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The Facts About Michael Jackson and His Crucifixion by Random Individuals with Secular Humanist Last Names
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This article was originally published on Andrew Anglin is the only person writing thousand-word essays on

MJ was a child singer. His father was a total scumbag, who very much liked the money he was making off his kids.

When MJ reached the age of puberty, his father gave him hormones to stop puberty so his voice wouldn’t change.

These drugs destroyed his sexuality. It was a chemical castration, even more primitive than what wokies are doing to kids now.

He was completely incapable of getting an erection throughout his life. He was definitively asexual – a eunuch.

Physical abuse is obviously more prevalent in the African-American community, but the beatings of Jackson patriarch Joe have been reported by several of the Jackson kids and those close to the family as beyond the pale.

Further, it is worth mentioning that MJ’s sister, La Toya, publicly accused Joe of raping her from the time she was 11.

Women do lie about this, so take it with a grain of salt, but Joe was clearly a man without any kind of morals beyond “get dat money.”

Obviously, MJ was a weird guy. No one is going to deny that and he wouldn’t have denied it himself.

There was a whole public history of incredibly weird behavior before he was ever accused of molesting boys. The plastic surgery alone is the mark of someone with serious problems.

In 2002, he hung his alleged child out of a window in Berlin.

This child he named “Blanket” and covered his face in public.

We know that none of these kids were Michael’s.

Changing your skin color with plastic surgery does not change your genetics, and it is absurd to suggest that Paris Jackson is half black.

MJ was smart and talented, but what was done to him as a child wrecked his psyche.

It was easy to believe that something weird was going on with him.

Due to the abuse he suffered as a kid, he never developed into adulthood.

He enjoyed the company of children, because he was in many ways a child in a man’s body.

He built Neverland Ranch, where kids in LA could come play in a small theme park in his yard.

“Neverland” is a reference to Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up.

Michael did hang out with kids. That’s true. He hung out with kids and acted like a kid with them.

Home Alone actor Macaulay Culkin spent a lot of time with him.

Culkin testified at MJ’s 2005 trial. He’s continued to defend him, most recently in 2020 after random individuals produced yet another documentary defaming MJ.

If anyone knew, it would be him, and he has zero reason to lie – especially given he could make money lying.

In 1995, he sang lyrics that disparaged secular humanists. In 2003, he entered a legal battle with a powerful secular humanist over a crooked secular humanist contract, and made comments about random individuals on a tape.

Later that year, the Santa Barbara district attorney opened up a case against him over allegations of molesting a 13-year-old boy at Neverland.

He was charged, raided and arrested in a humiliating spectacle.

Michael vowed to fight the case hard and clear his name and he did. In the end, he was acquitted of all charges.

The case was an absolute farce and a blood libel.

There was never any evidence that Michael had done anything, it was all just allegations from the parents.

Mere months after the trial ended, the mother, who was the source of the allegations, was convicted of welfare fraud.

But the case succeeded in its real goal – the goal of the lawyers and money men behind it – which was to smear Michael Jackson’s name.

To this day, I hear people saying he was a molester, and it just makes me sick that they can do this to a person.

Michael loved the public. He cared much too much about what they thought.

So in 2009, four years and 12 days after having been cleared of all charges, Michael died of a drug overdose.

There is nothing more evil you can do to a man than purposefully try to damage his name.

It’s damage that lasts after your death. It’s a kind of taint on your soul.

I personally understand what it is like to be lied about like this. In 2017, knowing I do not have the ability to sue them, Atlantic Magazine published a cover story about me claiming I am a sadomasochist, a homosexual, and a (heterosexual) child abuser, among other things.

I did no interviews for that article. The article did not have any sources. It was written by a blogger who was obsessed with me, who I believe later died.

I joke about it, and I don’t think anyone takes it seriously. It was too over the top – “he is every bad thing!”

However, given my own experience with the media, I can tell you this: they can simply create entire narratives out of nothing at all.

You know it’s not true because it’s your life, but they can say it and there is nothing you can do.

Michael Jackson was a very troubled man. He had a lot of problems and did a lot of weird things.

However, he was a good person. He did his best with the hand he was dealt, and all of the people who really knew him testified to his kindness and generosity.

I hope that when people see these lies being spread about Michael, they speak up and explain that there was never any evidence for any of it.

The evidence is: he crossed random individuals who will cooperate together to destroy anyone who goes against them and he paid the price.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. “Random Individuals with Secular Humanist Last Names”

    It was funny last week, back to naming the Jews in power.

    • Replies: @6million Julies
  2. I always felt sorry for him. He was a very fucked up person because of his very fucked up upbringing. I hope his dad is burning while RBG pegs him with a sandpaper strap-on.

    AA, why didn’t you sue the Atlantic? Irrespective of if the blogger is dead, they published it. Burn all these rags to the ground.

    • Agree: A. Clifton
    • Replies: @RedpilledAF
  3. Nat X says:

    Two words incels…BEAT IT!

    • Replies: @Trinity
  4. It’s possible both things were true. Maybe MJ really abused children (though possibly because he wasn’t mature and sane enough to realize the full extent of what he was doing) AND people with power and a grudge used it to blackmail and control him. Maybe even engineered it in the first place just to have something on him.

    Most child abusers were themselves abused. So that fits the pattern. And it’s not like rich and powerful people don’t ever diddle underage kids and then pay off concerned parties, and then find out ‘someone’ has pics and videos…

    Which theory is true? We’ll never know for sure. I guess it just depends on how much you want MJ to be a weirdo victim rather than a weirdo pervert.

    • Replies: @Shamu
    , @PJ London
  5. Wokechoke says:

    The consumption of entertainment featuring child entertainers as the main “superstar” is dangerously immoral. Kid had a decent voice and his dad tried to fix that in stone with chemical castration. Everyone consuming the early music subsidized the abuse!

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  6. Trinity says:

    100% AGREE that Michael was asexual. The child molestation charges were (((bullshit.))) Your analysis of Michael wanting to just be a kid by hanging out with kids is more than likely the only thing that Michael was guilty of, Mike was just a strange guy, which DOESN’T make him a child molester. Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew were/ARE strange guys and they did not molest…..Wait? Lolol.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  7. Trinity says:

    Mike was a tortured soul, he always seemed incredibly sad in all those interviews. You can tell that deep down he was a good soul.Of the 3 80’s nigra Mikes, Jackson, Jordan, Tyson, Jackson was the only one who was a decent human being.

    RIP ole Gloved One.

  8. Bro43rd says:

    Michael Jackson, a preface to Ye. A lesson to be learned by all goy stars, something about the hand that feeds ya. Better yet, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

  9. @Wokechoke

    Joseph Haydn very narrowly escaped castration when Maria Theresia complained
    about his voice breaking, so no finger-wagging for you.

  10. Micheal Jackson like so many other creatives are surrounded by dark forces of energy vampires sucking away at your money as fast as you make it.
    They destroy beautiful souls who don’t submit to the hierarchy demanded by Hollywood aka GlobalHomo, International Jew Inc.
    Sooner or later they will destroy all of us, if not literally, physically. These Energy Vampires are all around us, wherever you go, sucking everything they can out of you.
    RIP MJ

    P.S. Thanks AA for exposing lies and uncovering truth.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  11. Anonymous[603] • Disclaimer says:

    I read People magazine, read/watch TMZ online, watch various entertainment gossip shows, and have talked for hours (cumulatively) with diehard Michael Jackson fans after his death. Yet what I read here is this first time I’ve heard any of this stuff. 🤯

    I feel like a jerk for having lazily accepted the official (calumnious) narrative about Michael Jackson.

  12. A. Clifton says: • Website

    …and let’s not forget Jesus Christ …..sorcerer, false “MESSIAH”….mommy a “WHORE”,

    and burning in “Hell”….a {{{{{JEWISH}}}}} homeland.

    {{{{WHO}}}} prints the CURRENCY…& OWNS the {{{{MEDIA}}}}…?

    Matthew 13:39-43 !!!!!

    • LOL: Wade Hampton
  13. Rich says:

    What I can tell you is that I knew a guy who worked as a night doorman across the street from Jackson’s brownstone on the Upper East Side of NY and he used to see children being dropped off after dark and picked up in the morning. Jackson admitted to sleeping in the same bed with the children. He paid money to parents who sued or threatened to sue him for molesting their children. How much was paid to the witnesses who testified in his criminal cases? In my mind, he’s guilty.

  14. Trinity says:
    @Nat X

    Two words, Shlomo….SUCK IT.

    • Replies: @Nat x
  15. My problem with Mister Jackson is that I feel there is something wrong with almost all of his songs, I’m not enough of a musician to be able to find out what, they just feel awkward somehow. It puzzles me that musically gifted friends take his music seriously. He was a lowlife but intelligent enough to appear more tragic than creepy, so he got by grifting human pack behavior, or people’s altruism instinct. Made some money too, but he was no Vanilla Ice.

    • Replies: @Vagrant Rightist
  16. He was Icarus and he flew too near to the sun.

  17. @Trinity

    100% AGREE that Michael was asexual. The child molestation charges were (((bullshit.))) Your analysis of Michael wanting to just be a kid by hanging out with kids is more than likely the only thing that Michael was guilty of, Mike was just a strange guy, which DOESN’T make him a child molester.

    So the kids were lying? Multiple accounts of him using the same tactics to drug them? He also had a bodyguard that spilled the beans on his secret alert system when he had a boy over. Would you find it normal for a grown man to sleep in a bed with boys?

    The guy was a total freak and this is by far the weirdest Anglin post of all time.

    Who gives a flying F about what happened to a child molester.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  18. As the article states the first claim about Jackson’s anti Jewish views is from 1995. But Jackson was first accused of child abuse in 1993.

    (There were subsequent claims that predate that, but let’s ignore those and say they could be part of a plot to retcon more bad publicity.)

    I mean its good content to aim at black twitter, especially in light of the West controversy, but this is a compendium of tabloid stuff, sentimental slop, myths, much of from it from fans mixed in with some real observations, in this case to paint the claim that Jackson’s problems were exclusively a result of offending Jewish power…

    Everything about this claim needs harder evidence and my current feeling is it’s incorrect. And if it’s not correct, and Jackson’s critics and accusers are correct then one is really running cover for a black child abuser of white children just to transiently ‘own’ the Jews and chase clicks.

    Still it’s good enough to give to black twitter.

  19. dario says:

    “Ben” – A tribute to Michael Jackson by Andre Rieu

  20. Just some other points:

    The La Toya thing is interesting. Not sure why AA didn’t develop that more. It seems La Toya Jackson was literally held hostage and repeatedly beaten by her insane violent very criminal Jewish husband into making these claims. She retracted them later when she was free of his influence. Read about this if you haven’t it’s quite a shocking story in its own right.

    The story about blockers seemed to be floating around for years. Then rehashed by Jackson’s doctor Conrad Black who’s career was finished after giving Jackson the fatal dose of hospital anesthetic to sleep and so he started his new career in lurid Jackson revelations. It’s nonsense.

  21. Trinity says:
    @John Johnson

    I care more about exposing (((the liars))) than Michael Jackson. Kids do lie especially when their parents tell them to do so. Being a “freak” doesn’t make you a child molester. Jackson’s bodyguard? People LIE all the time, especially employees or former employees of the rich and famous. Look at all the shit they made up about Elvis. No doubt Presley had some issues as well, ( not diddling kiddies for sure but The King was weird,) anyone would have issues IF they had to live as Elvis or MJ. People will sellout their own mother for money. Money is indeed the root of all evil, especially in Jew World.

    Cue: For The Love Of Money by The O’ Jays

  22. Nat x says:

    I don’t listen to online incels…

    • Replies: @Trinity
  23. Trinity says:
    @Nat x

    Apparently you do.


  24. This sort of thing is what was done to Coach Jerry Sandusky too:

    I don’t know if Anglin is familiar with the case, but he should be.

    Joe Paterno was a good man of great integrity, excellent ability, and high ideals. So was Sandusky. Both were targeted by the modern world.

    • Replies: @eah
  25. @James of Africa

    Jackson’s most well known songs are from the Thriller album. I’d be surprised if there was anything super unusual about them musically in their context.

    I believe it was a white guy who wrote Thriller for Jackson. Jackson here depicts how he came up with the baseline for Billie Jean:

    Later on in his career Jackson worked with various other producers and musicians.

    • Replies: @James of Africa
  26. @Shitposter_in Chief

    And I hope he sodomizes RBG repeatedly too. They can take turns.

  27. Notsofast says:

    andrew, i think your being a little hard on poor old joe, who was just ahead of his time. he was merely giving michael puberty blockers, so he could decide if he wanted to grow up as diana ross.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  28. he sang lyrics that disparaged secular humanists.


    Before Kanye got embroiled with the Jewish Media Complex, it was Michael, who was more tender of heart and didn’t like to fight.

    However, given my own experience with the media, I can tell you this: they can simply create entire narratives out of nothing at all.

    NYT is supposed to be the gold standard of Western Journalism(LOL), and it has fabricated complete lies about Russia and Trump. Fish rots from the head down.

  29. Shamu says:

    I hav non doubt that Joe Jackson was a minster, including sexually abusing his own children. But I also think it rather clear that Michael abused at least a couple of boys. That is common among male survivors of sexual abuse.

  30. BuelahMan says:

    It appears that Anglin has the same nose Michael had BEFORE Mike had his chopped off.

  31. Chester says:

    It’s possible Michael knew of the large-scale child trafficking operations run by “secular humanists.” He was trying to protect children like McCauley Culkin and perhaps planned to expose the child abuse. The response was to smear him with the same accusation.

    Does anyone remember the Moonwalker video game? The object of the game is to rescue all the children, some of which are literally tied up in closets.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  32. Trinity says:

    Self projection and “secular humanist” go together like peanut butter and jelly, like cheeseburgers and fries, like bagels and….

  33. eah says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    None of those stories is as well remembered, though, as that of Mike McQueary, a former Penn State quarterback and coach who, as a graduate student at the turn of the century, had been serving as an apprentice to the coaching staff. Two factors set McQueary apart. First, by 2012 he was the only mentally competent person who claimed to have seen Sandusky in the act of molesting a boy. And second, he was the informant who had alerted Coach Paterno and thence Athletic Director Curley, Vice President Schultz, and President Spanier. “Remember that little boy in the shower,” Governor Tom Corbett admonished the governing board that was about to sack all four men. And that boy in the shower is what the American public remembers, too.

    I’ve seen other reports about discrepancies in the accounts allegedly originating from McQueary, i.e. what he did and didn’t see ten years before.

    Mike McQueary wins defamation suit vs. Penn State, awarded $7.3 million

    I didn’t follow the Sandusky trial, so I don’t know the totality of evidence presented against him, nor how credible it was — but I certainly do remember the national near hysteria about the Sandusky case, ostensibly because it involved the sexual abuse of children, and how it was covered up or ignored.

    It’s worth contrasting that to the way the political and media establishments largely defend exposing children to drag and other overtly sexual material today — they would no doubt say there is a big difference between that and physical sexual abuse, to which one could reply yes, but for how much longer? — everyone has seen these people do not seem to know where to draw the line, i.e. the ‘slippery slope’ since Obergefell.

  34. @Vagrant Rightist

    I never paid attention to him interacting with other musicians or being a muso, that’s what amateur or pub level musicians in South Africa call someone who plays an instrument competently or who “gets” music enough to be creative or entertaining. I’m not one, but I tend to get along with people who fall into the subculture. Seeing that would likely have made my opinion about him more kind, the crass marketing of his shows was too much for me. I liked his early songs and Jackson 5 as a kid growing up in the 80’s because they were simple and carefree, later songs seem less natural, they need elaborate showmanship to give them context for me.

    I grew up just before MTV happened here, so adding visuals to music feels counterintuitive. The ideal for me is music that exists and makes sense all by itself, it’s a bit fussy but the reward is intensity, at the right time the right sounds and sentiments still make the hair on my arms stand up, just like the first times I was moved by music as a kid. OK, I remember I liked Billy Jean enough to change the lyrics to chili bean in my mind, so Jackson good. But he’s no(insert random white singer)!

  35. PJ London says:

    People like you and Shamu should be taken out, beaten and then choked until you expire.
    There is absolutely no evidence, zero, none that MJ ever so much as looked at a child in an abusive manner.
    People lie for many reasons, being American the reason was to get money. Suing someone with money is like taking a lottery ticket, hey you might get lucky with the jury.
    So people such as you are a disease that should be eradicated, perpetuating the lies and innuendos without a shred of evidence or truth.
    Such behaviour demands a physical punishment. You are too insignificant to take to court and too poor to be worth the cost.
    So all one can do is to say “F*ck you” unto your 5th and 6th generation. May your descendants know what kind of worthless scum you are.

  36. Anon[155] • Disclaimer says:

    He’s only still guilty in white people’s minds. In their little minds all it takes is accusing you of touching a kid or raping a bitch and you’re instantly guilty forever even if you’re proved innocent in court. They really go nuts about those two things for some reason and just refuse to ever acknowledge a man’s innocence.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  37. @Trinity

    Actually, the love of money is the root of all evil. The O’Jays’ song title gets it right.

  38. @PJ London

    Thank you for your comment. The time taken away from masturbating to your life-size Thriller poster is appreciated.

    • LOL: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @PJ London
  39. Trinity says:

    Top 3 All Time Nigra Dancers * Singers Only

    1. James Brown

    2. MC Hammer

    3. Michael Jackson

    Cue: Dancing Machine by Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5

    • Agree: bike-anarkist
  40. I believe MJ inherited white blood from both his parents which explains why he is such an oddity among blacks, and also why his skin started turning white.

    Cared about animals, the environment and children before it was cool. I mean really cared, not just because some Jew paid him to promote it. When did you ever see a black man who cared about nature?

    Was always a child at heart. Enjoyed climbing trees in his 40s.

    Wise to the Jews. Criticized them in a hit song.

    Admired Hitler and modelled his entire wardrobe on Nazi uniforms. Showed up to court in a remodelled Waffen SS jacket.

    Musically talented.

    Of course he was still black, but this collection of traits is not something you see in many blacks. MJ was very white. That might explain why the Jews went after him so hard too. They knew a Nazi when they saw one.

  41. @Alexandros

    “Hiel Hitler hee hee hee”. From, “Der Way Sie Make Me Fuhlen” .

  42. @Trinity

    I care more about exposing (((the liars))) than Michael Jackson. Kids do lie especially when their parents tell them to do so. Being a “freak” doesn’t make you a child molester. Jackson’s bodyguard? People LIE all the time, especially employees or former employees of the rich and famous.

    When is acceptable for a grown man to sleep in the same bed with children that are not his?

    IF they had to live as Elvis or MJ. People will sellout their own mother for money. Money is indeed the root of all evil, especially in Jew World.

    Money is not the root of all evil. Child molestation is not caused by greed.

    Both rich and poor commit crimes all the time.

    1 Timothy 6:10 was written before our modern time where wealthy globalists dream of turning our country into a third world plantation. It contains wisdom but isn’t 100% true.

  43. @PJ London

    A bit harsh… I agree somewhat.
    Solipsist is just behaving to his limitations.

  44. @Alexandros

    I believe MJ inherited white blood from both his parents which explains why he is such an oddity among blacks, and also why his skin started turning white.

    That is a good point and I don’t doubt he was a throwback. His brothers seem like distant cousins in early interviews and they are older than him. Throwbacks are a taboo subject but they make sense in the reality of race. Interestingly Blacks are aware of throwbacks and there are cases where the child came out entirely White despite having Black parents. Black women have been accused of cheating when it was really just a rare dice roll.

    Anyways he had lousy parents and the world wanted to worship him. I still don’t understand why so many Whites get the celebrity bug. They don’t care at all about what happens to people that are under constant attention and never get any privacy.

    But that doesn’t excuse his weirdness and crimes against children.

    Everything I have read suggests that most child molesters start in their teens. They aren’t made by fame.

  45. Let’s say the first accusation was a lie.

    It’s entirely plausible since he is wealthy and they were just looking for a payoff.


    But if you were accused of such vile acts would you continue sleeping with boys in your bed?

    Would you invite little boys to sleepover without their parents?

    Michael not only went back to having sleepovers but the accusations were consistent about him giving the boys “Jesus juice”. There were also pictures of naked boys found in the police raid.

    The guy is a child molester. Yes I realize that is hard for people with fond memories of his music. I also like some of his music. But I’ve looked at the evidence and there is no possible way that is he innocent. There is no law of the universe that states celebrities we like must be innocent of such crimes. Every single year some politician turns out to be a total pervert or rapist. Why would this not be true for celebrities?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  46. @John Johnson

    How about Roy Harper, a musician I used to like back in the day? He was charged with 10 counts of historical child sex abuse but was not convicted. Should I assume he is a child molester regardless of the court decisions?

    They’re going after Larry Holmes now for same:

    But yes, many celebrities, especially rock stars, have committed sex crimes and most have got away with it.

  47. GODISTV says:

    Wasn’t MJ trying to break out of his contract with Sony Music when these allegations arose?

  48. @Commentator Mike

    How about Roy Harper, a musician I used to like back in the day? He was charged with 10 counts of historical child sex abuse but was not convicted. Should I assume he is a child molester regardless of the court decisions?

    Well that is up to you.

    I wouldn’t put that much faith in a clown town jury involving a celebrity. Juries get celebrity goo-goo and are harder to convince.

    Both MJ and OJ would have been convicted if they were janitors.

    • Replies: @PhysicistDave
  49. PJ London says:

    Demonstrating your intellect again.
    Present a single shred of evidence.
    Oh, that is right, you don’t believe in evidence, or in fact anything at all.
    Only your mind exists and as you have shown, that is very small and limited.

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  50. @John Johnson

    Anyone inclined to take this Fed John Johnson seriously needs to look at this post in which he falsely and maliciously quoted me as having said something I simply did not say at all.

    What this lying bastard did was cut-and-pasted a statement posted by a White racist and falsely claimed that I had posted it.

    I pointed this out at the time.

    He did not retract it or admit what he did.

    John Johnson is a pathologically lying bastard.

    A typical Fed.

    Legally, the Fed committed libel. Open and shut.

    Does anyone think it is worth suing the bastard?

    I am going to start going back and attaching a version of this note to every post John Johnson has made.

  51. A couple of the young fellows that Michael Jackson had in his bedroom and his bed (Why!?) describe the same pose that MJ wanted them in before he went to work on himself. That negates Anglin’s theories that MJ didn’t abuse children and couldn’t get off. But he could sing and dance.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  52. @CelestiaQuesta

    They draw energy from you fighting them. Then they tie you in a knot. For them, that’s victory.

    A person has to disengage and get on with what is meaningful to them. Unfortunately, as you say, that’s the last thing a parasite wants. They cannot live without you. Your freedom is a threat to their livelihood. They claim to respect the U.N. charter in which every people has a right to self rule, then they turn around and ignore every referendum in which people vote to get away from them.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta, Bro43rd
  53. @James of Africa

    Well I get you. Yes, it’s more industrialized. More manufacturing a product perhaps. Lots of other people, writers, producers and sound engineers involved to the point that’s its hard to distill something just tied to the artist performing it.

    Then choreographers, stylists, tour managers and so on, and behind that huge powerful music executives and corporations. Lots of spectacle/image/process to sell. Still happening today of course. See it with these huge black R&B stars, but with white pop stars it’s not so different either.

    It’s said Jackson really kicked off MTV in some sense. Read apparently he wasn’t initially on MTV either, but one of his ‘secular humanist’ managers screeched about MTV’s racism and so the floodgates were opened.

    Jackson and similar figures became a huge way to sell blackness to whites..

    • Replies: @James of Africa
  54. @eah

    In addition to being contradictory, McQueary was himself quite probably convinced to work for Corbett and the OAG because of his own sordid history:

    E.g. sending dick pics to women.

    Football hypothetical histories are fun.

    In 1993, the star quarterback recruit in America was a kid from Berwick, PA named Ron Powlus. Powlus was a huge Notre Dame fan and that was where he went. Notre Dame’s offense, though, was not nearly as well-suited to Powlus’s talents as Penn State’s. With a somewhat similar pocket passer, Kerry Collins, Penn State produced a breathtaking offense in 1994 and was the best team in the country (despite what moron pollsters said). Oh well.

    Missing out on Powlus, Penn State settled for McQueary. McQueary only started one year, in 1997, but ingratiated himself into becoming a graduate assistant, then a wide receiver coach, and ultimately a sort of conduit between Paterno and other coaches.

    One of the many reasons the whole “cover-up” story was obvious nonsense was how contradictory the media was being; for years beforehand, they had accused Paterno of being a “figurehead”, too old to effectively coach. Then, quite suddenly, they were foolishly and mindlessly describing him as the Godfather of State College (playing, as always, on preferred Italian stereotypes).

    In reality, even if much of what the older Paterno did was to “coach the coaches,” some fabulous position coaches, like Larry Johnson (now defensive line coach at Ohio State), were happy to work with the “GOAT” … in fact, late Paterno PSU was known for having somewhat cheap position coaches as these guys were willing to get paid a bit less to work for the best (Joe was extremely cheap relative to his accomplishments anyway).

    However, as he was older and a bit hard of hearing, by 2003-05, he was reliant on McQueary during games to relay info back and forth. McQueary thus built a sort of trust between himself and Paterno, which may have been why the ailing Paterno didn’t quite grasp what McQueary was up to with his testimony.

    Noteworthy that the late Franco Harris aggressively confronted McQueary after Paterno’s death.

    Paterno was the greatest coach of all time, without question, but allowing himself to rely on McQueary was regrettable to say the least.

  55. HbutnotG says:

    And in that colored house, growing up to a life on welfare was not an option. The Jacksons were old timey up north coloreds with that urge to be upwardly mobile. I knew quite a few, in Detroit of all places, in the day.

    The Jackson 5 did some good songs. Unique, and entertaining. Thriller had some good stuff too.

    I sometimes wonder if their success was deliberately squelched and/or over shaded with that gruesome Michael stuff (deliberately staged and deliberately publicized) so that later on, as per plan, no-talent coloreds and Great Society bastards in general, would “look better.” [sound familiar?}

  56. do chere says:

    MJ, like all the so-called African Americans (they are Americans regardless of skin color), lived in a spiritual void which is the effect of slavery and the curtailing of fundamental human rights on the basis of skin color. America works only for those who are Americans because they chose to do so voluntarily. As an African, though I live in the midst of poverty, I feel I am better off spiritually by virtue of numbers and culture, than to live in an endless apartheid-like environment in which I am in the minority. Africans in America (as I’d prefer to call them) do their best to be part of a nation that lacks coherence and helpful morality and they always end up at the bottom due to factors beyond their control. America, as it is currently constituted, doesn’t have a place for Africans in America as much as history cannot be reversed. All that we see is tokenism behind the few black faces who, the globalists would want us to believe that there is fairness in the US for all.

  57. @Frank Walus

    I think you’d be hard pressed to find any rock star who hadn’t committed sex crimes, like statutory rape at least, and some probably even committed gang rape on drunk, drugged out, and passed out fans. Mick Jagger perhaps? LOL. It’s just that not all those now grannies are complaining about what they got up to before they were of legal limit. The crazy thing about these “historical” crimes is how do they even remember the date and time of the offence? How can the law treat them seriously and give the accused a fair trial when they can be accused on flimsiest of evidence or no evidence at all?

    • Replies: @Frank Walus
  58. @PhysicistDave

    “Does anyone think it is worth suing the bastard?”

    Definitely not even worth consulting a lawyer. He hasn’t libeled ‘you’ because ‘you’ don’t exist. If it were common knowledge(or perhaps even knowable, dunno) that “PhysicistDave” was in fact Sonny Lincoln then Sonny Lincoln could take an action for libel. The reverse does not apply. A person using a pseudonym can be sued for libel by a real person. even if the person is not named but can be identified.


    • Replies: @John Johnson
  59. @PJ London

    Intentional trolls tend to be funnier than the sad one-note people they resemble. Which are you?

  60. @James of Africa

    Jackson was well suited to music videos because of his improvisational dancing ability and his talent for choreographing routines with troupes of dancers. That is central to the making of music videos. Music videos were never interesting to me, because they don’t add anything to the listening experience, which is what music appreciation is, IMO. If anything, viewing a video detracts from the listening experience for me.

  61. @Anon

    Proving innocence in court is like proving a negative. Any defense lawyer who tries to prove his clients innocence is guilty of legal malpractice. Presenting a case for doubt is as far as a proper legal defense can go.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  62. @Commentator Mike

    Rock stars are probably more careful nowadays, or at least they should be. But back in the day, I don’t doubt that all kinds of questionable things went on, and age-verification was not a top priority. But the rockers tended to be heterosexual – with some exceptions – and weren’t going for pre-pubescent girls. Michael Jackson, otoh, was strictly interested in pre-pubescent boys for his overnights. This is a proclivity that is known to exist in some small percentage of men, and the rich & famous MJ acted upon it.

    MJ paid off kids long before he was ever charged, and his mother knew about it. I wouldn’t mind believing that MJ’s interest in children was entirely innocent, but it is bizarre for a grown man to have sleepovers with young boys AND I recall reading a lengthy article in which two separate kids described the same act that MJ had them engage in. The more famous kids, like Macaulay Culkin or Sean Lennon, he was smart enough not to molest. Because he had a negative perception of Jewish record execs or business managers doesn’t mean he wasn’t a pedophile.

  63. @Vagrant Rightist

    Speaking about selling blackness to whites, it was already being done by media, especially on TV, in 80’s South Africa. I remember watching things like The Cosby Show among others, or the start of advertising using blacks and whites in one TV ad, instead of the usual same script with different actors and languages for different channels. On “white” TV during Apartheid we had programming that rapidly went diverse, looking back. Some people seemed to be whispering about coming changes to get us used to the idea before you have chance to be shocked by the change, it seems.

    • Replies: @Vagrant Rightist
  64. Amazing how the press attacked MJ over mere ALLEGATIONS of child abuse while they censor the many many ACTUAL VIDEOS of Child Molester in Chief Biden groping 10 year old girls !!

  65. @James of Africa

    So the media were softening South Africa up for serious political changes coming.

    And now in the West the anti-white media content has become so extreme it would seem an ominous sign for the future.

    This is why, although I understand many whites’ like for black music, as soon as you open this door it gets whites to drop their guard, and it’s very hard to close the door again.

    It’s always starts with ‘nice blacks’, lighter skinned blacks, talented blacks, charming blacks, funny blacks. These are the wedge in.

    Whites don’t see that behind every Michael Jackson is a sea of regular blacks and other non-white races both homegrown and imported about to be unleashed.

    And when black entertainers turn out to be no different to average blacks anyway with violence, sexual abuse, drugs and so on, too many whites tend to only see the stuff they liked, the entertainment; they remember the music claiming the bad stuff is a conspiracy or a lie.

    The fantastic thinking some whites have about Jackson in particular, but also other black entertainers is really something extraordinary. Even many blacks reject a lot of the stuff repeated in this thread as fantasy.

  66. @Twodees Partain

    Common Law has NO interest in the Truth or Justice. It is an adversarial, winner takes all, system. The winner almost invariably is the richer.

  67. @Commentator Mike

    Or Rolf Harris. In bad odour for allowing Establishment paedos including Jimmy Saville to escape, they picked on Cliff Richard (??!!)virtually asexual, and Rolf, a dedicated roue’, although it had been kept stum. A few women whose lives had not turned out well were convinced that a sexual dalliance with Rolf was to blame, even when NONE implied any force or coercion, just ‘grooming’.
    ‘Grooming’ turned out to be extrovert and friendly behaviour, that turned sexual. Apparently the old goat enjoyed a root, and had many partners, of which very few were convinced by the usual sexual witch-hunters that they were ‘abused’. Not a few testified, despite it all, that Rolf was the nicest, friendliest, most decent person they’d ever met. Plainly a threat to the social order.
    One hilarious tale was on the BBC (where else). The victim, of Jimmy Saville, said that Saville had visited the facility where she lived, on night, with Rolf Harris. ‘Rolf Harris’ the BBC feminazi ejaculated, beside herself with gleeful anticipation. ‘What happened?’. Obviously a peadofest.
    Regretably, no. Rolf got out the wobble board, and led the girls in a happy sing-song, then left, leaving Saville, somewhere, behind. The BBC bitch was almost in tears in frustration.
    Rolf’s trial was ludicrous. The witnesses had poor memories, the offenses were almost all ‘inappropriate touching’, that any touchy-feely person could be persecuted for, one consensual relationship that was claimed to have begun when the ‘victim’ was too young, legally, and one ‘victim’ had received thirty-three thousand quid for her story. But in summing up the prosecutor, Sasha Wass, in that inimitable Common Law practise, painted Rolf as a veritable Epstein, Bluebeard or Jimmy Saville. Justice was done.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  68. @mulga mumblebrain

    20 years ago a song by two Romanian girls telling guys to touch their bums was No.2 in the UK charts for several weeks

    So what’s the big deal? You’d have thought that was acceptable then or they would have banned it. Yet now it turns out to be a historical sex offence. I have to say I never approved of touching or pinching bums but prosecuting people now for something that was culturally acceptable in the past is ridiculous.

  69. Brosi says:
    @Priss Factor

    I have seen “secular humanist” several times lately referring to Jews. Is this comment by Fuentes the origin?

    Urban Dictionary still hasn’t picked up this new meaning.

    It will be interesting to see if the secular humanists cock-block the alt-right using this term by perverting it somehow. Perhaps they will come up with some disgusting new anal sex act and call it “the secular humanist”.

  70. CSFurious says:

    This is a great perspective and I agree with it. Thank you for clearing his name.

  71. Alrenous says: • Website

    A note on leftist mendacity.

    Imagine a murder. You ask about it.

    “I didn’t kill him.” <= a person who really wasn't involved.

    "I didn't kill him." <= a second person, who is just lying.

    You say to them:
    "Okay, let's go and visit this nondescript grassy field."

    First person: "Oh…kay? Sure, what for? Are we having a picnic?"

    Second person: "Ummm why do you want to visit that field? Are you racist or something? Only skinheads hang out there."

    The body is buried in the field. The murderer resists being taken to the field because they know where the body is buried. They understand that getting them near the field is part of linking them to the body.

    Leftists always know where the body is buried. They always know what facts they need to cover up. They're just lying.
    They buried the body in the skinhead park precisely so they could use that excuse for avoiding the place later. If you trick them into thinking it's not a skinhead park anymore, they still won't go, because you can't trick them into thinking the body isn't buried there.

  72. @Alexandros

    I believe MJ inherited white blood from both his parents which explains why he is such an oddity among blacks, and also why his skin started turning white.

    Nope. His skin was chemically lightened by a cosmetic surgeon and his facial features were radically altered by plastic surgeons. Look at the album photos on “Off the Wall” and compare them to the photos on “Thriller album covers. He started with typical African features and dark skin before his surgery addiction took hold.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  73. @PhysicistDave

    With UR’s posting restrictions, it might take you a decade to complete the task of attaching the notes. Meanwhile, JJ will keep lying his ass off. Don’t worry. Most people here probably have his lying ass on ignore anyway.

  74. @Twodees Partain

    Nope. His skin was chemically lightened by a cosmetic surgeon and his facial features were radically altered by plastic surgeons.

    Well we all know his skin was unnatural and chemically lightened.

    But that isn’t what he was talking about.

    He was suggesting that MJ inherited personality traits that are more common in Whites.

    That is possible without having light skin.

    You can in fact have dark skin and still inherit personality traits from a White ancestor.

  75. @acementhead

    Definitely not even worth consulting a lawyer. He hasn’t libeled ‘you’ because ‘you’ don’t exist. If it were common knowledge(or perhaps even knowable, dunno) that “PhysicistDave” was in fact Sonny Lincoln then Sonny Lincoln could take an action for libel. The reverse does not apply. A person using a pseudonym can be sued for libel by a real person. even if the person is not named but can be identified.

    I acknowledged I replied to the wrong person in that thread but he has lost it mentally like a crazy ex-girlfriend.

    • Replies: @Dnought
  76. Dnought says:
    @John Johnson

    I read through the thread Physicist Dave was talking about and you were clearly in error. An honorable man would have apologized as soon as he figured it out, and tried to do what was reasonably possible to rectify that error.

    Reading through that topic I saw no evidence you did any of those things, at that time. I don’t blame him for being angry.

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