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Taibbi and Shellenberger Take the Twitter Files to Congress
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This is the big one.

We’re blowing the lid off the Dems and their censorship, once and for all.

New York Post:

Journalist Matt Taibbi eviscerated Twitter and other social and mainstream media outlets during a House Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday, saying their collusion with the federal government over “disinformation” had created “a form of digital McCarthyism” in the 21st century.

“Effectively, news media became an arm of a state-sponsored thought-policing system,” Taibbi, 53, told members of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government in his opening statement.

“We learned Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other companies developed a formal system for taking in moderation ‘requests’ from every corner of government: the FBI, DHS, HHS, DOD, the Global Engagement Center at State, even the CIA.”

Taibbi — who along with fellow reporters Michael Shellenberger and Bari Weiss was granted access last year to Twitter’s internal communications by CEO Elon Musk — said his “Twitter Files” investigation revealed that the social media giant collaborated with the US government “to turn the internet into an instrument of censorship and social control” as part of an “anti-disinformation” push.

He said the so-called “Twitter Files” found the government’s actions pose a “grave threat to people of all political persuasions,” citing the suppression of The Post’s bombshell Hunter Biden laptop story in October 2020.

“It’s not possible to instantly arrive at truth. It is however becoming technologically possible to instantly define and enforce a political consensus online, which I believe is what we’re looking at,” Taibbi told Congress — a reality, he said, that Shellenberger has termed the “Censorship-Industrial Complex.”

Taken as a whole, the social media companies’ commitment to policing free speech, Taibbi said, violates the original purpose of the internet.

It has basically nullified the internet.

I watched some clips. It’s whatever.

The funniest thing was that disgusting yenta Washerwoman Schultz saying that Taibbi is just in it for the money, which really did seem like some kind of joke. She was like “so, you make money by working, huh? That’s very convenient.”

I also liked when some black bitch pronounced “Binance” like I will always pronounce the name of Jay-Z’s fat wife.

But yeah, overall, I mean. I already knew all this stuff was happening, because I am the most censored person on earth.

It’s really just exhausting to talk about it at this point. On some level, sure, I’m glad it’s now a matter of public record that the government is doing the censorship. But I also know as an absolute matter of fact that Democrats do not care, and actually support the government silencing people they disagree with.

This ultimately amounts to just more of this “oh, now we’ve proved the Democrats are wrong!” stuff that simply does not do anything. Frankly, I look at this, and it looks like a net negative. You’ve got the smooth talker Jim Jordan up there making it look like the Republicans are doing something by “exposing” the FBI – but what are they doing to stop this from happening? Elon Musk isn’t working with the FBI as the head of Twitter, but the FBI is still running the censorship for Facebook, Google, etc. and Republicans are not going to do anything about that.

Instead, they are going to “own the libs” by proving them wrong. The libs will not admit they are wrong and will instead simply laugh at Jim Jordan. But the Republican base will celebrate the fact that Jordan owned them, even though he is doing precisely nothing to stop the Democrats from doing what they are doing.

Once again: the real enemy is not the Democrats, the Jews, the FBI, or whatever. The real enemy is Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Jim Jordan, and the rest of these Republicans who refuse to do anything to stop the Democrats and their agenda. We don’t have any other way of stopping them then the Republican Party using its power in the government to stop them, and instead of stopping them, the Republicans do these big circus shows to keep proving them wrong over and over again.

Do you see how this is all just very pointless?

Taibbi and Shellenberger seem like good guys. I’m not criticizing them. I’m sure they would like to see the Republicans do something to stop this censorship from happening.

Shellenberger called for truth and reconciliation, which would be real.

We would all like to see that. The entire right-wing.

But the Republicans are never going to do that or anything else. They are going to act like proving the Democrats wrong is doing something, as the Democrats continue to do whatever the hell they want with virtually no resistance from the GOP.

Fast talker Jordan is a major boon for these people. This guy does literally nothing, ever. But he talks like a radio host!

It’s exhausting and I’m sick of talking about it.

Here’s the full hearing, for anyone who cares.

Video Link

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Censorship, Twitter 
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  1. Who would win a fight between Republicans in Congress and the Deep State?

    What exacatly do you want Republicans to do that they actually have the power to do?
    What do you do Andrew besides trying to expose the truth?

    If the RINOS suddenlly became patriats they still would not controll the Senate or the Administration and if they did they still would not controll the Deep State.

    Only Putin and Xi can save us. In the meantime, give domestic truth tellers their due.

  2. Jews, Jews, Jews. What more can you, collectively write about them? They are the Takers, and the rest of the Christian world are the Givers and Enablers.

    Get the picture? It is time to take that laxative and expel the reasons why Christians have ALLOWED Jews to have taken them, reprogrammed them to surrender their entire personas, possessions, and cognitive function and processes.

    They did not use direct force. They convinced other Christians to be on their side and be virtual Chosen, acting against their own tribes, ethnicity. They used force multiplier strategies, taking control of financial, economic, social and cultural choke points. The intelligentsia of the Western World has been the greatest asset and faithful servant, easy to enlist, having under-developed maturity and common sense, even easier to maintain. The “Natural Aristocracy” is more likely to bend Reality, create and conflate Fantasy with Reality, and use the power of abstract conceptualization to create non-existent representations. Give one of these Weak Sisters a hefty bank account, professional promotion, and enhanced status, and you have a conscious Typhoid Mary, In His Maggotry Secret Service.

    Who wrote the following?:

    It does seem that capitalism, when it grows and scales upward morphs into and merges in many ways with the state. This is by way of wealth concentration. For this to occur, anti-monopoly and merger laws must be weakened, and a legal system must depart from being impartial and fair. Capitalism, like a life force, has an innate and reflexive drive to grow larger and larger. Unchecked, its power can reach the point where sociopaths and malignant narcissists are drawn to command it.

    Capitalism is a machine like organism. It has no conscience or inhibition in its purest form. In the past such inhibitions and modifications came from religious principles from the canons of Christian morality. Now there is nothing. What follows is the masquerade for its rapacity in the outward form of imagery, lies, misrepresentations, etc. For this to be passed off requires a government under its control, including the judicial branch. And it can hide its agenda and actions against competition and enemies by surrogate undertakings of the state, in its service. It’s like Sky Net in The Terminator.

    Of course, capitalism fused and infused by a useful, practical, and powerful religion or code of teachings and inherent ethics is the ideal system. The religion or code has to be immutable and internally consistent and properly structured in order to meet the challenge of innate drive to power, wealth and control. Nietzschean “Superman” concepts will not cover the bases. These constructs an ideas are tactical and short lived, not strategic and broad enough to encompass the range of human expression, experience. The Superman concept is a monaural channel, or monorail. Buddhism is a multiplex, Unix like kernel that can run various programs utilizing a nucleus of commonality. Like the Reynold’s Numbers in fluid flow calculations, it uses contradiction, contraindication and non-intuitive precepts and concepts to balance a system, virtual or concrete. Higher mathematics are a subset of Buddhist thinking, or rather endeavor.

    So, the next time you hear some uber wealthy [“Behind a large fortune, there is a large crime}, say that he or she or it is a “socialist”, “progressive”, et al., know that they are deceptively posturing as a “man of the people”, a pathetic fanfare for the common man, and such other diversion drivel and diversion. What they really mean is that they want to harness the power of the state not for wealth redistribution (well, the wealth of the 99%), but that they want to control every aspect of every event and every person. And that of course is unnatural, creating unnatural craving and desire and mandatory participation and payment. This not governing, this is ruling. Capitalism always wants to reduce “waste” or excess cost and overhead. In its pure form, it is a slave colony creator.
    “Socialism is Communism”-Joseph Stalin.
    You see, whatever falls out of the sky will soak into the soil. Since both extreme, misused capitalism and socialism/contain the same toxins, to an earthworm who absorbs these substances, there is no difference.

    I did. The limits of Materialist Determinism, Atheism (a massive self deception masking ludicrous narcissism and stupidity), and the Positivism/ Rationalism of the West as tools of defensive, succor, and remedy have failed, and will always fail against an enemy and counter force that is utilizing all the tools available without regard to form or limitation. Amorality means the end justifies the means.

    Their is no escaping the ineluctable truth: The Christian is work project of weakness, meekness, and vulnerability. He is a member of a flock. Bishops in the Catheter Church have staffs that resemble those of sheep herders, with a crooked neck for re-positioning the lambs from the collective. Baaaaad. Protestants are eternally anxious, compartmented little people who are afraid of unity of Consciousness, the fusion of emotion and intellect;

    The Christian religions-excepting Orthodoxy in most cases-is the “hormone blocker” for development beyond puberty, toward Individuation and development of unity of Ego, the Persona, finding and exploring personal archetypes, and much more.

    Christianity is like a nutritionless breakfast cereal for kids. Full of sugar, artificial flavors, in sum a mimicry of real food that contributes to building health.

  3. I like the photo of McConnell, Schumer and whatshisnuts enjoying a good laugh as they get ready to nail the American people to the Cross. McConnell saying, “You’re going to use THAT. I think you’re going to need a bigger hammer! Hahahaha”

    • Thanks: Timur The Lame
  4. @WorkingClass

    >> Who would win a fight between Republicans in Congress and the Deep State?

    Let’s see… who owns the guns and produces all the food? And who thinks that numbers in a computer are actual wealth? Gee, I wonder.

    >>What exacatly do you want Republicans to do that they actually have the power to do?

    You may have heard of guns.

    >>Only Putin and Xi can save us.

    Oh goodie! Communists who are owned by the same jews who own the communists who run our nation right now! Surely they will save us from their own masters!

    >>In the meantime, give domestic truth tellers their due.

    No, you’re just fucking retarded. Literally clinically retarded. Yuri Bezmenov exposed you imbeciles 40 years ago. Your worthless prattle has never worked at any time in human history.

  5. fnn says:

    Here’s something that can be done. Demand the State of Tennessee seize control of the Memphis Zoo. PRC has noticed that the blacks of Memphis have been abusing the Pandas they gave them in 2003. One has recently died and the Chinese hope to repatriate the other one soon. If the blacks have been doing this to Pandas, I’m sure there are other animals who don’t have a lobby who are receiving inadequate care or worse:

  6. @WorkingClass

    Who would win a fight between Republicans in Congress and the Deep State?

    If he is alive Jeffrey Epstein knows the answer to this question. If he is dead he knew. Either way he will not be telling us.

    • Replies: @ld
  7. “America Has The Best Politicians Money Can Buy” – Will Rogers.

  8. Jim Jordan is boob bait for bubbas. “Give’em Hell, Jim … so we don’t have to do it for real.”

    If I pay attention to US elections nowadays, it is only for the entertainment value, and there ain’t much of that without the Bad Orange Man. Even Large Marge is kind of bland.

    • Agree: ld
    • Replies: @Realist
  9. @WorkingClass

    >Only Putin and Xi can save us

    No one is coming to save the White race. Only White men can save it. Reclaim your legacy and honor White man by destroying the Jewish/Masonic system and starting over. I refuse the Rus or Han future overlords who are also friends to international jewry.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  10. anonymous[412] • Disclaimer says:

    Right about the Republicans. I don’t know if E. Michael Jones coined the expression, but I heard him say the Democrats and Republicans are for the same things—it just takes the Republicans a little longer to get there.

    There’s also the implicit betrayal on the part of nearly all Republicans. They promise the people back home one thing knowing there’s no chance for getting anything done after these same Republicans vote in as their leaders Frank Luntz’s roommate and J. Edgar McConnell.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  11. @Poupon Marx

    “Typhoid Mary, In His Maggotry Secret Service.”

    This reminds me of Typhoid Mary’s cousins, the Rrhea sisters, Gono, Dia and Pyo aka ‘whores of Babylon’ who spread their filthy legs for every despicable pervert known and unknown, just like our government whores do 24/7/365.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  12. Notsofast says:

    Who would win a fight between Republicans in Congress and the Deep State?

    republicans are the deep state, as are the democrats. imo there has been a war or at least a schism within the deep state, since the 2016 election explaining the bizarro world into which we have descended. zioneocon vs. ziotrump, all of the surreal bullshit we have been experiencing has been evidence of this struggle, russiagate, impeachment, covid, george floyd, blm, antifa and the 2020 “election”.

    in the end the difference is that the trumpian deep state wants to placate russia and attack china (and then attack russia after subduing china), while the zioneocons want to attack both simultaneously (as well as any who would dare object). freddy vs. jason take your pick.

    Only Putin and Xi can save us. In the meantime, give domestic truth tellers their due.

    agree and for those who would argue this, what’s your solution?

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
    , @JWalters
  13. >what’s your solution?

    Burn it down to ashes. Anyone not willing to do that is still an agent of the jewish/masonic global system. No one but us White men willing to sacrifice everything personal can save the white race.

  14. A. Clifton says: • Website


    how is this freaking retarded {{{JEW}}} worshipping grabass stupidity gonna last…?



    no bag limit

    When did the word “government” begin to be defined as {{{{JEW}}}} WORSHIPPING…?

    MARCH 9,1933……?

  15. neutral says:

    Despite all the evidence like these planet of the apes politicians, there are still a huge amount of brain dead whites that still think that importing millions of third world rubbish will make no difference to things like free speech and almost anything else.

    • Agree: fnn, Etruscan Film Star
  16. neutral says:
    @Tallest Skil

    Let’s see… who owns the guns and produces all the food? And who thinks that numbers in a computer are actual wealth? Gee, I wonder.

    It is not just about who owns guns and makes the food. If you look at the Russian and English civil wars, both were won because the winning side managed to control the bigger cities, this allowed for both bigger recruitment pools and better war strategies to take over the surrounding areas. The Chinese civil war was different as the the two sides were more or less split up into North and South, which won’t be the case in the USA, the communist side did manage to win over the majority of the population, and I have to say, for America the Democrats have already tipped the demographic scale way in their favour.

    The only difference in a US civil war would be if the Republican side can, and would be willing to (this is where I think they will fail), target major Democrat zones such as New York, Washington and Silicon Valley with nuclear strikes, if those are taken out then they have a good chance of winning, if they don’t then I don’t see them as having a chance.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @choxopox
  17. Rurik says:

    What exacatly do you want Republicans to do that they actually have the power to do?

    pass laws to rein in Big Tech

    no more vacuuming up people’s data and selling it without their express permission

    no more censoring views you don’t like

    Big Tech; Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.. should be expected to operate under the same rules the phone company operated under.

    You can’t listen to other’s phone calls without a warrant. You can simply shut down private and business phone lines because you don’t like the customer or his views.

    You can’t record a businesses phone calls, and then sell that information to his competitor.

    What they’re allowing Big Tech, (the modern version of Ma Bell) to do, is a feeding frenzy free-for-all theft of private data at the direct expense of the people.

    And why, because our representatives are all fucking whores. Who take money from Big Tech, and then refuse to regulate it.

    It happened in Florida a while back, when there was a bill to protect the consumer’s privacy from these Big Tech scumbags, who collect it all without you, (or your children) knowing it, and then sell it all over the place, to other scumbags who use it in any way they see fit.

    But the bill didn’t pass, because Big Tech sent in hundreds of lobbyists with millions of dollars, and it was a disgusting orgy of corruption. They’re all rotten whores, who always sell out the people they’re trusted to be representing and protecting, but then it’s always SELF-INTEREST with these rotten scumbag politicians. Who betray us every time for their filthy thirty shekels. From both sides of the rotten isle.

    There seems to be only one solution..

    just as that seems to always be the only solution historically, when entrenched scumbags are in a position to sell their people out for personal gain.

    The ONLY thing that ever seems to get their attention, is the rope.

    Now, I’m obviously not advocating violence, but symbolism.

    The rope represents being defeated at the election booth, not lynching, for heaven’s sake.

    • Agree: JWalters
    • Thanks: 1jonny
    • LOL: profnasty, Agent76
  18. Notsofast says:

    of the three sisters i’d rather have dia, (although she’s a mess), then pyo (although she has bad teeth) but definitely avoid gono, (as she’s a pain in the dong).

  19. >New York, Washington and Silicon Valley with nuclear strikes, if those are taken out then they have a good chance of winning, if they don’t then I don’t see them as having a chance.

    Feeding the sieged cities will be ZOG’s largest problem in a cities vs rural civil war in america. The sheer amount of X-factors in an american civil war are astounding. The largest x-factor is who will Russia and China see as a more pliable future partner. On one side a White jingoistic army allied with southern civil christian nationalists or the urban mud hordes of the jews? Something tells me the Han and Rus would rather deal with a weakened jewish state then a potential White state.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  20. @fnn

    Demand the State of Tennessee seize control of the Memphis Zoo.

    Plus the “zoos” of Baltimore, Detroit, Ferguson, Chicongo, etc.

    To wit: wall off (“Escape From New York”-style) all cities populated with massive amounts of vile, violent, and indolent gorillas and sheboons constantly chimping-out on Uncle Sucker’s dime.

    • Replies: @Right_On
  21. @anonymous

    … I heard [Mike Jones] say the Democrats and Republicans are for the same things—it just takes the Republicans a little longer to get there.

    In the 1930s, when my father was a young man, people with their wits about them were saying the very same thing. It was true then, and it is true now.

    Further apropos partisan divisions, whether genuine or apparent, it is a pity that Matt Taibbi hasn’t yet divested himself of all the residual leftist baggage that he carried around for the bulk of his career in so-called journalism. I refer specifically to the allusion in his opening remarks to “digital McCarthyism.” Perhaps if the attacks on him from the (((usual suspects))) continue, he might one day come to see that McCarthyism—at least as allegedly practiced by Joe McCarthy—has the same proportion of fiction to fact as the Holocaust® does.

    • Agree: Brosi
    • Replies: @Fhjhfddghds
  22. @WorkingClass

    “only Putin and Xi can save us”

    If you think either of them are going to save you, you’re a fucking retard.

    In Russia and China Tabibi would be arrested or thrown out a window. Neither Putin nor Xi give a fuck about you.

    The only people who can “save” us is us.

    Instead of walking into fed honeytraps, act. Baader Meinhof, as degenerate lefties they were actually made their enemies fear for their fucking lives. A few dead Yoel Roths, Tim Wise’s and Jonathan Greenblatts might make them pull their fucking heads in

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @WorkingClass
  23. @Rurik

    Agreed, powers will do everything they can get away with until force stops them to.

    Voluntary codes of conduct are laughed at, even civil laws do nothing (how many times has Google been fined in Europe), they simply don’t care. Until criminal standard laws apply and are enforced HARD, the only option will be non state violence

    • Thanks: Rurik
  24. @Poupon Marx

    “The Christian religions-excepting Orthodoxy in most cases-is the “hormone blocker” for development”

    “Orthodoxy” = Christianity. Instead of writing an essay on why pseudo-Christianity fails, focus on why real Christianity works, see Eastern Europe.

    • Agree: A. Clifton
  25. Wokechoke says:

    English Civil War. Key ground was London I guess, BUT the Navy decided for Parliament. That cut off the King from support. The middle class emerging won the fight but backtracked to monarchy immediately.

    Russian Civil War. Wasn’t a civil war. it was a Jewish coup against the Empire and various awkward ethnic uprisings for/against an Imperial Officer Class who had the rug pulled from under them.

    very different wars.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Alden
  26. “Orthodoxy” = Christianity. Instead of writing an essay on why pseudo-Christianity fails, focus on why real Christianity works, see Eastern Europe.

    So why didn’t they stop Communism in 1917? When Orthodoxy was even stronger?

    Orthodoxy is preferable to guilt ridden protestant denominations but I am really concerned with the passive nature of Christianity when dealing with the left.

    At the very least we cannot rely on any church to take on the left. They pray about it while the left conspires.

    Then there is the problem of Christianity working too well on any anti-left movement. Can’t just put a bullet in Lenin because that of course would be a grave sin. Just pray about it.

    I have mixed feelings on Christianity and this is one reason why. It may be part of Western development but it failed to stop Communism. Christianity can work too well on controlling the masses. Too many Orthodox Russians were afraid of burning in hell if they voted with a rifle.

    I am also concerned that it preps kids to deny race. Christians teach their kids that race is just paint color as everyone came from Adam and Eve. That later plays to liberal claims that race is merely superficial and backed by science.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Emslander
  27. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    Why did it survive Communism though? Why did Stalin resort to it when the chips were down in 1941? Why did St Saviour’s cathedral reappear after the fall of Communism? After a Jew bastard called Kaganovich ripped it down for the gold in the dome?

    • Thanks: profnasty
    • Replies: @Brosi
    , @John Johnson
  28. Brosi says:

    Sure, they wanted the gold in the dome. But they blew it to smithereens for psychological effect. It was a spiritual ultimatum in the same vein as Cortez burning the galleons, Lenin killing the Tsar and his family, or even the Neocons blowing up the Nordstream pipelines.

    What is fascinating about all of the above is these perpetrators are all Jews.

    I just hope that if the nuclear armed Kinzhals start flying that Tel Aviv and Jerusalem the targets of the first ones launched.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Dave Bowman
  29. @Wokechoke

    Why did it survive Communism though?

    Islam also survived and so did capitalism, rock music, family farms, Ukrainian culture and mendelian genetics. Not sure what you are getting at. Communists failed to ban all kinds of things. The whole thing was one big failure.

    Why did Stalin resort to it when the chips were down in 1941?

    It is true that Stalin eased up on the Orthodox church and nationalism after being attacked by Germany. But that was entirely for political reasons.

    After a Jew bastard called Kaganovich ripped it down for the gold in the dome?

    Stalin, a non-Jew and avowed atheist sent millions to Gulags and that included priests before he decided to allow some religion after 1941.

    He didn’t try to dismantle the oppressive system which went back to targeting Christians in the late 50s.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Wokechoke
  30. Brosi says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Christianity is like a nutritionless breakfast cereal for kids. Full of sugar, artificial flavors, in sum a mimicry of real food that contributes to building health.

    The problem with your conclusion here is that it forces everyone with any Christian morality to ultimately join Crowley’s ODO and practice “Do what thou wilt”.

    This was the real motivation for Hitler’s Gleichschaltung act. When a people or culture are being atomized by Jews with every little group and faction fighting among themselves, there has to be some unifying force that can pull nation or civilization together. This is likely why Constantine imposed Christianity on the Romans: It was a kind of Roman “Gleichschaltung”.

    The US-ZOG empire is teetering under the weight of its own financial and moral bankruptcy. The 21st century Sanhedrin are trying to force the goyim back into Plato’s cave and enslave them for eternity. European civilization is fragmented and tearing itself apart. There is no conceivable way for the current “democratic” system to combat, let alone stop, this Judeo-Juggernaught.

    So who can bring about a Gleichschaltung of what remains of European civilization? Who can force the Africans, Moslems and Jews to leave Europe and go home? Is it possible? Could Putin be the one? Xi?

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  31. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    Lysenko was a Folk Ukrainian. There’s a good argument to be made that Ukraine came about as a result of the Commies. No maps I’ve seen from the Czarist era show Ukraine. The German’s define it in the Brest Litovsk Treaty and then the Leninists build it up good.

    Here’s a map of Russia in 1900…

    superimposed the Oblasts with the Pale. And the Pale is essentially the Ukraine.

    here’s one in 1930s….Here’s the Ukraine expressed administratively.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  32. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    here’s where Ukraine appears….

    here is Czarist Russia…

    Here is the Soviet Republics. the Ukie SSR.

    • Replies: @Folkvangr
  33. Right_On says:
    @Lemmy Tellyuh

    If you run for President on that platform, you’ve got my vote.

  34. Mr. de Zayas is an unswerving idealist. He seriously believes that politics is not merely a power game played by corrupt elites, but must be “capable of learning.”

  35. Watch this twitter/congress Punch and Judy act disappear within a week. I think that if it were the 1970’s it might actually have resulted in some positive enactments. Too late now.

    The Big Boys know that they are dealing with a whole spectrum of zombified intellectual eunuchs, male and female, of all ages. Throw in enough ‘woke’ mindfuck every so often so that even the slightest chance of critical thinking will always be like crabs in a bucket.

    Some well meaning poster above inadvertently let slip that it is obvious that the pending civil war would be between Republicans and Democrats. Now there’s a monkey brain to be served as dessert in a Spielberg movie.

    Here is the real news folks. The mental life force has been eradicated from the citizens of the world. I would suggest that the Idiot-Phone was the cherry on top of the fruitcake. Watch some tells in the background of travel vlogs. Half of the Taliban primitives had face masks on when kicking the Yanks out of Kabul. A large percentage of Cubans in back streets of Havana have face masks on. Any idiocy you see from people in any circumstance or interview on the street has one thing in common, they have the phone and would panic or perish without it (make the distinction between using a phone as a phone and living with a device that controls you 24/7).

    Any talk of civil war is a waste of time. The only change that can come would be through a violent catalyst either man made of through nature. And then, only the hardiest will survive period, not rally masses and establish some kind of Utopia.

    I had a minor fascination about solar flares some years back, especially that fact that we are long overdue for some after the Carrington Event of 1859. I was surprised that the US government had actually produced a study on this (it is on the .gov website) and concluded that 97% of the population of the US would perish in the first year IIRC!

    I half suspect that the Big Boys know that something totally unsustainable is about to hit the wall or some asteroid type thingy is coming down the pike. It is the only, I repeat only explanation that I can muster to explain the total top-down insanity that is progressing exponentially on a near day to day basis in the last few years. Of course such a theory would have to assume certain Russian and Chinese membership in the Big Boy Club. It is all so confusing to those who read history for some perspectives and still like to think now and then.

    My dos centavos,


    • Agree: Emslander
    • Thanks: 1jonny
    • Replies: @Jimmm
  36. @WorkingClass

    What exacatly do you want Republicans to do that they actually have the power to do?

    Big tech’s funding comes from advertising. Advertising is professional lying and is pushed onto the population against their will. Every advert is a one sided rosy description of some product or service to create a desire to purchase it and is hammered at the weak willed incessantly. The internet allows everyone to seek out whatever product or service they may want via the search capability. There is no longer a need for “push” advertising. Every vendor’s web site is there as “pull” advertising when a seeker finds it and through that action is asking for the vendor to describe his offering.

    Make push advertising illegal. As long as those clowns in congress exist, get them to remove the endless annoyance of push advertising, especially of big pharma drugs. Get rid of all the advertising interruptions in videos. Get rid of all the flashing adverts when reading a news article. Make the reason for all the data collection evaporate, since it is that data gathering that is used to selectively push certain ads into people’s consciousness.

    Every vendor has a web site. If that web site were the only place to get the information about a product, then competition between similar product web sites would naturally create a contest for who has the best product in someone’s opinion and would eliminate the endless barrage of propaganda currently employed.

    People today expect free search, free videos, free shipping, free everything if they can get it like children that don’t understand that everything has to be paid for. This is part of the dumbing down of the society. Make the tech players function for the people by making their income dependent on their service to the people not as parasites chewing their way through their private information.

  37. Emslander says:
    @Shitposter_in Chief

    The only people who can “save” us is us.

    Can’t work as long as good Republican parents sell their souls in order to get their two kids into the “best” colleges for a proper indoctrination. The MIC, ZOG, Deep State, and any other complex you want to name, would disappear tomorrow if the public schools and the universities were cut out of the DOD funding trough and, hopefully, closed.

    • Thanks: 1jonny
  38. @fnn

    Lived in Mempho for several years. That zoo was not animals in an enclosure resembling natural habitat, it was mostly animals in cages. It was nothing like the Woodley Park Zoo or the San Diego zoo. It was like something from Tiger King.

  39. Che Guava says:

    The Russian Civil War started with the mainly Jewish Bolshevik coup d’etat, but it wasn’t decisive, was followed by a civil war usually said to have ended in 1923, but extending in some places to later years.

    English Civil War, sure not really comparable, except that both Cromwell and the Roundheads and Lenin/Trotsky and the Bolsheviks would never have had any success without heavy external Jewish financing.

    • Agree: Alden
  40. Che Guava says:

    Cortez wasn’t a Jew.

    • Replies: @Brosi
  41. @RoatanBill

    Yes get rid of the billboardization of life..and the distinction of “push advertising” is important and is what I would say its a form of violence and graffiti that has become ubiquitous in its banality of violence and perversion of art into gimmick and glamour.

    Adepts warn against the glamours.

  42. Emslander says:
    @John Johnson

    At the very least we cannot rely on any church to take on the left. They pray about it while the left conspires.

    Okay, at mass on Sunday, I’m going to stand up before the priest gives his sermon and move that arms be handed out to every adult male at the exits and that they be ordered to gun down known Leftists. Is that what you expect?

    If not, then prayer and the sacraments are what there is. First, try to understand what Christianity is and then be critical of it. It’s neither a political nor military force. Its focus is on eternity and only tangentially on the constantly changing temporary material world that concerns you.

  43. @Tallest Skil

    I was with you until you started calling another’s opinion retarded. Grow up keyboard warrior.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  44. Democrats were once clearly “the lesser of two evils” but now they are manifestly the more effective of two evils. God help us, the creeping neofascist GOP can now justly claim the Dem’s former title. Does this ever prove the wisdom of Ben Franklin, who predicted this in 1787 when he introduced the new national Constitution, saying “this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other.”

  45. @RoatanBill

    [People today expect free search, free videos, free shipping, free everything if they can get it like children that don’t understand that everything has to be paid for. This is part of the dumbing down of the society. Make the tech players function for the people by making their income dependent on their service to the people not as parasites chewing their way through their private information.]

    Beautifully stated.

    When my broker asked me a few years back why I don’t engage in social media, I candidly answered that I might do when social media start charging fees for the use of their platforms and in return they would guarantee (FWIW) the confidentiality of my data along with giving any subscriber unlimited right to free speech. The broker, a man in his early thirties, thought that I was being paranoid and extreme.

    • Thanks: RoatanBill
    • Replies: @Rurik
  46. geokat62 says:

    He said the so-called “Twitter Files” found the government’s actions pose a “grave threat to people of all political persuasions…

    99% of those censored were on the right wing, but since the ADL was clever enough to censor a few libs, people can pretend the censorship didn’t target those on the right.

    Elon Musk isn’t working with the FBI as the head of Twitter, but the FBI is still running the censorship for Facebook, Google, etc. and Republicans are not going to do anything about that.

    It’s not the FBI that’s running the censorship. It’s the domestic terrorist organization, the ADL.

    Once again: the real enemy is not the Democrats, the Jews, the FBI, or whatever. The real enemy is Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Jim Jordan, and the rest of these Republicans who refuse to do anything to stop the Democrats and their agenda.

    The real enemy is NOT the Jews? It’s their lick spittle Shabbos goys who are willingly selling out their people for 30 silver shekels?

    Has Andrew been invited to speak at the next AmRen conference?

  47. @Notsofast

    [agree and for those who would argue this, what’s your solution?]

    Listening to a video featuring Scott Ritter, a man who has had a wide experience in the workings of governments, especially those of Russia and the United States, he brought forward a fantastic idea, which is to get people to talk directly to foreign people when their corresponding governments start itching for or inching towards war.

    The fact that the U.S. government considers any contact between an American citizen and a foreign government official as a prosecutable offense, a charge that was used by the deep state to discredit Trump’s choice of National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, shows how undemocratic the American governance system is, and I would not rule out governmental harassment of any American citizen who reaches out to non government foreign citizens, so the government can drum up support for belligerency unhindered by citizen peace activism. But then there is no more effective form of countering the deep state‘s plans than having Americans talk directly to Americans on a face to face basis to build popular unity against the state, starting at the local council level and spreading to the national level. That is why modern technology has its prime mission to atomize society so as to counteract citizen to citizen discourse.

    There was a time before the French Revolution that wars were a contest among of professional armies paid for by the ruling aristocracy and the people were spared any engagement is such endeavors. Nowadays, people should fight for the right to vote directly on any war declaration since it is their tax money that is being used to finance wars, and more so when the state resorts to the draft for it is gambling with people’s lives.

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  48. drsmith says:

    Why do so many Boomers like Anglin get soooo organismic excited about public drama reality fake theater aka Congressional Hearings? They mean nothing, do nothing, solve nothing. You’d have to be in the strata of the dumbest people on earth aka social media users to not have figured out what years ago was and still is going on.

    This is such a nothing burger – just stop already expecting things to change. It will not until it suddenly does because things collapse upon themselves , and that will not be for about 7 to 10 years or so.

  49. profnasty says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Not so buddy bro.
    You are not defined by your faith. You’re an individual with all of the rights and responsibilities. Christians are healers AND warriors. They can make peace, or fight. It relies on the personality and potential of the individual. Being a Christian means you humble yourself before G_d. You need not humble yourself before anyone else. Men with sand are armed and ready. Check it out.

  50. ld says:
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    There is the Deep State (Rothschilds et al and their Conglomerates)
    Apparatus of Control : MOSSAD/CIA/Military/Media/Judicial System/Financial System
    FACTIONS: Democrats/Republicans

    no one in that group is going to fight back

    anything that gets leaked investigated perpetrated is put there by them nothing and nobody else gets oxygen because they own all the media.

    We can hope the wars with China / Russia may bleed them to death or severely cripple their ability to maintain control domestically.

    Of course we could always hire our own mercenaries … I wonder how much Wagner would charge? lol

  51. profnasty says:
    @We are all Dumb

    Communist militias will pour out of the cities in their tens of thousands. John Q will be hiding in his house. His long gun will avail him nothing.

    • Agree: 1jonny
  52. drsmith says:

    Some commentators here are confusing Christianity with church organizations. Christianity does not = church.

    One is a belief, the other a social organization – which all of them in the West, and I mean every single one except a smattering of individual churches here and there, have all been converged by the “isms’….communism, socialism, feminism, humanism, rasicism (aka diversity). Heck, even most non Christianity religions in the West have been co-opted and are nothing like there were meant to be

    Being a Christian and having a belief in God , and praying for guidance and assistance will help. However God will not save you here on earth as your reward is not on earth; you have to do that yourself and with fellow Christians by following his plan for you and for doing his will – only then will you be saved. Since church’s have been taken over by people & entities no longer following God’s path, the church’s themselves will not help you – no, in fact they will do just the opposite they will destroy you….that is their goal.

  53. anonymous[303] • Disclaimer says:

    A Jewess (Wasserman) and a Negress (Plaskell) tag team to the rescue but more like a disaster.

  54. Brosi says:
    @Che Guava

    Cortez or Cortes is orginally a Jewish Family name.During the Spanish inquision when the mulitude was forced to be Christians, the Jewish families to protect there heritage added the suffix “ez” for “eres zion” meaning “you are of zion” to remind the decendants that they were from the House of Israel.When Hernando Cortes the famous Conquistador of Mexico entered the military he changed the spelling hiding his heritage so he could be promoted up the ranks.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  55. Agent76 says:

    Aug 6 2019 The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to Know

    Once a sleepy farming region, Silicon Valley is now the hub of a global industry that is transforming the economy, shaping our political discourse, and changing the very nature of our society. So what happened? How did this remarkable change take place? Why is this area the epicenter of this transformation?

    APRIL 14, 2021 Forced Arbitration Thwarts Legal Challenge to AT&T’s Disclosure of Customer Location Data

    Location data generated from our cell phones paint an incredibly detailed picture of our movements and private lives. Despite the sensitive nature of this data and a federal law prohibiting cellphone carriers from disclosing it, repeated unauthorized disclosures over the last several years show that carriers will sell this sensitive information to almost any willing buyer.

  56. @Shitposter_in Chief

    So what are you waiting for. Or are you already killing people?

    • Replies: @Shitposter_in Chief
  57. HT says:

    I say with no fear of contradiction that it will take someone as ruthless and determined as Hitler to come in and remove the people who are destroying us from within just as was done in Weimar/Germany. The political and judicial systems of America are now too corrupt and rigged to fix it that way. These people literally need to be rounded up by the millions and sent away never to be seen again.

  58. Billy Ash says:

    I really wish that columnists would not include Twitter drops in their postings.
    Copy and paste or write you own comments. F*** Twitter.

    • Agree: WorkingClass
    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  59. Turk 152 says:

    I have a different perspective. While we know the hearings will ultimately be toothless, reputation is the cornerstone of power. Not everyone is as cynical as Unz readers and a congressional hearing will influence those outside of the alt sphere with verifiable proof. Explicit detail on how the heart of the social control / psyops works has been entered into the Congressional Record. A giant psyop of the Democrats through social media has been promoted from conspiracy theory to fact. Whenever a conspiracy theory such as Epstein turns to fact, people will always say they knew it all along, but that does not mean that belief and understanding is widespread and accepted. We all might know Kennedy was not assassinated by Sirhan, but espousing that view still gets one labeled a kook in many circles. That prevents many credible people from discussing the matter.

    Just because societal change moves at a glacial pace, it doesn’t mean it’s not moving.

  60. Thim says:

    So Anglin the fed is agitated that the House is looking into this censorship regime. What if it gets tracks, and the FBI has to release its whole stack of names? And Andrew Anglin’s name right there in it. So he is agitated, yeah.

  61. Rurik says:

    Big tech’s funding comes from advertising.

    “Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft make hundreds of billions of dollars by cashing in on your private data. This data is used to drive the unregulated digital marketplace and threaten our privacy by discovering and disseminating our personal information.0 The tech giants combined for almost $900 billion in revenues in 2019.”

    I don’t know exactly how it breaks down, and I’m pretty sure Big Tech is not always forthright about how much they make selling your private data, because of the ‘creepy’ aspect of it. They’d really rather not divulge all that.

    just look at this lying POS

    If I say something in the proximity of a ‘smart’phone, I can go to my computer in less than fifteen minutes, and get hit with marketing ads for whatever I just said, far away from my computer.

    Most new cars now come equipped with microphones, as do television remotes and basically, they’re everywhere. When they listen to you, (and they are ; ) and then sell your private conversations to other scumbags somewhere, who pay them to spy on you, (and who you’re with, and your GPS location, and basically, everything), then do they call that ‘advertising revenue’? Because it’s advertisers who market directly to you and are paying them for your private data), or do they call that income from spying on you and selling your data to advertisers, (and others..)?

    How much would a typical corporation pay Facebook to put an ad on your page for new shoes..

    vs. how much would a typical corporation pay Facebook to know everything about you. What your interests are, what websites you visit, what you say and write and the pictures you post and look at. They collect everything about you, and then sell it. But I suspect they call all of that ‘advertising revenue’, because if they called it ‘selling your data to people who want to know everything about you, in order to ‘get up all in your life’, it would sound too creepy, as it should.

    Imagine if you rent a car, and it has a microphone in it, and it turns out the car rental company is selling all kinds of data about you, what songs you listen to on the radio, if you use certain key words like ‘Disney’ or ‘Tesla’, where you drive and how fast you go, and basically everything they can get, by listening and GPS and everything else, I think most people would say that should be illegal, but from everything I know, it isn’t. They just put it down to a private company making money by consumers agreeing to use their services in our modern world, where private companies are free to make as much money as they can. That is the mantra. Google is a private company, so why shouldn’t it be able to shut down Tulsi Gabbard during a presidential campaign, if they feel like it. It’s their company after all, and so it’s their business how they run it, and how they make their money, and ‘buyer beware’. Even if you’re a child. Buyer beware. That’s how our government / Big Tech alliance works. Just like our government / Big Pharma alliance. Gov / MIC. Gov / AIPAC

    Which is also why they won’t get rid of those flashing ads when reading a news item, because those too are good for revenue, from which the politicians get their cut.

    Just like all those scam phone calls, where now almost no one answers their phone unless they recognize the caller, and basically everybody thinks that shit should be illegal, but if it makes money, (and it does), the politicians simply will demand their cut, and it will go on..

    the rope is the only solution

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  62. Agent76 says:

    Dec 5, 2022 Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter Files’ Reveals Internal Hunter Biden Debate

    Twitter CEO Elon Musk on Friday released, through an independent journalist, the Twitter Files, a 37-part Twitter thread of internal documents that shows some of the internal debate and reasoning behind the social media platform’s controversial “free speech suppression” around a bombshell 2020 report on President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden—though despite Musk’s hype, it doesn’t deliver any particular shocking new details.

    Dec 30, 2022 Train of lights in the sky 2022 – Starlink Train Elon Musk 31 the december 2022

    This train line of lights in the night sky are called Starlink satellites, which are part of the Starlink Internet Highspeed internet project by SpaceX. The satelliites were launched december 17th 2022 and stay in this “formation” of a line only for days. Later they are distributed around the whole planet in a mesh. Starlink is a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX, providing satellite Internet access coverage to 45 countries.

  63. Rurik says:
    @Joe Levantine

    The broker, a man in his early thirties, thought that I was being paranoid and extreme.

    since the Internet has existed, I’ve told people I’d never plug that Ethernet cable (or enable WiFi) on any computer I didn’t want to show to the whole world. I’d say they have back-doors built in, so they can come though the cable, and ‘see’ everything on your computer.

    When I first saw ‘Siri’, and how it was only supposed to listen, only when you prompted it to by saying ‘hi Siri, I remember being dumbfounded that anyone could be so naive. You realize it’s always listening, don’t you? And recording and sending all information to all kinds of unsavory types and who knows what kind of Stazi-type shit is going on..

    And people looked at me like I had three heads.

    I go into people’s homes, and they have a microphone on the television remote, that obviously is connected to a website somewhere. ‘Turn on game, or news’, or whatever they say. And these people don’t realize (or more likely don’t care) that those devices are always listening, and collecting data. And processing it, and selling it, and using it in a thousand different ways that I can’t even imagine. None of it benevolent.

    Huxley was right. We’ll embrace our servitude because it will make life easier.

    • Thanks: Dumbo, Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  64. Realist says:

    Who would win a fight between Republicans in Congress and the Deep State?

    Republicans are part of the Deep State.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  65. More self serving slop from Andrew Goebbels Anglin. Does this guy ever get tired of his poor me slop. Can anybody out there tell me any great journalists that include so much poor me garbage in their writings as this guy? This is exactly why he will be totally forgotten the day after he writes his last article. Come on Ron, you can find better contributors.

  66. @WorkingClass

    Putin and xi care about their own citizen even less than yours do. Where do you buy the drugs that addled your brain to the point you think they care about you? If there’s any consolation, blowjobs from Russian women will be $2 by the end of the Ukrainian war, so you’ll finally be able to touch a woman.

    • Troll: WorkingClass
  67. Realist says:
    @The Alarmist

    Jim Jordan is boob bait for bubbas. “Give’em Hell, Jim … so we don’t have to do it for real.”

    Jordan has been all show, no go since day one in office. He plays good cop yet does nothing. The Deep State loves him because he gives the proles false hope…year after year.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  68. @Turk 152

    Where are these cynical Unz readers? A significant share of the readership of this place copy pastes their beliefs from TASS.

    I’m pretty sure most of the knuckle dragging idiots who will answer this comment have comment histories that include beliefs in Russia ending this war in a couple of weeks, that the attempt to take Kiev was a feint and a lot of other hilariously bad takes.

    • Replies: @Turk 152
  69. @Rurik

    Big tech does the snooping in order to sell targeted advertising to corporations. They can sell ads for a drill, pair of shoes, vacation, etc because they know that’s what a person has expressed interest in via search or ancillary purchase. It’s the ability to target the consumer that gives them their power with the corporations trying to increase sales. Instead of blasting an ad on the highway billboard, TV or radio, they selectively send you specific suggestions, as a consumer service they claim (yea right), to get you to buy from the corp paying for their information. If push advertising were banned, there would be no incentive to gather the personal information, at least not for advertising purposes; gov’t snooping is a different matter.

    I wasn’t aware of microphones in vehicles since I have the equivalent of a Fred Flinstones version. If microphones are now ubiquitous, then clearly it is gov’t policy to allow this invasion of privacy. I can see the vehicle manufacturers trying to get paid as data gatherers to get a kickback from the advertising revenue stream. Gov’t may want access to conversations to trigger on certain words or phrases to indicate the occupants are terrorists, Trump supporters, anti LGBTQXYZ fascists, anarchists or other deranged and dangerous individuals according to the mafia listening to the conversations.

    My only vehicle (Mitsubishi 4 cylinder diesel cargo van) has A/C, power steering & brakes, stick shift, a radio that hasn’t been turned on since I got it, no airbags, no internet capabilities, no screen in dash, no software controls, no button ignition, no key fob, no backup camera, no etc. No one is listening to my conversations. Bought it 1 year old used for $13,000 nine years ago. Car payments? What’s that?

    What I can’t understand are the Alexa and Siri users that knowingly have a gov’t and corporate snoop in the house. I can’t imagine anyone that stupid, but I know those invasions of privacy are very popular. All those people with Ring door bells that send the data to a central repository that you pay to access your data that they now have and can share with any paying entity that wants it. Same with all the social media consumers that have to tell the entire world about their last bowel movement. I have absolutely no social media presence anywhere and don’t understand the attraction. I charge my smartphone once every 10 days or so. I hate the damned thing since I have hands that can palm a basketball and Android is a shit user interface atop a shit operating system.

    We have to face the facts that it is the average person that fully cooperates with the oligarchy’s plans. Lots of people even vote.

  70. @Brosi

    Fascinating lesson. Can you provide some links on that es/ez business?

    • Replies: @Brosi
    , @Che Guava
  71. Wokechoke says:
    @Joe Levantine

    There is no technical reason to deny use of such votes on a policy by policy basis. It’s as easy as an APP on a phone. Instademocracy is a very real possibility if people would have it.

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  72. Anonymous[612] • Disclaimer says:
    @One Nobody

    You literally think that some opinions aren’t retarded?

    Dude, that’s fucking retarded.

  73. Anonymous[612] • Disclaimer says:

    If you’re not willing to make the rope more than symbolism for elections among various dirty and blackmailed cronies all controlled by the same puppet master, then nobody in power will ever pay the slightest bit of attention to your complaints about the corruption.

    Until it costs them their lives AND OF THEIR OFFSPRING, they really don’t care.

  74. Within the next hour, the first rocket manufactured entirely via laser print is to be launched. A process that was developed in Germany (Wernher would be proud).

    In my humble opinion, it would be much better to produce insurmountable border fences using this process, otherwise such scientific and technical achievements will no longer exist in a few decades due to the disappearance of white people.

    • Replies: @SpaceCowboy
  75. Turk 152 says:

    Perhaps you can share your first hand knowledge of the battlefield?

  76. @RoatanBill

    Ok great make them “do this and do that” who is it exactly that’s going to make advertising illegal? Republican congressman? Senators? And should that miracle “in your mind” happen, the SCOUTUS would toss it before the ink dried on the bill. I mean really!
    If any of these people were every going to do the right thing to stop the madness it would have been done by now.
    You don’t think there’s hundreds of millions of advertising dollars floating around in Washington politicos pockets / campaign funds? Good luck with that!

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  77. @Marcus Chapman

    Agree, but you left out Anglins narcissistic self agrandizement. Yeah he’s right about a lot of things, so are a lot of us. And his juvenile memes, and constant reposting of tweets to piggy back off of, detract from him being taken seriously as a journalist or pundit. I can’t stand when a pundit or journalist uses tweets in their articles. Especially as the back bone of an argument. It’s the epitome of lazy, and attempts to lend an air of credibility to the societal pariah that is twitter! I stop by from time to time only because he’s on the right side.
    Oh yeah and his China is the second coming of Jesus and is going to crush the U.S. govt and the wokesters is laughable.
    You know out of the frying pan and into the fire and all that.

  78. Brosi says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    I read a long article about it several years ago, but I can’t find it now. There were several pieces of evidence. Cortes also had several converso officers on the fleet with him, and a Christian would not have tolerated this.

    Ocasio-Cortez Reveals Jewish Heritage at Hanukkah Event: ‘My Family Was Sephardic’

  79. @SpaceCowboy

    Jew Einstein’s infamous principle of “relativity” is also printed on the flying object (under the US flag). Perhaps it means, “This is really not a rocket, but a cheese sandwich. It all depends on your point of view.”

  80. @Poupon Marx

    Stalin continued the Marx/Engels lie that socialism is communism. The purest form of socialism is anarchy, and the early socialists who opposed Marx accurately predicted what would happen with his centralization. The genius of Stalin was to make people believe that they devolution to complete local control was in progress. That perception was enhanced when “reforms” started after he died.

  81. @Vinnyvette

    Either your ability in reading comprehension is in question or you’re just building a straw man to be able to vent while knocking it down.

    The question I responded to was: What exacatly do you want Republicans to do that they actually have the power to do? I never claimed my suggestion would be implemented. I do claim that congress can shut down push advertising using the ban on tobacco advertising as a precedent and the jerks in the supreme court went along. Numerous people can make the case that this surveillance is harmful in a variety of ways and under the proper circumstances, if congress would actually want to manufacture the right environment to ban push advertising, it could get done. But these cretins don’t want it or anything that limits their power.

    What I was trying to do was point out that solutions are obvious to anyone that hasn’t got their mind trapped in the matrix. That the useless eaters in gov’t won’t do a damned thing about it except to double down on the surveillance of the citizenry should be reason enough for people to finally realize that gov’t is the problem and is never going to be the solution.

    It is the dolts in the society that keep voting for the continuation of what clearly hasn’t benefited the working man, now for at least several decades, that encourage this never ending rush toward an in your face police state. Another common sense suggestion I’ve made numerous times is for people to stop cooperating and supporting their own enslavement by refusing to vote. I readily admit that this won’t by itself stop the progress of the impending police state, but at least people will develop the proper attitude toward the scum in gov’t and might individually find ways of throwing sand in the gears of tyranny.

  82. Dennis Dale says: • Website
    @Tallest Skil

    Last I looked the state has a few guns lying around. That “country boy will survive” cope/trope is almost as dumb as the question. Xi and Putin are not owned by the Jews–hence the Ukraine war and, eventually, war with China.

    • Agree: Alden
  83. @Realist

    Republicans are part of the Deep State.

    “Elected” Democrats and Republicans merely front for the Deep State. They come and they go. They are expendable.

    • Replies: @Realist
  84. @Realist

    He’s the perfect replacement for Trey Gowdy.

    • LOL: HT
    • Replies: @Realist
  85. Tardville

    • Agree: 1jonny
    • Replies: @1jonny
  86. @RoatanBill

    Make push advertising illegal

    With respect RB. I said what should Republicans do that they actually have the power to do.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  87. When Debbie Wasserman-Schultz asked Matt Taibbi if he made money on his reporting, I wished he’d answered: “Yes, like the Washington Post and New York Times and every other newspaper.”

    But the question was so obnoxious, I don’t blame him for seeming dumbfounded. It’s hard not to be dumbfounded by the dumbest of the dumb.

    • LOL: A. Clifton
  88. Realist says:
    @The Alarmist

    He’s the perfect replacement for Trey Gowdy.

    It’s funny; you say that…I have made numerous comments about them being two peas in a pod…both worthless.

    • Agree: The Alarmist
  89. Realist says:

    “Elected” Democrats and Republicans merely front for the Deep State. They come and they go. They are expendable.

    They are minions of the Deep State, and yes, they are expendable.

  90. geezer says:

    Senator Joseph McCarthy was a good, and TRUTHFUL, man.

  91. Alden says:

    I assume you wrote about the 1640’s 50’s English civil war. The entire war was created, funded and arranged by the Amsterdam rabbis and bankers. So as to impose the Jewish owned Bank Of England on Britain.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  92. Jimmm says:
    @Timur The Lame

    But the whole large-asteroid-striking-the-earth thing seems not even worth considering. I mean, I doubt any of our governments consider it an imminent threat. There’s a, say, .0000001 % chance of something like that occurring within the next 100 years, I would think. (When you take into account the size & age of the universe.)

  93. @WorkingClass

    Congress has the power to write laws as ridiculous as that is to me. In recent decades, the constitution has become less and less of an impediment on the laws they pass. Precedent was set via the tobacco scam that made tobacco advertising illegal and the rubber stamp of the supreme court upheld it.

    Congress basically has the power to do whatever they want since elections are now pure theater and the citizenry’s opinion are of no consequence except for faux debates that never amount to anything. Republicans can initiate the long process of manufacturing consent of the citizenry to propagandize them in any direction they want. As the old saying goes – ‘If I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you’. If the Republicans were of a mind to restrict push advertising, I think they have the wherewithal to make it an issue and get legislation passed to make it happen by convincing democrats that it’s a winning scam for reelection and a losing one if opposed.

    Just look at the idiocy of all the LGBTQ nonsense, the climate change idiocy or the in your face discrimination of white people, especially men. What was done for COVID has no legality behind it whatsoever but it happened. Now they are in the process of implementing CBDC to further and finally create a feudalism 2.0 agenda. There’s no end to what they can do and that’s the problem I have with the entire concept of gov’t.

    • Replies: @Realist
  94. Folkvangr says:

    It took Soviet leader Stalin, fresh from winning the Great Patriotic War, a decade to defeat the Ukrayinska Povstanska Armiya (Ukrainian Insurgent Army – UPA) in western Ukraine in the mid-1950s. In 2014-2015, Ukraine’s many volunteers turned the tide of the war and defeated the Donbass separatists, forcing Russia to supply anti-aircraft missiles, one of which – a BUK – shot down flight MH 17 in July 2014, killing 298 passengers and crew; Russia then invaded Ukraine in August 2014. Since 2014, Ukraine has built a modern and well-equipped army with US Javelin anti-tank weapons and Turkish drones (UAVs – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

  95. Wokechoke says:

    Let’s call them the Middle Class. oooshhhh.

  96. JWalters says:

    These hearings are showing in stark contrast those who believe in America’s founding ideals and those who are fifth column enemies of those ideals.

    For example, Debbie Schitz provided a textbook example of intellectual dishonesty. She arrogantly tried to sweep away facts with shallow innuendo and diversionary attacks on the messenger. That is a purely factual description of her performance.

    Her attempt to sabotage the truth and cover up the Deep State’s crimes are consistent with her career pattern. She has always been a disinformation agent for the Zionist “Deep State”. As such she has relentlessly covered up the endless Zionist crimes against the Palestinians.

    She has also relentlessly covered up the Zionist chokehold on America’s politicians, press, and financial system. And she has covered up the Zionist crime cartel’s central role in the vast ocean of suffering these barbarians have inflicted upon innocent people all over the world.

    That includes the Americans they have sent off to die in their insane quest to conquer the world. And it includes the Americans they have bankrupted in their manufactured financial crises, engorging themselves on resulting distressed assets for pennies on the dollar.

    “Congresswoman” Schitz and her fellow fifth columnists deserve to be impeached for treason.

  97. JWalters says:

    Thanks for that interesting theory. But I’m having a hard time seeing the Zionist mafia split into such fierce fighting over whether to attack Russia or China first.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  98. @Rurik

    The scum who presently rule over us have a problem. King Dollar is the source of their power and King Dollar is on his death bed. He will soon expire. The scum know this but there is NOTHING they can do to prevent it. In desparation they seek to dominate their rivals hoping to loot the economies of Russia and China. Their best shot was economic warefare. They have already lost the economic war. They cannot prevail in a conventional shooting war. Even if they go nuclear THEY STILL LOSE. They could negotiate of course. But King Dollar will die anyway. The Anglo/Zio Empire is over. It is totally and permanently fucked. What began with the establishment of The Bank Of England has finaly come to it’s natural conclusion. It came to pass.

    The future looks grim for us proles. But whatever happens next we will no longer dwell in the belly of a diseased and dying beast. Say what you will about the Jews. But the story about the garden and the one about the flood have a lot to say about what brought us here.

    Go in peace Rurik.

    • Thanks: Rurik
    • Replies: @JWalters
  99. @Marcus Chapman

    Andrew has his normie web sites routinely taken down, has been banned from banking and credit card services, and does a 365 day a year job for XMR donations, churning out lots of content on a daily basis from his laptop. DS is a very personal project for him and it is only natural that he occasionally inserts himself into his articles – especially articles about censorship! As he said in 2017, the cowardly refusal of so many to stand up for him then, would lead to where we are now. All he said in this article was:

    I already knew all this stuff was happening, because I am the most censored person on earth.

    Amazing that that is all it takes to get your snarky panties in a bunch. And frankly, “it’s whatever” is a fair take on these hearings. Are they welcome? Sure. But they are way too little way too late. On top of that, most of these Republicans talking tough to the twitter twats aren’t even sincere. I’m sure if you were to ask them they would express strong support for the new Florida bill attempting to criminalize “anti-semitism” in reaction to people posting some fliers, or laws across the US (red and blue states) that require people to sign addendums saying they reject boycotts of Israel as a condition for public sector employment.

    These Republicans are fine with censorship, they just don’t want to be the ones getting censored. Other than that, this is just an act to make Red Team fatmericans feel like they are “owning the libs.” No fat-tards, the libs owned you! You can talk all you want; in the meantime your daughter is still missing her tits.

    Come on Ron, you can find better contributors.

    “A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media.”

    If Andrew’s writings don’t have a place at a website like this, whose do?

    • Agree: Brosi, RoatanBill
  100. @Poupon Marx

    The Jews are the Receiver. Their Christian hosts oppressed and extracted on their behalf, against the teachings of Christianity, and gave it all to them.
    That is a better construct of reality.

  101. JWalters says:

    I agree with your points. I would add that it still makes sense for us proles to continue fighting on the home information front. If we can inform a critical mass of the public there will be a tipping point and an avalanche that will sweep the Zionist Deep State criminals from our system. This will at least minimize our suffering going forward. And if we do it thoroughly, it will prevent their future rise.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
    , @1jonny
  102. @JWalters

    This chain of causality – critical mass – tipping point – avalanche – deep state swept away – seems to be what Mr Unz is trying for. I don’t think it works that way. I sometimes disagree with Anglin also. But they make this discussion possible. Both are truth tellers and both deserve our support.

    So yes. I agree “that it still makes sense for us proles to continue fighting on the home information front.”

    It also makes sense for us to stop working for and/or doing business with woke corporations. It makes sense for us to pull our children from woke schools and teach them that it’s okay to be white. It makes sense for us to stop paying taxes in woke jurisdictions and to instead relocate to red counties preferably in red states.

    Thank you for your reply.

    • Thanks: JWalters
  103. @Brosi

    Who can force … Jews to leave Europe and go home?

    Huh? Their home IS Europe. They are the result of post-Alexander proselytizing of the entire huge region where Greek was the lingua-franca, Gibraltar to the Indus Valley, North Africa to the Baltic.

    The Hebrews, Semites, converted to Islam. And already, a few centuries earlier, the Sermon on the Mount was delivered in Aramaic, not in the already dead language Hebrew.

    And a few centuries earlier still, in the Maccabean era, the Hebrew Sibyl wrote of the Jewish people,

    Thou fillest every continent and state;
    And all men learn thy usages to hate.

    That’s according to one historian, Lietzmann, and has gone through several translations.

    So, force the Jews to leave Europe and go home? Ha! Ha! Force them to leave Palestine and go home, to Europe. There, just disenfranchise them and make them wear badges, a large skull and crossbones.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  104. @Wokechoke

    True. But we should not ignore the proven fact that group decisions lead to more vigorous and extreme syntheses. Face to face interaction among citizens does also create a sense of solidarity that makes it far harder for the string pullers of the fake democratic representatives to execute their nefarious agendas.

  105. onebornfree says: • Website

    “EXCLUSIVE: See Jan 6th Footage Dems Do Not Want Tucker Carlson To Air”:

    Regards, onebornfree

  106. @Rurik

    I have numerous computers, all Linux, connected to one internal Ethernet and another computer that is connected to the external Internet Ethernet. That special purpose box with two Ethernet connections (internal & external) does almost nothing but run firewall software and is set to backup select portions of other machines on schedule. It’s a tiny Zima SBC ( that uses about 10W of electricity including the 4TB backup drive and it runs 24/7. It also has a WiFi allocated to internal only gadgets (A/C, smartphones, inverters, etc) that selectively can see the outside world via firewall rules and the WiFi is restricted to only my gadgets by various methods. No one is getting access to my WiFi.

    That Zima box is operating system agnostic with respect to the boxes it protects. All it looks at is Ethernet traffic and doesn’t care what operating system issued that traffic. Windows and Mac boxes could be protected by one such Linux box to a high degree and that Zima SBC is inexpensive and runs “headless” meaning no monitor, keyboard or mouse attached to further limit expense.

    Every box on the internal network is firewalled against every other box on its network. As the administrator, I get to see and do what I want but only under my admin (root) credentials. During the day I function as an average unprivileged user. What I’ve described might sound like you have to be an expert to set it up, but it’s actually quite simple once you understand the basics.

    Linux is largely immune to virus. The software is open source so thousands of developers, like me, get to see whatever we want to discover backdoors, etc. I wrote code for the Linux market for over 20 years and have never, not even once, had an intrusion on my or my clients networks. Sometimes the logs show intrusion attempts but they failed. It’s the users running Windows and Mac that have no real way of knowing what’s going on inside their boxes because the code is proprietary. Those that want security should run Linux boxes and the free replacements for word processing, spreadsheet, browsing, etc.

    You’re correct in your critique of the average user that is, and wants to remain, ignorant of the tech that is a parasite in his environment. Bread and circuses works.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  107. 1jonny says:
    @Priss Factor

    Wow! The law school students at Stanford are clearly receiving full scale indoctrination in bullying and PC self-righteousness as a major part of their education. . Why the judge who was invited to speak didn’t walk out early in the recorded clip is beyond me.

  108. 1jonny says:

    How do we go about informing a critical mass of the public? It seems to me that a critical mass that would begin to move the tide of public opinion against the prevailing overwhelming wokeism would be quite a sizeable population of the “based”, which doesn’t now begin to exist. Wokeism is promoted heavily and steadily on all media outlets, ensuring that the entire American population receives steady doses. Meanwhile, our anti-wokeism discussion is confined to a few relatively marginal sites like this, the rest of the internet having been effectively censored. Any movement toward expanding “our” voice would require a degree of organization that I’m not seeing, yet. It also would require a determined, relentless push for a good deal of time when nothing good or positive would seem to be happening. I’m not trying to be a negative nellie, or anything. LOL!

  109. Che Guava says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    I also read up on it in English, the accounts of Cortez having been Jewish, all by Jews. Nothing on Cortez. A few brazen claims that some of the conquistadors (again, all from Israeli or Jewish sources) were marranos are rubbish.

    That Brosi is likely a weird Zio-freak is his reply to you that the Ocasio-Cortez cow claims to be a Jew. Likely correct, I don’t know, but the claim by Brosi makes clear that it (Brosi) is nothing but a junior Israeli propagandist.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  110. because I am the most censored person on earth

    Hell no. Here you are still writing. Try the Iranians.

  111. @Brosi

    What is fascinating about all of the above is these perpetrators are all Jews

    Wait… wait ! Hernan Cortes… was a JEW ??

  112. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Huh? Their home IS Europe. They are the result of post-Alexander proselytizing of the entire huge region where Greek was the lingua-franca, Gibraltar to the Indus Valley, North Africa to the Baltic

    Accidents of history (and geography, politics, war and genocide) are completely irrelevant. Their “home” is where THEY have always insisted it is, morally, ethically and religiously – the stolen land of ISRAEL. Therefore every last one of them should be forcibly removed from White homeland Europe and sent back with a “No future entry to Europe” stamp in their Passports, to where THEY have always insisted they wish to be.

    And then left to fight it out with the previous owners and occupiers of the land – and their friends – with NO further shred of financial, military or any other form of assistance from the rest of the world. That’s called… Karma… Justice… Righteousness… Release… In fact, it’s called very many things – and all of them good.

    • Troll: Ann Nonny Mouse
  113. @Billy Ash

    You and me both, friend. You and me both !

  114. Realist says:

    Congress has the power to write laws as ridiculous as that is to me. In recent decades, the constitution has become less and less of an impediment on the laws they pass. Precedent was set via the tobacco scam that made tobacco advertising illegal and the rubber stamp of the supreme court upheld it.

    Yes, indeed, always remember the SCOTUS. The federal government is complicit and corrupt from top to bottom.

  115. @Che Guava

    Hard to say, but I did find this on my own:

    Article is from 2011 and author’s surname is Cortez, so go figure.

    • Thanks: Brosi
    • LOL: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Che Guava
  116. lol

    900 words, huh ? I wish I could get paid for publishing a few paragraphs which said in as many words, “I’m bored with this shit and I don’t want to talk about it anymore”.

  117. Notsofast says:

    i think we’re seeing the zionist mafia split in israel as well, with the dnc funded protests against “court reform” to give bibi more power to launch an attack on iran. bibi wants trump as chief sycophant.

  118. Che Guava says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    You may think a little more. That article is unreliable, I’m not going to explain it point by point, but the idea is for Jews to claim that every great deed (but not misdeed) by Spain and Portugal is by Jews.

    It is nonsense. A little more looking up on the ‘net, and more in written sources, you will find much to counter your foolish claim.

    OTOH, at least you reveal n00b Brosi as clearly a Jewish disinformer.

  119. Rurik says:

    You obviously know a lot more about IT than I do.

    I did just recently buy a Raspberry Pi, but I don’t have it working yet.

    I’ve also wondered about having my own server. I think that might be a good way to protect what I do on the Internet, but then I’m no expert.

    I remember I tried Linux many years ago, but then I think if I remember right, it just wasn’t as easy to get software and other things that I was used to. So now I stick with Windows seven, (as ten is a spyware operating system, and I’m sure they’re all just going to get worse, in that direction, so perhaps I should re-visit Linux.

    I can’t believe they allow Microsoft to sell spying operating systems, but then that is my point, our entire congress are all corrupt, and in the bag of Big Tech and Big Pharma and so forth.

    With Google’s power and monopoly, that they allow it to shut out people like Tusli Gabbard, because they don’t like her anti-war message, is tyrannical, and at the same time they’re doing it, they’re claiming that the ‘insurrectionists’ tried to kill our ‘democracy’.

    Same with Twitter and the rest of these scum.

    It’s like Nuland spending five billion to promote ‘democracy’ in Ukraine, so she could personally pick the next president, and then howl at ‘Russia’ for meddling in our ‘democracy’.

    We weren’t raised to consider hypocrisy and hubris and ‘chutzpah’ (shameless gall) to be aspired to. We were raised to consider these things as vile and disgusting and the way of crooks and liars, as indeed, they are.

    But our enemies embrace them, and our political class is a rotted out den of snakes, (with apologies to real snakes).

    Anyways thanks for the tech info, hopefully I’ll put it to some use..

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Greta Handel
  120. @Rurik

    My business at one time built thousands of customized PC’s, lots of them built by me personally, from the best parts we could source, and by law every one had to have a Microsoft operating system installed. We also sold prebuilt IBM, Compaq, etc boxes, but when someone wanted an engineering workstation, we went for 100% customized parts. For some time, there was no way to legally purchase a PC from online sources without an installed operating system and it was known as the Microsoft tax among resellers.

    Around 1990, a Russian developer stumbled upon the actual variable names that Microsoft’s developers used for their source code. Names like NSA, CIA, FBI as well as other were scattered throughout the code. Once alerted to this, lots of people scanned the linkable object modules and confirmed the report. Shortly thereafter the same module locations sported different nondescript names.

    I would overlay the Pi with a copy of Ubuntu desktop which is rock stable; the install is trivially simple. There really is no difference between a ‘server’ and a ‘desktop’ install. I always choose desktop because it loads up less default junk for me to uninstall later. You can install any app you like once you have a box up and running.

    I recommend the LibreOffice suite as a plug in replacement for Micro$oft’s office products to read and write Word, Excel, etc files, and it’s free for the asking. The Pi is just a bit under powered (slow) for anything but word processing, mundane spreadsheet work and web surfing. If a Pi had a read hard drive port, I would have used one of the many I have as my firewall box.

    If this site offered a private messaging section, I’d answer any questions you might have but this is already off topic and I won’t continue this conversation further.

    • Thanks: Rurik
  121. @Rurik

    I can’t believe they allow Microsoft to sell spying operating systems, but then that is my point, our entire congress are all corrupt, and in the bag of Big Tech and Big Pharma and so forth.

    True. But we shouldn’t limit our disgust to the legislative “branch” — their predecessors did manage to enact antitrust and other laws that already prohibit at least some of the corporate predation. But they’re seldom enforced, and practically never to the extent necessary to effect reform. Those front page consent decrees and fines we occasionally read about are just another expense, distractions complementary to the puppet show hearings before the Bafflegab Subcommittee of the Joint Oversight Committee for Blahblah.

    Meanwhile, the culpable people proceed shamelessly and scot-free.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  122. Rurik says:
    @Greta Handel

    But we shouldn’t limit our disgust to the legislative “branch” —

    I couldn’t agree more

    the White House and courts are just as bad, if not worse.

    the culpable people proceed shamelessly and scot-free.

    In every sphere.

    After the 2008 mass-looting, when no one was even slapped on the wrist, it was a certainty that they’d do it again and again and again..

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  123. @Rurik

    Oldies Night at Unz!

    After the 2008 mass-looting, when no one was even slapped on the wrist, it was a certainty that they’d do it again and again and again..

    Nope, not even a steamy 2008 election could wrinkle the TARP. Just as with the PATRIOT and CARES Acts, Washington rose above petty partisan politics to save the con$tituent$ in another national crisis.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  124. Rurik says:
    @Greta Handel

    Washington rose above petty partisan politics

    your wry is dry, Greta,

    I recall how the Keating Five Bloodstain even put his campaign on hold, and returned to DC, to save America, setting all partisanship aside

    they were all finally united, Democrat and Republican, in the need to save America at that desperate hour

  125. @Wokechoke

    Lysenko was a Folk Ukrainian.

    So what? In America we have biology deniers of every race. The full text of Board vs Brown isn’t available online because it contains politically unwanted realities about race and biology. In fact it is difficult to find even in a University library. A group of Anglos in robes ruled in that case and we have Anglos today that believing in censoring such information. I’ve had conservative Anglos tell me that the public can’t know the truth about race even if it would undermine liberalism. I am Anglo I find it all to be a disgusting and loathsome betrayal of the Western heritage whereby free men can discuss reality in order to improve it. It’s a rejection of objective thinking that allowed the West to be built in the first place.

    There’s a good argument to be made that Ukraine came about as a result of the Commies.

    There is no such argument to be made.

    Ukraine declared independence before they were violently taken over by Communists that were aided by Russia.

    Ukraine was never given a choice on if they ever wanted to be part of the failed Marxist experiment and the same goes for the rest of Eastern Europe. Russia forced them all to be part of the empire of blood and stupidity.

    Your links didn’t work and it doesn’t matter what Russia set the Pale to be or what lines were drawn in the 1930s. Russia in 1994 swore to recognize and protect the autonomy of Ukraine and that included Crimea. Putin in 2008 had no border disputes with them and only in old age decided that they don’t have a right to exist.

  126. choxopox says:

    The bigger cities in the US don’t matter. They produce nothing. Even their food depots are often far out into the countryside. They are barrels full of mystery fish.

  127. @Pierre de Craon

    Sen. Joseph McCarthy was a patriotic hero, and he was right. The only “ism” he did was trying to root out Soviet moles from government agencies, including the military, of which there were many, as proven since then, so he was destroyed by Establishment Democrats and Republicans

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