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The Pentagon Is Behind the Fake Alien Agenda
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On Sunday, 60 Minutes aired a report about UFOs. Journalist Bill Whitaker interviewed several people from the military to discuss the allegation put forward by the Pentagon that there are ultra-advanced aircraft flying around the earth for unknown reasons.

You should of course watch it and draw your own conclusions about what is going on there, but there’s something about this that immediately pops out at me: all the footage is from the government and all of the people claiming to have seen the crafts are from the government.

I think it is now beyond any doubt that the government is pushing a fake alien agenda which is likely to start heating up quickly.

Fake Aliens are Not a New Idea

After 60 Minutes aired this program, the entire media began talking about the topic of UFOs. Someone yesterday told me: “Project Blue Beam is real.” I don’t think it is real, but it is certainly relevant to this discussion.

Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory from the 1990s that the US government would use holograms to project flying saucers into the air and then fake an alien contact event and the return of Jesus Christ.

I heard this and many other conspiracy theories as a kid listening to Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. After the dawn of the internet, when I began investigating a lot of things, I investigated the “Blue Beam” story. The whole thing is just from one guy, a French Canadian named Serge Monast, who claimed to have seen secret government documents he couldn’t ever produce. (Note that Project Blue Beam is different from Project Blue Book; the latter is the Pentagon’s real life supposed “investigation” of UFOs, and is mentioned briefly in the 60 Minutes segment.)

The most compelling aspect of the theory is that Monast died of a surprise heart attack in 1996 at the age of 41, not long after he’d written a book about the alleged project. But a surprise heart attack is not evidence of a murder and he certainly did not look very healthy in any of the images I’ve seen of him.

Unfortunately, in this case, I have to say that the RationalWiki entry on Project Blue Beam is pretty spot-on. I dislike that site for the same reasons everyone dislikes smug fedora-reddit atheists, but you know the thing about broken clocks.

The conclusion I have come to is this: Monast put together a story that seems plausible (which he maybe even genuinely thought was going to happen), then falsely claimed to have documents showing that the government was planning it.

This happens probably more than you would guess: journalists and people who claim to be journalists regularly come up with things that seem plausible or likely, then claim that they have an “insider source.” It is not at all limited to the conspiracy community. There are several prominent right-wing Twitter accounts that use the “sources say” bit, and x% of the “leaks” and “anonymous officials” in the New York Times are just things the Times made up outright.

Though I never would have actually done it, I often regret that when I was trying to explain the virus hoax I didn’t claim to have an “insider source” at the World Economic Forum or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I think more people would have taken my warnings more seriously, and I don’t think anyone who was already taking it seriously would have taken it less seriously. But I’m a slave to journalistic ethics.

The bottom line is: whenever you start talking about a fake alien agenda, a lot of people on either side will revert to Project Blue Beam. Rightists will say “Project Blue Beam is real” while leftists will say “Project Blue Beam is fake and therefore there are no fake aliens.” Fake conspiracy theories muddy the waters on many issues. It would be better if rightists didn’t associate fake aliens with Project Blue Beam, then leftists wouldn’t have a way to point to an easy out.

But it is what it is: there is zero documentation for Project Blue Beam, and yet we are clearly facing some kind of fake alien agenda.

However, it does make sense, which is why so many people believed it without evidence. It would indeed be very beneficial to the people in power to come out and say, “aliens have come to earth and they’ve told us to create a world government. The aliens are also Jesus.”

This is so obviously desirable to the elite that Ronald Reagan actually said it in a speech to the United Nations on September 21, 1987.

On uniting the world under a single world order, Reagan said: “Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

This is something that they were thinking about back then. They were making all kinds of films about it for decades. The concept of an alien threat uniting the world was featured in the film Independence Day – they fight back against the aliens on July 4th, so that becomes the Independence Day of the whole world (independence from alien invasion).

In October of 1987, the final issue of Alan Moore’s Watchmen was released, and featured a fake alien invasion being used by cynical control freaks as a justification for a global government. A gigantic fake squid alien is dumped on New York City, killing a bunch of people.

The way comics are made, there is no way he could have changed the story to fit in with what Reagan said (it is also clear just looking at the structure of the story that he wouldn’t change the ending like that). Stranger still, when this comic was made into a film in 2009, they changed the ending to remove the alien.

The first example of a fake alien contact event being used to form a global government that I’m aware of, and something which probably influenced Monast when he was putting together his theory, was “Invasion From Outer Space,” the lead story in Tales Of Suspense #2, published in 1959. This actually featured holograms.

The story was uncredited, but is assumed to have been both written and drawn by Jacob Kurtzberg AKA Jack Kirby (I will always defend Kirby as an artist, but he was definitely Jewish).

A “fake aliens to create a world government” plot appeared in the 1963 Outer Limits episode The Architects of Fear, written by the Jew Meyer Dolinsky.

I imagine that if there is an event, it will be a peaceful contact, rather than a violent invasion. I would picture fake aliens who are identical to humans coming to warn us about racism and global warming. But they could also have the aliens start issuing threats of some kind.

Even if they do not go all the way to a fake contact event, they are going to begin flooding the media with Alien Agenda gobbledygook in order to intensify the confusion already running rampant through our society.

There is really no other explanation for what we saw on 60 Minutes on Sunday.

The biggest difference between what Monast wrote about and what is happening is that there are no holograms projected into the sky. Instead, the Pentagon is disseminating digitally manipulated video footage of UFOs. If there ever is a “contact” event, they will figure out a way to stage it with CGI and some props. They will do the same thing they do with Hollywood movies. Monast’s insistence on Holograms made the whole thing sound ridiculous.

Meanwhile, French computer scientist Jacques Vallée has put forward a much clearer concept about the government faking aliens that few people even know about.

He claimed all through the 1990s that the government was manipulating people into believing in aliens for the purpose of social manipulation. He comes across as a bit of a kook himself now, but you have to consider what it was like before the internet in terms of information. He came at the topic simply wanting to research it, and came to the conclusion that the government was promoting fake aliens in the 1980s as part of a larger scheme.

It is really a shame that the Blue Beam thing was promoted so heavily, as it disguises the obvious fact that the establishment has been using everything in their power to promote aliens nonsense for decades on end, clearly as part of a weird agenda. If discussion of this agenda had not been relegated to the conspiracy theory realm, people would immediately know what was happening when the media starts doing nonstop UFO coverage.

The Military is the One Releasing the Footage, The “Whistleblowers” are All from the Military

I’m not really willing to entertain the idea of actual aliens, on principle. It’s not a religious principle, but just science. There is no way to travel faster than the speed of light. I know we’ve spent our lives seeing “warp drive” in science fiction, but that is not real. Wormholes and so on are just abject nonsense. This means that it would take a ridiculously long time for aliens to reach earth. They would have to freeze themselves, or send robots, and there is just no coherent explanation as to why they would come here and then just fly around in ships harassing the US military.

It just doesn’t make logical sense. The logical, sensible thing is that if we are seeing UFOs here, they are from here.

However, we don’t have to go into any of that, for a very simple reason: these videos are all being released directly by the US military. As far as I’m aware, every single one of these videos that has popped up in the last few years – including every video featured on the latest 60 Minutes episode – is from the military.

Furthermore, everyone interviewed by the show, save Marco Rubio, is from the military. (And Rubio was the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.)

Whitaker first interviews two military men who were allegedly assigned to look at videos and radar scans of UFOs. Neither claims to have seen one in real life.

Luis Elizondo claims that he worked for military intelligence for 20 years, working in the Middle East and Guantanamo Bay, and then in 2008 he was pulled in to be the leader of a secret Pentagon UFO program called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

This guy has been around for a few years, regularly featured on the History Channel’s UFO circuit. He describes AATIP exactly like the eponymous X-Files in the X-Files TV show. He even says they shut it down (like the X-Files were always being shut down in the show). He claims to have looked at a bunch of videos of UFOs. In 2019, The Intercept claimed that there was no evidence that he ever worked for a Pentagon UFO operation, though I can believe he did (or I could believe he didn’t).

The next fellow interviewed, former Navy pilot Lieutenant Ryan Graves, claims that he saw UFOs on radar and infrared every single day for years.

What exactly is to keep intelligence from simply feeding these men fake videos and radar scans of crafts? Every single video is blurry. If people are seeing these crafts, why do we not have a single clear image of them? High definition cameras have existed for a long time.

Those two men don’t have to be lying: they could really have been fed these videos and other electronic documentation. If the government is planning an Alien Agenda, I see no reason that they wouldn’t try to get as many people as they can that are working in the military to actually believe in these crafts. What does it cost them to create a department designed to look at photoshopped videos of blurry future ships that “defy the laws of physics”?

Whitaker then interviews two Navy pilots, David Fravor and Alex Dietrich, who claim to have flown right up close to one of these crafts in 2004.

They say they were right up near an actual ship, shaped like a Tic Tac, hovering over the water and creating whitewater. It moved in weird directions and splashed around before disappearing before their very eyes.

Certainly, an eyewitness account is more compelling than a bunch of blurry videos that could just as easily be faked. But these two people could simply be intelligence agents trained to act.

Which is more likely: real UFOs or two trained actors?

Is not Occam’s Razor, very straightforwardly, that this is a hoax?

Following the narrative of the X-Files TV show, Whitaker then goes to the government insider who has been working to help the soldiers get their story told about this Alien Agenda: Christopher Mellon of the Mellon banking family.

He serves as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and Staff Director of the Senate Intelligence Committee. So he’s a high-ranking bureaucrat from an elite family who is concerned about these aliens.

Mellon was the one who in 2017 “leaked” videos of these supposed spaceships to the New York Times, which led to a period of the media pumping it up.

The NYT seeded the “government admits it” idea for later use (this is the same thing they did with the “SARS pandemic” in the early 2000s – they acclimate people to ideas that will be used in future hoaxes, and they always overlap with stories from entertainment media).

Maybe Mellon believes it. There is no reason he has to know this is a hoax. The only people who have to know it is a hoax are the people claiming to have seen one of these craft with their own eyes. The rest of these people have just seen digital video, which is precisely worthless in terms of proving the actions of living people, never mind the actions of a blurry shape.

Finally, Whitaker talks to Senator Marco Rubio, who is playing the character of Senator Richard Matheson from the X-Files.

Rubio said the same thing he always says on the topic, saying that we have to find out what these ships are for the sake of national security. He has been the key figure in this agenda following the departure of Harry Reid, who had previously been pushing it.

Rubio is the epitome of an “empty suit.” He’s probably gay and the only thing he actually cares about is overthrowing communism in Cuba so his family can go back and rule the country. He will say literally anything, so he’s the perfect figurehead of this weird agenda. I doubt he knows it’s a hoax. I think he’s just the kind of person who doesn’t ask a lot of questions, which is why he was the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee in the first place.

Rubio said he’s pushed for an unclassified report that is coming next month. I expect this report will be heavily covered in the media, and will be the start of mass coverage of UFOs. It won’t be coronavirus or Black Lives levels of coverage, but it will be a major, ongoing news item.

Probably, when the report is released, the Pentagon will agree to start publishing footage of the alleged craft, which will serve as constant fodder for the media. Again, even if they do not decide to do a fake alien contact event, dumping a bunch of Alien Agenda nonsense into a society already in the midst of a collective paranoid-schizoid breakdown is something that’s worth the media’s time.

The entire 60 Minutes segment was ridiculous. Whitaker was attempting to act incredulous, while at the same time agreeing that the Pentagon “admitted it” and not giving any counterargument other than “maybe it’s a weather balloon.” The obvious counterargument is that this is a government hoax. That is very straightforward. Even if you believed in aliens, you would admit that the obvious counterargument is government hoax. That is the debate: “is it aliens or is it a government hoax.” In nowhere in this equation is a discussion of weather balloons. But 60 Minutes did not bother to present the obvious counterargument. This was blatant shilling for the Alien Agenda hoax.

Whitaker did not interview the Smoking Man. That is probably a New York Times exclusive.

Where are the Cellphone Videos?

Here’s a major problem: no one is filming these craft with their cellphones. If these ships are flying around everywhere, and the military is recording video of it every day, how is it possible that videos of it are not showing up constantly on Twitter? The ships in these blurry government videos, for reasons unexplained, have lights on them. Everyone has a phone, everyone films everything they see, and since the dawn of the cellphone, we’ve not seen huge numbers of these videos. In fact, we haven’t seen any.

The video that featured the best defined images is one of a craft moving outside of a jet in daylight. It looks vaguely like the shuttlepod from Star Trek: Enterprise (the show took place before transporter technology had been perfected, so they were always bopping around in shuttlepods).

Again, these people claim this happens regularly. How is it that they’re the only ones who have noticed it?

In the 1990s, there was a huge wave of UFO theories, with thousands of people calling in to Art Bell and other talk radio shows to tell stories about seeing UFOs. Many people built careers on telling these stories as well. Some people would tell stories about actually seeing aliens, or being abducted by them. They would usually relate it back to films, in particular Steven Spielberg’s 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

This was a big part of the culture when I was a kid. The very first episode of South Park, which aired in August of 1997, was called “Cartman Gets an Anal Probe,” a reference to claims from people who had alleged that they were abducted by aliens and given an anal probe.

It seems likely that people saw this stuff in entertainment, and were able to convince themselves it was real.

However, by the mid-2010s, that whole thing seemed to have been debunked by cellphone cameras. No one could claim they saw a UFO anymore, because if they did, people would ask them why they didn’t film it. If they claimed to have been abducted, there also would have been some cellphone record. So people just stopped making these claims.

Look at the X-Files. In the original show in the 1990s, the main plot was based on the talk radio shows and books about aliens. However, when the show was relaunched in 2016, they made it about Alex Jones type secret government “New World Order” material, because the aliens thing just wasn’t interesting anymore.

Every time I’ve talked about this aliens hoax, a portion of readers respond with the theory that the government has secret high technology, maybe stolen from Nikola Tesla or something. However, that becomes really confusing in terms of how it would be developed without the cooperation of universities and the private sector with no leaks. Yes, I am aware of the Manhattan Project, but that was only three years long and it was before the internet. It was also during a time when society was cohesive, and people believed in the government. Just look at all that WikiLeaks has leaked, and the closest thing you come to secret technology is secret spying and hacking software. Logically, you also run into the problem of why war with China and Russia is such a big deal if the government has secret space age technology. Furthermore, if they had these kinds of ships, they could probably at that point just be using microwaves to control our thoughts, and so we wouldn’t even be here thinking about it.

Of course, as is always the case with conspiracy theories, you can create more conspiracy theories to explain the flaws in the original theory, ad infinitum. But to me, the idea of secret government anti-gravity crafts becomes too convoluted. It requires too much effort to explain. What does not require effort is faking some videos of crafts and then sending out a few intelligence officers to claim on TV that they saw crafts.

The cellphone camera problem persists through the theory of secret government technology. Much bigger than that is the fact that other militaries are not claiming to be seeing these crafts. Surely, if they were secret US government crafts, they would at least be using them to test China and Russia? And if they’re picked up on US radar, they would be picked up on other countries’ radar systems.

This idea that the military is seeing these things nonstop and yet no one else does is not rational. Faked videos and actors on TV makes 100% sense as an assumption, covers all bases, and does not require any kind of massive, confusing, convoluted conspiracy theory.

Poor Tucker

Tucker Carlson is always behind the curve on this stuff. (Well, he’s behind the Stormer curve. He’s obviously ahead of the general society curve.)

I used to wonder about him, but after the things he said about the ADL, I don’t wonder anymore. He’s a good Christian man with a good Christian heart, doing his best. He’s just from a different generation, a generation before the internet, when information was processed differently. Things have gotten a lot worse since his head writer Blake Neff was fired for saying whatever mean words on the internet.

Remember: Tucker initially shilled the coronavirus hoax, and is alleged to be the one who told Donald Trump to start “taking it seriously.” Of course, he’s completely reversed on that, saying it’s a hoax and actually going so far as to say the vaccine is killing people in huge numbers.

He has finally stopped shilling the kook State Department line about China. Although it seemed like shilling at the time, looking back it’s clear he genuinely believed that Joe Biden was somehow linked to Chinese communism, and it just took him a minute to figure out that Biden was going to go much harder on China than Trump ever did.

On Monday, he began talking about America losing its position of power in the world and what that would mean, and I thought for sure he was getting ready to revert to hysterical anti-Chinese talking points. But no. Instead, he shilled 60 Minutes’ Alien Agenda gibberish.

(You can watch it in the first segment of this full video of Sunday’s show on the always helpful

(You can watch it in the first segment of this full video of Sunday’s show on the always helpful

I have faith now that Tucker will catch up. He is not some arrogant scumbag who won’t admit he’s wrong. He will change positions. But he hasn’t figured this out yet. Part of it is probably that he looks at the moron Sean Hannity and the rest of the “conservative” retards in his circles and sees they’re not talking about it and assumes it must be important.

Tucker may also be vaguely aware that people in the elite Davos circles appear to believe in aliens, and he’s just not connecting the dots. I’ve said for years and years that it is likely that part of how they get non-Jews to work for this globalist agenda so diligently is by telling them aliens are behind everything.

Remember that in 2016, Jean-Claude Juncker, then the head of the EU, claimed to be in contact with aliens. Also remember that the media didn’t report on it hardly at all, and the EU published fake minutes of the session he was speaking in, removing the thing he said about speaking with “leaders of other planets.”

I think a lot of high level bureaucrats probably believe this hoax. It makes logical sense that after beating religion out of people, they would be ready to believe something so idiotic.

It’s also possible that Tucker is influenced by Alex Jones, who promotes the above mentioned conspiracy theories about secret government anti-gravity planes, and that he’s trying to lead into that by “just asking questions.”

Whatever the case, he needs to figure it out quickly.

Saagar Enjeti from The Hill is following Tucker’s lead. Yesterday he brought on Jeremy Corbell, who is either stupid or a liar.

The rest of the media is pretending to be credulous, following 60 Minutes’ lead.

No one is saying the obvious.

One thing is for certain: Joe Rogan isn’t going to say it. If he gets drunk and high and accidentally says it, he’ll apologize to the aliens. Calling for the Pentagon to release the files is like calling for the government to do more to fight the coronavirus. It’s buying into this game they are playing. They are playing coy with this “secret government files on the truth about UFOs” gibberish. They want people to ask for it so they can dump a bunch of disinformation.

Tucker will probably catch up when he ends up in a situation where he’s using the same talking points as CNN. That’s what happened with the China thing.

Apex Hoax: The Apotheosis of Fake News

Let me be clear again: I don’t know if they’re going to roll out this hoax in full. I am not a prophet and I do not have the ability to predict the future. Even when I said “the lockdown will never end,” I said that this would be the case if no one resisted. The future is always unwritten, and you should always be wary of people who are too sure of themselves.

What I am trying to do here is lay out, in full, my reasoning as to why I believe that a fake aliens agenda is brewing. You should be able to think it through yourself and come to your own conclusions.

The rulers might not even know themselves yet where they will end up going with this aliens stuff. They might be waiting to see the popular response to a media barrage of Pentagon psych-war UFO gibberish. But this is true: the more we hear about it, the more likely it becomes that they’re going to run with it.

Individual people will no doubt claim that people in general wouldn’t go along with this aliens hoax. To those individual people I say: look around you.

People in general have gone along with a virus hoax for nearly a year and a half, going step by step through a process of surrendering their freedom and ultimately their bodily autonomy to the government. They’re wearing masks and getting injected with some bizarre gene therapy treatment despite the fact that there is no evidence of a “pandemic.” In fact, an official publication from Johns Hopkins, the nation’s top medical authority, confirmed that at the supposed height of the “pandemic,” there were no new deaths from this virus, and the supposed “death toll” was just deaths from other causes being reclassified as “coronavirus” deaths.

We don’t know the exact number of people who are going along with this pandemic hoax. They’ve made it a kind of crime to question it, and they of course censor anyone who does. This is called a “chilling effect,” and even if you could believe the polls (and I do not), many people under a chilling effect are not going to be honest to pollsters for fear of getting in trouble. But we’ve all seen, out on the streets of American cities and in our own families, severe numbers of people who actually believe it.

At least as many people will go along with this aliens hoax.

What’s more, I think we would have to be kidding ourselves to imagine that most evangelical churches won’t agree that the leader of the aliens is Secret Space Jesus. Evangelical Judeo-Christians have been nursing science fiction nonsense with their end times prophecy racket for decades. Surely they will endorse aliens as their savior. These people, who turned Christianity into an apocalyptic doom cult, are going out and getting the vaccine, which is literally a “mark” that you’re not going to be able to buy or sell unless you have.

Certainly, if they do implement this Alien Agenda they will obviously censor anyone who questions it. It will be even more extreme than the virus censorship. Whatever is going on with Tucker’s thought process, I hope he thinks this through sooner rather than later, because he’s not likely to be on TV when this hoax comes to fruition.

This will obviously be a bigger hoax than any hoax before it, but we’ve seen a progression in recent years of hoaxes made from nothing: first it was Trump being a Russian agent, then the coronavirus, then a racist conspiracy by cops to commit a genocide against blacks. You can throw “female souls are accidentally being born in the bodies of male children” in there too somewhere, alongside the overwhelming supernatural importance of gay marriage in Taiwan and Antifa riots in Hong Kong.

All of these are versions of what Adolf Hitler called “the Big Lie.” He said that the Jews would tell lies so big that no one could dare question it, because it seemed beyond belief that someone would make it up. The Jews have continued to use that same technique on America and the West after achieving their desired outcome in World War II. Telling people that space aliens have landed on earth to lecture them about racism and carbon taxes is the final form of the Big Lie.

What is happening is that these hoaxes are stacking. As people buy into one lie, they are more willing to buy into another even bigger lie. Furthermore, even people who don’t buy the lie get dragged into it. The “conservative” narrative on Russia was that Russia did hack the election to help Trump, but that has nothing to do with Trump. On the virus, they say it’s a new virus and it’s deadly, but it’s really not that deadly.

An aliens hoax would remove the fence-riders. You can say: “the Russians are an adversary, but,” “the virus is dangerous, but,” and so on. You cannot say “I believe in the aliens and their agenda, but…”

Things are weird and they’re getting weirder, folks.

As far as anyone can tell, we are headed directly towards the Apex Hoax and the Apotheosis of Fake News, which is the Alien Agenda.

Just stay sane. Do your best to roll with the punches and have some fun.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Its obvious what the goal here is. Drop a nuke somewhere remote or some shitty ghost town, or stage some phony crashed UFO and create a mania.

    Dem aliens be cummin’ an sheeit!

    The demand will be that we need world government and a global, world army under the command of the UN to defeat the alien menace.




    Its just another psyop in the long list of grifts to promote global government. At first it was imminent mass famines in the 70s, then it was ozone layer depletion and acid rain, then it was global warming, next it was ammended to ”climate change” and now its aliens.

    Conveniently the establishment’s answer to all these catastrophies is global government and centralization of power in the hands of the UN or some other distant international organization.

    That has always been the goal of the Jewish elite and their anglo-saxon bottoms. World government where they have rule over the whole planet and there’s no rival nation to provide any obstacles.

    Its why the German, Russian and Austro-Hungarians empires had to go in WW1 for they were an obstacle to world domination by anglo-American banking and capital.

    Its the same reason why Germany and Japan had to go in WW2. Again, another obstacle.

    After ww2 the UN was founded, it headquarters was build on land donated to John D. Rockefeller jr. and in his words, the purpose of the UN was ”to ensure the sovereignty of world bankers and an intelletctual elite, which would be far more preferable to that of nation states”.

    The world government was due in 1947 when there were plans to hand over all atomic weapons to the UN and thus essentially make it the global hegeom. The UN is obviously controlled by the guys of the Jewish establishment.

    It was foiled by Stalin who refused to give up nukes and become a banker vassal. Thus Stalin, the most evil man in history saved the world back then from the one world order.

    Russia stopped it then and the cold war began.

    Now they’re faced with the prospect of the collapse of globalism due to their own greed and climate bs isn’t working as well. So now Aliens.

    More funding for the DoD so that they can lead the charge against the aliens just like in the movie independence day

  2. Funny how once humans realized there are no invisible tribal elders living on top of the clouds, they still found ways to keep believing something superior is up there.
    While the conditions that give rise to life seem ubiquitous, on earth it took four billion years of nearly perfect conditions for complex life to arise from simple organisms. Such very long stability is extraordinarily rare, as far as science has been able to determine so far. In our solar system, Mars and probably Venus long had earth-like conditions but their systems changed drastically before intelligence could evolve there.
    Other solar systems are immensely distant. Despite science fiction, it’s astonishingly unlikely that there are ways to travel to them. Even if a vessel were developed that could travel near the speed of light, it would take several centuries to arrive at our nearest neighbor and return. Meanwhile, because of relativity, 24,000 years would have passed on earth. The apparent natural speed limit of the universe precludes intergalactic travel.

  3. anon[240] • Disclaimer says:

    Is your country being overrun by illegal aliens and your govt refuses to do anything about it?

    Is your govt basically treasonous and becoming more tyrannical by the day?


    • Thanks: beavertales
    • Replies: @Leo Den
    , @Anon
    , @Richard B
  4. I have not seen a UFO but have spoken to several I know who have. These folks aren’t wild-eyed attention seekers so I’ll leave it there.

  5. Mr. Grey says:

    We are hearing from military people because they are taken seriously. There have been plenty of civilians who have reported things over the years, many airline pilots for example, and they are usually dismissed as seeing a weather balloon, etc. It’s noteworthy when an air force pilot, with all their technology to detect things, still cannot explain something they encounter. Maybe the author’s argument would be more convincing if he could say approximately when did the Illuminati gather together the various radar and electronic technicians and pilots to explain their plan for a one world government and their roles in this conspiracy.

  6. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    The Jews ((Satan))) ** will do anything to get full spectrum dominance.

    No LIE will ever be too outrageous to use.

    The stupidity of the commons will be the triumph of Satan (((Jews))) **

    ** Interchangeable terms… no difference.

    • Agree: the grand wazoo
    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  7. Trinity says:

    Yeah I can’t believe Tucker Carlson is pushing this UFO bullshit. The only UFO I ever saw in my entire life was a vacationing Canuck on Clearwater beach. Poor guy was wearing knee high black socks and sandals but was shirtless. He was lobster red and the worst UFO aka Unidentified Frying Object I had seen in quite awhile.

    UFOs, Coronavirus & Face Diapers, 9-11 Official Narrative, Saying the 2020 election was legit, the alleged Epstein suicide, Caitlyn Jenner running for Governor of the largest state in America, etc. It goes on and on. Epstein is off somewhere in the Middle East either in Saudi Arabia or Israel, bank on it.

    Speaking of playing the public for fools, has anyone actually seen a legit film or photograph of Jizzlane Maxwell in jail? All we get are drawings that look like they were scrawled by a first grade art student.

    Cue: Outa Space by Billy Preston and since we are going way back, back into time with this tune, hit Troglodyte by The Billy Castor Bunch. Kind of like The Jetsons meet The Flintstones. Oh, that’s right, The Flintstones had Mr. Magoo, a space alien in the Stone Age.

  8. Trinity says:

    Shilling for taxpayers money for Space Force. ROTFLMMFWAO.

    • Agree: Patrick in SC, Fred777
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  9. Now apply this same level of rational skepticism to the Gospels, which you appear to believe in whole heartedly. A few “eyewitness” accounts of aliens, vs a few “eyewitness” accounts of a miracle worker. One of these you just trashed as absurd, and the other you advertised as the foundation of your world view. Can’t you see that the Gospels are an example of fake news used to control and exploit the public?

    I also wonder if the subset of Americans who believe in Aliens is more Christian than America at large?

    Watching The History Channel has consequences!

  10. rood says:

    You are only somewhat correct about evangelical-end times Christians.
    The NUMBER ONE sign of the end times according to numerous New Testament verses is…..deception.
    Based upon that Theological truth alone, government alien hoaxes are to be EXPECTED. In fact, everything coming out of “established sources” and “alternative sources” require spiritual discernment.
    The real problem is, the deception to come will be unrecognizable to even the most “woke” individuals on the planet. According to scripture, Jesus said the deception to come would be so great that, if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived.
    Be careful of the deception that you don’t recognize because you are blinded to spiritual truth.
    Alien hoaxes and 911 false flags are mere childs play.

    • Replies: @goldgettin
    , @RoatanBill
  11. gottlieb says:

    You must obviously know of Carol Rosin:

    “The strategy that Wernher Von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. In fact, in 1974, they were the enemy, the identified enemy. We were told that they had ‘killer satellites.’ We were told that they were coming to get us and control us – that they were ‘Commies.’

    “Then terrorists would be identified, and that was soon to follow. We heard a lot about terrorism. Then we were going to identify third-world country ‘crazies.’ We now call them Nations of Concern. But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based weapons.

    “The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first time he said it. Asteroids- against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons.

    “And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. ‘And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie.’”

    It must be one ‘threat’ after another to keep the money flowing to the ‘military-industrial-complex.’

    • Agree: RoatanBill, Steven80
    • Thanks: Bugey libre, Pheasant
    • Replies: @TRM
  12. Andreas says:

    Give me a break. These “UFOs” are equipment malfunctions or intentionally injected test signals. The effective government classification system keeps information compartmentalized and limited to a strict need to know basis. And because whatever is actually going on is subject to this same classification system there will be no revelation of truth just because people think they are seeing extra-terrestrial craft.

    But, yes, it will eventually be exploited for its propaganda value and used to manipulate the credulous.

    • Agree: Thim
  13. @Caspar von Everec

    Excellent comment, Caspar. And, I am impressed with Anglin’s take on this latest UFO craze. He’s proving himself to be an original thinker.

    It’s so very odd that the government is releasing these Top Secret UFO documents at exactly the point in time that their Corona panic has self-destructed. The Biden Admin. needs to change its sinking narrative, and this is an excellent way to do so. I wonder who could have thought of it. It obviously wasn’t clueless Old Joe.

    As Anglin reports, lately Tucker Carlson has been devoting a good bit of his time to this topic on nearly every show. If this all blows up in his face before he corrects himself, it will ruin his credibility and he’ll need to find something else to do. Run for President, maybe? You don’t need any credibility to for run for that office, as last year’s election demonstrated. On last night’s show, Tucker promoted an hour long conversation he had with over-the-hill fat actress Kirsty Alley on Fox Nation. If that’s not reaching the bottom of the barrel, I don’t know what is. I plan on cancelling my recent unused subscription, which I should have never signed up for in the first place.

  14. onebornfree says: • Website

    there’s something about this that immediately pops out at me: all the footage is from the government and all of the people claiming to have seen the crafts are from the government.”

    “My first rule- I don’t believe anything the government tells me- nothing!- ZERO!” George Carlin:

    Reminder: the state is a 100% criminal organization:

    “Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.” Albert J. Nock

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @Kumbaresu
  15. Rahan says:

    Anglin is probably right in this specific case.

    In the broader sense, let me first quote H.P. Lovecraft, Through the Gate of the Silver Key:

    Memory and imagination shaped dim half-pictures with uncertain outlines amidst the seething chaos, but Carter knew that they were of memory and imagination only. Yet he felt that it was not chance which built these things in his consciousness, but rather some vast reality, ineffable and undimensioned, which surrounded him and strove to translate itself into the only symbols he was capable of grasping. For no mind of earth may grasp the extensions of shape which interweave in the oblique gulfs outside time and the dimensions we know.

    Then let me remind everyone what the point of Arthur Schopenhauer’s The World as Will and Representation is. The “will” bit is about nature driving living things to reproduce and cling to life. The “representation” bit is about the human reality being a bubble constructed out of the combination of our perceptions and mental filters.

    Human science produces instruments which amplify our senses and thus allows us to examine in more and more minute detail the working of our “matrix”, but not go beyond its boundaries, where there are no colors, no sounds, no hot or cold, no hard or soft, no shapes as we know them, no speed, no time.

    “Woke up from his dogmatic slumber” by Hume, Kant tried to prove how humans can go beyond the boundaries through logic and reason. He basically had to invent a new vocabulary to pull it off—if one is in the camp that believes that Kant pulled it off.

    This knowledge was systematized by Kant and Schopenhauer, but today most “scientists” and “philosophers” have retreated to the one-dimensional position that only the interior of the human perception bubble exists. At best the admit the existence of the “quantum layer” of the reality boundary, but this is still simply pushing to the very extremes the abilities of our perception and minds, within the existing mortal human matrix.

    In the past certain societies called the human perception bubble “an illusion”, or “a dream”. Today some are using the term “simulation”. These concepts are loaded with baggage and sort of make people think that this means that “this life isn’t real” or that “nothing is real”. Human reality is very much real. Just not necessarily the only such reality.

    Hence the ridiculousness of the “scientific atheists” whose “scientism” basically means “I am a 100% certain, without any evidence whatsoever, that no forces and no beings exist outside the mortal human phenomenological bubble”. Of course, there is a 50% chance that they are correct, but still, shallow arrogance indeed.

    In the above quote from Lovecraft, Carter realizes that what he perceives during his journey is not what the forces or beings from beyond the mortal human realm look like, but that he was perceiving: “

    rather some vast reality, ineffable and undimensioned, which surrounded him and strove to translate itself into the only symbols he was capable of grasping. For no mind of earth may grasp the extensions of shape which interweave in the oblique gulfs outside time and the dimensions we know.”

    When people perceive “demons” or “ghosts” or “aliens” perhaps sometimes it is their minds projecting shapes and motives onto nothing, or onto blind forces. But sometimes, maybe their minds are projecting upon actual intrusions from outside the human reality. Again 50% – 50%, we can’t know.

    That being said, planets, stars, galaxies, the speed of light, all that stuff, only exists the way we perceive it inside the human reality bubble. Thus, “the Fermi paradox” is basically just another indirect proof that Schopenhauer was right, and that Plato was also right. There are no “alien civilizations”, because if they do exist, they operate within their own reality bubbles that do not intersect with our own (at least not in ways obvious to us).

    The “planets” and “galaxies” we perceive are shadows on the wall of humanity’s cave, as are the very particles it is made of.

    So no, “aliens” aren’t going to show up “on a spaceship” from “another planet”, not unless some forces or beings external to our reality make a focused effort to present themselves to us in that way. To “humor the natives” in other words.

    And maybe that’s that the US establishment is gearing up to do. “Humor the natives” for one reason or another.

    • Replies: @thotmonger
  16. It can’t simply be a US government hoax since the phenomenon isn’t confined to the US; it’s global. You would need to argue that other governments are also in on the hoax, as well as the many civilians who have had sightings. That said, certain parties might take advantage of the phenomenon to advance some agenda or other.

  17. UNIT472 says:

    We can’t even get people to Mars and our science can’t even explain how beings from another world could possibly get here. As far as we know biological organisms cannot survive in high radiation environments and deep space is just that. Lets not worry about flying saucers or aliens. If they exist and want to contact us they will find an easier way than physically landing in Washington.

    That said, it is entirely possible for earth people, in the near future, to create our own ‘monsters’. I even proposed, tongue in cheek, that Florida create a Department of Monsterology to develop more fearsome fauna to attract tourists. Our own Jurassic Park next to DisneyWorld. No reason we couldn’t also go for the Gold Medal and create human/ape chimeras. Imagine how electric utilities and telecom companies would like to have an intelligent chimp to climb their towers and do maintenance for just a few bananas per hour. Smarter and larger dogs could replace police officers in many instances. Its going to take a brave hoodrat to resist arrest when the arresting officer is a uniformed 250lbs doberman able to utter the words ‘you are under arrest’ itself.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
    , @Anon
  18. @follyofwar

    Tucker is just another puppet. He’s the next line of controlled opposition. He shilled for the election fraud and now pushes “we need strong US military to fight China, hur dur”

    You’re not allowed on primetime tv if you’re not a ”made man”

  19. @Gidoutahere

    All recorded history mentions aerial sightings that could not be explained and I have no reason to refute or reject those narratives. When I was around 15 I, along with a large group of other students at a Southern military school, watched in fascination at UFO activity that was widely reported and we saw what we saw but we didn’t have any explanation for it. Most certainly though in 1965 there were no lasers, as they exist now, that could have been responsible for the things we saw.

    But think about history. Alleged UFO sightings began to increase world wide after the US and Russia began testing nuclear weapons and with an increase in the proliferation of WMDs and advanced destructive technology by the more powerful nations, so have these sightings increased.

    The Truth Is Out There, but because of the wickedness and criminality of the various world governments and the people who run them, it ain’t all that likely that that truth will ever be released for consumption by the public. Many could deal with the existence of ET life but it’s likely that the majority of people, who can barely control themselves without prescription or other drugs, would not manage that news well and untold chaos would ensue.

    • Agree: Brad Anbro
    • Replies: @Alfred
  20. Trinity says:

    Next thing the Pentagon will be pushing Bigfoot is real complete with blurry footage and some git-r-dones as eyewitness accounts of spotting good ole Sasquatch. Oh, wait…..

    • Replies: @Ruckus
  21. @Andreas

    When do the current crop of (non-weather balloon) UFO reports begin to emerge as a constant occurrence?

    By the point that 4th and 5th generation military fighters are in active service – you have the onset of Active Electronically Scanned Array radar packed into small form factors traveling at 1500 mph, and – surprise – you get radar artifacts that are encountered in ground based radar deployments, only they now ‘travel’ along with the aircraft instead of merely manifesting on the stationary radar array.

    These avionic radars are intended to track / engage dozens of different targets at a time, in weapons systems designed to electronically jam. This is taking place over reflective ocean surface that generates ‘order in chaos’ to tracking radars designed to actively acquire targets.

    Its hard to understate the amount of energy – actual and potential – operating at altitude and in electrically charged atmospheric weather conditions, as well as amidst other military and non-military comms, satellite uplinks, radio / microwave communication.

    “In the future AESAs will even be able to ‘fry’ enemy radars by overloading them with radio energy.”

    As far as the instances that I have noted, the digital artifact / ‘UFO’ is processed-generated through the avionic radars, as opposed to airmen visually ‘seeing’ an unknown aircraft depicted in ‘video’ evidence –

    “ATFLIR was capable of detecting and tracking targets within a range of 40 nautical miles.) It was inside of 20 miles. You’re not going to see it with your own eyes until probably 10 miles, and then you’re not going to be able to visually track it until you’re probably inside of five miles, which is where Dave Fravor said that he saw it. So, at that point I didn’t see anything with my eyeballs.”

    Instant ‘UFO’, provided by your own avionics systems..

    ..the F-16 Fighting Falcon original radar system, the APG-66 Pulse-doppler Radar. This radar has Look-down/shoot-down capability, meaning it can detect, track, and guide a weapon to an air target moving below the horizon as seen by the radar. This is dependent on the pulse-doppler capability to distinguish between moving and non-moving targets while ignoring ground clutter and noise. These LRUs listed below each have a different function in order to distinguish targets, whether above the horizon, or below the horizon where the ground, buildings, animals, and even weather can create noise and clutter.

    Eliminating the clutter and other unwanted signals take place in the DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR (DSP). The RADAR COMPUTER configures the radar system for the various operating modes, tells the DSP to provide symbols for video output, performs the calculations, routes data to the Fire Control Computer FCC, and interfaces with the F-16 avionics system for pilot operation.

    • Replies: @Andreas
  22. Steven80 says:

    The article has good logial points, put doesn’t explain WHY would anyone go through the pain to do it – secret departments creating videos, media communication, actors etc.

    The reason needs to justify the means – and the article suggest even the governments do not know what will come out of the whole operation and why exactly are they doing it.

    In my opinion, it is a huge and complex desinformation operation to hide something real. Otherwise it doens’t make sense to organise and finance the whole process. And don’t tell me “distract the masses” is a good reason for this effort- masses can be distracted in many more ways more cheaply and effectively.

    • Agree: Thim
    • Thanks: Theophrastus
  23. That was overly long for a diatribe but contains good points. I agree that the fact that we only hear testimony from military personnel points to a fraud. Still, there are plenty of civilian pilots who could be interviewed and that raises the question of whether there are true UAPs apart from whatever this alien agenda being pushed by USG is. MSM reporter Leslie Kean’s book of accounts of foreign military personnel and civilian pilots UAP experiences is recommended by me.

    Speaking of History Channel, this is OT but I watched the series finale of Vikings tonight and was satisfied. SPOILER ALERT: it ends with Floki (the excellent Gustaf Skarsgard, son of Stellan) and Ubbe Ragnarson sitting on a beach and watching the sun rise in bliss. This particular beach is in pre-Columbian North America, free of Christians, Jews, and Mohammedans, and these true Norse Heathens have found a peaceful coexistence with the Heathen aboriginals. It is a satisfying end to the show.

    Keep your project Blue Beam, if you don’t mind. I’m not buying it.

  24. Chensley says:

    Perhaps Anglin mentioned it elsewhere, but if not, then I’m surprised he didn’t tie in the purpose of creating the Space Force to preempt this situation.

  25. El Dato says:

    This means that it would take a ridiculously long time for aliens to reach earth. They would have to freeze themselves, or send robots, and there is just no coherent explanation as to why they would come here and then just fly around in ships harassing the US military.

    Spending several hundred years in transit trolling each other on the ship’s 4chan transforms you in special ways.

  26. El Dato says:

    Well, I will say it: nothing will happen at all.

    There have been UFO flaps permanently since Kenneth Arnold. They come and they go. There won’t be a big reveal, everything will fade away, and that will be that.

    As an aside, Jacques Vallée (represented as “Claude Lacombe” and played by François Truffaud in Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind) believes in UFOs, apart from the cases he rightly considers engineered hoaxes by cults and governments. However, he does not consider them “alien” but rather something generated locally by humans, like psychological stress come alive. I don’t know how that would would physically work, but hell why not.

    If Aliens come, it will be very evident. There won’t be a place for a hoax. In fact, it will be as in your face as this:

    A hoax wouldn’t lead to world government either. Reminder that the US is relatively small population-wise. It’s just “Zone A” and rotting from the inside. The Eurasian continent will tell the US where exactly to stick its World Government. Don’t believe they would be in on it when can’t even agree with the US on the Arctic or the Paracels Islands.

  27. Sulu says:

    I can just imagine a scenario for 2022. A fleet of five mile long alien space ships pop out of hyperspace and assume synchronous orbit around the Earth. They commence to bombard our military assets and infrastructure to such an extent that all the world’s countries unconditionally surrender within a week. Nine foot tall bipedal reptiles “beam” down to the planet in order to assume command of our governments….. And all of our women immediately start sucking scaly lizard cock.


  28. Andreas says:
    @Trial by Wombat

    Yes. I think your concept of UFOs as digital artifacts encapsulates both the technological and perceptual (i.e. psychological) drivers of this current phenomena.

    And with the government security classification system in place to keep the operating technical details of these sensors top secret, few, except for the scientists and engineers who work directly with the technology along with very high-level program managers will ever be the wiser as to what is causing these effects, unless one becomes an expert at reading in between the lines of the publicly available information to get a deeper sense of technology.

    This obfuscation of the technology through the compartmentalization of the classification system is unwittingly (or intentionally, perhaps) aided by the poor choice of words used by a lazy, uninformed and irresponsible mass media that typically implies visual sightings of the actual target instead of blips on a monitor.

    The pilots the mass media cites, rather than being the expert witnesses many reflexively believe them to be, are merely useful dupes used to propagate the UFO cover. Few, if any, will have the slightest knowledge of how their own psychology governs the perception of the phenomena. And, given a long enough leash to speak out without damaging their reputations, the testimony of these pilots only serves to reinforce these beliefs. How convenient.

    So if I were the Program Security Officer charged with keeping the details of all this ‘n’-gen technology operating at the extremes of currently understood physics top-secret ,I would encourage as much public confusion as possible even if it becomes as ludicrous as “seriously” discussing the existence of UFOs with all of its historical and cultural implications.

    Will the marks ever wise up?

    • Replies: @Trial by Wombat
  29. dimples says:
    @Ever Becoming

    I agree. I find it bizarre that these religious super-rationalist types accept that Jesus did miracles but, no sirree, UFO not real no sir, because…… speed of light.

    Consider what a miracle is: an override of what we would normally consider to be the laws of physics. If one believes in miracles then one accepts that the normal laws of physics are not quite all there is to space, time, matter and all that stuff. Maybe if you know how, you can override the normal laws of physics all the time if you want to. Its a perfectly reasonable view, since well I think the electron was first identified in approx 1880, the neutron I believe in the 1930’s during the lifetime of my own father, and so on. In other words in historical terms these fairly fundamental objects were discovered such a short time ago as to be almost yesterday morning. What if the universe is not slightly more complicated than it looks, but thousands of times more complicated. That might be a more realistic option to consider.

    Surely even a rationalist needs to deal with his own brainwashing when thinking about what might be real and what might not be. If he doesn’t think he is brainwashed, he is not really rational at all. I did not read all this lengthy article as it quickly seemed to degenerate into mindless crap. Mr Anglin would be better off studying the subject with a more open mind. If he does this, he might even see the mysterious UFO himself one day and ponder to himself what it might mean.

  30. El Dato says:

    Also Re: Junker talking about other planets

    This sounds constructed. Knowing Juncker (who can be best described as one of the Foundation librarians in Asimov’s “Foundation”, eager to get this large project off the ground and see it to finish), if he ever talked about aliens it was 100% in jest. He’s ready to pull such things off (tapping Berlusconi’s head in Benny Hill manner was only one of his unusual indiscretions).

    However, I doubt any of that really took place for this simple reason:

    … wherein, during a session of the European Parliament, European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker claimed that he was in communication with aliens yesterday, and that the versions of the video with English subtitles have been stripped from YouTube.

    A French-speaking reader posted the transcript and direct translation, and linked to the official EU transcript, which is completely different.

    Here’s what he said:

    Il faut savoir que ceux qui nous observent de loin, sont inquiets. J’ai vue et entendue et écouté plusieurs des dirigeants d’autres planètes. Ils sont très inquiets parce qu’ils s’interrogent sur la voie que l’union européenne vas poursuivre. Donc il faut rassurer et les européens et ceux qui nous observent de plus loin.

    This “transcript” contains grammatical errors of a sort that would never occur in an official transcript. In fact, it seems to have been written by a typical french high schooler who is unaware of his own language’s finer points.

    In other words, it’s a hoax.

    Bonus: Curtis on “UFOs” in “Hypernormalization – Living in a fake world”

    • Replies: @Si1ver1ock
  31. I disagree with Mr. Anglin here. This didn’t start with the Pentagon’s released videos, however, some people consider the Pentagon to be authoritative on these issues, Others consider them to be the opposite. If you want a primer on UFOs, you should check out Richard Dolan’s book:

    UFOs for the 21st Century Mind: A Fresh Guide to an Ancient Mystery

    Whistleblowers have come forward lots of times, including Phillip Corso with his Day After Roswell.

    • Agree: Robin Hood
    • Thanks: Anonymous Jew
    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  32. @El Dato

    I was just thinking about Asimov’s Foundation series the other day, now that the US Empire seems to be in collapse.

    The premise of the stories is that, in the waning days of a future Galactic Empire, the mathematician Hari Seldon spends his life developing a theory of psychohistory, a new and effective mathematical sociology. Using statistical laws of mass action, it can predict the future of large populations. Seldon foresees the imminent fall of the Empire, which encompasses the entire Milky Way, and a dark age lasting 30,000 years before a second empire arises. Although the inertia of the Empire’s fall is too great to stop, . . . .

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
  33. @Gidoutahere

    Now that you’ve brought that up, it may be time to ponder how this is going to affect all the people who already believe that there are aliens among us. What is going to happen to them if/when the PTB run with an “aliens among us” hoax?

    Will they become the new mainstream thinkers? Will they feel justified in their beliefs because the evening news is pumping out something they have believed for years? I’m a little worried for those people.

  34. Furthermore, if they had these kinds of ships, they could probably at that point just be using microwaves to control our thoughts, and so we wouldn’t even be here thinking about it.

    They’ll have mind control long before the ships…

    Genetically engineered ‘Magneto’ protein remotely controls brain and behaviour

    “Badass” new method uses a magnetised protein to activate brain cells rapidly, reversibly, and non-invasively


    This might explain the “magnet challenges” where recently vaxxed people are able to stick magnets to their arms at the vaxx point. The “experts” assert these claims are false and debunked, but every day it continues to be reproduced by believable ordinary folks.

    As for the Aliens, real or not, this is our fate… the dude on the steps to the spaceship took the jab.

    • Thanks: Alfred
  35. @rood

    Which side was Trump on?Deception,the big lie,l3iden?

  36. Actually, people are recording videos of UFO’s all over the world with their cell phones. I guess if you are not familiar with cable TV, you would not know. Try the TV show, “Paranormal Caught on Camera”, and try to explain away all these non-governmental people from various nations. They do not seem to all be hoaxsters or disturbed.
    It is quite arrogant to assume that if humans can’t explain a technology it must be fake. How seriously would a man from 1850 take the concepts of jet travel and the internet? Now consider civilizations millions of years old. Surely they would possess knowledge equally beyond our comprehension.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  37. I’ve had a lifelong interest in the subject and have followed it since the 60’s, reading books by Von Daniken, listening to Art Bell but have cut down my listening dramatically since he retired about 15 years ago and was replaced by a man who is 1/100th as interesting. I’ve always had an open mind on the subject but since I’ve never seen any UFO’s or knowingly met any aliens, I have no strong convictions about whether they exist or not.

    It’s kind of dubious that now that after 75 years of being a closed book the subject of UFO’s, the US government is now releasing information about the subject like a burst dam. What’s really curious is that it’s coinciding with Covid. That really makes me suspicious.

    UFO lobbyists believe that all their lobbying has finally achieved its goal and their dreams are being fulfilled. They couldn’t be further from the truth, government only releases formerly classified information that isn’t of any use any more, or as something that can be useful for propaganda purposes. This sudden rush of UFO “information” has a sinister motive behind it, I can feel it in my bones.

    From now on, every “official” release from government on the subject will be treated with the same skepticism I reserve for Fauci and his Covid proclamations.

    • Agree: idrankwhat
    • Replies: @dimples
  38. @Trinity

    “The only UFO I ever saw in my entire life was a vacationing Canuck on Clearwater beach. Poor guy was wearing knee high black socks and sandals but was shirtless. He was lobster red and the worst UFO aka Unidentified Frying Object I had seen in quite awhile.”

    You just gave out some ideas for names for new Canadian NFL teams, The Quebec Blacksox or the Halifax Lobsters. Man, you’re a genius.

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  39. @Andreas

    And with the government security classification system in place to keep the operating technical details of these sensors top secret, few, except for the scientists and engineers who work directly with the technology along with very high-level program managers will ever be the wiser as to what is causing these effects

    You almost exactly parallel my own estimation. Since the entire purpose of these radars is to track and prioritize engagement of battlespace targets.. what I think is the most likely explanation is that the programming subroutine has the capacity to generate placeholder targets when confused by some type of stratospheric or environmental interference and/or jamming, and that placeholder image is whatever the radar computer is programmed to serve up through the digital signal processor or equivalent.

    In some weapons systems the placeholder manifests as a tic tac / featureless ‘oval’, in another manufacturers’ implementation it is apparently a novelty easter-egg of sorts -quite similar to the outline of the attacking space ship everyone recalls from childhood Atari sessions of ‘Space Invaders’.

    Notably in the Gofast incident, no flight radars could actually lock the target served up, and no jamming was active against the fighters sent to investigate, which seems to also support the assessment that it was a digital placeholder artifact, not an actual aircraft.

    I have used FLIR tech (very early ground based) and what I can tell you is that a bunny rabbit in the woods – through FLIR – looks exactly like a bunny rabbit, its not a featureless outline of a bunny without any distinct features, like you see in the Gofast depiction.

    The pilots the mass media cites, rather than being the expert witnesses many reflexively believe them to be, are merely useful dupes used to propagate the UFO cover.

    Realistically, in any field of study, most people only know enough to enable them to engage in the most common daily tasks, and refer back to proprietary manuals once they encounter an unusual or an obscure problem. The in-ability to disseminate that information – when classified/restricted – is in both of our views exactly why this is still being perpetuated as a story.

    Its also, as you infer, a useful tool to those agencies who may want to prolong this story and use it for funding increases to military budgets, ‘Space Force’ extravagance when people are living in tents in every major US city, or even to reward the well connected seeking contracts for private companies.

    I am not really overall personally interested in these stories, at all, but I seem to recall an assertion that a large contract was given to an ally of Harry Reid when he controlled the Senate, to monitor these alleged UFO events, so whenever a profit motive is afoot, my skepticism meter pegs at ‘exceptional claims require exceptional proof’.

    • Replies: @Morton's toes
  40. Read “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper, he predicted this… “Within 10 years we will either have a war on terrorism, or a war on extraterrestrials” (paraphrased), written almost a decade before 9-11.
    He was right then, and he is about to be right again.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Ever Becoming
  41. I’d say you’re about half-right. My adult daughter’s gotten interested in this. I told her:

    ‘…UFO’s have been supposedly zipping around for seventy five years — and consistently getting dismissed or at least ignored.

    Now — when ‘they’ desperately need us to quit looking at everything else — UFO’s are suddenly taken seriously.

    Uh huh. Yeah — let’s all focus on UFO’s.

    They can zip around for another five years. Let’s have the counter-revolution first.’

    On some level, it’s an attempt to distract us. ‘Squirrel!’

  42. Mourad says:

    Maybe this could help:

    I have done some work related to this and found a connection between the Disclosure Project’s Steven Greer and Canada’s Paul Hellyer on the one hand, and the US Judy Wood (9/11) and Canadian John Hutchison (so-called Hutchison effect) PsyOps on the other

  43. One thing to consider is that it might not be the Pentagon in charge of the UFO file.

    Q clearance is from the Department of Energy. The same people in charge of the nuclear weapons program.

    Here is Muhammad Ali on Johnny Carson.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  44. If I were being cynical, I would guess the Federal disclosure is a ploy. The JFK files are supposed to be released later this year.

    With one hand, they put UFOs on the table.

    With the other, they take the JFK files off the table.

    We’ll have to wait and see.

    • Agree: idrankwhat
  45. Dude, although the general thrust of your overall narrative may be on target, there’s no need to stick your neck out and claim that physics precludes visitation by “aliens” from far-off worlds.

    That’s a claim you cannot substantiate, and besides, it’s not even necessary to make such a claim in order to dispute the existence of “aliens”. To assert that physics eliminates the possibility of “aliens” visiting Earth is just a clumsy attempt at blanket dismissal of any contrary thought.

    Let’s look at the claims –

    There is no way to travel faster than the speed of light.

    Says who? Don’t tell me, let me guess – Einstein! So we’re all cowed into awe-struck submission to the God-like edicts from everyone’s childhood scientific idol, Mr. Albert Einstein himself.

    Except he was wrong.

    Let’s get things back on track and into the real world here – there is no way for light to travel faster than the speed of light. Just like there is no way for sound to travel faster than the speed of sound – yet the scientific boffins used to tell us that nothing can travel faster than the speed of sound. Go figure!

    Bottom line – neither you nor anyone else – including Einstein himself – can substantiate that assertion. So stop asserting it.

    I know we’ve spent our lives seeing “warp drive” in science fiction, but that is not real.

    Indeed, “warp drive” is not yet a reality among human ken, at least as far as we are aware. However, I would suggest that the portrayal of the “jump” to warp drive in the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises might well approximate the actual experience if the technology is ever realised.

    Consider this – compression waves propagate through the Ether at velocities which are many orders of magnitude beyond light speed (literally – many orders of magnitude). At the very least, this provides an avenue to develop communication channels between local planets with essentially zero time lag, and perhaps between star systems with latencies similar to current Earth-bound satellite communications.

    As for physical displacement through the Ether at such velocities – never say never.

    Wormholes and so on are just abject nonsense.

    Indeed, I must agree with you on this point. Why have so many impressionable lemmings fixated on this fictional and thoroughly contorted concept of exotic space-travel? If we were going to go to all the trouble of spending enormous sums of money developing some gizmo to send us down a multicoloured serpentine tunnel, why not just go the direct route? After all, isn’t the shortest path between two points a straight line?

    This means that it would take a ridiculously long time for aliens to reach earth.

    That woud be true if your original assertion re the fundamental limits of space travel were true.

    But it’s not.

    Furthermore, the point is immaterial to the “alien” question. Either they exist, or they don’t.

    No need to introduce contrived impediments to the mix.

    • Agree: Alfred, CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @anonymous
  46. @BeholdReality

    Yeah, Cooper also said in that book that NASA was going to turn Jupiter into a miniature Star in the year 2000 and name it Lucifer.

    You win some, you lose some.

  47. @Trial by Wombat

    I am not really overall personally interested in these stories, at all, but I seem to recall an assertion that a large contract was given to an ally of Harry Reid when he controlled the Senate, to monitor these alleged UFO events, so whenever a profit motive is afoot, my skepticism meter pegs at ‘exceptional claims require exceptional proof’.

    Robert Bigelow and Skinwalker Ranch. This was the most active single site in the country at the time and Bigelow assembled a sizeable scientific team (6-7 scientists full-time + support personnel) and a big budget for cameras (visible, IR, UV), digital recording, computer processing. They went all out for a couple years.

    Came away with nothing peer-reviewable, although some great stories. George Knapp has a book and it’s alright. The best breakdown is in the latest volume Jacques Vallee’s diaries.

    Knapp’s interview of Bigelow also is good. He comes across as sincere but near the end of the interview there is a tidbit which I had never heard before. His grandpa had a contact experience when Bigelow was very young.

    Elizondo is point man for a CIA Op. Anybody who pays attention to him has not been paying attention!

    • Replies: @Trial by Wombat
  48. For those of us that have followed this phenomenon, even casually, the history is a might shrift here.

    It’s not only short, is lacks the breadth needed to make the case. It is entirely possible the government uses the issue to exploit ts other agendas. But the idea that they control the narrative world wide is unsupportable.

    And the position carries nothing new that those of us that have read, watched and listened would find all that moving.

    I have no definitive conclusion, whether real, imagines, made up, hallucinatory or government cover-up. But I suspect whatever is going on indicates that whatever it s

    our government does not have a handle on it.

    “There is no way to travel faster than the speed of light.”

    Laughing. No. That is not accurate. We just have not figured out how to do so.

  49. dimples says:
    @Joe Paluka

    “What’s really curious is that it’s coinciding with Covid. That really makes me suspicious.”

    Don’t be. The current Pentagon/UFO thing was first reported in the New York Times in December 2017, well before the Covid epidemic. The video material itself dates from 2014 iirc. The general ufological view seems to be that the current gradual deep state reveal of UFOs being a real phenomenon is because there is no real reason left to keep it a total secret any longer. Even big wheel Democrat Party honchos like John Podesta, the Clintons etc were all keen to know what the military knew. Thus the ‘Keepers of the Secrets’ have apparently decided it’s time enough to gradually lift the lid, along with the usual deceptive behaviours to keep the ultra-rationalists and Big Science turned off. Of course, the ignorant like Mr Anglin have rushed to interpret this as a ‘deep state UFO deep fake hoax etc etc blah blah’ because how could such people, knowing nothing, could think otherwise?

    • Replies: @Alden
  50. mongoos says:

    I’m reading a book about this right now. It’s entitled Hidden Truth – Forbidden Knowledge by Steven M. Greer, MD. Not only does Dr. Greer present the best evidence for a UFO/ET coverup, but he also presents irrefutable evidence that military and ‘black’ projects classified above Top Secret possess similar technology and that many UFO ‘abductions’ were actually perpetrated by ‘black ops’ using reverse-engineered ET technology. Just like in The X-Files. Sitting CIA directors and US presidents do not have access to these classified programs.

    Greer says that “those who shouldn’t be in control but are, comprise an illegal, rogue break-off group that is transnational and whose members are ruthless, murderous, and operating completely without legal authority. Unauthorized persons who attempt to get inside this operation and disclose it will end up like JFK.”

    Read the book!

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
    , @Voltara
  51. Anonymous[159] • Disclaimer says:

    The creation of Outer Space Alien Mania was, and is, an essential part of inspiring a widespread belief in the need for World Government. And such a Government must have its own Church. A Church that is, at once; scientific (or scientistic); based on Transcendent belief, belief in a realm that goes completely beyond our experience; and is completely controlled by Our Leaders. Thus they recreate the Middle Ages.

    The Global Church is detailed most carefully in the TV series Ancient Aliens.
    It “scientizes” the Christian faith in Salvation and Heaven and Universal Brotherhood, and all the rest.
    The human race came from Outer Space. When we die, we go back home, to the Home Planet; through something that looks like a wormhole. There we will live forever as powerful psychic presences-

    Heaven is not a Place on Earth. It is in the Stars. But it is Real. And it is something to Believe In.

    The goal here is to produce the first generation of Americans who will tell pollsters that they Don’t Believe in God.

  52. skaebne says:

    Alex Jones believes the government is hyping UFOs because it plans to stage a fake invasion.

    Jones also believes the government possesses forms of advanced technology that it withholds from the public. If you track some of DARPA’s programs, this is not so hard to believe. If you’ve ever participated in developing new technology for the government, you’d also know that there are a lot of things the government tries to do and simply screws up.

    What Jones is guilty of is presenting information as factual that is really conjecture based on fact in order to get ahead of the curve. In toto, Jones performs a public service by airing stories nobody else will touch and allowing anybody and everybody to express an opinion.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  53. Dumbo says:

    I think they just didn’t try this before because they didn’t have the technology (and perhaps people were a slightly more educated). Now, I don’t see why they couldn’t fake an alien invasion. Didn’t they fake the moon landings, chemical warfare in Syria, 9/11. Also, they need different things each time. People got used to terrorism, shootings and pandemics, I think next have to be alien invasion and then zombies.

  54. There have been remote controlled flying saucer toys for years now that you can buy for a few dollars. It is reasonable to assume that the military of several advanced countries has developed far more advanced manned and unmanned flying saucers a long time ago. Surely you don’t expect the toys to come first and then the real thing. Was it like that with toy planes and helicopters?

  55. Rosie says:

    Mr. Unz, I’m glad you’re so committed to free speech that you publish AA. In that spirit, you might consider finding a feminist to write a column for this site. A foil to Anglin, if you can find one. Just so you know what you’re looking for, here are some recent quotes from Mr. Anglin’s site to help you get a sense of what you’re looking for:

    Do you think $300 is enough to convince a white bitch to give up her life of getting railed by blacks and have kids? If so, they will be black kids.

    One simple question the media is refusing to ask in connection to the so-called “murder” of Tristyn Bailey is: was she asking for it?

    The facts (which think your feelings are as worthless as a pile of old shoes) say “yes.”

  56. dimples says:

    “As far as anyone can tell, we are headed directly towards the Apex Hoax and the Apotheosis of Fake News, which is the Alien Agenda.”

    I’ve tried reading the rest of Anglin’s garbled mess but the only conclusion I can draw from it is that it is either a wind-up or Anglin is truly an idiot.

    The prevailing scientific paradigm, which Anglin seems to be a great believer in, is that the UFO as extraterrestrial craft is a physical impossibility. But apparently he also believes the Pentagon is churning out fake videos in order to prepare us for an alien invasion hoax. This will be used to help create the full totalitarian state in which the aliens are the convenient perpetual enemy.

    The virus hoax is just a warm-up, according to Anglin. But the virus hoax was a flop, surely, in that the virus (or rather hoax virus) didn’t actually kill that many people. Instead of a whole new psy-op involving fake aliens, why not just release a more virulent and deadly hoax virus that kills a lot more people? This would undoubtedly serve the totalitarian state’s needs just as well I would expect.

    Now hoax viruses are not a physical impossibility, but hoax aliens are. What would happen amongst the scientific elites when presented with hoax alien material? Why surely they would say it was a hoax. They would say it was a hoax even if it were real alien material. Anglin does not seem to get this. Nothing the Pentagon can do in the way of producing an extraterrestrial invasion hoax is going to affect the scientific paradigm, or in other words the opinions of the scientific elites, that will convince them that the alleged invasion is real. And the opinions of the scientific elites control the opinions of the media. This is because the scientific elites are the high priests of the modern rationalist religion.

    Nothing except perhaps something fully undeniable, like some giant mothership hovering over New York as per the movies. But then the Pentagon would have either 1. proved that extraterrestrials are real, or 2. the Pentagon possesses supernatural technology. So then it’s no longer a hoax. That’s why the alien agenda hoax concept is brain dead from the start. Which is why it appeals to ignorant brain dead clowns like Anglin.

    • Disagree: Bugey libre
  57. anon[286] • Disclaimer says:

    silver1ock 45 wins the thread. Last time CIA was legally required to disclose public records of their apical coup against JFK, instead of obeying the law they showed you pictures of Hitler in Argentina.

    This is how stupid they think you are. This shit’s not going to stop till we storm Langley like the Germans stormed their Stasi.

    • Replies: @Spect3r
  58. SafeNow says:

    Tucker is not adroit when he has to go off-monologue. I am no Ted Cruz, I am a nobody in pajamas. But still, even as a nobody, I often scream at the screen what Tucker’s follow-up question obviously should be. Instead, he defaults to “That’s so wise.”

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
    , @anon
  59. Akuma says:

    These craft are real and nobody knows what they are.

    “If they claimed to have been abducted, there also would have been some cellphone record. So people just stopped making these claims.”

    Yeah no. If your first instinct is to pull out your cellphone when you see something strange your brain has become addicted to the cellphone. As someone whose see a craft or two they are usually far away in the night and only there for a few seconds before disappearing. Too far to get a good image or video of.

    To get a good video or image of one your going to have to take hours of planning and set up. From there the ETs are smart enough to know your filming, and will stay out of range.

    Oh and on leaks. You’d be surprised what doesn’t get leaked. I’ve seen cellphone pictures of classified tech from Lockheed Martin. The guys working on it were showing each other when they were standing next to me drunk.

    “a generation before the internet, when information was processed differently. ”

    There’s a lot of information out there that show these craft are not ours. We have a basic rudimentary understanding of how they work. It’s clearly obvious you don’t know how to process information obtained from the internet. John Bedinis patent is now in the public domain, as well as the work of Thomas Bearden. These craft operate by violating the second law of thermodynamics in a closed loop system. In an open loop system they don’t violate the second law of thermodynamics, but only prove it’s existence even more. Maybe you should do some more research Anglin before spouting off nonsense on the internet.

  60. Yes, they showed Official Government UFO Videos on 60Min. Hazy, non-descript, black & white, Official Government UFO Videos.

    Just like when Colin Powell went before the UN to justify the Attack on Iraq: The Sequel, he showed us Official Government Spy Satellite Photos. Black & White, grainy, text bubbles pointing to otherwise unidentifiable structures and vehicles. Just the same when we saw the surrounding the Bay of Pigs Invasion, Official Government Spy Satellite Photos. Black & White, grainy, text bubbles pointing to otherwise unidentifiable structures and vehicles. Not only had the U.S. not improved their cameras in the satellites in 40 years, the font in the text bubbles was the same.

    The military shows us what we expect to see, truth is not a weapon in their arsenal.

    • Replies: @dimples
  61. @UNIT472

    We can’t even get people to Mars and our science can’t even explain how beings from another world could possibly get here.

    Yes we can – these are just engineering problems that (so far as we know) the human species has yet to solve. If figuring out how humans might travel to far-off worlds in deep space constitutes an explanation for “how beings from another world could possibly get here”, then fine, up to this point we don’t really know how “they” might accomplish the task.

    But whether or not we can “explain how beings from another world could possibly get here” is moot. Humans aren’t the Masters of the Universe (we’re not even doing very well here on our own planet), and “they” don’t need our permission to do whatever “they” choose to do, whether or not it’s within the bounds of human science or engineering or understanding.

    This line of reasoning – that we can’t do it, so neither can “they” – really doesn’t help anything, unless one is predisposed to dismiss certain possibilities. It’s probably better to just admit that we don’t know if “they” are coming here from far-off places, or even if “they” actually exist.

    As far as we know biological organisms cannot survive in high radiation environments and deep space is just that.

    Indeed, and IMO this is the principle reason to dismiss American claims of Moon landings & etc. If it has actually been accomplished, then that has been done in secret, with methods and vehicles that haven’t been disclosed to the general population.

    That’s also the reason that Russian and Chinese plans to build a manned Moon base, and Elon Musk’s visions of colonizing Mars, will require some ground-breaking innovations in radiation shielding.

    Lets not worry about flying saucers or aliens.

    Not unless they become an undeniably substantiated reality. Otherwise, there are too many more pressing problems for humanity to deal with right here on Earth.

  62. dimples says:
    @Mark in BC

    Well they are not going to show you the good stuff are they. If they did you would actually start to seriously believe in the things and ‘they’ don’t really want that. Haven’t you figured it out yet? The more people seriously believe the more society’s roof caves in. Look at the ridiculous theories our so called intellectual classes immediately come up with: ‘they can’t actually be real so it’s got to be an alien invasion hoax, or mistaken sightings of Russian technology etc etc’. You know, the sort of crap that’s been promoted since the 1940’s. But ‘they’ prefer that sort of mumbo-jumbo to actual belief, which is societally far more dangerous. Big Science might get fully invested in the study of paranormal phenomena, of which UFOs are a sub-group, and begin to develop stuff which could end up being far more dangerous in the wrong hands than nuclear weaponry.

    However if you want to see clear videos or photos there a lots of them on the internet, in documentaries, books and so forth. Like any subject the paranormal takes work to cover the actual data mixed in with all the disinformation, but our brain dead intellectual classes think they don’t need to know anything at all before the pontification process gets under way. Some of them think it’s just the US military involved, but UFOs are very big in South America for example. The militaries of some countries there even have a policy of open disclosure and analysis of UFO sightings made by them. However what happens in South America doesn’t matter to Big Science, but what happens in North America does.

  63. the obvious fact that the establishment has been using everything in their power to promote aliens nonsense for decades on end, clearly as part of a weird agenda

    You must live in a different world. I agree that recent disclosures are odd, but for the past decades people were ridiculed for discussing aliens and everyone feared speaking about it.

    This idea that the military is seeing these things nonstop and yet no one else does is not rational.

    And its not true. There are thousands of reports from the non-military. You are just trolling here. In recent years, our fighter planes began using ultra-expensive infrared trackers that can see heat almost a hundred miles out. In the past they only had radar that is easily detected and can be hidden from or jammed. Infrared is passive, so aliens could not know they are being seen. Only the military can afford these.

    There is no way to travel faster than the speed of light. I know we’ve spent our lives seeing “warp drive” in science fiction, but that is not real. Wormholes and so on are just abject nonsense. This means that it would take a ridiculously long time for aliens to reach earth.

    Someone from 1921 would be stunned at our tech in 2021. What will it look like in 2121? We don’t know. What would a alien culture some 2000 years ahead of us be able to do? We don’t know, so discounting those who theorize is idiotic. Just 70 years ago many experts thought we could never travel faster than the speed of sound.

  64. I agree with Anglin….it’s some kind of a psyop…..and the result is always about the ever increasing centralization of power….for the nose.

    Face it….our populace is even dumber now…..everybody wearing face diapers and treating other people as if they are bio-weapons.

    An “alien invasion” could be an excellent excuse to enforce all manner of police state controls for our “safety.”

    At this point nothing surprises me anymore. And I’m tired of the fake drama.

    • Agree: acementhead
    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  65. Let me take a wild guess….. Now that the WORSTEST PANDEMIC SINCE BLACK DEATH!!! is receding, a new Gaslight media production is about to premiere. INVASION OF SPACE ALIENS!!!! This will be the latest reason to push the Woke Gospel of Saint Rodney of Keeehng on YT:

    C-c-c-c-cunt we all jus’ git along??

    Melonheads or lizards? Talk ’bout yo’ glowniggaz. Sheeeit.

    • LOL: Maowasayali
  66. there may be some agenda behind the recent popularization / normalization of the UFO phenomenon, but the phenomena itself has been observed by military and civilian humans worldwide since the 40s-50s.

    apparently the russians call them ‘beautiful visitors’.

    • Replies: @Tucker
  67. TKK says:

    I had a conversation today with a friend about the amazing, stupefying power of Nature.

    All the little miracles brought about by natural selection. When a tick bites you, it actually has a numbing agent in its mouth so you don’t feel the bite! How does a bear *know* to hibernate when food is scarce….how does he/she stay alive for months on end with no food? Hypophagia keeps bears and many other animals alive, sleeping until spring.

    No one tells them. They simply are born with this ancient knowledge.

    My friend and I talked about how gay men originally were the main victims of HIV/AIDS.

    It was called the gay cancer. If all men kept engaging anal sex, the species would die. Nature targeted gay men for extinction because they threatened mammal survival. If AIDS had been unchecked, many gay men would have been removed from the gene pool, thus ensuring more human mammals would be born.

    I also believe this erupted from consuming primates, an act close to cannibalism. Nature punished those engaged in these acts.

    Of the trillions of conditions that had to be just EXACTLY right, down to the molecule, here on Earth, to produce the miracle of an orca or the curl of a baby’s ear, we don’t need to ponder the vast hostile abyss of space. The AWE we seek is right in our hands.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  68. Mehen says:

    I studied in depth the UFO phenomenon some years ago.

    My conclusion: there is precious little evidence for the nuts-and-bolts notion that these sightings are of real physical objects visiting us from outside the galaxy.

    Those who proffer the nuts-and-bolts theory can be classified as ETH (Extraterrestrial Hypothesis)


    The phenomenon of “alien abductions”, whose subjects — without knowing each other, and without having a background in UFOlogy — whose accounts all seem to converge on similar narratives… suggest something “real” is going on. But perhaps it’s not what we think.

    Researchers such as Jacques Vallee, John Keel, and Eric Mack (Harvard psychologist) believe the phenomenon has something to do with the nature of human consciousness.

    This is known as the “Interdimensional Hypothesis”, or IDH

    In other words, these “beings” are not from “outer space”, but instead extrude into our reality through poorly understood physics, from an adjoining reality perhaps.

    Some say such beings are “demons” but I’ll leave it there.

    • Thanks: TKK
    • Replies: @selkye
  69. Biff says:

    What is it about UFO’s and aliens that like America so much? It’s gotta be about 95% of the world’s sightings of UFO’s happen in America(near Hollywood). Most abduction stories are in American English. Such an odd affinity.

    • Disagree: Bugey libre
  70. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:

    We can’t even get people to Mars . . .

    You misspelled ‘Moon’.

    • Agree: TKK
  71. When the Fed Squids start supposedly “coming clean” you just KNOW that these are further lies cooked long ago and kept on the backburner for today. We are being played yet again.

  72. Of interest:

    • Replies: @Easy Pete
  73. At sea for many years I observed phenomenon via RADAR which, try as I may, could not be explained under the most lenient of “target swap” theories, namely where an object holding course and speed would suddenly accelerate from say, 16 knots, to 500 knots in a matter of seconds. This can occur where the coordinates of a static vessel are shared and transposed onto passing aircraft and I’ve seen this quite a bit. But the exception–many times over–would be a static object captured using ARPA which as we approached within an observable horizon would remain unseen, and then suddenly onscreen accelerate to high speed and stop, then repeatedly change speed and direction until lost.

    Always happened at sea, never coastwise or inland. If you can plot manually and understand the capacity and limitations of your electronics, you develop an abstract for when it may be misleading you, and it can. Likewise, you also know when it’s not, and on those certain occasions though lacking visual contact, I knew what it reported was true.

    Several weeks ago at home my first ever no-doubt sighting appeared as three bright stars above me at several thousand feet. I said, hmm, no motion no sound. They suddenly moved into a staggered pattern and mind you, rotary wing drones cannot attain a speed of 700-800 mph which I estimated those objects achieved within five seconds.

    The spiritual DMZ is on the way, and no doubt the Pentagon would love to pimp the deal, but they definitely won’t be in charge, as their new boss hates anyone stupid enough to believe in a lie. Don’t get caught without a boss, and don’t settle for less than the Boss of all bosses. The fear of that Boss is the beginning of wisdom.

    • Thanks: Alfred
  74. A lot of this gets traction because it wastes the time of White men on nonsense.

    Everybody really into it is a White guy. So, whether it’s ancient aliens, current aliens, pyramid power, Muh Illuminati, etc., it serves as a way to guide White male energy into something harmless.

  75. Lee says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    CVE said:

    After ww2 the UN was founded, it headquarters was build on land donated to John D. Rockefeller jr.

    It would be much more accurate to say:

    The United Nations headquarters in New York City sits on 16 acres of land purchased with an $8 million donation made in 1946 by John D. Rockefeller Jr.,Rockefeller%20Jr.

    • Replies: @Caspar Von Everec
    , @lydia
  76. @Carlton Meyer

    You think humanity will still be around in 2021? Quite an optimist, I’d say. I give us until 2050, tops.

    • Troll: Clyde
  77. @SafeNow

    Anyone who raves on that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman who killed JFK out of Communist fervour, as Tucker recently did, is either brain-dead or a really impudent Big Liar. Or both.

  78. @Rosie

    Hm, do you have someone in mind?

    • Replies: @Rosie
  79. This Andrew Anglin article is a great “teaser” for getting people’s attention and encouraging them to think about and talk about this subject matter. Plenty of different researchers and theories out there which are worthy of due consideration. I see some problems with what Anglin has to say and some have been touched upon by others who have posted in this discussion string. From what I’ve read so far, in terms of credibility and persuasiveness, my favorites are Col. Corso, Richard Dolan, and Bernhard Guenther.

    I’m still in the research stage with regard to these UFO/ET/Secret Government issues. But I do have a number of preliminary opinions. On the topic of UFO’s, it’s my present understanding that the phenomena is not all Deep State propaganda and mind control. More particularly, some of them are “ours” and some are “theirs.” If anyone is able to ding Col. Corso’s credibility as an eyewitness, I might change my mind. Aliens? Seems to me that we may be dealing with and/or being messed with by both ET’s (Extraterrestrial) and ID’s (Interdimensionals). Are our ZOG’s (Zionist Occupied Governments) in cahoots with them? Probably. At least that’s the way it looks thus far.

    This video by Bernhard Guenther and Humberto Braga explores the secrecy surrounding the greatest cover-up of all time, presenting an overview of the UFO phenomenon, aliens, abductions, disclosure, and hyperdimensional realities. I am satisfied that it’s the best treatment of this subject matter that’s come to my attention thus far.

    UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact v2.0 (full length w/ corrections)

  80. Amon says:

    The author is stupid, this whole article is stupid.

    Million of videos are recorded world wide, but because of people like the author none of them are taken seriously in any way. You can have an entire 747 flight crew and passengers report seeing a UFO and they will be called crazy and dismissed.

    Science can’t do it, yeah well, science didn’t think we could split atoms, beam sound and images into billions of homes and build the internet just one hundred years ago, yet this is now common tech.

    I repeat, the author is stupid and this whole article is stupid.

    • Agree: dimples
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  81. Never confirm anything until it has been officially denied. And you may add, never deny anything until it has been officially confirmed. The malicious trickery our Freemasonic/Jewish/Luciferian masters have engaged in lately is starting to look amateurish. They say the Devil cannot create but can only pervert, distort and derange what God has already created. So unless God has created aliens in close proximity to Earth, the FJL are going to have a hard time pulling the wool over our eyes as they did with 9-11, stolen election and Covid. Some red-pilled Christians are fully expecting demons let in from another dimension to play the role of alien invaders. The convenient part of that is by invoking the name of Jesus Christ you can probably cause their flying saucers to crash and burn. But with all the amateurish trickery, I fully suspect that everyone on the planet is finally red-pilled. Angry mobs might be shooting at ET with shotguns and assault rifles.

  82. @mongoos

    I went to see Steven M. Greer public appearance a number of years ago. I just went as someone who was interested in the subject of UFO’s and I had heard him being interviewed on the radio. There was such a weird, cultic feeling about all these people who were there and he gave me a really weird feeling, I had to leave. I’ve been to see Linda Moulton Howe, Stanton Freedman and Peter Davenport and never got weird feelings from these conventional UFO researchers. There’s something really weird about Steven Greer, I can’t put my finger on it.

    • Replies: @doubtful
    , @Brad Anbro
  83. Blade says:

    Anglin is wrong. Unfortunately, aliens are real and COVID is tied to that. World elites made a deal with aliens, in return for allowing some of humanity to survive, the rest are being vaccinated with alien DNA. Notice how fast vaccines have developed, untested? That’s because they were ready, to begin with. The new vaccines attach alien genes to human nerve cells; hence the headaches (caused by minor encephalitis, but no one reports it because the headache is supposed to be a ‘side effect’ of the vaccine) and heart inflammation in some cases (heart does contain nerve cells, a little though, hence fewer reports of heartache after the vaccine). What is the end goal? Well my friends, when the alien invasion happens, those who received alien vaccines will not be able to resist them. In fact, they may end up as alien food. Note that the world has already been a settlement, at an increasing rate in the past twenty years for an alien race from a collapsing planet. So the next wave will be the final one and the largest. > 99% of humanity will be used as a workforce and food source (I know it is hard to believe, but it is true; think of how we use cattle). This is the deal our elites made. Vaccines will render you incapable of resisting aliens. Think of how some parasites and viruses remove the fear of a certain predator in their hosts so that they can continue their life cycles. The same thing.

    You might be wondering if an alien civilization is this advanced then why wouldn’t they just destroy us and take our planet instead of making a deal with some people. That’s for the same reason why we wouldn’t go on to kill all animals in a newly found land, but instead, conservatively use them for our needs. Humans are useful animals for them. Also, our numbers are huge comparatively. If we were to actually resist, they’d end up losing their valuable comrades as well. If you’ve read this far, what you can do to protect yourself is going as far as possible by 2027. This is mostly a guess, but people who go to live away in the wilderness will fare relatively better like wild animals. If you have already been vaccinated; well, good luck.

    One quick edit note: China will soon start releasing alien recordings as well. Then you will realize your idea was wrong. China is in this too. Their elites are also part of the conspiracy against the humanity.

  84. Wally says:
    @Mr. Grey

    We are hearing from military people because UFOs frequent military installations and military operations.

    • Replies: @Realist
  85. Another Air Force training mission to test radar technology for pilots. With over a billion HD cameras in the hands of earthlings, you would think we would have 4K images of Alien spacecraft wizzing around planet earth.
    I do believe that in a universe with billions of stars and galaxies we are not the only intelligent life in the cosmos. However, if they’re intelligent, they would most likely avoid us or nuke us, seeing that we have a babbling buffoon as the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.

  86. Alfred says:

    All recorded history mentions aerial sightings that could not be explained and I have no reason to refute or reject those narratives.

    I agree completely with Andrew Anglin about these releases by the Pentagon being 100% fake. It is done for a purpose. A rather obvious purpose.

    They are creating a fake story but this does not detract from the fact that we are not alone. Experiments have shown that telepathy works more often than it should. Other experiments have shown that water has memory. These are phenomena that only scientists who are not dependent on government grants dare investigate. The vast majority of regular scientists are wage slaves.

    I have 3 inexplicable stories:

    1- When I was 10, in Cairo, my mother was watching a splendid red sunset from the balcony. She called me to take a look. I was the “Mr Fixit” in this enormous house of my grandfather. I saw a large number of objects in the distance darting in all directions in a zigzag fashion. They were remote spots against the red sky. I could not explain it to my mother. The following day had an small article in the main Arabic newspaper saying that many people had seen the same thing but that the air force denied being responsible.

    2- When I was 10, at boarding school in England, on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon, I was walking along a colonnade on my way to the “Tuck Box Room”. I saw a large thing like the fuselage of an aircraft but only some 10 meters long – a fat cigar if you wish – under some trees and close to the cricket score board. No one else was around. I knew that no one would later believe me. I rushed back to my study to fetch my treasured Agfa automatic camera. When I returned, the object had disappeared.

    3- Around 1988, I was a house guest of a girlfriend of mine in Drummen, Norway. Her father was a captain with Braathens – an airline. In his youth, he had been a transport pilot for the Norwegian air force. He told us that he had one been taking a group of senior NATO officers to the far north of Norway – close to the border of the USSR. A spherical metallic object of indeterminate size appeared ahead of them. This object stayed ahead of them for some time. The pilots called the officers to take a look. The officers decided that it must be a secret vehicle of the Soviets. I have no idea whether photos were taken.

    I would not be surprised if we share this planet with aliens. Some people report seeing similar objects entering the oceans. Maybe they are among us. Who knows?

    View of the Cricket Ground (Google Street View)

    View of the colonnade. The door leads to the Tuck Box Room


    Ancient Egyptian “Helicopter and Flying Machine”

  87. Toza says:

    Excellent article. Thank you.

  88. dimples says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    “Infrared is passive, so aliens could not know they are being seen.”


  89. Ross23 says:

    The whole Pentagon revelation will turn out to be a nothingburger.

    Very simply because they would quickly loose control of the story.

    You see if something becomes true it unlocks a lot of other things that the gov may not like people to know:

    1. So UFOs are real where’s the Roswell saucer then? You don’t have it? Don’t believe you, the world wants to see it, this is a crime against science blah blah blah

    2. So despite paying billions in defense our sky’s are not protected

    3. The worst of all space aliens are real and they have been paying us a visit so that must mean alien abductions are real, stories of women being raped and impregnated with alien babies are real too.

    4. So these aliens are going round raping women and sticking alien probes up people’s arses that must mean they are not very friendly or at least not respect humans very much?

    5. Which leads to if aliens are creating these human / alien hybrids why? Do they plan to replace us? maybe there here already? maybe our next door neighbor is one, or our president Biden? How are they going to replace us? Maybe with a killer virus or vaccine maybe?

    Before you know it you have a run away train of questions and uncontrolled hysterical accusations which is why it won’t happen.

    • LOL: Marckus
    • Replies: @Marckus
  90. They will call real aliens a hoax because apparently aliens are going to disclose on their own.
    So the only strategy which the Deep State is left with, is to claim that the real is the fake one, or that truth is lie.

    You should be glad actually – finally someone who doesn’t care about the Deep State. Ergo, Deep State is not omnipotent. Maybe even God exists.

  91. I think the plural of “craft” is “craft”.

  92. AndrewR says:

    Alpha Centauri is four light years away.

    • Replies: @anon
  93. Z-man says:

    I skimmed thru your article (long) waiting for you to mention Tucker Carlson. Tucker has been doing yeoman’s work on UFO’s for years. You did mention him in a derogatory manner 2/3rds of the way down. He might be a tool of Big Brother but I doubt it.
    Now ’60 Minutes’ doing a ‘report’ on UFO’s, that would side with your theory of control of the population because at the moment CBS ‘News’ is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC.
    “Jacob Kurtzberg AKA Jack Kirby (I will always defend Kirby as an artist, but he was definitely Jewish).” (Grin)
    Yeah that was definitely Kirby art work there. When I was a kid I was amazed at the proclivity of that guy. He drew several comics every month for Stan ‘The Man’ Lee at Marvel. I could barely copy a drawing from my favorite book in a day and it would take me forever to color it with color pencils. As a kid ‘who knew’, I chuckled when I found out first that Lee and then Kirby were both of The Tribe. I think it must have been my strong Gentile strain that my favorite comic book was drawn by Gentiles John Romita and originally by Steve Ditko. Neither of which could churn out as many books as Kurtzberg, lol!

  94. Tucker says:
    @ravin' lunatic

    I have a theory as to why the Deep State might be pushing this UFO / Alien ‘threat’ baloney.

    One other suspicion that I have is about this being a psy-op to get more funding. These radical Communists who have seized power via the November 2020 stolen election – figure they can use this fake alien UFO gambit to (a) snooker Congress and the taxpayers into giving them increased funding, but then, (b) Once they get that extra funding – announce they’ve investigated further and find no credibility to these UFO and alien theories – and then transfer that funding into the Secret Cheka/NKVD/KGB Police that they are eager to set up and which they intend to use against White red state conservative voters who voted for the Orange Cuckster and who favor his 2016 list of un-kept promises.

    Couple this fake UFO alien psy-op with this headline article:

    Facts: The SPLC, along with the ADL, are two jewish run domestic, subversive terrorist organizations who are vehemently anti-White and who both fully support the White race replacement and White Genocide agendas and now, Biden and his kosher cabinet want to partner these two White race hating organizations with the US Government and DOD to become the new
    USSR-style Cheka / NKVD / KGB Secret Police – all funded by the tax dollars that are mostly stolen from White taxpayers, the very group of people who these Secret Police agencies intend to target.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  95. And what about the story of Nibiru, the planet of aliens in our own solar system (which seems to be a double one, Sun coupled with Sirius) ?

    Didn’t the pre-Columbian Indians tell conquistadors that gold belonged to ‘gods’?
    What if we stole it…?

    Zacharia Sitchin only rehashed few plots in his books, which is an argument for at least intended truthfulness, unlike constant production of new lies.

    • Replies: @GMC
  96. Anonymous[144] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mr. Grey


  97. Spect3r says:

    Wait, what?
    Did that really happen? Link, please?

  98. dimples says:

    Perhaps the Pentagon is trying to monetize the UFO phenomenon now somebody leaked some cat out of the bag. Might as well throw out some more teasers to convince Congresspersons that some threat might be coming from outer space. A large quantity of billions for space lasers might come out of it which can always be turned 180 towards the white supremacist enemy if required.

    Of course if the Congresspersons had any brains they might watch this (unedited) speech in 1952 from General John A. Samford which essentially covers the same issues. Now that’s when the Pentagon had generals with class!

    “Maj. Gen. John A. Samford’s Statement on “Flying Saucers”, Pentagon, Washington, DC, 07/31/1952″

  99. M B-C says:

    Yet another sadly depressing and deeply ignorant article on the topic of topics. Start from a demonstrably false thesis (this phenomenon is fake because it must be and because I say so) and then bend everything to fit.

    Yes, it is more than highly likely this latest round of game playing by the Pentagon/Deep State is just yet another round of game playing. Does that mean the phenomenon itself is equally false? – of course not.

    There are so many misleads in this article one doesn’t know where to start critiquing it. For example:

    French computer scientist Jacques Vallée has put forward a much clearer concept about the government faking aliens that few people even know about…. He claimed all through the 1990s that the government was manipulating people into believing in aliens for the purpose of social manipulation. He comes across as a bit of a kook himself now, but you have to consider what it was like before the internet in terms of information. He came at the topic simply wanting to research it, and came to the conclusion that the government was promoting fake aliens in the 1980s as part of a larger scheme.

    So we get a dismissal of credentials and a false definition of what Valle actually concluded. If the writer had bothered to do his research properly both on Valle (a quite brilliant mind and scientist) as well as read just one of the many books he wrote on the subject, he would know that yes Valle recognized that the power system on earth was deceiving us as to the alien phenomena but no he did not conclude that the phenomena itself was also false, quite the opposite in fact – that it is indeed (a) real, for which he provides copious evidence (b) highly complex and nuanced and deliberately designed to be misleading (c) clearly has nothing whatsoever to do with intergalactic travelers i.e. is essentially non-material in nature but rather a form of mind control enacted by a towering and manipulative consciousness outside the visible realm of our reality (d) has been interacting with humans for millennia, choosing to adapt its visual semiotics to fit whatever the prevailing nature of human civilization (e) is essentially malevolent (f) has been interacting with secret government bodies for time immemorial and especially over the past 100 years.

    In simple terms Valle recognized that this phenomena is by its very nature the greatest deception and species manager in all human history – deception is the be all and end all of our would be eternal masters and they have many, many willing hands down here in the chicken coop to keep that deception going.

    And the point of that deception is that we are its food. And like all good farmers, they are damned if the sheep can ever get to know this or ever learn how to escape the field of slaughter.

    In essence he understands it is what our forbears called ‘demonic’ and it does not have human best interest at heart – far from it. They are our farmers and we are their energetic food – as has been long known by all those who have got to the heart of these MATRIX maker ‘gods’ who have been with us since day one of our time on this planet. We are not the top of the food chain – and it is that thought that so scares people they have to undertake huge leaps of cognitive dissonance to get themselves away from the profound existential dread this topic generates.

    What is clear is that our overlords have learned all their grotesque tricks of control from their interaction with this phenomena – and one of its key downloads, the psychopath, is their primary means of enacting that brutal suppression and management of the species. Alien Reaction Machines is one apt describer of these human like – but not human – sheep dogs! ‘Who needs actual Aliens when we’ve got Psychopaths’ as one expert on the topic so wisely put it.

    By focusing on just this latest round of deception the author shows willful ignorance of not only the overwhelming evidence – including literally 100s of internal government documents – that explicitly state that this phenomena has been ongoing and accelerating since in particular 1947 and the creation of its bastard child, the Deep State apparatus. The denials, whilst admitting its reality, is part of the whole psyop – and this latest stage merely a minor chapter in far greater substantive evidence.

    At the very top of the chain, where hidden human control mechanisms interact with their ‘betters’, who is playing who and for what purpose is the real name of the game. And at some stage this will become evident because the cosmic forces that are radically changing our environment right now (hence that other deception – man made global warming – as cover story) offers the greatest threat to maintaining this age old management system.

    That’s why this latest round in the Great Game is worth watching with a skeptical but open mind because the system is getting twitchy, its scared its running out of time. COVID is but the first step in a planet wide lock down, species cull and instigation of ‘alien’ based tyranny. Because there is every chance some holes will open up in the ‘consciousness/awareness’ fence – and the sheep may well get a chance to see a way out, for once and for all…

    And that is their greatest terror.

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Replies: @RodW
  100. Marckus says:

    Well now that Covid is dying a natural death and MSM is running out of Covid bullshit to print, we must have another drama to pimp until that too becomes boring. Even Karlov has sheathed his Covid sword and may be partnering with Ling Ring A Ting to write travel stories about 5 Star hotels on Pluto.

    What could ever replace Covid ? Sheeeeeeeeet Bro, UFOs of course !

    Just when you thought it was safe to come out from under your bed and use your mask to wipe your arse, its time to go back under the bed BUT this time with masks that cover the eyes and ear muffs. You might also want to rock one of those Covid suits because you never know what dreadful diseases these little fellows might spew from the multiple antennas growing out their heads.

    You dont want to see these aliens and apparently they use a secret weapon that produces a high pitched noise that can deafen you. Watch out, all those unused vaccines will now be touted as useful in battling the coming alien invasion. Waste not want not as the CEOs of BIg Pharma would say.

    I long for those days when the newspaper had 36 pages and the Editor had to limit what he published. Now with the internet and practically unlimited server space we can log in at 3 am and watch 10,000 empty head bray about the same topic.

    I have lived in a lot of countries, some of them back in the day with no TV with just one radio station spewing Government propaganda. However I have to say that the locals who could not afford a radio seemed happier and those with radios rarely listened to the hogwash and also seemed happier.

    Now we are addicted to 24/7 drivel with people gaping at their cell phones and texting even when taking a shit. Technology is now used to dumb down a population that for all intents and purposes is already brain dead.

    I have never seen so many people with such a complete inability to THINK and now we just “solved ” the Covid pandemic we have an Alien (no not the wetbacks on the southern border) pandemic to deal with.

    SIGH…………When will our troubles be over ?

    • Replies: @Alfred
  101. Well, it already worked with the Martians landing in the Jersey Swamp on their way to conquer the Big Apple. Given the crash of MSM & deep state’s credibility, I think they will go for a Jesus Space Alien hoax. What have they got to loose?

  102. @The_seventh_shape

    “You would need to argue that other governments are also in on the hoax, …”

    I believe you’re just restating a popular argument against the Covid Pandemic being a hoax, with Alien Hoax in place of Pandemic Hoax. Not very persuasive, since there’s abundant evidence other governments are also in on the Pandemic Hoax.

  103. Marckus says:

    You mock the science. My opinion is you need to LISTEN TO THE SCIENCE.

    The worst of all space aliens are real and they have been paying us a visit so that must mean alien abductions are real, stories of women being raped and impregnated with alien babies are real too.

    Marckus says Aliens HAVE been visiting us for years. You can see the result of their fornicating if you visit say Harlem.

    </b>So these aliens are going round raping women and sticking alien probes up people’s arses that must mean they are not very friendly or at least not respect humans very much?

    Well now , we call these people “Doctors and Specialists”. There are people who have probes and cameras shoved up their assholes every year to see if there are any unwanted mushrooms growing therein. Nothing new here !

    Which leads to if aliens are creating these human / alien hybrids why? Do they plan to replace us? maybe there here already? maybe our next door neighbor is one, or our president Biden? How are they going to replace us? Maybe with a killer virus or vaccine maybe?

    Forget about the aliens from outer space. If you live in New York check out JFK or La Guardia ……or……..the southern border……..or …..the nearest airport near you. The USA has already been fucking invaded by alien hordes.

    Also we already had a killer virus except it only killed 0.06% of the population so that did not work out too well.

    Aliens from outer space do exist but I have no fear of them and I will tell you why. When they fly their saucers over earth the Captain most likely slaps the navigator on his jelly head and shouts “You tooks a wrong turn Nigga. Lets split Dogg. Dat planet is a shit hole”.

  104. @rood

    Theological truth

    That’s a good one. ROFL

    • Agree: Realist
  105. A sphere behind the Sun…
    Double rainbows everywhere suggesting another source of light…. for all we know, we may be even in a triple star system…

    Named a ‘radiant planet’, Nibiru could be a big planet with its own mini-sun (neutron star perhaps).

  106. MLK says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    Its obvious what the goal here is.

    Uh, no it isn’t.

    I’ve long been fascinated with the problem of communicating/signaling globally wherein the message is authoritative yet throughly hidden from the uninitiated.

    The answer is that you hide it in plain sight. Sometimes it’s middle schooler obvious, like the way Democrats started shouting about “protecting our democracy,” rather obviously to me at least their term of art for their preferred substitute for our constitutional republic and free and fair elections.

    Thus in 2016, it struck me as curious that Hillary and her campaign manager John Podesta were shooting their mouths off about aliens and UFOs on national television. This article cites other prominent examples.

    It cannot be coincidental that these emanations from principals are timed surrounding elections. Obama has been pulling Biden’s strings behind the curtain. Don’t any of you find it odd that he went on late night TV at the moment to talk about this subject?

    If you think it’s over between The Unstoppable Force (Trump) and the Unmovable Object (the foreign and domestic anti-Trump alignment) you haven’t been paying attention. This global factional war for control of the US sovereign continues. Trump never conceded and the forensic audits continue. To say nothing of what documentary evidence assuredly exists on all of them.

    Once we learned the contours of the RussiaGate frame-up, I considered it unlikely that the “Pee Tape” fairy story about Trump was made up out of whole cloth. That would be a waste of blackmail of the other American official of whom such a tape exists. My money was on Brennan, but there have been rumors that it’s Biden.

    Now consider the following Obama comment in the context I’ve offered:

    “But what is true, and I’m actually being serious here, is that there are, there’s footage and records of objects in the skies, that we don’t know exactly what they are, we can’t explain how they moved, their trajectory,” Obama said.

    “They did not have an easily explainable pattern. And so, you know I think that people still take seriously trying to investigate and figure out what that is.”

    Always notice studied ham-fisted phrasing. “[T]here’s footage and records of objects in the skies . . .”

    Unless you’ve been asleep you know that the election steal allegation is that the counting was halted in the key swing states with Trump winning in a landslide; vote tabulations were transmitted abroad by satellite and by morning Trump’s insurmountable lead has disappeared.

  107. Marckus says:

    Funny how once humans realized there are no invisible tribal elders living on top of the clouds, they still found ways to keep believing something superior is up there.

    Observator Sir, there are invisible tribal elders with their heads in the clouds. Ever heard of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ? I guess not ! And to add insult to injury about 50% of the population still believe there is something superior “upstairs”

    on earth it took four billion years of nearly perfect conditions for complex life to arise from simple organisms.

    It took just 20 years of nearly imperfect conditions for complex humans to return to being simple organisms

  108. The government sets people up to “believe” in things they (the gov) know for a fact are not true and then they persecute you for believing what they set you up to believe. It’s a well baited trap that tastes too good.

  109. More BS they are prepping the masses for a major production. The 5G satellite grids will enable them to project holograms anywhere they desire. If you saw it on TV/news/gov reports it was PROGRAMMING.

    Have you found Santa Claus yet? What about the tooth Fairy? Holy Spirit sent some mighty rushing wind at your house? Or did you see A Israeli Prophet just meeting with God?

    2 Kings 2:12 And Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof. And he saw him no more: and he took hold of his own clothes, and rent them in two pieces.

    The UFO’s first sighting by Elisha. Thought it was God must have just been a hungry Alien?

  110. The answer to all this is to read every book Jacques Vallee has written. The video that Andrew has linked to is not sufficient for understanding Vallee’s work.

    Vallee is not even a Christian, but he is convinced “aliens” are really extra-dimensional beings that are not located inside our space-time continuum. (To use Christian short-hand, this would mean they are demonic). Not all UFO videos are real; in fact, Vallee would say that the vast majority of sightings are fake, or are hallucinations of over-heated minds. But, he concludes that there is a final, authentic residue of real, objective events.

    But Vallee does NOT believe that the UFOs are physical space craft from another planet, solar system, or star.

    If you find this subject intriguing, I must stress that the best work on the subject is by Vallee. I personally own his books Confrontations, Messengers of Deception, Passport to Magonia, Dimensions, and Revelations. All are worth reading, but if you want a historical perspective on the subject of UFOs, do yourself a treat and read Passport to Magonia; an amazing book by a brilliant man (Vallee is still alive–he’s 81). And he was already independently wealthy from his work as a computer geek, way back in the early days of computers. He didn’t need the money from his books, and he has never been a shill for anything.

    • Thanks: TKK
    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  111. The Archon Conspiracy, by Dave Hunt, nails it.

  112. anonymous[244] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    Speaking of Einstein, did you notice in the article that the “brilliant scientist” character in one of the comic strips is clearly modeled on Einstein? That was the Jews’ hoax in Hollywood as well. In almost all old movies with a science theme the subplot featured stupid goys being enlightened and led out of danger by an actor looking like Einstein or at least being strongly identifiable as Ashkenazi.

    E. Michael Jones has a lot to say about these Jews in our midst projecting both their clinical paranoia and its flip side, clinical grandiosity, onto evil goys who’re quashed by Jewish superheroes who, because of inexplicable goy hatred of their genius, must pose as Woody Allen when they’re not engaged in Tikkun olam.

    And speaking of fakes, what ever happened to the Higgs “God Particle” that was going to become the divine force for the masses? German physicist Alexander Unsicker’s Higgs Fake demolishes that hoax in short order, although I doubt the general public was interested. It looks like plain old medicine is the new god, with non white-male MDs playing the part of priests in the new society that has no need for white males.

    Or how about the $megabucks LIDO hoax claiming that engineers have trapped “gravity waves”? None of this scientific fakery has had any traction among the general public, so it’s on to UFOs and aliens whose genius will be recognized as they march out of spaceships looking like Albert Einstein and speaking Yiddish. And of course, odds are the deus ex machina the world turns to to re-order mankind according to the Kalergi plan will look like Einstein and communicate in Yiddish with the superior intelligence in the space ships.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  113. anon[344] • Disclaimer says:

    Spect3r, 99, here ya go,

    If you recall, on the campaign trail Trump electrified the crowds by saying we should look into JFK’s assassination and 911. This is what initiated CIA’s unremitting Russiagate/impeachment soft coup. When Trump looked like the a sure thing they even released Hinckley.

    CIA’s red line, their vital interest is any challenge to their impunity. They’ll go to war over that. They will kill anyone and everyone. They’ve killed millions with COVID already.

  114. The remarkable thing was no one cared about the Pentagon’s UFO scam. That has to piss them off. Then again Lloyd Austin has bigger problems with Chinese military leaders not answering his calls. Not sure why Austin thinks the Chinese needs to talk to him, they likely bought everything about Raytheon from our besties the Israelis.

    • LOL: Marckus
    • Replies: @Marckus
  115. JonL says:

    And I’ve got a bridge on Alpha Centauri to sell you…

    • LOL: AnonFromTN, some_loon
  116. Realist says:

    We are hearing from military people because UFOs frequent military installations and military operations.

    Why would that be??? Beings that can travel across interstellar space would not fear our shit for brains military.

  117. Rosie says:
    @Random Anonymous

    Hm, do you have someone in mind?

    That’s just it. I can’t think of anyone. For all the rabid man-hating feminists I’m told totally exist, I can’t think of a single one who would fit the bill. I’m not aware of any feminists who think the murder of young men is funny or that boys shouldn’t go to school.

    Nor am I aware of any feminists who tell outright, demonstrable lies about men on a daily basis.

  118. Emslander says:

    My Dad flew B-24’s out of New Guinea in WW-II and dropped bombs through forest canopy in unheard-of parts of Southern Asia. He said his flights spent hours over ocean that was so calm the stars reflections were indistinguishable from the real stars. Pilots who lost faith in their instrument cluster would sometimes invert their bomber and crash into the ocean, believing that they were ascending, rather than descending.

    Another illusion he mentioned a couple of times was the sighting of UFO’s. He said that the boredom of looking at the same sky for hours on end with four big engines rattling your teeth loose led to the creation by your brain of something to distract you from the monotony. He said he regularly saw UFO’s and all his crew saw them in just the same way. They’d never report them, because everybody knew that they were just illusions.

    He laughed about it. He was more concerned by the cannibals that lived back in the forests that lined their air fields. It made him very careful to land safely in the right place.

    • Thanks: Thim
  119. Walter says:

    Obviously there are “aliens”…some germs living in the Martian soil…and probably there are critters that build machines – out yonder somewherez.

    There are a few credible stories of alien machines and critters on Earth.

    The stories from uncle sammy are told for a reason.

    Thus 2 true states exist:
    1) alien critters somewhere and maybe they drop in once in a while
    2)Uncle Sam is lying to us for a reason.

    One proposition does not contradict the other.

  120. AH88 says:

    Don’t listen to Anglin, he denies the true gods of the White race like Thor and Odin. Whites need to get back to our masculine warlike true ancestral religion. Vikings were never tricked by the jews. He also is always shilling Putin as the savior of the White race lol even though Putin is Jewish. Leave to someone who shills rabbi yeshua to fall for Putin’s controlled opposition.

  121. @Robert Dolan

    Hey Robert Dolan!

    Zionist aliens will be a gift to Supremacist Jews.

  122. Realist says:

    Good article. Excellent points made.

  123. Marckus says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    When the Chinks look at their call display it says “AFRICAN BABOON”. Would you answer your phone under such circumstances ?

    Let me take this further. If you were in the middle of a sweet and sour bat dish would you even look at your phone.

    Besides, Austin Powers, I meant Lloyd Floyd, that is AUSTIN LLOYD or whatever is just calling with the same mumbo jumbo about drawing lines in the sand and sending a message. The Chinese have heard all that before and now find this messaging an incredible bore.

    Intriguing questions indeed but I think it goes a long way to explaining why the Chinks are playing hard to get. Its all OLD hat and just makes them GRUMPY……no pun or disrespect intended.

  124. GMC says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Agree AP – other cosmic events like asteroids, black holes, super novas and aliens are always OK to discuss, but Nibiru seems to be too much a conspiracy theory for most. I read ZS back in the mid 80s and after years of thinking about it – another planet with it’s own little solar system revolving around its own orbit can’t be any more far fetched than all the BS we’ve seen over the last century. I’m not too convinced about the gods that inhabit this mini solar system but even Trump signed a Prez Order declaring that Nibby was real – lol and maybe not. Nasa and the other countries that have rather large space programs are not talkin either. Neither do I hear anything from the ” alternative” independent observers . So, if the real Nibiru shows up, only the governments will know about it { as of today} and they will try to hide out in their underground fortress’s. I don’t think we will miss seeing a huge red planet towards the end, and the Earth is doing a lot of shakin and spurting out lava these days. . But there won’t be much left to govern , or a need for them NWO types- as usual . It’s the Only story , that should be fully investigated, but we all know how that goes.

  125. The Anglosphere has no News.
    6 Huge (((Media))) Moguls decide what Propaganda Turds they will try to jam down your throat.
    OBummer removed the Federal Statute preventing propaganda by FCC monitored news groups.
    24 Hour Fake News. Day in. Day out.
    The latest crap is Fauci getting favorable coverage despite the fact that he funded Bat Lady to research Gain of Function in Wuhan. Then it was sent to U.S. labs to refine the Sars Cov2 virus before they released it on the World. Bottom line: we have a criminal conspirator telling us to wear a mask and sit inside while the middle class gets destroyed and the rich get richer.
    News Flash: Criminal (((Filth))) run America.
    News Flash: Same Filth are looting the Economy
    News Flash: Same Filth are killing kids in Gaza

    3 Strikes. They are out. Time for Rope and Lamp Posts. A little American Revolution Part2, aka ‘Taking out the Trash’

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  126. Mikoo says:

    A third alternative is that the UFOs are manifestations of evil spirits. The human race is at war not with advanced aliens from other planets, but with “dark forces in high places”. Their main weapon is and always has been deception.

    • Agree: Jeffrey A Freeman
  127. TKK says:

    Everybody really into it is a White guy. So, whether it’s ancient aliens, current aliens, pyramid power, Muh Illuminati, etc., it serves as a way to guide White male energy into something harmless.

    This is a brilliant observation you have made.

    Who is always at ComicCon? Who are the Trekkies?

    Who are the biggest gamers?

    Grown white men acting like toddlers, and also spending billions on it: spending their treasure on big fuzzy animals costumes and saying it is sexual.

    AROUND quarter of a million people in the US now identify as “furries” – a subculture where members dress up as cartoonish animals, sometimes as a sexual fetish but more often as a fun escape.

    For a white man to marry a normal woman (who is not divorced, does NOT have children from numerous men, tattoos, piercings ) and immediately start having white babies, stay married and raise them….is a revolutionary act at this point.

    • Agree: Emslander
    • Thanks: RichardTaylor
  128. @Gidoutahere

    I’ve had a number of sightings and 3 close encounters. I don’t doubt that these were extraterrestrial maybe planetary or even other dimensional. The three close encounters were all so markedly different that I don’t have any reason to even consider them all the same beings or related in any way either. I don’t have any insight into who they are, what they want or why as in one case they showed an interest in a whole platoon of soldiers I was in. I don’t trust them, nothing that stays out of sight whilst messing with us is likely good for us. On only one of the three times where a picture would have been valuable did I have a camera. That was in early days of mobile phones and it wasn’t a great one, we were also not so accustomed to pulling it out suddenly. I still aren’t. Not once have I had the presence of mind to record a cop interaction yet and I mean to. However there are photos of these things happening all the time. Sometimes quite good ones and sometimes fakes for sure. It isn’t that people don’t get pictures, it is that the nature of the phenomenon is usually not conducive to good imagery. Too far away, too fast, some of them at least, one I saw up very close for 5 minutes once, have some sort of “effect” which makes even focusing ones eyes kind of impossible on the object. I don’t doubt that would have messed badly with any attempt to capture an image too. I’ve read about a de-ionisation field which might cause such an effect since by the way.

    I cannot prove it to anyone but I am satisfied for myself that there are more than one ET races in regular contact with us. What that says about physics as we understand it is not an answer. That we cannot explain it doesn’t mean it isn’t real and nothing in science is ever settled. When something happens which flies in the face of our scientific understanding, it means our understanding is flawed that is all.

    Overall I am in agreement with the author. I do expect a fake alien agenda too, and I’d not even be too surprised to see some fairly high tech props this time. I hope so. I’d hate to see them do it with a 1960s BBC Doctor Who type setup. Not that it wouldn’t probably work for these sheep. I just know that seeing the real thing is quite profound. It has a very marked effect on one’s psyche because even believing doesn’t prepare one for the total rejection of your whole world paradigm. That isn’t an exaggeration. Anyone who has been there knows it. You do go back to normal. The human mind is flexible and has a way of containing even such radical departures from the norm, but the different aspect to the experience isn’t soon forgotten. I can’t see any fakery pulling that one off myself. It will easily go as the article says though. Witness the idiocy on display around this COVID hoax.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Kapyong
  129. Nancy says:

    Hmmm…. I’m thinking the acronym change is very telling. ABC weapons (Atomic, Biological, Chemical) was changed to WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction). Now UFOs are changed to UAPs… or am I seeing things 🙂

  130. Cowboy says:

    Government loves me yes I know
    For the media tells me so
    mindless dwellers to the government belong
    dwellers are weak but government is strong.

    Yes government loves me
    Yes government loves me
    Yes government loves me
    for the media tells me so

  131. Mr. Ed says:


    Bruce Jenner; BTW, he’s always been dumb, and still is!

  132. Phibbs says:

    Pilots have been seeing UFOs since the 1940s. Millions of people have seen them since then, There is nothing fake about UFOs and aliens except for this: They are probably inter-dimensional and not interstellar. In other words, from the spiritual dimension and likely demonic.

    • LOL: RoatanBill
    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  133. For the billions it is getting, the US MIC would tell any lie that keeps the money flowing. What else is new?

    • Agree: bike-anarkist
  134. @Rabbitnexus

    nothing that stays out of sight whilst messing with us is likely good for us

    That’s a good description of perfectly Earthy US Deep State, not alleged aliens.

    • Agree: acementhead
  135. Kumbaresu says:

    The UFO hoax seems to be a perfect way to set a stage for the next genocide phase: False Flag Attack on our infrastructure. The attack can be blamed on an extraterrestrial version of Bin Laden, who was killed many times, but being an alien managed to survive.

    According to research from the United States Department of Homeland Security, EMP weapons have the potential to disrupt unprotected critical infrastructure within the United States and could impact millions over large parts of the country. There’s concern about the EMP threat but there’s no accurate prediction on how many people will face massive damages from this attack.

    We have already been told by our good old friend Klaus Schwab that a comprehensive cyber attack will bring to a complete halt the power supply, transportation, hospital services and our society as a whole, which will make the COVID pandemic look like a minor disturbance in comparison.

    However, the cabal might have a few more genocidal tricks up their sleeve as they are probably eager to try some of the their newest weapons they have developed over the years but haven’t had a chance to try until now.

  136. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:

    Everybody really into it is a White guy.

    It’s a messianic savior cult that strokes egos across the gender spectrum of stupid college educated whites, with the blue collar serving only to be abducted and probed.

    Stand-by for the Space Jew Testament to be bestowed upon our leaders, as foretold by Space Jew prophet, Sagan.

  137. @Ever Becoming

    Can’t one hold 2 views simultaneously? – the first being that one believes there are intelligent life forms in our universe, and the second, that mostly likely, any move by TPTB in regard to an alien invasion are a psy op to hasten the NWO agenda. I believe that the aliens are already here and that they are so advanced, if they wanted to take over they would have done so already. We don’t need a scenario like a bad 1960a sci-fi movie. As far as belief in aliens emanating from Christians, I would say that most would -there are no aliens, or that they are the fallen ones returning. A true alien contact -friendly or unfriendly with contradict their Christian world view, and the whole idea of salvation history through Jesus Christ and the uniqueness of humanity would have to be reworked.

    • Replies: @JasonT
  138. Trinity says:

    Cue: Stranger In A Strange Land by Leon Russell.

  139. Leo Den says:

    Not at all. You’re confused. They’re the state. Working for the DEEP STATE which is dug in DEEP.
    Meet the REAL DEEP STATE.

  140. Thim says:

    Best piece I have ever seen from Wanglin.

    I grew up in Norfolk, Virginia, and we were accustomed to seeing all kinds of weird things flying around. I came to the conclusion that most of the air force budget is covert.

    In late 1988 I was at a huge park in Norfolk, Tarrallton, exercising with my German Shepherd after midnight. The park was closed but I always ignored that. After a hard run I was laying down on the ground resting, my dog next to me.

    Suddenly Doscoe pushed against me, trying to burrow under me, and I noticed she was trembling, and she looked up, and so I looked up, and hovering silently 50 feet above us was a UFO.

    All I could hear was a click click sound. It was maybe 4 feet long, just hovering. I was in awe, total awe, remember, this was 1988. Then fear hit me for a second, is it Russian?

    Then I realized the impossibility, surely it was ours. Then I considered flipping them off, but I thought, they might just shoot me.

    After a few minutes it raced off into the woods. The only sound I heard were some clicks and a whurrrrr sound. The power source, I could not understand. Battery?

    I imagined guys back at the base controlling this thing. Years later I found out differently. After the park was closed, ruined, bulldozed and turned into ball fields, we found out the SEALS used to train there at night. Their Atlantic base is barely a mile away, so that was no surprise.

    So what had happened, they came to practice their assaults at 2a.m., and there I was, in their space, running with my dog for a long time, then just laying there. I can imagine angry commandos, nearby, watching me through night vision.

    So they called for the drone. Surely I would run away. But I didn’t. I just looked up and waved and said God Bless America, and ignored it, until it left.

    I told exactly one person about this, and I added, I think we have the Russians beat. Her response was, I was seeing things, gone crazy. So I didn’t tell anyone else at the time. Most people are too stupid to understand that the Military has a massive covert air program, with all kinds of strange craft. How many people had seen a drone in 1988? I did.

    After the Axis of Evil fell (sarc), Time Magazine ran a story with pictures of various secret weapons we had during the cold war, and there it was. One of them was exactly what I had seen.

    People in California are seeing amazing craft in the sky these days. They have lights, and they fly at incredible speeds, almost like a bolt of lightning. Driving through the desert on I-40 I was blessed to see one of these drones and was amazed and also disturbed. This was late 2019.

    Now Iran said America has been sending in drones there that fly 8,000 mph. These drones have lights and they have shocking speeds, just on the edge of comprehension .

    I believe the Pentagram’s alien propaganda in the 80’s and 90’s was a kind of cover for their early drone program, like the one I saw in 1988 in Norfolk.

    And I further believe the current fake alien campaign by the Pentagram is cover for their current covert drones, that are lit up, and fly at incredible speeds, which are not filmable by a cellphone, much too fast, and which are being used against Iran, and God knows who else.


    • Thanks: Emslander, Steven80
  141. @Blade

    The kikes are most adept in spreading confusion, lies and baseless terror.

  142. The Russians or Chinese should come out with a similar video and also make the same claims. The Pentagon would then be in a real bind.

  143. @Observator

    “The apparent natural speed limit of the universe precludes intergalactic travel.”

    Oh really? How then do you explain Star Trek?

    Debooooooooooooooonked ya!

    • LOL: Emslander
  144. HT says:

    For obvious reasons, everything our federal government does, says or doesn’t do is suspicious. More so now than ever before since it is clear they believe we are an enemy to destroy. Why are they going from a position of stonewalling and denial about everything UFO to now publicly embracing the subject? That is actually a question worth asking.

  145. @Observator

    I’m an agnostic on this, just looking at the arguments offered.

    Your points are, I assume, correct, but this only addresses the idea of aliens traveling around in tin cans, like we do. Indeed, even that technology would seem to have been unimaginable to humans around 1400 or so.

    What you really need is an argument that alien visitation is somehow logically impossible (like time travel); otherwise you’re just taking “extremely unlikely” to entail impossible, which it doesn’t.

    Speaking of which, doesn’t that sound rather like someone arguing against natural selection? Ironic given your reference to evolution at the start.

    I also agree with the main point here, that EVEN IF aliens are visiting, this is a distraction from our real problems (white replacement, Zionist control, etc.) But then that was an argument against the space program itself: get things straight on Earth first, then explore the galaxy.

  146. @Trinity

    re: tucker
    if you can find it, there’s a clip of alex jones showing tucker the collapse of bldg 7 (and the look of realization on his face). he was obviously previously clueless. now he’s in a box.

    he could make television and political history if he stepped up to the plate. god bless him if he can.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  147. @Mikoo

    That’s the gist of “Signs” it’s not aliens.

    But indeed spirits of evil, agents of Satan.

    A True Story Written in the second century AD by Lucian of Samosata, a Greek-speaking author of Assyrian descent. The novel is a satire of outlandish tales that had been reported in ancient sources, particularly those that presented fantastic or mythical events as if they were true. It is Lucian’s best-known work.
    It is the earliest known work of fiction to include travel to outer space, alien lifeforms, and interplanetary warfare. It has been described as “the first known text that could be called science fiction”.
    The novel begins with an explanation that the story is not at all “true”, and that everything in it is a complete and utter lie. They are caught up by a whirlwind and taken to the Moon, where they find themselves embroiled in a full-scale war between the king of the Moon and the king of the Sun over colonization of the Morning Star. Armies include bizarre hybrid lifeforms. The armies of the Sun win the war by clouding over the Moon and blocking out the Sun’s light — Bill Gates, John Brennan, Newt, whose wife was ambassador to the Vatican must be part of the army of the Sun doing Solar Geoengineering. Remember It is all a lie….. Aliens are a lie.

    Another interpretation of Keel’s book is that the men in black were part of NASA MK Ultra mind control experiments and mind wiping technology.

  149. anon[148] • Disclaimer says:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

    ― H.L. Mencken,

  150. @Joe Paluka

    What an awful society has been manifested when current events become the banal, “Hoax of the Year!” It all started with the “babies dumped from incubators” for me.

    Canadian Football League.
    We don’t do no stinkin’ 4 downs…

    But the NHL has the Edmonton Coilers, Calgary Phlegms and Vancouver Canuckleheads.

    • LOL: Joe Paluka
  151. @Caspar von Everec

    When we believe in things we don’t understand,
    we make up answers and then complain we’re miserable.

  152. Agent76 says:

    October 27, 2019 Mysterious X-37B space plane lands after record 780 days in orbit

    The unmanned orbiter breaks its own record for time spent in space.

    May 13, 2021 A View of NASA’s X-59 Engine Inlet

    NASA’s X-59 requires the use of creative and strategic supersonic technologies to control and soften the jarring sound that hits the ground as the aircraft flies faster than the speed of sound. One of these creative technologies is the placement of the X-59 engine inlet.

  153. Anon[156] • Disclaimer says:

    We’re being overrun by space aliens! Pay attention! We have to distract you from illegal aliens!

    You’re distracted?


  154. Who can forget History Chanel’s Ancient Alien Theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, “I’m not saying it was Aliens, but it was Aliens”.

  155. lysias says:

    The 2011 Hollywood movie “Contagion”, on which planning began in 2009, indicates to me that planning for the covid pandemic began in 2009. I suspect the Global Financial Crisis explains the timing.

  156. I didn’t read the article, I came straight here. The possibility of aliens watching over us is ludicrous. The possibility of aliens from other worlds is in my opinion, a fact. Of course they exist but they are not here. The physics and engineering required to travel to other worlds even within our own galaxy is so beyond what we ourselves know or can even imagine is mind boggling so if a far more advanced culture on a distant world had even the remotest intention to visit earth it would not be to pop up in illusions or visions such as one would expect at a fairground side show. They would be here with clear intentions and we would be well aware of them.
    No, the UFO phenomena is driven by governments, there is an agenda. William Cooper wrote in his book “Behold A Pale Horse” about witnessing UFOs emerging from beneath the waves and moving with incredible dexterity while he was serving in the navy. He was apparently held to an account of silence. After writing his book which I must admit seemed a little far fetched in some of the chapters he lost his life in mysterious circumstances.
    There is definately an agenda which is of this world.

  157. @Gidoutahere

    I have witnessed a UFO in 1986 but that doesn’t mean it was other worldly.

    • Replies: @blomblom
  158. @The_seventh_shape

    What? Do you believe the US governmental activities are confined to the USA? Naive!

  159. TheMoon says:

    Username checks out. George Takei would be there on his knees as well.

  160. frontier says:

    Excellent comment, Caspar. And, I am impressed with Anglin’s take on this latest UFO craze. He’s proving himself to be an original thinker.

    Amglin surprised me too, no woman bashing, no Nazi nonsense, if he manages to get rid of these thorns permanently, I’d vote to for him to replace Carlson. The latter has fallen quite low lately, not unexpectedly though, given his employer. It would be interesting to know what kind of pressure was placed upon Carlson to make him transition into a boring GOP drone.

    The aliens BS is, of course, a red herring providing the Red Media and Congress with more BS to munch on instead of addressing real problems, like the exponential money printing used to fund destructive levels of redistribution and inflation.

  161. TheMoon says:

    Meanwhile, because of relativity, 24,000 years would have passed on earth.

    If the goal is to leave behind the cesspit Earth is becoming, so what? If we can push our hypothetical colony ship close enough to light speed, you can head to nearly anywhere in the Milky Way in a few years (ship time) to start over, and who cares what happens to Earth? Let the useless savages have it and suffocate in their own feces. In fact, I’d lob a few dozen nukes back at the Earth as our colony ship crossed Jupiter’s orbit out of pure spite. I’d also transmit my version of John Galt’s speech, except it would just be “fuck you” in 87 different languages.

    This is why I don’t believe in any secret Cabal. They would have hired me by now. 😛

  162. @Phibbs

    from the spiritual dimension and likely demonic.

    Why is the unknown “likely demonic?”

    “The Bible tells me so!”

  163. CSFurious says:

    This is an incredible article. “They” were starting to make me believe in UFO’s. I do have an open mind as to there being extraterrestrials but this is all being used to distract us from what is really going on.

  164. ross23 says:

    Anyone interested in the Alien Abduction phenomenon there`s Dr David Jacobs. Not saying i believe everything he says but interesting all the same

  165. @Slidehorse

    People around the world also have access to photoshop, after affects, maya, and hundreds of plugins.
    Don’t believe your eyes.

  166. BorisMay says:

    When all history is a lie you realise that everything in the current world must be a lie too.
    We are told there was no history before the Sumerians and yet it is clear that human beings have existed for millions of years from mechanically produced artefacts unearthed from deep mining.
    We are told that 6 million Jews (that did not exist in Europe according to Jewish sources) were Holocausted in Germany by a nation fighting on three fronts that did not have the logistical resources or transport system to adequately supply its own armies. This lie is now considered historical truth…
    We are told that Hitler was pure evil while watching the terrorist state of Israel behave in the exact same manner towards the Palestinians that Hitler is supposed to have done to the Jews, and that this behaviour is perfectly okay because the ‘wonderful chosen people’ are doing it.
    We are told that the Jews, used as slaves, built the pyramids, where as all the archaeological evidence suggests that slavery did not exist in ancient Egypt.
    We have the global warming lie just as we are entering a new solar minimum (which means colder wetter weather is now the new climate normal).
    We have the coronavirus lie of a world wide pandemic where actual death rates year on year have dropped in the last calendar year.
    We have the claims of more conflict as a result of Chinese and Russian aggression which they have caused by allowing the US military to build over 1000 bases in territory surrounding their countries.
    So why not aliens in UFOs that that supernatural physical properties than defy common aeronautics and the space limitations of the Van Allen Belt that actually prevents manned space craft from either entering deep space or sending men to the moon. Moon landings are another well accepted lie despite the fact that scientific evidence points to the fact that space travel is impossible for humans.
    When every known fact, including Einstein’s theories, are lies, what does another lie matter?
    See Ron Pearson’s theory of Creativity to understand that most of modern physics that is based on Einstein is total fabrication.
    The problem is that when an established lie, such as Einstein’s lies, are taken as incontrovertible truths, people are both unable to question an established lie or question a new incontrovertible lie (such as UFOs and space aliens who could not physically exist in such circumstances).
    Human beings, well educated or not, are incredibly stupid, naive and gullible.
    UFOs and space aliens prove this. QED.

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Replies: @Niebelheim
  167. GayDad69 says:

    “Holographs” are actually pretty plausible, in that it’s reasonably difficult to game signals intelligence with a bit of engineering know-how.

    We can reduce the radar signature of a plane or ship by altering it’s shape, materials, and using special paints and coatings; it stands to reason that you could increase, distort, or otherwise shape a radar signature in the same way.

    By the same token, you could point a laser (or maser, which is a similar idea but with microwaves) at an object floating in the sky, it heat up, then move the laser to cool it down rapidly. If you have several objects in the sky, you could create the appearance of objects disappearing on one place and reappearing in another to infrared radiation sensors.

    You could float balloons in the sky and attach objects to them that are invisible to radar from one direction, but which distort radar to appear larger from another. You could put heat-blocking foil on one side of such a device, and on the other attach heating elements to give the appearance of something that appears to exist only when approached from one direction.

    This sort of stuff is useful in warfare when you want to get a jet or ship to lock on to a device so you can gather signals intelligence about it’s locking and sigint detection capabilities. Making it seems like a UFO is bait for the gullible.

    Deceptive signals are very useful in drone warfare because they protect your real assets and force the opposition to waste resources tracking and destroying decoys. If used underwater, you could have a set of drones that strongly reflect sonar and radar, to cover for explosives-laden submersible drones that are built to hide from sonar and radar.

    Given the cheapness of a fleet of submersible drones, I wouldn’t be surprised if China, Iran, Syria, or Russia sinks US carriers, jets, and crews worth trillions of dollars using zerg rush tactics and drones that cost at most a few ten million dollars.

    We are about to enter an age when surface naval force projection is impossible.

    The implications of this for the US dollar’s reserve currency status should be obvious; with no fear of cruise missiles and no elite hillbilly killers (we replaced them with trannies, women, and brown people), and with our currency worthless due to inflation, why would anyone ever care what the USA tells them to do?

  168. @Amon

    The author didn’t even mention all those alien niqqaz dat came to earth via big black holes, I mean big azz black hoes. Axe Truth, he noz wut I be talk’n bout, schitt.

    • LOL: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @Marckus
  169. anon[303] • Disclaimer says:

    He rarely takes a stand that goes against acceptable narratives. When guests make really controversial statements, he lets them talk and then makes sure it is their stance, which he distances him from by such lame comments like; how interesting, or how wise. His having Alizondo on is part of the pentagon/ government/media complex agenda pushing Latinos in every facet of 21st century US culture.

  170. Kapyong says:

    It’s hard to be calm when you’ve found something going on.” (Cat Stevens)

    I just know that seeing the real thing is quite profound.

    There are many fair reasons to be sceptical of the UFO / UAP phenomenom – some we’ve heard here – physics or technology or behaviour or logic / probability or just hoaxing.
    Hearing a UFO story is rarely convincing, even from a close friend or family.

    But when one sees it personally – clear and present evidence of aerial craft far beyond our admitted abilities, it is life-changing. Literally. A fundamental phase-change of world-view. Now one knows for sure and certain. (Leading to large, and rather disturbing questions.)

    It has a very marked effect on one’s psyche because even believing doesn’t prepare one for the total rejection of your whole world paradigm. That isn’t an exaggeration. Anyone who has been there knows it.

    There are many people who have seen these things personally, even in direct clear line of sight – sober informed witnesses who can tell their swamp gas from Venus.

    But that awe and astonishment of sudden vastly widened understanding is conflicted by the grating knowledge that no-one will believe you anyway.

    The result sometimes looks a bit like religious belief.

    Readers might think back to an experience when they knew something for sure and certain that was rejected by those around them.

  171. HbutnotG says:

    I’m always amazed at hummingbirds, flying thousands of miles from northern Wisconsin to S. America, and back, and 6 months later, apparently returns to my yard every May, and every year there is always at least (that) one, that actually recognizes just the wire that the h’bird feeder hung from last year, and buzzes around it until I put the feeder out. Now, explain that!

    • Thanks: TKK
    • Replies: @Marckus
  172. Coll Doll says:

    I watched Bob Lazar on Joe Rogin and on another program. He worked at Area 51 or thereabouts. He claimed to have seen on one occasion a recovered craft. He describes trying to reverse engineer a basketball size energy device that is unlike any tcchnology we have. One scientist died when he touched it too long. I found Lazar very very convincing.

  173. HbutnotG says:

    Comic books, TV and magnaminous Hollywood movies have been successful at creating a cult. And this alien thing is just that – a cult. Ever notice the wide-eyed look these people acquire as they go on about this junk? That’s a good indicator of cult. I noticed that peculiar look in people in church long ago. You had to turn around and look at them from the front.

    • Agree: Thim
  174. profnasty says:

    ‘Deep” State?
    They aren’t some kind of worm that grabs your ankles and pulls you to hell. They’re more like space aliens who float above, in the DigiSphere, and zap you with lazar beams.
    We live in (Their) Bizarro World. Everything you’ve been told for 20 odd and very odd years is a lie.
    It’s not Deep, it’s High, above.

  175. profnasty says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    Bingo! Pentagon.
    They’re talking UFOs, while the real threat is Planet of the Apes. The Apes have taken over our military. Nobody said a word about it. Why? Because we’re all terrified of George Floyd Austin III.
    Remember South Africa?
    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  176. “Just stay sane. Do your best to roll with the punches and have some fun.”

    I intend to. Thank you very much!

  177. @Observator

    . The apparent natural speed limit of the universe precludes intergalactic travel.

    Yes, that is a is a good argument for thinking that Aliens are not arriving here, but IF it were possible to travel at the speed of light it would be possible for aliens to get here in a more reasonable time. Now, I and I imagine, most readers of TUR, think it IS impossible to travel at anything near to the speed of light. I wonder therefore, if the multiple reports of NASA developing “warp drives” is part of the “Aliens are Coming!” campaign, the subject of this article?

    • Replies: @raga10
    , @some_loon
  178. selkye says:

    Exactly. The nature of these being, and the whole problematic of their meddling in human affairs, is spiritual in nature. While perhaps related to other planets, these are not material, but subtle (astral) beings, which have the ability to appear on physical plane and even affect human beings on material level.

    The physics of these happenings are really poorly understood, and even people who understand them well, like yogis and spiritual masters, apparently have difficulties in explaining them.

    But they are real. A friend of mine, sober person, had close experience, and according to him, there was an abduction like event, which occured on subtle plane, but had a real physical consequences – an implant of strange, unearthly piece of metal in the victim’s leg. It was apparently some sort of sinister experiment.

    Event very similar to this is described in this movie, Patient 17 (just the trailer here, didn’t find full movie on youtube anymore).

    Comparision to demons is perhaps the best we have from traditional understanding of subtle creatures, although I would say they are a different category. They are not necessarily malign, though, and may visit our planet just out of curiosity.

    Do we have any reason to worry because of this? Not really. There are many bad things out there, and noone knows how, when, where and whom will they strike. But there is a sureproof way of securing oneself – prayer and meditation, prayer for divine protection (any religions’s spiritual practice would do). Spiritually mature, developed persons stand beyond the grasp of these beings.

  179. @Mr. Grey

    Maybe the author’s argument would be more convincing if he could say approximately when did the Illuminati gather together the various radar and electronic technicians and pilots to explain their plan for a one world government and their roles in this conspiracy.

    Have you checked the authenticity of the various radar and electronic technicians and pilots ?

  180. @Trinity

    Tucker is a Shabbos Goy.

    He is allowed to say only certain things

  181. bayviking says:

    Aliens visiting earth is a far fetched idea in our universe, because of the vast distances involved in space travel coupled with the fact that it took about 5 billion years for earth to develop into its current form within a universe estimated to be 14 billion years old. The nearest star is almost 5 million light years away and we haven’t found any evidence of life there. Any space traveling vehicle for humans would have to be self sustaining for millions of years, no small feat.

    The first loss in any war is the truth, brought to you by the Pentagon. Lying is at the heart of everything the CIA does, whether plain propaganda, staged coups or assassinations. To this day they have not released everything they know about the JFK assassination and may very well have destroyed many records. Everything they have released, which is heavily redacted, points to the same mafia they intended to use to assassinate Castro, which never materialized.

    The CIA and Pentagon depend on maintaining external enemies to thrive on an ever enlarging budgets. It is in their interest to lie constantly. Eisenhower warned us not to let this happen, but only on his way out.

    • Replies: @Voltara
  182. @Ever Becoming

    Yes, The Gospels are all suspect and an obvious fraud which is they millions of Christians were killed in the first three centuries.

    They willingly allowed themselves to be killed defending what you say is a fraud.


    • Replies: @Kapyong
  183. I’ll post a link to the Turkish UFO incident again. It’s about as legit as it gets in the UFO world.

    • Replies: @Biff
  184. frontier says:
    @Mr. Grey

    We are hearing from military people because they are taken seriously. There have been plenty of civilians who have reported things over the years, many airline pilots for example

    You know what, I’m fine with large scale studies of UFOs, as long as the idiots who want them fund them personally. Just pool your money, hire whoever agrees to take it and go satisfy your deeply heartfelt lunacy. The military has no business dealing with UFOs before they start shooting at us, but that would be the aliens’ announcement of themselves and we’d get to see them in their body forms without special investigations.

    What do you think, money grows on trees? Not at all, money comes out of an UFO which is high-flying in thin air – it’s called Unaccountable Financial Organization and it includes the Fed and its banks. We’ve got to get that UFO under control first, check if it’s run by humans, get them to open their books and restrict the gargantuan redistribution and inflation they engender… Then I’ll come back to hear what you have to say…

  185. some_loon says:

    “UFOs are real. The Air Force doesn’t exist.”

    — Cracked Magazine, late 70’s or early 80’s.

    • LOL: GMC
  186. TRM says:

    You beat me to it. I’ve always remembered that sequence and it ends with “alien invasion”.
    That is their final card.

    But what if the majority don’t fall for it? LMAO. I know, I know. Stop dreaming.

  187. “Covid is hoax—-UFO’s are real” and 99.9% of Americans are in agreeement. WHY? It was on the mainlines news TV channels and in the pressitude gospels. The Hollow Men is here !!!

  188. @logansquare

    Hey Tucker Carson boy—-the Fire Chief said “We decided to Pull it !” and he was referring to Building 7 on 911—-it was only on once —-NOW —why was it only on once and WHY did 1 and 2 come a tumbling down—just like when Towers of Doom met Big Boss Man and Undertaker in the squared circle——kaboom……

    • Replies: @logansquare
  189. “Every single video is blurry. If people are seeing these crafts, why do we not have a single clear image of them?”

    Yes, the pilot said they had been seeing them daily for years, so I ask: where are clear photos/videos?

    • Replies: @TheMoon
  190. Voltara says:

    The fact they’ve trotted out the Kenyan to hype the UFO invasion is telling. Whenever Globo-Cap wants to persuade the most simple minded 25% of the population to accept something against their own interests he’s brought out to read his lines from the autocue.

    Something is up.

  191. profnasty says:

    Stranger approaches you at night. Points up, says ‘Look at that!’ You look up. When you turn to him and say, ‘Look at what?’
    He’s gone. And so is your wallet.

  192. @Morton's toes

    Robert Bigelow and Skinwalker Ranch. This was the most active single site in the country at the time and Bigelow assembled a sizeable scientific team (6-7 scientists full-time + support personnel) and a big budget for cameras (visible, IR, UV), digital recording, computer processing. They went all out for a couple years.

    Came away with nothing peer-reviewable, although some great stories. George Knapp has a book and it’s alright. The best breakdown is in the latest volume Jacques Vallee’s diaries.

    I am familiar with the Knapp name from hearing it mentioned on Coast to Coast.

    I think that a legit effort to investigate these ‘videos’ in particular would seem to me to start off with categorizing what we do in fact have direct knowledge of – the aircraft and likely the ‘pods’ that are being used to obtain the footage.

    In several instances, it appears to me that the F/A-18 is the ‘encounter’ plane, meaning that the IR capability is almost certainly coming from the ATFLIR 3rd party ‘pod’ (Raytheon?).

    If I am the supposed UFO investigator, I would want to know/establish the exact F/A-18 configuration, the software version of the Raytheon pod, and I would want to know if this phenomenon is unique to the Raytheon pods, or do the Israeli / Northrop Grumman Litening I/II Pods in US service also record this same phenomenon.

    I have no access to the ATFLIR tech manuals, however when i reference the Pilots manual for the F/A-18 concerning the ATFLIR what I note is –

    “During flight simulation, level bomb deliveries (using the ATFLIR for target identification and refinement) were flown in a simulated night environment with no outside visual reference. Uncommanded roll-off appeared as a rotating FLIR image similar to what is displayed during over flight of the designated target. It is possible that uncommanded aircraft bank angle changes, seen as a rotating FLIR image through the sensor, may be confused with the rotating image that results from target over flight”

    The Pilots manual AESA implemention notes –

    Flight testing of the AN/APG-79 AESA radar has shown that this system can interfere with, and
    significantly degrade the performance of, various precision approach systems including PAR and
    ACLS. Aircrew operating AN/APG-79 AESA equipped aircraft shall be aware that directing
    AN/APG-79 AESA transmissions toward landing facilities (ship or shore) may cause strong electromagnetic interference (EMI) affecting the safety of aircraft on approach.

    Unless specifically authorized for operational necessity or required for safety of flight, aircrew should cease AN/APG-79 AESA radar transmissions whenever operating within 10 nm of PAR and ACLS facilities during IMC/Case III conditions.

    • AN/APG-79 AESA radar transmissions specifically directed towards an operating PAR or ACLS within 10 nm have caused strong electromagnetic interference (EMI) with these radar-based systems and caused intermittent, unannunciated anomalies that resulted in erroneous azimuth/glideslope commands being sent to aircraft on precision approach, increasing the risk of controlled flight into terrain (CFIT).

    The AGR mode of the AN/APG-79 AESA radar was observed to cause some of the highest levels of EMI on affected PAR and ACLS systems. Ensure the AN/APG-79 radar is in SIL, STBY, or OFF prior to selection of TDC to the HUD in order to enable the steering dot in the center of the velocity vector (which commands AGR).

    Adverse EMI effects from AN/APG-79 AESA equipped aircraft acting as overhead/recovery tankers (not on approach) have been observed during SPN-42 and SPN-46 ACLS testing. • The SPN-42 (shore-based ACLS) and SPN-46 (shipboard ACLS) have shown degraded lock-on and command guidance anomalies due to EMI interference from AN/APG-79 AESA radar transmisisons. For the SPN-46 system, these anomalies are more severe and more probable with the Block 1 Upgrade to the SPN-46 system.

    So, as I speculated originally its pretty critical to establish if AESA radar is in use, what other fleet or civilian radars or comms were in use at the time of the event, and then determine how the fighting and Nav Pod’s interacted in this environment. Was the laser designation capability of the Pod in use at the time of the IR capture off the visible spectrum?

    I don’t see any effort to establish any of the basic facts that are far more probable – resulting from contradicted use of onboard electronics – its a immediate rush directly into, “Im not saying that its Aliens.. but its Aliens”

  193. Voltara says:

    Nearest star is 4.2 light years away, not 5 million. Just a short stroll to the shops….

    NASA has found plenty of evidence of life much closer to home, on Mars. Do you think they keep spending 10’s of billions of $ to go there to take out-of-focus pics of sand and rocks?

    There’s nothing in it for them telling you what they’ve found. Until now, it seems.

  194. @GomezAdddams

    don’t call me boy gomez. you misunderstood–we’re on the same page. you can watch bldg 7 implode as many times as you want.–don’t get what you mean by “once.” p.s. it’s tucker “carlson” not carson and lucky larry weinstein said “pull it.”

    • Replies: @logansquare
  195. raga10 says:

    Now, I and I imagine, most readers of TUR, think it IS impossible to travel at anything near to the speed of light.

    Actually we already know theoretically it is possible to travel faster than the speed of light – see Alcubierre drive. I stress *theoretically*, because there are some pesky practical details to consider but the point is that his drive doesn’t violate principles of physics as we know them: yes, nothing in space can move faster than light, but there is no limit on how fast space itself can contract and expand…

    Anyway. if Pentagon is behind the fake alien agenda then ask yourself: who is behind Pentagon? The answer is obvious: Reptilians! They are spreading fake alien news in order to obsure the truth: they are among us and they (and not Jews, as some naive individuals here seem to think) truly rule this planet.

  196. @logansquare


    lucky larry SILVERstein

  197. blomblom says:
    @Ukraine Tiger

    I am having communication with an alien being. This communication started early in 1992. What else can I say?

  198. Marckus says:

    Yo Bro, wen Troof write here it look like dem Aliens trow he off dee space ship an he land on he head in Harlem. Dat man dumm an he get mo stupid smokin da kronic.

  199. anon[322] • Disclaimer says:

    They are real.

    The F-35 is a reverse engineered craft
    from an alien craft 35,000 years advanced.

    Same with Edsel and Pinto and the Boeing fall-outta-sky plane.

    • Thanks: Ever Becoming
  200. @anonymous

    And speaking of fakes, what ever happened to the Higgs “God Particle” that was going to become the divine force for the masses?

    They lost me completely when they started spouting “string theory” in Monty-Pythonesque efforts to hold the crumbling edifice of exotic physics dogma together. They keep digging themselves deeper and deeper into that hole, and simply refuse to back out.

    None of this scientific fakery has had any traction among the general public, so it’s on to UFOs and aliens whose genius will be recognized as they march out of spaceships looking like Albert Einstein and speaking Yiddish.

    The delicious irony is that Einstein’s own theology precludes them from being here at all.

    • Replies: @some_loon
  201. Everyone should read, “The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark”…” by Carl Sagen. It is a great read.

    In this book, Sagen makes a great case for the gullibility of the human condition. We are basically evolved hairless monkeys, with five senses, and a prehistoric brain….fighting over bannas and the quest to inseminate female monkeys. We all have these evolved pre-historic brains that are ruled by reactions, adrenaline dumps, hormones, fight or flight instincts. Our emotions, instincts and five senses drive our perception of reality.

    Let us recount the many human beliefs held firm at one time: Gods -Thousands of the Them, Demons and Angels, Ghouls and Ghost, Crop Circles, Witches, Werewolves, The Lockness Monster, Soothsayers, Magicians, The value of Tulips, Messiahs – Hundreds of them, The Apocolypse, Biblical Prophecy, Nostradamus, Alchemy, Blood Letting, Geocentric Astronomy, Flat Earth, Sea Monsters, Mermaids, Big Foot, Spiritual Leaders, Healers, Coffee Enemas curing Cancer, Crystal Healing Powers, PEMF Devices, Psychics, Indian Gurus, Tibetan Gurus, Catholicism / Transubstination, Supernatural, Faries, Unicorns and the Fountain of Youth, The holy Grail, Zodiac Callendar, Astrology…..the list is endless.

    So, here we are in 2021, and UFOs are cycled once again to the forefront for consumption.

    Perhaps there is nothing more nefarious going on here than plunging TV Ratings. After all the Trump boon is over. Many traditional media outlets are collapsing. A huge shift in media consumption is underway with people turning off the TV and seeking online sources deemed more reliable.

    Quick trot out the tried and true UFO horseshit. Maybe throw in some crop circles. Orson Welles (1938 War of Worlds Radio Broadcast) would be proud to know that 83 YEARS LATER, his country is still chock full of dumb, gullible, psychosomatic sheep chewing their cud.

    • Replies: @some_loon
  202. some_loon says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    They lost me completely when they started spouting “string theory” in Monty-Pythonesque efforts to hold the crumbling edifice of exotic physics dogma together. They keep digging themselves deeper and deeper into that hole, and simply refuse to back out.

    There’s a fellow named Keene who proposes to fully quantize physics, with his Binary Mechanics model.

    Might not directly impact the whole speed of light question, and I’m otherwise unable to evaluate his work, but you may find it of interest.

    • Thanks: Ultrafart the Brave
  203. UFOs are totally real, as long as you use the term in the correct sense: Unidentified Flying Object. I have myself seen three, all of which were Unidentified until I identified them – in two cases with the aid of binoculars – whereupon they ceased to be UFOs.

    The first was a brilliant red meteor. It helped in the UFOisation that it was the first meteor I ever saw, and that I was 12 years old. Since then I have seen many meteors, though no more red ones, and I would never make that mistake today.

    The second was an uncrewed hot air balloon – a “Chinese lantern” – flying at night. Confirmed by binoculars.

    The third was a brilliant speck I saw one day from my window that hovered in the air, dipping and swooping sometimes, but not moving appreciably. With binoculars I saw that it was a kite made of some reflective material, maybe aluminium foil.

  204. Richard B says:

    They do the same thing whenever there’s a spike in anti-white violence, ie; report on a spike in antisemtic attacks. In fact, they’re doing it now.

    The very week a four year old is savagely murdered by one their proxies they ignore it to report on what even they refer to as “supposedly antisemtic attacks.”

    Language like that is used just to let We The People know that they know and so as to rub it in We The People‘s face. And what is the response of We The People?

    Thank you sir! May I have another?

    You get what you put up with.

  205. JasonT says:
    @Brooklyn Dave

    How does one distinguish between a demon/devil and an alien? You either have faith in God and believe that the creatures are demons/devils, or you don’t and believe that the creatures are aliens.

    I will say this, if all of your information about a putative alien invasion comes from the media, the event is most likely a delusion/psy op.

    My nest advice for everything is to turn off the TV and other media and look outside your window. When your friends say something, ask them how they got the information, and if they say the media, ask them to turn off the TV and other media and look outside their windows.

    • Replies: @Brooklyn Dave
  206. Rogue says:

    It is a simple fact that aliens already landed earlier this year. Yes, fact!

    They landed in Washington DC, by pure chance, and spoke to the locals.

    “Take us to your leader” they commanded in their imperious, alien manner. Whereby they had a meeting with Joe Biden. Just several aliens and uncle Joe.

    After 45 minutes the aliens left, shaking their heads and muttering irritably.

    “We seriously thought there was intelligent life on this planet! Are you kidding me?!”

    The problem was that the aliens had been watching CNN zillions of light years away with their superior technology.

    Anyway, they got back on their spacecraft and buggered off – never to return.

    What particularly annoyed them was not creepy Uncle Joe insisting on touching them inappropriately and sniffing their hair – and insisting bizarrely they not go on dates before they were 30 – but rather the fact that the spaceship had been looted bare in their absence.


    • Replies: @Brockland A.T.
    , @raga10
  207. Anonymous[324] • Disclaimer says:

    Here is Muhammad Ali on Johnny Carson.

    In other words: here’s a celebrity on another celebrity’s show.

    I can’t take anything of this nature seriously. What do the words of people meant to speak to the public as the voice of the machine have to do with truth?

    It’s a sad state of affairs. Maybe there is a fountain of honesty somewhere within the bowels of the machine. I doubt it.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  208. The idea that the Wuhan Flu is a hoax is just bullshit. I literally had it-and it was a serious sickness. A loved one had it—and had to get to a hospital and get an inhaler, her breathing was so bad. And I know two people who literally died from it, one a young healthy man in his mid-30s.

    Stop saying its a hoax, and start saying what it is: an emergency used by the government to clamp down on us all. Otherwise, you sound a crackpot.

  209. Interesting article. Amazing how UFO and alien sightings like ghosts always pace advances in special effects.

    If there are aliens who have found a way to travel faster than light, or past Earth civilizations living among us or just off-world, or time travelers dropping in… well, there’s no way we’d see them if they didn’t want to be seen nor any reason for them to want to be seen. Only our mundane insiderist elites we know for sure find sport in trolling.

    The comic book observations are really astute; people who don’t regularly read comic books, really don’t understand how they’ve influenced society and inspired some ambitious minds, good and bad. Also explains why so many real-life Globalist policies spammed out are so stupid; they got the idea from a comic book and really thought it would work.

    One thing that’s really interesting, is how superheroes evolved from concerned citizen vigilantes to agents and operatives of the government.

    Holograms don’t sound so stupid; the technology has been around for decades, and the most advanced stuff is probably too useful militarily to be released commercially like the Internet was. The Emerson universal battery recharger was suppressed pretty quick, and that was just a battery recharger.

    Why UFOs now? … A distraction? An experiment? Bad habits die hard? Insiderist elites always seem to need some crisis monger, need some ‘unifying’ crisis to feel important or just force people to be their friends.

    Or, how many secretive societies, including the shadows of some established religions driving Deep Stat fanaticism, have based their mythos on having an inside track on Mars, or Atlantis, or whatever secrets of the past and future. To the point of having to discourage or corrupt honest science and scientific inquiry from outing them with what should be commonly available accurate facts.

    The Pentagon chasing UFOs against common sense is like the Church versus Galileo all over again.

  210. TKK says:
    @R.G. Camara

    Would you say it was worse than the flu? What was it like?

    I was in and out of jails, the courthouse, some shady places but I never got it, around my friends who don’t wear masks- ever.

    One time, I started feeling bad- very tired with a sore throat. I took mega doses of zinc, elderberry and drank tons of water and slept. I felt better in 2 days.

    • Replies: @R.G. Camara
  211. anon[130] • Disclaimer says:

    This is all true, and one of these alien ships brought us Covid19!

  212. @Rogue

    … If it was CNN that lured aliens from the stars all the way to planet Earth looking for intelligent life, they’ve lost any claim to being intelligent themselves.

    Interstellar travel must be so damn simple even we can’t help but overthink and miss the answer.

  213. @Observator

    Never say never, but always verify either way.

    The immense distance between stars doesn’t rule out a sophont species on Earth arising before our time and becoming at least intra-stellar.

    What we accomplished, our era, was within 5000 years of the 300,000 years H. sapiens is believed to have been around, and well within the 7-6 million years since the first known hominids appearing in the fossil record.

    Perhaps such an imagined sophisticated species left Earth because they felt they were impacting to greatly with other species’ development on the planet. If they had the capability, this wouldn’t be green fanaticism but a rational choice.

    As for interstellar space travel, the Accubierre-White warp drive theory is faintly theoretically promising save for being wildly expensive, reliant on exotic theoretical stuff like antimatter being a viable fuel source. Expense can be negated by a builder not being tied to present-day crony capitalist limits to build it.

    Anti-capitalism is all the rage among the elites, but more likely about freezing the game with them on top than reaching for the stars.

    The A-W warp drive doesn’t preclude better space travel ideas from arising; and hopefully some would. Antimatter seems like a dumb thing to be toying with on this planet.

  214. some_loon says:

    I wonder therefore, if the multiple reports of NASA developing “warp drives” is part of the “Aliens are Coming!” campaign, the subject of this article?

    Defense budgets may be getting harder to justify by the usual earthly politics.

    The GOP voters have become alienated (no pun intended, honest) from the Neocons, the Deep State, and the industries supported by them.

    Democrats don’t really make a good pro-war party, as too many of them blame America first for everything and they really prefer social spending over just about anything else. There’s been some shift on this, but most of that is temporary, and Trump derangement related.

    But an E.T. front opens up many, many new vistas for government spending, and globalism, the ‘self-licking ice cream cone’ of those who get paid to spend the taxpayers’ dollars.

  215. @TKK

    For me, it was a bad flu, but nothing more serious. I was down for about 5 days. Normal Flu medication was fine for me, but it was probably the worst flu I’ve had since I was a kid. Since I recovered, I’ve had occasional fluid feelings around my heart, but nothing else. I don’t tend to get sick, and if I do its once a year and then I’m over it in a week, as with this.

    For my loved one, who has a weaker immune system, she had massive trouble breathing. They briefly considered admitting her to the hospital to put on a respirator, but gave her the inhaler instead. Since then, her smell still has not completely returned.

  216. @R.G. Camara

    Agreed. Next they’ll blame aliens for COVID if blaming China doesn’t stick, if UFOs start being taken seriously.

    Sorry about your loved-ones.

    I always called COVID-19 a hybrid-hoax, a real threat greatly exaggerated, and sometimes COVID-1984, to emphasize the social-psychological government disease aspect.

    Vitamins D, C. and zinc have been my standard flu season supps and they never failed during COVID; maybe I got sick, maybe not. COVID was no worse than any flu season for me. A headache here, the sniffles there, a dry cough gone in a day, all with non-COVID explanations being viable. Kept waiting for a loss of taste and smell, but can’t be sure. Those were never my sharpest senses.

    However, its very obvious from the experience of others that although nutrition surely works, the margin of safety is far narrower with COVID-19 than for the flu. Anyone deficient in vitamin D – which stay-at-home lockdowns encourage – will be at greater risk of bad outcomes than with the flu.

  217. @R.G. Camara

    Stop saying its a hoax, and start saying what it is: an emergency used by the government to clamp down on us all. Otherwise, you sound a crackpot.

    Perhaps it would be better to describe Corona Chan as a “manufactured pandemic”, rather than as a “hoax”.

    A “manufactured emergency”, if you like, orchestrated as part of a grand scheme to allow “the government to clamp down on us all”, as you say.

    It seems from various credible reports and analyses that the Corona Chan bug has quite a few traits which point to an unnatural origin, and the official Western narrative now seems to be leaning more toward “gain of function” biolab research as being responsible for its creation.

    Beyond that, though, even the CDC’s own figures show that Corona Chan is, in total, comparable to a nasty influenza virus – in general terms, very nasty to the old folk, but much less so to the younger generation.

    It turns out that the untested experimental Corona Chan “vaccines” brought to market and shoved down our throats in record time by Western outfits are more deadly than the bug they are supposed to treat. Norway even stopped using the Astrazeneca “vaccine” for this very reason, and reports coming out of Israel show that the Pfizer “vaccine” is 10x worse than the Astrazeneca.

    Never mind that the “vaccine” producers themselves openly admit that their “vaccines” neither stop you from catching or spreading Corona Chan. And the “vaccine” producers have demanded (and received) complete legal immunity for any adverse effects their untested experimental “vaccines” might inflict on the gullible unsuspecting population.

    So the question arises – WTF is the actual purpose of these “vaccines”, and why are Western governments and medical establishments going all-out to coerce their populations to take these untested experimental “vaccines”? In Canada, they are already forcing shool children (who are naturally immune to any Corona Chan infection) to take these “vaccine” injections without parental consent!

    The answer is self-evident, and goes back to your statement – “an emergency used by the government to clamp down on us all”.

    It must further be said that the global coordination of dodgy testing protocols and disastrous policy responses to Corona Chan, together with the synchronised suppression of effective medicinal and nutritional remedies across the entire Western world, suggests that there’s someone pulling strings at a higher level to orchestrate this “emergency used by the government to clamp down on us all”.

    • Agree: Rogue
  218. Biff says:

    How come every alien/UFO video is grainy and fuzzy? Nobody seems to have 21st photography equipment handy whenever they see an ET? They only seem to be equipped with 1920’s black and white silent movie cameras with the lens out of focus?

    Isn’t it a complete parallel on how they film nefarious terrorists boogie men before they hit the news reels?

    • Replies: @Si1ver1ock
  219. Ron Unz says:
    @R.G. Camara

    The idea that the Wuhan Flu is a hoax is just bullshit. I literally had it-and it was a serious sickness. A loved one had it—and had to get to a hospital and get an inhaler, her breathing was so bad. And I know two people who literally died from it, one a young healthy man in his mid-30s.

    Stop saying its a hoax, and start saying what it is: an emergency used by the government to clamp down on us all. Otherwise, you sound a crackpot.

    I haven’t had it, nor have I known anyone who had a serious case. But here’s a listing of TOTAL American deaths from all causes over the last few years, taken directly from the CDC website:

    2014: 2,626,418
    2015: 2,712,630
    2016: 2,744,248
    2017: 2,813,503
    2018: 2,839,205
    2019: 2,854,838
    2020: 3,384,426

    You’ll notice that the numbers are fairly steady until 2020 when they suddenly jumped by well over 500,000.

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d almost think that America had been struck by a dangerous disease epidemic that year.

    It’s obviously just a matter of personal opinion whether an extra half-million deaths in 2020 is a big number or a small number…

  220. anon[225] • Disclaimer says:

    Good eye on the alien videos all being supplied by the military Andrew Anglin. I’ve noted the same thing myself. Plenty of people live around Ft. Campbell in Tennesssee. So the aliens never show up there. Only around the rural bases are they appearing.

  221. Jiminy says:

    The truth is out there. Somewhere , sometime, the yanks are going to pull a stunt so heinous and inhumane that it can only be blamed on an alien force. It’s going to make the bbqing of six million people seem like child’s play.
    They wouldn’t think of divulging the perpetrators of the Kennedy assassinations or of the fall of the three towers. No. But here they are, all of a sudden releasing evidence of martians coming to earth to tease the US military. I hope to Christ they help Lockheed with the f35, because that is starting to be an embarrassing albatross around the necks of the taxpayers of several countries.
    Everything though is falling into place now that I realise that all of the wack-jobs that I encounter out on the streets are obviously not of this planet.
    But back to the x-files where I think there was a vaccine that one of the factions had access to so that the alien takeover could be stopped and reversed. So everybody race out now to get your flu shot, before it’s to late. Me, I’ll be out in the field making crop circles.

  222. @Brockland A.T.

    Where are the archaeological remains? The ruined cities? The wrecked machinery? The ancient remnants of mines?

  223. @Trinity

    Secretary of Dafence Austin: we dun removed all da white Supremacists frum da arm forces, now you can give us mo money ta fight white Supremacists aliens, cuz dats whut we needz, mo money, schitt.

  224. Rogue says:
    @Ron Unz

    Clearly a spike in deaths.

    But necessitating an economy destroying lockdown? Specifically small businesses destroyed while arrogant mega-billionaires only get richer?

    Nope. Most victims have been older people with maybe a year or two left. That sounds callous, I know, but we ALL DIE eventually.

    This is not the Bubonic plague, not the Spanish flu, not anything like.

    People under the age of 60 in good health are in no more danger of Covid than the regular flu.


    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  225. Ron Unz says:

    Most victims have been older people with maybe a year or two left…People under the age of 60 in good health are in no more danger of Covid than the regular flu.

    I don’t think that’s correct. There’s certainly a very sharp age-skew, with victims over 60 having something like 100x the death-rate of those under 40. But the claims I’ve seen floating around on the Internet are that the average deceased had a remaining life-expectancy of something like 8-10 years, not an entirely trivial figure.

    Also, I think only victims around 40 had the same death-rate as from the regular flu. For those aged 60, the death-rate was many, many times higher.

    The total average death rate is probably something like 0.5%-1.0%. Multiply that by our total population of 330 million, and you’ll get a pretty sizable number.

    I think the main problem is that stupid people mostly get their information from watching stupid videos. The first set of popular videos were the anti-China propaganda videos promoted on ZeroHedge and other anti-China sites, showing people dropping dead in the streets. So when the stupid people realized those videos were fake, they decided that the whole virus epidemic was also fake, which was incorrect.

  226. BobC says:

    “The biggest difference between what Monast wrote about and what is happening is that there are no holograms projected into the sky.”

    That’s not too surprising, since nobody knows how to do that and, from our current understanding of holographic technology, it seems impossible.

    (I’ve been making and studying holograms since 1969.)

  227. doubtful says:
    @Joe Paluka

    The “weird thing” is.. that Greer believes that the “E.T.s” are “nice and extra TERRESTRIAL” They are NOT NICE and they are more than “Extra TERRESTRIAL, as they are Extra Dimensional! Very hard to grasp for materialist, atheist, secular humans, that there are Angels.. and FALLEN angels or demons which can appear to men and pose as E.Ts. The top most people are not stupid materialists – contrary to popular opinion here – but WORK with these entities to take totalitarian technocratic & RELIGIOUS control over this planet. Their lackeys and yes man operatives (like Greer) ARE.. materialists, who are deceived into believing that these are “friendly E.Ts”. That’s why Jesus indeed warned that even many X-tians would be deceived, and “even the very elect … IF it were possible. Have a good day, gentlemen.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  228. raga10 says:

    Anyway, they got back on their spacecraft and buggered off – never to return.

    You don’t know how right you are! Alien spaceship indeed flew by our solar system recently, but once they took a closer look they quickly camouflaged themselves to look like a rock, and they flew away as quickly as they could without completely giving the game away.

    We know that spaceship as Oumuamua.

  229. @Observator

    Pity that we have commentators on this site who advocate Einstein’s mumbo jumbo theory of relativity.

    Just consider what the greatest mind in applied physics Nicolas Tesla once commented about it:

    “ The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king. Its exponents are very brilliant men, but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists.“

    Einstein’s theories would perfectly fit with deep state hoaxes like aliens constantly visiting Mother Earth.

    Stay tuned.

  230. dimples says:

    I can’t be certain but Anglin seems to have rewritten his article somewhat. As I recollect there was a claim that the military videos had been debunked by a certain Mick West but a search of the article on that name now reveals nothing. Looking up Mick West on Google shows that this person ‘debunks’ UFO sightings, a sort of modern day heir to Phillip Klass, but I can’t see how the new dog is any better than the old dog in this respect. According to West, the Tic Tac videos represent a balloon or a plane, and Anglin himself claims that the two pilots who claim to be eyewitnesses are actors. So the debunking is pretty desperate stuff to be sure.

  231. @Lee

    Yeah, sorry about that. A mistake in writing.

  232. It does seem a bit stupid when the aliens cross light years in their vessels, but once they reach a planet which hosts life, they refuse to openly land on it. How far is it impossible for a civilization that has mastered travelling light years (in whatever time frame) to learn that the life on Earth communicates with electromagnetic waves, and to hack into it to announce their arrival?

    As pointed out, UFO phenomena disappeared once cell phone cameras are invented. After that, US military reignites the speculation. Very possible this is another hoax to keep the herds under control.

    I saw another speculation: what if the UFOs are time travellers from the future Earth civilizations? But is it easier to master time travel than galactic travel?

  233. @doubtful

    In my opinion, some UFO’s could be demonic and some could be entities like us. Some religious people think that anything that is inexplainable must be demonic. This primitive way of looking at the world led to the burning of witches at Salem, when many of them might of been suffering from Epilepsy or Ergot poisoning. What you are saying about the top people who run society being demonic or ET’s is what David Ickes has been saying for years. I don’t discount any of it, because a lot of what he says and what it says in the bible seems to be coming to pass.

    • Replies: @doubtful
  234. @Joe Levantine

    The Theory of Relativity was proved as early as 1919 when the bending of light by a gravitational field was observed. It was just 102 years ago, so you may not have heard of it yet.

    The only real question is whether it was really Einstein who came up with it.

  235. @Joe Levantine

    Pity that we have commentators on this site who advocate Einstein’s mumbo jumbo theory of relativity.

    These people can’t help it, they’ve been indoctrinated with this dogma for generations now.

    Just consider what the greatest mind in applied physics Nicolas Tesla once commented about it…

    Tesla is arguably the greatest scientific genius of modern times, and IMO leaves other high-profile boffins in the dust. He was remarkable in being singularly practical – Tesla backed up his theories with empirical evidence and tangible results. Pity most of his more exotic inventions were so thoroughly suppressed.

    Einstein’s theories would perfectly fit with deep state hoaxes like aliens constantly visiting Mother Earth.

    To the contrary, forum participants (and even the author of the parent article) seem to be using Einstein’s theology – in particular, the tenet that lightspeed is the universal “speed limit” – to dismiss the possibility of interstellar visitors.

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  236. Kapyong says:
    @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    “Yes, The Gospels are all suspect and an obvious fraud which is they millions of Christians were killed in the first three centuries.”

    Did not happen.

    “They willingly allowed themselves to be killed defending what you say is a fraud.”

    Even IF a few Christians did that – so what ?
    Islamic suicide bombers give their life for their beliefs – does that make their beliefs true ?
    Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and more – some have given their lives for their beliefs too – do you think all those beliefs are true too ?
    Nazi soldiers gave their life for their beliefs – do you therefore believe nazi views ?

    The Gospels are religious myths, like many other ancient books – not fraud, not a hoax, just religious beliefs.

    Are the Greek myths a FRAUD ? The ancient Egyptian myths a FRAUD ? Babylonian myths a FRAUD ?

    Faithful believers repeat this nonsense argument endlessly :

    That critics say the Gospels are a fraud, but these decent honest followers of Lord God Jesus could not possibly have perpetrated a fraud, therefore the Gospels are all TRUE !
    Hallelujah ! Praise the Lord Jesus.

    What a crock of shit.

  237. @Ron Unz

    Also, I think only victims around 40 had the same death-rate as from the regular flu. For those aged 60, the death-rate was many, many times higher.

    The total average death rate is probably something like 0.5%-1.0%. Multiply that by our total population of 330 million, and you’ll get a pretty sizable number.

    Dude, you may be Ron Unz, but you’re way off on this one.

    Even the CDC figures are fingering Corona Chan as hardly any worse than a regular old influenza bug. Looks like the people at the CDC have had an attack of honesty.

    Here’s some very recent guff on the subject –

    I didn’t even have to try at all to find that, and there’s buckets more for anyone who has the time to look.

    Meanwhile, as Gilad Atzmon and others are reporting, the Western “vaccines” are turning out to be more deadly than Corona Chan itself, while not actually preventing anyone from either catching or spreading the bug.

    I think the main problem is that stupid people mostly get their information from watching stupid videos. The first set of popular videos were the anti-China propaganda videos promoted on ZeroHedge and other anti-China sites, showing people dropping dead in the streets. So when the stupid people realized those videos were fake, they decided that the whole virus epidemic was also fake, which was incorrect.

    With respect, it seems to me that anyone claiming Corona Chan is a non-existent bug or is otherwise just a “hoax” are in the minority. The biggest problem the common folk have in figuring out what’s up with Corona Chan is their conditioned reflex to seek information from controlled media – but more people are cottoning onto the truth, little by little.

    • Thanks: thotmonger
  238. Dr Steven Greer has just posted a video about this subject which is very relevant, you might want to hear it:

    It reminds me that the beautiful Elisabeth Kucinich had said something similar 13 years ago, please focus on her seriousness when asked about disclosure :

    Very serious thing, Monsieur Anglin, thanks for your article

    • Thanks: GMC
    • LOL: thotmonger
  239. Rogue says:
    @Ron Unz

    I’ve always said right from the beginning that Covid is a real thing.

    Is it a bad strain of flu, or is it something manufactured, or is it something else?

    Don’t know.

    But what it’s NOT is something so serious as to require mandatory masks, social distancing, experimental vaccines, economic misery for untold numbers of “little people” – whilst politicians earning way more money than they deserve courtesy of the taxpayers, and the fat-cat super-rich – lecture us on what freedoms we may or may not have.

    And amazing that in the USA an EIGHTY year old man (Fauci) is considered to be the chief expert on this virus.

    No, there’s definitely more to this agenda than mere concern for public health.

  240. aspnaz says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    More funding for the DoD so that they can lead the charge against the aliens just like in the movie independence day

    Indeed, one thing they are not is creative thinkers. Aliens is getting really desperate, but it will be interesting to see whether they have over estimated the stupidity of the majority … if that is possible, this is a great test.

  241. Anonymous[250] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ron Unz

    I just heard on the news media that the CDC said the excess deaths were caused by people overdosing on drugs by being forced to stay in their homes and lack of medical care for patients with actual diseases.

    • Agree: frontier
  242. Emslander says:
    @Ron Unz

    Extra deaths were caused by the lockdown. I know that for certain. My mother is nearly 101 and she was an official victim of the SARS2 this February. She was congested for a week and had a slight cough for a week more. She fully recovered. In her nursing home, which allowed no visits and no interaction between patients for more than a year, a high number of people died. None of them had SARS2. The staff and their relatives said that they died from having no social interaction, of loneliness.

    Then there are the suicides of men who lost their businesses, of people who were divorced and of people who saw their world fall apart.

    I had the Fauci flu this past January. I didn’t go to the doctor, but I knew it was SARS2, because I had vaccines for all the regular stuff and all the symptoms were well-advertised. I noticed that the effects of the SARS2 were more severe than flus I’ve had in the past. I had to sit up at night for two nights at its most severe or I would feel fluids clogging my breathing passages. I could see how the SARS would turn into pneumonia and maybe death by congestion in someone less healthy. My son’s wife was diagnosed with SARS2 before any vaccine was available, but neither my son nor their children were ever positive for it. She had no respiratory symptoms, only digestive, so I assume tha the diagnosis was incorrect.

    Mr. Unz, you continue to lie about the mortality rate of the SARS2. It’s actually about the same as the regular flu and this has been declared by the CDC.

    So, I’m stupid, but you’re a liar. I stilll don’t get your agenda, but it’s not a healthy one, Mr. Unz.

    • Replies: @Jiminy
    , @Anon
  243. @Ron Unz

    Monsieur Unz,

    A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to stick to the subject of a thread, mildly insulted by being called an anti vaxx, covid denier and one of my comment has been refused while it was quoting Prof Raoult, Prof Henrion Caude who are neither anti vax nor covid deniers and who are scientifics of international level.

    With amusement, I notice that you are talking about covid 1984 on a thread about UFO and Pentagone…

    I guess you still don’t want to adress the French figures about the covid thing… and explain us why there is no or very limited excess mortality in France.

    Still, I have great respect for you and I wish you are in good health and your sense of humour is intact.

    • Agree: Emslander, frontier
  244. @Mr. Grey

    A couple of years ago, the French military realised this documentary:

    It seems from what I remember that this version is not integral and it was starting with the raising of our national flage. Still some might find it interesting as it adresses the US of A and the Pentagone, area 51 etc…

    In 1976, the French minister of the armies came on national radio telling the population that the UFO problem was real and that they were assessing if it was a danger for the country….

    More to come

  245. Jiminy says:

    I remember when my boys were doing their maths homework and they were drawing up graphs to plot the given numbers. Numbers that stood out from the others were dismissed and were called outliers. I’m wondering if the figures for last year, if plotted on a graph could indeed be called outliers. Only time will tell I imagine.
    Here we have been assaulted with the deaths in India on a daily basis. It all seems terrifying until one remembers that in India over 25 000 people die everyday. That’s something like 750 000 deaths every month. That is a mind-blowing number of deaths without even adding in the new flu fatalities. Sometimes things are not as they seem.
    The year 2019 was particularly bad here flu-wise. Five people a week in this state were dying and yet there was no public hysteria. I myself contracted the flu and a first for me was actually being woken from my sleep by fluid going down my airways, and my breathing had stopped. I woke up not being able to breath, and gasping for air. That’s never happened before. Quite scary.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  246. doubtful says:
    @Joe Paluka

    Listen to this report and I don’t think they are E.T’s, but the ‘fallen ones’ mentioned by Scripture who are now taking over the world (for a very short time only though)

  247. some_loon says:
    @Mike Fridelle

    Let us recount the many human beliefs held firm at one time:

    Crop circles clearly exist. The only debate is their origin and meaning.

    The existence of sea monsters is another thing for which there is evidence. You are familiar with sharks and whales, no? And now there is evidence of giant squid, which may have been more numerous before the modern era.

    Which relates to Loch Ness. I have heard claims, which seem to me quite plausible, that the monster there was a giant eel. To be more specific, at least two different eels separated by many years. Apparently gigantism is something that occurs, rarely, in female fish after spawning. Usually, the female dies very shortly after, but the rare specimen that doesn’t will grow in size and can live for a long time after.

    As for the other items on your list, many of these seem to arise less from animal behavior rather than a desire to be more than mere apes. A ‘will to meaning’, as Viktor Frankl put it.

    That is itself easily manipulated, though. Maybe more easily than the baser urges in people whose opinions matter.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  248. @Sulu

    I think a fair amount of our women are doing that already.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  249. Richard B says:

    This is one of those comments that makes one wish there were more options.

    Because, clearly Troll or LOL, just isn’t enough.

    But Troll will do for now.

  250. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:

    So, I’m stupid, but you’re a liar. I stilll don’t get your agenda, but it’s not a healthy one, Mr. Unz.

    It’s interesting to be sure. The man can wax poetic with questions surrounding 9/11, The Moon Landing, The Holohoax, and a host of other topics – yet he’s been all-in with Coro-No-Virus.

    Either he’s suffered a recent head injury, or he’s playing his audience – you decide. We’re still waiting to hear which vaxx he received, and when, since he’s such a true believer.

    I mean, he is vaxxed, right?

  251. @Si1ver1ock

    Few years ago, Diana Walsh Pasulka wrote an amazing book:

    “Diana Walsh Pasulka is a Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion. Her research focuses on religion and technology, including supernatural belief and its connections to digital technologies and environments.”

    I haven’t read the book yet but I have found it on PDF and will read it soon. Still, I have heard many interviews she gave and are avalable on youtube. I strongly advice you to take a look at what she says since it is really amazing.

  252. @JasonT

    Anything I have gotten on this topic has been from alternative media – definitely not mainstream. The MSM are only coming out with this as of late – so something must be brewing as far as a fake psy op. Many that are into the alien thing put forth that there are white hats and black hats among the aliens. A demon or devil does not want good for humanity -although they can fake it in order to deceive. Satan and his minions are doing a fine enough job of leading humanity down the hellish path without faking an alien invasion. But they want to up it a notch and put it on fast forward – thus total control and power. I still stand with there can be both (demons and true aliens) – humanity has never crossed this threshold before – They have a long experience with demons, but aliens (either good ones or bad ones) -never.

  253. @skaebne

    The exxcellent James Corbett has done a good job on this subject which is worth listenig to:

  254. Emslander says:
    @Brooklyn Dave

    You win funniest comment of the month of May.

  255. Marckus says:

    Well yes, those hummingbirds are amazing. What is even more amazing is that I do the same thing every year and return to my yard at the end of April. Of course , I use a plane.

    I was unable to do that in 2020/ 2021 because of a douche bag named Fauci.

    Now explain THAT !

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  256. “Everybody really into it is a White guy. So, whether it’s ancient aliens, current aliens, pyramid power, Muh Illuminati, etc., it serves as a way to guide White male energy into something harmless.”

    I have some news for you. many of the commenters here comment elsewhere with the same vigor and energy and usually more. An interest in this topic is not a sign of a lack of zeal about others.

    It is no less invaluable than the constant references to the energy poured into JRR Tokien tales as if real.

  257. Makemyday says:

    Reminds me of all the blips on the radar screens of the ATC simulated airplane attacks, all while creating the 9/11 false flag operation. Yes, it can be done. And don’t forget the image of an aircraft flying through a world trade building and the nose appearing intact out the other side. Did they finally scrub that video off the internet?

  258. @Biff

    It took a few thousand dollars of camera equipment to get this video. These were shot with a 400mm telephoto lens and 2x digital magnification, between 2 Am and dawn, lit by the moon. (When the sun rises the visibility actually declines due to the atmospherics fog etc.).

    What amazes me is how steady the ship is. It hangs in the air solid as a rock while the camera is on a tripod and still shaking.

    The ship is not a “normal” saucer design it looks more like “roadster” for planetary and maybe interplanetary travel.

    If it is real, you just got a look at our visitors. It should answer some questions.

    The Twining Memo:

    SUBJECT: AMC Opinion Concerning “Flying Discs”

    TO: Commanding General

    Army Air Force

    Washington 25, D.C.

    ATTENTION: Brig. General George Schulgen

    . . . . .

    2. It is the opinion that:

    a. The phenomenon is something real and not visionary or fictitious.

    b. There are objects probably approximating the shape of a disc, of such appreciable size as to appear to be as large as man-made aircraft.

    c. There is a possibility that some of the incidents may be caused by natural phenomena, such as meteors.

    d. The reported operating characteristics such as extreme rates of climb, maneuverability (particularly in roll), and motion which must be considered evasive when sighted or contacted by friendly aircraft and radar, lend belief to the possibility that some of the objects are controlled either manually, automatically or remotely.

    e. The apparent common description is as follows:-

    (1) Metallic or light reflecting surface.

    (2) Absence of trail, except in a few instances where the object apparently was operating under high performance conditions.

    (3) Circular or elliptical in shape, flat on bottom and domed on top.

    (4) Several reports of well kept formation flights varying from three to nine objects.

    (5) Normally no associated sound, except in three instances a substantial rumbling roar was noted.

    (6) Level flight speeds normally above 300 knots are estimated.

    . . . . .

    Dr. Roger Leir witnessed and confirmed the video is accurate.

  259. The alien invasion is an integral part of “COVID-19” and the “Great Reset” but I suspect it is more symbolic and insider joke than anything else.

    Aliens = Jews: this is the classic definition of “alien” (i.e., not native; strange outsider).

    The “Great Reset” is the kosher euphemism for “Jewish Messianic Age.”

    More accurately, “Aliens” is a code word for “Jews” and specifically the Jewish Oligarchs who believe they are the descendants of fallen angels (i.e., Lucifer). LOL

    In the Jewish Messianic Age, the (((Aliens))) will return and rule over the evil antisemitic goyim. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but they believe it! 


    The Pentagon building was designed by George Bergstrom (Yale Skull & Bones) and is a sacred geometric shape worshipped by the Cabal. It appears twice, both upright and upside down (“As above, so below.”) on their “Tree of Life.”

    • Replies: @Polemos
  260. @Strike Three

    I’ll c-p what I wrote …

    I take UFO theme seriously because serious- although in this case, someone I detest- people like general Zvonko Jurjević, last commander of Yugoslav People Army Air Force in dissolution and a wanted war criminal who still resides in Belgrade (if he hadn’t croaked recently), more than a few times has testified that during the 1970s, he personally, as the JNA/YPA fighter pilot, had been mocked by a UFO-like object which, after he embarked on a chase of the object, miraculously appeared before & after his plane, instantly changing positions by suddenly “materializing” and “dematerializing” within his field of vision & earth based radars.

    There are numerous attested examples like this one, and not just fictions about alien abductions, nor sightings from mentally unstable individuals.

    There is enough evidence from professional & mentally balanced individuals, that they had been in close visual contact with flying objects whose dynamic capabilities defy anything we can do. And a common feature is frequently connected with something we could call “higher dimensions”, because sudden appearance/disappearance from/to a point implies that a 4-dimensional object- at least, since there could be more dimensions- has somehow “tunneled” form the 4- dimensional space to our 3-dimensional space by manipulating its extra dimension(s) through some technology we could not even think of, as yet.

    Anyway, there is -among numerous others- a watchable video in Serbian (for English subtitles, click on the wheel, right corner bottom & choose the English sub):

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
  261. Ruckus says:

    And those 12 year old kids a hundred miles away from civilization blew away what Hollywood did the next year in their biggest blockbuster production to date in “Planet of The Apes”.

    Didn’t think Unz would be a magnet for closed minds, but these are crazy times indeed.

  262. It would be nice to think that the federal government has the ability to pull of a global disinformation campaign that includes the natives of Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Burma, Egypt, and the inhabitants of the African Continent, to name a few.

    If the Navy Video was the only information in question, i would consider it a real possibility. But given the breadth of the phenomenon, it is a very tough sell, that the US has that kind o power, scope and skill.

    I make no definitive arguments for aliens visiting the planet. But based on what don’t know — against what we do know about large scale government performance — not a very convincing case.

  263. Polemos says:

    A fake alien agenda prompts the Inner Party to rally around the hierarchy and defend it, misleading many people who haven’t bothered to ever be curious into embracing the hoax.

    However, this is all because the galactic consciousness, of which each of you is a part, is intent on reclaiming and renewing those on this planet who are ready for the next stage of unfolding. The control systems have reached the end of the bargain, and it’s time to sacrifice the beings that have grown here to study and dissect their somatic connection to the universe. But the archons who’ve been themselves misled into thinking they could rule based on lies —who’ve created entire subspecies of test subjects to perfect and prove the versatility of their lies, their myths, their narratives to recreate a new order of incarnation and self-ascendancy— do not want to stop, having become as addicted and enslaved as the punished who must undergo the educational journey this planet provides for them. The proof is in their dissolution and dissembling hubris: the path towards reintegration of the lower harmonics and the higher ones not only involves each one recognizing their mutual interbelonging (the superset of all sets is a subset of every set, when all is One), but doing so in a type of playful and real indifference to one’s subjectivity and ego.

    The vastness of the contiguous universe around you is part of the illusion shaping and controlling your experience as a human —if you are that. If you become aware of the techniques and habits needed to perform consciousness expansion, contraction, bilocation, or extravehicular activity (so to speak), you too will come to the Wall just beyond our atmosphere and understand its role for us as well as others, meet interesting people from all walks (and crawls, and floats, and …) , help lost or stranded folks, and learn a whole lot more about how amazing your life really is, why you should not take the quick route to go up and “meet them in the air” when the Second Coming/Culling starts, and what role you choose to play in this, the Great Adventure.

    There isn’t one group of aliens. There isn’t one way to be a universe full of them. Some of the most interesting people you meet will be earlier instances of You, or recently relocated geometric forms from the next metafictional polyverse over. They can tell you all about how the Black Cube slowly took over their 3D simulator ensemble, too. You could learn how to fight it, fear it, worship it, defend it, love it —it’s always your choice, yet always already decided.

    But not much longer. Live consistently with your innermost voice, the divine within You, and you have nothing to fear but being eternally remembered for what you have done by your choices and by inaction.

    • Thanks: Ever Becoming, Bugey libre
  264. @RichardTaylor

    RichardTaylor says:A lot of this gets traction because it wastes the time of White men on nonsense.

    Grown white men acting like toddlers, and also spending billions on it: spending their treasure on big fuzzy animals costumes and saying it is sexual.
    It’s a messianic savior cult that strokes egos across the gender spectrum of stupid college educated whites, with the blue collar serving only to be abducted and probed.

    As comports with the age old narrative of the two blindfolded and excellent minds who describe the unseen elephant in parts, by feel. So what of the real question: If whites then are so stupidly impotent why are they, among all races, the target at hand ?

    I mean, this begs the fundamental question posed in combat shooting.

  265. fnn says:

    Trivial matters of little consequence aside, virtually everything you get from MSM is a lie.

  266. When you say In the Jewish Messianic Age, the (((Aliens))) will return and rule over the evil antisemitic goyim. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but they believe it! , by this do you hold a belief in an alternate yet related outcome, or scoff generally in a secular sense?

    For example, some believe the so called jews can see what they’re being promised, yet it’s a temporal lie and the coin of their realm, and the only coin they will ever see. Opposed by those who cannot see or buy into the lie, yet remain empirically bombarded by the tangible effects of this unearthly lie disguised as mere jew. Disarmed for want of their own unearthly armory, many of those good minds haunt the Unzland, attempting to compartmentalize and overcome the jew by means of attritional earthly logic, ergo Hey buddy, can you spare a gas chamber . .

    (Thanks for the Metonic cycle data,

  267. All things being equal, I would vote for Rand to be POTUS, whether it matters or not.

    • Agree: Emslander
  268. RodW says:
    @M B-C

    Thanks for the overview. Can you recommend a particular book of Vallee’s? Or link to anything available that’s free?

  269. @Anonymous

    Ali was not a ‘celebrity’. He was neither an ‘icon’. He was an authentic hero, in many ways.

    • Replies: @Anon
  270. @Tucker

    The Demo-crazies ‘radical Communists’???!!! There’s no loon half so loony as a Yankee loon.

    • Agree: dfordoom
  271. @Rahan

    Perhaps this is nothing more than gigantic bacterium released from melting glaciers? Or Brownian movement. Even if it is real, ha, we should not automatically assume it is evidence of greater intelligence.

    But the implication is: Super intelligence. Either alien or domestic. And that is what makes this “mainstream media” event so earth shaking. IF this is true it eclipses everything before it in modern history, if not all of human history. Or am I wrong?

    So why then has it been packaged on 60 Minutes in between advertisements? That alone tells you what is more important to the producers.

    And what are the odds that the first female pilot to witness as alien craft looks exactly like (Sigourney Weaver) of Alien fame? Ripley herself would not lie to us, would she?

    p.s. Where in all of the genetic sciences and molecular biology does someone explain the source of Schopenhauer’s “will”, i.e. the drive to life?

    Sorry folks, it is Rare Earth. Better get used to it and take care of what you got.

  272. @Ultrafart the Brave

    “ To the contrary, forum participants (and even the author of the parent article) seem to be using Einstein’s theology – in particular, the tenet that lightspeed is the universal “speed limit” – to dismiss the possibility of interstellar visitors.”

    One mathematics genius friend of mine who introduced me to the theory of relativity during my teen years claimed, according to the theory, that people travelling at the speed of light do not age. This same contention appeared during the late seventies on one of Steven Spielberg movies which name I cannot remember. By virtue of this theory, intergalactic travellers at the speed of light can afford many decades of travel as long as their crafts can withstand the wear and tear. Needless to say that belief fits perfectly with Tesla’s statement.

    And speaking of Tesla the true unequal genius, what I have read was that the building where his laboratory was located did burn after he had a meeting with a group of would be investors to whom he unveiled his plan to extract energy from the abundant electricity in the stratosphere. David Icke claims that the FBI did enter his lab and confiscated all his files with Tesla barely managing to flee for his life after which he stopped all his research and led a life on the margin living in a hotel room and gambling until his last days. I wonder had he started his career in imperial Germany would he have faired better than doing it in the United States?

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  273. There may be a connection between aliens and covid, albeit an indirect one.

    You see, some believe (e.g. William Bramley in his book “Gods of Eden”) that some of the great pandemics of the past, especially the black death and the Spanish flu, had not entirely natural reasons.
    The reasons for such belief was their extremely fast spread, high mortality, and above else, sudden and complete disappearance without natural reasons like a new cure, or unnatural reasons like a vaccine.

    Similarly, since the modern age, human sexual life seems to be especially plagued by new diseases, examples being syphilis starting in the 15th century, and HIV in the 2oth century. It is almost like someone wanted to force sexual morality upon humans with the help of such diseases. The obsession of the establishment with curing HIV could add credibility to such an idea, the said establishment being apparently unable to accept that there is no way back to the era of omnipresent erotic graffiti of Pompeii indicating sincere, guilt-free eroticism.
    Well, among many diseases only AIDS victims are getting new monuments in Western cities. One could think they were same high priests punished by dark forces for engaging in their holy rituals of “free love”.

    So covid would be like showing to (un)godly aliens… Humans can too [produce new diseases]! Humans like gods, finally!

    Yet a more radical idea would be that covid has something to do with with attacking invading aliens with the help of viruses, as designed by H G Wells in his “War of the Worlds”…. Humans taking vaccines would become living weapons against their new alien overlords, thus denying them the fruits of their victory through aerial superiority of their UFOs. The classical conundrum of “won the war but unable to keep the terrain”.

  274. Vojkan says:

    […] it is likely that part of how they get non-Jews to work for this globalist agenda so diligently is by telling them aliens are behind everything.

    A suzerain ponerocracy – not necessarily exclusively Jewish – exercising power over the masses through vassal idiocracies, really?

    Remember that in 2016, Jean-Claude Juncker, then the head of the EU, claimed to be in contact with aliens.

    In the case of Juncker, I’d suggest that perhaps alcohol have some influence over his beliefs.

  275. Polemos says:

    Where do you see the pentagons?

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  276. You know what would be hilarious? The aliens turn out to be real but the are totally based and come here to warn us about the “joos”.

    • LOL: GMC
  277. @Observator

    Your assessment of 20th Century physics is dumb. Wormholes are one of many applications of relativistic end-runs around actually traveling from point A to point B across vast distances. Yours is a swamp gas debunking. Yawn.

  278. @Joe Levantine

    Relativity is proven at Fermilab and CERN every day. You spell well for someone born with Down’s Syndrome.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Joe Levantine
  279. Vojkan says:
    @Eric Novak

    No, it isn’t. Clocks ticking at a different pace don’t mean time flowing at different speeds. The Universe as a whole has the same age in every point even if the matter contained seemingly hasn’t. Poincaré is proven right. Einstein isn’t.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @Eric Novak
  280. Alfred says:

    Even Karlov has sheathed his Covid sword and may be partnering with Ling Ring A Ting to write travel stories about 5 Star hotels on Pluto.

    That is really funny. 🤣

    Last year, he banned me for commenting on his articles when I exposed the nonsense he was predicting. It seems that the only way to attract lots of readers is to make scary predictions.

  281. gnbRC says:

    The ‘Alien Agenda’ was always a deception – probably with multiple convergent purposes – for example, to induce fear, or to create an atmosphere that inhibits investigating possible technologies.

    Let’s say Einstein’s theories of relativity are correct (I know, not really Einstein’s, but rather extensions of the Lorentz transformations). They tell us nothing but superficial information about how a something behaves in ‘space’. They don’t actually say anything about why objects actually exist in space, and what might be the mechanisms whereby the objects were created. And we should all keep in mind that the original theory of ‘space’ was that it is not ’empty’, but rather filled with an aether (a structure of super-fine particles, for lack of better terminology) which define how matter is created, destroyed, converted, flows, etc. in accordance with certain ‘laws’.

    Then came along the theory of the electric universe, which essentially says that heavenly bodies like the sun are gigantic electric charges which create aether ‘spin’ resulting in the condensation of matter. According to this theory, the ‘observations’ that the sun is a fusion reactor for hydrogen is completely superfluous – because the energy behind the sun is actually condensing into hydrogen, then on to heavier element. Extension of this theory, leads to the idea that the Earth, other planets, and all heavenly bodies/debris are also condensations of the energy of the universe, with the center of the each body not being a molten core of heavy elements, but rather a vortex driven condensation of the aether into matter, executed in a structured way. So these ‘material’ bodies are constantly growing an expanding, unless acted upon by external means of aether flows to and external condensations to interrupt the process.

    But as anyone who has studied electric and magnetic fields understands – we don’t really know what these are! The most that can be said is they distort or act upon the ‘space’ around the object, meaning there is something to distort or act upon by the fields.

    Following on in independent human experiential observations of the ‘universe’, we have shamanic groups that determined there are two forces at work – an expansive force and a fine-grained flowing force. The shamanic practitioners observed that certain human practices, such as concentrating on energy flows of the body rather than the material aspect, result in an awareness of the universe in a reverse way – that is, concentrating on the matter of the human body will result in the body remaining matter; then concentrating on the energy flows will result in the matter disappearing; then concentrating on consciousness itself causes energy to ‘disappear’ and the the ‘reality’ of space becomes manifest. [Bliss, all-seeing, all-understanding, walking on water, miracles, etc. – you get the idea]. So there is a way to reverse the path of energy condensation into matter.

    And so, to cut to the chase, by intervening in the ‘spin’ between the expansive and fine-grained forces of the universe (some would say magnetic and electric) at very high levels, will cause a localized suspension of the laws of the universe, allowing such things as right-angle turns, and extremely high velocities. It is my belief that these technologies were developed in the 1930’s and 40’s, with further development after WWII (see Schauberger’s works and Kecksburg UFO recovery). It’s not like various monied factions, including the US MIC, don’t understand the technology at this point in time – it just takes huge amounts of energy to recreate in a localized setting (which is what we are seeing in ‘real’ UFO cases) – and the creation of this amount of energy is beyond the capacity of normal people to create.

    However, we eventually get to the point of human beings, which having both forces flowing through or existing within their ‘bodies’, don’t require this huge amount of power to affect the universe around them – it’s inherently built into the nature of every human being. This is what TPTB don’t want humanity to understand, because then there is an ultimate goal in human life that is inconsistent with mere materialistic desires and man-made religions that offer no tangible benefit.

    In a nutshell, UFO narratives have always been about deception – deception regarding technology and deception about human potential. Both dangerous to various ‘masters of the [material] universe’, i.e. TPTB.

  282. @Vojkan

    Clocks ticking at different speeds? This isn’t relativity, retard. Stop posting about what you know nothing about. 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  283. Alden says:

    Kristie Alley is a high ranking Scientologist. High ranking means stupid enough to donate a lot of money to the cause.

    Nuff said.

  284. Alden says:

    That’s true. I remember stories that the first 2 things Clinton asked after his Inauguration Day were truth about Kennedy assassination and UFOs.

  285. Vojkan says:
    @Eric Novak

    Yes it is, moron. I will reformulate, hoping that even a dimwit like you will be able to understand: measurement either through observation or calculation is not reality. Every measurement is material. Time and space are immaterial. When we measure time and space, we measure a perception of reality, not reality itself. The flow of time is uniform across the Universe. The assertion that different areas of the Universe can have different ages is absurd. Matter is variable, time and space are invariants. As per Poincaré, contrary to Einstein’s pilpul.

  286. @Vojkan

    Relativity is proven every day in particle accelerators, monkey brain. If you don’t have mathematical chops, you should not be sticking your big nose into business that you know nothing about. You don’t even know what relativity is.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  287. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Ali was not a ‘celebrity’. He was neither an ‘icon’. He was an authentic hero, in many ways.

    You’ll need to define ‘hero’ to support that claim, and I’m open to that. In the strictest sense from my point of view, Ali was a sports figure – sport figures are by definition entertainers, and successful entertainers are by definition celebrities.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  288. Vojkan says:
    @Eric Novak

    No, experimentation on particles doesn’t prove that time is a variant but I’ll leave you to your idiotic beliefs.

  289. @Ron Unz

    ‘…But the claims I’ve seen floating around on the Internet are that the average deceased had a remaining life-expectancy of something like 8-10 years, not an entirely trivial figure…’

    I suspect that’s based on just basic demographics. Yes, a seventy three year old male just died of the virus, and statistically, a seventy three year old male had a life expectancy of ten years.

    …but this may ignore the fact that that particular seventy three year old was already in very, very poor health. If he’d been an average seventy three year old, he wouldn’t have died.

    It’s like the inverse of those inflated claims about the health benefits of running five miles every morning. Sure, if you run five miles every morning, statistically you’re going to live ten years longer. You have to be in pretty good health to run five miles every morning. We’ve just eliminated everyone from our sample with acute health problems — so yeah, life expectancy goes up.

    However, the significance of that is another matter.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  290. @Vojkan

    Time and space are immaterial. When we measure time and space, we measure a perception of reality, not reality itself.

    You could be onto something here.

    IMO time and space are illusions, a veneer masking a deeper reality. A fleeting dream on the path to eternity.

    The occasional mystic, and most especially Anne Catherine Emerich, casting their gaze forward and backwards through time, sometimes by years, sometimes through millennia, to observe events already past and those still to come, paints all material reality as a single interwoven tapestry to be explored at will by those gifted with such faculties.

    For those with a more basic approach to exploring the parameters of our material existence, I much prefer the tangible results from the likes of Nik0la Tesla, Dr. Henry Moray, Dr. John Adams and John Bedini than the dead-end dogma adopted from the theoretical forays of mathematical prodigies like Albert Einstein.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
    , @Vojkan
  291. I was rather shocked seeing two UAPs flying over, too fast for camera and I was somewhat gob smacked. Whatever they are, wherever they’re from, they are real and probably anti-gravity vehicles.

  292. Ron Unz says:
    @Colin Wright

    I suspect that’s based on just basic demographics. Yes, a seventy three year old male just died of the virus, and statistically, a seventy three year old male had a life expectancy of ten years.

    …but this may ignore the fact that that particular seventy three year old was already in very, very poor health. If he’d been an average seventy three year old, he wouldn’t have died.

    Sure. That’s exactly why I cited the claim in such extremely weak fashion. But even taking all those factors into account, I really doubt that the average victim loses just a year or two as that other fellow was saying.

  293. WarPigg says:

    I think that was the Great Gazoo.
    Mr. Magoo was the Jim Backus voiced, near-sighted cartoon guy

  294. @Joe Levantine

    And speaking of Tesla the true unequal genius, what I have read was that the building where his laboratory was located did burn after he had a meeting with a group of would be investors to whom he unveiled his plan to extract energy…

    Pretty much the same thing is alleged to have happened to Dr. Henry T. Moray – his laboratory trashed, his notes destroyed, all his work stolen by shady government types. And they tried to kill him.

    Right when he was on the verge of providing cheap portable zero-point energy generators (independently verified by multiple interested parties to be the real thing) to the world.

    And John Bedini (may he rest in peace) got beat up multiple times by power company stooges who didn’t like the publicity his Bedini Motor was getting.

    And Dr. John Adams’ patents for the Adams Motor were all taken and classified “Top Secret” by the New Zealand government as a matter of “national security”.

    Go figure.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  295. Easy Pete says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    I would not pay attention to Greer after that disastrous conference. Kean has abandoned him. In fact, I would not consider credible anyone who asserts that there has been communication (other than interaction during flight), crashes of vessels, autopsies, or possession of ET technology incorporated into man made vessels.

  296. dfordoom says: • Website

    Everybody really into it is a White guy. So, whether it’s ancient aliens, current aliens, pyramid power, Muh Illuminati, etc., it serves as a way to guide White male energy into something harmless.

    Pretty much all the craziness in the world today is white people craziness. Things like climate change. It’s white people stuff. Veganism – more crazy white people stuff.

    Some of this white people craziness has infected non-whites (stuff like the trans nonsense) but it all started with white people. Feminism is white people craziness.

    White people craziness started with the Romantic Movement. White western civilisation has been crazy ever since.

    • Replies: @GMC
  297. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Your valuable statement IMHO concurs with David Icke’s theory that we live in the Infinite Now and that the relationship of time and space are nothing more than a subjective fabrication of our minds in our quest to understand nature.

  298. @Eric Novak

    Try taking an aspirin along with some anti depressant before posting on the respectable and that could help us engage with you with some degree of civility.

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
  299. Vojkan says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla.

  300. @Polemos

    I stand corrected. A self-intersecting regular pentagon (or star pentagon) is called a pentagram.

    • Thanks: Polemos
  301. @Ron Unz

    Bonjour Monsieur Unz,


    I guess you can translate with some kind of app, starts at 13’50 when he’s asked if he thinks the Chinese have lied.

    Take care

  302. @Joe Levantine

    Try posting non-bullshit. Stop with the bath salts and nitrous oxide too. It’s not going to get you any higher.

  303. Yoda says:


    I will start by thanking the author for his great article and the many good commentators. This is a topic which I am well acquainted with and which is in fact a few years old. The narrative building saw serious crescendos over the past few years.

    In May of 2019, I had lunch with Nassim Haramein in Geneva. Nassim is very close to Steven Greer and a close associate of his phony disclosure project. First of all, I know quite a number of people who know Nassim and who feel uneasy with him. I felt uneasy during my conversation with him as he came across as a BS artist. At some point, I asked him whether it was true that the disclosure project was financed by Laurence Rockefeller, something that is lingering around the internet and often perceived as a “conspiracy theory”. I barely had time to finish my question that he was already replying “Yes, of course. Laurence takes care of the funding and David is in charge of the politics, we meet every year on an island with the Rockefeller Foundation representatives”. If I remember correctly, said island is off the coast of Canada. So here you go, for those who understand where I am going with this, from the horse’s mouth.

  304. Anglin is a jew who passes himself as white.

  305. Anastasia says:

    I can’t believe they are starting in on this UFO baloney, and stupid Carlson is leading the pack.

    • Agree: Ever Becoming
  306. M5959 says:

    I believe level headed Naval aviators over this ridiculous diatribe contained in this article.

    • Agree: Robin Hood
  307. Anastasia says:
    @Ron Unz

    The symptoms vary, and the testing is unreliable.. And since symptoms and/or testing are the only two ways to detect disease, you cannot say anyone has this virus because the symptoms vary widely and the PCR test is wholly unreliable for detecting viruses.

    Further, even the science used to detect the new strain of virus is faulty.

    Here is the Nobel Prise winner, Kary Mullis, who invented the PCR test. If you don’t believe me, let him tell you.

    • Replies: @GMC
  308. @Eric Novak

    Is ad hominem all you’ve got?

  309. UFOs are two things.
    1. One thing is pilots traveling at a high rate of speed in changing light conditions seeing things that can’t be pinned down because of rapidly changing light and speed inputs. Nothing that can be reliably quantified is ever observed or collected or photographed. Ever.
    2. The second thing is people having spiritual hallucinations after having plugged themselves into the new secular religion of science; science being the new redeemer. Saucer People are the new Olympian Gods who will save us from ourselves (along with, incongruently, Negros). These hallucinators would have seen saints and flaming chariots in the sky in earlier times. Nothing that can be reliably quantified is ever observed or collected or photographed. Ever.
    The current UFO sightings by our “government” are just to set up the preconditions for another manufactured crisis like COVID so that the “government” will have a problem to solve by imposing ever more draconian forms of Leftist tyranny by the (((deep state))).
    One reason the new “government” UFO hysteria will be effective is because belief in UFOs and morally-superior Saucer People fits right in with the anti-Christian, satanic narrative that has been shoved down our throats for the past 75 years. The (((deep state))) is pandering to its natural constituency with this new UFO garbage.

  310. TheMoon says:
    @gutta percha

    The advent of cell phones with good quality cameras are what made me give up on UFOs even agnostically. There would just be more pictures. There’s YouTube channels burgeoning with weird phenomena and rare events of every type caught by cell phones, but UFOs are almost nowhere to be seen.

    Every space launch or debris re-entry will have 50 videos from every angle you’d want.

    • Replies: @some_loon
    , @Polemos
  311. some_loon says:

    The advent of cell phones with good quality cameras are what made me give up on UFOs even agnostically. There would just be more pictures. There’s YouTube channels burgeoning with weird phenomena and rare events of every type caught by cell phones, but UFOs are almost nowhere to be seen.

    I’m not a believer, particularly, in flying saucers, but if we imagine that the little green men are real, aren’t stupid, and have decent enough intel on what’s happening dirtside, then maybe they ease off a bit on their visits.

    No cameras? No problem!

    Cameras rare, but other things happening of interest (hot air baloons, early powered flight, radio, TV, electric light, nukes, space flight), then the missions from Mars become a high-risk, high-reward sort of thing, if getting current intel on a budding technological civilization is important to them.

    Once the cellphone camera is universal, the risk of a blown mission would be great, maybe too great, so more passive data collection would be called for. It might be that we send out enough about ourselves that analysis becomes more important than any new data they could gain from visiting.

    But this is, I admit, wildly speculative.

    Equally speculative is the idea that the little green men, if real, might have a clearer idea of our own future technological capabilities than we do.

  312. @Marckus

    You are old and angry and desperately need God in your life. Pretty simple.

    • LOL: Sean
  313. Here’s a curious paradox.
    Aug 04, 2015 · Lightning travels at around 220,000 miles per hour when traveling downwards from a cloud, and then reaches a speed of 220,000,000 miles per hour when moving skyward on its return stroke.

  314. All those 50’s scifi movies made by the kikes were the groundwork. Kissinger spilled the beans in the 70’s. They always tell us what they’re doing, and we ignore ’em. Not to worry, we goyim will bend over and receive the invading fake aliens like the sacrament.

  315. Report from Iron Mountain.

  316. @Ron Unz

    Half a million is a large number. What is it 15-18% increase? Now how many were caused by mistreatment is a question to study.

  317. anon[363] • Disclaimer says:

    You forgot to mention Cromwell.

  318. anon[363] • Disclaimer says:

    College lecturer says, “In 5 Billion years, the Sun will expand into a nova and utterly consume the Earth.”

    Guy in the back of the room says, “How long?!! How long?!!”

    Lecturer says, “I believe I said 5 Billion years.”

    Guy says, “Wow!! What a relief! I thought you said 5 Million years,”

  319. @Bugey libre

    Of course the USA created SARS CoV2. Whether it deliberately attacked China with it at Wuhan, or it was just first detected there after it leaked from AMRIID after the July 2019 ‘incident’, or otherwise, is the only question.
    If one reads the Whitney Webb piece here, or others of her excellent work, you’d have no doubts. But not a single word of those facts EVER appears in the Western fakestream media. This must be an above top level requirement for all presstitutes, although their editors would no doubt intervene if they erred. If you relied on the Western media lie-machine you would assume that the USA has NO bio-warfare labs and has never researched coronaviruses, or their militarisation as weapons, and that the WIV is the only place on Earth where such research occurs.
    Meanwhile the mounting genocidal hate-campaign hysteria mounts, as we all knew it would. The USA wants war, and not just the surrender of China, but its destruction, so that it will never threaten the Divine Doominance of the White Overlords. Genocide is clearly in the minds of the FoxNews daemons, and, as Mearsheimer said in a candid moment during a debate, US policy MUST be to destroy the Chinese economy, no matter how many Chinese are flung back into poverty (ie are dead). I expect that once enough variants are created by vaccine leakage and other mechanisms, that a ‘killer app’ designed to target Chinese specifically, will be released in China.

    • Agree: acementhead
  320. @Anon

    Bravery, fortitude and principle in the face of US fascism and racism. A double plus good HERO.

    • Replies: @Poco
  321. @Eric Novak

    Stop with the bath salts and nitrous oxide too.

    Dude, I had no idea!

    My expertise maxxed out with sniffing glue. Who would have thought?

    What other tips can you give us?

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
  322. @Ultrafart the Brave

    You want the kick in the balls then, or the foot in the ass? U pick, troll.

  323. Booga, booga, I’m scared $hitless.

  324. GMC says:

    Ya I just love Rap music, and wearin my pants 1/2 down my ass, and walkin around downtown and playin that knock out game on some old lady. I also like how the white people gave me their job because the Government said so – lol Get real Dude, the entire country has been geo=engineered, back engineered, and programmed with constant propaganda, false flags and lies. Here’s your sign ! As Foxworthy used to sing.

  325. GMC says:

    Agree , Kari would like to be here, but died in August 2019 from Pneumonia . August or summertime must be a real bad time for Pneumonia deaths. Too much of a coincidence for me tho.

  326. keith_kar says:

    Sounds like you’re saying we evolved from an amoeba, and magically turned into some sort of conscience being? I don’t espouse that we’re here by accident, that there was some random explosion, and earth just happened to wind up in a Pollyanna type situation.

    Talk about science fiction, but to each his own.

  327. “Wormholes and so on are just abject nonsense. This means that it would take a ridiculously long time for aliens to reach earth. They would have to freeze themselves, or send robots”

    A) You have no idea whether or not wormholes are “nonsense”.

    B) We call them “probes, not “robots”. So why is that so farfetched?

    I agree with you that the Deep Staters are setting up some sort of alien agenda.

    But that does not mean that UFO’s and ET’s are not real.

    You got lost in your own frightened pseudo-skeptic sauce in this article, Andrew.

  328. NJgal says:

    I think you’re right on target. I tried to share this on Fakebook messenger and they blocked it. Why, unless they already know the plan?

  329. @Mr. Grey

    “Military People” were manning the radar and sonar on the USS MADDOX and the USS C. TURNER JOY in the Gulf of Tonkin one dark and stormy night. They swore the two Destroyers were attacked by NVN PT boats. The victims of that deceit have their names carved on a black granite wall located in Mordor-On-The-Potomac. Just sayin’.

  330. Many of the false ‘alien abductions’ probably came from the CIA’s project MK ULTRA. People were abducted and then subjected to horrible things to study the effects on them. They were programmed to believe it was an alien abduction and then released or just murdered.

  331. dimples says:

    Pentagon says radar images of UFO ‘swarm’ authentic. The Grand Hoax continues! What will Mick West UFO investigator extraordinaire have to say about this? Stay tuned!

  332. @Jake

    “Adddams —–Amtrak Joe will now likely say something to the effect that covid-19 came from outer space and arrived in a UFO but still —how could the UFO been in Barcelona prior to Wuhan and if that is so —what about those photos my nephew took with hos frisbee and 1,200 investigators arrived–interviewed and took it line and sinker—-” and Jack Fish knows his stuff. Person doesn’t use Red Devils to catch Suckers.

  333. @Trinity

    Tucker Carlson just might have UFO s buzzing in his upper balconies. Damned surprised and angry why Max Headroom has not come out with an official statement……

    • Replies: @Biff
  334. Belchazar says:

    I think these things actually are real unfortunately. And the Pentagon and all that know. They have an off again on again relationship/ struggle with them. But they are spiritual and dark entities and not the sort of thing you really want to have to fess up about, both because they suck and also because they have the upper hand, if they wanted, and they dont want to have to admit that.

    • Agree: Polemos
  335. Belchazar says:

    You cant distrust all of the accounts you can explain away some. But some are so blatant and there is no reason for the individual to lie. My family is a typical Christian protestant family and they all saw one, and they had to admit, it was way outside the scope of what we know to exist.

    • Replies: @Kapyong
  336. anonym25 says:
    @Bugey libre

    It is good to see a man of science such Didier Raoult not to jump too quickly on adopting american allegations as true and use his critical thinking to question the wisdom of trusting the USA given their countless lies that they have spread as a form of propaganda.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  337. Belchazar says:

    There is no reason to believe that the ships that are seen are “intelligent life from another planet”, so much as intelligent spiritual beings that use these things to fly around in corporeal form. They are possibly coming from underground. One thing is for sure, them + the deep state = bad news. You can bed that they’ll both conspire in some stupid way.

  338. @Rosie

    Very Good! You got your moral superiority fix of dopamine for today. I forget, does the progressive religion require you to virtue-signal five times a day like Muslims, or is once enough? Regardless, now you can go swarm back to the leftist hivemind and rest up for tomorrow.

    Just Never Forget: Reality is always laughing at your precious feelings of fake morality…. Cheers !

  339. @BorisMay

    This lie is now considered historical truth…

    No, the validity of any merely “historical” truth rests on the evidence supporting it, not coercion. The Holocaust has become sacred truth, shielded by the most powerful blasphemy sanctions available to date in the West. These penalties have and will become more severe over time, as will the general acceptance of the severity of sanctions for this sort of blasphemy, despite the lip service paid to free speech. The use of coercion to defend any truth calls such truths into question every bit as much as evidence arrayed in challenge of them. This is why religious truths devolve into the most ferocious wars. Each side views the other side’s view of the evidence as an existential threat that must be exterminated by eliminating anyone holding the opposing view. It’s no longer a matter of sorting through evidence and reaching conclusions that remains merely probable and always subject to revision in light of new evidence.

  340. @Blade

    This is the plot of the original run of The X-Files

    • Replies: @Blade
  341. Ray P says:

    Provided it is all done in the best possible Bad Taste. I call dibs on the chainsaw.

  342. Post says:

    People who clearly have never studied relativity are trying to claim that relativity precludes intergalactic travel, or at least requires that it would take a ridiculously long time to perform. This isn’t true (although it’s half true). There’s a little thing called length contraction. Someone from another galaxy could arrive at ours in mere seconds (or less) even though they were traveling slightly less than the speed of light. This would be in the traveler’s frame of reference of course.

    And, of course, it is entirely possible that there is more to the universe than what we understand from 100+ year old theories like relativity, and that alternate forms of space travel of which we cannot currently conceive are possible.

  343. Dumbo says:

    There are probably no extra-terrestrial beings anywhere.
    Interstellar travel might be impossible or pointless.
    Time doesn’t exist, except as a measure of movement (a dimension of space, one might say).
    The Pentagon is probably a Masonic enterprise down to its architecture.

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  344. dimples says:

    I’ve been catching up with the latest fascinating news and have solidified on the Pentagon monetizing the UFO phenomenon while at the same time persuing limited public disclosure theory. The ‘threat’ theory is to be expected from the MIC whose job it is after all defense and seems to have been used to drive the disclosure. Those who think it’s a hoax are brain dead, but I suppose it’s a natural resort for those who have always disbelieved but know nothing about the subject. Unz Review seems to be the bottom of the barrel for this type. It’s clear that the current events are the harbingers of the supernatural apocalypse, but don’t expect too much at once. The coming intelligence report in June will be interesting.

  345. Kapyong says:

    We see three type of posters here :

    1) those who have personally seen a UAP and know for sure and certain they DO exist,

    2) those who have not seen one and claim for sure and certain they do NOT exist,

    3) a tiny number who have not seen one, but allow they MAY exist.

    It’s like the black swan – no-one in Europe believed they existed until a live family of black swans was brought back.

    UAP deniers will not change their tune until everyone has seen and believed.

    Many UAP deniers will continue to confuse the terms UAP / UFO with ‘alien spaceship’, handicapping the discussion.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  346. Blade says:
    @Barack Obama's secret Unz account

    Haven’t watched it. Read after seeing your response. Indeed it sounds somewhat similar. Either a coincidence or some people have a really bad sense of humor. I already mentioned that the earth had been a destination for an alien race for quite a while now. Since late 19th century actually. Adolf Hitler was one of them, so were Mao and Stalin (not Mussolini, Mussolini was just a regular Italian). Also two American presidents since WW2.

  347. @Kapyong

    We see three type of posters here :

    1) those who have personally seen a UAP and know for sure and certain they DO exist,

    2) those who have not seen one and claim for sure and certain they do NOT exist,

    3) a tiny number who have not seen one, but allow they MAY exist.

    Nice to see an occasional bit of structured logic in an otherwise generally haphazard forum.

    It’s like the black swan – no-one in Europe believed they existed until a live family of black swans was brought back.

    “No one” might be an overstatement. Conversely, no one questions the plausibility of a black duck – and that’s not an exaggeration – go figure.

    UAP deniers will not change their tune until everyone has seen and believed.

    The term “denier” is a semantically biased term – it presupposes the truth of that which is “denied”, and so inevitably identifies its user as a “true believer”.

    A better, less coloured label might be “skeptic”.

    • Agree: Vojkan
  348. Biff says:

    Tucker Carlson just might have UFO s buzzing in his upper balconies. Damned surprised and angry why Max Headroom has not come out with an official statement……

    What does my brand of underwear have to do with it?

  349. Belchazar says:

    They’ve been mucking about with grey aliens, zapping one another for years, everyone should know that by now. I just cant wait to see what nonsense comes from it all, it’s going to be entertaining.

  350. Maybe I missed it because I was skimming, but it seemed a critical point about Tucker is that he is essentially American minor aristocracy and heir to fortune. When you combine that and his related perpetual attempt to keep the ship off fools on even keel, it starts to strike me that all the UFO stuff is really about what the Jews and their ruling class puppets have always done, offered distraction.

    You’re not paying attention to the audits that show likely systematic abuse and rigging of elections over many years now when you’re investigating UFO nonsense. You’re not noticing the ongoing white genocide when you’re paying attention to UFOs. Etc.

    People only have a limited attention span, and if you throw them bones about irrelevant UFOs all the peasants will be impossible to organize against the aristocrats because they’re all over the place. Sports and TV are clearly losing their power, even if only temporarily, to control and distract and absorb all the energies and focus … so roll out the UFO distractions. Look over here, peasants, these shiny objects is what you should be focused on, not our abuses and failures.

    It even got Andrew Anglin, who should have simply said forget about UFOs, they’re just trying to distract us from what matters. They’re treating us like we’re children, and it’s succeeding, again.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  351. @Maowasayali

    Which was just a variation on what Jews actually believe:

    The goyim are just dumb stupid animals to be used.

    They even got Christians to literally worship the Jews who hate Christ and Christians, literal anti-Christ, over Christ and their own. It’s a level of psychopathic manipulation and abuse that most people are simply not equipped to deal with, let alone resist.

  352. Emslander says:
    @Frank frank

    Look over here, peasants, these shiny objects is what you should be focused on, not our abuses and failures.

    Exactly. It’s the same with the “origins” of the novel flu strain. As in 1984, we’re now all of a sudden at war with whatever empire that was our ally last week. Keep our heads spinning.

  353. I don’t believe in space aliens. I also don’t believe that former Navy airmen are liars. They saw things that they couldn’t explain. Let’s find out what the best case answers are from the government report. If it makes some sense I’ll listen. If it doesn’t the diversion explanation will likely become more certain.

  354. @Joe Paluka

    Joe, the gentleman’s name was Stanton Friedman (now deceased). Of all the UFO “commentators,” Mr. Friedman was my favorite…

  355. @Jake

    …the second I started seeing these stories hit the internet and MSM I knew that it was more Bread & Circus time. The $1400 checks are the bread…and this alien invasion story is the newest circus in town to distract from the Event 201, Agenda 21, 30 and 50 goals and activities.

  356. Hollywood might be about to release or make one or more sci-fi movies, so they are getting the public all worked up so that they may pay to watch them. But there are no clear photographs and the wonderfully obvious giveaway is that these UFO’s only show up in the USA!

    • Disagree: Bugey libre
  357. anon[385] • Disclaimer says:

    And there will be a Bill Gates there convincing dummies it’s real and the only hope is biowarfare that requires everyone on earth to take a vaccine before they unleash it. The vaccine is dynamic so requires an embedded chip to administer updates. That’ll get you hold-outs in line for the chip!

  358. @anonym25

    Sure it’s good. Yesterday an old bitch Mona Ozouf (who used to be a social science gatekeeper said on a mainsteam tv that he was a “criminal” and an “atrocious” man… Mr Cohen who was on the show was very happy with that… But I tell you, in Marseille, the people are with him and a big cultural gap is being built between the Paris bourgeoisie and the Marseille crowd… We’re living a time of utter madness. Take care

    PS: Raoult, as a real man, is suing all these clowns with his great lawyer, the great Maitre Di Vizio and he’s gonna win a lot of trial

  359. anonym25 says:
    @Bugey libre

    He exposed the lies coming the Americans about anthrax and its weaponized sources and he also admits he hasn’t heard any criminal behavior from the Chinese. I’m convinced that the virus was brought back by the soldiers from the Wuhan military games in late october 2019. Elodie Clouvel sounded the alarm in may 2020 about contracting the virus. Furthermore, the French virus outbreak started near in Lorraine, at the Creil military base. Obviously, the French army or “la grande muette”, denied that it was unlikely that the military personnel is not responsible for the outbreak. They blamed the contagion on French expats coming back from Wuhan back in march 2020. I fear that the French military was also on the receiving end
    Here is another article linking Creil military base and Wuhan:

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @Che Guava
  360. Polemos says:

    When was the last time you searched ‘UFO’ or ‘UAV’ on YouTube?

    “Almost nowhere to be seen” is hyperbolic. There’s decent aggregators, such as, but there’s also disinformers, such as secureteam10.

    • Replies: @dimples
  361. @Bugey libre

    The ruling elites are panicking as resistance to their plot, whatever the Hell it is, continues to grow. They either murder, Colombia-style, to suppress the Resistance, or they order their presstitute vermin to increase the propaganda deluge, and quite a few of these arthropods are going overboard with the abuse of whistle-blowers, truth-tellers and the Great Unwashed. Perhaps they can detect the faint whiff of distant bonfires and the clatter of pitch-forks.

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
  362. Sparkon says:

    I just did a quick review of A. Anglin’s current article and two other recent articles at Unz Review about UFOs from A. Karlin and S. Sailer.

    In those three articles, and currently almost 850 comments total under them, there is not even one mention of WWII foo fighters.

    As the linked Wikipedia article on foo fighters notes, the most recent [possible] foo fighter sighting occurred on Jan. 26 2021 over Karachi, Pakistan, and was recorded, sort of, by the flight crew of the PIA aircraft.

    As the video shows, it is difficult to keep even a distant object centered and in focus while using a hand held device like a smart phone. I don’t know what the PIA air crew recorded. I suppose it could be a weather balloon.

    However, back in 2012, a guy with a digital camera and both feet on the ground did a little better job recording some strange, cylindrical, seemingly metallic objects in the sky over Denver, Colorado, USA.

    DENVER — It’s a mile high mystery in the skies over Denver.

    Strange objects caught on camera flying over the city and nobody can explain it.

    We first learned about these sightings when a metro area man, who does not want to be identified brought us his home video. He captured the images on his digital camera from a hilltop in Federal Heights looking south toward downtown Denver.

    He said, “The flying objects appear around noon or 1:00 p.m. at least a couple of times a week.” The strangest part is they are flying too fast to see with the naked eye, but when we slowed down the video, several UFOs appear.

    We altered the color contrast to make it easier to see. You can take a look for yourself by watching the video clip.

    We wanted to verify the video we saw was legitimate and not doctored in anyway. So our photojournalist set up his camera in the same spot, and shot video from just before noon until just after 1:00 p.m. He also captured something unexplained on video.

    Supposedly, there was a video by FOX31 Denver photojournalist Noah Skinner zooming in on “a fast moving object” following this news report, but the video is not there now.

    Psst: Foo me once, shame on you. Foo me twice, shame on me.

    “Where there’s foo, there’s fire.”

  363. Che Guava says:

    denied that it was unlikely that the military personnel is not responsible

    Such exemplary clarity! Triple negative.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  364. dimples says:

    “Almost nowhere to be seen” is hyperbolic. There’s decent aggregators, such as, but there’s also disinformers, such as secureteam10.”

    I checked the first and it’s UFO Planet with Darin Crapo! I have not watched it for a while but is the best so will have to catch up. I found SecureTeam10 to be totally unreliable so its only good for the theme music.

  365. @Dumbo

    Stephen M. Phillips has written several books on sacred geometry. He claims that the “Type C Pentagon”  is based on the 70 yods on the Tree of Life.  He writes:

    “ELOHIM, the Godname of Binah, prescribes the pair of joined Type C pentagons because its number value 50 is the number of corners of their 90 triangles, whilst YAHWEH prescribes the 26 corners of the 45 triangles in each pentagon. The two joined Type C pentagons have 229 lines & triangles, where 229 is the 50th prime number. ELOHIM prescribes both the number of corners of the triangles in the two pentagons and the number of their sides & triangles!”

    Whether or not the Pentagon building in Washington D.C. is a “Type C Pentagon” is a question that is above my paygrade to answer, but the crazy conspiracy theorist in me says it’s very Masonic if not very Satanic.

    The Kabbalists associate the pentagon with the number five, which is representative of their Godhead: the Central Creator of the four fours plus itself equalling five.

    (The US flag has 50 white pentagrams and the Chinese flag has 5 yellow pentagrams and is arranged in this way, by the way.)

    Five is the marriage of the hieros gamos as combination of feminine and the masculine. Feminine being even, as 2, in frequency and masculine being odd as 3 in frequency = 5.

    This would explain why the (((Pentagon))) is also behind the much more sinister Tranny Agenda. The tranny is the avatar of Baphomet–the half human and half goat with female breasts and male penis–depicted as an upside down pentagram/pentagon, of course.

  366. Erebus says:

    The Pentagon Is Behind the Fake Alien Agenda

    UFOs sit somewhere on the same continuum with pregnant fighter pilots, LGBTX Navy Seals, equity based hiring & training policies, and the recent solemn statements from the SecDef that “climate change” is the USM’s biggest security threat and that the USM will become “more energy efficient” and “reduce our carbon footprint” to meet it. Sounds like generations of new boondoggles being spawned.

    I don’t get it. Who/what is driving these bizarro-world moves at the Pentagon? Is this a stand-down under colour of Wokeness?

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  367. It gives me heart that NO ONE CARES about these UFO revelations. Government taking our freedoms and giving us poison injections is far more interesting. A fake President in the white house is far more interesting. The powers that be think we are all conspiracy theorists, therefore can be distracted by UFOs. Sorry guys, it’s not 1950 anymore!

  368. The French kwow how to contact ET, the cabbage’s soup is the key:

    While it is often claim that some deep state elements in the US are in contact with ETs, there is proof that French are in direct conversation of galactic importance:

    More seriously: Since the 60′ there had been so many UFO sightings that in 1965 the French national TV (there was only one chanel at that time) aired a show on prime time about this subject (extract):

    The “UFO” contact methodology exposed at the begining of this comment comes from a good novel from René Fallet’s La Soupe Aux Choux. While it is refering to that UFO surge in the country (especially the Valensole encounter between a peasant and two ETs) it was was also dealing with the deep changes that US cultural dominance was unleaching on the French. At the end of the movie, the two “farting peasants” choose to go with the ET on another planet rather than being americanized… Many people among us had ampathy with these caracters… With very good reasons.Have you ever heard of what the CIA did in Pont St Esprit? Giving LSD to villagers without their consent…)

    The story of France and UFO’s is very interesting and very dense so I will leave it here.

  369. Some of you have refered to the project Bluebeam and I think it might be interesting to consider this article by Christopher L. Knowles who does a really interesting work :

    Richard Dolan, the only historian to have worked on the subject of UFO (I have read his books) gives credit to the analyses provided.

    Worth having a look for a new perspective in disinformation on this subject.

  370. Andrew Anglin just posted this:

    which can also be seen on the dark web here which he’s been encouraging all to use because he expects the (((censors))) to ultimately succeed at blocking him everywhere else:


    I post this as basis for the basic question about to what degree are comments censored here?

    Mine get blocked at times and I don’t know by what standards. My guess is this site doesn’t tolerate truth-about-jew-perfidy hash tags.

    I had one such barred over the weekend in which i used a bit of black slang to belittle LeBron’s cowardice in the face of scolding by Jews.

    I’m going to attempt that comment again asking the moderator to edit out whatever precluded it previously and show the rest including that request to the moderator.

  371. @Che Guava

    We are on a UFO thread, everything is possible (lol)

    • LOL: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Che Guava
  372. Sparkon says:

    UFOs sit somewhere on the same continuum…

    That so-called “continuum” is entirely a product of your own imagination, Erebus.

    As you should know, each and every issue must be judged solely on its own merits, and not by inclusion in forced and phony continua.

    … under colour of Wokeness?

    I see you are a person of “colour,” i.e. another foreigner here trying to tear down my country.

    I don’t get it.

    That part, at least, is clear.

    Cue the foo.

  373. Che Guava says:
    @Bugey libre

    However, Anglin has a point, in the last ssixty or so years, you have the Roswell incideent, perhaps just a weather balloon, all of the television reality bullshit, endless fiction at the movies and on TV、

    Now, great drama!

    USAF and USN both releasing vids., purpOqting to show stuff.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  374. gatobart says:

    For all its worth:

    I used to listen to Coast To Coast AM while Art Bell was there (R.I.P.) and he used to dedicate entire programs to a single subject, four or five hours of it, and sometimes he dedicated them to the topic of UFOS. Many callers came up then to tell of their experiences (I have several of my own myself) and they included, apart from civilians, many cops, airline pilots and members of the U.S. military. All them had different stories to tell, some spookier than others, but they all had one common comment to make:

    “I made a report to my superiors after the fact and they told me that if I wanted to keep my job I better shut up”.

    Now, what I considered weird in this behavior from the part of the U.S. government, and from some private companies’ authorities, when it came to testimonies about UFOs is that already at that time it was decidedly anachronistic, considering that the UFO phenomena had been widely accepted as real around the world and already many world governments had openly recognized it and some had even created official bodies, commissions, bureaus, to deal with this kind of event, to investigate them, Russia and Chile come to mind. Now, suddenly, the same U.S. government that was treating UFO whistle blowers as if they were potential Snowdens or Assanges, trying to silence them at all costs, is the louder one tooting the horn. Of course this can’t be because Washington and the Pentagon have suddenly decided to come clean on the matter, to be open and honest about it, as if anybody abroad cared at this point, but simply because the hype about it, they think, will serve their own agenda.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  375. Poco says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Oh no not waycism.

    Dumbass melanated hominids earn all the waycism they may happen to receive.
    Fascism is a plus.

  376. dimples says:

    I’ve been watching “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation” a pay-to-watch Youtube series. Probably it might characterized as official or unofficial disclosure propaganda. It’s fairly thin and repetitive being designed for the average obese American couch potato but features interviews with Navy personnel who were involved in the various encounters. So far at the end of Season 1 there are 4 navy pilots, 2 radar operators and 1 security person found willing to talk about what they experienced. Season 2 has a few more. I find it difficult to believe these people are all actors which is what the hoax narrative requires.

    The 2004 Nimitz encounter features standard military UFO coverup methods no doubt previously in effect. The radar data was removed from the ship and disappeared, a helicopter landed shortly afterwards and 2 persons (apparently USAF) demanded the AWACS plane hard drive recordings. None of the pilots were debriefed. Apparently things are now changing due to new policies. The aliens seem to have kept up their side of the bargain by continuing to follow the selected naval battlegroups around like flies.

  377. The Turkey UFO Wave 2007 to 2009 – Sightings Over Turkey OVNI

    ????? What a MAN MADE UFO looks like ????? IFO Identified Flying Orb The Truth is IFOU In Front Of U

    • Replies: @ImaBotKnot
  378. gatobart says:

    Here is a thought an anyone can make whatever they wish about it.

    During the mid-late 1960s the world at large was in effervescence about space travel and about the promise by President Kennedy that the U.S. would be able to reach the Moon by the end of the 60s and many believes in his promise; space trips seemed at the reach of everyone living then, some time in the not so far future, while at the same time every living human was in awe at the reality of being dancing on the brink of extinction after the sobering experience of the Missile crisis of 1962 where we realized that for the first time in History there were at least two countries capable of destroying civilization and a good chunk of the planet with it. Those two contradictory feelings marked that era and they were perfectly resumed in two movies considered enduring masterpieces, 2001 and Planet of Apes. The later, even if presenting a rather dim view of our’s future as species, at least portrayed Man as being the motor and the origin of that was unfolding on the screen i.,e. mankind as the active protagonist. Man had caused his own demise.

    FF ten years. What movie we had in the late 1970s to display a portrait resuming the new era and to give us an idea about how times had changed..? Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Very few people seem to have realized that this Spielberg is a very depressing movie and one leading to despair rather than to uplifting ideas and even more if you are an “American” (there is where I go) First of all, see who the protagonists are and what they are doing, in what they are spending their lives.

    Roy is what we would call a loser. He has a very demanding blue collar job from which he is fired for no reason and has also a rather hellish family life, neighbors who don’t give a hoot about him or his family and absolutely no friends. Can you blame this guy for searching for an escape from his own life…? And what is true for him is practically true for every other character in ETTK even if I’d made an exception with the US government and NASA technicians just doing their job. Jillian is another loser and an immature one at that: after having his abducted (by aliens) toddler back, rather than rushing him to the nearest ER to check if he is OK, she goes in a binge taking pictures of the alien ship…! Losers and more losers. Even the military and the U.S. astronauts come out losers here. The military are still licking their wounds from the recent Indochina disaster yet they still have the steel to fly their choppers to harass civilians running up some mountain, in this case Roy and friend. But those who fare even worse are the U.S. astronauts. Proudly they march onward in their “American” space suits with the US flag sewed on their arm …to cop a ride from ET because they don’t have their own space ship. (remember what i wrote about 2001 and POA…?). Every single character is passive in this movie, everyone is going through bad times and everyone of them is expecting that the aliens are coming to save them from the hopelessness and mediocrity of their lives. But at the end the ETs seem to be as big losers as they are as, after all the noise and the light and sound show, they appear to have nothing else to offer to mankind. Even the US WW2 pilots they have been holding for more than 30 years come out of their space ship looking more as if they had spent that time in a deep slumber or smoking bad weed than as if they had been living in the midst of a far more advanced, much brighter, civilization.

    At the end, after watching this flick, many years ago, the only question I had to ask was: and what poor Truffaut is doing here.,.? Come on, he is better than that. And that is my point and my question. If Master Spielberg resumed so perfectly in his CEOTTK the hopelessness and lack of inspiration and purpose of the “American” society so prevalent in the late 1970s, to the point of joining forever that dark mood with the anxious expectation of an intervention from some alien civilization, what is the message the Pentagon is trying to convey now, in 2021. in bringing once again the same cliche to the masses…? A message also of pessimism and hopelessness or it its imply that they didn’t get the Spielberg flick, they didn’t realize what he was telling us…?

  379. @Che Guava

    HelloChe Guava,

    About the Roswell incident, one of the best work I have found is this one:

    I think it is worth spending some time on that deeep deep research

    Take care

  380. I have often wondered as to why ALL photos and/or videos of UFO’s are always blurred or distorted? With today’s tech photo equipment, one would think most of the current photos of UFO’S would be crystal clear. Just saying…

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  381. Che Guava says:

    i will check, Bugey, but I have an old hard-cover book on it.

    Did you enjoy some of Dark Skies?

    Popular in Japan, I LOLLED, it was so funny and scary. Although the lead actor was pretty bad. the idea that every major event in the show, until the ending in a lame final ep., had a central connection to aliens was fun.

    The director, Jewish, but in that place and time, and lack of hooks or wish to make any to 67 and 73 wars.

    Having the Liberty attack done by aliens would have been fun, but too much of a big lie.

    srsly, the lack of network audience, at the end, the director and producer said they were wanting it to end in the now of the time they were making, it, which would at least have been the early 2000s.
    Shame it closed on such a lame note.

    If never seen, recommended, great conspiracy bullshit!

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  382. @ImaBotKnot

    LAL Look At Logistics ….. of Unidentified? (not really) FO manufacture ( LOL )

    Logistics is generally the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation. In a general business sense, logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption to meet the requirements of customers or corporations. The resources managed in logistics may include tangible goods such as materials, equipment, and supplies, as well as food and other consumable items.

    OK If the focus is on Aliens and Outer Space … What do we not research? How advanced Aeronautics/ Aerospace Craft are manufactured by HUMANs ON EARTH.

    For Example Start Here….. ( Note RAND, Secretary of Air Force )

    Leads to

    Leads to Really EXCEPTIONAL HUMANS-HUMANS creating EXCEPTIONAL materials, if only they were used for good and not evil.

    Security and Exchange Commission Filing

  383. Che Guava says:

    i will check, Bugey, but I have an old hard-cover book on it.

    Did you enjoy some of Dark Skies


    The director, Jewish, but in that place and time, and lack of hooks or wish to make any to 67 and 73 wars.

    He and the producer also said that the idea was to make fiction until the timeline of Dark Skies met that of IRL.

    It would have been nice if they had done it.

  384. ‘Close Encounters’ and ‘ET’ may have been the only example of semi-friendly aliens representation. Otherwise, cinematic aliens have become negative.

    But if such encounters took place in past, then ‘10000 BC’ character of ‘Almighty’ may be the current representation of the aliens of the past.
    This is a bad alien: he does not respect Nature – poor mammoths toil building his new ziggurat, he relies on clergy on his enforcers, he has human slaves etc.
    Luckily, a valiant hunter-gatherer (the good Neanderthal paradigm) TAKES DOWN the Almighty. Note this.

    Who will take down UFO? Your kings are waiting for an answer.
    Now a spear won’t be enough, I am afraid.

  385. @Sam Spader

    If we follow John Keel’s take on the UFO paradigm (great man, great read) it could be because the phenomenon is not the so called UFO (or whatever)you “see” but the Source(the real thing) would take control over your perceptions and lead you to witness a kind of mirage…

    Have a good day

  386. @Che Guava

    Salut Che Guava,
    Forsake me, I have to admit I quit long long ago watching US movies…

    (Hollywood) Hollyweird has done a very bad job as to the perception we have of the phenomena, or a good job if you are conspiracy minded.

    Indeed, the academic world has done no job to get into it, it took Richard Dolan to leave Rochester University to work on UFO and the only academic I know to be authorized to deal with it is Jacobs (who has never convinced me).

    This is not to say that there would be no work of filmed fiction worth of interest and that I would have missed something but I fear the fact that for most of the human beings, Hollywood have shaped and limited the subject.

    I have been living in northern Mali for a good while. Once a French female friend of mine for whom I have great respect and is a very serious person told me of a “experience” she had while being in a village not so far from Gao. At dark the people were gathered to talk, drink tea, listen to music, danse etc… normal life. Suddenly, an object which she could not identified stoped on their heads and a light came descending on the villagers (It didn’t light up, it fall down ). For a couple of minute, it was daylike. The school director who spoke perfect French was not there at that time. When he came back, they had a conversation about this and when asked, the locals didn’t mind about what had just happened and had just nothing to say.

    A couple of months later I talk to him about that event and explain a little about the “UFO problem” that we white people had. He told me that they see things on a regular basis but they don’t give a damn because they don’t know the extent of white man tech and wouldn’t be able to discern from so called “alien” tech which I mentioned.

    When I got to talk with my peasant friends they told me that of course they saw things, but to them, these were sorcerers flying with fire from their asses from the Koïma dune (

    They went on to say that there existed a worlwide net of sorcerers on the planet and that Koïma was the center of it. These people are very poor and usually never talk about the world as a whole, the “planet”but about the local life or life in the far away capital, so it was rather strange to hear them hint at a worldwide net. As to the fact that Koïma would be the center, it was to me rather ethnocentric…

    There you have it, demonlogy…

    Have a good day

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  387. @Gidoutahere

    Yes, UFOs are real in the sense that people definitely see them. I don’t believe they’re aliens from outer space though. They fall into the same category of anomalous phenomena as Bigfoot, fairies, crop circles, black eyed kids, white ladies (Virgin Mary) events, Men in Black, etc. What Patrick Harpur calls Daemonic Reality. Or what others call the Occult (hidden). Neither term is adequate to describe it.

    This realm has been around since the dawn of history. The new wrinkle is how it’s being used as a threat. Just like commies, 911, Corona Virus… have been used.

    Be afraid! The commies, terrorists, virus, global warming, UFOs… are coming to get you!

    • Agree: Bugey libre
  388. Sparkon says:

    It’s too bad the author and most of the commenters here at Unz Review apparently have neither the interest nor the energy to roll up their sleeves and do a little research on UFOs.

    It wouldn’t take much.

    Certainly, those familiar with the subject are well aware of private pilot Kenneth Arnold’s report of his encounter with a formation of nine UFOs flying “like a saucer if you skip it across the water.” near Mount Rainier on June 24, 1947.

    Photo: Seattle Times

    In the photo, Kenneth Arnold points to his airbrush rendering of a crescent-shaped object, one in a formation of nine he saw while flying near Mount Rainier in 1947. Arnold said the other objects in the formation were “roughly circular.”

    The progression from foo fighters to flying saucers took place over the course of just a few years.

    If you wanted to put a precise date on the origins of our obsession with saucers, the most-cited contender is June 24, 1947. That was the day that Kenneth Arnold, an amateur pilot from Idaho, was flying his little plane, a CallAir A-2, over Mineral, Washington.
    Suddenly, as Arnold would later recall, he saw a bright light—just a flash, like a glint of sun as it hits a mirror when the glass is angled just so. It had a blue-ish tinge.
    What did Arnold see that day? Or, more to the point, what would he say that he’d seen? As Ted Bloecher writes in his Report on the UFO Wave of 1947, released in 1967, Arnold would later describe the airborne objects as flying in “a diagonally stepped-down, echelon formation,” the entire assemblage “stretched out over a distance that he later calculated to be five miles.” The objects seemed to be flying on a single, horizontal plane, but they also weaved from side to side, occasionally flipping and banking—darting around, Arnold would say, like “the tail of a Chinese kite.” They moved in unison, Arnold said. They didn’t seem to be piloted, he said. Once Arnold realized the objects were not, in fact, commercial jets—or, as he’d also thought for a moment, a skein of geese—he figured he was witnessing the testing of military aircraft.

    If so, though, the objects would be very advanced aircraft. Arnold, still trying to figure out what he was looking at as he flew over Mount Rainier, decided to focus on the vehicles’ speed. He calculated the time it took the objects to travel between Mount Rainer and Mount Adams, a distance of about 50 miles: a minute and 42 seconds. Which was a rough approximation—but which would also mean that the objects were traveling at a rate, rough-approximation-wise, of 1,700 miles per hour.

    The Man Who Introduced the World to Flying Saucers

  389. This information would have sparked more comments if published earlyer during that Thread: Chinese military has its own UFO task force… and it’s been ‘overwhelmed’ by surge in sighting reports – media

    To bad to few people will comment that pearl of information

  390. Che Guava says:
    @Bugey libre

    Thank you for the interesting reply.

    Only time I have ever seem a really unusual object in the sky, it was a fireball, and noticed by just about nobody.

    OTOH, I used to read aviation and military journals in English, so recall that the original stealth fighter and bomber were both frequently reported as
    UFOs, during testing and later.

    i don’t watch Hollywood shit much at all. Last ones I saw were Joker and Once upon a Time in Hollywood. Most of Tarantino’s work since being a screenwriter is putrid most of the time, with a few good scenes, never seen, nor want to watch Django Unchained or Inglourious, never seen Res. Dogs. Death Proof was pathetic, the only good ending would have been Kurt Russel winning, at least until a sequel.

    Once upon a Time, however, is really great, very funny if you know the reality, and hate hippies, as I, and would guess, you do.

    Anyway, I became a member of that repertory cinema after that. Just about no Hollywood, East Asian and European.

    The two most interesting I’ve seen this year were a Korean film called Parasite, about a family who are that, my closest U.S.A. friend here agrees, and a Thai film called Happy Old Year, about a young woman who returns from study in Scandinavia determined to impose Ikea-style ‘minimalist style’ on her family home.

    Both are seriously great, though Parasite has many plot holes in its last 15 min., Happy Old Year only has two, one only minor and for costs, one more srs.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  391. @Another Polish Perspective

    Besides the Almighty of ‘10000 BC’, Dr Moreau of ‘The Island of Dr Moreau’ of 1996 was another alien type (if we read him as Yahwe the Lawgiver) who doesn’t like Sun too much.

  392. @Che Guava


    Thank you for your reply. I don’t hate hyppies, I learned a lot about that psyop in Mc Gowan seminal work:

    Many people older than me adhered to it because after the wars, the social athmosphere was rather heavy. Some of them, talented were targeted by the system which wanted only morons on the front stage.

    The only movies I have seen for years are Myazaki’s. Last year I cried watching a Swedish movie, Mr Ove. It is so humane, beautiful. I love Franck Capra’s…

    I am an old Rastaman who have lived his philosophy as a free man and who is very satisfied with that. I dislike BLM and the likes who is an insult to africans and spirituality. The woke bulshit disgust me and I am not enraged when I read racist comments on UR. My beautiful “mulatresse” daughters are such a source of love. Still, as I have told them, “Dad is racist, antisemite, conspirationist, homophobe, a self hating jew, antivax, covid denier, Soljenitsyn lover… and whatever infamous libel this shitstem is branding those who think by themselves…”And I can dialogue with everybody who has at least two neurones firing.

    I was about to forget one great movie which I showed in West Africa so that the people would not wish to go to the US or Europe: Little Sénégal. A master piece!

    Thank you for the advice about the Korean movie, I will definitely try to watch it. Korea is dear to my heart. I spent some time there at the Yonsei University and working at KBS during 1991 riot years. Furthermore, my martial art Master is Korean, DK YOO.

    Stay spiritualy alive man in these times of great turmoil.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  393. Joe WEbb says:

    “In October of 1987, the final issue of Alan Moore’s Watchmen was released, and featured a fake alien invasion being used by cynical control freaks as a justification for a global government. A gigantic fake squid alien is dumped on New York City, killing a bunch of people”.

    Up toward the top of this thread is a comic book drawing of the. squid. Projection department…the drawing suggests a woman’s genitalia.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  394. @Joe WEbb

    Interesting comment. You should take like to spend some time on Christopher L. Knowles’s the Secret Sun who has dealt extensively on this subject with great relevance.
    The great guy was on the comic business.

  395. Some are “theirs” and some are “ours. Regardless, it’s being used as a psyop to justify more military spending.

    MSM Wastes No Time Using Senate UFO Report To Promote Arms Race

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  396. Some are “theirs” an some are “ours. Regardless, it’s being used as a psyop to justify more military spending.

    MSM Wastes No Time Using Senate UFO Report To Promote Arms Race

  397. Sparkon says:
    @Robin Hood

    You’re tuning in on the noise, not the signal.

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking all the noise comes solely from the MSM. Caitlin Johnson is another source of noise, as is the Unz Review.

    • Troll: Robin Hood
  398. Che Guava says:
    @Bugey libre


    A friendly acquaintance used to run an art bookshop and very small gallery in the area, we enjoyed conversing.

    I went there several times. Now closed, too bad we never thought to swap name cards.

    I mention this because the work of Miyazaki came up once, and he hates it. The essence of what he said is that Miyazaki’s work is mainly lolicon, which is a contraction of the made-in-Japan term Lolita complex.

    Many other older people I have met since then have the same opinion.

    Most younger people with families liked it, Tottoro in particular had a cult-like following.

    This is not to criticise, only to say, but I think my friend, and other older people from whom I have heard the same, have a point.

    I watcied the short for Little Senegal, looks interesting, but maybe too dishonest.

    As for Parasite, that is how it is written in hangul, instead of the Korean word, which would be a cognate of our word, kiseibutsu.

    The Thai Happy Old Year may sound boring, it was anything but, I see from a search in English that it was not noticed much, but really great.

    Hippies, I will check the vid. at the link you sent, sure, when overseas, had a few older friends who were ex-hippies, hippies as such, and their post-punk desceedents, 90’s, early 00’s, even worse.

  399. @Che Guava


    When I was working in West Africa( agriculture advisor), I used to show Princess Mononoké to the locals. One evening I Showed the movie to friends who are masks crafters and dancers and who know the ‘secrets’ of these things. As an apart, even though I was privileged in our relationship, at some point, they always refused to tell me the things I wanted to know. Their knowledge is impressive.

    Anyway, The morning after having seen the movie, one of the man, who is illiterate and initiate in their secrets told me that this movie was great and that there was many truth in it.

    Totoro is a gateway to the “little people”, the Fayries of the brits and the Skandinavians… Jacques Vallée would understand.

    I have a backgroung in Steiner’s biodynamic (graduated in biodynamy’s school) which helped me to deal with locals “bush doctors”.

    We are still dealing with the subject of that thread aren’t we.

    I wish you the best

  400. @Che Guava

    Little Sénégal is not at all dishonest, it deals with the culture shock that a real African man faces when confronted with the US realities and the dumbing down of that culture. It is real and sincere.

    Traditional Africans are not at all progressives, they have deep family, societal values. They made me the conservative that I became.

  401. @Che Guava

    Che Guava,

    Sorry for asking. Are you a US citizen?

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  402. gatobart says:

    In a few words, We Are The Aliens And We Are Here To Help You.

  403. Three Utahns told FBI they saw UFOs above Sardine Canyon in 1949

    ??? Early testing of German Bell type saucers out of what is now Hill AFB Utah?

    Sardine and Mustard Sandwiches on Whole Wheat…… The Breakfast of Champions and Space Men

  404. Che Guava says:
    @Bugey libre

    Re. your earlier question, most definitely off-topic, but answer is most definitely no.

    What do you care, seems you are playing a game.

    Altgough my one friend who is a U.S.A. citizen, and black, is a very good friend, called me today.

    He said he was a jew when we first met, I said in what sense, he gave some vague reply, somewhere between Hebrew African Israelites or whatever they are correctly called, and Rasta ideas. He likes to play with that.

    In any case. he is not Jewish by Israel’s or orthodox Judaism law.

    It would seem that you are, and are working for a U.S.A. or U.S.A. funded N.G.O., sounding like you may actually do good work, and have automatic Israeli citizenship if you want.

    As for Miyazaki’s works, the two you mention are my favourites, and your reply and relays were very good on why they are great works, but the many older men with whom I conversed also have a point.

    Finally, my U.S.A. friend had already seen the Thai movie, Happy Old Year, the English title may be different, he said ‘Minimalist’, but he had watched it with his wife on a streaming service.

    A good film, cinema is always the best.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  405. C3PO says:

    It amazes me that everyday I say to myself, how can people be so stupid/gullible to believe the lies spewed by the government/ 5 eyes/ media? Yet everyday it gets ramped up another notch.

    I just wish people would realize how they are being manipulated by fear to actively participate in their own demise.

  406. lydia says:

    laurence rockefeller put alot of money into UFO investigations, trying to create a new religion some thought

  407. @Che Guava

    Hello Che guava,

    I think you have misunderstood me but it doesn’t matter, I am the elder, I must understand. You see, it’s been only three months since I got the internet again. For three years, I just picked infos on the net at some friend’s home once a week and read offline. Lots of stuffs. Of course, no comments of any sort. I read a lot of comments on UR, I didn’t need to chat. Since I am now in a small village in the countryside, I decided to intervened again to share informations and analyses and maybe more personnal stuffs with foreigners if the heart’s connection is there.

    You are definitely not a US citizen, for sure.

    I scratched my head over you ascerting I was a Jew… Then I understood that I had said, in the list of infamous libels I told you I qualified myself to be, rhetoricaly…”self hating Jew”. That was only to mean that I don’t care being labeled any shit the normies can do and that I have great respect for Jews who run counter to the tribe’s madness (and I know some outside of the internet). Little brother (human bro’), I am of genuine Franck stock and know the maternal lineage to the 15′ century since it is old Knight’s nobility and documents exists. I keep on humbly that tradition with martial arts. On the paternal side, pure French to, you know Astérix?…

    My children’s mother is pure Peulh’s stock, no mixing for centuries. Noble people raising the best cows in the world, eating once a day to be sober and very proud warriors. Roots man, roots… Know where you come from sang the old Rastas.

    I came on that thread because the subject of UFO is important, I have read and listen a lot about that weird problem. I told you I didn’t do much escapism with movies but I don’t blame anybody for doing that especialy if movies are followed by analyses (hence much less escapism).

    So I wish you a good day, I will watch that Korean film if I find a way to get it. Anyon ige seyo.

    Go outside, do sports, yoga, qi gong, taï chi, Systema, dansing, play an instrument, shooting… all kind of stuff that will sharpen your nervous system in the real world.

    Take care of yourself

  408. The unz site is old news to say the least. In other words, SSDD (Same Sh*t Different Day)

  409. The subject of UAP, “paranormal phenomenon” is again on the front of the news with another article on RT. I chosed to link to the sott website because of the interesting links it offers on the subject.

    What would John Keel have to say about this?…

    I wish someone with an intellectual background had make any comment on the Diana Walsh Pasulka book and the disturbing ‘infos’ she gives…

    Some years ago UAP were seen on French nuclear facilities and this was widely reported at the time, before being sweep under the rug

    Paris match which is a very famous popular traditionnal news magazine has also dealt with UAP on the Tchernobyl plant:

  410. Does UNZ ever have fresh topics to report on? It appears that it’s the SSDD and it’s ongoing. What’s up with that?

  411. I concur with Caitlyn Johnstone’s view that there’s no way these could be Russian or Chinese aircraft:

    Media Converges On The Narrative That UFOs May Be Russian/Chinese Threat

    “Elizondo, who seems to favor the UFOs-as-extraterrestrials narrative, argues that there are extensive records of military encounters with these phenomena stretching back seventy years, which rules out China since it could barely keep its head above water back then and rules out Russia because it shared its UFO knowledge with the US after the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

    So what’s my theory? Glad you asked. They are either “theirs” (ET’s and/or Interdemensionals aka Hyperdemensionals), “ours” (Deep State Secret Space Pr0gram technology separate and distinct from the Pentagon), or (probably) both.

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
  412. So that about this Secret Space Program theory? I concur with what Richard M. Dolan has to say about it:

    “Is there a secret space program that is connected in some way to UFOs? In this booklet, historian Richard Dolan delves into this question, one of the most discussed in ufology today. Providing a wealth of data and context for the reader, he offers his own conclusion: yes, there is indeed such a program. But this program is not a simple extension of the normal operations of the U.S. government or military, much less of NASA. Instead, it seems to be the product of what Dolan has previously termed a “breakaway civilization,” a radically advanced and increasingly separate structure that has access to classified science and data denied to the rest of us .Adapted from his classic lecture at the Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization conference in San Mateo, this is now offered as a volume in the Richard Dolan Lecture Series.”

    The Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization (Richard Dolan Lecture Series) (Volume 1) Paperback – August 16, 2016

    UFOs and Disclosure in the Trump Era (Richard Dolan Lecture Series) (Volume 2) Paperback – March 16, 2017

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
  413. The Pentagon is behind all the current UFO reporting? The Russians? The Chinese? I don’t think so.


    Read More:

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  414. @Robin Hood

    Robin Hood,

    You are definitely right. The phenomenon can’t be reduced to the Pentagone exotic technologies. You should be interested with Jacques Vallée’s ‘Passport to Magonia’. In fact it is a must read:

    As to the deep state manipulation of the phenomenon, there are many interesting insights in that program:

    Have you listen to Diana Walsh Pasulka’s American Cosmic or read the book? Disturbing to say the least.

    Take care

    • Thanks: Robin Hood
  415. I have studied the subject of UFOs since the 1970s
    I only accept reports from pilots and I prefer military pilots.

    This article is written by a fool — a desk jockey, or armchair quarterback — who completely ignores reports by tens of thousands of military pilots since World War II, when UFOs were first called foo fighters, and decides that he knows better — every one of them must is wrong.

    I sign my real name, address and email for comments on this comment.
    I have forgotten more about this subject than the author will ever know.
    The cancel culture attacked this subject many decades before it spread to politics , COVID, etc.

    The author is good at ridicule and character attacks.
    Saul Alinsky would be proud of him..
    But he weak on data based, logical conclusions.
    On this subject, he is a fool.

    About once a year I include an article on UFOs on my popular climate science and energy blog — The Honest Global Warming Chart — which has had 188,000 page views, as of today, including an average of almost 30,000 page views per month, for the past three months.

    My once a year UFO article just happened to have been written yesterday, and is located at the link below. I’ll think about the subject again in another year. I have noticed an unusual number of articles on UFOs recently. This one was the worst. My article is mainly to show off my favorite “crop circle” aerial photographs, which I consider works of art. I doubt if many of my readers care about UFOs.

    Richard Greene
    Bingham Farms, Michigan
    [email protected]

  416. It is about the fear of final judgement:

    Interestingly, main public astronomy observatories are either off (because of Covid, you know) or in renovation.

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