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There Is Nothing Interesting in the Fauci Emails
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“Maybe he’s wondering why you would give a man a harmless virus before injecting him with a deadly vaccine?

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A collection of Anthony Fauci’s emails were released this week after a Freedom of Information Act request from BuzzFeed. There is nothing really of too much import in the emails, and it is clearly intended to be some kind of distraction.

Conservatives are pointing to the fact that Fauci told a colleague in February to not wear a mask because the virus can pass through a mask.

This is the same thing that Fauci was saying publicly at the time.

They’re also pointing to Fauci being congratulated by Peter Daszak for saying the virus was from bats.

Again: this is the same thing Fauci was saying publicly at the time.

With that second one, there is a suggestion of conflicts of interest, given that Daszak was involved in the funding of the Wuhan lab, but this proves nothing.

The usual suspects are going nuts over this on Twitter.

hose are the two usual suspects – Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec.

Respectfully to both of them, they clearly got on-board some kind of program in 2017 to push a straight narrative. All either of them do is go on Twitter and post nonstop narrative. Neither of them ever posts any type of original idea or any thought different from a central right-wing “cuckservative” type narrative, presumably developed by the Mercers.

Those two are not really my target and not important to anything in particular. I don’t think they’re directly involved in a conspiracy of any kind, I think they just shill a narrative for money and presumably to prevent getting kicked off Twitter (which would cost them a lot of money). The narrative is sometimes right and sometimes isn’t, but it is an inane driving narrative. The notable point is that this is a part of a narrative – the same narrative that Cernovich and Posobiec, along with the likes of Sean Hannity, Breitbart News and Turing Point USA, pushed throughout the Trump era, which resulted in him getting very little done and then having the election stolen from him.

Even if this narrative was formed in good faith, it is clearly broken. If it wasn’t broken, then Trump’s presidency would not have been such a disaster. Trump didn’t know what he was doing really, and he looked to these narrative-drones for his own narrative and that narrative failed him. His instincts were always right, but he always got pulled back onto this narrative and ended up drowning in it.

Besides myself and Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson was the only person during the Trump years who was bucking the narrative. It was always sad when Trump would watch Tucker Carlson and tweet something out, and then be veered back onto the narrative. But he was surrounded by these people. That will be how history records Donald Trump’s presidency: the story of a well-meaning orange man who got sucked into the weird narrative of a bunch of scumbags. Yes, he was still fighting the swamp, but if he’d had the support of a consistent narrative that made sense, he would have been able to take positions and hold them. Instead, he was forced to oscillate back and forth.

(Paul Joseph Watson AKA “Pauly Double-Names” also pushed this narrative for years. I think of him as one of the “Three Droning Musketeers” with Cernovich and Posobiec, just marching nonstop tinnitus-like narrative across Twitter. However, after the election hoax and harassment from one prominent anti-tranny publication, he seems to have given up on it. He’s supported Nick Fuentes and he recently bucked the entire narrative on Israel. Whatever – it’s likely that these people aren’t even paid, they’re just told what will and won’t get them kicked off of Twitter, and Double-Names decides to risk it sometimes while the other two stay in line.)

Lauren Boebert, the female Congressperson with the guns, is pushing the narrative, part of which is a new meme to rival Metal Gear: “Democrats are the real science-deniers.”

That is what these narrative agents come up with in their narrative lab: “no I’m not, you are.” They got called racists, so they said the Democrats are the real racists, ending up in a position where they had to fight against racism. Now they’re called science deniers, so they embrace the lab coats. Because the left controls academia, and they are therefore the arbitrators of moral authority – saying something like “common sense over expert analysis” might resonate with the people, but it would be dismissed as uneducated trailer park talk – and that would hurt Lauren Boebert’s feelings.

This “email bombshell,” courtesy of the government in collaboration with BuzzFeed, is linked to this current Republican narrative that the virus is from a Wuhan lab, where it was genetically-engineered by the Chinese. Other emails that discuss “gain of function,” the Wuhan lab, and related terms are being posted.

Obviously, this is part of an agenda to drum up hatred for China as part of a larger war effort. That is just dumbly obvious, and it is why it is front and center of the narrative.

Most importantly: they’ve gotten Republicans to come back around to caring about the virus, and claiming that “so many people died.” In fact, no one died who wasn’t already going to die of something else. Deaths from the flu, as well as heart attacks, obesity-related deaths, and even things such as car crashes and gun shots were re-classified as “coronavirus deaths.” This was admitted in an official publication of Johns Hopkins University, the leading medical authority in America, which went through the numbers and showed that at the supposed peak of the virus in spring of 2020, there were no new deaths. What this implies, straightforwardly, is that there was never a new virus.

There are supposedly thousands of other viruses just laying around everywhere. Furthermore, the common cold is a coronavirus, and causes the exact same symptoms that are reported by the average “symptomatic” coronavirus infectee. As per the CDC website:

What they have likely done is simply identify a cold virus that already existed but had not been identified, and then went on to claim that there was a new virus. There is no other way that I can think of that there would not be any new deaths (other than if they released a harmless virus from a lab, which is a totally unnecessary extra step).

Donald Trump eventually accepted the claims of the existence of a new virus, after having accurately claimed that it was just the flu. He then for whichever reason spread the theory (now hypothesis) that the virus was a bioweapon made in a lab by Chinese communists. At the time, the media dismissed this as “fake news,” but now they’ve come around to agreeing with it. What this does is allow Republicans to feel as though they’ve been vindicated – “the media was forced to admit it!” they say.

But who forced the media to admit it?

The media did not “admit” anything – they just changed what they were saying, at the same time that the government was changing what they were saying. All them changing their narrative did was get Republicans to again be invested in the concept of a deadly virus so they could do a “gotcha” on the media and the Democrats.

It is schizophrenic, what these people are doing: they are saying that the virus was not really a big deal, or an exaggeration of the flu, then at the same time they are saying it is a deadly plague released by the Chinese. Both those things can’t be true. But if you wanted someone to believe in a virus, you would use their own beliefs to get them to believe in that virus. That is what this “Wuhan Lab Hypothesis” is – manipulating people to believe in the virus based on the kinds of things they want to believe.

Obviously, at this point they understand the way right-wing people think in terms of these conspiracies, so they can tailor-make them for distribution to right-wing audiences – and the media figures spreading them don’t even know it.

The goal is to distract people from the fact that this is all a massive hoax. It has nothing to do with China, and nothing to do with a virus. This entire “pandemic” charade was invented by the elite for the purpose of harming society, convincing people to surrender their civil rights, taking people’s jobs away, and transferring massive wealth from the middle class to the elite.

If we believe it is a Wuhan lab virus, then this still remains a coincidence:

If you believe those two headlines are a coincidence, you are foolish and have no idea what is going on.

Just to be clear: I was talking about the fact that the government was planning to pick up on this “Lab Leak Hypothesis” back in April of 2020.

You can also see there that I had already asserted at that time that the virus was a hoax, and just a rebranding of the flu and other respiratory diseases. I also note in that article something that I had forgotten: China did not immediately lock down Wuhan, and actually said there was no problem as the supposed virus was spreading – then they briefly closed off Wuhan, before eventually deciding the virus was not really a problem and opening the city back up. If they had believed it was from a lab, they would have immediately locked down the city.

In these two emails that are being highlighted as “outing” Fauci, the story is consistent with what Fauci was saying at the time he wrote the emails. He later changed his position on masks, and he has in recent weeks changed his position on the origins of the virus. What this looks like is that someone tells Fauci what to say, and then he repeats what he is told to say consistently, in both public and private. Whenever he is asked why he is saying whatever it is he is saying, he just says “because science.”

The question shouldn’t be: “what is the secret of these emails the government gave to BuzzFeed?”

Instead, the question should be: “who is telling Fauci what to say, and why?”

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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