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Time for Stephen King’s Plan? Black Murders Old Asian Woman in the Middle of Times Square
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Another black murder that will go unreported. It’s time to implement the King Plan.

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It’s time to implement the Stephen King plan, hardcore.

We need equal coverage of black crime, and we need it now.

These whites are out of control hogging up all the news time, and we need coverage of things like this old Asian woman being slaughtered, randomly, by the blacks.

New York Post:

The New Jersey cancer nurse who was knocked down by a deranged homeless mugger in Times Square died Saturday evening after clinging to life for a day and a half.

“They just pulled the plug on her. she’s gone,” Maria Ambrocio’s brother Carlito texted The Post at 8:28 p.m.

Ambrocio, 58, was walking through Times Square around 1:30 p.m. Friday with friends after accompanying a pal to the Philippines Consulate in Midtown and having lunch before heading home, friends and family said.

It was the same time that cops say Jermaine Foster allegedly went on a crime spree, grabbing a cell phone out of a 29-year-old woman’s hands at West 41st Street and Broadway and then slamming into Ambrocio as he fled. She was rushed to Bellevue with head trauma.

Emilia Cruz, 70, a nurse who worked at Bayonne Medical Center with Ambrocio, said she was walking alongside her as Foster knocked her down.

“There were lots of people and we were trying to maneuver,” Cruz told The Post, adding she saw the suspect being chased.

“I heard a big thump like something hit the concrete and, you know, it was loud so I said ‘Wow, oh My God. What’s that?’ and I looked down and I saw her blouse, I didn’t see the face and I said, ‘Oh my God, Ning,’ I call her Ning,” Cruz said.

“I said ‘Ning, what happened? Wake up,’ and she was out. She was already unconscious. She is not answering me. I keep picking her up. She was frothing from her mouth. And I said, ‘Call 911.’”

Ambrocio’s cousin said she hadn’t seen Ambrocio for nearly two years because of the pandemic and the family was hoping for a happy reunion for the upcoming holidays.

“This is the first time we are seeing her since COVID and this is how we see her? It’s overwhelmingly sad,” she said.

The King Plan states that every time a black person murders someone, it should receive as much media coverage – if not much more – than when a white person murders someone.

It’s a little thing called “equity,” and it’s high time we had it enforced – by law.

That’s why I’m endorsing “King’s Law,” which says that all black crime must get at least as much airtime as white crime.

It’s time that the world learn what these ni— what these oppressed colored people are up to.

We need equality of the races, and that states with equal coverage of crimes committed.

Novelist Stephen King has demanded that crimes committed by blacks get at least as much news coverage as crimes committed by whites.
Novelist Stephen King has demanded that crimes committed by blacks get at least as much news coverage as crimes committed by whites.
(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Trinity says:

    I started reading this Stephen King long ago in the early and mid 1980s while underway on a ship. Admittedly I read just about everything he wrote from the late 1970s until the book 11/22/63 which was published about 10 years or so ago. I have grown to absolutely hate this douchebag though. Last book that he wrote that I purchased was the last book of King’s that I have read. The two last books that I read where “Under The Dome” and 11/22/63, both right up there with “The Stand” and “It.” King, like fellow white traitor trash Bruce Springsteen, is VERY talented by trash is trash. Fuck the hypocrite, he has spent his entire lifetime in one of the Whitest states in America and like most Yankees, the douchebag has another home in Sarasota, Florida IF I am not mistaken. Hey King, take your snowbird ass back to Maine.

  2. anarchyst says:

    Back in the day, enforced segregation as well as “the rope and the tree” were effective deterrents to black criminality.
    Nowadays, we have “black lives matter” and “mutual combat” as well as black school shooters being released on bond.
    Asians detest blacks just as much as aware whites and are not afraid to express their opinions about blacks.

  3. Trinity says:

    Maybe Lin Dinh will comment on this article. I hear he is a big fan of Anglin and Blacks. Lin says that South Africa is a dreamland and that racist White folk are just “pussies” for not wanting to live there.

    • LOL: Pop Warner
  4. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Won’t be done, there’s a narrative to adhere to. Another aspect is that black misbehavior is drab, depressing, repetitive, unimaginative, low-bottom feeding stuff. The great white defendant is usually more interesting, the crimes more complex than the typical black snatch-n-grab style crime. Besides that there’d be little time for anything else if all black crime were to be published on a daily basis. However, the principle itself is a good one just for the sake of keeping it real.

  5. AceDeuce says:

    “I heard a big thump like something hit the concrete and, you know, it was loud so I said ‘Wow, oh My God. What’s that?’ and I looked down and I saw her blouse, I didn’t see the face and I said, ‘Oh my God, Ning,’ I call her Ning,” Cruz said.

    “I said ‘Ning, what happened? Wake up,’ and she was out. She was already unconscious. She is not answering me. I keep picking her up. She was frothing from her mouth. And I said, ‘Call 911.”

    Looks like “Ning” was no match for “Nigg”.

    Sorry to hear about this, but I hope that the rice d!cks give “credit” where credit is actually due–The ghookers get beaten, robbed, and killed by groids, then turn around and talk crap about Whites. The hell with that,

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  6. Bert33 says:

    Be color-blind and don’t mince words. If a person, male, female, rich, poor, foreign, dometic, black/white/asian, hispanic, religious, secular, military, civilian, educated or not, whatever, then present the contents of the blotter report in the paper without censorship or editorialization or censorship. .

  7. Gordo says:

    Don’t hate, separate!

    • Agree: Rob McX
  8. Stephen King meant that he wants murders of blacks, specifically black women, publicised no matter who committed them. I don’t think he cares about murders of others much, or as much.

  9. To think this poor woman came to America to nurse Americans and this is how they repaid her.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  10. Anglin doesn’t do sarcasm very well, but his articles increasingly rely on it. It’s boring and uninteresting. He should cut out what amounts to adolescent gamer-geek snark, and instead do what he does best, which is coming up with logical, serious, creative insights on various topical issues. I wonder, is he having some kind of nervous breakdown?

    • Disagree: Catdog
  11. Boy, I didn’t even recognize that photo of Stephen King, he looks like he’s turning into an old woman!

  12. Unit472 says:

    There is no need to ”publicize’ negro criminality on TV or newspapers ( which no one reads anymore). Word of mouth gets the job done and every ethnic group in America is well aware of where the problem lies. Arab and Indian convenience store owners/workers have been getting beaten/murdered for years by hoodrats. I commented on the murder of two Arabs in a holdup in my local paper and a Arab merchant in Baltimore saw my comment and gave me the data in Baltimore where his store was.

    Asians know who is attacking them and it isn’t whites. All across America a backlash is building just waiting to be let loose which is why the Feds are doing everything they can to keep a lid on anti negro sentiment and throwing the book at any white who shoot a negro jogger. Right now only Latinos have the numbers and street gangs to fight back and negro hoodrats tread warily in those communities.

    Negro criminals have adapted too and the lone negro robber is vanishing being replaced by the flash mob and multiple negro assailants launching attacks. Sooner or later the circumstances will arrive that will allow Americans to once again create Sundown towns and no negro zones backed up by their own local police forces. The Feds can’t be everywhere at once and once juries turn their backs on Federal ”law” and acquit defendants accused of violating civil rights laws what can the DOJ do?

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
    , @Truth
  13. I remember a missing black girl receiving massive media coverage back in the 1980’s.

    Her name was Tawana Brawley.

    Anyone else remember how that turned out?

    • LOL: Trinity, mocissepvis
    • Replies: @dindunuffins
  14. If it bleeds, it leads, apparently.

    The black guy was very likely not deliberately targeting the poor old woman, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Terrible tragedy. He should still fully do the time for the crime, but let’s not blow this into a racist attack where none likely existed. He’s just another young thief who ran and knocked over a old woman in the process, causing her demise. Let’s hope he is charged to the fullest extent of the law. I wouldn’t bet on that, but we can hope he gets what he deserves for such reckless criminal conduct, regardless of skin color.

    As for Stephen King, who cares what he says or thinks? Same for any other ‘celebrity’. King obviously is only concerned that the reporting of crimes against white women are all that the MSM trumpets and not crimes against black women. This is just another demand for racial ‘equity’, but he needs to be careful what he wishes for. We all know the perps in those murders of black women are overwhelmingly black, not white or asian. Thus, by doing what King wants, more of the MSM spotlight would be shone on black on black crime, which would be a good thing to illuminate. Most conservative black leaders would agree.

    • Agree: PJ London
    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
    , @Nancy
  15. Rich says:

    An odd thing about King, he grew up relatively poor and was more of a class warrior than a racialist. At the beginning of the St George Floyd nonsense, he actually made some innocuous pro poor White comments and was almost cancelled. He quickly jumped on the bandwagon, had to protect those book sales. I’m wondering if his comment about putting all black crime on the news isn’t a sideways way to play the same game Anglin is talking about, but King is doing it in a slyer way. Maybe? It would be nice if one or two of these very successful Whites, who came up the hard way, recognized their own people’s struggles and stopped playing the game that all Whites have an easy ride.

  16. @Mustapha Mond

    she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    No she wasn’t. She was walking in the public space of a US city where she was legally entitled to walk. Jermaine Greer was the oxygen thief who was alive in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • Agree: AceDeuce, mocissepvis
    • Thanks: schnellandine
  17. jak says:

    The privilege of black criminals doesn’t happen without the antics of a certain tribe. Perhaps we need more human on jew crime.

  18. Trinity says:

    I wonder if Lil Stevie, no relation to Lil Stevie and fellow white traitor trash of The E Street Band, has a problem with 13% of the population ( well they tell us Blacks only make up 13% of the population, I have heard that one my entire life) being overly represented on the Jewtube. Mr King, have you taken a look at your television set lately and seen how every single commercial and an abundance of television shows are flooded with Negroes? Your friend the other Lil Stevie even made a song about how bad the Negro was treated in South Africa back in the day. Lil Stevie and a bunch of other cuckold rock and rollers joined hands with Black songbirds and sang about boycotting Sun City. Funny, separate restroom facilities pissed off these pampered airheads, but they have no problem with butchering Palestinians or whole White South African families being raped and tortured before being butchered. Yep, Palestinians in muh Israel are the only Brown people that these celebrities have no problem with being tortured and murdered by “white skinned” people. Yep, I betcha Stevie King a wannabe musician wishes he could have made a cameo on “Sun City” which was put out in the Eighties, both Lil Stevies were in their prime and were actually still relevant back then.

    Cue: Either “American Skin (41 shots)” by Brucie Cuckstein or ( I Ain’t Gonna Play) “Sun City” by various artists including Lil Stevie. This type of entertainment shows that super rich borderline homersexual White dudes and their female counterparts are down with social justice.

  19. @Trinity

    King was never a good technical writer, but he had lots of great ideas, so you could overlook the clunky dialogue and cut out characters and focus on the cool and scary story.

    At a certain point, possibly after his wife henpecked him into going sober, he just started cranking out tomes of dreck aimed at middle aged women. So instead of battling a demon or monster, the protagonist was now a female detective hunting down men who were behind on alimony payments.

    And look at him now, he looks like an eighty year old lesbian.

    • LOL: Trinity
  20. Trinity says:

    I volunteer the month of July to be used to highlight all the victims of Black on White violence. Next July the first story would be The Knoxville Horror to kick it off. A whole month were social media and the legacy media would loop THOUSANDS of stories of brutal rapes, horrific torture murders, and assaults committed by Blacks against Whites in America and around the globe. Wonder if King would be on board with that one?

    • Agree: Automatic Slim
  21. Ragno says:

    I know at least ONE murdered Asian about to be covered by national media. No local-story memory hole for Shane van Nguyen!

    However, what good would it serve for the media to broadcast the murder of, say, Chen-Hsyong Yang?:

    None at all. America has heard enough of murderous African-Americans taking out Asian-Americans: anything further can only contribute to a climate of anti-black fear and hatred.

    What we need much more of are stories of sullen and soulless Caucasians killing those same Asian-Americans – in the sense that one of your depravities equals 100 of anyone else’s. And for God’s sake, let’s cue up these stories to run nonstop the closer we get to November 2022.

    That, or make national mail-in voting the law of the land. “America” will settle for either one!

  22. Nancy says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    I agree… thanks for some common sense vs inflammation. Also, the never-ending Petito story is the plot of most movies… the young, attractive, blond girl is endangered, and the torment/rescue begins. It’s obvious that most Americans find this story irrestible; Hollywood and ‘news’ are profit-driven, Termites know this, ergo… we get what we want!

    Plus, it aids in the divide-and-conquer campaign… we must choose our team.

  23. AceDeuce says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Speaking of lesbians, last I heard, one of King’s daughters was in a ghey relationship with a niggro female. They lived down in Fla.–I think on King’s dime.

  24. Nancy says:

    I agree… thanks for some common sense vs inflammation. The never-ending Petito story is the plot of most movies… the young, attractive, blond girl is endangered, and the torment/rescue begins. It’s obvious that most Americans find this story irrestible; Hollywood and ‘news’ are profit-driven, Termites know this, ergo… we get what we want!

    It’s human nature to identify with one’s own ‘tribe’ … guilting for it is not productive of tolerance… likely another Termite angle. We could be smart and not play their ‘divide and conquer’, hate & sneer game, no matter how righteous it feels.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
    , @Getaclue
  25. Currahee says:

    King hasn’t written a word in twenty years. Everything ghosted.

  26. @Nancy

    Strangely, the Gabby Petito story just happened to blow up and occupy the media’s attention at the same time that Biden’s controllers were quietly releasing all the bridge Haitians into the U.S.

    I’m sure it was just a coincidence.

    • Replies: @Nancy
  27. Getaclue says:

    I read his stuff here as to that, I found it hard to believe anyone human would publicly put their name on such a thing — seems he had a good meal there so he was good with the rape, mutilation, and murder of White women farmers and their families….

    As I read his article here, I thought it was going to be some kind of satire or something and at the end he would have some humanity for the murdered…nope, just hunted himself down some good eats in SA so screw those Whiteys — seems he felt their deaths had been “played up”, even found himself supposedly some “White” SA yahoo to say so, or some such according to what I read by him…this is probably what he looked at with satisfaction as he ate his fine meal and let a good burp at the end? Must be quite a guy?:

    • Replies: @Trinity
  28. Getaclue says:

    The audience for all these stations like CNN etc. is white Lib women basically, the type of who hate “White” men and the traditional USA. love CRT etc., they are the targets of this and they like these type stories — that is what is up in this type thing– I actually read a pretty good analysis pointing this out that probably can still be found….

    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @Nancy
  29. Angharad says:

    Get John Hummel, the Soros owned, BLM loving, apparent Lavender Loafers activist from Oregon DA on the job. I know he’s the DA in Oregon – but he has national aspirations. Get him to comment to whit “The oppressed, disadvantaged homeless Negro bashed that Asian septugenarian lady’s head in, in a respectful, complimentary way. He just wanted to touch her hair.”

  30. Alfa158 says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    I could never get through any King novel. Besides the prog politics, they are padded out with too much unnecessary verbiage as if he was being paid by the word in an old pulp magazine. Extraneous yada-yada dialogue, repetition, diversions and descriptions, too many twists, turns and dead-ends.
    A common shortcoming of people like him who have the verbal skill to basically create plot lines, dialog and characters at the same speed at which they can type. Having to occasionally pause and struggle to think about where you’re going with a story or novel has benefits. Robert Silverberg had the sense to use that same faculty but limited himself to writing thousands of short stories and novellas instead of spinning out interminable novels.

  31. Trinity says:

    That clown is a walking or staggering drunk advertisement for no more ungrateful nonwhite refugees being sent to America. WE need to be taking in Whites from South Africa and helping them. I worked at a juice plant in Florida long ago and they had a Laotian invader/immigrant out there who was flown to America, set up in free housing and was sent to “skoo” to become an engineer. “Our” leaders are bending over backwards to help ingrates like this while born and bred Americans go hungry and sleep on the streets. You can see how grateful these ingrates are for being taken care of at Whitey’s expense. They turn on Whitey just as soon as they are finished using Whitey.

  32. SafeNow says:

    Verve; spontaneity; vibrancy; sparkle; zest; fizz; buoyancy; vehemence!

    No, I am not a Harvard admissions officer, writing-up the “Yes! Accept!” report on the guy who got the seat that should have gone to a proficient white or Asian kid. This is indeed the Harvard list, but it is also the list used by others:

    I am the editor, reporter, prosecutor, or HS principal consulting my list of the characteridtics of privileged activities; nothing-to-see-here activities.

  33. @Trinity

    I quit reading any Lin Dinh articles because of the attitude you describe. He also contradicts himself many times. After his article describing South Africa as almost a paradise I will no longer read anything he writes.

    • Agree: Trinity
  34. Angry goy says:

    King isn’t white. He’s Jewish.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  35. @Joe Paluka

    You’re correct. All that money, but he doesn’t have enough intelligence to go and get a face-lift.

  36. @Trinity

    As I understood Linh Dinh’s “whites are pussies” argument it referred to the phenomenon we see in front of us every day of our nations being taken away from us and not doing anything to stop it. True and a something an ally would say, not an enemy.

  37. Not gonna work

    Would need a dedicated channel

  38. Trinity says:
    @Angry goy

    Yeah I always wondered about King. According to (((Wiki))) King was raised a Methodist and his father’s last name was Pollock. Might creep over to Jew or Not A Jew on King. He is a creeping looking mofo, that is no doubt about that one. People who I have suspected might be crypto Jews are Stephen King, Joy Behar, Bill Gates to name just a few. But it looks like none of these Jewy looking creatures are claiming to be kosher as of yet. King? I think he is just a goofy looking backwoods Maine Puritan, but he might as well be a Jew. He definitely acts Jewy. In some of his books you can see where King is a philo-Semite, there is no doubt about that one. He claims he wrote under the Jewy name Richard Bachman because his favorite band was BTO.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  39. Baxter says:

    A little of topic here…I made an effort to read a Stephen King novel-one time. It made sense at the time, I mean, it seems like in the 80s and 90s every book he wrote was turned into a movie. I chose IT, you know, the one with the evil clown. IT was tedious reading. It was badly written in a prose I thought embarrassing for an English speaking writer and audience. And at the end of the story a bunch of pre-pubescent males have an orgy with pre-pubescent female. I think that’s what happened. This isn’t the kind of literature a Thomas Hardy or Lord Byron or even D.H. Lawrence would even wipe their respective butts with. That’s a pretty damning statement when you consider ol’ Lawrence probably indiscriminately wiped and stuck a lot of things in his butt.
    For those who haven’t, but may be interested, in my humble opinion, don’t waste your time and money on King. Shakespeare, of course, is for all time.

    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  40. Trinity says:

    Instant Karma. I remember being in a strip joint that featured (((Nina Hartley))) as the main attraction that night. The crowd was mostly White but in walks a group of maybe 6-7 Black males and they sit a couple of tables away from the stage. Now Nina Hartley had done scenes with Black men on film but I don’t know if the distinguished guests had known that at the time. These Black dudes kept being obnoxious as hell and asking (((Hartley))) if she liked Black men. This had to be 25-30 years ago, so I imagine things are even worse with the TNB in 2021. Seeing as how it was a Jewess porn star and seeing as how these Black dudes were totally clueless about Hartley, I found it all amusing. Ah the karma of promoting race mixing through reel porn meets real life at the Deja Vu. PRICELESS.

    Oh snap, wrong thread, oh well. I wanted this on the Bend Oregon thread.

    • Replies: @Truth
  41. @Trinity

    King and Gates are just nerds that harbor a deep seated resentment of mainstream Whites.

    Has nothing to do with Jews.

    Just watch the movie Carrie. It’s pretty much school shooter type revenge porn. The mom is overly religious and the public school is the enemy.

    Actually just watch the trailer, that is pretty much the movie.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Weaver
  42. @Getaclue

    The audience for all these stations like CNN etc. is white Lib women basically, the type of who hate “White” men and the traditional USA. love CRT etc., they are the targets of this and they like these type stories — that is what is up in this type thing– I actually read a pretty good analysis pointing this out that probably can still be found….

    CNN targets college educated White women that believe the establishment narrative of race being superficial and White men being to blame for everything.

    That is why they have so many homos and mulattos. Liberal White women enjoy getting their news from homosexuals and non-threatening Blacks. They might avoid Blacks like the plague in real life but can go home and feel like a “good White” by spending an hour with Don Lemon.

  43. Trinity says:
    @John Johnson

    Yeah I think you have King nailed on that diagnosis especially, PROBABLY Gates as well. Both are anti-White for sure. Gates gives nonwhites and never goes out of his way to help poor Whites IF he ever helps them between sending money to parasitic niccas. I liked King’s books back in the day, ( a helluva lot of people apparently did judging by book sales), but you can see why he was so well promoted by (((people in the business of buying and selling books.))) He definitely let his anti-White, anti-Christianity, anti-White southerner, and philo-Semitic way of thinking slip through the cracks on several books that he authored. I took it back then as par for the course to get a book published by the (((anti-White book publishers.))) I see it might go a little deeper than that. The guy looks more like a child molester than an old lesbian in the above photo with him eating a banana IMO. haha.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  44. Weaver says:
    @John Johnson

    Gates is into prostitutes – I mean to say, before Epstein, before Microsoft was a success. The guy is wacky. Regardless of how ugly he is, that’s just weird.

    I dunno anything about King. I’d assumed him Jewish, but I guess not. I’m not too familiar with his work. Why is he so successful while others struggle? He could have someone promoting him. Or, he could just be talented.

  45. Truth says:

    These Black dudes kept being obnoxious as hell and asking (((Hartley))) if she liked Black men.

    Yeah, but who got the poon later that night in the hotel, you and Brad from accounting, or Jamal and Tyrone?

  46. Trinity says:

    Hartley IF I remember right looked a bit shaken. Cumming ( no pun intended or disrespect to Jumbo) from a place like San FranSHITco she probably wasn’t used to good ole Florida TNB at its finest. haha. Hartley probably had never seen anything like Crunk, Deshawn, or P-funk.

    Honestly, even by that time, hmm, must have been the mid 1990s or even the late 1990s now that I think about it, Hartley was not all that. As for Hartley leaving with Marcus and “Money B?” Hell, troop, she couldn’t leave the stage fast enough, matter of fact she probably started demanding triple the money to work with groids immediately after ASAP. hehe.

    Welcome to The Sunshine State, take your shoes off, yawl come back now ya hear.

  47. There is likely jew blood somewhere in King’s lineage, since many more talented gentile writers never received (or receive now) the massive push King got. On the other hand, letters in America is a lot like Hollywood: if you kiss the tribe’s ass, and agree to let one of them oleaginous jews rape your daughter, you can get a job – somewhere. But if you are a whip-smart gentile who refuses to fellate anyone in the kosher crowd, you are going to find yourself smeared and the victim of a whisper campaign. Hollywood jews are the swindlers and perverts they accuse all others of being. Psychopaths. But I don’t see Americans doing anything about it. Oh, and Nina Hartley is not that attractive, never was. A kike whore who’d spread her legs for a monkey, as long as she got top dollar. If white Americans don’t wake up to their true enemy, they won’t be around in another 30 years. Yes, things are unravelling that fast.

  48. @Trinity

    Did you watch The Stand miniseries on Paramount+? I enjoyed it but couldn’t help but snicker at how the embodiment of evil takes the form of a handsome White guy in denim. Might as well add a MAGA hat.

    The good guys are of course a motley multi-ethnic group that must work together to defeat mr.denim.

    I usually don’t like anything from King since I don’t care for horror but I did enjoy the series.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  49. Trinity says:
    @John Johnson

    I never seemed to like any movies based on King’s books but admittedly I have to come clean, I probably read maybe 20+ something of his novels and collections from the late 1970s until around 2010. I loved “The Stand” and “It” along with “Firestarter,” “The Shining”, “The Dead Zone,” “The Talisman”, “Black House,” etc. I am busted. haha. I never did read any of “The Dark Tower” series though, couldn’t get into it. Worst books that he made IMO were “The Eyes Of The Dragon” and “Bag Of Bones”, Bag of Bones, I think might have been written at the time that King was hit by a vehicle and suffered some injuries. Also liked “Hearts In Atlantis” which a lot of people who grew up in the Sixties and/or Seventies might enjoy. I say the guy is talented but I hate his politics. Lord knows I contributed to his wealth. Like I say I have to give credit where credit is due and the dude sure pulled in a lot of bestselling books over the years. But like the NFL which I boycotted as well, I no longer contribute to Mr. King’s vast wealth.

  50. Sounds like an hideous accident caused by a psychologically disturbed man, who could have been of any ‘race’. Race hatred is an Evil master.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  51. @Joe Paluka

    I think he needs testosterone injections much more than a face lift.

  52. I am no fan of Stephen King or his “pot boiler books”. But here, I couldn’t agree more.

  53. mjc227 says:

    He is a pathetic piece of elitist trash. Another wealthy lefty with not a clue about reality.

  54. Methinks Steven King and the rest of those old Maine Yankees need a little more cultural enrichment on their doorsteps.


    Those brain damaged do-gooders have been importing Somalians for some time now, but I don’t think they’ve been distributed in meaningful enough numbers in the upper class areas as of yet.

    As the Left always says with regards to racial equity: “Much work remains to be done”.

    This new influx of Haitians is just the ticket to remedy the problem.

  55. @Johnny Smoggins

    sorry but your last line brought back my favorite line from Scarface as Tony says to the Columbia hitman with his brains splatter on the passenger side window “Look at you now, you stupid fuck”

  56. RestiveUs says:
    @Joe Paluka

    I hadn’t seen a picture of King in a long time either. He reminds me of an emaciated Thanos.

  57. RestiveUs says:

    I’ve only read one Stephen King novel, so I can’t fairly pass judgement on all his work. But Cujo read like a screenplay and I came away thinking it had been written with the expectation of being adapted to film.

  58. Very fitting.Very fitting indeed. Stephen Kang has a banana in his hand. He must be sitting down with Obozo and peeling it for him. They must be having a conversation or something.

  59. Trinity says:

    In all fairness in regards to King’s appearance, he is 74 years old. Of course, he was a strange and goofy looking guy even when he was young. And while King was never a buff type of guy, always nerdy and not a muscle on his body, he seemed to become really frail after his accident. I have noticed that a lot of these aging men from back in the day are looking like old hags nowadays. Rockers like Paul McCartney and Steven Tyler, like King, look like a couple of gin soaked hags who sit around and “tawlk” over a couple of highballs each afternoon. At least King is going with the natural look and not getting some ridiculous dye job or trying to dress up like Steven Tyler who like King is in his Seventies.

    King is smart enough to know racial realities and the JQ as well. One would think at the age of 74 someone like King would get tired of all the bullshit and start speaking the truth, especially when he sees how the Jew and his minions are trying to destroy people who look like King. Alright, not many Whites look as creepy as a 74 year old King or even a 34 year old King but you get the point. The older a person gets, generally the more honest that person becomes and the more that person won’t hold back their true feelings. This appears not to be the case with an elderly King who appears even more cuckold than the younger King and that is saying a lot.

    In the year 2021, anyone who can’t recognize that Jews and their POC WMD minions are not out to destroy Whites and their culture are only in the dark because they are either cowards or they just don’t want to lose their \$ocial status in Jew world.

    Cue: Dude Looks Like A Lady by Aerosmith

  60. @Commentator Mike

    Unfortunately, “Americans” include Niggroes. Lots of Niggroes. Althought not a majority, enough to make your existence a living hell if you should (choose to) live in the “wrong” part of the country. It’s a shame that more foreigners don’t grok this.

  61. @Unit472

    Once again, Niggroes only ever “chimp out” in areas where they are either a numerical majority or a sizeable minority with political power. Notice how Salt Lake City, Boise, and Cheyenne have yet to witness a single day of Niggroe wilding. Niggroes know that these are localities in which they’ll quickly be turned into buzzard feed should they go feral.

  62. @Truth

    Yeah, but who got the poon later that night in the hotel, you and Brad from accounting, or Jamal and Tyrone?

    Only Tyrone would want (or deserves) “poon” from a washed-up skank-ho like Hartley. Self-respecting white men don’t go anywhere near that thang for fear of catching something terminal. Especially after Tyrone has been inside of it.

    • Replies: @Truth
  63. @Joe Paluka

    “Stephen King, he looks like he’s turning into an old woman!”

    The old woman sitting alone in Norman Bates’ fruit cellar.

  64. @Truth

    “the poon later that night”

    To whichever color got the poon my condolences.

  65. El Dato says:

    “Studies Show”

    In San Francisco, District Attorney Chesa Boudin is fending off conservative-funded recall efforts that want to replace him with someone who champions a more punitive approach to policing.

    What is the world coming to!

  66. Truth says:

    Asians know who is attacking them and it isn’t whites.

    Are you sure?

  67. Truth says:

    Oh, so I’m guessing all of her fans were black as well?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  68. Trinity says:

    Hartley was nice back in the 1980s but aged badly. She is only a couple of years older than me but she looked ragged by the mid to late 1990s whenever I saw her. And I saw her close up. My friend walked over and had a 5 dollar picture done with her and he convinced her to walk up to the table I was sitting at the time. I felt a pair of hands go around my eyes from the back and turned around and there was Ms. Hartley in the flesh. She was not all that by then, believe me. She was born in 1959 so she wasn’t even 50 yet, late 40s at the oldest but she was not anywhere near what she was during the 1980s. A 1984-85 Nina ON THE SCREEN with that arse gets a 9 for the body but only a 7 for the face. A 1996-1998 Nina live and up close in the flesh received a 6.5 for the body and a 5 for the face. REEL never equals REAL. MOST White guys won’t go near any White woman who has slept with a Negro no matter how attractive the White woman happens to be, now Nina is a Jew, and has probably slept with thousands of men and women over the years, that alone is enough to keep any decent White man away. Who the hell wants to bed a woman who has had sex with hundreds of males if not thousands of males.

    I was definitely not there to seen Nina Hartley. MOST of the regular dancers looked far better than Hartley who was at the time old enough to be most of the dancer’s mom. IF not for being a “name,” Hartley would have never been even good enough to work at this club much less been a featured act. She would have been just a run of the mill stripper even in her prime at this club.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  69. Trinity says:

    Oops. My bad, Hartley was even younger in the mid to late 1990s. IF it was 1996 to 1998 that meant she was 35 to 37 instead of her late 40s. Hell, she looked at least 45 years old than her late 30s that night. I would hate to see her now at 62 if she was already slipping that much in her late 30s. Imagine without the makeup and her first thing in the morning. I mean a strip club is dark and hides a lot of flaws. That is why chicks used to always want to leave the club before closing time and when the lights came on. hehe.

  70. Nancy says:

    Could you please be so kind as to share a link? a clue? a searchable name, source, title, etc….. anything at all to support your pontifical assertions? TIA

  71. Nancy says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Of course, a ‘coincidence’… unless FDR was right when he said nothing in politics happens by accident. : )

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  72. Derer says:

    Lucky for the wild black criminal…she is not a lesbian, otherwise hate crime charges – pathetic society.

  73. @Nancy

    I believe almost all of the presidents, left messages to the public explaining “how things really are” at the swamp. You just have to be alert to them. Whether it’s Roosevelts comment, or “Eisenhower’s military industrial complex”, or Kennedy’s on “secret societies”, and the media’s involvement”,etc.

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