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WEF: Polish President Urges More Military Support for Zelenskopolis
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They keep saying that the hero of the Ukraine, Stepan Bandera, was a “Nazi collaborator.”

In actual fact, he was a psycho serial killer who went around slaughtering Polish peasants on farms. He is documented to have loved the Jews, in fact, and worked with them. His only goal was to kill poor Polish people.

The Nazis put him in a concentration camp when they caught him doing these slaughters. At the very end of the war, when the Germans were desperate, he was let out of the camp and told to go kill Russians. Instead, he resumed slaughtering Poles.

The Polish know this and he is considered a serious enemy of the country. You’d think they’d be worried about the fact that the Ukrainians celebrate this guy as their hero.

Of course, they’re not worried.

The Polish are playing a bizarre game with this war. They have dreams of being a relevant world power like they were hundreds of years ago, and they believe that siding with America in this war will help them accomplish that goal.

It is absolute lunacy, actually. There is a reason that Poland is not a major world player, and it is because they have no accomplishments in the modern world. Unlike America, Britain, Germany, France, Russia, China, or Japan, the Poles have nothing going on. They made a few good video games and that ended with Cyberpunk 2077, which was one of the worst disasters in video game history and much more humiliating for the Polish people than what happened in World War II.

But they have this dream, and Zelensky – who claims to care only about border integrity above all else – is apparently promising them authority over the west of the Ukraine, Galicia, which they believe they still have a claim to from pre-Soviet times.

The Poles are the most aggressive supporters of this war. Whereas Americans are lukewarm, Poland has rallied their entire country around the idea that they are well on their way to being a great empire once again.


Addressing the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday, Polish President Andrzej Duda pleaded for more deliveries of heavy weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, saying the country may not continue to exist otherwise.

“I am afraid that now, maybe in a few months, maybe weeks, there will be a decisive moment of this war. And this moment is the answer to the question: if Ukraine will survive or not,” Duda told the gathering.

The weapons the US and its allies have provided to Kiev are not enough to stave off a possible pending offensive by Russian forces, he said, so “it is critically important to send additional military support now.”

Duda added that missiles and modern tanks were the most important thing, and that Ukraine needs help because it “wants to become part of the Western community” including the EU and NATO. “But above all, they want to survive,” he said.

The Polish agenda in the Ukraine is yet another thing that the Western media simply does not mention, ever.

The Ukraine military is being fed into a meat grinder. They are totally untrained peasants that America is just sending to die for no reason. Meanwhile, the NATO-trained Poles are being brought in as infantry.

We’re ostensibly supposed to believe that the Poles are just very moral humanitarians without any specific agenda.

It’s obvious that Poland supports sending these Ukrainians to die, as they want to clear out space for their people to move in.

It’s ridiculous.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Poland, Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. Shouldn’t Polish Military advice be politely ignored based on history? Maybe with a kind pat on the shoulder and a nice smile, but ignored nevertheless.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Shamu
  2. Cyna says:

    Ukrainian roots of Andrzej Duda

    The grandfather of the future President of Poland was born on November 21, 1921, in the village of Soroki-Lvovsky (Pustomitovsky district, Lviv region) and died on July 7, 1950, near the village of Tanyava [Bolechovsky town council, Ivano-Frankivsk region]). Mikhail Ivanovich Duda managed during his short life to become a lieutenant of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, commander of the “Iron Sotnia”, part of the second barracks of the Przemyśl 26th Group. He was posthumously awarded the title of Knight of the Gold Cross of Military Merit First Class.

  3. Decoy says:

    Among the many indicators that this is a really screwed up war is that, according to the United States/Nato it is perfectly normal to use a dictatorship (Ukraine) to fight a war in order to save democracies (US/Europe). That is some weird stuff.
    The rhetoric at Davos seems to indicate that the war is not going to end until Zelinsky discovers that he has more Western supplied tanks then living, uninjured Ukrainian soldiers left to operate them.

    • Replies: @beavertales
  4. neutral says:

    Poland takes cuckservatism and stupidity to levels that very few can match. They are utterly naive if they think that by being arse lickers to the US regime with regards to Russia, that somehow their nationalism will be immune to the homo and negro worship that is required from all ZOG states.

    The reality is that Poland is already effectively dead, the very rapid increase of the hard left liberalism is already part of the universities, homo marriage, child mutilation, banning churches that oppose this, etc, will occur within the next 10 years. Mass immigration from Africa will be enforced by the EU and they will be forced to take in increasing numbers of non whites every year.

  5. They made a few good video games and that ended with Cyberpunk 2077, which was one of the worst disasters in video game history and much more humiliating for the Polish people than what happened in World War II.


  6. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    The areas taken by Stalin and added to Ukraine had a majority Ukrainian population and were thus liberated from being divided and ruled by others. The Bandera people hated Poles for what they considered high-handed and oppressive treatment heretofore and decided to terrorize them into fleeing the new Ukrainian territory. At present the non-Russian identifying population of Ukraine is being forced to fight on behalf of US-NATO anti-Russian schemes which has ruined the country, killed many and created millions of refugees. Everybody is cheering them on like bloodthirsty viewers at a gladiatorial contest. Last minute wonder weapons can’t change the outcome, only drag things out a bit longer to the glee of all the cheerleaders. Can’t get much sleazier than this. The Poles may try to grab some territory from Ukraine while they’ve become weakened from this catastrophic war. They’re not going to fight the Russians but ripoff their next door neighbors.

  7. @traducteur

    His father was French and he spent his career in Paris. He wove lush melodies (Ballade No. 4 is my favorite) and was a keyboard genius, but his preference to work mostly in the miniature genre excludes him from great-composer status. The fact that the Poles named their capital’s airport after a half-Frenchman who abandoned his Polish homeland shows both that they lack confidence in their own culture and that they aspire to nothing higher than being lackeys of the Western powers (hence the frothing, childish Russophobia).

    • Agree: Passing By
    • Replies: @Voltara
  8. @neutral

    In Malcolm X’s autobiography he talks about Polish chicks in Lansing in the 1940’s who’d stand on a bridge to hook up with blacks free of charge. I lost all respect for Poles after I read that.

  9. @Old Prude

    JPII met with voodoo witches and said he was interested in their religion. He kissed the Koran. He did nothing to undo the catastrophe in doctrine and liturgy unleashed by Vatican II. He excommunicated traditionalist bishops. He was the consummate Pole – good for fighting Russians, and nothing else.

    • Replies: @polaco
  10. @Decoy

    Not discussed very much is the acute lack of replacements for Ukrainian losses.

    A country of around 40 million people has about 20 million males. Of these, 4/5 are probably too young, too old, busy with other work, or gone abroad.

    If that leaves four million, then you still need about three non-combat for every one at the front. That’s being enormously generous.

    The whittling down of the frontline forces through attrition means they mathematically can’t adequately defend their lines in depth. They’re hoping wonder-waffen weapons will save them, but military calculations can’t be denied. They just can’t put enough quality boots on the ground.

    • Replies: @fran800
  11. The Poles have a history of talking tough with Russia and Germany, encouraged by the Brits. It never ends well for them.

  12. @neutral

    You gotta understand the Poles fear and hate the Germans more than anything else;
    total sycophancy to the sugar daddy du jour (first the Soviet Union,
    now the US) is the price they pay for living in East Germany.

  13. Many of us will defer to the wisdom of famous tank expert Mr. Michael Tracey regarding whether or not Germany will or will not send tanks to Ukraine or about the strategic logistics of sending tanks to the foreboding rumbling front lines between the Ukrainians and the Russkies.

    Mr. Michael Tracey seemingly communicates with the spirits of George Patton and Erwin Rommel, because Michael Tracey is invariably correct about all things tank related.

    The people in Lima, Ohio, who work at the factory that produces the Abrams tank have been running an influence operation designed to sway Mr. Michael Tracey towards giving the A-OKAY signal to send every tank ever made to the Ukrainians, in order to ramp up production of the Abrams tank.

    Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand PM, says she ain’t got no gas left in her tank, and she’s announced her resignation, but Jacinda Ardern should send all the tanks she has and then some to Ukraine. Jacinda Ardern can send the tanks she was using to attack people skeptical of the CHINA LAB FLU vaccine. Turns out that the American Empire might have been cooking up the CHINA LAB FLU at dozens of biowarfare labs in Ukraine.

    NATO and the ruling class of the American Empire want all available tanks to be sent to keep the Ukraine Proxy War going against the Russkie bear. Toilet tanks, gas tanks, oil tanks, tank tops, flip flops, fish tanks and Tanqueray London Dry Gin must all be immediately sent to keep this proxy war going against the Russkie bear.

    Is Tank Expert Mr. Michael Tracey Suggesting That WWII Japanese Tanks Be Sent To The Ukraine Proxy War Against Russia?:

    • Replies: @Catdog
  14. Warning, industrial food ahead [the article]. Can cause spontaneous lobotomy of the brain, mind-obesity, diabetical symptoms, cardiac arrest.

    Nothing a good laugh cannot cure, the rifle exploded in the author’s hand, his mind was on other things.

  15. Basilikos says:

    What you see playing out here is just the final, wild writhings of a carcass in a state of rigor mortis. The Poles are some of the most vile beasts one will ever encounter – even more depraved than Ukrainians!

    Their ‘nationalism’ is no such thing, but is a hardening of a rotting corpse as it starts to go cold phase.
    That they would be taking the lead in another ‘March to the East’ is only a function of their useful idiot history.

    They are ostensibly Slavs who gave their allegiance to the usurpers and pretenders in the Vatican, which says all we need to know about them and what they are not.

    Remember, that this entire area inclusive oif Poland, Ukraine, and some parts East and South is the Pale of Settlement for the most vile and depraved bipeds that are to be sequestered from both East and West.

    In reality, these populations are, as a TYPE, nothing more than Jews – and some of the worst kinds outside penal colony Israel.

    A full liquidation of this region is in progress.

  16. Voltara says:
    @Сила в правде

    Nah, sorry. Chopin wrote 2 brilliant piano concertos. Even without those he is a great composer

    • Agree: HbutnotG
  17. @Voltara

    I love the slow movements, especially from No. 2.

  18. the rifle exploded in the author’s hand, his mind was on other things.

    You don’t hear it called a rifle a lot.

    Nice metaphor

  19. @Voltara

    Chopin couldn’t orchestrate his way out of a paper bag.

    his “concertos” feature his usual, silky smooth piano writing…

    while the orchestra makes awful noises. Piano solos aside, he also wrote

    a mediocre cello sonata and a paltry piano trio. Compared

    to the Great Masters – Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, Dvorak,

    Vaughn Williams, Sibelius et al. –

    limp-wristed Chopin is a one-trick pony….

    with a mannish GF named “George Sand”.

  20. WEF: Polish President Urges More Military Support for Zelenskopolis

    I suspect Poland would urge more military aid for the Martian invaders — so long as they were landing in Russia.

    • Agree: Gordo
    • LOL: Emslander
  21. nickels says:

    Eastern Europe is a danger to the entire world. It endears such levels of mass retardation as to represent an astronomical plague which threatens to drain the life force of the entire west by sheer lobotomizing osmosis.
    It is clear that EE must go back to being a slave colony of Russia if the civilized world is to continue.

    • Replies: @Observator
  22. Catdog says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    Tracey’s insistence that the term “tank” is vague and esoteric is laugh.

  23. Catdog says:

    I used to think that Poland and Ukraine were “based” white countries. The last year has certainly taught me otherwise, they have much different priorities than we do in the west. And I know from personal encounters that polish woman are unashamed coal burners and ukranian women are cunning, heartless gold diggers, exactly like the stereotypes. I have not seen a coherent, convincing argument how helping ukraine is good for white people. It’s not even good for ukranians. In fact, least of all ukranians.

  24. fran800 says:

    Ukraine may have around 40 million people and therefore about 20 million makes. This poster has forgotten that about 1/3 of those are the Russian-speaking East Ukrainians (Donbas, not to mention Crimea and others) and they are the ones that the Western Ukrainians have been fighting. This is a civil war.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  25. WHOA: Clown Schwab’s 🤡 (((NWO))) Just Took A Major Loss.

  26. Anonymous[395] • Disclaimer says:

    Eastern Europe is a danger to the entire world. It endears such levels of mass retardation as to represent an astronomical plague which threatens to drain the life force of the entire west by sheer lobotomizing osmosis.


    I used to think that Poland and Ukraine were “based” white countries. The last year has certainly taught me otherwise, they have much different priorities than we do in the west. And I know from personal encounters that polish woman are unashamed coal burners and ukranian women are cunning, heartless gold diggers, exactly like the stereotypes.

    I strongly disagree with this kind of denigration. Eastern European women are and always have been universally acknowledged to be the peak of feminine beauty. This is such common knowledge that I hardly need to prove my point, but I think the duration and persistence of the trade in Slavic females underscores just how much these women have been sought after.

    The transatlantic slave trade lasted only for about 300 years and has long since been cast into the dustbin of history. The trade in Slavs has lasted nearly 2000 years and is still going strong today, with a boom cycle currently in full swing thanks to the Ukraine war. This is the inevitable consequence of the Slavs being cursed with beautiful daughters that everyone lusts after but being too weak to protect them. Unlike the need for Black slave field labor, the demand for Slavic beauties will always be there and thus Eastern Europe will remain valuable spoils.

    Lastly, while it is very easy to call Slavic women coal burners or gold diggers the truth is that Slavic women are the ultimate prize and have always gone to the winners. Centuries ago this meant victorious Mongol armies and marauding Tatar bands. Today it means black men with swag and brute physicality or powerful semitic business/crime moguls. It is these alphas who have the firm hand needed to fully harness Slavic femininity. Dweeby white neckbeards are looked on with disdain by these women and the neckbeards insult them out of sour grapes.

  27. Wokechoke says:

    There were 40,000,000, millions fled and the UN reckons there may only be 25,000,000 left there altogether.

  28. Countries and people wane more because their societies get fossilised, no upward mobility to let an upstart genius to flourish, no consequences for the elite’s mistakes, more and more tax burdens shifted on to the commoners, getting into rut in education, and finally, slowly normalising the abnormal. These play a far bigger role than climate change or even declining fertility of the lands. Poles would do better to analyse why they declined as a people. Whatever the history says, Russians are now a truly huge population, the largest of European people, at four times the Polish population. It will be impossible for the Polish – Lithuanian daydreams to raid Moscow again in the foreseeable future. Poles joining the Catholic faith and adopting the Latin script itself was a great loss to the Slavic people, and if this unreasonable hatred towards Russians is added, it makes the whole Polish – Russian rivalry very tragic. After all, two German states – Prussia and Austria – joined in dismembering the Polish kingdom, but I don’t see that much Polish hatred against the Germans. Or am I missing something? Did the Russian Czar try to impose Orthodox faith and Cyrillic alphabet on the Polish lands under him?

    • Replies: @Shamu
  29. @Anonymous

    I speak Russian. I know the culture and the people. While the race-traitor pigs of which you speak may exist, Russian women are generally loyal to their people. Even on Moscow hooker sites, profiles will often say только для славян – for Slavs only.
    Coal-burners have screws loose. If they were simply vain females who could only be pleased by the toughest men, they could find them within their race. Women who fuck blacks do it because they’re nasty skanks who like nasty things.
    Nice try, Devaun. Go back to humping 400-lb Lashiqua.

  30. Poles are urging for Ukrainian refugees to be rounded up throughout Europe and press-ganged into the military.

    So is this next on the cards, to make up for enormous losses in manpower? Will we see refugees forcibly mobilised and sent to the meat grinder in the Ukraine? There could be a soft press-ganging where the refugees are cut off from any aid and assistance while being offered a Ukrainian military salary. I think Poland is on the way to do this. If this is successful perhaps it could be extended to refugees and asylum seekers from anywhere and not only the Ukrainians. How about that for a nasty turn of fate? Instead of living it up on Western streets “paved with gold” they all get sent to the bunkers of Bakhmut. Could this be another reason why Russia is taking it slowly? To give this unique opportunity to the EU to solve its immigrant problem by sending the migrants to their mass termination in the war in Ukraine.

  31. Chriss says:

    But America is a Jewish concentration camp for goyim and no one interesting is allowed to do anything.

    But Polandis a Jewish concentration camp for goyim and no one interesting is allowed to do anything.

    -paying the Jews for 2WW….see any connections between Bill 447 and loading bloody money into Ukraine by Polish puppets

    A controversial bill could see thousands of Jewish groups and individuals claiming financial compensation from Poland for loss of property during WWII.The S 447 bill passed by the US Congress on Tuesday April 24 will oblige the US State Department to produce regular reports on “the return of or restitution for wrongfully seized or transferred Holocaust-era assets.”

    -Poland has had 4 mortal enemies, England, Germany, Russia and the talmudists

    Jurgielt (ger. Jahrgeld) – annual salary

    1) an institutionalized form of corruption of the officials of the First Polish Republic by the neighboring powers in the 18th century.

    Although in the 16th century it was not unusual for Polish politicians to be paid by other countries, at the end of the 18th century the introduction of a fixed salary paid by the Russian embassy became one of the informal political foundations of the Commonwealth.

    As the documents of the Russian embassy, obtained by Poles during the Warsaw Uprising of 1794, revealed, the closest entourage of King Stanisław August Poniatowski: Bishop Michał Roman Sierakowski, Primate Antoni Kazimierz Ostrowski[1] (even Jesuit Adam Tadeusz Naruszewicz[2]), received a fixed salary from the ambassador Russian. This evidence led to the death penalty of the leaders of the Targowica Confederation.

    A hidden form of offering financial benefits in exchange for service could have been the threat of Empress Catherine II, who during the Polish-Russian war (1792) threatened Stanisław August that if he did not stop fighting, she would not repay the king’s multi-million personal debts. The King of Poland soon joined Targowica.

    -“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
    And then is heard no more. It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.”

  32. @Anonymous

    Priss factor 0.2 : blacks and jewish crooks as alphas ? It’s laughable. Anyway this
    Alpha, bêta, etc , theory is outdated , false and still on the internet only because it is simplistic and easy to use by kids who don’t even know what a real love or sexual relationship is. Their sexuality is summed up in shitty Japanese animes.

    As for the coal burners, there are several reasons for their pathological behavior, in the case of Slavic women as well.

  33. Shamu says:
    @American Citizen

    Poles remember that for one short period, Poland was the largest land empire in Europe, and they believe that such is their birthright. They forget that they lost that empire, which was brutally repressive of non-Polish Slavs, especially Russians, primarily because they made Jews their class to do all tax collecting, which meant Jews stole from everybody they could in the name of the Polish government. Cossacks led the rebellion that reduced the Polish empire by more than 50%. Poland has never since recovered.

    In the intervening years Polish elites and intellectuals have come to believe all kinds of batshit crazy things. Key to many is that they accepted many Germanic ideas, including that Slavs are inherently inferior intellectually. So for increasing numbers of Poles across the late 17th and the 18th centuries came a belief that denied all history and ethnography for a series of fairy tales about themselves.

    In terms of history, Poles came to believe that somehow they had been the nation that drove the Mongols away, when in fact it was the Russians that had been the buffer between the Mongols and the Poles, which allowed the Poles to grow an empire once the Mongols headed back east. But according to Poles, not only had Russians not been the key people to save Central Europe from being overrun by Mongols, but the Russians were halfbreed Slavic/Mongol inferiors to Poles.

    You should see the insanity that early came to dominate the Polish mind: they lived in their own fairy tale in which Poles were arch Heroes who saved everybody and also were betrayed by various peoples. Poles had elites who were superior to Slavs, and yet somehow Poles were the Slavs par excellence, which meant that Poles should rule all other Slavs. And that meant that Poles always had a politics of acting to make other Slavs accept Polish rule, which always featured Poles allying with somebody to act to destroy Russia – because Poles could never have their dream off rebuilding an empire phased on ruling all other Slavs until Russia was totally defeated by Poles.

    So none of this is new. Poles always come back to playing with fire in a desperate attempt to have an empire that features ruling Russians (and Poles knows that actual Ukrainians are Russians with a unique regional dialect that shows Polish influence via Galicia).

    Idiot ‘conservatives’ like Rod Dreher think that Poland is defined by being devoutly Catholic. That is part of the Polish fairy tale. Poland is defined by desire to rule an empire that makes Russians bow to Poles, and to get that, Polish leaders would be allied under Austrians or Prussians or Nazis or Marxists or Turkic Moslems or Anglo-Zionists. And that is the reason that today Catholicism is dying in Poland at a rate that makes the head swim – Poles are adjusting to what the Anglo-Ziuonist masters demand off them in order to rule at last some Russians: become a Modern agnostic nation that allows Jews to be in full control and that promotes all things Qeeer.

    Central too what the Russians have been forced to realize is that the insanity is not just restricted to the Ukraine; the Poles also have it in spades. Poles will keep begging to be used by the Anglo-Zionists to try to destroy Russia even if Russia were to take all of the Ukraine. So Russia must pan long term to deal with Poland as an inveterate enemy with no honor, no morals, a no shame, one that would ally with Satan himself in order to rule Moscow.

  34. Shamu says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    You are correct: Poles historically have almost never become anti-Germanic no matter what Germans have done to them.

    And that is part of why all other peoples have seen Poles as stupid: Poles, like blacks, are easily duped, easily used by Jews and Germanics. They fall for the same tricks over and over.

  35. Shamu says:

    Who in his heart was an ardent Francophile, in every sense.

  36. Wokechoke says:

    I don’t know it the poster is from the era but it’s fascinating to see the French language used to raise the SS.

  37. @traducteur

    Half French by his father as one could guess from his last name, moved to Paris when he was 21 and remained there until his death.

  38. @Old Prude

    Copernicus’s true ethnicity – Polish or German – is unclear and John Paul II was a moron, like every pope since the assassination of his predecessor, the only decent man elected to lead the Roman Catholic Church in ages.

    • Replies: @polaco
  39. @nickels

    I was impressed by one wag’s term, “butthurt zone,” for that part of eastern Europe running from the Baltic to the Balkans. The region is packed with the remnants of medieval fiefdoms, petty empires, city-states, bishoprics, kingdoms, duchies, and so on, with their new, current boundaries forcibly defined by foreign powers after the chaos of the great World Wars. The zone is characterized by rabid ultranationalism, each of the inconsequential, patchwork countries obsessed with how great their people once were and how superior they still are, nursing centuries-old ethnic rivalries, and endlessly scheming to steal one another’s territory. There generally you also find abysmal ignorance and poverty, rampant crime, organized and freelance, and bureaucratic corruption at every level public and private. These barely functional states seem unanimous in their loathing of the liberal values of powerful modern democracies, the despised (and much envied) Germany, Austria, and Hungaria on their western borders. They are united in their deep disdain for their neighbor to the east, Russia, so peopled in their eyes with assorted varieties of subhuman Slavs. In common, they hold dear the institutionalized prejudice that is fundamentalist Christianity. This naturally encourages their other great passion, hatred of Jews, whom they so enthusiastically helped annihilate eighty years ago. I suspect that if the German government of the time changed its plan for Jews from expulsion to extermination they might have done so because they found so many foreign volunteers begging to do the work for them as the Wehrmacht rolled eastward.

  40. Emslander says:

    My European Diplomatic History professor in college once said that certain countries shouldn’t be ridiculed for their impotence in war but should be admired. They’d somehow thrown off the primitive drive to kill in nationally sanctioned conflict. One of those countries was Italy, as I remember.

    Poland belongs in that category and all of its pronouncements in the political-military sphere should be ignored.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  41. @Emslander

    Italy always wanted to fight wars it’s just that they’re not very good at it. If they really don’t want to fight them they should abolish the military like Costa Rica has done.

  42. polaco says:
    @Passing By

    But Andrei seems a genius suggesting Poland is about to retake Galicia (is he some russian jew, what’s that last name? This cheap-sensationalist, kitschy, jew-like writing style ); Russia has been putting out this propaganda for at least a year now.

    Who are these triple morons taking him seriously, some idiot suggested Duda’s grandfather was an UPA fighter- another soviet lie out of Muscovy.

    As to Chopin, there was no Poland to return to, just a hostile foreign government in Warsaw.

  43. Isn’t it bliss? Don’t you approve?

    A tank which keeps tearing around and a tank that can’t move

    But where are the Leopard tanks? Send in the tanks

    Send In The Tanks

    There Ought To Be Tanks

    The Krauts at Ramstein say to fat Black boob Lloyd Austin…

    You first.

  44. @polaco

    A true patriot would say his motherland will never vanish, no matter who occupies it. There was a Poland, just no Polish state.
    Admit it bro, you’re ok with your mother, sister, wife, and daughter doing interracial gang-bang porn with Congolese “refugees,” while your incel son gets his khui lopped off through gender-affirming “healthcare”, as long as it means your Anglo-Zionist masters will let you kill some Ivans.

    • Replies: @polaco
  45. polaco says:
    @Сила в правде

    He is a great saint. He showed respect, and didn’t want to display open hostility. He kissed the dirt everywhere his plane landed. Russians always generously give everybody reasons to fight them; at least you don’t differentiate between Russians and Soviets, unlike your state propaganda, always proud of Russia for defeating the evil fascists, and Russia can do no wrong, it’s the Soviet Union to blame for the millions of victims.

    Tsar Nicolas, an alleged saint, as proclaimed by the KGB Tserkov, hosted and entertained the most prominent European occult leaders at his court, ceding his authority over the Rus to evil. He associated with satanic charlatans like Rasputin, gave him access to the tsarevitch whom he had caused to fall ill, and later cured (a classic demonic schtick). As Russia had no rule of law (Drzymała would have never been able to pull off what he did to defy the Prussians, where law was applied equally, where Poles couldn’t use their language at school but neither could anybody else), the tsar was the law, he ruled by decree like some god, he had the pops put his icons in every tserkov, where Russians had to gruelingly pray as if to the tsar himself (since he was the law, they were praising the law, which is funny since Russian Orthodoxy- “prawosławie” in Polish, while meant to mean rightly, rightfully, lawfully- essentially ‘correctly praising/glorifying’, actually sounds like law-praising in our tongue) and for each member of the royal family, often for more than 6 hours. My family had to travel to ‘Austria’- the Austrian partition, to have a Catholic wedding because Nicolas II had our churches closed down, the law-praising Tsar fought the Lord. To paraphrase Buddy Holly and the Crickets- I fought the Lord and the Lord won. He perished.

    But ancient history aside, as applies to most, nobody likes Russia just the same as any other backward, primitive, shithole country.

  46. polaco says:
    @Сила в правде

    Those foreign governments occupying Poland were hostile. So why stay there. It’s prudent to leave, and preserve your life and culture. Jews existed without a country for a lot longer. The Polish nation continued to exist, with Chopin and many others at home and abroad. Russia has fully supported the self destruction of the west for nearly a century, they have contempt for us, but are happy about it. Not that long ago we had a subservient government of Donald Tusk, who would bow deep for Angela and her master Vladimir, he wanted to bring in millions of ‘Syrians’, promoted every kind of psychological aberration of the sexual nature, and wanted to introduce the failed currency of the EU. Putin cheered him on all along.

  47. HbutnotG says:

    Communism (Soviet style) was no picnic. Poles had many relatives living in the good ol’ USA back in the 50’s. And the mail got there. Consequently, back then, they prayed to one lucky day, become the 50th or 51st state of the US. I mean they really actually did! My gosh, Donald Duck brand orange juice showing up on the store shelves was almost as refreshing as if a Disneyland opened up in suburban Krakow. They couldn’t even get real coffee in the 1960’s. In 1970 you could get clobbered and stripped for your Levis in parts of Warsaw.

    Nothing has changed apparently. They still see EU membership and NATO as a ticket to eventual annexation to the US. I wonder if they, now, realize that the US is essentially where Russia was in about 1902 – or more accurately, Union of South Africa c. 1990?. Apparently not. After all they always saw negroes as “eksotyczny.” No beeg deal.

    They should be kissing Russia’s white ass. If nothing else, nat gas is where it’s at babe! Not to mention, they were the epicenter of WW II. If and when WW III breaks out – it’ll be a repeat. Pooland – at the epicenter.

    Pooland has “Bomb Me To Bits” tattooed on its back.

    In 1000 years they’ve never learned to “stay out of it – at any cost”

  48. Cook-ie says:

    Agree, Poland is trying to get the world to thump Russia so they can greedily reabsorb parts of Europe from neighbors who cannot fight back.

    Poland is mobilizing in anticipation, Germany is correct in not allowing the Poles to push them into decisions that aren’t in their best interests.

    The French are now questioning if their relationship with the U.S is healthy for the French people and their future?

    Now is the time for the Europeans to find some balls, to find a true leader who will say to the U.S, thats it! No more, if you want war then put your peoples in harms way.

    As for the Poles it’s about time a German leader told then to shut the f#$k up!

    Oh yeah and the Germans should arrest Merkel and others who lied and harmed German standing in the world. It won’t happen though because European males are craven cowards now.

  49. Cook-ie says:


    Germany is correct in keeping its tanks, it has more to fear from Poland then Russia…who has the war like posture in Europe?

    Poland has for years drained the E.U, their populace has out-stayed their welcome everywhere they go…the U.K could only stop the flood with Brexit!

  50. I hope this realization that Poland has its own agenda will finally put paid the claim I hear all the time around here that Zio America is ordering Poland and the rest of NATO around.

    Poland is a mortal threat to world peace and should be kicked out of NATO. So should their partners in crime, Britain. At the very least, if either of these shitbags provoke something significant Article 5 should be thrown out the window.

    Also, did someone on this thread mock Michael Tracey? He’s absorbed the slings and arrows of assorted pro-war trolls now for a year and deserves some respect. Interestingly, the majority of the most vile comments toward him come from Europe.

  51. Funny how all of these cuckservatives have only just now realized that Pooland has never been a “based” country, and their partition was one of the best things that ever happened to Europe.

    It is hard to be right so often.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  52. Poland is aspiring to the total destruction of Ukraine thinking of occupying a part of Ucronazi territory when the state collapses.
    It’s a matter of business, some Poles get rich parasitizing Western aid in exchange for their support for sending the Ukrainian population to the slaughterhouse.

  53. @HeebHunter

    Clausewitz already noted that “history has shown (!)” it is a mistake to let
    the Poles have their own country – and that was 200 years ago.
    When not if the Usual Suspects are did the next Partition is already foregone.

  54. marylinm says:

    Polaks are the best shabos goys, ever, their side of Pelosi. The entire history of the Eastern Europe is derived from that – since the XIII century.

    That is why we have “ukraine” now, and will have “polin” later.

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