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Understanding the True Nature of the Illuminati Agenda Behind the War with Russia
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I can’t keep quiet anymore. As we reach the final hour of the Illuminati’s plan to enslave humanity through divide and conquer, I must reveal what I know about the Jesuit agenda. I’ve kept this back, pretending to blame the Jews, because I knew that if I told the whole truth, I would be targeted for assassination by the Jesuits.

But the hour has gotten too late, and now it is time to reveal the truth.

The Ukraine conflict has been faked by the globalists and the Illuminati in order to divide and conquer the masses. However, many people have considerable trouble understanding the secret mechanism through which the West, China, and Russia are all controlled by the same group of people, and are therefore able to stage a massive geopolitical conflict in order to confuse people on the internet.

In order to understand this secret mechanism of control, we must go back to ancient history and the Babylonian Mystery Schools, which continue to exist all over the world in Masonic lodges. To really make sense of what is happening on earth, we must stop talking about Jews, and focus on the real culprit: interdimensional reptile creatures, who have controlled every civilization in history in order to suck out our lifeforces.

These reptile creatures are behind the satanic ritual abuse of children, and also responsible for faking all wars to confuse people. That’s why it’s important to understand the game, so you don’t get sucked into their illusion that there is a difference between Russia and America. After all, they are both run out of the Bilderberg Group and the World Economic Forum, which are Freemasonic groups devoted to sucking your lifeforce.

But the real connection between these power elites comes from the Jesuits. The Jesuits were established as a front for the Babylonian Mystery schools, and then moved to link together all of the various elites, who were already a part of the ancient bloodlines of Babylonian mysteries.

The Jesuits have long controlled China, after having used the British East India Company to hook up with the elite of China, who were also part of the ancient system of bloodlines that go back thousands of years. Why did you think the symbol of China is a dragon?

That represents the true rulers, which are alien reptile creatures. The Chinese were also linked to the greys.

The Jesuits knew that people were getting wise to their Covid scam, because of the Canadian truckers. That’s when the Jesuit general of Russia, who operates out of Gazprom, sent the message to Putin, via a WEF communication, that it was time to invade the Ukraine.

This is caused to divide you. The Jesuits allow for Russia and China to be against gays and to preserve the traditional family, so that people on the internet will see that and not realize that they are all reading out of the same playbook – the Freemasonic doctrine of Albert Pike, and his secret letter of a plan for three world wars to divide the people in order to unite them for a one world order.

That’s why we have to wake up to the fact that we are only being divided by the war in the Ukraine. If you support Russia, it’s really no different than supporting NATO, because they are two sides of the same ruble.

If Putin was not a member of the Jesuits and the Illuminati, why do you think he attended the World Economic Forum? Why would he ever talk to any other world leaders anywhere, unless he was in on the conspiracy? He even met with Henry Kissinger. Why would he meet with him, unless he was controlled by him?

What if I told you they were both Freemasons?

They are both connected to the ancient bloodlines, the secret bloodlines, which go back to the ancient mystery.

Of course, we will never actually see the true ancient bloodlines. They are too hidden. But we know they exist, because otherwise, why would Russia and the West have a fake war? Why would Putin agree to a fake, staged war, designed to divide and conquer, unless he was working for the same ancient bloodlines?

It’s time to wake up, folks.

This isn’t about Jews, or race. Some Jews are involved, just like every other race, but it is really about the ancient connections serving this secret bloodline.

Do you think it is a coincidence that Jordan Maxwell died this week? He was one of the only people alive who could have really explained to people the law of the sea treaty, and the fact that we live under maritime law: Jesuit maritime law, also known as Illuminati admiralty law (law of the sea).

Less than six months ago, Maxwell started a new website, where he was selling CD-ROMs showing the real truth of the banks of the river and the flow of the current – currency. Does that sound like something someone who was getting ready to die would do?

The ancient mystery was on the verge of coming to light, as people at the Canadian trucker protest were watching these CDs.

So, how did Jordan Maxwell, a very healthy man, die?

Maybe do your homework and learn about the CIA heart attack gun.

We gotta wake up, folks.

You think the Jesuits aren’t in on it? Why is “God” just “Dog” spelled backward? Because it’s the Dogma. The dogma of the law of the sea.

If you want to understand admiralty law, ask yourself why your name on your birth certificate is written in all capital letters. It’s because you are a corporation, created at birth, that you do not own. Why do you need a driver’s license to operate a car? You’re not driving anything, you’re just traveling. Under common law, you have a right to freely travel on the land. But because of your driver’s license having your name written in all capital letters, it is the license (LIE-sense) of a corporation owned by the state, which you work for. Therefore, a highway patrol man can stop you and issue a fine according to maritime law, because you are a driver, working for a corporation named after you, owned by the government.

If Putin isn’t involved directly with the Jesuits, then why does Russia issue driver’s licenses for travelers? Because they use the same law as America and the rest of the world: admiralty law, which overrides common law.

The Coneheads are in control, through the Jesuits.

The Coneheads are a whole other species, who are using these electromagnetic waves and HAARP, to continue to divide us.

Nanobots. Mind control. Beam weapons. Planet X. Alien ghosts.

Are you starting to understand why China and Russia would want to work with the WEF to stage a fake war in order to shut down Canadian truckers?

We gotta wake up, folks, and stop looking at distractions like “da jooos!!!” It’s not the Jews, it’s a mysterious hidden group that we know nothing about, organized through the Jesuits, trying to create a New World Order through Order Out of Chaos and dividing the masses by tricking people on the internet into thinking Russia isn’t bad. They control China and Russia just as much as they control America, and everything you are seeing is the alien agenda unfolding, where the whole world will be put under maritime law.

Russia, China and America are all allies, part of the same bloodlines going back to the Illuminati mystery schools of Babylon, and now their agenda is coming to the fore, as they create a fake war in order to confuse fringe internet posters.

They are only using this war to divide you.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Jiminy says:

    I think I’ve got a headache.

  2. What is the date today?

    • LOL: RIchebourg
    • Replies: @Emil Nikola Richard
  3. gay troll says:

    Holy shit, just wow. Wasn’t it only last week that Anglin was bitching about people who say that the Ukraine conflict is a psyop and Putin is really in cahoots with the NWO?

    I realize AA is a heavy handed satirist, the only problem is that he contradicts himself so egregiously. Is blaming Jesuits and aliens any more outlandish than blaming Jews and demons? Are we supposed to be able to tell what AA actually believes to be true? I can only assume this post is supposed to be entirely tongue in cheek, but does that distinguish it from any other post by AA?

    Frankly, it would not surprise me at all to see AA come out of the tabernacle and openly embrace Judaism, since Jewish values are what he has actually been promoting all this years.

    That’s the real punchline: as AA sows confusion about the true nature of the NWO, he is actually working on their behalf. Andrew’s audience is his enemy. Beware putting faith in this fool.

    Finally, why the fuck does Unz publish this fantasy dreck while simultaneously complaining about loony “anti vaxxers” and their unhinged conspiracy theories?

  4. gay troll says:

    Oh right, it’s April 1st. Unfortunately every day on Unz is a Fool’s Day.

    • Replies: @Jidvei
  5. 11B4P says:

    April Fools!

    • Agree: Cking
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  6. Confession: Got me, at least at first.

    Today would be a great day to, like, start a war with someone. “OMG, Russian bombers incoming!” Nobody would believe it.

  7. Emslander says:

    Last year on April 1, he said that his web site was joining Breitbart and that he wasn’t going to say anything bad about Jews any more. I think the year before he pledged never to make jokes at the expense of black people.

    Very funny!

  8. @11B4P

    Yup- You’ve been Angled by the Anglin.

  9. G Money says:

    Agent Anglin: If you think Putin is WEF you are one of those that believe in the flat earth theory. Your handlers getting nervous Anglin? Oh no, I must be a flat earther now.

  10. g8way says:

    This perspective is slightly more plausible than Anglin’s usual position that Russia and China are anti-woke and anti-Globalist and are fighting against ZOG as represented by the West.

  11. G Money says:
    @gay troll

    “That’s the real punchline: as AA sows confusion about the true nature of the NWO, he is actually working on their behalf. Andrew’s audience is his enemy. Beware putting faith in this fool.”

    I came to that conclusion when Charlottesville psyop went down.

  12. Phibbs says:

    What nonsense. Jews are the kings of the world because they are kings of America. They hate Caucasian-Christians in general and Caucasian-Christian Russians in particular. Jews are the main funders and promoters of everything that is rotten in the world: porn, BLM. censorship, Zionism, equity, identity politics, Critical Race Theory, multi-racialism, miscegenation, the culture of victimhood, LGBQT celebration, wokeness, etc.

  13. Andrew, I think this guy should write for you. He has to practice being as satirical as you, though.

  14. Dennis Dale says: • Website
    @gay troll

    It’s April 1, you dumb sissy

    • Replies: @Sue Dunham
  15. Here’s a fun conundrum.

    I think that the ruling classes of the world are sloppy. They make mistakes all the time and have to correct them all the time. Thus the constant change.

    I also think that different parts of the ruling classes are at odds with one another. They must cooperate on many things, but still at heart they are at odds. Thus all the cross-purposes and contradictions.

    People who believe the ruling classes are all one, all united, all in agreement, and they are working out their 50 or 100 or 1000 year plan perfectly, that everything that happens is meant to happen exactly the way it happens, according to the perfectly agreed-upon perfect plan–these people hate people like me who say they are sloppy and disunited.

    Even though these same “perfecters” agree explicitly and implicitly with me on exactly what the ruling classes are up to, increasing and solidifying hegemonic control.


  16. “Illuminati” is the Jew & hyena. “Illuminati” is just another hide for the Jew.
    Pike looks much like his Jewish counterpart in Germany “Adam Weishaupt”.
    Pike emphasized in his “Morals” (without morals) that Freemasonry is a religion based on the occult Jewish philosophy found in Kabbalah. “Based” Jews & their cryptos! Nothing more nothing less.
    Albert Pike: “Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry” Might as well read the ugly Talmud – nomen est omen.
    Anglin? Do you want to confuse people or are you confused yourself?
    To cancel the 6 Moses religions and keep the Jew from money & media will bring so much sanity that no alien can stand it.
    Illuminati = Jew me nutty.
    Its the Jooooos & hyenas!
    Judaism is very pluralistic. They can fight between themselves like hell.
    But when they go for the prey they rott together.
    And when they have to fend off they rott together.
    Illuminati is just another blender of the Jew.

  17. @Dennis Dale

    Yes it’s April 1st, I just didn’t realize I was reading the Huffington Post or Yahoo dot com. Who besides puerile mediated Americans gives a shit about April 1st, anyway? Did I not properly interpret the post as a stupid joke? The problem is that everything Anglin publishes is a stupid joke already.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  18. Jidvei says:
    @gay troll

    Happy Fools’ Day, Moron!

  19. Jidvei says:
    @gay troll

    Especially if you are one yourself

  20. @Sue Dunham

    (You read PuffHo? Ewww.)
    – I guess I´ll have to break a lance for a little levity 😀
    It´s good to be reminded every so often to not become dittoheads
    (“bubble” I think is the peecee-approved term).
    But seriously, Anglin – did it have to be that thick?

    • Replies: @Jidvei
  21. April Fools. People think that something like that can be published on another date… No, it can not.

    You can publish something like that on the 1st of April alone. That is because no one will believe it, so it is safe to publish. You can then pretend like it was all made up. You were kidding.

    But this is serious stuff here. And most people don’t even register, so I will break it down. Follow me with thoughtful attention.


    First, April 1 is the 91st day of the year; 274 days remain until the end of the year. Now do the math.

    Numerological significance here is profound: because 9 + 1 makes ten, and because 2 + 7 + 4 makes thirteen.

    Read about it.

    Ten is “the gematria of the Hebrew letter י and this letter stands for ‘Jew’ – it’s therefore linked to the tetragrammaton.

    And then there is ten Commandments, ten Plagues and ten Sefirot depicted in Kabbalah.

    And the number thirteen?

    “Thirteen are the attributes of Hashem.

    “Hashem is used to refer to God, as an epithet for the Tetragrammaton, when avoiding God’s more formal title, Adonai – ‘my master’.

    And then there are thirteen Jewish principles of faith.

    But this is not all.

    The origin of association between 1st of April and foolishness is found first in the Canterbury Tales, written in 1392.

    Now, do the math again. You add 1 + 3 + 9 + 2 – and it makes fifteen. Read about number fifteen.

    “Fifteen is written differently from the conventions in order to avoid writing the name of God. The number of words in the ‘Priestly Blessing’ – fifteen.

    Read about the ‘Priestly Blessing’.

    “The Kohen raises his hands, with the palms facing downward and the thumbs of his outspread hands touching. The four fingers on each hand are customarily split into two sets of two fingers each, thus forming the letter Shin – שׁ – an emblem for Shaddai.

    Now follow me with attention.

    “Shaddai is one of the names of the God of Israel. The root word means to plunder, overpower, or make desolate. This would give Shaddai the meaning of ‘destroyer’.

    You understand now… I hope. But keep it a secret. And last but not least, here is what was done, on purpose, on the 1st of April:

    Year 1977 – Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak found Apple Computer. Year 2001 – Same-sex marriage becomes legal in the Netherlands!

    The end.

  22. Only Pepe the amphibian can save us now.

  23. “where the whole world will be put under maritime law.”

    hmmmm….so global warming is real after all.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  24. First I thougt: Ahhh…1st of April.
    Reading on I thougt: What a nutcake.
    Now I ask Mr. Unz: Is your platform (The Unz review)
    really a place for freely raving madmen?
    You decide, Mr. Unz…

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  25. Love the Wojak Reptile in the bottom left corner.


  26. What a crank! Anjew Bumblin!

  27. Dumbo says:

    Anglin has a natural talent for satire, so I find his normal daily articles actually funnier than this April Fools joke, which kind of stretches it a bit too much.

  28. @gay troll

    Anglin seems to have a garlic-like effect on faggots!

    • Agree: Jidvei
    • Replies: @Sue Dunham
  29. As I’m sure Andrew Anglin knows full well, somewhere between 15 and 30 percent of commenters and perhaps 10 to 20 percent of columnists here at Unz are so consumed with hatred for Christianity that they already believe that Jesuits and alien reptilian life-forms secretly manage the entirety of world affairs. If this were any day other than April 1, the comment thread would certainly bear out this assertion.

    If anything, the situation is even worse over at the Occidental Observer, where empowerment of ignorance and Christophobic bigotry has become that site’s answer to Wokeness.

    In other words, it isn’t only gay trolls who are Christ-hating trendies and thereby active or passive enablers of (((GloboHomo Unlimited))).

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
    , @fran
  30. @ThreeCranes

    … so global warming is real after all.

    Well, global wetness is anyway.

  31. @HeebHunter

    You mean I’m going to eat him raw?

  32. And all this time I thought the Jews were the man behind the curtain. And it turns out, they are just the curtain.

  33. In other First of April news, a certain very popular Unz Review, Taki’s Magazine, and VDare columnist, who, it is said, lives in a million-dollar California home, has chosen today to rattle his tin cup for donations to support his genius or his life-style or both. In a response, like the call for donations itself, worthy of the Babylon Bee, a significant number of his devoted followers, most or all of whom have significantly less money than the popular columnist, have already publicly pledged to ante up.

    I wonder how many of these happy donors to genius also consider Jimmy Swaggart a charlatan …

    • Replies: @grannypox
  34. @Pierre de Craon

    You have it backwards.

    The Jesuits are consumed with a hatred of Christianity. It makes Christ more important than their real god, the Pope.

    Their historic achievement was education i.e. indoctrination of every little child in the RC cult.

    Catch them while they’re little.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  35. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Massel Tov

    Now I ask Mr. Unz: Is your platform (The Unz review)
    really a place for freely raving madmen?
    You decide, Mr. Unz…

    No, that would be the platform that we conventionally describe as the MSM.

  36. @Poupon Marx

    Happy April Fool’s Day Poupon and Andrew and Everybody!! : )

  37. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    We plainly differ here, Ann. It is equally plain, however, that present-day Jesuits have grown utterly remote from the sanctity and devotion to the True Faith that motivated Saints Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier, John Francis Regis, and the other founders of the order, which for several centuries did great good in the world.

    Although the extent of their fall since the years preceding the Second Vatican Council may justly be called Luciferian, their actual influence in world affairs today is trifling. Like Bergoglio, they follow rather than lead, and the (((Satanic masters))) they now serve are the sworn enemies of their former Master.

    Catch them while they’re little.

    Surely this is what parents and spiritual guides are all meant to do with the young entrusted to them! Neglect of this office has led to the horrors of a society where Jews are offered little effective opposition to their program of corruption.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  38. Jidvei says:

    There are several commenters upthread who didn’t get the joke at all. Then there are the Sue Dunhams who pretend they did, it’s just too course for them.

    Truth is, Anglin writing is good at ferreting out morons – and pretentious morons.

  39. fran says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    Whenever you hear someone talk about Jesuits, “joos” (spelled like that), the WEF, Bildenberg, or they claim that everything is a grand conspiracy (that Corbett dimwit comes to mind), you can 100% rest assured that they’re a shill.

    • Thanks: Pierre de Craon
  40. No surprises from this Jew created UkroFemiNazi group gone international.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  41. Anonymike says:

    April Fool or not? The trick is to figure out which part is fool and which part is truth.

  42. Weevlos says:

    April fools jokes aren’t funny anymore.

    Is trans-racial Weev fighting in Ukraine for “his people” or not?

  43. Toza says:

    When I read the article, at first I thought someone had hacked Anglin’s site, and I was waiting for an announcement regarding it. I didn’t realize it was all a joke. I guess next time I should be more careful.

  44. grannypox says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    A million dollar house isn’t a big deal in California. My neighbor’s two bedroom 1100 sq ft house just sold for \$950,000.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  45. @Pierre de Craon

    It’s what the parents are meant to do, and do out of natural love, no other motive. But the children should not be given to the RC priesthood, which has very different motives.

    Every RC chapel in the world has a school for little children next door. No other church does that.

    And of course the consequence of official celibacy and access to little children … Satanic.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  46. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Every RC chapel in the world has a school for little children next door.

    Would that that were still true!

    And of course the consequence of official celibacy and access to little children … Satanic.

    I see with regret that your idea of the priesthood has been formed by people who are malicious and bigoted. To embrace this ignorant, misguided notion and repeat it is to do the Jews’ work for them. That is where Satanism lies.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  47. @grannypox

    I take your point, but a million-dollar home still seems a big deal to me. I suspect that many other people find it a big deal, too, especially those who, like me, own no real property at all.

  48. Bemildred says:

    April First is such a waster of time.

    I was driving around shopping yesterday and saw a sign: “New Homes for Sale Starting at \$2 Million.”

    • LOL: Pierre de Craon
  49. @Commentator Mike

    What makes a woman think that exposing her breasts will make her arguments seem more serious and meritorious? The girls at the front of the photo certainly look attractive enough to win a man’s attention in a way that wouldn’t drive Mom and Dad to despair.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  50. Bravo on a Grand Unified Theory of Conspiracies, but the difference between conspiracy theory and fact is less than six months nowadays, so you have to work quickly to get the Nobel.

    Proof of Lizard Aliens in our elite???

  51. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    As April Fools Day jokes, this ranks near George Plimpton’s Sidd Finch.

  52. @Pierre de Craon

    There’s more photos from the same demo here

    Maybe they should send them to confront the Chechens.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  53. @Commentator Mike

    Huwhite women will soon learn their place again. In the kitchen where they belong!

    View post on

  54. Derryl says:

    After two paragraphs I checked the date and sure enough, April 1. My wife takes delight in “gitting me” on this date so I have grown wary as a warehouse rat and wise as a Jesuit serpent (:

  55. El Rolo says:

    “Why is “God” just “Dog” spelled backward? Because it’s the Dogma. The dogma of the law of the sea.”

    This might have some meaning if English was the only language spoken on the BBM. Otherwise it is just playing with words. Kind of ridiculous.

  56. @gay troll

    I believe this is an April Fool’s Day article.

    • Replies: @orchardist
  57. @Tsar Nicholas

    Now that the majority of the Commenters here have ruled that this is but an “April Fool’s Joke”, for those few others who still have some brain cells functioning, it is, with but a few minor exaggerations (maybe), as clearly and concisely stated an explanation of how the world really works as there may be.

    Thanks for having the balls to call it like it is, Anglin!

    • LOL: Tsar Nicholas
  58. KrvaZdo says:

    I admit this does sound rather “out there”, pun intended, and posting the images of reptilians makes it all that much worse.

    But… to assume we are the only intelligent (dare I call mankind intelligent) in the vast universe, is equally as asinine of a belief.

    You have to look no further than your own TV, to see what an effective brainwashing tool it is. Now imagine a race or specie that has lived for millions or billions of years, developed superior advanced tech, and assume they cannot control our minds better than our own fake news (((msm))) are.

    Clearly, there cretins, whoever they are, are always 100 steps ahead of us at every turn. So, all I am saying is, if they are not reptilians, and they can’t possibly be human, because whoever these Fkrs are, they’re way way smarter than we are.

    So, keep getting vaxxed, keep watching TV, keep eating GMO, keep believing we are the smartest and only intelligence out there, and one day, it will be all over in a flash. You’ll be dead so fast, you won’t even know you’re dead.

  59. @Pierre de Craon

    I regret at as a little child you were indoctrinated by the Romish priesthood who then welded your mind shut.

    Others are able to study the subject. Why did Luther come along in the first place? Huss? Wycliffe?

    • Disagree: Pierre de Craon
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