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Total Doom: Europe to Drain Energy Reserves by February, Totally Collapse
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By bombing those pipes, the United States forced Europe into an energy crisis that is going to destroy their economy.

These people are claiming that they are going to be able to survive the winter, barely. But all of Germany’s industry is going to have to be shut down, which is going to lead the entire continent into a death spiral.

If it were not for the fact that these countries are all democracies, they would be installing leaders that are anti-EU, who would ensure that the states achieve sovereignty and then align themselves with Russia.

There is zero benefit to any European country in staying aligned with the US while the US is literally attacking them and purposefully destroying their economy. But they will remain with the US because they are democracy countries, and in a democracy, you don’t have any choices. The government can just do whatever they want to you.


Europe may limp through the cold winter months with the help of brimming natural gas tanks despite a plunge in deliveries from former top supplier Russia only to enter a deeper energy crisis next year, the head of the International Energy Agency said.

European countries have filled storage tanks to around 90% of their capacity after Russia cut gas supplies in response to Western sanctions imposed over its invasion of Ukraine.

Gas prices, which surged in the months after the war began, have retreated, but that could be short-lived as countries compete to buy liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other alternatives to Russian pipeline deliveries.

To be clear, the US is the one selling the LNG, which is one of the main reasons they bombed Nord Stream.

To help tackle the price pain, the European Union is considering imposing a gas price cap, an issue that has divided the 27-nation bloc as some countries are concerned it could make securing supplies harder.

“With gas storages almost at 90%, Europe will survive the coming winter with just some bruises as long as there are no political or technical surprises,” Fatih Birol, executive director of the Paris-based IEA, told journalists in Finland.

The real challenges will begin in February or March when storage needs to be filled again after high winter demand has drained them to 25%-30%.

“This winter is difficult but next winter may also be very difficult,” Birol said.

Until the Ukraine war broke out in late February, the Nord Stream 1 pipeline beneath the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany was one of western Europe’s main sources of gas.

Nord Stream 1 comprises two separate lines as does Nord Stream 2, which was filled with gas, but never allowed to deliver supplies to Europe as Germany suspended authorisation just before Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24.

Three of the four lines have been disabled by what the West and Russia say was sabotage causing huge leaks and the Danish authorities said the fourth was being depressurised on Tuesday.

Yes, there is still one line that isn’t blown up. There were four squibs, but they bombed one of the pipes twice, apparently by accident (lol).

However, the working line is on NS2, and that was never turned on, and there is no way the US is going to allow them to turn it on now.

President Vladimir Putin on Friday blamed the United States and its allies, allegations rejected by Washington. Russia has condemned what it called “stupid” theories in the West that it sabotaged the pipelines itself in explosions last week.

These are the stupidest theories.

Even if we compare this to some of the stupidest things we’ve seen, including the coronavirus and global warming, it seems much stupider. This is the pattern, of course: the newest stupid thing is always stupider than the last stupid thing.

Before coronavirus, it was the general thought that people would believe dumb nonsense from the government/media because there was no cost. But there was a very high cost to the coronavirus, and people believed it anyway, continuing to refuse to question obviously stupid claims.

That’s really when it changed. Western people weren’t paying the cost for lies before that. But now they are willing to pay a very high price to believe in lies, and they’re apparently just going to keep doing that.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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    National Grid said that in the “unlikely event” of a shortage of gas supplies that some consumers would be without power for “pre-defined periods” during a day to “ensure the overall security and integrity of the electricity system across Great Britain”.

    It said there would have to be reduced electricity imports from Europe and insufficient gas supply to power stations for the planned power cuts to happen.

    National Grid has published a range of scenarios that could occur this winter as it assesses a highly uncertain period for power supplies, amid the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    A senior industry source said: “We’re heading into winter in an unprecedented situation. Even during the cold war, the Soviet Union kept the gas flowing so it’s very unpredictable.”

  2. Alrenous says: • Website

    Demand for tyranny.

    USG was like, “Democratic Man doesn’t demand that much tyranny, surely?”

    Yes, the only reason it wasn’t worse before is because the gay transsexual pedophiles were shocked at how much tyranny Americans wanted.

  3. TG says:

    Hmm… Not sure if Western Europe will really ‘run out’ of energy this winter, but that might not be the main thing. Even if there is plenty of gas, and people are not actually freezing, if the price is extremely high compared to other locations, this will make Western European industry noncompetitive and slowly strangle it to death. Unless of course wages are crushed to compensate for high energy costs…

    And as far as the western elites being crazy, well, maybe. But then why do they keep winning? Why are they getting richer and richer, and more and more powerful? People like Soros and Gates and Zuckerberg and the CEOs of the big Wall Street banks etc., they are doing just fine. What you cite as errors, have ultimately rebounded to their personal benefit (the nation itself be damned). The western elites often use blithering morons as their figureheads – W. Bush, Biden, Pelosi, etc. – but the actual ruling elites are amoral, vicious, and I think a lot smarter than we realize.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  4. Wokechoke says:

    they keep aggrandizing…because we do not assassinate powerful people any longer? in wider history lots of leaders get killed.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
    , @Alrenous
  5. Those images remind CQ’s of my favorite animated Christmas movie Rudolph. I would like to made a special Christmas wish for Germans that their Christmas stockings are filled with coal nuggets and a dozen kegs of Octoberfest brewmeister to keep them warm. The same for Russians and good Europeans caught up with Magic Negroz/Holocaust Survivors/GlobalHomo’s ruling over us.

    • Replies: @true.enough
  6. Wokechoke says:

    Just a thought…where are the large reservoirs of stored gas located anyway? upticks in security ought to be made. By that I mean surface to air missiles at the crucial points in the storage networks.

  7. doctorb says:

    A couple technical points:

    It is possible to send a pipeline pig (industry term, imagine a mechanical cork) through the pipe to isolate the section of pipe that was damaged, and seal the pipe to prevent further seawater entry. Obviously, to limit damage, you’d have to have pigs on both sides of the damage (e.g. the Germans would have to launch one too). I have not seen any indication whether this has been done, though I suppose if one were trying to preserve the option of repairing the pipelines, talking about it might not be a great idea.

    Quite a lot of German and Benelux industry involves continuous flow processes. Shutting down some of that equipment (think of a blast furnace or kiln) can severely damage the equipment itself, because of cracking from changes in temperature, etc. It is quite possible that that sort of industry, once lost, would be rebuilt somewhere with lower labor costs and/or more secure energy supplies, leading to the permanent loss of critical parts of the European industrial ecosystem.

    Prior to the announcement of the gas price caps, the market would have solved this problem – people who *really* needed the gas would have paid for it, to keep their factory from shutting forever. Now with gas allocation becoming a political decision, it’s quite possible that EU officials, whether perfidious or merely incompetent, might cause the permanent destruction of their own heavy industry.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  8. Germany was bombed to rubble and became a world economic power within 10 years.

    I’m sure they are just terrified. January can even get slightly below freezing in Berlin!! Slightly below!

    How about reporting on the needless war that your half-pint dictator started.

    More desertions being reported:

    Russian reporter left speechless on Kherson front:

    The battle of Kherson is coming and we will see if Putin’s home front of randomly grabbed men with rusty AK-47s can stop a trained and experienced military.

    500k Whites could be dead when this is all over and Anglin & Pals will still be rambling about “the Jews” as Russians curse Putin for eternity.

  9. This whole miserable mess is about removing Putin and his administration from office. John “the Walrus” Bolton said it in no uncertain terms that Putin must go. Putin foiled a US attempt at regime change in Syria, and the US cannot tolerate anyone or anything that gets in the way of world domination. Evidently the governments of Europe are just a facade as is ours. There are no Western governments, anarchy is what we have.

  10. Smells like a jewish war is on the horizon. Jewtin, Blumpfstein, Biden, JewXI, all of them are on board. Too many goyims off the plantation.

    • Agree: Kim
  11. Notsofast says:

    i had read on martyanov’s blog, that europe, would have hard time accessing their stored gas supplies without the back pressure from the russian pipelines, can you shed any light on that?

    • Replies: @doctorb
  12. @John Johnson

    I think I see your problem.

    You are getting your news from the same people that told us the Russians stole the 2016 election for Trump, that the mRNA therapies would prevent acquiring and transmitting Covid-19, that face masks worked, that the 2020 election was the fairest and cleanest ever, that Ukraine is a democracy and that the US did not bomb the NS pipelines.

    Try to diversify your news sources. Or maybe you enjoy being lied to. In which case, carry on. Your comments are a great source of humor.

  13. doctorb says:

    I’m not sure about the back pressure from the Russian pipelines specifically, but the entire gas system (storage and transmission) is designed with assumed operating pressures that are fairly high – which necessitates there being quite a lot of gas permanently in the pipes to keep things working properly.
    Being agnostic as to the source of the gas, if they run it too close this winter it’s quite possible they won’t be able to get at some stored gas.

    There’s a fixed physics relationship between the number of molecules of gas, the volume of the container (whether a pipe or underground storage) and the pressure of the gas. If the Europeans start to really run down their gas reserves, pressures will drop. Pressure in turn effects the deliverability of the gas – the lower the pressure, the slower additional molecules come out of storage or the pipeline. The minimum quantity of gas in a system for it to still work properly is the ‘base’ gas, and the rest is the ‘working’ gas. I’ve seen in some publications where they are either ignorant of or ignoring this distinction – in many storage systems, about 1/3 of the gas isn’t really accessible to use, but they’re dividing it into use like the Germans can get at it all.

    Assumptions about pressure sometimes work their way into system design- e.g. if I assume that the pressure of the storage will always exceed that in my transmission line, I might have a big compressor between my source gas (Russia) and my storage, but not between my storage and transmission. Thus when the storage gas pressure can no longer buck the line pressure, the storage stops contributing molecules to the system, even if there’s quite a bit of gas still in storage.

    Many transmission lines have minimum pressures not just for deliverability, but because of safety – e.g., too low a pressure and maybe your water heater pilot light goes out, and the basement slowly fills with gas. That prevents the system operator from just lowering total system pressure to get those last molecules out.

    • Agree: Alrenous, Realist
    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Alrenous
    , @dimples
  14. @John Johnson

    So when the current Ukrainian government is hanged on live television, will you off yourself because you can’t live in a world in which your ZOG narrative is objectively disproven? Or will you behave like the Qult and claim that the opposite of truth is truth and that everything is “going according to plan” with Putin having been “subverted” by a “pro-Ukraine Duma” or something?

    Serious questions. When Western Europe literally has its lights shut off because there’s no fuel, what will you do? Just continue to be paid to spam lies?

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  15. EU, ZOG will muddle thru this winter and probably the next.

    meanwhile, liddle Vlad’s fake and gay war, ‘scuse me,

    “special military operation” in Ukraine

    will also keep sputtering along to nowhere in particular.

  16. Notsofast says:

    thank you good doctor, for this detailed explanation in a nutshell, i learned more from your comment than from the original article and have a much better understanding of the subject.

    • Agree: Voltarde
    • Replies: @Realist
  17. @Tallest Skil

    So when the current Ukrainian government is hanged on live television, will you off yourself because you can’t live in a world in which your ZOG narrative is objectively disproven?

    LOL so is the war now in mop up stage? Russia is going to launch another attack on Kiev? Is that what you believe? With his army of bakers and barbers? Is he going to parachute them on Kiev in the same way he wasted his Spetsnaz?

    I don’t have cable TV and everyone likes my posts regarding race and biology. Funny I don’t get accused of being a Jew when I rip apart egalitarian lies about human evolution. Just because our MSM consonantly lies doesn’t mean some half-pint Slav dictator and his needless war should be defended.

    This isn’t sports. You don’t have to pick a side and then mindlessly cheer like a clapping monkey.

    Try having your own opinions instead of being part of Anglin’s braindead army.

    Serious questions. When Western Europe literally has its lights shut off because there’s no fuel, what will you do?

    Your question was answered in Anglin’s article you jackass:
    “With gas storages almost at 90%, Europe will survive the coming winter with just some bruises as long as there are no political or technical surprises,” Fatih Birol, executive director of the Paris-based IEA, told journalists in Finland.

    Maybe read the article before asking “serious” questions.

    Good lord the B-team Putin cheerleading squad is about as adept as Putin’s new army of conscripts.

    Let Anglin handle the bullshitting. You guys are not good at this.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @gidoutahere
  18. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    If I recall correctly the sorts of sanctions that the EU and US are imposing on themselves and to an extent on Russia, look very similar to the sanctions and irredentist stupidity of 1939- 1940-41. Hitler also launched his wars as a result of de facto sanctions and energy/fuel needs during a period that was characterized by extreme winters. The Oil question was paramount in German policy.

  19. @Wokechoke

    because we do not assassinate powerful people any longer

    This is much truer than people realise.

    The history of Europe from the 1890s to the end of WWI is absolutely full of assassinations of political vermin. There was an assassination about once a month, on average. Political aspirants who advocated for stuff that the polity didn’t want, were literally taking their lives into their own hands.

    There’s even a story from Teddy Roosevelt’s 1912 Presidential campaign where a member of the crowd (John Schrank) shot TR… just the once, mind you.

    Roosevelt called on the crowd to leave Schrank alone (rather than, say, tearing him to pieces) and then TR finished the speech he was giving. The bullet lodged in TR’s pec, and he carried it for the rest of his life.

    That’s genuine GigaChad behaviour. The only non-Chad thing about TR is that he wanted to be a political officeholder, so I’m on the side of anyone who wanted to shoot the cunt.

    Schrank was eventually found not guilty by reason of being a ‘tard, and was committed to the Retard House.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
    , @Kim
  20. Europe is not going to shut down. The continent is hardier than molly coddled Americans, who would die without air conditioning or heat. We will light the fireplaces.

  21. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    There are always surprises.

    “Matthias Buck, Europe director at Agora Energiewende, said Germany needs a 20 to 25% cut in gas use this winter. That includes lowering demand from households – a move he said must be accompanied by more government action to shield low-income households from the surging cost of gas and power.

    Failure to save gas this winter would make it far harder to fill storage for next winter. If that happened and Russia cut flows, next year Europe’s storage could be drained by November, the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies said.”

  22. Anon[321] • Disclaimer says:

    America bombs the pipeline and forces Europe into dependency on American natural gas, which causes gas prices to go up so high they wreck Europe’s economy because Europeans now have to pay unbelievably sky high prices for American gas.

    But if prices for US gas go up sky high, that means they’ll be sky high for Americans too. This will wreck America’s economy in turn.

    Just because he wanted to give Russia the finger, Biden is deliberately trying to wreck the economies of two entire continents. Biden is trying to wipe out the economies that have created Western Civilization.

    Biden and the Democrats definitely own this economic disaster. They caused it through their own deliberate choice.

    To paraphrase Henry II, “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome president?”

    Only reviving the coal and nuclear power industries can save us from disaster. This was certainly not a goal of the Environmental Democrats who voted for Biden, but we’re going to have to do it to keep our economy on its feet.

    • Replies: @true.enough
    , @doctorb
  23. Anonymous[362] • Disclaimer says:

    Medvedev, Russia’s bad cop: “It is useless to appeal to the common sense of our enemies in the West. It is also not necessary. The enemies must be forced (by us) to beg for mercy in the lost economic battle. And we need to complete this battle with their full unconditional capitulation.”

    He should make Biden and Burns bow like fuckin POWs in ‘Nam. He should whip out his dick like the big Turk in Midnight Express and make em suck.

    • LOL: Odyssey
  24. @CelestiaQuesta

    Cultural Note: In Germany finding coal in your Christmas stocking or St. Nicholas Day shoe is a sign that you were a bad child during the previous year.

    How about wishing for a nice bag of coal to be delivered to the house during Christmas week? 😉


  25. @Anon

    A polite correction: “Biden” isn’t doing anything besides wandering around as he searches for the teleprompter.

    • Agree: Realist
  26. doctorb says:

    There’s a significant barrier to the equalization of gas prices between the US and Europe – there is a limited amount of gas liquefaction capacity in North America. TTF gas (European seaborne benchmark) is about $50/mmbtu, vs less than $7/mmbtu benchmark in the US today.

    In the short term, American industry is relatively better positioned than European industry. Gas intensive industry (e.g. nitrogen fertilizer production) is already decamping to the US gulf coast. Some profits will accrue to US energy producers, and quite a lot of profits to those with the liquefaction capacity (including administration insiders).

    In the longer term, the US crippling its (erstwhile?) allies in order to achieve some temporary economic and political advantage is as disastrous a blunder as you might imagine.

    • Agree: Dnought
  27. Chensley says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if an intended consequence of this is to freeze seniors citizens to death as a way of culling them. Covid didn’t wipe them out enough apparently.

  28. Odyssey says:

    Maybe it cannot help much but it could be useful to send a box of cigar lighters to each of our German friends (for eg. they can use them to reheat a can of beans). That way, they will somehow be able to survive the next winter. Happy to send boxes to the first 5 unz German readers who reply to my comment.

  29. I am coming more and more to the belief that this whole catastrophe is the beginning of the globalists’ long awaited Great Culling of the ‘useless eaters’. I see more and more ‘entertainment’ predictive programing a collapse of civilization, and the actions of the Western pathocrats have been SO vicious and deranged, even for them, that one smells the stink of Thanatos (Thanos?) in charge.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  30. @Eugene Norman

    In ‘fly-over’ USA they’ll be OK, with residual community ties and a recent memory of resilience in their favour. In the ‘liberal’ cities I see much fratricidal angst over pronouns, whose lives matter more and whether burning the Warhol prints for warmth is a good idea. Then cannibalism, Birkenhead Drill rules applying.

    • Agree: Realist
    • LOL: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Hunsdon
  31. SafeNow says:

    “It could be useful to send…”

    Seriously…I do worry about the dogs. The people will have their thermal underwear, ski jackets, etc.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  32. @Kratoklastes

    How come all political assassinations suddenly stopped? That means, either the people have suddenly changed their attitude, or the earlier assassinations were committed by a dedicated group which is no longer active. The former is impossible, because it means there is not even one lone mad man left in the society; on the contrary, there are many lone mad men, as shown by the school shootings.

    • Replies: @Peterike
  33. Kim says:

    Don’t overlook the murder of the great reformer Pyotr Stolypin in Kiev by the jew Dmitri Bogrov, supposedly in revenge for Russian “anti-semitism”.

    As I have noted before, could do with an Every.Single.Time button.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  34. Kim says:

    I intend to land in Germany next February with a carry-on bag full of Hershey bars and nylons and really let the good times roll.

  35. Levtraro says:
    @Eugene Norman

    Half of European people live on apartments, the poorer half. In many large metropolis over 80% live in apartments. They cann’t light fireplaces or burn kerosene in portable heaters, they need functional central heating systems.

  36. Richard B says:

    And as far as the western elites being crazy, well, maybe. But then why do they keep winning? Why are they getting richer and richer, and more and more powerful?

    These are pertinent questions and they can be answered. And they should be answered, because they’re not only pertinent, they’re genuinely disturbing. Not just because the elite are crazy, but because the populations they control are either gullible, indifferent, opportunistic, or, in the case of those willing to fight back – powerless to do so.

    I would argue that winning in the case of the hostile elite can be reduced to simply stealing money and grabbing power. And in that case Winning = Pyrrhic Victory. It very well may be. It’s certainly starting to look like that’s the case.

    It’d be useful at this point to call cultural history and human behavior to our aid, so as to look at the elite’s power from the widest possible frame of historical reference while focusing on something none of us can avoid – behavior. The historical perspective can be dispensed with quickly for the sake of time, since this is a comment, not an article, essay or book. And that would be to simply say that the situation of the elite today is unprecedented and therefore more complex and unpredictable than ever.

    The behavioral focus would be on the elite’s response to this state of affairs. In a phrase, I would define their behavioral response to the challenges of attempting to acquire and exercise the power they now have as Radical Oversimplification. The result is a devastating cultural incoherence.

    The explanation for this can be found in the fact that their attempt to impose a social order that is free of control (out of control) and sustained by force, has only increased the uncontrolled exercise of naked power. And it’s exactly that force – constantly applied – that undermines the social institutions their power controls. That’s bad enough.

    But when people begin to recognize this enough to form a critical mass (which is all that’s needed) a culture crisis inevitably breaks out, thereby adding to the complexity. The elite response is, you guessed it, yet more oversimplification. A better example of a vicious cycle would be impossible to imagine. And that is the position we are in today.

    Of course the whole thing is going to blow. For that reason, ironically, those with the best chances of survial will be those who can keep a cool head while operating on the periphery.

    • Replies: @AusYank
  37. Alrenous says: • Website

    Price controls don’t work. Law of Cnut. You can’t crush wages without making the worker unable to afford the expensive energy, for example.

  38. Alrenous says: • Website

    Hillary Clinton.

    Kevin Spacey.

    Alec Baldwin.

    It’s true that assassination is rarer. However, mainly you don’t hear about it because the public faces are just that – merely faces. They exist to give someone for journalists to talk about and thus for voters to think about. You could off Clinton or Soros or Nuland or Zelenskyy and it would mean nothing, like merking Stalin’s gardener. He just hires another, wonders what you’re playing at, and then your family quietly vanishes.

    Motive for Vegas shooting? Bueller? Bueller?
    Nobody with real power shows up in the news – journalists well know better.

    There are enormous numbers of “mysterious” deaths in America, although usually clustered at particular times, e.g. FDR’s reign, e.g. the hippy era. Charles Manson’s neighbourhood had at least two dozen “mysterious” deaths – Manson’s only error was failing to get Foggy Bottom approval before he whacked someone.

  39. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Wade Hampton

    If he wasn’t just lying he could have figured that out himself.

    Not rocket science: “Huh, I wonder if my source is reliable. How can I check?”

    However, you can’t wake up someone pretending to be asleep.

  40. Just a simple comment for those who say “well, the Germans will survive the winter, turn down the thermometer, eat dinner with a ski jacket on etc…” do consider human psychology a little bit.

    While it is true that Germans survived as basement dwellers in the bombed out cities during the immediate post WW2 years, their psychology enabled for them to do so. They realized that they had lost a brutal war, they were thankful it was over (no distant droning of bombers), they were thankful that they had survived and looked forward to rebuilding from the devastation. All positive mind sets.

    Now with the purported austerity due in the coming winter we have a much softer core of people but more importantly people who are aware that their hardships and inconveniences were caused by their effete political class with no compelling ideological glue binding the nation and supposedly for the purposes of supporting a supremely corrupt foreign nation that any half-thinking person wouldn’t give a flying fuck about if they didn’t have the post Covid herd mentality.

    A simplistic example would be if a hurricane removed the roof of your family home, you would scramble about, erect tarps to keep rain out, jerry rig a heating and cooking system all with a positive energy and not stand outside shaking your fist at the sky to no avail. Act of God and all.

    But if your local municipality came by, and with legal fiat removed your roof because it didn’t comply with some ‘climate change’ policy that they themselves had implemented your psychology would be just as determined to act but this time to grab your 870 Wingmaster and go down to City Hall to engage in some impromtu skeet shooting.

    In plain English, a cold and lesser employed Europe with high inflation feeling it literally on their own skin will not be looking at Putin much longer. Their focus will be much closer to home.


    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Disagree: Je Suis Omar Mateen
    • Replies: @Not Important
  41. Wokechoke says:
    @Eugene Norman

    The five story apartment buildings in European cities, like Copenhagen, or Hamburg for example, can’t be heated with naked flames.

  42. Wokechoke says:

    Stolypin’s assassination is one of those wtf moments.

  43. Alrenous says: • Website

    I would design tanks with a piston to deal with the leftover volume. However, I’m a lot more fond of backups than engineers seem to be. You can also do it with a balloon. Insert balloon, inflate balloon, reduce effective volume of tank to 0.
    Hopefully the volume of the transmission pipes is small by comparison.

  44. Hunsdon says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Thank you for the Birkenhead Drill reference!

    To take your chance in the thick of a rush, with firing all about,
    Is nothing so bad when you’ve cover to ‘and, an’ leave an’ likin’ to shout;
    But to stand an’ be still to the Birken’ead drill is a damn tough bullet to chew,
    An’ they done it, the Jollies – ‘Er Majesty’s Jollies – soldier an’ sailor too!
    Their work was done when it ‘adn’t begun; they was younger nor me an’ you;
    Their choice it was plain between drownin’ in ‘eaps an’ bein’ mopped by the screw,
    So they stood an’ was still to the Birken’ead drill, soldier an’ sailor too

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  45. @SafeNow

    “The people will have their thermal underwear, ski jackets, etc.”

    But elderly people need warmth as well as clothing. Poor circulation. They’ll need heated clothes like you can buy for motorcycling, or heated throws to huddle under, footwarmers for their feet .

  46. @Wade Hampton

    He has 4 TV’s on 24/7, CNN, MSNBC, BBC and TSN, he knows everything he needs to know and if they want him to know anything else, they will tell him. Orange man bad, Putin bad, Zelensky good, Biden, Blinken, and Lloyd Austin good, Democrats good, Hunter Biden is a non-drinking, non-drug using, smart businessman who’s faithful to his wife and family, Covid shot is vaccine designed by people who care about you and would never harm you, profits are secondary and Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari are all geniuses who have new and novel ideas about how to run the world, they only care about the welfare of all mankind.

  47. @mulga mumblebrain

    How about this following scenario.

    US + UK keep pushing the EU against Russia and supporting Nazi and fascist elements in the EU until the EuroNazis take over and start doing what Nazis are known for doing. Eventually AUKUS stab the EU in the back and join Russia to crush the EuroNazis. Sure many will be culled in the process, like in WWII,

    This scenario has elements of similarity with what went on before and during WWII. It is already obvious that US is the enemy of the EU in the view of all these sanctions that hurt Europe the most. The UK has already left the EU and is aligning itself closer to the US. Sure, US and UK are for now leading the charge against Russia but perhaps the idea is to push the Europeans into the war to later pull back themselves. In the period that EuroNazis are in power, instead of just marching towards Moscow they use drastic measures to solve some drastic European problems which are later used to shock the US and UK public against the EuroNazi EU and go openly to war against Europe.

  48. @Kim

    You may get robbed and killed at the airport for whatever you have.

  49. @Wokechoke

    Nah. Too costly. Raytheon is supportive of your suggestion, no doubt.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  50. @Timur The Lame

    Nope. They accepted brutal lockdowns, they’ll accept this. Civilization is over. There is no hope.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @Timur The Lame
  51. @John Johnson

    Russia ejected the Nazi tough guys from 20% of the Jew led Ukraine. You might follow your own independent minded credo because you are echoing the MSM horseshit line. Just think, you could become a mercenary for Zelensky and teach those barbers and bakers a lesson two in modern warfare. Let us know how it works out John boy.

  52. Realist says:

    People like Soros and Gates and Zuckerberg and the CEOs of the big Wall Street banks etc., they are doing just fine. What you cite as errors, have ultimately rebounded to their personal benefit (the nation itself be damned). The western elites often use blithering morons as their figureheads – W. Bush, Biden, Pelosi, etc. – but the actual ruling elites are amoral, vicious, and I think a lot smarter than we realize.

    Great observation. While the ruling elites are not geniuses they are smarter than the average citizen, what sets them apart is their total lack of integrity. Nothing means more to them than wealth and power.

  53. Realist says:

    thank you good doctor, for this detailed explanation in a nutshell, i learned more from your comment than from the original article and have a much better understanding of the subject.

    That is what is known as science…that which you are so dismissive of. LOL

  54. Realist says:
    @Eugene Norman

    Europe is not going to shut down. The continent is hardier than molly coddled Americans, who would die without air conditioning or heat. We will light the fireplaces.

    Really??? Where are you going to get wood? If you Europeans had wood…you would not have allowed the US to bugger you in the first place.

    • Replies: @Carroll price
  55. @gidoutahere

    I think he was suggesting that RUSSIA could bomb the nat gas storage depots in Germany. That would not seem to benefit Raytheon. But maybe I mis-read him.

  56. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Not Important

    In other words, East Berlin accepted Communism.

    Now all of Berlin gets to experience Woke Communism. Aren’t they lucky?

  57. Peterike says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    How come all political assassinations suddenly stopped?

    Because the Deep State had achieved its objectives with them.

    there are many lone mad men, as shown by the school shootings.

    The new objective is gun control (gun confiscation, ultimately), and hence now we have “mass shootings” instead of assassinations. Most of these, but not all, are also Deep State projects.

    • Agree: Old Brown Fool
  58. @Not Important

    I would normally tend to agree with you but there is a wild card out there in society with the old analogy that we are 6 meals away from anarchy. This analogy is a very valid one.

    My scenario hints towards people becoming more active when they feel the pain on their own asses, not as something relatively benign such as increased taxes down the road but as seeing your own breath in your living room, eating cheaper foodstuffs day after day and then getting a notice from your work that you are being laid off.

    Now multiply that by a significant % of the population and the anger starts combining with a bit of courage in numbers. Add a dash of desperation in that feeding yourself (or your children) may become a real problem even when the weather becomes warmer.

    I don’t know what “brutal lockdowns” you are referring to but in Western world the Covid scenario was brought in with velvet gloves, generous stipends with minimal vetting (Canada), and some sweet quality time with the family. It was intended to be so.

    Misery and hardship with no light at the end of the tunnel for a dodgy cause is a different kettle of fish. Your own side accentuating it with the pipelines just adds to the anger. I see the possibility of insurrections, which if met with brutality can take on a life of their own. Ideology plays no part. The 1970 Polish food riots come to mind.


  59. @Wokechoke

    Depleted salt mines are a favorite.

  60. It’s the latest panic move to prevent the dollar from losing its reserve currency status.

  61. @Realist

    Germans know a lot about wood and how to use it. How else could they have used it burn millions of Jews on open-air pyres?

    • Thanks: Je Suis Omar Mateen
    • Replies: @Kim
  62. WEF can’t have their “Great Reset” if the Germany’s economy is rescued with Russian gas. Scholz and his posse have Klaus Scwabenstein’s hand so far up their asses that they will never do a deal with Russia. This is one of those rare times when US neocon aims are somewhat aligned with WEF aims.

    The Fed wants to escape the clutches of the WEF by destroying the ECB (the US central bank is owned by the US banks, versus the ECB being its own thing in service to the globalists), so there is some alignment of interests despite the enmity. IOW, its The Empire vs. the WEF. Either way, Germany, the ECB, and the EU economy are toast.

  63. doctorb says:

    99% of it is deep underground. Some is in depleted oil and gas reservoirs, most of the rest in salt caverns. Depleted reservoirs are cheap, but have relatively low instant deliverability. Much of the gas storage in northern Germany is in a salt layer – they drill a well into a layer of prehistoric salt a couple hundred feet thick, circulate warm water to dissolve the salt around the well bore, and thereby create a man made, gas-tight cavern. It’s rather ingenious.

    Attacks on the transmission infrastructure would be much easier than attacks on storage – pipelines are obviously vulnerable, but compressor stations are big, generally above ground, and very difficult to replace. A more subtle and skilled approach could make attacks look like accidents – the Freeport LNG facility in Texas was crippled by an explosion in June, which took 2 bcf/d of liquefaction capacity offline. (That’s a little over a third of what moved through Nordstream 1 at full throttle, for comparison). Freeport still isn’t online (they’re estimating next month) and won’t be at 100% capacity until next spring. I haven’t seen that called anything but an accident in the MSM, but it was certainly an impactful and lucky accident for some.

  64. That’s really when it changed. Western people weren’t paying the cost for lies before that. But now they are willing to pay a very high price to believe in lies, and they’re apparently just going to keep doing that.

    Indeed. The alternative is to wake up – and that’s just too horrible to contemplate.

    Here in Australia, it’s now legal to kill babies at the point of birth. They shove a steel tube into the baby’s head as it is being born, and suck the baby’s brains out – and then chop up and dispose of the now dead baby’s body as “medical waste”, selling various bits off to Big Pharma for many thousands of dollars.

    This is what doctors are doing all across Australia right now.

    But no-one wants to know.

    Australian state governments are now agitating to legalise “post-birth abortions” of infants up to two years of age.

    But no-one wants to know.

    If you’re a Satanic psycopath who wants to ritually sacrifice babies, come to Australia. No-one will bother you, because no-one wants to know.

  65. Neilo says:

    Gas is stored in (natural)underground reservoirs. They are missile-free zones.

  66. Kim says:
    @Carroll price

    They didn’t even have to cure the wood, they just chopped the trees down and burnt the wood green. And it burnt so hot nothing was left, not even bones.

  67. @Kim

    A smart gringo surfer would pack extra Ray-Bans and Playboy magazines, worth their weight in 14k gold, when negotiating with the Policía Federal in Baja, Mexico.

  68. On the positive side, Greta Thunberg is happy.

  69. @Hunsdon

    I preferred ‘Every man for himself’. It is so very Randian, don’t you think?

  70. AusYank says:
    @Richard B

    Obama is a textbook sociopathic narcissist and he *always* overplays his hand. Add in Soros, at end of life, and you have actions with absolutely no regard for consequences. Do we think Nuland and Obama and Langley and Soros even *consulted* Joe and Kamala on this thing? This is the part of empire when the elites absolutely feast on the corpse and sneak away to places like The Caymans with their loot. WesternCiv in its terminal phase can best be understood as a continuing series of taxpayer wallet extraction war schemes, The Cold War, then we had The War on Terra, then we had The War On One Virus, next up is their crowning achievement The War On The Weather. Scams all the way down. Taxpayers have spent $3.8T in “renewables subsidies” in the last 20 years and in that time the share of fossil fuels has moved from 82% all the way to 81%. And they are just getting started, the Basel 4 terms include a capital charge of 1250% for anyone who lends to fossil fuel companies. *All* of the prosperity we enjoy came from the free flow of people, information, and capital: the three things they are working overtime to destroy. I’m working to get arable land with a good water source and a defensible perimeter, as far away from it all as I can possibly stand. Southern hemisphere, so there’s a chance the U-305 laden clouds will eventually peter out up North

  71. dimples says:

    I think pilot lights are designed so that if the pilot flame goes out, the gas to it is cut off by a safety valve. Usually you have to hold a button down with the pilot light lit until a thermocouple heats up, keeping the valve open. At least this sort of arrangement is found in civilized countries, perhaps not in the US where the relevant regulatory agency may be suffering from industry capture.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  72. Alrenous says: • Website

    And what you absolutely don’t want is millions of these safety valves getting tested for manufacturing defects at the same time.

    It’s just an example. That this one feature exists in civilized countries doesn’t mean there are no safety concerns related to low gas pressure.

  73. bert33 says:

    does this mean no more ‘green’ lectures from the EU?

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