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The US Is Considering Whether to Call Russians “Terrorists” Because They Invaded a Country
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This is just goofy.

“Is this war terrorism???”

I think the words “war” and “terrorism” have two different meanings, and I don’t really see why any adult would agree to conflate the terminology for political reasons. Words should have definitions.

“State sponsor of terrorism” is often a canard, but it is often used in connection to Iran sending money to Hamas. It could more accurately be used to describe the US training and funding the various terrorist groups that operate throughout the Middle East.

There is no such thing as a “terrorist army.” “Terrorism” is a type of asymmetrical warfare, using random acts of violence against soft targets to instill fear in a population that it doesn’t have the manpower or firepower to take on directly, and the definition would usually but not always include “ideology” (most often political Islam, then secondarily communism – though there are also forms of ethnic minority terrorism that is not explicitly ideological).

What is happening in the Ukraine is conventional warfare. The Ukraine is committing various atrocities, sometimes as false flags and sometimes for the purpose of creating fear, but I would not call any of the war crimes the Ukraine has committed “terrorism.” Last month, I spammed the videos of the Ukraine people firing US missiles into random apartment buildings. This is obviously a violent attack on a soft target for the purpose of instilling fear in the population, but it is not “terrorism” because it takes place in the context of conventional warfare, and does not have an explicit aim beyond the broader context of the conflict.

They are considering using the word “terrorism” wrongly because the word has negative connotations. They are not considering accusing the Russians of being “guerrilla fighters” or “partisans” or any other incorrect martial designation. It would be kind of funny if they accused them of “forming a confederacy.” Because you know – the confederacy was for slavery, and what Russia is doing to the Ukraine is so bad, it’s kind of like slavery against Ukraine democracy.

Note that the US has also done the reverse of this, claiming that the foreign mercenaries fighting in the Ukraine were “lawful combatants.” The term “mercenary” has an accepted definition in the Geneva conventions (and long before that), and Russia is using it correctly. But Antony Blinken was like “nuh-uh.”

Accusations of “war crimes” are a lie, but they are at least possible. The Ukraine is committing war crimes. Again, it’s a term that has a definition, and purposefully attacking non-combatants and using human shields are both “war crimes.” Torturing POWs is also a war crime. Ukraine may manage to commit all of the war crimes. But in order to be “state sponsors of terrorism,” they would have to do something such as pay someone to bomb a train in Moscow. (I’ve been legitimately surprised that the US hasn’t activated any of the Chechens that they trained in Syria with ISIS to do terrorism inside of Russia – but until they do that, I’m not going to accuse the Ukraine of terrorism, because it is important to me that words have definitions.)

Convening a council to decide whether to call Russians “terrorists” is like if office workers convened a council to decide whether or not to call a rude Turkish co-worker a “nigger.”

“He’s not black, but you know, we really don’t like this guy, and he’s not white and not being white is kind of like being a nigger, and we really think he’s not a good guy, so we need to decide if we should call him a nigger.”


The US is considering the matter of recognizing Russia as “a state sponsor of terrorism,” US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink has said, emphasizing that the issue must be carefully analyzed from a legal point of view.

“With regard to designation as a state sponsor of terrorism, this is something we are looking at and reviewing. Any such designation requires a careful review in accordance to our own laws,” she said.

In a Sunday interview with Radio Liberty, Brink also emphasized that the US is already using all available means to keep pressure on Russia, including the ones normally applying to state sponsors of terrorism. She promised that Joe Biden’s administration will “continue to hold Russia to account” in accordance with US law.

The envoy echoed remarks made in April by US State Department spokesman Ned Price, that the government was looking into the potential steps it could take against Moscow and noted that already-imposed anti-Russia sanctions are the same steps that “would be entailed by the designation of a state sponsor of terrorism.”

Countries daubed with this status – currently Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria – are subject to harsh sanctions.

Russia, though not on the list, has already become the most sanctioned country in the world, amid its military offensive in Ukraine.

Over the last months, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has been regularly urging his country’s allies to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, citing atrocities against civilians allegedly committed by Russian forces (Moscow vehemently denies these claims).

Earlier this month, he welcomed the initiative of US senators Richard Blumenthal and Lindsey Graham to introduce a Senate resolution directing Secretary of State Antony Blinken to designate Russia with this status.

Just in case anyone is keeping track here – Zelensky, Blumenthal, and Blinken are all Jewish. That is 75% of the people mentioned in that paragraph.

Lindsey Graham is a homosexual who has claimed that America’s only purpose for existing is to support Israel.

This image is not photoshopped:

The single non-Jew in that paragraph went to Israel and took a photograph with the president of Israel demanding that the American taxpayer send more free money to Israel.

Israel is a developed country with a per capita GDP on par with Japan and most European countries.

(Note that Puerto Rico, which is owned by America, has a significantly lower income level than Israel, as does Poland, which borders Russia, which I would assume is viewed as a bigger threat to American global hegemony than Syria.)

It has never been explained why we send this money to Israel. The explanations given are always very flimsy, and fall apart immediately when questioned, and we are told by people like Lindsey Graham and Dan Crenshaw that we are not allowed to question them because it is evil to ask why the Jews are getting free money (it is insinuated that it is evil to question Jews because they were allegedly gassed to death in homicidal delousing chambers with wooden doors). Of course, the actual reason Americans send Israel all of this money is that the American government is run by Jews. We call this a “Zionist Occupation Government.”

A similar dynamic is developing with the Ukraine, where the US commitment to the country is shrouded in mystery, and you are accused of being unpatriotic if you don’t support the Ukraine. It’s not clear why Americans would be expected to have patriotism for a country that is not America, or that patriotism for a foreign country is a valid concept at all. Obviously, the actual reason that the American taxpayer is expected support the Ukraine is that the American government is run by Jews.

Given what support for the Ukraine has entailed – cutting off Russia from the Western economy and causing the cost of energy to skyrocket – this is costing much more than Israel ever did. Even if you consider that the wars in Iraq and Syria were types of “foreign aid to Israel,” this Ukraine project is going to be more expensive.

The explanation there is: Jews hate Russians more than they hate Arabs.


I actually thought it was really dumb when some boomers called the Waukesha, Wisconsin attack on the Christmas parade “anti-white terrorism.” (For those who don’t recall, that was when a black guy drove his truck into a parade of white people and killed several kids and old people.) It wasn’t terrorism because there was no political or ideological goal. He was just a black guy who hated white people.

If you call that “terrorism,” then all of a sudden any right-wing kook who shoots up black people is a terrorist. The only right-wing acts of violence that could be legitimately called “terrorism” would be the Christchurch attack on the mosque by Brenton Tarrant. He was the only person who said, specifically, “I am doing this for X purpose.” In that case, it was that he wanted Moslems to leave white countries. However, it was also a revenge attack. Anyway, it was also the only one that happened to be sympathetic, with boomers in Breitbart comments sections getting mass-censored for saying “well they do it to us all the time!!!!”

The Waukesha car-killing was an analog to the Dylann Roof shooting, where it’s just a person with problems who doesn’t like people of the opposite race but has no clear political ends. The only real thinking is “f these people!”

I would call the Waukesha attack an “anti-white spree killing.”

I think it’s important that words have meaning, because if you remove the meaning of words, you can’t have a conversation about anything, because no one knows what anyone is talking about.

It’s like calling the Ukraine a democracy and claiming we are fighting a war to save democracy, even though the Ukraine has none of the elements that define a democracy in terms of the dictionary definition.

This whole “words have meaning” thing is something I feel very strongly about and which should really be discussed more.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Jim H says:

    ‘They are considering using the word “terrorism” wrongly because the word has negative connotations.’ — A Anglin

    Precisely. It’s the same way that ‘antisemite’ has been degraded into merely a casual term of abuse, like ‘dipshit’ or ‘moron.’

    Most hostile deployments of the A-word have zero to do with prejudice against Semites, a group which includes Arabs.

    In terms of the now-lost original sense of ‘antisemite,’ Israel’s six-decade occupation of Palestine is the worst antisemitic pogrom on earth.

    Defining Russia as a sponsor of terrorism because of the Ukraine conflict would represent yet another gross degradation of language.

    When legal definitions are maliciously twisted into meaninglessness, the rule of law is over.

  2. Franz says:

    I actually thought it was really dumb when some boomers called the Waukesha, Wisconsin attack on the Christmas parade “anti-white terrorism.”

    This is sad, Andrew.

    It surely WAS terror for the folks hit by the truck.

    Same way is being on the wrong side of a mortar barrage is “terror” if it’s you.

    Terror and war are equivalent for the large number of people who don’t initiate it and for the poor souls who are wounded and maimed for life because of it.

    False equivalence here.

  3. The United States government classifying Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism would be one of the biggest examples of projection in recent history.

  4. WATTBA says:

    At this point no-one cares in Earth what the Empire of Lies (and its evil baby-beast) has to say about pretty much… anything.

  5. Slightly OT, but a better picture to capture the relationship between the United States and Israel than the one you have of Bibi with Lady G holding a sign demanding more US taxpayer dollars for Israel would be one of both men with trousers down and Lady G bent over and smiling, as Bibi mounts him from behind.

  6. If droning funerals and wedding parties half-way round the world isn’t state terrorism, what the hell is?

  7. Athena says:

    Since 2014, US-Nato and friends (UK and Canada) attacked, killed, tortured, and bombed more than 10 000 russophone civilians in Ukraine. THEY STARTED the war in 2014..

    The US, Canada, and UK have created and fueled a civil war in Ukraine since 2014.

    In 2014, ex-CIA agent Susan Lindauer posted pictures of the massacre sponsored by US-backed coup in Ukraine (2014), ie people burnt alive on her Facebook page. Many people saw them.


    Odessa inhabitants massacred by the US-backed Ukronazis: May 2014, Odessa:

    How the thugs killed Odessa inhabitants in the Trade Unions House – the details of bloody scenario :

    (Warning, graphics:)

    People attacked and burned to the bones by the Right Sector thugs

    Firefighters only appeared when massive entrance doors were burned through.
    The number of killed people can be as high as 300. Most of people, especially children and women, were hashed with axes and clubbed to death with wooden sticks in the basement of the Trade Unions House.”

    ”From where has the barricade appeared? It was built by the Right Sector thugs in order to lock people trying to save themselves on the above floors”

    This man was shot in the head. Judging from clearly visible blood puddle, the murderer fired at point-blank so the bullet passed through the skull.

    Dead woman near the elevator with clothes absent below her waist. Most likely, she was raped, then doused with a flammable mixture and set aflame.

    The same picture again: burnt heads, hands and shoulders, lower body untouched by fire.

    The scariest picture. Most likely it is a pregnant woman, who was one of the employees working on holidays, cleaning offices and watering flowers. She was strangled by an electric wire. She tried to resist – one can see discarded flower on the floor.

    ”Note: according to one of the main versions of what happened on May 2 in Odessa, the Right Sector thugs performed a false flag operation. They put St. George’s Ribbons (symbols of anti-Maidan federalism supporters) and organized violent provocation against Maidan supporters (i.e. against their own allies), in order to later blame federalism supporters and make them look responsible for death of many people.”

    • Agree: acementhead
    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
  8. Athena says:

    Mrs Anne-Laure Bonnel made the film below using photos she collected since 2014, which the US-UK-Canada-French media REFUSE to show.

    In her film, she explains that US-Nato has massacred russophone Ukrainians (more than 10 000 killed) since 2014. As she explains, russophone Ukrainians were

    – forced to live in their basements
    – not allowed to speak their mother language (Russian)
    – their children not allowed to go to school or kindergarten
    – not allowed to work anymore
    – pension funds robbed from older peoples.

    When the film begins, you can hear US-backed Poroshenko hurling that russophone Ukrainians should be treated as indicated above.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  9. Jim H says:

    ‘Terror and war are equivalent …’ — Franz

    No. War is legal under defined circumstances, such as (in the US) when declared by Congress.

    The Geneva Conventions regulate the conduct of armed conflict.

    By contrast, terrorism is never legal, under any circumstances, anywhere.

    ‘Pelosi to Blinken: Label Russia as terrorist state, or else Congress will’ — Politico

    Is that you, Nancy?

    • Replies: @Franz
    , @Donald A Thomson
  10. Hitmarck says:

    What again was build on Peter/Stone?

    • Replies: @gay troll
  11. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The ((Jews)) who terrorized and killed thousands of ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukrainee for years, for the crime of speaking Russian, are the true terrorists who started this war.

    Prior to that, they did to Russian Christians under ((Bolshevism)) the “Holocaust” that they then claimed was perpetrated against them. But because Putin was a Soviet made man, he can’t say it.

    NEVER buy into murderous ((Jew)) grifts like the “Holocaust” and the official 9/11 narrative. You’ll spend eternity regretting it. And if your church or secular association gives in and starts aping the ((Jewish)) lies and the corrupt pretexts, and demands their adherents fall into line… then quit and start your own that won’t adhere to ((Jew)) lies.

    Eventually we’ll turn this thing around and squeeze the Satanists out of civil society, and Satanism out of the world. But there ain’t no room for the hopeless sinner in the paradise to come. He’ll have to flee into hell and live with his slavedriving master, because he’s a stupid, soulless jackass who tried to enslave the world, and so will be rendered a beast of burden.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin, USGrant, W
    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  12. @Athena

    ‘Right Sector’ killers get most of the blame for the Odessa massacre, which was classic state ‘counter-insurgency terror’ to snuff out opposition to Kiev. Para-military thugs also stormed into Mariupol, to prevent it’s loss to the anti-Kiev rebels. This was mainly associated with the brutal Azov battalion.

    Kiev was short on professional soldiers at the time (2014). Interestingly, they say the Ukrainian special forces, formerly Ukrainian spetnaz, were instrumental to thwarting rebel gains, but little is known about whether they were directing the Right Sector mobs, or had a working relationship with the paramilitaries. It seems likely.

    If so, then NATO and the CIA ground branch are connected by one degree of separation to the Odessa massacre, as they were already forging what were to become deep ties to the Ukraine special forces command.

    • Thanks: Not you
  13. @Kolya Krassotkin

    I have to admit: that image is easily called to mind. It’s the kind of thing one imagines Little Lindsay hopes for.

  14. @Franz

    terrorism, the calculated use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective.

    —Encyclopedia Brittanica

    It wasn’t terrorism because there was no political or ideological goal. He was just a black guy who hated white people.

    —remainder of Anglin’s statement

    What’s your argument?

    • Replies: @ADL Pyramid of Hate
  15. Realist says:

    The US Is Considering Whether to Call Russians “Terrorists” Because They Invaded a Country

    No one does it better than US.

  16. When the western powers exhaust all desirable goodies to exchange for captured mercenaries a lot of people are going to be surprised when the remainder gets the firing squad. The final tally on justly executed Americans, British, and Israelis is going to be interesting.

  17. Exile says:

    Definitions don’t matter to AA when it comes to smearing rivals. He’s talking about TRS’s messaging re: Waukesha, not “some Boomers.”

  18. Alrenous says: • Website

    The Founding Fathers Mothers were terrorists. America is a terrorist country.

    Of course devils will claim to be angels, and will claim that angels are devils.
    Of course voters will immediately get on board with these claims. Being bamboozled is what the electorate is for.

  19. There is no such thing as a terrorist. That’s just a made up word they (the rulers) apply to people they don’t like. After they call you a terrorist they can kill you with no questions asked. That’s the rule. It’s a rules based system.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @Athena
  20. Anonymous[252] • Disclaimer says:

    Anglin misses the point. The reason to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism is to make targets inside Russia valid for consideration under the continuing AUMF.

    In other words, this is the US considering whether to start a direct kinetic war with Russia, while trying to pretend it isn’t doing so.

  21. Alrenous says: • Website

    Words have meanings? Let x = 9. Let x = 42. Words are logic, which is a branch of mathematics.

    You can define words to have whatever meaning you want. Indeed if you intend to do proper communication, you must define them, since the layman’s definition is so fuzzy that there’s a lot of disagreement on what it means but nobody notices. Extremely sloppy.

    Note that thinking is a type of communication. If you don’t see it, then consider communication with your future self. Self => thought => memory of thought => future self has more insight.

    For example, if you think about the dictionary definition of democracy, you eventually realize that, as thinkers for over 1000 years knew, it is logically impossible. The people can no more rule than a bullfinch can be a chemist. You can have anarchy, with effectively no ruler, or tyranny, which directly opposes the people, depending on what part of the definition you drop so that it is no longer a self-contradiction.
    Or, as is now rather obvious, both. Anarcho-tyranny. At times one, at times another.

    P.S. Terrorist: a political or governing group which achieves its objectives by inspiring terror, because they cannot afford to put down resistance. Typically this terror is the result of horrific and capricious violence, exploiting extreme criminality and the psychological effects of the random punishment schedule.
    If, for example, someone burned down his political opponents’ houses with the opponents inside, that would be a form of terrorism.

    You can see that witch hunts are an obvious corollary of terrorist government. Random, capricious violence, typically based on lies. No one is safe. Everyone must fear the witch hunt. And the low status will copy what they see the high status doing…

    P.P.S. Actually I see mathematics as a branch of logic, rather than the reverse.

  22. Country 404 is one of the greatest single self-licking ice-cream cones ever constructed by Uncle Schmuel. Russia’s intervention there threatens major sources of succor of a vast host of parasites – ranging from Lady G (Palmetto Princess of SC) to Hunter ‘n the ‘10% Big Guy’, Pelosi, Mittens Wormney on up to their bosses: the masters of the universe types such as Gates, Soros, Satan-Klaus, etc.

    Russia’s crime was to intervene after it became obvious that not doing so would result in a direct attack on Russia itself. The Zelensky puppet-regime’s plan to invade the DPR and LPR, all the biowarfare labs, plus tricky-dicky of the piano’s threat to nuke up left Putin (or any Russian leader) with no choice but to do enter the war (ongoing since 2014). Ending a SLICC is “liberal democracy’s” definition of “ter-r-r-r-r-ism” (Jorge ‘Shrub’ Busheron, Murika’s first Messican presidente always said it in best clown-style).

    Characterizing Russia’s action as an invasion is incorrect. Invasion is what the Empire of Lies did in the wake of 9-11. An truthful comparison of the ‘Pearl Harbor redux’ BS immediately played 24 x 7 x 365 by the gaslight media’s Mighty Wurlitzer (which can only play the Entrance of the Gladiators) would be if FDR had ordered the invasion of Bolivia upon receiving news that Japan destroyed the US fleet in Hawaii (as someone at the time noted). The ‘Global War on Terror’ thus was launched upon Afghanistan, followed by Iraq, Syria and other places hither and yon. The GWOT is probably the empire’s greatest SLICC of all, so it’s only natural the usual suspects want to roll 404 into that highly successful murder, looting/asset-stripping operation (with literally trillions unaccounted for).

    • Replies: @James J. O'Meara
  23. Chris Moore says: • Website

    I think it’s important that words have meaning, because if you remove the meaning of words, you can’t have a conversation about anything, because no one knows what anyone is talking about. It’s like calling the Ukraine a democracy and claiming we are fighting a war to save democracy, even though the Ukraine has none of the elements that define a democracy in terms of the dictionary definition.

    That’s the real meaning behind the Tower of Babble parable. It’s not so much about different languages or tongues, but about the ((Jew)) re-defining words to suit his needs of the moment. Eventually you have… the Anglosphere of today, with 50 different genders.

    These ((Jews)) eventually end up in the insane asylum, grifting each other into greater levels of insanity. Or they turn the world into an insane asylum.

    Expel. Isolate. Flush. Repeat.

    • Replies: @James J. O'Meara
  24. anastasia says:

    They’re calling half of America terrorists. At some point they will call half the world terrorists. That will be the end to them

  25. @Jim H

    Exactly. Now do “racism” (or “racist”).

  26. Bill H. says:

    “Words should have definitions.” Well, first, that means one has to know what the definitions are, which few people do. Second, it means that people have to agree on the definitions, which right and left NEVER do.

    And, one assumes, you mean unchanging definitions, which is so 20th Century. The definition of “vaccine” was changed in 2021 so that a product which does not prevent the spread of a virus could be sold by Big Pharma as a “vaccine.” Now they are changing the definition of “recession” so that the economy we are in can be defined as “not in a recession.”

  27. Ukraine



    Belong to Russia

    Not to the old farting hairy Lesbian with a mole on her lip…Hillary Clinton…

    Not to the homosexual purple lip Kenyan Foreigner Barack Obama…

    Not to the practicing Satanist Joe Biden..

    And not to the incompetent fat negro General Llyod Abrams..

    And not to the monkey pox virus via Barack Obama’s Chicago Gay Bath House…

    Russia will nuke America if existentially threatened….BUT IT WILL BE THE END OF THE HOMOSEXUAL PEDERAST DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!!!

    • Replies: @TKK
  28. The old farting ugly former Texas high school cheerleader Kay Bailey Hutchinson

    Who gave blow jobs to JFK…and later Henry Kissinger…

    wants to slaughter the Slavic Russian Infants of Donbas….

    What drek doeth Texas produce…the state that worships Saturday Night Football Games…..and Babs the cheerleader Babs the filthy stinking fucking whore such as Kay Bailey Hutchinson….wiping Bill Clinton’s puss…off their Babs faces….

  29. Derer says:

    The Washington lunatics can call the Ukraine killings Donbas inhabitants whatever they want…however the world call them the number one terrorists organization killing 3.5 million civilians since the WWII on far away soils.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  30. If the nose dislikes you, you are a “terrorist.”

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  31. foxx says:

    “I think it’s important that words have meaning”

    Except, as always, for the word “boomer,” which according to anglin means anyone who’s just a little bit older than him hurr durr.

  32. @Exalted Cyclops

    That link to “Entrance of the Gladiators” doesn’t seem to work, but it gives me the chance to note that I knew a Czech refugee in grad school who was puzzled/incensed that a great work of solemn dignity by one of her countrymen was considered circus music in the West.

    She was also puzzled by the “Wild and Crazy Guys” on SNL; she could not understand why the “Two Czechoslovakian Brothers” were being mocked. Then one night, Steve Martin’s character (I think) mentioned coming from Bratislava, and it all clicked for her. “Ah, they are Slovaks, not Czechs! Now I get it. Hahahahah!”

    I was not surprised when Czechoslovakia split up immediately after independence.

    • Replies: @Exalted Cyclops
  33. @Chris Moore

    These ((Jews)) eventually end up in the insane asylum, grifting each other into greater levels of insanity. Or they turn the world into an insane asylum.

    See: Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

  34. Athena says:

    I agree. That’s a word used by the Anglo-American banks to designate anything that threatens the security of the dollar.

    Using NATO, the Anglo-American banks create conflicts, or fuel already existing conflicts, between communists, antisemites, nazis, muslims, natives, roman christians, protestants, orthodoxes, non-believers. Everywhere on the planet.

    The Angllo-American banks use their media to call all the factions they secretly play off again each others terrorists.

    The purpose being to ensure the perennity of the USD.

    • Agree: WorkingClass
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  35. anonymous[121] • Disclaimer says:

    If American white goyim will not stand up en masse to the Khazarian crime syndicate, then they deserve for the entire world to be at their collective throat. No more excuses; no more prevarication or lies. Kick the khazars out, but only after taking back all they’ve stolen.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  36. I appreciate the article, but then there;s the definition op the word “propaganda”.
    Distorting reality to mold it according to your needs.
    One can produce propaganda by falsifying what actually happened (false flags, lies about winning, saying nothing about losses, etc.), but also by distorting the language, the meaning of words, or using exacerbated language.
    So, while every word of this article is true indeed, there’s nothing new under the sun.

  37. @Athena

    If they really cared about the currency, they wouldn’t inflate it into worthlessness.

    Beyond money and greed, the overall concern is to increase jewish power and supremacy, while disempowering whites.

    You’re right that they create conflicts to keep people splintered and powerless….while they actually seem to be deliberately destroying the dollar…..because they are drooling over the possibility of digital currency, which would mean absolute control and a virtual slave system where all dissent is crushed by a double click from the FED.

    The sanctions on Russia are not only contributing to the rise of gas prices and inflation…but have forced Russia into finding ways to function outside of SWIFT…..and now Russia and China are talking about forming some kind of currency…..

    thanks jews!

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  38. Does this mean I lose my white supremacist designation and revolk of being declared a domestic terrorist? Heck, I was just getting started and was in a online Terrorists training camp watching Jihadist videos on the dark web.
    Heck, now what am I going to do, this ain’t right, somebody’s gonna pay for this mistake in designating Russia a terrorist state.

    Signed, sealed and delivered,
    White Supremacist and Domestic Terrorist
    Have Terror – Will Travel
    Speak the following languages; English, Ebonics, Pig Latin, Jive, Mexican, MalakaYaka (aka Islamic Jihad Mohammad).
    No domestic terrorist job to small, including wedding crashes.

  39. Athena says:

    ”the possibility of digital currency, which would mean absolute control” (by the FED).

    I agree. However i think there is currently a lack of agreement between the people who control NATO.

    (i.e., which of the following schools of thought will they use to implement the new digital currency?)

    Defensive realism (Robert D. Kaplan: The Coming Anarchy)

    Offensive realism (John Mearsheimer: The Tragedy of Great Power Politics)

    ,,Most importantly, scholars have questioned the theory’s empirical validity and prediction ability, which in turn can negatively affect the validity of offensive neorealism’s prescriptions for state behavior in international politics. In addition to mentioning the theory’s failure to account for Japan’s 20th century territorial acquisitions, NATO’s continuation or Germany’s non-achievement of regional hegemony in the post-Cold war era,[58][62] they have also expressed serious doubts regarding offensive neorealism views on China’s rising power and U.S. regional hegemony. According to them, there is no reason to believe that China as a rational power wanting to ensure its survival will seek hegemony rather than rely on cooperative mechanisms.[63][64]”

  40. Designating Russia a terror state means that the CIA will give unlimited money and weapons to Russia. The same as they do ISIS. Or ISIL. Or Daesh. Or whatever the fuck they call their towel head terrorist buddies in the middle east.

  41. Cookie says:

    I can’t believe the stupidity of the goy!

    You have the perfect situation if you are a Jew…the Neo-Cons (mostly jews) in the U.S have got the goys killing each other for Jews?

    The arch enemies of the Jew…the Russian are been killed and are killing Ukrainians (Nazis)!

    Who controls the arms supply…Jews…who controls Ukraine…Jews. No-wonder the fight is to the last Ukrainian!

    Jews are very good at manipulation of past grievances (Ukraine starvation at hands of Stalin ) to their advantage. Thats why you can always find the Jews at the top of States they have a small percentage of people in.

    You get to the top, then because of the pyramid structure of power you can get a whole lot of people you despise to kill each other.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  42. @Neuromancer

    This is something I noted at the time: the ambient and mainstream Interahamwe-level hatred of whitey in the Black community amongst not merely active ideologues but Black normies as well makes it, in my opinion, kind of hard to apply “classical” definitions of concepts like terrorism to the violence that Blacks commit against white people.

    The SUV was not particularly novel in his Black disdain for white people — which is to say, he was casually unambiguous about it, on social media, in his awful rap songs, and presumably in his day-to-day life. His scenic drive happened two days after Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted, which the SUV acknowledged on Facebook with a shrug and facepalm emoji. It’s hard for me to imagine that there was no connection between the acquittal and his decision to plow through a parade of white people, even if he didn’t have a manifesto at the ready.

    To be frank, because the intellectual ability to hold in one’s mind a semi-coherent ideological framework that would classify his actions as “terrorism” if we are grading by triple-digit-IQ standards is probably beyond the ken of most people like the SUV, I’m personally fine with affirmative action for defining terrorism.

    Calling this “terrorism” despite the lack of a coherent or explictly stated “goal” acknowledges that successfully maiming and killing white people due to a nonverbal but passionately felt hatred of whitey is as much of an political or ideological goal as people like the SUV are cognitively able to muster. It’s not as if barely-concealed resentment against the American Majority is not actively implemented in empirically antiwhite policies (as in, hurting whitey is objectively the only thing that is accomplished) by “our” darling elected officals.

    • Agree: Franz, HammerJack
  43. Jimmy1969 says:

    Monkey Pox is growing in the US and Canada now…hey Andrew are those gay men who are deliberately spreading it like they did aids…should they be considered terrorists?

  44. gatobart says:

    Many if not most Amerricans have this ridiculous, uninformed notion that The World Follows Amerrica…In Everything”. While it is evident that the world follows Amerrica in many things, mostly scientific and technological, those “many things” make for a small fraction of the totality of human endeavor, culture, life and work. And that is a misconception that crosses the entire political, economic, class and persuasion of any kind spectrum. It is something that I have been witnessing for practically all of my life and that sometimes reaches even the ridiculous, so divorced from the reality out there simply because many if not most Amerricans have the tendency also to extrapolate their own reality to the rest of the world. The best example I can think of is that of a debate I had some time ago right here with some other commentator who claimed that The Beatles had become worldwide famous ONLY AFTER they appeared in the Ed Sullivan Show, a cliché that many of them love to embrace and spread around, just like the (historic) one that Lincoln liberated the slaves and that the world stood in awe and admiration at the gesture of the great man and was ready from that moment on to follow the example when if fact Amerrica was one of the last countries in the Americas to do so, Haiti was the first in 1804, and only a few years before Lincoln did it the Russian Czar had given their freedom to 23 million serfs without spilling a single drop of blood, without destroying half of Russia or making widows and orphans of millions. And one can write volumes about many other subjects. Women in the military in combat roles for example,, something that women in other countries and cultures have been doing for centuries, even for thousands of years. For instance, Napoleon’s mother was a guerilla fighter but you don’t see Corsicans bragging about it. And don’t get me started about women in government roles, let alone as leaders of a nation. Asian nations like India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, not to mention Israel or Latin American countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile or Nicaragua, had their first woman President or PM many decades ago but you can be sure that the day an Amerrican woman finally! becomes the occupant of the White House they will trumpet the “historic achievement” to the entire world as if the rubes abroad needed this shake up from their American leaders. All that despite all the babbling about feminism having had its birth and most important and influential battlefields in the U.S. in the post-ww2 period.

    Now, what is ridiculous about the assertion that the Beatles had become world famous only because they appeared in a TV program in the U.S. goes against the reality of the early 1960s, when the only people in the world who had TV sets, let alone TV channels and programming at a massive, national or continental scale, lived in North America, Western Europe, Australia and Japan. That was it, not more than 12% to 15% of the total human population. The rest of the world, the Global South and the Global East, had only the radio for their music and entertainment, with the exception of islets here and there that of course didn’t cover more than a fraction of the entire population of a country. As for those people, the 90% of mankind, even having heard in their lives of a TV program in the U.S. called the Ed Sullivan Show…and yet the Beatles became what is probably the first global sensation in Human History, a phenomena about which everyone from New Delhi to Tel Aviv to Buenos Aires came to know about and celebrate, without any need for US TV or any U.S. intervention. But don’t tell that to Amerricans, they will insist that it was US television that created The Beatles.

    That is the reason why I stopped paying attention a long time ago to what Americans say, including their government. Unless of course it has some kind of a logical and reasonable link to reality.

  45. Wokechoke says:

    Terrorism is generally under stood to be the deliberate targeting of civilian populations with explosives, chemical weapons, nukes and possibly stochastic shootings by clandestine paramilitary or military units.

    It can’t be used to characterize a conventional war like what Russia is doing in Ukraine. Sure there might be events that are done to produce terror but the clearest example in the history of terror was the firebombing of German cities in ww2. The USAAF and RAF had no intent to drive in to Hamburg, Cologne etc when they bombed it. They fulfilled no conventional war aim. Even when German bombed cities, 99% of the time they did it as an immediate prelude to a tank or infantry assault. 9/11 was terrorism. Guernica was somewhat exceptional.

  46. frankie p says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    The Jewnited States of America has adopted nearly the entire playbook of the Ashkenazi Synagogue of Satan: Projection, Accusatory Inversion, Affabulation, Histrionics, Victim Mentality, Doubling Down After Fundamental Mistakes, Crying out while Slapping.

    I am ashamed of the political establishment in my nation. I yearn for a leader like Putin, Xi, Hitler, Chavez or Huey Long.

  47. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews hate Russians more than they hate Arabs.

    Jews LOVED the USSR…because it was Jew-founded and allowed Jews to (1) murder the Romanovs and (2) starve 11,000,000 Christians during the Holodomor.

    Jews HATE Russia because it has…

    …returned to its Orthodox Christian roots;

    …restored and built new churches throughout the land;

    …emphasized white Caucasian pride; and

    …opposed globalism after noting both Israel and Jews hate non-Israelis and non-Jews.

    • Agree: inspector general
  48. Franz says:
    @Jim H

    Read (again?) the account by Sheehan for the Sydney paper now 27 years old, and by his count the war on whites (then) had gone on 30 years. Equals 57 years — or two solid generations of war on one side by another where one side can claim it and the other is racist for noticing it.

    Tell me the attack by a lethal quarter-ton vehicle driven by a black dude into a white mob was not an act of terror in the longest war in history. I thought Sheehan showed some smarts by noting the start date as 1965. I provided the link, read it all.

    It’s only white victims (or victims to be) that want to deny the fact.


    Paul Sheehan

    From the Sydney Morning Herald, May 20, 1995

    …When all the crime figures are calculated, it appears that black Americans have commited at least 170 million crimes against white Americans in the past 30 years. It is the great defining disaster of American life and American ideals since World War II.

    All these are facts, yet by simply writing this story, by assembling the facts in this way, I would be deemed a racist by the American news media. It prefers to maintain a paternalistic* double-standard in its coverage of black America, a lower standard….

  49. Last month, I spammed the videos of the Ukraine people firing US missiles into random apartment buildings. This is obviously a violent attack on a soft target for the purpose of instilling fear in the population, but it is not “terrorism” because it takes place in the context of conventional warfare, and does not have an explicit aim beyond the broader context of the conflict.

    No Andrew, that is exactly the definition of terrorism. Ukraine has been shelling the Donbass for years, in exactly the same way for exactly the same reason of instilling fear, well before any such “conventional war” existed.

  50. Ghali says:

    If there is a country that deserves to be designated as sponsor of terrorism, it is the U.S. The U.S. regime is second only to the Fascist Jewish regime of Israel.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  51. @anonymous

    Kick them out of where? Take back all they’ve stolen where? You must mean kick them all out of greater Palestine. Where will they go?

    Wherever they go, assimilate them. Or put them in ghettos. Give them the choice.

    With the evil madness of Zionism behind us, the evil madness of Talmudism won’t last long in the modern world.

  52. @Franz

    By your idiotic definition anyone that is terrified is a victim of terrorism.

    • Replies: @anon
  53. @Derer

    ‘3.5 million??!!” That is an underestimate by at least one order of magnitude.

  54. @Robert Dolan

    Do you that Gogol’s ‘The Nose’, or the Shostakovich opera, are ‘antisemitic’?

  55. So they designate Russia as a State Sponsor of Terrorism. What then? Sanctions ? Ha!

  56. Hitch says:

    Judeo-Bolschevism IS rooted in terrorism. It always has been. Petrograd 1917, Hungary 1919, Spain 1936, The great leap forward, the killing fields, these were all terrorist acts. The terrorists won WWII. The the fire bombing of Dresden was not only a war crime, it most definitely was an act of terrorism. Just because a country is at war does not absolve them of guilt for acts of terrorism.

    Terrorism” is a type of asymmetrical warfare, using random acts of violence against soft targets to instill fear in a population that it doesn’t have the manpower or firepower to take on directly, and the definition would usually but not always include “ideology”

    Was the fire bombing of Dresden asymetric? Yes.
    Was the fire bombing of Dresden a “random act of violence against a soft target”? Yes.
    Was the fire bombing of Dresden targeted to install fear in the German population? Yes.
    Was the fire bombing of Dresden used against a population that didn’t have manpower or firepower to resiet mad bomber Harris? Yes.
    Was the fire bombing of Dresden part of a war of ideology? Yes.

    If we want to split hairs about words having meaning, why don’t we include Putin and Russia claiming that the tattooed Galician soccer thugs being paid shekels by Jewish oligarchs are “Nazi”.

    In his book “We are arriving from the east” the former professor of mathematics gives his view of the reasons for the abandonment of the Berlin offensive in February 1945: In their hunt for woman, loot and booze whole segments of the Red Army vanished into the vast expanses of eastern Germany. The commanders tried in vain to regain control over the plundering, murdering and scorching troops. Lieutenant General Bersarin, swearing and with his gun pointing tried to have his orders adhered to. But he also resigned: ‘Impossible to catch two rabbits at the same time: revenge and fighting. The army has disintegrated, to hell with it!’

    So perhaps Russia’s actions in Ukraine do not rise to the level of “Terrorism” today, but the hell storm they unleashed in Germany sure did in 1945. Of course the actions of the US and the UK do as well.

  57. The kettle calling the minuscule pot black. The well established American government norm on yet another display.

  58. gay troll says:

    Paul said the Christian church was like a human body with both a Cephas and a Peter. The book of Isaiah says that Zion will be founded on an offensive stone. Psalms says the stone which the masons rejected has become the head of the corner. The book of Peter claims that Jesus Christ embodied both of these Old Testament rocks. In Matthew, Jesus tells Simon/Peter that he will be the foundation of the new church. John claims that Simon/Peter and Cephas are actually the same person. According to Josephus, a cult leader named Simon bar Giora was caught emerging head first from the ruins of the Jewish Temple. Titus deported this Simon to Rome where he was executed by being thrown from the Tarpeian Rock. Likewise Simon/Peter tells Jesus that he is willing to follow him both to prison and to death.

    The really funny aspect of all this is that Paul did not consider Peter and Cephas to be the same person. They are both parts of the body as a metaphor for the church. Cephas is the head of the church. Compare this name to the Greek word cephale which means head. Now there is another part of the male body that to this day is still known as a Peter. It is the part of the body that becomes rock hard. That which was called an “offensive stone” in Hebrew became a “ruinous peter” in the Greek Septuagint. Paul then invented a character named Peter to fill out his metaphor of the church as a human body. Matthew explicitly characterizes somebody named Simon as the “ruinous Peter” that will be the foundation of Zion. Then John claims that Cephas and Simon/Peter are the same person since Cephas means “stone” in Aramaic.

    Paul envisioned the church as a body with a head named Cephas and another member called Peter. One name signified the head of the church and the other signified the penis. Yet the Gospels claim that they were both the same person, who became the foot of Jesus’ new church. As in other biblical matters, wordplay reigns supreme.

    Paul said he laid the foundation of Christianity, and anyone who built on his work would have their own work tested by fire. Paul explicitly emphasizes Isaiah’s vision of the foundation of Zion, but Paul argues that Zion only exists in Heaven. What the Gospels accomplish is to bring the fulfillment of prophecies back to an Earthly setting. If Simon Peter is the new foundation of Zion, then Zion can once again be built on Earth. Thus we see that although the Gospels recommend Heaven to the Jews, they also assert a renewal of Earthly covenants and prophecies, to the material benefit of the Roman Empire, which has recently gained victory over Jerusalem and Judea.

    The short answer to your question is: Zion!

    • Thanks: Hitmarck
  59. Anon[356] • Disclaimer says:

    “ Israel all of this money is that the American government is run by Jews. We call this a “Zionist Occupation Government.”

    Israel is under threat from Arab nation – the shyster beggar animal Israeli tell Americans . Stupid Americans believe it .

    That means a threat has to be found ,created,
    and periodically shown to exist .
    This explains the wars in the ME . Each and every war .

  60. anon[379] • Disclaimer says:
    @David Burberry

    the Antithesis of terrorism is msirorret. Franz definition works for me, when he points his finger at me, I become so frightened my fingers dial 911 while my mind ask how did they do 911 and at the same time, find not Weapons of Mass destruction, but words of Mass distraction in Iraq?

  61. With that statement the world would die of laughter.

  62. Based on the demented logic within the US government they’d have labeled the founders as terrorists.

  63. TKK says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    It is nihilistic and short sighted to even flirt with this idea, but American rot is so entrenched – I do believe a nuclear blast is the only thing that could save America at this point.

    • Troll: Corvinus
  64. @Robert Dolan

    They are not inflating the currency; the promissory notes that were circulating in the rest of the world are now slowly gravitating towards the issuer, as their use outside the US is going down. That stokes the inflation. Ask them how much more inflow of dollars is in this June, vs last June.

  65. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Jews are not the only people who claim to be superior to others by birth, nor the only people to claim that they are the monopolist agent of God / gods. So, while denouncing such perverse concepts , similar claims from other groups should also be condemned. Men may be unequal by birth, but ascribing it to God is really abominable.

  66. Anonymous[186] • Disclaimer says:

    “The explanation there is: Jews hate Russians more than they hate Arabs.”

    Jews hate Christianity not Islam they just don’t like the Arab opposition to Zionist occupation of Israel.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  67. Thirdtwin says:

    I’m guessing that the moment when the Obama regime changed “The War On Terror” to “The Global Contingency Operation” was about the same time the US was outed as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism” and needed to change the subject.

  68. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Talmudism pre dates Zionism. At one point Zionism was considered to be atheist. Israel going away won’t solve a thing. A homeland for the Talmudic Jew is the world, and we’re their slaves.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  69. Russia by all accounts is about to conquer all of the Donbass and the western farmland will be easy to retake. So why call Russia terrorists now? Like him or not Gonzola Lira had an interesting take on a Jake Sullivan interview. Lira thinks a CIA assassination of Zelinsky is coming soon. Dead men can’t talk, and Ukraine has been a deep state money laundering scheme since 2014. Is calling Russia terrorists now just one more prep for a future kill?

  70. @Anonymous

    “This is the US considering whether to start a direct kinetic war with Russia, while trying to pretend it isn’t doing so.”

    Maybe. However I personally think the USA fears entering an actual shooting war with Russia.

    The US military is crippled by corruption, affirmative action hires, LGBTQ psychosis, feminist hate, and so on.

    Besides, when we say that the U.S. is thinking about calling Russia a terrorist, we are only talking about three idiots in the U.S. Senate: Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Rob Portman (R-OH).

    On 23 June 2022 these three a**holes introduced a Senate Resolution (S. Res. 623) directing Secretary of State Antony Blinken to call Russia “a state sponsor of terrorism.” The USA already does this to Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, and Iran. It’s childish bullshit, and the world knows it.

    It means that Washington is shrieking in frustration as the USA dies.

    On 20 June 2022 Sen. James E. Risch [R-ID] introduced S. Res. 713 to call Russia’s intervention in Ukraine a “genocide.” Graham and Blumenthal are among the co-sponsors.

    Again this is impotent screaming, and the world knows it.

  71. Thank you.

    Yes words should have meaning.

    Words like vaccine, human rights, representative democracy, election fraud, wars of aggression, and good old-fashioned looting, lies, and imperial tribute and plunder. Instead, we get lies, hubris and projection.

    Apocalypse means “to reveal”. And may God have mercy on us all.

  72. The usual incisive Andrew Anglin.

    The only state sponsoring terrorism, to the tune of tens of billions of dollars, is of course, the late great yunahted stayets of umurkah. Regime change across the planet. Hand in glove with the enemies of Christ, and their agenda. 830 military bases overseas. That is the only cuntry that qualifies as a terrorist country, it is way, way, past merely sponsoring terrorism.

  73. The US is the preeminent terrorist state in all human history.

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd
  74. Israel and traitors in the ZUS government did the attack on the WTC on 911 and blamed the muslims to give the excuse to destroy the middle east for Israels greater Israel agenda and this is what they did, they invaded and destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, although Russia has prevented the complete destruction of Syria, and in 1999 the ZUS and its terrorist army aka NATO destroyed Yugoslavia by bombing the hell out of the country, and they created the war in the Ukraine with their Nuland led coup in 2014.

    The real terrorists live in DC, Tel Aviv, London, Paris, and NYC, and they wear suits and are in control of all western governments.

  75. Realist says:

    Lindsey Graham is a homosexual who has claimed that America’s only purpose for existing is to support Israel.

    Graham is Bibi’s butt boy and knob gobbler.

  76. @Athena

    Since 2014, US-Nato and friends (UK and Canada) attacked, killed, tortured, and bombed more than 10 000 russophone civilians in Ukraine. THEY STARTED the war in 2014..

    The US, Canada, and UK have created and fueled a civil war in Ukraine since 2014.

    Sometimes the most direct statement is all that is required.
    Sure saves on building a whack of narrative.

    • Agree: dogbumbreath
  77. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Jews hate Christianity not Islam they just don’t like the Arab opposition to Zionist occupation of Israel.

    ((Jews)) hate any goyim organization and its adherents which poses a threat to ((Jewish)) supremacy, primacy, and hierarchy. And yes, ((Jews)) fantasize about a world where non-((Jews)) are their slaves.

    What’s the difference between that and race-hate? There is none. That’s why ((Jews)) have been racially targeted ‐- because they’re Judeofascists.

    I’d like to see if the world could solve its problems in an orderly manner without Judeofascist maniacs and terrorists putrefying it and throwing bombs to advance their interests, or when others get too organized in opposition to ((Jewish)) supremacy and tyranny, as Russia is doing today.

  78. I wonder if the US politicians understand that the russians don’t care what they’re called.

  79. As usual, Anglin, you get things epically wrong. note:

    (d) Is not a member of the armed forces of a party to the conflict

    Wagner PMC is a merc organization. Those joining the “international legion” of the Ukrainian Army are not.

    by the by, Russia has intentionally targeted civilians. That makes them a state sponsor of terror. They are also trying to commit genocide as defined by the UN. I know the facts are inconvenient to twits like yourself Anglin, but you could do a better job of hiding your idiocy.

    • Troll: Exalted Cyclops
    • Replies: @Anon
  80. It does not really matter anymore what “the US considers”.
    The world is moving forward and leaving the Jewnighted States (and slavehounds) in the dark night.

  81. GMC says:

    The main Idea was to introduce the public , via the lying media , that Russia, is a Terrorist state. And they will keep saying it over and over again until the sheep believe it. This , in the end will backfire, because most of the populace will eventually get fed up with the super failed Domestic scene along with all the money going to the corrupt Kiev criminals.

    But it will get very interesting , if they do pass the phoney lie, with regards to which other country, goes along with it – Internationally. Israel will be on the Hook, since the Zionist Jews are the ones behind it. lol

  82. Anon[873] • Disclaimer says:

    Exactly. It’s cowardice. They want to wage war without declaring it. As usual!

    And kinetic attacks on targets within Russia, if not presented as part of a declared war, will probably qualify as acts of terrorism. Cowardly USA will likely pick soft targets there–malls, markets, wedding parties.

    110 must be vertical.

  83. Anon[873] • Disclaimer says:

    Go back to watching MSNBC, dummy. Or is it the Beeb where you are?

    • Replies: @Exalted Cyclops
  84. @Anon

    Makes no difference. Both only broadcast the falsehoods manufactured by the Foggy-Bottom lie factory repeated by the Mighty Wurlitzer to all outlets. The troll is probably working from some slimy ADL basement, watching the vid of Zelensky playing Hava Nagila on the piano with his penis.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  85. Che Guava says:

    Half agree. False equivalence for the truck attack, Andre is wrong there, the rest is not.

  86. Someone who commits an act of terrorism in uniform is a “soldier.” Someone who commits an act of terrorism out of uniform is a “terrorist.” Dead, both are “heroes” according to the affiliates of the corpse, and “enemies” according to the affiliates of their victims.

  87. Anonymous[354] • Disclaimer says:

    Anglin, one of Putin’s useful idiots, will probably end his days in a bunker like the German loser he worships.

    • Troll: Lurker
    • Replies: @annamaria
  88. Agent76 says:

    The United States government along side the MIC always lies!

    Dec 20, 2016 General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries In Five Years

    “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Well, don’t show it to me.” And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, “You remember that?” He said, “Sir, I didn’t show you that memo! I didn’t show it to you!”

    September 10, 2021 The Bin Ladens and the Bushes: On 9/11 George Herbert W. Bush Meets Osama’s Brother Shafiq bin Laden

    Lest we forget, one day before the 9/11 attacks [as well as on the morning of 9/11, the dad of the sitting President of the United States of America, George Herbert Walker Bush was meeting none other than Shafiq bin Laden, the brother of the alleged terror mastermind Osama bin Laden.

  89. The explanation there is: Jews hate Russians more than they hate Arabs.

    I say:

    The JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire has been poking the Russian bear for well over a century.

    Only Baby Boomer boobs and scumbag rats in Swamp City DC and others benefiting from the Ukraine Loot Slush Fund give a rat’s arse about Ukraine.

    Get the Krauts a nuke and get the American Empire the phuck out of Europe!

    The WASP turds have always had a fever brain for Russia and the so-called “SLAV MENACE” and the WASP turds and some Jew named Jacob Schiff funded the Japanese military way over a hundred years ago to attack Russia. Later on Pearl Harbor got bombed all to Hell as a result of the WASP turds and the JEW dopes and their money-grubbing hatred of Russia and the WASP/JEW turd hatred for the so-called “SLAV MENACE.”

    The evil WASP/JEW Ruling Class of the American Empire used the Japanese to attack the so-called “SLAV MENACE” and Russia, and they thought it was funny. Now the treasonous filthy money-grubbing scum in the WASP/JEW Ruling Class of the American Empire are using Ukraine as a weapon to attack Russia.

  90. anonymous[312] • Disclaimer says:

    “He’s not black, but you know, we really don’t like this guy, and he’s not white and not being white is kind of like being a nigger, and we really think he’s not a good guy, so we need to decide if we should call him a nigger.”

    Indeed! Our family did have such a meeting, and given our visceral hatred for the western evilisation, at least the unspeakably barbaric & immoral side of it, we unanimously decided to call the whitevil race, albinoniggers!

    From one nigger to another… welcome to the nigger club, pagan godless mofers!! 😀

  91. Technically the money being sent to Israel is in the form of defense aid and I have been against it for years.

    Israel has a budget surplus. They can pay for their military toys with cash.

    But the cowards of both parties don’t want to question those funds. They happily sign off on sending them free weapons. I have only seen the Marxist left even bring up the subject.

    It’s actually possible to be against funding Israel and also the little dictator of Russia. I said early on that Israel would benefit from this war since they are dependent on Russia for oil and the Western powers won’t expect them to pass sanctions. Looks like I was right:

    Maybe Anglin should consult me first before posting anything related to economics.

    I am however for sending more HIMARS to Ukraine. They are making for some great firework displays:

    All free speech haters can go to hell. That includes the little dictator of Russia who wears shoe steppers to look taller.

    The internet will not be stopped and loser dictators along with oppressive “people’s Republic” governments will have to face that reality. The White man’s internet is here to stay. Western powers that have spent decades crafting lies about race will also have to face that reality. The age of mass deceit is coming to an end. Cry more you control freak losers.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @Anon
  92. anonymous[312] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    I think such a picture would be more representative of reality if it also shows your deceitful (orders of magnitude more so than your politi-whores, given the hellish stakes) spiritual guidance counsellors, your pagan priests and pastors getting reamed by freakish Rabbis, due to their undying support of IsraHell & Judenism. The Juden abuse their mangod, and they love the (((noses))) all the more for it.

    I am sure many here would concede that the accursed Juden have captured both the Political and the Spiritual realms of western evilisation… no?

    Of course, I presume the above would be mostly metaphorical (what goes on behind closed doors, who knows 😉 ), but… the picture would also be literally true when it comes to said counsellors buggering your little ones. This is an open secret.

    What can one say of such a diseased society?

  93. If you have something nice and don’t defend it, this is what happens.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  94. Your stuff is always excellent. Right to the point and cleanly stated. Love your gamer forum. Read it every day…multiple times. Wish I could join.

  95. annamaria says:

    The self-definition as “terrorists” by the members of Jewish terrorist organizations Irgun and Stern Gang.

    Seventy-one years to the day Jewish terrorists in Palestine committed a heinous crime for which they continue to go unpunished.

    Under the cover of dark, Jewish terrorists would enter villages from the three weakest flanks; bombs would be thrown through windows of alternating homes and, as the terrorized villagers emerged from their homes, they were machine-gunned in cold blood. The same tactics were used either in the early or late hours of the day. With the help of masked informants, males were targeted for executions either in the center of the village square or on the outskirts of villages. Frequently one group of males was ordered to dig graves into which corpses were deposited and, Nazi-style, these unsuspecting villagers were in turn gunned down and deposited into the mass graves. The coup de grȃce for rural Palestine was the summary expulsion of the entire population – this after looting, the stealing of jewelry, and ISIS-style assaults on women and girls, including the raping of young girls.
    As soon as a village was ethnically cleansed, the rich farmlands were appropriated for the collective Kibbutzim.

    And today, American Zionists, such as Kagans’ clan, are the greatest promoters and defenders of the Nazification of Ukraine.

    • Thanks: RoatanBill
  96. I was wondering whether “israel” would get a mention in this piece. Anglin slags it off a goodun, eventually, but I’d like to see a follow-on article focused strictly on “israel” as a terrorist. In my mind, the case is clear: aliens invaded Palestine, bombed the British, bombed the Palestinians, murdered, killed, razed villages and spread the word to terrorise the population off the land.

    And these days? Beatings, killings, land theft, deliberate maiming of minors, withholding of medical treatment, shooting fishermen, boys on the beach, people on the street, people in apartment blocks. Is “israel” a terrorist? I say yes, but is it a state?

  97. @John Johnson

    Pathetic. Your “explosion” image is fake, and your sole complaint against Putin is that he isn’t tall. Very silly.

  98. annamaria says:

    American terrorist activities in Belgrade, Iraq, Libya, and Syria: “Julian Assange is enduring unbearable persecution for exposing US war crimes”

    Assange’s indictment is based on WikiLeaks’s 2010-2011 disclosures of U.S. war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and the military prison at Guantánamo. Those revelations included 400,000 field reports about the Iraq War; 15,000 unreported deaths of Iraqi civilians; and systematic rape, torture, and murder committed by Iraqi forces after the U.S. military “handed over detainees to a notorious Iraqi torture squad.”

    WikiLeaks also disclosed the Afghan War Logs, which are 90,000 reports of more civilian casualties by coalition forces than the U.S. military had admitted to. And its revelations additionally included the Guantánamo Files, 779 secret reports showing that 150 innocent people had been held there for years and documenting the torture and abuse of 800 men and boys in violation of the Geneva Conventions and the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

    WikiLeaks also published the notorious “Collateral Murder” video, which documented how in 2007, a U.S. Army Apache helicopter gunship targeted and fired on unarmed civilians in Baghdad. At least 18 civilians were killed. They included two Reuters reporters and a man who came to rescue the wounded. Two children were injured. Then, a U.S. Army tank drove over one of the bodies, severing it in half. That video contains evidence of three separate war crimes that are prohibited by the Geneva Conventions and the U.S. Army Field Manual.

    This is why Julian Assange has been hounded by Banksters and the dishonorable scum like ‘lord’ Arbuthnot (was profiteer), his wife – the dishonorable “judge” Emma Arbuthnot, and the dishonorable brass of the US/NATO armies.

    The fate of Assange manifests a complete breakdown of western civilization.

    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
  99. @Jim H

    It’s mainly, but not only, USAmericans crocking up the language. Do any of them know what a douche bag is? Or even just a douche?

  100. annamaria says:

    Is this Mrs. Nuland-Kagan venting her frustration with the amazing “successes” of a little Jewish Fuehrer Mr. Zelensky?

  101. JR Foley says:

    Zylenskyy a billionaire now?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  102. @James J. O'Meara

    Here you go – on a real ‘Mighty Wurlirtzer’ calliope to boot. They really need to move this device to the House of Representatives so appropriate entrance music can be played whenever the real circus is in session.

    The composer of the music referred to is Julius Fucik, who was known as the ‘Bohemian Sousa’ and much admired by the ‘March King’ himself. I read somewhere that this piece was originally composed for string quartet (probably to try it out before scoring for the band Fucik conducted). In any case, Vjezd gladiátorů became very famous in the composer’s much better known settings for both wind band and orchestra after they were published. Wikipedia has a fine recording by the Marine Band you can download for free, and you can download scores for free over at this place.

  103. Athena says:

    Ukraine recorded a sharp increase in pressure on the main gas pipeline on the border with Russia

    Ukrainian MP reveals ‘scam of the century’

    Ukraine’s state-owned Naftogaz gas company has sought to embezzle \$8 billion, Yulia Timoshenko claims

    Ukraine to ask for free gas

    Kiev wants the same deal for natural gas as it gets for Washington’s weapons

    Empire of Inflation
    Finance Capitalism’s Self-Destructive Nature

    ,,To put it another way, the Euro has been plunging toward one dollar per Euro. The pound sterling has been plunging to one dollar per sterling. The Japanese yen has been plunging even more so there’s a huge movement to safety into the dollar.

    The Americans have successfully destroyed the basis of European industry. They’ve finally beaten Germany. They’ve left Germany without energy and GDP in any country compared to energy per worker and basically the productivity that makes goods is basically embodied energy and Europe has been getting its energy from Russia in the form of gas and oil.

    Well, the United States has asked Europe to commit economic suicide basically by saying, “don’t buy Russian gas, wait three or four years, spend five billion dollars on building new ports so that you can import American liquefied natural gas at seven or eight times the price and meanwhile let your chemical industry, your car industry, your basic industries go bankrupt.”

    • Replies: @Athena
  104. Ron West says:

    I seriously doubt that even the idiots in Mordor on the Potomac would try to attack targets in Russia. Russia can punch back just as hard and probably even harder.

  105. Athena says:

    Plunder of Ukraine: Kiev Hands Over \$12 Billion of Gold Reserves to the U.S.

    ,,At present, as Ukraine is left with very little to be plundered, the Kiev regime decided to give up the country’s last vestiges of national wealth – its gold reserves. According to Gold Seek, the Kiev regime has recently handed over at least \$12 billion of Ukrainian gold reserves to the United States. It appears those might be the last gold reserves the country has left. Since Russia began its special military operation in February, the political West, led by the US, has appropriated tens of billions of dollars of Ukraine’s foreign exchange and gold reserves. After receiving tens of billions of dollars in so-called “military aid”, as well as financing for its government institutions, the Kiev regime was forced to give up its gold reserves as a condition for all US and EU “assistance”.

    ,,In addition to getting rid of rusty, old hardware, which directly benefits NATO (primarily the US) Military Industrial Complexes, the political West also gains the opportunity to sell newer weapons, particularly fighter jets, to replace older platforms, along with taking a larger share of the immensely profitable global weapons market. And it is precisely the Kiev regime that is paying for it with the money, resources and now gold earned by countless generations of Ukrainian people.”

    How the US is Killing its Principal Competitor – the EU

    ,,The recent depreciation of Euro, on which the world has placed great hopes and which was regarded by it as the main rival of the US Dollar, became evident competitive struggle between the US and the EU.”

  106. @Old and Grumpy

    Talmudism predates Zionism, correct. Israel going away won’t solve a thing, wrong. In the modern world the evil of Judaism has been exposed. Not only by Israel Shahak and Shlomo Sand, but by modern instant communication. And by evil Israel, the evil made obvious, in so many ways. Israel is all that’s holding Judaism together.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  107. Keep following quote in mind when Western Governments speak:

    “They only call it terrorism when they don’t know who did it OR when they did it themselves”.

    • Replies: @Athena
  108. “It has never been explained why we send this money to Israel. The explanations given…”

    You know you are retarded, right?

    • Replies: @Anon
  109. @Priss Factor

    Just one tiny instance of the relentless invasion of Europe, supported by the UN, countless NGOs and the treasonous European governments themselves, and directed against the European people.

    • Replies: @Avery
  110. @Exalted Cyclops

    That’s a beautifully presented comment. You should be proud of yourself. Thanks for the mansplainin’, homie.

  111. Athena says:

    “They only call it terrorism when they don’t know who did it OR when they did it themselves”.

    Exactly. That’s freudian projection. e.g.:

    Venezuela Condemns Washington Coup Plots As Bolton Doubles Down

    Bolton stood by his comments about Venezuela, saying that Washington’s support for coup plots was “necessary to protect [US] interests.”

    “Coups d’état, plans, financing, support and advice to overthrow governments, the assassinations of presidents and invasion of countries and the waging of legal wars [all] have the seal of support and financing of the Government of the United States,” said Venezuelan lawmaker Pedro Infante, who introduced the motion on Thursday.

  112. Avery says:
    @Commentator Mike

    {and the treasonous European governments themselves, and directed against the European people.}

    Treasonous: exactly right.

    Italy’s former interior minister Salvini was charged by the treasonous Italian system for, quote, “kidnapping”. Why? Because Salvini would not allow (illegal) migrants on a boat to disembark on an Italian shore.

    Let’s think about how SorosBitched Western Europeans have become: they are charging their own interior minister for doing his job of not allowing illegal migrants to invade Italy.

    If it weren’t true, one would think its’ a “The Onion” satirical story.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  113. RoHa says:

    Words have meanings, but you should look for those meanings in the Oxford English Dictionary, not that cheap Webster fake.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  114. @RoHa

    … bound in genuine noahide.

  115. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Just one tiny instance of the relentless invasion of Europe, supported by the UN, countless NGOs and the treasonous European governments themselves, and directed against the European people.

    Losing a world war to kikes has consequences. Hitler the dunce should have realized he was in a world war with Anglo kikes sooner. Putin the dunce better realize he’s in a world war with kikes soon. Kikes use every available natural resource to wage their battles, including golem. Kikes are like Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast — crazy as shithouse rats. Jesus said he was up against the Synagogue of Satan. Does anyone think the SOS has an ounce of honor, or fights fair?

    • Replies: @Avery
  116. Anon[287] • Disclaimer says:
    @Johnny Rico

    He means adequately explained, you hasbara rat.

  117. Anon[287] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Johnson

    “dictators along with oppressive ‘people’s Republic’ governments”

    The Soviet Union was dissolved 30 years ago. What Russian “people’s Republic” are you referring to?

    You sound like a homosexual defense industry apparachik with his head in a copy of Atlas Shrugged.

  118. Once Russians are declared terrorists than anyone supporting them, even by offering moral support or justifying their actions, will become a “supporter of terrorism” and liable for prosecution and punishment. See where it all leads?

  119. “dictators along with oppressive ‘people’s Republic’ governments”

    The Soviet Union was dissolved 30 years ago. What Russian “people’s Republic” are you referring to?

    I was referring to China.

    Both the Russian and Chinese dictatorships are defended here out of a demented resentment against the West.

    I’m anti-establishment but that doesn’t mean I am going to get on my knees for an insecure Slav dictator that wears shoe steppers or a Chinese version of 1984. Both want to crush the very internet that allows anti-establishment websites like this one to exist.

    You sound like a homosexual defense industry apparachik with his head in a copy of Atlas Shrugged

    So I explained in detail as to why we should not give free military toys to Israel and you think I sound like a libertarian defense industry hack? Does that really make sense to you?

  120. Avery says:
    @Chris Moore

    {Hitler the dunce}
    {Putin the dunce}

    Why do you think Putin is a dunce?

    Hitler clearly was.
    He was a megalomaniac and reckless as well.
    Hitler had a (somewhat) similar situation to Russia and Donbass.
    Sudetenland was populated by Germanic peoples from way back, they were being oppressed, so Hitler invaded and took it over.
    England and France were OK with it: Munich Agreement.
    Had Hitler stayed there, today Germany would be Gross Germania: proudly independent, instead of being an occupied doormat for GloboSorosa Anglo-American goons.

    But he was too greedy, too….something to sit on his gains: he decided to invade USSR, and without thinking too long declared war on US also: what a dunce indeed.

    By contrast Putin has been very, very careful.
    Everybody and his brother (e.g. Paul Craig Roberts) advises Putin to do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that……

    It took a lot of self-control NOT to invade Donbass until he felt Russia was ready: militarily, financially, economically,……building alliances with China, India,…..
    Like every leader, I am sure, he made some missteps.
    But overall, his moves have been anything but ‘dunce’.

    And he has been deliberately provoked regularly* by GloboSorosa Reptilians starting from Syria. But he has kept his cool and has not overextended his forces.

    He must be a fan of Inspector Callahan: “A man’s got to know his limitations”

    Shootdown of Su-24 by Turks; Engineered shootdown of Il-19 by Syrians as Israeli jets were hiding behind it with a loss of 18-20 airmen;……..

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  121. That’s rich, considering how many countries the US invaded just in the last ~20 years.

    • Replies: @Avery
  122. Chris Moore says: • Website

    By contrast Putin has been very, very careful. Everybody and his brother (e.g. Paul Craig Roberts) advises Putin to do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that……

    I agree. They’re either deliberately or stupidly baiting him into behaving as Hitler.

    The reason I called him a dunce is because he aped the Holocauast narrative, and then the Covid narrative. He aped the Holocaust narrative because he’s a Soviet made man. I have no idea why he aped the Covid narrative. Maybe he’s weak, or lacks foresight. He should have smelled a ((rat)).

    • Thanks: Avery
  123. @John Johnson

    Russia and China are the best thing to happen to the world since 1492.

  124. JR Foley says:
    @John Johnson

    USA is foreign to Peace and Good Will. It is a war machine on steroids and has been at war 222 of its 246 year existence.

  125. Avery says:

    {…considering how many countries the US invaded just in the last ~20 years}

    You don’t understand: US (& UK) never invade: they bring Freedom, Democracy, Big Macs, Individual Rights, 30 year Mortgages, High Interest Rate Credit Cards, LGBTQ++…all sorts of good things… the benighted masses. The recipients of the Manifest Destiny greet their Anglo-American liberators with flowers and happily turn over the management of their country to the Experts from Afar.
    For a small service fee.

  126. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    You cant get more establishment in the Anglosphere than taking your Russia position.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  127. @Wokechoke

    The whole world is against that insecure pint sized dictator and his needless war that he hasn’t consistently explained. That includes far-right European groups. Before the war the globalist establishment had Ukraine on their hitlist for not taking Syrian refugees. Yes with the Jew president. In fact his Jewishness wasn’t mentioned when they along with Hungary and Poland were criticized for not opening their borders to Muslims.

    The establishment is for eating a healthy breakfast. I’m gonna go eat paint chips instead cause I can’t handle nuanced thinking and just want two sides so I don’t have to think. Thank you Anglin for doing the thinking for us. Signed, Anglin’s Army of the Living Braindead

    • Replies: @annamaria
  128. @Jim H

    Most “Antisemitism” is actually Counter-Semitism.
    Fighting back against their actions.

  129. America is the number one terrorist state. “Unworthy victims: Western wars have killed four million Muslims since 1990”

    Covert United States
    involvement in regime change
    20th century


    1948–1960s Italy
    1949 Syrian coup d’état
    1949–1953 Albania
    1953 Iranian coup d’état
    1954 Guatemalan coup d’état
    1956–57 Syria crisis
    1957–58 Indonesian rebellion
    1959–2000 assassination attempts on Fidel Castro
    1959 Cambodia, Bangkok Plot
    1960 Congo coup d’état
    1961 Cuba, Bay of Pigs Invasion
    1961 Cuba, Operation Mongoose
    1961 Dominican Republic
    1963 South Vietnamese coup d’état
    1964 Brazilian coup d’état
    1965–66 Indonesia, Transition to the New Order
    1966 Ghanaian coup d’état
    1971 Bolivian coup d’état
    1970–73 Chile
    1976 Argentine coup d’état
    1979 Salvadoran coup d’état
    1979–89 Afghanistan, Operation Cyclone
    1980–92 Angola, UNITA
    1981–87 Nicaragua, Contras
    1982 Chad
    1996 Iraq coup attempt
    21st century
    2012–17 Syria, Timber Sycamore

  131. annamaria says:
    @John Johnson Comment:

    The world will be peaceful without 750 military bases and 336 bio-labs around the world; the devil warmongers USA, IMF, NATO, WEF, World Bank, Rothschild family. Hope they will collapse sooner, the better…

    Why are you siding with Ziocon shills?

    • Replies: @Avery
  132. Avery says:

    {Why are you siding with Ziocon shills?}

    Because (((he))) is a Ziocon/GloboSorosa shill.
    Spreading lies*, disinformation, and SorosoPropaganda since (((he))) popped up at as soon the Liberation of Donbass from UkroNazi Kolomoyskyi death squads began.

    * I have caught him at a lie he was spreading about President Putin at least once,
    and proved it to ((him)). Yet (((he)) shamelessly continues lying.

  133. profnasty says:

    Soon, we hope, Kiev will be a tiny ethnic hell-hole. Poland is West, Russia, East and South.
    Ukraine, for it’s hatred of Christendom, is finished.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  134. They want the designation so they can suppress the freedoms of the Americans and punish those countries that are not goose-stepping to the “rules based world order,” a euphemism for abject lawlessness with a patina of weak respectability.

    • Agree: Avery
  135. anon[410] • Disclaimer says:

    Hello, my name is Sanjay,

    In this war between the Ashkenazim and Russian Slavs, it seems to me that the Ashkenazim are successfully liquidating mass quantities of Russian Slavs. On the other hand, not one single Ashkenazi person has lost his life in this war. It is my understanding that as of this time, around 50,000 Russian Slavs have been killed, and this figure includes Russian Slavic Soldiers, Russian Slavic civilians in Eastern Ukraine, and Russian Slavic civilians in Western Russia.

    The Ashkenazim have carried out what seems to me to be brilliant military moves. The military leaders of Russia’s Black Sea Naval fleet were having a celebration in a local military headquarters in Crimea. Well, the Ashkenazim quickly built a generic small drone with a bomb in it and flew the drown into Crimea and into the room the military leaders were celebrating in. It exploded and the military leader’s body parts were blown off, but they managed to survive.

    Also, the Ashkenazim are brilliantly trying to get direct military hits on the nuclear reactors in Eastern Ukraine in an attempt to use radiation to slowly kill millions of Russian Slavs living in Eastern Ukraine. They will very soon get good direct hits.

    The Ashkenazi plan to liquidate the entire Russian Slavic population seems to me to be working quite well. The Ashkenazim realize that even without this war, the Russians were already on the path to extinction since they have below replacement birthrates. But, with the war, the Ashkenazim can accelerate their extinction by using explosives and radiation to liquidate them. Russia has already lost hundreds of thousands of missiles to keep on destroy the endless weapons the Ashkenazim pour into Ukraine. Russia simply lacks the human capital required to keep up the mass production of all these missiles. The Ashkenazim are genetically the most patient race in the world. After they lost Israel to the Romans, they waited two thousand years to take it back. Thus, they will keep on sending large quantities of weapons to Ukraine for as many years as it takes to liquidate the entire population of Russian Slavs. And since the Ashkenazim themselves have not lost any lives, there is no reason for them to pause or to reconsider their strategy. To me, the most interesting part of all this is that the Russian Slavs don’t even know that they are at war with the Ashkenazim – Putin has made it illegal for anyone in Russia to know this truth.

    Recently, Putin created a new law for Russia’s Christians. Ancient Christian Holy texts often mention how the Ashkenazim are a hostile ethnic group. Putin created a law making it illegal for any Russian Christian to use these ancient texts to promote “Anti-Semitism.” My speculation is that the reason the Russian elites want to hide the facts about the Ashkenazim is because they believe that the truth can lead to Russians embracing Group Selected Ethno-Nationalism, a system under which the Russian elites would be stripped of their resources and perhaps even publicly executed. Thus, the elites promote Cultural Marxism in Russia to keep Russians focused on personal recreational activities, namely sports and the consumption of MacDonald’s style hamburgers.

    Putin and his elite allies clearly have not read Professor Kevin MacDonald’s Trilogy. If they did, they would understand that they cannot defeat the Ashkenazim, and that their only option would have to be to either accept being completely genocided, or to just destroy the biosphere with nuclear explosions and bring the human species to the Next Life to face Judgement.

  136. @Jim H

    This is very naive. The 2nd World War strategic bombing campaigns by the Western Allies were planned terrorism directed against civilians to break troop morale by killing their families. Books were written after the First World War supporting the idea that soldiers could only support the conditions in the trenches because they were protecting their families from foreign troops. Those arguments were the basis of the argument for building four engined bombers and their commanders always complained vociferously when their bombers were wasted on military targets instead of the civilians whose deaths were the purpose for which those bombers were built. All of those crews and their political and military commanders were as terrorist and militarily irrelevant as anybody in Islamic State.

    The only counter argument could be that the central railway station was selected to disrupt transport and the incendiaries that were always dropped too were to burn the railway tracks not shops, homes, schools, hospitals etc and the people in them. If anybody believes that argument, I’ve a bridge to sell them. Even in the early 60s I still supported that terrorism like nearly everybody who regarded themselves as British and Yanks were no different.

    Germany was the country that built dive bombers that could hit a military target. Their capacity for aerial terrorism was trivial by comparison with the UK let alone the USA and it was the latter two’s strategic bomber commanders who kept their purpose constantly in mind.

    That was something that everybody knew and nearly all supported in the West in the 1950s but why spoil a good fairy tale by too close a regard for the truth? I suppose it’s discomforting to think that most Westerners were always as ready to support terrorism as they are today. People like to think that because Al Qaeda in Syria changed its name to Jabhat al Nusra and then to Hayat Tahrir al Sham, it must now be formed of moderates as it rules Idlib province in Syria with the full support of the USA and all who obey it. After all, in Syria, Al Qaeda represents “our values”, the ones we’re willing to kill for. [email protected]

  137. annamaria says:

    Those who should be punished are still beyond the reach of Karma, for now. They are the instigators of the wars: Usurers (Financial Squid), the MIC, and the fascist multinational corporations like Vanguard, BlackRock, and StateStreet.

    My heart is with Ukrainian mothers whose children are dying on the frontline on the orders of a wealthy puppet Ze, who repeats whatever is told to him by the US Zioocons.

    • Agree: profnasty
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