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The Biden Demands Social Media (And Fox News, Spotify) Silence People Who Disagree with Him
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One of the Bidens – or perhaps a CGI deep fake – on Thursday demanded that social media AND news companies ban people for “spreading disinformation.”

At this point, it’s hard to believe they could really be asking for more social media censorship. They are asking for that. But they are probably primarily targeting Fox News, as Tucker Carlson noted last night.

Tucker Carlson is the highest rated news host on television, but he still only has a quarter of the audience of Joe Rogan (above and beyond the most listened to person in America), who has also refused to go along with this Biden virus/vax mania.

Biden’s statements come shortly after a “coalition” of experts demanded that Spotify shut down Joe Rogan.

Spotify paid Joe Rogan \$100,000,000 to move off of YouTube and podcast apps onto their platform, so they could force you to download their app (or at least sign-up for their service) to listen to his show. During the switch-over, when Joe’s archive was deleted from YouTube and reuploaded on Spotify, they decided to book burn several episodes, including Alex Jones interviews, and – ironically – some interviews with HIV denialists.

(HIV was the first big virus hoax, the OG virus hoax, also organized by Anthony Fauci, who spread the now obviously moronic disinformation claim that heterosexuals could get AIDS. Like Sars-CoV-2, HIV has never been proved to exist, and it’s never been explained how AIDS is different from GRIDS, which was the original classification of immune system collapse among homosexuals. Just a little side note here.)

I have no idea what Joe’s contract looks like, but he’s had Alex Jones back on since he’s been on Spotify, and he’s continued to do interviews with doctors countering the official narrative on the virus/vax.

He recently did a viral interview with Robert Malone, which the media obsessively condemned.

(Here’s that full interview on BitChute so you don’t have to sign up for the Spotify MLM scam.)

Video Link

Joe’s also been vocal about personally not taking the vax, and the media insanely accused him of taking “horse paste.”


Joe is an interesting figure, as he’s wavered back and forth between touching forbidden issues and shilling for the establishment. Frankly, I have no idea what is going on with him. I don’t really think he’s “controlled opposition.” He seems to just have two dogs competing for his soul:

  • Chronic low self-esteem
  • A legit desire to understand reality (and do an interesting and different show)

The low self-esteem and his connection to various Hollywood people and “intellectual dark web” gatekeepers seems to be what is keeping him in check on some of these issues, rather than a Spotify contract.

Spotify might be in a position where they don’t have any control over his content, contractually, and they are just dealing with the fact they paid ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS for a guy who the whole entire establishment is calling on them to ban. (That would obviously mean that deleting things from the archive was just a loophole they found and exploited.)

What I can say is that whatever the case, Joe is one of the big ones that the Biden people want silenced.

Along with, obviously, everyone else who disagrees with them in any way at all.

And yes – this is all obviously a violation of the First Amendment. But that is a battle that people should have fought in 2017 when the government allowed every tech company in America to silence me. It’s already just an established precedent that the government can collude with private companies to silence dissidents.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The “Biden administration” is a ((Jewish)) administration (ZOG).

    Hence their pathology to control every conversation that takes place in America.

    They did the same thing to Russia under the ((Bolsheviks)) in their attempt to genocide that nation. They’re still trying to genocide Russia, but have added America to their kill list.

    • Agree: Fr. John
  2. This is what happens when you have so many laws, so many departments and bureaucracies, that none of the laws actually matter, and it’s not clear who is in charge.

    You install the senile old man as the puppet, and some other people are the real power behind the throne. It isn’t really clear who is truly in charge beyond broad terms of the deep state and the Democratic Party, and it’s inevitable that there exist competing personalities who are all conceited morons in their own ways, who can barely work together based purely on hatred for the American people.

    Welcome to Anarcho-Tyranny USA.

    • Agree: Decoy
    • Replies: @Decoy
    , @Avery
  3. 81 million living, legal voters selected this senile POS tyrant over Trump?

    Don’t think so.

  4. Alrenous says: • Website

    Biden varies in appearance a lot, like a series of poor body doubles or incompetent CGI.

    Actually it would be competent CGI in this case: he would look uncannily similar all the time, if it were real CGI. This is a stranger-than-fiction moment. He’s consistently addled, which his putative body-doubles would be unable to pull off convincingly. They would slip and either be a caricature of addled or accidentally lucid. More likely they wouldn’t have allowed the reputation to develop in the first place, come to think.

    But yes, of course he demands “private” companies censor his opponents? America is a Fascist terror state. Like all Fascist states, the government de facto owns every company, as part of public-private “partnership.”

    However, it’s a feminine Fascist terror state, unlike masculine Hitler or Stalin. This means you’re supposed to act like a lazy bitch and stonewall for no apparent reason. Women in general are less principled, which really takes the edge off radical egalitarianism.

    What’s going on with Joe is pretty easy. He’s basically a normie. He’s inconsistent because he isn’t intelligent or intellectually-dedicated enough to be consistent. Like poverty, inconsistency is the natural state of Man, and he happens to lack the cognitive resources to overcome it.

    This is also why he’s so very popular. The other confused, half-literate, half-articulate normies identify with him so hard. Contrast smooth-talking Tucker…who can’t help but remind normies that they stumble over their words on the regular, never mind the ideas behind the words.

    The Intellectual Dim Web never fails to make me laugh, thanks for bringing it up.
    …they are a comedy act, right?

    Speaking of comedy, we should definitely call this the Joe vs. Joe hoedown.

    > But that is a battle that people should have fought in 2017

    Err, u wot m8? Americans lost any moral authority against totalitarianism when they endorsed Lincoln. You actually dun fukt up in 1776; the American “experiment” cannot be called anything but stillborn. The spirit of terrorist nutjob John Adams lives to this day.

    • Disagree: Fr. John
    • Replies: @Fr. John
    , @Franz
  5. Silencing the opposition is the hallmark of a leadership caste that has no moral authority to lead. Elected authority perhaps, or in centuries past the authority rested in heritage and lineage. But when those in charge know deep inside their power is all based on a foundation of lies and any good questions can’t be answered, it is quite easier to eliminate those who ask the questions.

    To paraphrase an old saying about the law “horse thieves were hung, not to stop the thief, but to stop the other potential thieves” we can now use “censorship isn’t really about quieting one voice, it’s about making everyone else too scared to speak up”.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  6. Gordo says:

    You’re a good and entertaining writer Andrew. Saying HIV isn’t real just makes you look stupid.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  7. Fr. John says:

    Stop calling that which is clearly (((Bolshevik))), fascist! It’s not.

    It’s jewish, marxist, Gramscian BOLSHEVISM, by the same players that gave us the horrific crime of Regicide of the late Czar and his innocent family.

    And why not? They already had committed DEICIDE, 20 centuries, earlier.

    Yes, I am brutally honest about this.

    • Replies: @Wyatt
  8. Decoy says:
    @Bing Bong Trump

    We are in scary territory now. Just when high school students should be reading 1984 we have them being indoctrinated by Critical Race Theory. Not sure how long fleeing to Red States is going to be a workable way around the madness.

    • Replies: @Bing Bong Trump
  9. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @American Citizen

    But when those in charge know deep inside their power is all based on a foundation of lies and any good questions can’t be answered, it is quite easier to eliminate those who ask the questions.

    Proving that these “Democrats” and neocon Republicans HATE free speech and democracy. Hence Biden is opening the borders up to desperately poor people who will vote Democrat for peanuts from Uncle Shlomo, so they can get elected and go about the “serious business” of destroying the world.

    Not only are these creatures a collective of narcissists, but they’re Satanic narcissists. That includes Conservatism, Inc.

  10. Wyatt says:
    @Fr. John

    You’re brutally uninformed if you ignored his last part because that was the important bit. That guy hit the nail on the head in reference to Lincoln’s tyranny and Adam’s federalism. Both of those men set up the conditions which allowed all of this to happen. Overwhelming governmental power is what allows jews to dominate because they are inclined to states of authoritarianism. Weaker federal power, weaker jews.

    • Thanks: Alrenous
    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @Chris Moore
  11. Avery says:
    @Bing Bong Trump

    {This is what happens when you have so many laws, ……who is in charge.}

    The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.
    Tacitus (Roman historian and politician)

  12. Alrenous says: • Website

    Jews function as stormtroopers and scapegoats. They carry the water, but they are not the well.

    I won’t say ‘they’re just as much victims as gentiles’ but they’re like poor Vinny, addicted to something he knows isn’t good for him, but can’t stop. Vinny has to take all the risks shaking down poor innocents for protection money, while his racially distinct bosses reap all the profit.

    • Replies: @Wyatt
    , @Bing Bong Trump
  13. Franz says:

    You actually dun fukt up in 1776; the American “experiment” cannot be called anything but stillborn.

    Aah, well.

    Patriots fought for the Articles of Confederation and when the shooting adjourned, were given “a Republic if You Can Keep It,” the snottiest and nastiest of all insults.

    Anyway, as Daniel Shays ended up seeing, it was just an empire with republican decorations — to be pulled out now and then for show but to remain toothless otherwise.

    Is this in anywise different from England? The Brit empire enriched all of 2, maybe 3 percent of the population. Everyone else got gruel and belch-making beer. Okay, when I was in the navy we all liked the beer. But we were also kids.

    As soon as anyplace on earth gets a stash growing, the parasites descend. From Amsterdam they saw London getting fat and said, “time to jump” and went. Why didn’t England, later “The British Empire,” give them the boot? Don’t slam others for what you didn’t do yourself.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  14. This guy is BAD news. Biden is a sick person. The media would have been blathering crying and screaming if Trump had done half of the stuff Biden has done so far. It’s why anyone who regularly listens to the political reports of the MSM is, in my opinion, simply being brainwashed.

    • Agree: follyofwar
  15. Wyatt says:

    They carry the water, but they are not the well.

    No, you throw them down the well.

    • Replies: @Nodwink
  16. @Alrenous

    Jews have always (willingly) filled the technocrat class, e.g. going right back to the arrival of the Normans in England.

    However there is a stage above the technocrat class, which I would call the rentier elite, which while containing Jews, is not as Jewish as the technocrat class.

    Look at that delusional pie faced moron Prince Charles for instance. Exhibit A for why you need a Republic rather than playing lucky dip in the royal uterus and a class of people who think of us as peasants and have never had any problem unleashing a Jewish run system to destroy the middle class. In America the equivalent is Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton.

  17. @Decoy

    My concern is that they apply critical race theory to the Injuns, so as to stop the interior west escaping, and de facto decree that the south has to be run by blacks. This pincer movement wouldn’t be a priority, and it might not work too well, but it is a concern nonetheless.

  18. All dog-faced pony soldiers must kneel before mighty Biden.

  19. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Lincoln’s tyranny and Adam’s federalism.

    ((Jews)) were slavers, that’s why they hated Lincoln. They’re still slavers, only of the Globalist (cheap labor) variety. There’s nothing wrong with a strong confederation as long as its of strong Christian stock. What’s Christianity? What Zionists call “anti-Semitism.” Zionist slavers hate opposition to “anti-Semitism,” thus they hate Christianity.

    • Replies: @GenFranco
  20. Alrenous says: • Website

    The rot goes back to the reconquest of Toledo in 1085, whose library contained the Greek texts which allowed the dead hand of “Wormtongue” Protagoras to get around Europe’s throat once more.

    Of course by 1776 Britain was largely a mass of ligature marks. There wasn’t throat to satisfy all the hands, so the skeletons grabbed onto everything they could find.

    It would be great if Protagoras was the only source, but as it turns out, Sophistry gets into everything once it’s out of the bottle. You can find a lot of Sophistry in Plato, you can find bits and pieces in Aristotle. The stuff gets everywhere. Makes coronaviruses look like tame homebodies. (E.g. leprosy is real hard to catch.) Since about 1100, the Sophistry infection has been monotonically getting worse. You more or less know it as leftism.


    You guys seem to have a lot of mythology about the class structure, though. Plato knew. You weren’t free in Britain? You weren’t free in America either, what’s your point? Especially when “free” means having more money than those more competent than you are. Has never happened, will never happen.

    (Monarchy isn’t good either, it’s just better than Republic. More on this later.)

    You can trace the fall of Monarchy by guessing at the spread of Sophistry. Athens lost her archon, then it spread to Rome and it got all Tarquinned. A few other places had this too, largely when you would expect exposure to Athenian ideas to reach a critical point. When it got to England they went all Magna Carta and constitutional republic and blah blah and it created a tyranny, as overthrowing your monarch always does. Again: Plato knew.

    The official classes don’t matter at all, because personnel is policy. If you want good policy, you need a people who are wise, brave, and trustworthy, so you can have a leader who is wise, brave, and trustworthy.

    Were the founders wise, brave, or trustworthy? They were none of the above. They would have been completely wrecked if Britain hadn’t already filled her leadership positions with treacherous swine. Full on Satan worshippers, like they were competing for the 9th circle leaderboard.

    The last king of England was Charles the II, and, like Sulla before him, he clearly didn’t go anywhere near far enough. Everyone else has just been LARPing as king. They have queens there now, lol. (Guess: America’s Sulla was Robert E. Lee. Lost the war this time around.)

    Plato thought the loss of wisdom came first (it’s the most difficult), then courage, then mere trustworthiness, whereupon you get a Democracy / Republic. This isn’t quite correct. What’s lost between Democracy and tyranny? Nothing. There is no democratic in-between period, you move directly from plutocracy to tyranny.

    The People can no more rule than a hog can fly a plane. Committee simply doesn’t work – unless you are the Sophist who has mind-controlled the committee, of course. Sophists are very smart. They know the peasantry is exactly as ignorant and as gullible as its reputation suggests, so they like to formally put the peasants in charge, because they’re so easy to manipulate. It all becomes Sophist-Sophist infighting using proxy armies, e.g. BLM.

    This produces a telltale irresponsibility signal. The Sophists can do whatever they want, and blame the people/the blacks/the jews etc. Why? If you’re responsible, you invoke Conquest #1. In other words, when the Sophist lies to you, your own money is on the line, so you check and see through the lies. Sophists hate it! Thus, Democracy. Put formal decision-making power in the hands of someone who has nothing to do with the costs or consequences of the decision. Ideally someone none too bright, like Hillary Clinton. Why make your manipulation more work than it needs to be?

    Although Democracy is the full tyrannous flowering of the Sophism infection, Monarchy encourages Sophism, rather than discouraging it. In most cases kings are incredibly smart – at least, smarter than you. They can’t be Sophist’d very easily at all, aside from the odd bad apple here and there. You can tell, because the dumb ones get assassinated or usurped on the regular. Selection effect.

    The full responsibility-irresponsibility spectrum runs from property rights to communism. Monarchy sits firmly left of the [property rights] end. Nothing like Fascism of course, but there’s a big gap between good leadership and Monarchy. In this gap, Sophism flourishes.

    The monarch allegedly has certain “royal prerogatives” that you’re not allowed to negotiate or buy your way out of. What is this? This is creeping totalitarianism. If these rights are wrongs, you are just kind of fucked and your country is too. If they can’t get Sophism from Toledo, they’ll reinvent it the way Protagoras allegorically did. The society is on death watch, it’s just a matter of time.

    The Sophist will continually argue for the expansion of the “royal” prerogatives, and why is the king going to say no? Historically, he doesn’t. Eventually the king arrogates all power to himself, whereupon the Sophist switches from Divine Right of Kings to Divine Right of Mobs. Haha, oops! Totalitarianism get!

    There’s a world of difference – a heaven and hell kind of difference – between being a follower and being a subject. Your king only has Divine Right if you, likewise, have the Divine Right to say no. “I can’t lead myself any more than a hog can fly a plane, but I sure as shit ain’t following you.”

    Leadership corruption is inevitable. It is simply far too attractive to cluster B sufferers and incarnate devils. They want and need to grab unearned authority. As a result, is necessary for the followers to be allowed to stop following. Exit is the only legitimate political formula; the more cheaply and the more completely you can exit the system of authority, the more legitimate it is, and the more legitimate it will remain.

    Meanwhile, America: you’re allowed to fire one (1) USG employee, once (1) every four years, in favour of one (1) other hand-picked candidate, out of more than a hundred million employees. Personnel is policy. How’s that working out for you?

    Of course the Greek texts also contained the seeds of Science, so that’s neat. First recognized in Robert Grossetest.
    In the original Greek, I believe philosophy was an immune reaction to rampant Sophistry. You think Sophists hate responsibility, wait till you see how much they hate clear, logical thinking. Wisdom is their kryptonite. They react to thinking in straight lines like vampires react to garlic and crosses; this is funny only because it’s so very true.

  21. Franz says:

    The People can no more rule than a hog can fly a plane.

    But that’s why they don’t.

    We have the Electoral College and even without, when you can program the voting machines a year before the election, democracy is more a sham now than it was in the beginning.

    My ancestors were either horsemen or sailors and the numbers were always small. A band of hunters know each other; likewise men on ships prior to AD 1000. Technology created a world of strangers AND a bumper crop of new strangers without end. Voltaire’s axiom that “agriculture and metallurgy makes slavery inevitable” has been proved over and over again. Whether debt slavery, minority slavery, make-work slavery, it comes down to the same thing.

    The only activists I follow are the ones that Isolationists here that used to say: Do NOT be fruitful. Do NOT multiply. People have bred themselves into a corner. Like everything else, the more units there are the less every individual unit is worth.

    Small populations inevitably create the human condition optimal: The rule of the pack. There can be no useless eaters in charge. There can be no useless followers either. And I think, in the next few generations or sooner, we are going to be there and it will last a long, long time.

  22. @Gordo

    That depends, I think you look stupid for believing government hoaxes.

  23. GenFranco says:
    @Chris Moore

    “((Jews)) were slavers”

    Yes, that’s why they ran the slave trade out of Rhode Island, even after the Confederate States of America outlawed the slave trade forever. Jewish bankers backed Lincoln.

    Which looks more promising to jewish power, the industrial/democratic North or the agrarian/aristocratic South?

    Actually, this is not theoretical. We know how this turned out.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  24. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Yes, that’s why [Jews] ran the slave trade out of Rhode Island, even after the Confederate States of America outlawed the slave trade forever.

    We know ((Jews)) will do literally anything for money, no holds barred. In fact, that’s why they’re projecting their crimes against Blacks onto White people today — because Globalist profits requires “integration,” and also to maintain the “Chosen” racket.

    To hear ((Jews)) tell the story, White people are racist, have always been racist, and the transatlantic slave trade proves it.

    It was ((Jews)) and their White stooges (a subset of defective, short-sighted, greed-driven Whites) who ran the transatlantic slave trade. But ((Jews)) of course, are “Chosen” and so can do no wrong and have never done anything wrong. Hence, as history moves along, they project all of their retrospective crimes onto goyim nations, and rewrite history with them as the champions of the wronged.

    These are a truly psychotic, megalomaniac people, and those who get in bed with them on what will later be revealed as crimes against humanity have to be almost as insane.

    The Israel First “War on Terror” is another prime example that implicates a subset of “elite” White and Black scum who pushed it for the ((Jews)).

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