific names to this, just saying “the jews” is as non-specific as “the ruling class” or “the oligarchy.” These are not some amorphous ghostly evil spirits, these are flesh-and-blood people making specific decisions, and we don’t know who they are. That’s what I’m saying.

    • Replies: @Kim
    , @Dr. Krieger
  29. Decoy says:

    Russia never stated that taking Kiev was part of their goal. Its repeated in Western media because it implies that Russia failed in one of their main objectives. Russia wants the portion of Ukraine that has demonstrated over an 8 year period that they want to be part of Russia. Once the Minsk Agreement was cast aside, and Zelinsky reversed course on his peace with Russia pledge the die was cast. This is a very unnecessary war and the unintended consequences are huge. I would think that in the corridors of power in the headquarters of Washington D.C., NATO, and the EU, the Minsk Agreement would be looking pretty good right now. Unfortunately, too much blood and treasure has been spent to go back to that.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  30. Dutch Boy says:

    The large power differential made it obvious from the start that Russia would win the war (in this case, win means securing the pro-Russian eastern and southern areas of Ukraine and making them part of Russia). However, one of the goals of the NeoCon Washington establishment has also been met; Russia is now enemy #1 in perpetuity. Anyone supporting normalization of relations with Russia will now be met with “Remember Ukraine – you are supporting Russian aggression, traitor!”

    • Replies: @Levtraro
    , @Irish Savant
  31. Levtraro says:

    Did these people all fail economics in college?

    Quite the contrary, they passed with flying colours, and that’s why they fail in real life.

    To understand economics, it is better not to study it in college. The best economists are statisticians and mathematicians, people used to work with data and who were not forced to accept silly assumptions early in academy.

  32. anon[400] • Disclaimer says:

    What’s the solution?

    Accepting the Russian-Chinese peace overtures from Dec 2021. These are rather modest. Worth revisiting.

    The alternative is a slow grinding decline in NATO countries living standards.

    The war party failed to bring along most of the world into the boycott & sanction regime. Most of the world decided future prosperity lay with Eurasia rather than Washington. When even Mexico tells Washington to stuff it, thats a tell.

    De-dollarization is going to be a thing over the next few years. The financial impacts of de-dollarization are profound. The inflation we are now experiencing is but a little introduction to what is likely to happen over the next 6-18 months.

    • Replies: @Realist
  33. Kim says:
    @War for Blair Mountain


    The divorce industry

    Anthropogenic Global Warming

    Internet porn

    The Sacklers/Big Pharma



    Civil Rights

    Race hustlers

    Leo Frank

  34. Kim says:

    It’s the big jews, their names are well known, and their elves, who have been busy making sure that in the future the goyim won’t get even a lump of coal for Christmas.

  35. RobinG says:

    I would think that in the corridors of power in the headquarters of Washington D.C., NATO, and the EU, the Minsk Agreement would be looking pretty good right now.

    Would you, really? Hope, maybe. Maybe some of them see it as opportunity lost, but others seem all too gleeful to prolong the carnage as long as possible. My biggest fear is that they will lash out violently in desperation. They do realize that \$\$\$US hegemony is on the line. We think they won’t commit US troops, but hey, we (most of us) didn’t believe Russia would invade, either. The MSM better hurry up and prepare the public for a rough landing, or all those would-be volunteer soldiers of fortune will be lining up to enlist for WWIII.

    Links to Jacob Dreizin’s blog and youtube channel are under this video w. the Duran. Excellent.

  36. ia says:

    Why Is the Biden Administration Splitting with the Media on the Ukraine?

    Here’s an interesting answer to your question:

  37. @TG

    the way Obama was being feted by the normal shills, hangers-on and pressitutes at his last WH visit indicates it’s likely him, HOWEVER, since when has he NOT taken advice from the deep state? Is he really a Davos-ian vandal/man-servant?

    Pity we don’t have a free press that could try to find out for us.


    • Replies: @Nancy
  38. Catdog says:

    I think that Russia won’t stop until the Kiev regime is toppled, for exactly the reasons you state. Russia made the mistake of stopping too soon in 2014, and let Kiev rearm and fortify for 8 years.

    I think on the current trajectory, unless there’s a big political change, Russia is going to apply pressure to the Ukrainian army in the Donbass until it cracks like an egg. Then Russia will relatively quickly take the rest of the country. They won’t want to occupy west Ukraine except for novorussia, but the current Ukrainian regime will need to be replaced.

    There seems to be a widespread assumption that Russia can’t take west Ukraine now because they couldn’t in March. But the situation has changed. The Ukrainian army is worn down (losing hundreds a day and getting rations of one potato even according to Ukranian sources) while the Russians seem to have significantly reduced their own rate of losses, based on the trickle of new content from Ukro propogandists relative to the start of the war.

  39. Dumbo says:

    The best hope is that all those weapons are not really being sent or are immediately destroyed by the Russians and this is just a money laundering scheme. Otherwise, the whole thing doesn’t make sense.

    But then again, the Afghanistan operation also didn’t make any sense, unless you see it as the CIA running drugs — selling heroin from the Afghan poppy fields, now being removed by the Taliban:

  40. Catdog says:

    London will hand over to Ukraine M270 MLRS with missiles capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 80 km

    This information was confirmed by the Minister of Defense of the United Kingdom, Ben Wallace.

    So does this mean, in Elensky’s mind, that Biden’s extracted “promise” not to shoot at Russia applies to the British missiles as well, or that he can now use the American missiles to shoot at Russia as long as he pretends they’re British?

  41. All of that comes from a complete misunderstanding of the Russian character. There is no other explanation.

    You need to get one thing straight – Russia is not a Judeo-Christian culture. Russia is a culture where the pre-Christian, ancient spirit is still strong. The values are different.

    For the Russians a war is sacred. When the Russians go to a war they feel inspired. They straighten their back. They feel good. And anywhere you go in Russia you see monuments to warriors.

    Even in the churches you see bas-reliefs like this.

    You will never see anything like this in the West. You will never see a church with frescoes like this.

    The Russians will not surrender. This war is going to be won even if all of the NATO armies get into it. Unlike the westerners the Russians can live on potatoes for years when it’s necessary.

    Listen to their war songs, read the lyrics. You have no idea what you’re messing with.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Thanks: lavoisier
  42. Dorfbinf says:
    @Passing By

    They can’t back down and admit they were wrong, so they double down.

    This applies to every sort of madness we’re seeing today. Black Lives Matter, Covid, LGTQWERTY. And there is no legitimate authority anywhere to say “No”. Do the cops or the city governments say “No” to rioting? Does the medical profession say “No” to mass inoculation with untried genetic cocktails? Do the mental health practitioners say “No” to transgender delusions?

    And yes, the ruling class would rather chance a nuclear war than face the gallows themselves.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Passing By
  43. anon[140] • Disclaimer says:

    Levtraro is right about innumeracy and indoctrination in econ training. Macro is cooler than micro, so the little specialists wind up ignorant of industrial organization, and the models embed ridiculous assumptions of civic religion.

    What’s worse is the CIA ratfuckers who take over economic policy. Take Cohen (Jew nepotism could only get him into Cornell, so this is a epic fat-tongued Mongoloid loser.) Law. Government. Jew parasite goes to Treasury, sees all that money, thinks, Store of value? Whu-u-ut? Medium of Exchange? Fuck that. Unit of Account? Pfft. Uhh, …Weapon!! So the stupid hebe destroys the petrodollar fighting Russia. This whole fucking stupid war is Cohen’s Jewy Masada, hopeless cult hiding and dicking around, then KYS in a blaze of comic glory.

    In true Jew merchant tradition, the Hohol war continues solely as a closeout sale for discredited US weapons. Ship it off to poor desperate Ukies, they’ll take it. Russia obsoleted US arms shit like Nader blowing Corvairs up in flames.

    The reason why beltway bandits make shit arms is inherent in their crooked industry. Profit recapture. As programs continue, the monopsony buyer claws back risk capital expended on R&D. The death merchant’s optimal response to that is ruinous for the military: Crank out a shit platform, crank out another shit platform, crank out another, another. More problems mean more fully-burdened cost, and so more executive compensation. More failed platforms keep the programs in the sweet spot before production gets scaled up and costs get recouped. So you have flying coffin F-35s, Littoral Combat reefs, Ospreys splatting on your head like bird turds, useless crap. Ukraine is the ultimate going-out-of-business sale.

    Thanks to this war the US military is a laughingstock and its FMS are pathetic tinny trinkets for second-rate satellite states. The last US claim to influence, blowing shit up, is pissing down Uncle Sam’s leg. Now that Russia has Sarmat and S-550, remind me again, Why is the US a P-5 power? They can’t do shit. They’re a pathetic helpless army of Rachel Levines with neither dick nor cunt, just useless shredded meat between their legs. Give up, losers, KYS.

  44. Miro23 says:

    Biden was always a low IQ moron, the type that was stupid but thought he was smart, on top of that he is now also senile. This means he incapable of any thought and decisions, there are various factions within the regime and he being kicked around made to say whatever the current faction in the ascendency wants him to say.

    Agree with that. Following Biden’s statements gives a good real time picture of neo-con thinking. There’s no independent input from Biden himself or any other source.

    So, to that extent it’s interesting to follow what he says.

    They were genuinely surprised by Putin’s preemptive strike – and at one point seemed to think that Ukraine could win. After all they had been engaged in large scale training and equipping of Ukrainian military since 2014 + setting up NATO infrastructure.

    The variance between the Biden talk and WEF/Davos + the MSM seems to show some intense (hidden) debate.

  45. Avery says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    { is not a Judeo-Christian culture.}

    There is no such thing as “Judeo-Christian” culture.
    The term “Judeo-Christian” was introduced (I believe) in 1930s by American Christians as a way to show solidarity with Jews in Nazi Germany.

    Jewish religion has more in common with Islam: it should be obvious, so I won’t list the commonalities. There is absolutely nothing in common between Judaism and Christianity: culturally or otherwise. But I understand it’s in common use in the (Christian) West these days. Christianity has been largely corrupted in the West.

    The rest of your post: agree 100%.

    And Christianity, I believe, is complementary to Russians’ character: it might even be a force multiplier.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  46. Miro23 says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    The Russian public are right behind this war.

    And apart from that, it’s serving to clear out the neoliberal globalists from the Russian media and the Moscow/ St Petersburg elite. Also giving the Russian military the best training in dealing with advanced NATO equipment (i.e. modern warfare).

    • Agree: Here Be Dragon
  47. Renoman says:

    Poor old Joe is a long way from the brightest candle on the cake. Putin on the other hand is a brilliant statesman, I would say he has at least 30 IQ points on Biden, Lavrov even more. Biden’s cabinet are no better, Blinken is a total embarrassment, the rest no better, worries me about the hand on the nuclear button. They say that people get what they deserve but Lord sometimes it’s much worse than that. when the Jewish press won’t lie for you it’s a very bad sign.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Kolya Krassotkin
  48. Realist says:

    I agree with the goal. How do you affect it?

  49. Anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, both Lavrov and Putin strike me as exceptionally capable men. If White men in America had any gonads, they would rally behind Russia as a whole, for any Russian defeat will be a defeat for whites around the globe. The real evildoers are in Washington and Jerusalem. BTW, Blinken is only in that position because of jew nepotism and tribalism – just like Hollywood, just like American acadumbia. There are plenty of mediocre jews who are looked after by the sayanim, at the same time as the sayanim accuse everyone else of nepotism and tribalism. Projection is an old jew trick.

  50. @Avery

    Well as you know in the West they have that Christian Zionism trend especially in the Protestant countries. This is what they mean when they say Judeo-Christian.

    Of course it has nothing to do with true Christian spirit which is in a direct opposition to Judaism. The Russian Christians are more like Aryan-Christian.

    The old religion of the Sun god is still alive in the genes.

    • Agree: Avery
    • Replies: @Jim H
  51. The one thing many know for sure is that the Big Guy, Hunter and family are racking in some big greenbacks in off shore accounts with all the Russia Russia Russia hysteria. If this were Trump he’d be at gitmo waterboarded 24/7/365.

    If the Biden crime cartel and Hunters laptop are not worthy of a criminal probe, that should give a good indication that something bigger is being hidden from view and one thing would lead to another. (Sounds like a song I heard before)

    It should be obvious this war was started by Ukrainian ZioNazi’s as a gift to Biden for all he’s done for Ukraine, while NATO acts as a protective cover for GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM world domination.

  52. @ThreeCranes

    Why do you think taking Western Ukraine was a Russian goal?

    What were your sources and why do you trust them?

  53. So who is saying “no, no – keep going”?

    I can think of one country.

    Remember, the Russians have threatened to nuke the UK five separate times in the last 3 months.

  54. @TG

    I think it’s important to put specific names to this, just saying “the jews” is as non-specific as “the ruling class” or “the oligarchy.”


    Who cares which ones?

    I put it to you that any “billionaires that run the United States” are an existential danger. You admit that 50% are one small group. Fine. If 50% of the people threatening my existence are of one small group, then why should I care about particulars?

    Why should I not simply rid myself of the entire group, root and branch?

  55. @Jim H

    The only thing missing from these despicable PIGs (((Pigs In Government) is a Laugh Track machine that’s triggered after every word these idiots regurgitate, like the one used on SNL and countless other comedy shitshows.

  56. @Decoy

    It is – what a good comment.

    • Replies: @YLB
  57. Make War Movie, not Peace.

  58. @beavertales

    The limit of Russian advance will be the areas of East Ukraine where Russian is the dominant language and they enjoy popular support.

    GloboShlomo better hope that’s the case, because if the Russians decide to head further West, they are unlikely to show their current level of restraint about non-combatant casualties and civilian infrastructure.

    They might decide to go All-American and do the whole ‘Baghdad 2003‘ scenario and just drop 2000lb bombs on densely-populated civilian areas.

    It’s unlikely that GloboShlomo wants that: for most of them, that’s where their extended family lives.

  59. “…Zelenskyy has said repeatedly he wants the Russians pushed back to where they were on Feb. 23, before the large-scale invasion started, but he’s also said he’s ready to negotiate with Moscow….So who is saying “no, no – keep going? I have no idea.

    I know who is saying “keep going”. The US, UK and EU governments, also known as the Empire of Lies, need Ukraine to be victorious over Russia to preserve the fiction of the Western Globalist hegemony. When Russia completes its inevitable pacification and dismemberment of Ukraine, the fiction will be revealed. The Empire of Lies needs Ukrainian soldiers to continue to die in a lost cause merely to buy a few more weeks to live in their fantasy land.

    The other actors in this absurdist drama are the Ukro-Nazis, the Right Sector, Svoboda, the Azov Battalion and other Banderites. They are not doubt ready to punish the cross-dressing actor should he seriously negotiate with Russia.

    • Replies: @Anon
  60. bert33 says:

    I think international richpeople want to take over ukraine and chop it up and sell it on t he internet. Biden is just the presiding idiot-in-chief. Ukraine has some spendy minerals, among other things.

  61. dimples says:

    The conundrum seems simple to resolve. “Biden” is being run by the neocons, the marketing arm of the MIC. This sector always wants more war. The NYT reproduces product from the intelligence/deep state sector. In this case the intelligence/deep state sector sees that JewSA would be better off with a negotiated ‘solution’. This would allow the childish sanctions to be removed and the price of gas go down again. So there’s a conflict between what these official sectors want.

  62. JWalters says:

    At The Duran they are asking the same question. I suspect they know, but feel it’s a bit too dangerous to say. (e.g. Jeffrey Epstein, Seth Rich, Paul Wellstone, Gary Webb, RFK, JFK, countless reporters in the Middle East, etc.)

    If we follow the money we find power flows from the account of a bank. Big power comes from big money.

    In modern times, the big money accumulated in the financial district of the City of London in a small group of banks dominated by the Rothschild bank. The Rothschild bank dominated the British East India company, the Bank of England, the British press, and eventually the British Parliament.

    The Rothschild bank extended its tentacles into America through the JP Morgan bank and the Kuhn Loeb bank. The JP Morgan bank began taking control of America’s most influential newspapers in 1915. This was in time to steer America into WWI, despite Woodrow Wilson’s promise to keep America out of that war.

    America’s entrance into WWI was part of a plot engineered by Lionel Walter Rothschild, in exchange for Britain supporting the creation of Israel in Palestine. Wilson was surrounded by a members of a secret Zionist society pledged to Israel above all.

    These bankers have not relinquished their control over the press and politicians since then, but have instead consolidated their power. They remain especially powerful in Britain, their home turf, but have come to rely on America’s physical muscle for their foreign wars.

    Historically their foreign wars have been to steal natural resources from other countries, and more recently to control the banking systems of foreign countries as well. Control of banking systems enables especially lucrative scams. Creating weapons (or any other manufactured item) can be quite lucrative. But when you can create money itself you enter a whole different realm of crime.

    The US government does things foreign and domestic that violate its stated values and even harm its own citizens because it is taking orders from these bankers, who have other interests. They have the same control over Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, and some others.

    As it happens, this cabal of bankers are Jewish supremacists. (Many Jews staunchly oppose Jewish supremacism.) They believe in Jews ruling the world from Jerusalem, and hence Israel is a top priority project. The Western media’s slavish coverups of Israel’s glaring crimes is an example of their current power. The Western governments’ slavish financial and military support for Israel is another. And since banking insiders make money when markets rise and fall, other people’s economic catastrophes are bonanzas for them. And are sometimes engineered.

    And since their Talmud tells them that non-Jews are merely livestock, to be milked and slaughtered by Jews as they see fit, economic catastrophes and mass deaths of non-Jews in wars are not a moral concern for them.

    In the current situation, it looks as though this cabal of Jewish supremacist bankers got surprised by the successful Russian resistance to their attempted regime change. They were unprepared for the suddeness and forcefullness of Russia’s military moves to protect the people in the Donbass. And they were unprepared for Russia’s economic responses to their economic siege attack.

    Russia’s successful counter measures show that these bankers did not fully understand the situation and had not prepared adequately. They felt the need for an immediate response to Russia’s measures, and responded hastily, again without full understanding and preparation. So their moves have been one confused blunder after another, well documented at The Duran. Pepe Escobar has called the sanctions on Russia a “hysterical reaction”.

    This may be partly due to an accumulated hubris, after decades (and even generations) of ordering people around. And there may have also been a declining level of competence, as often happens with the children of the wealthy. And perhaps an increasing reliance on low-talent “yes” men, who obey any idiotic order. In any case, with all their spreadsheets and servants they apparently didn’t realize that an oil refinery can’t switch to processing oil from a new source quickly. A different source likely has produces a different type of oil, and years and expensive changes can be needed to handle that oil.

    So far they have managed to keep their corporate media on message with their fictitious narrative about the Ukraine reality. But as the blowback from their blunders becomes inescapable they are facing a crisis. Since this blowback is so great, with such economic devastation for their vassal states (US, UK, etc), this may be an “existential” crisis (as the Israelis like to say). That is, their cover may be blown, their servants may flee, and their house of bribes and blackmail may come crashing down. They may even go to prison.

    War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank

    • Agree: Nancy
  63. Here in Austfailia the MSM sewer only grows more hysterically pro-Ukronazi and Russophobic by the day. There is a side-dish of hysterical Sinophobia as ever, currently over the PRC and various Pacific Islands daring to hold talks with each other, another sign of the ‘CCP’s aggression’.
    Hardly surprising given that MSM presstitutes are vermin, carefully selected and culled ruthlessly at any sign of Badthink. Thus the ‘Free Press’ enjoys 100% Mobthink and foully slanders anyone who dares hold an opposing opinion. What, naturally, is truly galling is how these scum pose and posture as honest and objective-that REALLY sticks in the craw.

    • Replies: @Dorfbinf
  64. @Bragadocious

    A lovely picture of two psychopaths, one of whom can play chess, the other not. Or, as the vulgar say, one has one, the other is one. And vice versa.

  65. @Catdog

    What would Russia want with western Ukraine? Let it become a little Banderastan, full of neo-Nazis, drug runners, sex traffickers, human organ traffickers and other human detritus, and a cancer on the EU-they deserve it.

  66. Levtraro says:
    @Dutch Boy

    Russia is now enemy #1 in perpetuity. Anyone supporting normalization of relations with Russia will now be met with “Remember Ukraine – you are supporting Russian aggression, traitor!”

    Nah, public opinion and the positions that politicians adopt are extremely malleable, easy to manipulate and change.

    Remember we-are-at-war-with-Oceania-we-have-always-been-at-war-with-Oceania kind of switch done with regards to the hypothesis that COVID was the product of a lab release? One day it was forbidden to talk about that and the next day it was a commented all over the place in western media.

    To secure the borders of territorial gains is a firm, real thing; to make people hate Russia because it attacked the Ukraine is a flicky, superficial feeling (for most normal people and for politicians, fanatics notwithstanding).

    • Replies: @Passing By
  67. Levtraro says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    Ah Mamaev Kurgan, the hill that Russians and Germans fought for to control the pass over the Volga during the greatest and bloodiest military battle in history: the Battle of Stalingrad.

    War there still continues during summertime, though now it is between visitors and hordes of fascists mosquitoes taking revenge.

    Standing on the hill, under the enormous monument of The Motherland Calls, the largest sculpture of a woman in the world, you think of all the men that died there, of all the sacrifices, of the inminent defeat that turned into a massive victory, of six children playing khodorov around a crocodile while the city burns in the background.

  68. @Dorfbinf

    I think that the Covid crisis has definitely revealed the incorrigible criminal idiocy of the Western co-opted elites.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  69. @Levtraro

    Except that with regards to Russia, one particular group of people nurtures a persistent, unappeasable hatred and that group owns the collective West.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  70. @YetAnotherAnon

    Treason trials? Those that survive maybe. If current Ukrainian Nazi practice is followed, they will simply be tortured and murdered, as happened in Bucha, and the western media will say the Russians did it.

  71. Propaganda is an important part of any war, used by both sides, and its aim is not the truth but victory. Of course the aim of every war in history is victory – or power. But power is an illusion – like propaganda.

    • Replies: @Herald
  72. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Passing By

    Turns out the War of American Rebellion was a criminal act incited by terrorists and upheld by lies.

  73. Alrenous says: • Website

    Putin has been running his “special operation” almost exactly as I would have told him to run it.

    I would now tell him to do this: consolidate the Russian-speaking regions. As a non-negotiable term of the “negotiated settlement,” insist on lustrating Zelenskyy and all of his spoils-system appointees.

    When they inevitably reject this condition, specially operate all the way to Kyiv and do it manually.

    At that point, ask NATO again how they feel about putting missile installations on the Russian border. If they insist on putting them on the Russian border, seize all of the Ukraine. “Okay, they’re on our border now. Happy?”

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • LOL: nokangaroos
  74. Alrenous says: • Website

    War handily outpacing the natural glacial pace of the responsibility-laundering system, revealing the deep disunity of the American ruling class.

    Possibility 1: two (or more) of the Thousand Emperors trying to address the situation without having had time to plausibly-deniably coordinate with the other Emperor.

    Possibility 2: the Emperors’ gofers are running around on their own, having no idea they’re conflicting with their Emperors’ orders since the latter are refusing to issue any on account of the risk of the order being traced.

    In (2), they know they can’t possibly issue an order that will get through the system fast enough to remain relevant by the time it lands, so they don’t bother in the first place.

    • Replies: @Jim James
  75. Jim H says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    ‘Well as you know in the West they have that Christian Zionism trend especially in the Protestant countries. This is what they mean when they say Judeo-Christian.’ — Here Be Dragon

    Thank you for the clarification.

    Superficially, sure, more books of the Christian Bible are devoted to Judaism than to Jesus and his followers.

    But the Hebrew Bible depicts a tribal god who favors one tribe and authorizes them to commit sadistic genocide against other tribes.

    This is completely irreconcilable with Jesus’s description of a universal god of love who favors no tribe and treats all humanity alike.

    Thus ‘Judeo-Christian’ is a much better example of oxymoron than ‘military intelligence.’

    The cognitive dissonance of the incompatible Old and New Testaments is like publishing the Marquis de Sade’s Justine in the same volume with Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, and titling it How To Be a Good Girl.

    * cuckoo * cuckoo * cuckoo *

    • Thanks: Alrenous
    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  76. @The Alarmist

    There are lots of jewish people in the world

    And more of them occupy the US than occupy Israel.

  77. saggy says: • Website

    Western border? Why in hell doesn’t Russia go after Kiev? They obviously had that intention at the start, but abandoned it to fight on the periphery. It seems like a horrible blunder to me. As long as Zelensky and the Uke govt. are partying in Kiev there will be no end to the war.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  78. republic says:

    but the current Ukrainian regime will need to be replaced.
    Yes,there needs to be a military coup d’etat

  79. @Catdog

    Give western Ukraine to Poland. Oh, sure, the other EU members will complain, but threats by Poland to foster closer ties with Moscow will soon silence those.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  80. @Renoman

    I expect Lunchbucket Joe to accidentally blow up Canada one day soon.

    (“Gee. Did I do that?”)

    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @RoatanBill
  81. @Jim H

    Excellent metaphor.

    As you probably know in the US they mostly read the Old Testament. Also their interpretation of the Bible in general is absolutely different. One popular American preacher, whose sermon left an impression on me was talking for about an hour about how God made him rich, rewarding him for his faith. Then he said that we should order his other sermons on DVD.

    That’s totally Judeo-Christian.

    At the same time as you know for the first few decades all of the early Christians were Jews and they still considered themselves to be Jewish As a matter of fact it was the self-proclaimed apostle Paul who began to accept gentiles into the church. And again, the concept of redemption is impossible to understand without being introduced to the Jewish concept of scapegoating.

    My opinion in general is that Christianity is not the best choice of religion – it’s completely oriental, far from being universal and is build on the ideas of the Old Testament whether you like it or not. You can’t separate the two. And it also appears that any spiritual potency that it used to have is now gone, and it ain’t coming back. The problem is there’s no alternative.

    The good Christians exterminated them, in the name of God of Love.

  82. Dorfbinf says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Australia would not have to worry about China if they’d kept their country White.

  83. @American Citizen

    Britain was dragged into WWII? News to me. I thought they pushed everyone else into it.

  84. Alrenous says: • Website

    It was a feint. Yes they could have encircled and crushed Kyiv, but they didn’t want to.

    Mainly for optics reasons. It’s not a “real” war as long as they don’t start seizing non-Russian parts of the country. It’s easy to argue it’s a police action because the people of Donbass explicitly requested the liberation. Putin is there by invitation.

    Once Putin has consolidated Eastern Ukraine, he can then declare sovereignty, and have a public referendum or whatever to ratify its legitimacy. Then, when Western Ukraine inevitably violates the new borders, it’s no longer a war of aggression, and he can continue to Kyiv.

    Or not. He knows several things I don’t, what with it being his job, speaking the local language, and not living thousands of miles away. Once I see what he does I can see if it makes sense in retrospect. (Tip: it usually does.)

  85. YLB says:
    @Green Pyramid

    Mr Putin and the Davos crowd are working together. The Russia vs the Ukraine neo-Nazi/NATO psyop is similar to the US right vs left psyop, or vax vs unvax or Thailand yellow vs red and so on ad infinitum. Divide the masses, implement real agenda ‘behind the scenes’ (destroy Europe, destroy Americas, destroy Asia, destroy Africa) and conquer, then voilà, welcome to the NWO.

    • Replies: @Nancy
  86. But none of those theories jives with the fact

    Jibes. You know, like sailing with the wind.

  87. @Anonymous

    irreparable brain damage

    One almost pities Zelensky.

    • Replies: @Avery
  88. Anon[406] • Disclaimer says:

    Sounds about right. The poltroonery of U.S. politicos is utter.

    By the way, does anyone here know what “U.S.” stands for really?

    “Usury and Sodomy”

    These are “our” values. HAIL BRANDON

  89. Anon[406] • Disclaimer says:
    @Wade Hampton

    Uncle Shame is lurching rapidly to his “Suez Moment” – the end of his overstretched and prolapsed empire.

  90. Atle says:

    Jibes, not jives.

    Otherwise excellent piece.

  91. It is obvious who wants to keep this war going and why. Defense contractors, elected and appointed officials want to keep this war going. Defense contractors are making a lot of money right now supplying arms to Ukraine. The country is run by psychopaths. What do psychopaths like? They like a thrill, wrecking the economy and the threat of nuclear annihilation is exciting for them. They know the media will cover for them when things go bad. Biden’s two main political motivations is to avoid looking weak and to please his donors. His donors like making money and war is the health of their bank account. They are having fun. They are rich and are immune to the consequences of the policies they support. Are their gated communities going to turn into the projects? No. They’ll still fly to one gated hub to another that caters to their needs.

    Western elites rationalize their actions. What they want is cheap labor. It is what they always wanted. African slaves didn’t send themselves to America. You’d have to be naive in thinking that America doesn’t seek foreigners to undercut Americans’ wages. One of their obvious goals in Latin America is to terrorize Latinos so they will come to America to serve as the underclass that replaces African American slaves. It is bootleggers and Baptist (or modern day slave drivers), Drug War style. They don’t care if the underclass is filled with slaves or whatever as long as they are cheap, and they can get away with it.

    China offered them cheap labor and they took it. China is now a useful advertisement for America’s military toys so they are going to milk the supposed China threat the best they can in order to justify increases in defense spending. There are some that want China to surrender and allow itself to be economically exploited by Wall Street, but given the option they’d probably rather Americans starve to death instead of decouple from China.

    Powell recently said poor people are making too much money. He believes inflation is the result of poor people not starving to death, and not the Fed’s reckless spending. Average Americans still play this rigged economic game by the house rules. The house always wins. They’ll never learn. Peerage to credentialism, titles replace competence in many fields of study.

    What has China ever done to the Jews? Chinese aren’t Muslims or Christians, nor do they have a significant Jewish population. Jews have no quarrel with China. The threat to Israel comes from people who have co-opted Jewish beliefs, not China. China doesn’t care at all about Abrahamic religions. China has no bizarre religious affinity to the so-called Promised Land.

  92. Levtraro says:
    @Passing By

    D’you know what pleases that group? To say that they own the collective West. And what offends them? To say that they are Anglo’s sidekick.

    • Agree: Passing By
    • Replies: @Passing By
  93. @Kolya Krassotkin

    (“I’m sure it said Kandahar on the paper I signed.”)

    • LOL: Kolya Krassotkin
  94. @Levtraro

    They must be the only truth that they relish and the only lie that they loathe.

  95. Avery says:
    @Badger Down

    Don’t pity him:

    He is an evil, corrupt, vile, bloodthirsty Reptilian.

    His family is safely ensconced in Israel in a multi-million dollar mansion.
    He has 10s US\$ millions stashed away in the West.
    Yet he is deliberately sacrificing 10s of 1,000s of young and not so young Slavic men in a pointless, losing war. When Ukraine is bled dry, totally destroyed and broken up, he’ll fly away to Israel to a safe life of comfort and luxury.

    Mission accomplished.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
  96. @Kolya Krassotkin

    Not Canada, but Venezuela.

    The oil that comes out of Venezuela is the right type for the processing facilities in the US. Those facilities were designed specifically to process Venezuelan oil. To reconfigure processing plants to convert other oil to gasoline, diesel, etc takes a lot of time and money. The fastest way to supply the US with refined fossil fuels is to use Venezuelan oil. To make it the cheapest oil, you just take it.

    Expect Venezuela to become a topic of conversation soon with the US featured as the white hat that must invade Venezuela to set the world right.

    • Agree: Rich
  97. @Kolya Krassotkin

    “Threats by Poland to foster closer ties with Moscow” will be greeted with
    Homeric laughter; can you say “East Germany”?

    • LOL: Kolya Krassotkin
  98. Nancy says:

    But we do have Unz, Anglin, Moon of A, E.M. Jones, et al. Polls show more eyes are turning away from the MSM…. and their desperation is showing. True also for the ‘woke’ subversion… small signs of waning popularity. (Remember, demoralization is their first weapon. We just have to avoid the TINA trap… there are many alternatives.)

  99. Nancy says:

    Could be… but ‘divide’ usually implies ‘halve’, i.e., only 2 options permitted. And the current possibilities include a ‘multi polar’ world, i.e., more than two choices, possibly allowing for cooperation, alongside competition.

    • Replies: @YLB
  100. @Robert Dolan

    Well, exactly! That wasn’t too difficult, was it?

  101. @MarkU

    “The Bankers…”

    Then why has Jamie Dimon been publicly so critical of the Biden regime botching the economy recently? He is speaking for most of the industry and they are growing uphappy with the budding depression coming from utter mismanagement. Letting these little girls around him implement their green energy perpetual motion machine and strangle the fossil fuel industry is Mao level great famine style bungling. All the 90 IQ black female so called “intellectuals” he put in power as payback for the ghetto ballot box stuffing that stole the election also has a lot to do with it. Every rust belt city that the blacks took over city hall has fallen into disrepair, why wouldn’t the same happen on a national scale? Maybe there aren’t enough wise old male “jews” and too many women, blacks, queers, and jews fresh out of college? Perhaps the democrats take their own propaganda too seriously?

  102. @Dutch Boy

    Very true. I think that no matter where it goes from here Russia has lost big time strategically. Anything less than a Crimea-style walk-over means Russia will be the Bad Guy for a generation at least and with this any hope of an eastern European counter-weight to the globo-homo-schlomo Evil Empire. NATO is more unified than ever and major increases are underway on Western ‘defense’ spending.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  103. @Here Be Dragon

    “You will never see anything like this in the West.”

    I disagree. Canterbury Cathedral is more like a military barracks than a Christian place of worship. At least it was the last time I was there, many years ago.

  104. @Irish Savant

    Most of the world is neutral or pro-Russia. The West is feared and detested for its bullying, aggression and arrogance, and is crumbling from its inner corruption.

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  105. @mulga mumblebrain

    True but I’m really referring to ‘the West’ here, more specifically Europe.

  106. YLB says:

    Meant figuratively, as in bludgeon the masses blind facilitating easy destruction of societies as we know them to roll-out bio-security state.

  107. Biden and the democrat/neocon coalition never took the “off ramp” for the covid-19 and vaccine mess in April/May of last year despite having every opportunity to do so (and to throw the blame for everything on Trump). So why would anyone think they are about to take the “off ramp” with regards to Ukraine spring of this year?

  108. Jim James says:

    I like possibility number 2. After all we know that the key feature of their precious “democracy” is to dilute accountability as much as possible. Now we are seeing them lie in the bed they have made. Gotta love it when the consequences of kicking the consequences down the road come home to roost.

  109. Herald says:
    @peter mcloughlin

    Power may be illusory, but a demilitarised Ukraine will be fact.

  110. JBond says:

    Just think..
    The biggest idiot you can imagine, with dementia no less, is the POTUS.
    Idiocracy has succeeded.

  111. @MarkU

    The only thing I would add is the fact that the British Crown (and aristocracy), upon noticing the power of the jew bank cartels, managed to align themselves with them.

    And that this made an even more toxic brew.

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