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Ukraine Advisor Says US Military Agreed to Sink the Entire Russian Fleet!
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Do the American people just not know we’re at war with Russia?

Or do they not care?

I keep saying that it doesn’t make sense to collapse the economy in the middle of a war, but I guess on the other side of that, an economic collapse is a distraction for the masses of people who might otherwise complain that you’re starting World War 3 to defend gay child rimjobs in some former-Soviet shithole no one can find on a map.


A top Ukrainian adviser has claimed that the United States is drawing up plans to sink Russian warships and ‘destroy’ its Black Sea Fleet, following reports that Washington is seeking to provide advanced anti-ship missiles to the Ukrainian military. The Pentagon has denied the allegations.

Ukrainian Internal Affairs Ministry adviser Anton Gerashchenko made the statement on social media on Thursday, saying that discussions are now underway in relation to how the US could help to break a Russian blockade of Black Sea ports.

“The US is preparing a plan for the destruction of the Black Sea Fleet,” he wrote. “The effective work of the Ukrainians on [Russian] warships convinced [the US] to prepare a plan to unblock the ports. Deliveries of powerful anti-ship weapons (Harpoon and Naval Strike Missile with a range of 250-300km) are being discussed.”

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby denied the Kiev official’s claims, stating during a Friday press briefing “I can tell you definitively that that’s not true.”

Gerashchenko had cited a recent Reuters report stating that the Biden administration was “working to put advanced anti-ship missiles in the hands of Ukrainian fighters to help defeat Russia’s naval blockade,” referring to the Harpoon and Naval Strike missiles by name.

The report noted some obstacles in sending such weapons to Kiev, however, including the “limited availability of platforms to launch Harpoons from shore,” given that it is largely a sea-based missile. Unnamed US officials said the White House is looking for a solution, including “pulling a launcher off of a US ship.”

It probably is true. It certainly sounds true.

Pentagon officials were claiming credit for sinking another Russian ship – in leaks to the New York Times that had to have been approved by someone.

Just so, I don’t think it’s really very likely that a top Ukrainian advisor would come out and say something like this without approval from the State Department/Pentagon, which is obviously running the Ukraine government.

If the US started sinking Russian ships, it seems pretty likely Russia would start launching missiles at Europe.

If you’re feeling down about the total collapse of civilization, this should cheer you up:

If that doesn’t cheer you up, then I guess maybe try fentanyl.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. The only thing muttmerica will sink is their own ships.

    Captain Faggot: “Captain Faggot reportin!”
    “Fronthole Officer 1, steer dat boat! Bitch nigga gonna get hit with mah Glock, nomsane!”

    Betamax first mate: “Sir, is it wise to-”

    Captain Faggot: “STFU u rayciss ass cracka!”

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  2. sarz says:

    Daily Stormer is no longer available on Tor browser. Suggest you update your links at the bottom of your articles.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  3. The Democratic Party=The Black Lives Matter Party murdered Slavic Russian Infants in Donbass…

    The Democratic Party=The Black Lives Matter Party engaged in the racial intimidation of White Americans….violating the Civil Rights of White Americans….

  4. Notsofast says:

    ….start launching missiles at europe…. i think it would be more likely tit for tat with a hypersonic missile attack on a ship, maybe something big and slow like a carrier.

  5. Firstly there’s the little problem of getting the weapons to the frontline – in this case the coastal defence batteries. Russia has complete control of the skies and continues to take out ammunition dumps where imports of weapons from NATO states are deposited. As a result few weapons will ever reach the frontline.

    Secondly, these weapons usually need to be transported by train. Continued Russian air attacks on oil distillation plants have made petrol scarce. For some time now Russian aircraft have been destroying railway electricity substations which power the electric trains. So getting them from the ammo depots to the front will also be difficult.

    Thirdly, even if it gets to the coastal defence battery, any use will immediately notify the Russian Air Force of its position. These sites will quickly be destroyed.
    Finally, for the sake of argument let’s suppose the missiles cripple a couple of Russian ships later in this conflict. They will have no effect on the outcome. This is a land war in which the Russians are prevailing and the Ukrainians are being heavily defeated.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
    , @Catdog
  6. TG says:

    Indeed. The western elites are going all-in on this. Can anyone spell escalation? Who blinks first?

    But: having Ukrainians sink Russian warships will certainly hurt Russia and be a major propaganda/morale win, but it won’t unblock the port of Odessa. The Ukrainians have already mined the harbor, and if they get rid of the mines, Russian submarines can surely lay there own mines. That’s the primary method that the United States used to beat Japan in WWII.

    “Cheer up, they said, things could get worse. So I cheered up and, sure enough, things got worse.”

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  7. It probably is true. It certainly sounds true.

    Pentagon officials were claiming credit for sinking another Russian ship – in leaks to the New York Times that had to have been approved by someone.

    Just so, I don’t think it’s really very likely that a top Ukrainian advisor would come out and say something like this without approval from the State Department/Pentagon, which is obviously running the Ukraine government.

    Or perhaps the Ukrainians, being on the verge of losing the war, are desperately trying to turn it into WW3 by goading Russians into preemptively attacking Americans. B/c you see, besides vessels that float, the Russians also have many scuba diving. The ones on the surface are there to control what comes and goes and avoid sinking what shouldn’t be sunk. If only submarines remain, they will sink everything, so destroying the Russian fleet isn’t such a good idea and I doubt the folks in the Pentagon are unaware of it.

  8. I heard a former Israeli Defense Forces officer discuss what would happen if the U.S. struck any Russian military asset. He said that for starters the U.S. Navy’s Sixth Fleet would be on the ocean floor within 30 minutes and U.S. Navy losses would be upwards of 15k.

    The Pentagon knows the risks are apocalyptic and have been unequivocal in distancing themselves from the reckless claims made by irresponsible people in the Zelensky government, the Deep State Dept., NYT, et al.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  9. @TG

    Having Ukrainians sink Russian warships will hurt Russia and be a propaganda/morale win for a few hours or so, because Russia will do something real bad in response.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen
    • Replies: @TG
  10. Hopefully, Russia and China will sink all US ships in the Pacific.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  11. @HeebHunter

    If I were the Russians, I would covertly, with no trace back to them, sink on of the latest American aircraft carriers. Negative feedback is necessary, as is negative reinforcement. It that doesn’t take some of the insanity down a couple of notches, then go from there.

    After all, this is tit for tat, eye for an eye.

    And if I were the Russians, I would start internally sabotaging American infrastructure, like high tension lines and transformer stations. impossible to determine the actor(s) involved.

    • Replies: @Ulf Thorsen
  12. It is or should be quite obvious to anyone who is not in a very deep state of denial that the West is in panic mode. That however makes this situation even more dangerous. These moronic lunatics running the show in the US/NATO have already demonstrated that they are willing to wreck their own economies to fulfill their agenda(s) as with Covid now likely following up with a new one, Monkey virus or whatever it may end up being. In the US specifically they attack segment of their own population using the media and judicial system. European nations either cancelling deals with Russia or not seeking any new ones which hurt their own people even though they themselves have blatantly and provably created the conditions which lead to this tragedy. The rats running the US and NATO are the ones who need to be brought to justice and even charged with war crimes/crimes against humanity. They have destroyed how many nations now since 9-11-2001? And all with lies, deception, false narratives, bull**** “evidence” of WMDs. They push the whole trans sickness on children and if parents protest it, they are labelled “domestic terrorists”. You people who support this war against Russia(and it is exactly that) seem to care more about getting Russia than you do about your own nations and people. I don’t know what to call that other than stupid and it takes a huge amount of guile to keep denying all the criminality the US gov has engaged in globally. There’s the old saying about cleaning up ones own backyard before pointing at the backyard of others. It is NOT unpatriotic to criticize as well as resist the criminal activities ones own gov/nation is involved in and robbing you of your own money in order to engage in it. These people are criminals, period. And I include some of these retired military people who I see on the various news outlets going on about this as though it was a football game. I remember a few years ago retired US Army Major General Bob Scales having a fit on FOX news I believe because of Russian interference in US made the comment about sending Russians home in body bags. My question for that jackwagon was who you are or who the US is to invade or otherwise attack other sovereign nations and not even in defense of our nation but for nefarious agenda(s)? Yet these same clowns do what they have done in Ukraine and once Russia has had enough of it because it is right on their doorstep and thus IS a threat to their security they go off about it using all their catch phrases in condemnation of Russia. Talk about hypocrisy! And people think these are the “good guys”? Are you kidding me? Yes, the West is sick and it’s not just the various governments but the people themselves who keep falling for this BS.

    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
    • LOL: meamjojo
    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Gara Frame
  13. meamjojo says:

    You guys deserve some quality writing. Here, try this:
    Breaking the Black Sea Blockade
    Lawrence Freedman
    May 17, 2022

    From the start of this war there has been natural concern about the difficulties of keeping it confined to two belligerents within defined geographical boundaries. This concern is most often expressed in scenarios in which Vladimir Putin, having seen his ambitions thwarted and with his forces on the run, lashes out in anger, even with nuclear weapons.

    While no one dares rules out an act of supreme irrationality from the Russian leader, as I have argued here and in the New Statesman, nuclear use would not solve any strategic problems for Russia, and would create many, many more. Nor has there been any indication that Putin is thinking on these lines: as yet he is not even prepared to escalate by acknowledging that he is actually fighting a war and not just a limited ‘special operation.’ Reservists have been signed up for the war in an almost covert fashion rather than through a full mobilisation. Putin set a ‘red line’ at the start of hostilities, by demanding that NATO countries hold back from direct intervention in the war, and thus far this has been respected. For now NATO is making an impact simply by keeping Ukraine economically afloat and militarily buoyant.

    There is, however, another aspect to this war which has received insufficient attention, though it is now slowly coming into focus and where pressure could build for a NATO operation. This is the need to relieve the blockade Russia has successfully inflicted on Ukraine’s southern ports in the Black Sea. This is urgent not only because of the effect on Ukraine’s battered economy but also on supplies of essential agricultural products to the rest of the world. If Russian forces continue to be pushed back, and as the diplomacy to bring the war to a conclusion is stepped up, this will be a critical issue to be addressed, possibly linked to Russian demands for relief from sanctions. If this is not addressed diplomatically then there could be demands on the major maritime powers to mount freedom of navigation operations to break the blockade.

    Russia is Losing

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
    , @Derer
  14. meamjojo says:
    @Priss Factor

    “Hopefully, Russia and China will sink all US ships in the Pacific.”

    An old saying: “Hope isn’t a strategy”.

  15. meamjojo says:

    End of the “special Operation” coming on May 26th?
    ‘Our Commander Is Leaving With Us’: Putin’s Troops Openly Plot to Ditch ‘Stupid’ War
    “It’s not desertion, because we shouldn’t be on this territory.”

    Updated May. 19, 2022

    Russian soldiers are apparently so sick of Vladimir Putin’s “stupid” war in Ukraine that they are now openly plotting with their own commanders to go AWOL.

    The Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate released a recording on Thursday that is said to show precisely that happening, with a soldier heard in a purportedly intercepted phone call detailing the plan.

    The soldier, identified by Ukrainian intelligence as one of many men “mobilized” by authorities in occupied Donetsk, complains that he and others in his battalion are so under-equipped that even the Chechen forces fighting alongside them mock them as “meat.”

    “Everyone who is here … I’m telling you … everyone is planning to take off on the 26th,” the purported soldier says.

  16. Notsofast says:
    @Ulf Thorsen

    agree completely, the west is sick and it’s people have been so conditioned they are no longer able to think critically, in fact they are terrified to do so. this is something akin to mass stockholm syndrome and there seems to be a mass outbreak in stockholm right now. the fact that jojo the dogfaced troll is laughing, is proof that you’re right over the target.

    • Thanks: Ulf Thorsen
    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  17. Notsofast says:

    jojo, you are a lying dog-faced pony soldier.

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
    • Thanks: meamjojo
  18. @Ulf Thorsen

    I believe your excellent (though inadequately punctuated) long comment needs to be distributed more widely. It captures the entire evil insanity or is it deep stupidity of the lunatic crowd running the Western world.

    From the buck toothed idiots running New Zealand to the low IQ effete fop running Canada and everywhere in between like the young brainless girl running Finland or the pompous arse (or ass) running Britian the West is on a suicide mission either through demographic replacement or nuclear war.

    But by hook or by crook they’re hell bent (though they are too daft to realize it) on destroying what has taken 500 to a 1,000 years to create.

    Meanwhile the rest of have to go along for the ride.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, Dnought
    • Replies: @Ulf Thorsen
    , @meamjojo
  19. The banksters in New York and London are nervously riding the tiger.

    The mindset of World War 1 has taken them over. Their answer to attrition on the battlefield is to keep sending more weapons and shells, hoping to win by sheer weight of material. It’s hopeless. There is no way to prolong the war for years, so that the rusty American ‘arsenal of democracy’ can rescue Ukraine. The 20th century is history.

    Failure is in the air, and defeat has a way of coming home in unpleasant ways.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen
  20. @Gara Frame

    “…(though inadequately punctuated) long comment..”

    Yes, I know and no offense taken. When I comment/reply from cellphone mistakes in punctuation abound. I’m on a road trip and don’t have computer with me. I occasionally work with a guy who is from Ingushetia. He is a nice guy and I like him. When we speak about this issue however he makes excuses for nearly anything and everything that the US does. He says because the US at least “does humanitarian things” after they bomb the hell out of countries they invade that is better than what Russia does. He seems to infer essentially since the US hands out goodies to people right after they beat them over the head, he supports them. He is here no doubt because he can make a better living to support his wife and children than back at home. Fair enough but I’ve pointed out to him that may not last too much longer the way the lunatics in DC are operating. He also cannot stand the whole LGBTQ agenda and will NOT allow his children to be taught such degenerate filth. Yet he cannot seem to grasp that it is the very same people pushing both the LGBTQ and war against Russia. I bring that up in detail with him and he just gets a blank look on his face. I don’t know if he is Muslim or Christian, haven’t asked and don’t intend to but I do get a strong sense he is not a big fan of Chechens, whether that revolves around religious differences(Christian vs Muslim?) I have no idea. The whole Uni-polar vs Multi-polar world is a big issue considering again, the filth these evil lunatics are pushing and intend on trying to push into every society they infect once they’ve taken it over. Personally, I don’t want to see anyone with that sort of agenda becoming a global hegemon. If that happens, we are screwed. People can laugh if they want, but if the West succeeds in this damnable ‘project’ of theirs, watch out because their arrogance will be off the charts with no one to stand against them. And if people think they are being treated unfairly by their leaders in the West now they ain’t seen nothing yet…I can just hear people if it comes to that “How did this happen?” How? You dumb***** have been told and shown over and over but you didn’t listen and didn’t seem to care. So who was the one actually wearing the tinfoil hat then?

  21. @Notsofast

    He posts The Daily Beast as source? LOL! Nothing but a tabloid rag not even good for use as toilet paper. It should be in the rack of checkout line at grocery stores. That alone should tell you all you need to know about him.

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • LOL: meamjojo
  22. @Poupon Marx

    And if I were the Russians, I would start internally sabotaging American infrastructure, like high tension lines and transformer stations. impossible to determine the actor(s) involved.

    Who needs Russia to do that when the US is quite capable of doing that themselves and then of course blaming Russia. Then these tyrannical nuts can grab even more power and we lose even more of our freedoms. Just heard that buffoon Mitt Romney saying nearly the same words Bush used right after events of 911, “You’re either for us, or against us” With Romney it revolved around Russia of course and he was so obviously aiming it like a threat against American citizens who did not agree with what their government is doing

  23. @Notsofast

    Yes, you are correct, here in America us very few non-deluded people are surrounded by the branwashed masses, of whom it it useless to try to educate.

    And thanks for the 50s rock and roll reference. This ones for you meamjojo:

    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @Notsofast
  24. @Sam Grisham

    I heard a former Israeli Defense Forces officer discuss what would happen if the U.S. struck any Russian military asset. He said that for starters the U.S. Navy’s Sixth Fleet would be on the ocean floor within 30 minutes and U.S. Navy losses would be upwards of 15k.

    Israeli, he would know, he tried to kill the Liberty. Sinking a carrier, one thing. Tripwire event, it’s war. Wargames say better to disable only. But I could see Russia bagging smaller fry like a cruiser or one of those stupid Littorals, heh..

    I sailed with the 6th Fleet in an A-6 squadron aboard Nimitz. We knew if it got nuked we were all toast anyway’. Back when I was there 76-82, the Soviet ships and trawlers traveled right alongside, close by. They’d announce on the flight deck the name of the ship, all very professional. They knew when Soviet Bear 95s were coming, sometimes ever Migs flew over, but again, very professional. Pilots came back with cool stories. The Med is a pretty small puddle, everyone knows where everyone else is, subs included. Sinking Nimitz (or one of its class, Nimitz is Pacific Fleet these days), even if you could wouldn’t be the move. The move is a torpedo hit to the stern, screw up the four screws and rudders. Pretty delicate stuff, long external shafts, easy meat. Carriers are difficult to sink, they’ve drilled on it with old carriers, USS America was one. Lot of hits. Days to break it up enough to sink. But Nimitz is nuclear, you wouldn’t want that thing to leak into the Med, not to mention untold amounts of aviation fuels. Disable it, it just drifts along, unable to operate. Only doing that might get the ‘tripwire’ provision lifted if you didn’t kill too many sailors. The U.S. would have to come tow it home. Just like the one that got blown up in Yemen. Saw that in some position papers back in DC, it’s been considered. There is some deterrence involved with the reactors, breaking those would be veery bad. Simple disabling is likely the war plan against carriers.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Anonymous
    , @SafeNow
  25. @Ulf Thorsen

    That guy is Ingush, they are Sunni Muslims and the closest relatives of the Chechens. Their language is almost the same as Chechen, they are also neighbors and can speak each other’s language.

    Like all other peoples in the region they dislike each other. Yet they are very much alike. You cannot tell one from the other.

    • Replies: @Ulf Thorsen
  26. @Ulf Thorsen

    With all respect, you did not get the full imprint of my meaning. Transformer and distribution stations are so vulnerable that a child could bring one of them down with a .22 caliber rifle. When whole sections of major cities go dark, and new transformers are custom built and take months from order to installation, this is real pain. 1.4 million illegals this year entered. What are their names and backgrounds? 20 to 30 illegal aliens in this country. Who are they? What are they?

    The next time you are driving, look for these step down transformers and distribution stations.

    Then there is the Electro Magnetic Pulse bomb over major vulnerable (economic and defense industry centers). The (((Power))) behind the Puppets should be praying to Yehudi and Yahweh that this doesn’t happen.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @Ulf Thorsen
  27. The jews are in it to win and they don’t care who they take down.

    Whites have helped organized jewry to a suicidal degree… the jews care?


    They will print money until it’s worthless just to take down Russia, because Russia kicked their sorry asses out.

    Note for organized jewry; stop being such assholes. Join the human race.

    • Replies: @P. Cleburne
    , @Ulf Thorsen
  28. meamjojo says:
    @Gara Frame

    Putin must be stopped and neutralized at any cost, including nuclear war, which will eradicate Russia.

    • Troll: Dnought
    • Replies: @Spanky
  29. meamjojo says:

    Russia needs to watch out for its BFF China!
    Chinese Hackers Tried to Steal Russian Defense Data, Report Says
    The campaign detailed by a cybersecurity firm highlights Beijing’s increasingly sophisticated tactics to spy on an array of targets, including countries it considers friends.

    By Ronen Bergman and Kate Conger
    May 19, 2022, 9:42 a.m. ET

    TEL AVIV — The emails landed on March 23 in the inboxes of scientists and engineers at several of Russia’s military research and development institutes, purportedly sent by Russia’s Ministry of Health. They carried a subject line that offered seemingly tantalizing information about a “list of persons under U.S. sanctions for invading Ukraine.”

    But the emails were actually sent by state-sponsored hackers in China seeking to entice their Russian targets to download and open a document with malware, according to a new report to be released Thursday by the Israeli-American cybersecurity firm Check Point.

    The report provides new evidence of Chinese efforts to spy on Russia, pointing to the complexity of the relations between two countries that have drawn closer in solidarity against the United States. It also underscores the sprawling, and increasingly sophisticated, tactics China’s cyberspies have used to collect information on an ever-expanding array of targets, including countries it considers friends, like Russia.

    • LOL: Realist
    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @neutral
  30. @Ulf Thorsen

    There is only ONE sane and rational queer agenda. Teach tolerance and acceptance of everyone, and make the sexual dimension a subject for high school, not little children. That, the brainwashing of primary children, is child molestation, but so is advertising.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Ulf Thorsen
  31. It is clear that NATO wants to fight a nuclear war with Russia.

    I do not see how this is advantageous to the American people. I wonder who would gain.

  32. TG says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    As I said, can you spell “escalation”?

    Who blinks first?

  33. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Christian

    Presumably the Russian strikes would be by hypersonic Kinzhals (a/k/a “carrier killers”).

    Every day we’re getting closer to the— pun intended— The Day After, that made-for-TV movie about an apocalyptic scenario of a nuclear war. It aired on November 20, 1983 on ABC and a hundred-million people watched it. I was a kid in junior high at the time and remember it vividly. But that was back in the quaint old days when Americans feared nuclear war. In the days when there were no hypersonic ICBMs each carrying over a dozen MIRV hypersonic glide vehicle thermonuclear warheads.

  34. @Notsofast

    jojo, you are a lying dog-faced pony soldier.

    Out of the many (and they are overwhelming) stupid & non-sensical gaffes and stumbles that Mumbly Joe spews on a daily basis, I have to say I did find that one incredibly hilarious. Glad to see its application in an appropriate context! 😉

    • Thanks: Notsofast
  35. Alrenous says: • Website

    A top Ukrainian adviser has claimed that the United States is drawing up plans to sink Russian warships and ‘destroy’ its Black Sea Fleet

    However, they lie about everything, and these plans are being drawn up as part of an elaborate lie.

    GAE is fake and GAE. This, too, is fake.

    approval from the State Department/Pentagon, which is obviously running the Ukraine government

    Specifically Foggy Bottom and specifically not Arlington. Do you think Azov would have been able to get away with larping as Nazis if they weren’t fully and radically left-wing? 100% Communist? Arlington isn’t anywhere near this operation.

    Which tells us that State can commandeer armaments. I see. Pathetic.

  36. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Poupon Marx

    All these totally real mass shootings and nobody thinks to fire at a transformer.

    Actually someone did snipe a transformer station one time. Naturally this story was buried. Or would nobody have cared even if it wasn’t? It was real, after all. Americans hate reality.
    There was also that August blackout. Huh, I wonder what caused that?

    Remember when the whole city of Boston was shut down by some lite-brites?

  37. Anonymous[134] • Disclaimer says:

    A top Ukrainian adviser has claimed that the United States is drawing up plans to sink Russian warships and ‘destroy’ its Black Sea Fleet,

    At this point, I would be wary of taking anything the Ukrainians or their advisors have to say at face value.

    If anything has emerged from all of this, it is that the Ukrainians and their supporters make the Russians (a people who lie so often, they aren’t even aware they are doing it) look relatively honest by comparison. I would never have thought anyone could achieve this, but the Ukrainians have managed to do it. Remarkable.

  38. Spanky says:

    Putin must be stopped and neutralized at any cost, including nuclear war, which will eradicate Russia. — meanjojo

    You are a fool and mendacious coward. If you want Putin neutralized and Russia stopped, volunteer for service in the Ukrainian Army. According to you, Ukraine is fighting the good fight and winning. Contribute, meaningfully, to their victory rather than being a mere keyboard warrior and chickenhawk. You claim Putin must be stopped at any cost — put up or shut up.

    • Thanks: meamjojo
  39. SafeNow says:
    @Jim Christian

    The Chinese had the right idea, building their gigantic (12,000-tons!) “coast guard cutters” so as to play at bumper boats. These are good for ramming and shouldering; the worst-case scenario is the exchange of small-arms fire, not WWIII. This strikes me as a good way to let off steam, posture, save face.

    I read the novel “2035” about a stepwise escalation between The U.S. and China, involving warships. It seemed chillingly plausible.

    Thanks for your extremely insightful comment.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  40. @meamjojo

    You missed it, noam. Sinking all the US ships is the strategic part of the sentence. Bye-bye USS Nebbish. Hello Freedom and Democracy in the Indo-Pacific.

  41. @meamjojo

    Where’s the FAKE button?

  42. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    Awesome find, Dude! OK, now I see it: he am jojo.

  43. @Poupon Marx

    Oh I understood what you meant, I was being facetious. These people are prone to pulling such stunts(false flags) when things aren’t going their way.

  44. antibeast says:

    But the emails were actually sent by state-sponsored hackers in China seeking to entice their Russian targets to download and open a document with malware, according to a new report to be released Thursday by the Israeli-American cybersecurity firm Check Point.

    Those are the real culprits right there.

  45. @Here Be Dragon

    Thanks for the information. I don’t know that area of the world well and in speaking with him I try not to be too nosy asking too many questions.

  46. @Verymuchalive

    “Firstly there’s the little problem of getting the weapons to the frontline – in this case the coastal defence batteries. Russia has complete control of the skies and continues to take out ammunition dumps where imports of weapons from NATO states are deposited. As a result few weapons will ever reach the frontline.”

    If that was true, why would the US/UK/NATO still be sending planeloads of weapons to Rzeszow Airport in Poland, not far from Lvov and with road and rail links across the frontier? Mielec Airport nearby is full of USAF Blackhawk helicopters.

    I posted this yesterday, note the US military plane from the Moldovan capital. This morning I lost track of a Galaxy transporter heading from the Kuwait/Basra area towards Romania/Poland. Not so long ago a 747 flew from Dover AFB in Delaware to Rzeszow.

    “Just a quick catchup on Western arms support – a Brit Globemaster has made 2 trips from RAF Brize Norton to Rzseszow* in the last few days, the Ukrainain AN124 also 2 trips, one to Ankara, one to I think a Bulgarian port Burgas (can’t stay up all night tracking them).

    Today a private Ukrainian helicopter went Austria to Rzeszow

    And interestingly a USAF Boeing C-40C (Reg 02-0201) has just now left the Moldovan capital heading west

    I wonder if there’s about to be a move on Transnistria, the Russia-supporting breakaway region of Moldova?

    * Rzeszow airport is IMHO the main import conduit for arms to Ukraine. Eastern Poland, not far to the border and Lvov with road and rail links. Flightradar24 is good enough that you can actually zoom and see which bit of the runway the planes turn off and stop at.”

  47. neutral says:

    I think people need to watch out for laughable propaganda like this, still trying sell the ridiculous idea that Russia will want to become ZOG puppet after the jews are openly killing Russians.

  48. @meamjojo

    Lawrence Freedman is the guy who wrote Tony Blair’s Chicago speech on why we should invade/bomb countries we don’t like. He then got appointed to the inquiry into the Iraq war!

    He hates all Russians because in 1883 the Cossacks broke up and looted great-great-grandpappy’s store in Taganrog 😉

  49. That fentanyl is starting to sound better and better….

  50. @YetAnotherAnon

    A USAF Tanker (Boeing 767-2EY(ER), reg MM62228) is just landing at Rzeszow.

  51. Rogue says:
    @Ulf Thorsen

    Just heard that buffoon Mitt Romney saying nearly the same words Bush used right after events of 911, “You’re either for us, or against us”

    Romney wears “special” underpants.

    Can you really trust a guy that wears special underpants?

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  52. @meamjojo

    Ukrainian intelligence


  53. @Rogue

    I still remember when, during the 2008 presidential debates, Ron Paul said the Muslims were attacking American soldiers because American soldiers invading their country. Mitt looked at him and said, “Has he forgot about 9-11?” Shameless pandering and lies!

  54. Notsofast says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    thank you for that gem. i’d never heard that before (and i thought i knew a thing or two about 50’s and 60’s rock). seems to me, to be a reference to elvis, hilarious. i was referencing the original jojo, the p.t. barnam side show freak that trolljojo’s mother obviously named him after.

  55. @Ulf Thorsen

    good. Let them, then……more oppression and more overreach will hasten the total collapse. There will always be pussies saying “tut tut…don’t agitate the state or they’ll hurt you.”

  56. @Robert Dolan

    “Human” is a species, not a race.
    Public school “graduate”?

  57. Wonder if Kamala has been consulted about this shit?

  58. @SafeNow

    Something to consider. Let’s imagine what went on somewhere deep in China, 20 years ago. Military generals gathered to consider possibilities in the future. They know they have nukes, carefully stored, just in case.

    One of the generals, speaks out and says,”What we need to consider is delivery systems. Do we need long-range rockets or can we deliver the weapons in some other fashion?”

    “How about this. We disassemble some of our nuclear weapons and ship them, in parts, to the countries that might, at some point in the future, become our enemies. We send a team of experts to the receiving end who reassemble the weapons and store them for possible future use.”

    “And then we simply wait. We maintain contact with the weapons by way of the Internet.”

    Someone else speaks up and says,” Just how do you propose we transport these parts to the countries of our possible enemies?”

    “Why don’t we use the transportation system we already have” the first general replies. “Tens of thousands of steel containers are shipped from our country to various other countries around the world on a regular basis. The parts to reconstruct the bombs could be shipped in those. A few parts in each container. Along with the Apple phones and the Italian shoes.”

    “It’s just a thought. But it might be something we consider.”

    The general sipped on his favorite beverage. A quiet settled over the room as the assembled brass considered the proposal.

    • Replies: @SafeNow
  59. Catdog says:

    M777s are being destroyed in Donbass and Polish T-72s were destroyed in Zaphorarhyzira. Not in transit, but on the battlefield. Russia clearly can’t stop the weapon shipments from arriving. They are flying few air missions and only launching 10-14 cruise missiles a day. It’s not enough.

  60. @YetAnotherAnon

    I am sure many more “planeloads of weapons” will continue to arrive at Polish airbases, but, due to the practical difficulties I outlined previously, very little will arrive at the frontline. But that is not the purpose of the exercise. The purpose is threefold.

    Firstly, it is being used to provide credence that the West really is helping Ukraine militarily, on a large scale, and, in America’a case, they really are spending \$40 bn on aid. Secondly, the arms manufacturers can point to the large amount of supplies they sent to justify their profits. Thirdly, it provides cover for the large amounts of money that will be coruptly grabbed by politicos and the like.

    It is a propaganda exercise, comparable to the coverage of the conflict by the Western MSM. Most of them were still saying that Ukraine was winning – at least until recently – and they have gone along with the most absurd pieces of Ukrainian propaganda – remember the “Ghost of Kyiv”, for instance.

  61. @Robert Dolan

    Didn’t you know they’re “special”?

  62. How CNN/Guardian Reporter’s Propaganda Started, And How It’s Going

    Video Link

  63. Just what is this \$40 billion buying and who is it really going to?

  64. SafeNow says:

    That’s the plot of “The Fourth Protocol” by Frederick Forsyth. You could have been a great novelist!

  65. @mulga mumblebrain

    I had always had a live and let live attitude toward gays and would feel the same way now save for this issue because can you tell me who among them(of any prominence) is speaking out or saying essentially the same thing you have said? I haven’t heard any, but maybe I have missed it. They seem to be all on board with this for children. Just look at the way those who speak against this when it comes to children are attacked and the gay/trans community joins right in with it. Now to be fair, I do not have any gay friends, associates etc so my view of their lack of stand against this comes from news sources, including alt media. In the end, I think it would be in their best interest to stand up somewhere in this because what will happen, what is already happening is a blow-back reaction. The pendulum always tends to swing back too far the other way because that is human nature. People who are angry that they are attacked because they don’t want their young pre-teen children being taught this in school and and then they begin resenting, maybe even hating gay adults when they likely may have never felt that way before. One thing is for certain and I have said this to others I know when discussing this issue, both gay and even trans people have been here since long before any of us were born so it is not some newly devised scheme. The difference is that now it appears for all intents and purposes to me to have been weaponized to do harm and those behind it I frankly don’t believe give a damn about gays or trans or any other people. They are out to divide and control. But if none on the gay and/or trans side who are adults speak about that then why would anyone listen to them about anything else and in the end won’t care about their rights either. Hopefully you get my meaning here…

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  66. @meamjojo

    A slightly less-well-known saying is “linking to the NYT and CNN is not ‘evidence in support of an argument‘”.

    Seriously – you and JackD must be neck and neck for Mensch of the Month at the 101st Hasbara Chairborne.

    The contempt in which you hold the Unz audience is palpable: that neither of you think it’s worth bothering to at least put some mental effort into your pilpul is evidence that you think that there are some outright morons who will be convinced by such inartful shilling… alternatively it’s evidence that you think a ‘best use’ of your time is preaching to a non-existent choir, which is just sad.

    It’s not clear to me why you would have invested emotionally in some masturbatory fantasy of a ‘win’ for Country 404 – you don’t seem likely to have forebears that can be traced to some lice-infested shithole in the old Russian-Empire Pale of Settlement (as JackD almost-certainly does).

    The US has been goading Russia – using Country 404 directly – for almost two decades. Now it’s got what it wanted: a Russian reaction – the genuinely-preëmptive incursion into Country 404. The feeding frenzy has just begun, with President [sic] Brandon signing off on another Empire of Lies “package” to be competed over by (((the Usual Suspects))).

    I’m not a particularly sympathetic chap, but I have some small sympathy for the poor peasants in Country 404 who get caught in the space between the СВ and the ВСУ.

    They (the peasants) have been raped (economically) for decades – by the political leadership of Country 404 and its Soviet-era precursors – which is why the per-capita income in Country 404 is under \$4k (and outside of the vermin at the top, is more like \$1.5k). This despite acknowledged natural resources… which (aside from historical kike Russophobia, of long date) is precisely why the parasitic vermin of the Empire of Lies are circling.

    • Agree: Notsofast
  67. Derer says:

    “Russia is Losing”…and Ukrainians are fleeing their liberated country in millions. The names similar to “Freedman” are long discredited for their pathological hatred of Russia.

  68. @Ulf Thorsen

    I’m not in favour of proselytising any sexual orientation at schools. Children just should know that these variants of human behaviour exist and that acceptance is better for all than hatred and ostracism. I am against aggressive trans, gay or straight indoctrination. That is for parents and the school-yard, where, generally, a sturdy tolerance reigns. Where bullying occurs, as it does for innumerable reasons, then teachers will need to promote harmony and acceptance, and explain why kindheartedness is superior to cruelty.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  69. @mulga mumblebrain

    I beg your pardon but why should children in nursery or primary school have confusion sown in their minds with what you call “variants of human behaviour” that are in reality sexual deviances with no bearing whatsoever on their young lives, except to tell them to not accept candies from unknown weird looking humanoids?

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