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Soul Brotha Says Weimar Republic Was the “Greatest Democracy” Ever
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James Clyburn used to be known as “The King of Soul.” He was later known as “Soul Daddy” and “The Love Docta,” before eventually becoming “The Archduke of Funk.”

But those were different days.

Clyburn’s career peaked with the release of “Strokin’” in 1986.

“When I make love, I don’t just make love,” Clyburn sang, “I be strokin’.”

After a series of debilitating scandals fueled by crack cocaine and unresolved issues with his mother, coupled with his inability to tone down his bombastic dancing style which had become increasingly dangerous due to his rapid weight gain, Clyburn’s career entered sharp decline in the late 80s. Facing bankruptcy, Clyburn was left with no choice but to take a job in the US Congress.

These days, Clyburn is known as “Major Whip,” due to his history of “whipping it out” on unsuspecting folks. He is also known as “Jack Flash.”

This week, he was not talking funk and he wasn’t talking his junk when he appeared on Fox News Friday to declare that Weimar Germany was the greatest country ever.

“This is what happens in a country that follows what happened in Germany in the early 30s,” Clyburn mumbled to Fox News. “I said this in 2018, and caught a lot of hell from a lot of people for having said it. But it was true then, and it’s true now: this country is on track to repeat what happened in Germany when it was the greatest democracy going, when it elected a chancellor who then co-opted the media. This past president called the press the enemy of the people. That is a bunch of crap. … And that is what’s going on in this country.”

This is literally “and then one day, for no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power.”

If Weimar Germany was the greatest country ever, why did people vote for the militarized extremist?

As it turns out, Weimar Germany was basically exactly like the United States is right now. Therefore, it makes some sense that the Democrats, who claim that Joe Biden is the greatest president ever and everything is going great in this country, would also not see that there were any problems in the Weimar Republic.

However, many people saw problems in Weimar, just as many people see problems in America now. The problems were economic, social, and political, and it is difficult to say which drove people to embrace the extreme right-wing agenda of Adolf Hitler.

During the period after World War I and before the election of Hitler, Germany was being forced to pay a bunch of money to foreign countries as reparations for the war. (Many people would say that World War II was inevitable based on the treaty that ended World War I.)

Germany was experiencing hyperinflation.

Here is what 1 US dollar looked like in marks in 1923:

That is 1 trillion marks. It actually got even worse after that.

Here are some more fun photos (from

Boys use worthless banknotes for arts and crafts. 1923.
Boys use worthless banknotes for arts and crafts. 1923.
A one trillion mark note. 1923. (Note- billion in German, trillion translated in English)
A one trillion mark note. 1923. (Note- billion in German, trillion translated in English)
Banknotes had lost so much value that they were used as wallpaper. 1923
Banknotes had lost so much value that they were used as wallpaper. 1923
A shopkeeper stuffs excess cash into a tea chest next to his register. 1922.
A shopkeeper stuffs excess cash into a tea chest next to his register. 1922.
A display of extremely high food prices during hyperinflation.
A display of extremely high food prices during hyperinflation.
Worthless banknotes are collected to be burned. 1923.
Worthless banknotes are collected to be burned. 1923.
A woman uses banknotes to light her stove. 1923.
A woman uses banknotes to light her stove. 1923.

That’s a level that we haven’t quite reached yet in the United States, but it’s obvious that it’s on the way. And we have absolutely reached the crunch. The American people are feeling the inflation crunch as they did in the Weimar.

The German hyperinflation situation was actually before the Great Depression, which didn’t start until 1929. When that happened, Germany felt the absolute worst of it. From the period between 1919 and 1933, Germany was in a total state of economic crisis. Aside from the inflation, there was mass unemployment, and living on government benefits was nearly impossible, with families forced to live in a single room. Men took to drinking and women often turned to prostitution.

Although an economic crisis of this magnitude is really always going to be the deciding factor in whether or not people are ready for an extreme change, it also must be noted just how deranged the society had become during the Weimar.

Basically, Weimar was the test run of everything that began happening in the United States ten years ago. Most notably, this is where they did the first “sex change” operations. A Jew by the name of Magnus Hirschfeld ran the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft (Institute for Sexual Wissenschaft), where he was carrying out all kinds of Frankensteinian experiments on the mentally ill. Primarily, he was just cutting men’s dicks off, but with the help of the Institute’s chief surgeon, Ludwig Levy-Lenz (who was also Jewish, by pure coincidence), Hirschfeld also pioneered (and actually invented) the concept of the “neovagina.”

Hirschfeld had a Chinese twink lover, much like the neoconservative activist Paul Joseph Watson.
Hirschfeld had a Chinese twink lover, much like the neoconservative activist Paul Joseph Watson.

I won’t post the pictures of the surgeries. You can look them up if you’re a sicko.

The surgeries were condemned as barbaric, even by people who were not far-right, and many people died as a result of botched surgeries. Hirschfeld’s response was that he didn’t really even want to mutilate these people, but they were demanding he do so, and therefore it wasn’t his responsibility.

The Nazis protested the institute before Hitler took power.

Needless to say, after Hitler took power, the place was shut down.

The Jews are now obsessively celebrating Hirschfeld, and claim that the only reason he was shut down was that Hitler was pure evil.

They had buried the story before, but have brought it up as a good thing in light of the “trans” mania they’ve now created in the United States. You will find no articles about him between 1940 and 2017, other than people talking about how barbaric and deranged he was – now, every Jewish publication regularly makes a point to brag about how they were the pioneers of the trans movement.

They’d better hope that the “conservative” goyim don’t hear them talking like this. If people start to hear what Hitler was dealing with, they are likely to have a lot more sympathy, and start asking several questions about the way this man has been portrayed by history’s winners.

There was all sorts of other weird sexual stuff going on in Weimar, Hirschfeld is just the most extreme example. The Jews were of course also taking serious advantage of the fact that the economic situation put women into prostitution, getting them to do very sick things. The entire country was utterly sexualized as part of a Jewish utopianist agenda (which was also very profitable for them, by coincidence).

Here’s a video that goes over some of it.

Along with the sex culture (which was the center of Weimar culture), there was also other gross Jewish cultural stuff happening, up to and including Bauhaus.

While all this was going on, the politicians did nothing. The country was entirely run by Jewish bankers – primarily American Jew bankers collaborating with their cousins on the ground in Germany. There was also some relevant influence on the nation’s direction coming from the active utopian Marxist community, which was, like the Jew sexual degeneracy community, very advanced. Most notably, you had the Jewish Frankfurt School, a group credited with inventing “cultural Marxism,” which fled to America after the rise of Hitler. Amidst the ruins of a burned-out husk of a country, where the men were all drunk and the women were all hookers, these Jews were pushing every kind of bizarre utopianist project onto the body politic.

It simply cannot be overstated how Jewish the ruling elite of Weimar Germany were. The Jews have referred to Weimar as a “Jewish paradise,” in fact. Both the left and right despised the government, and even moderates hated it. It’s likely that the reason that it was so easy for Hitler to take over was that the government was really just a facade for foreign rule, and there was no one in the government who really cared what happened to it.

It’s understandable that the Jews are looking at comparisons between the Weimar and current year America, but the fact is, they have successfully made it impossible for anyone to take over the US government through the electoral system. We saw that with Donald Trump. He couldn’t do anything. This is due to the power of the US intelligence agencies, primarily. The elected government is a Potemkin clown show which plays no real role in running the country, but there is a real power behind it in the entrenched bureaucracy and the intelligence/law enforcement network.

There is no possible chance of the Democrats losing control because of these midterms. It would be great if Tucker Carlson would stop saying otherwise (although he might have some other game). People need to vote. We have to vote. But don’t kid yourself; nothing is going to happen.

[At this point, this article forked off into another article: You Need to Go Vote (Even Though Nothing is Going to Happen)]

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. “gender-affirming surgeries”

    I thought that to “affirm” meant “to go along with, to aid”. But not in this case, huh? Words mean what they want them to mean. Their formula is simple: take the Truth and invert it. Take the norm and subvert it. The original–and bestest–practitioners of the Big Lie.

    • Replies: @Kinky Friedman
    , @eckbach
  2. A. Clifton says: • Website

    ……and remember Matthew 13:39-43.

    The eternal “OVENS” {fiery furnace} of Truth awaits the workers of iniquity

  3. Emslander says:

    Shows what they teach in Affirmative Action school.

  4. The Civil War was not worth to free the Negro…..not one White Life was worth it…..

    To the Russians out there:

    There is a direct line from the US Civil War to POTUS Obama who gave the order to exterminate Slavic Russian Infants in Donbas….

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin, Bert
    • LOL: Folkvangr
  5. Abe Lincoln was a filthy homosexual swine….and no doubt a pederast too boot….

    The Abolitionists were homosexual pederasts…

    • Agree: Vitez Rafael, Bert
  6. Weimar collapsed without even a whimper; the same was the fate of French Third Republic. When depravities reach a crescendo, the depraved are deprived of public support. When an atomised society is in mortal danger, there will be nobody ready to die for it. Ruling classes always have a predilection for depravities, but when the whole society embraces depravities as normal, social cohesion collapses, because social cohesion is built on well assigned roles for everyone; when everyone is a potential sexual partner, and not a sacred ward, social cohesion disappears. It is not accidental that in homogenous societies, even strangers are addressed with kinship terms; the more kinship terms are, the more restricted the sexual boundaries are. The proliferation of kinship terms increases categories of people one is supposed to protect and forbidden from violating. Consider this: the English people have one term to cover all cousins, but the Arabs and South Indians distinguish between parallel cousins and cross cousins (parallel cousins are one’s father’s brothers’ children and mother’s sister’s children; cross cousins are father’s sisters’ children and mother’s brothers’ children). The English people can marry all cousins, whereas Arabs can marry only parallel cousins, and South Indians, cross cousins. Don’t jump up shouting, “Cousin marriage is incest”; in Arab tribes and South Indian castes, the whole group is considered cousins, however many degrees they are removed. The point is, the more kinship terms, the more restricted the choice of sexual partners. When a society demolishes all these relationships, and encourages wanton sexual relations between everyone and anyone, people lose their mental barriers and look at every male / female as a potential partner. And, all said and done, when it comes to instincts of protection, sexual partners are low priority: one spontaneously tries to protect one’s children first, siblings next, parents after that, only then comes the sexual partner. When there are no sacrosanct relationships, no sacred wards, then the affection for them goes down. Lets face it: the affection for parents, siblings and children springs partly from their protected status: these are humans one should never consider for sexual relations. This sublimates into affection. In fact, those cases of perverts who were caught guilty of incest display lesser degree of affection for their children / parents. An atomised society encourages everyone not to stand up for others, and only to care about oneself. The result is, no one cares about the depraved ruling class also, and their rule is swept aside without anyone even missing them.

    • Agree: Son of a Jedi
    • Thanks: Thomasina, Justrambling
    • Replies: @beavertales
    , @Che Guava
  7. @ThreeCranes

    That is what Satan does: take truth and totally invert it, so that black is white, and war is peace, and freedom is slavery.

    Everybody should read Walker Percy’s last novel The Thanatos Syndrome. It features an aged priest who visited Weimar Germany and learned about all the then ultra Liberal mass scientists whose work was, if anything, at least as bad as what got so called Nazi doctors executed.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  8. BuelahMan says:

    There is no possible chance of the Democrats losing control because of these midterms.

    Its going to be cool watching this post (and sentence) go down in a fiery LULZ

  9. Wokechoke says:

    The mind of a top black…

    “This is what happens in a country that follows what happened in Germany in the early 30s,”

    It’s not a sentence but this isn’t a complete thought. Nor is it a fragment of a thought, this happened and is happening and what follow it follows.

    “I said this in 2018, and caught a lot of hell from a lot of people for having said it.”

    This is what it is as I’ve said and having said it. I don’t know how it do what it be but it do.

    “But it was true then, and it’s true now:”

    What is true? It be happening now. As it happened a few years ago.

    “ this country is on track to repeat what happened in Germany when it was the greatest democracy going, when it elected a chancellor who then co-opted the media.”

    The main thing Hitler did was buy Twitter y’all gotsa hep stop Musk.

    “This past president called the press the enemy of the people.”

    No one likes the media. I be saying saying I be a friend of the News.

    “That is a bunch of crap. … And that is what’s going on in this country.”

    A pile of crap is better idiomatic English. A bunch of sour grapes might be a better term of art. So some Orange guy said press man bad and that’s what Hitler be. And this stupid nigger is a senior Representative with disciplinary powers in his party? That’s what’s really going on in this country and it’s a national disgrace.

  10. Crazy how in a few years they swung from “no, it’s all crazy talk that the Jews did this” to proudly boasting it now that they’re propagandised cutting off kids dicks.

    Even more so how open they are and cuckservatives still think the Nazis were the bad guys

    • Agree: Vitez Rafael
  11. @Kinky Friedman

    Remember how Bill Clinton when he was President used to leave female reporters squealing with delight at the way he could, with political cunning, weasel out of messy situations? I wondered at the time how many realized that he was sowing dragon’s teeth by undermining the dignity of the Presidency and making open chicanery and public sleaze an acceptable part of life in The Oval Office.

    • Replies: @Kinky Friedman
  12. Stogumber says:

    I think that the most obvious problem was that Germany had no two-party system with a regular change of government. There was the so-called “Weimar Coalition” between so-called Social Democrats and the Catholics (who by collaborating secured the existence of their Catholic subculture). The parties farther to the Right and farther to the Left were ostracised. If voters wanted an improvement of their life conditions they simply had to vote either for the NS or for the Communists. After 1945, Adenauer wisely and courageously refused to repeat the Weimar system but built a coalition with the smaller rightwing parties – which made the Social Democrats a legal opposition with a real opportunity to come into power, thus a kind of two-party system was established.

  13. The Democratic Party

    wants to MURDER!!!!




    The Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority….

    Did I mention that the Democratic Party wants to do this in COLD FUCKING BLOOD?

    It all began in Oct 1965…..October 1965…..October 1965….

    JFK WOULD HAVE SIGNED THE 1965 IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT INTO LAW….with a smile on his face……with a smile on his face….October 1965…

    • Agree: Che Guava
  14. Who will be Trumps economic advisors?

    Who will be Trumps Military Advisor?

    UN Ambassador? Niki Haley no doubt….


    Donald Trumps legal immigration policy=HINDU RACE POWER!!!!……and you will vote for this…

    • Replies: @JR Foley
  15. A Jew by the name of Magnus Hirschfeld ran the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft (Institute for Sexual Wissenschaft)

    Andrew, have you ever considered working as a U.N. interpreter?

    • LOL: Polistra, Rob McX
    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  16. @BuelahMan

    Its going to be cool watching this post (and sentence) go down in a fiery LULZ

    There’s no question the Dems are going to get a civilizational ass-kicking this Tuesday, but I think Andrew’s point is that it won’t matter since 99% of the Democrat Deep State isn’t on the ballot.

  17. MarkU says:

    On the plus side, hyperinflation is going to be much easier to cope with now than in the Weimar republic. No wheelbarrows full of banknotes will be required to transport cash and digital displays could be used to indicate the prices of goods on shelves as they change in real time.

    I think that hyperinflation has gotten some unfairly bad press myself. Admittedly having to shop with a wheelbarrow was inconvenient but it is undeniable that most Germans rapidly became multi-billionaires, surely that was more than enough to compensate for the inconvenience? We are fortunate indeed that most Western governments (particularly the US) have been wise enough to take the same common sense approach to money printing, I expect we will be experiencing similar benefits fairly shortly.

    • LOL: Che Guava
  18. Anon[286] • Disclaimer says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    It’s always “the Democratic Party” and “the Moose-limbs” with you.

    Never the actual (((culprits))).

    Why is that? Are you a boomer or just a jew?

  19. @Stogumber

    Really? You mean like the kind of “two party” system we have with “regular changes in government”?

  20. Speaking of the Weimar Republic:

    The Ronnie Reagan Whitehouse was a revolving door for homosexual pederasts…

    The George W Bush Whitehouse was a revolving door for homosexual pederasts and male prostitutes…

    And this is the reason Sean Hannity is such a fan of the Hollywood Homosexual Pederast Ronnie Reagan….and it’s the reason why Sean Hannity has the surgically mutilated tranny freak Bruce Jenner on his show…many times….

    But what about Southern Boy John Meachum?..Meachum writes the viciously anti-white speeches for shitstain Joe Biden…Is it because John Meachum is homosexual pederast swine?

    The Lincoln Brigade…..The Homosexual Pederast Brigade….

  21. @Wokechoke

    What do you expect from a tertiary stage syphilitic crack head?

    • Replies: @Anon555
  22. Anonymous[213] • Disclaimer says:

    Poptart and political analyst Linda Ronstadt told Rolling Stone in 1976 that America of that time was “just like the Weimar Republic”. It was the same issue that featured a two page picture of her in pink panties on a bed. Mmmmm…

    It’s just something you say. It’s easier than thinking. Same as when a friend told me I should “Move to Russia. It’s like the Wild West over there!” because I like guns. It’s something you say. Too bad it wasn’t like the Wilde West Village, then he could have moved there.

    Okay, I’ll ‘splainittoyouLucy. I like guns, he likes guys. Wilde West, Oscar Wilde. Get it now?

  23. Chris Moore says: • Website

    This is literally “and then one day, for no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power.”

    Oi! Then one day… for no reason at all!.. Moses got out his sword and went after us Golden Calfers! It was so mean! It was so unfair! It was so extreme! But we’ve been planning our revenge, grinding our axes, preparing for the day when we will prove the Golden Calf and its Chosen Mob enforcers are the true God! And all you goyim peons who refuse to worship it will be turned into detritus, just like the Palestinians, Islamofascists and Russians!… Ouch! Stop it! That hurts! You’re being so mean! Where are you taking me!?!.. No!.. No!.. Not to the woodshed again..!

    • LOL: Rev. Spooner
  24. Anyone following this pattern of destruction in society throughout history have come to one conclusion, a final solution to eradicate from this world the parasites within.

    By now it’s not even necessary to call out their name, just mention those who shall not be named, and it’s obvious who you’re referring too.

    Kind of similar to patterns of black criminals, you know they’re black when they never show a picture, only their names.

    These names remind me of something, I just can’t put my eye on it yet. It’s coming.

    It’s Avon knocking at your door.

  25. Magnus Hirschfeld ran the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft (Institute for Sexual Wissenschaft)

    Now, that’s just lazy.

    • Replies: @Gordo
  26. there was also other gross Jewish cultural stuff happening, up to and including Bauhaus.

    Their reunion was pretty good.

  27. @Jim Bob Lassiter


    Perhaps AA wants to preserve the special German sense of wissenshaft as referring to some super-duper special intellectual gymnastics that far transcends mere Anglo American “logic” or “science” and requires a guru like Heidegger to “transmit” it to their disciples.

  28. Notsofast says:

    the u.s. is purposefully creating hyperinflation in an attempt to inflate their why out of an unpayable debt. if they can pay back bond holders, with a dollar that is worth 10¢ to the dollar that purchased the bond, they decrease their debt by an order of magnitude. the reason they are raising interest rates is not to fight inflation but to keep the dollar strong against the euro and pound, that have plummeted in value due to their economies being smothered by their hegemon. they plan to use the “strong” dollar to grab as many assets as possible, before allowing the value of the dollar to deteriorate, inflating the value of their plundered assets.

    the reason they can get away with this is that the debt is denominated in u.s. dollars and they can print as many as they want. the weimar republic had debt imposed upon it, as war reparations denominated the currencies of the victors, so they couldn’t just print their way out of debt and this allowed the wholesale looting and plunder of the country.

    this is also the basis for the u.s. subjugation of central and south america, as well as africa, as these countries economies are disrupted by the illegal u.s. sanctions and attacked with hyper inflation caused purposefully, with phony supply chain disruptions. this causes the value of their currencies to drop against the dollar and with their foreign debt denominated in dollars, this makes the plundering of their assets and natural resources even easier.

    let us hope that the russians and chinese refinance their foreign debt, which would mean the end of the hegemons ponzi scheme and free the world from economic slavery. the people of africa are rejoicing at the thought, waving russian and chinese flags, hoping for a new day and age.

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  29. Weimar Germany was basically exactly like the United States is right now.

    Except that Germany was impoverished, defeated, disarmed, dismembered, and the US is the strongest empire in human history, at the zenith of its military and economic power. Other than that, yes, identical. Same terrifying homos out to turn us all into queers, oh my goodness, and nasty women who don’t know their place (but still won’t let us touch them), what’s the world coming to!

    And are we forgetting that the 1923 hyperinflation was caused by defaulting on an absurdly gigantic war reparations payment demand, after the WW1 allies had already looted Germany’s gold reserves and were busily strip mining her industrial and mineral wealth?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  30. meamjojo says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    “The Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority….”

    If you were native born, then you aren’t white and you haven’t held a majority here since the 1800’s.

    • Troll: Lurker
  31. meamjojo says:
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    We Jews will still be in charge.

    • Troll: Lurker
  32. Anonymous[213] • Disclaimer says:
    @Peter D. Bredon

    Wilde liked both.

    I bow to your intimate knowledge of homosexuality and homosexual lifestylers.

  33. There is no good reason to celebrate the Republicans winning the elections. But I will thoroughly enjoy watching the Democrats lose. They hate my guts. It’s mutual. What’s Nancy gonna do without her precious. Her gavel. Go home and torment her poor suffering husband? You would drink too if you were married to that horrible bitch. Then there is the delicious and utter humiliation of the 1/6 Committee. The drinks are on me.

    It’s like with Elon and Twitter. Elon is not going to committ suicide by Jew. But he did FIRE that street shiter cunt who banned Trump from Twitter. For that alone I will always be grateful to Elon.

    The suffering of our enemies is one of life’s simple pleasures. Enjoy.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
    • Replies: @Weave
  34. @Kolya Krassotkin

    Not many. If you identified as Democrat or Liberal, you saw any negative assessment of Clinton as HATE. If you identified as Republican or Conservative, you already despised him for being at times a high IQ buffoon and at other times as a common political crook.

  35. Alrenous says: • Website

    it is difficult to say which drove people to embrace the extreme right-wing agenda of Adolf Hitler.

    Your country is a shithole because it’s full of folk who see [socialism] and think [far right].

    Hitler was right-wing compared to Weimar and Stalin. Sure. He was, in absolute terms, a radical, frothing leftist. America’s policy of fake-privatization is a copy of Hitler’s, for example. Sell the business, then regulate it so heavily it can’t make any decisions without permission. America and Hitler also share a fondness for cartels and the destruction of small business. It’s almost as if a Fascist government is like Fascism. Mind status: blown.

    “Stealing all your money and giving it to NGOs and social workers is left wing, while stealing all your money and giving it to the military is right wing.”
    Stealing and giving it to both is “centrist” you see. Moderate, lol.

    Hitler lost the war because he ran out of other people’s money.
    Indeed that’s why he had to agree to start the war in the first place. He burnt through other people’s money even faster than Stalin did, due to his Musk-like naivete.

    Germany wasn’t going to be unable to feed itself because of “lebensraum.” Hitler had the same problem as Augustus on fast-forward. His government relied on plunder and windfalls for funding. The term [lebensraum] was Hitler’s euphemism for as-yet unlooted territory.

    Germany was going to be unable to feed itself because it was going to go full Ukraine. Communism is omnicide.

    • Agree: Fidelios Automata
    • Replies: @René Fries
  36. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    The chance your vote will not be counted is 100%. They’ve repeatedly hinted – if such blatant boasts can be called hinting – that the vote will be fortified.
    Maybe it will be so blatant the Republicants will be forced to pretend to object. Maybe. Possibly. The outer party’s subservience knows no bounds, but they’re not supposed to look like straight-up collaborators. Appearances must be maintained. What would the neighbours think? (“They can’t even pretend. How gauche. Even Sally can hide it!”)

    The fighting is so cutthroat precisely because the stakes are so small…

  37. @meamjojo


    • Replies: @James Scott
  38. I am not a fan of German mentality but the truth is that Jewish power has managed to turn into a chaotic shithole the country of the most disciplined, industrious people in Europe. Ponder over that fact.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Kinky Friedman
  39. Trinity says:
    @Passing By

    Jews couldn’t have done shit without the aid of white elite traitor trash in Britain, America, France, Australia, and the old Soviet Union. It took half the world to put down a nation of maybe 70 million, a nation the size of Montana. $ellout goyim did the heavy lifting FOR the Jew. Whites wolf packing a hopelessly outnumbered Germany for slimy
    parasitical anti White, anti Christian Khazars/Jews.

    And then (((the greatest generation ever))) and aging “Lost Generation” cawksuckers of the Jew turned out the shattered surviving Germans by beating them, torturing them, raping and starving them into zombies. Whites are great at fighting other Whites for the benefit of negroes, Jews, and other non whites but they are cowardly when it comes to fighting against Brown invaders, rampaging Black thugs or their Jew overlords.

  40. Slavs are so dumb. No wonder Jews run circles around them.

    • Agree: Brosi
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  41. @meamjojo

    The Chinese will be in charge. If there’s a chosen people. It’s the Chinese. They really are as old as time and as numberless as the sands of the seashore. Your people’s claims when scrutinized always turn out to be so much bullshit.

  42. Wokechoke says:
    @Priss Factor

    It’s like being teleported in East London around 1974-75. National Front wasn’t just co-opted and betrayed by Margaret Thatcher, for a few Shekels from (((Lawson, Brittan and Rifkin))) it was cloned and reborn, by Jewish money men in Ukraine!

    Do these retards also give Donbas Russkies Chelsea Smiles?

  43. @Notsofast

    ….the u.s. is purposefully creating hyperinflation in an attempt to inflate their why out of an unpayable debt. if they can pay back bond holders, with a dollar that is worth 10¢ to the dollar that purchased the bond, they decrease their debt by an order of magnitude. the reason they are raising interest rates is not to fight inflation but to keep the dollar strong against the euro and pound……

    This is true. Thank you.

    Otherwise intelligent people will argue about what the Fed should or should not do. The Fed is an illegal banking cartel and should be abolished. Honest money is essential to peace and prosperity. The Fed’s debt money is not honest money.

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  44. @Trinity

    I was speaking of the Weimar republic, before Hitler and WWII.

  45. The Republicans will win but nothing will change.

  46. Anon555 says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Well I expect, since this is the USofA, that he would be a multi-millionaire senior member of the US ruling establishment and political class; who can get away with doing anything he damn well wants including taking drugs, thieving, murder and raping white girls.

    Why do you ask?

    Do you come from a different planet?

    Don’t tell me you’re stupid enugh to believe being a “tertiary stage syphlitic crackhead” would disqualify someone from being one of the ruling class people responsible for running the US?

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  47. Hirschfeld had a Chinese twink lover, much like the neoconservative activist Paul Joseph Watson.


    What is that neocon fag Watson up to these days anyway?

    • Replies: @TKK
  48. Gordo says:
    @James J. O'Meara

    Now, that’s just lazy.

    The Hell it is, it is in fact very funny!

  49. Rich says:

    At the end of his life, Oscar Wilde saw the folly of his degenerate life and became a Christian. It’s a remarkable conversion story and one rarely mentioned nowadays

    • Replies: @Kim
    , @Priss Factor
  50. Kim says:

    The Federal Republic of Germany under Adenauer banned the German Communist Party in 1956, a banning upheld in 1957 by the European Commission of Human Rights.

    Note that Hitler was a monster for banning the KPD.

  51. Kim says:

    You get old and the dick gets soft. Christianity follows soon after.

    Many such cases.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Kinky Friedman
  52. I wonder if Weimar Republic might have succeeded if not for the punishing war reparations, the dreaded Versailles Treaty. With mountains of debt, the German Republic had no chance of success, especially as the entire world economy sank into a depression in 1929.

    Give Weimar Period some credit. It gave both communists and national socialists ample freedom(guaranteed by law) to express their views and organize accordingly. Weimar was far more free than Germany is now where certain views cannot be expressed. Under Weimar, far left and degenerate voices could be expressed but so could far-right and normative voices.

    And even though much of the culture was rotten, there was real freedom and it was used creatively by certain people, not least in German Cinema then in its golden age.

    Weimar was different from the Spanish Republic that soon turned into a far left tyranny that went after political opponents, leading immediately to Civil War. Weimar allowed a great deal of leeway for forces on the Right as well as for those on the Left. Hitler didn’t get punished too badly for his attempted coup, and he had full representation. He was treated more leniently than some of the people who attended Charlottesville.

    So, in that sense, Weimar was a better democracy than what the EU and US have now. Back then, one could be right or left and express anti-Jewish views. A man like Hitler could speak his mind freely and write any kind of book, just like far-leftist activists could, as well as pornographers and the like.

    Weimar might have succeeded if not for the depression. The depression both made degeneracy and radicalism more out of control. Because of hard times, many women turned to prostitution and were willing to debase themselves for money. Because things were so bad, more Germans turned to escapism and drugs peddled by gangsters and deviants.
    But the depression also aided radical politics: the communists promised a revolution to wipe out capitalist exploitation and degeneracy. And of course, National Socialists couldn’t have come to power without the depression. It offered its solution to degenerate and depressed Germany.

    After WWII, it was as if the Allies figured it was time to make German democracy work by not burdening it with debt like after WWI. Also, it helped that Germany was divided in two between capitalist west and communist east. Both sides wanted to improve things in Germany to show off their superior systems. Thus, Germany actually benefitted from the division forced upon it.
    Germany also benefitted from there being almost no Jews in post-WWII Germany. As a result, Germans could run things on their own for the national good. In contrast, after WWI, Jews controlled so much of Germany and acted like Jews in Russia in the 1990s. A lost opportunity for Jews. Had some of them not acted so vilely, things might have worked out between Jews and Germans. Even when Hitler came to power, he only got 33% of the vote. But when Jews go nuts, they really go nuts. Look at the US today. At least in Weimar Democracy, both the real left and real right could have their say. In today’s DEMOCKERY, there is no real left(as gayday replaced mayday), and the right is silenced by law in the EU and by deep state tactics in the US. ‘Celebrate gay pride’ on the BS ‘left’ and ‘smaller government, please’ on the BS ‘right’ are the only choices left.

    • Thanks: Brosi
    • Replies: @Presocratic
    , @Miro23
  53. @Rich

    In the end, he won’t be remembered for his degeneracy or morality but for his wit, which is what made him.

  54. Rich says:

    He was 46 when he died. Is that old to you?

  55. @Passing By

    It ought to be obvious: toleration of morally bad culture always wins out over naive good faith and then perverts its peoples totally.

    That is true when the morally bad culture is ever-warring Germanic/Saxon just as it is true when the basically decent middle classes ruled by ever-warring Germanics/Saxons get polluted by Jews.

    The real horror, as in Anglo-Zionism, is when the Jewish financiers have become full partners with the elites of ever-warring Germanics/Saxons. British WASP culture was in that stage no later than the dawn of the Victorian era. Yank WASP culture got there largely with Federal Income Tax and the Federal Reserve, but it was completed only after World War II.

  56. @Kim

    And in what era of history and what decadent land did impotency ever stop homosexuals from adding to their totals of bedded men and boys?

    Wilde saw his life in total and saw that his wanting to be among the bright young things of the British elite led him right into the sexual component of boarding school ‘fagging’ and then to using rent boys, as did almost all the elite Brit WASP rich boys and men. Wilde’s conversion cannot be openly discussed, and could not then, because it was about rejection of the entire Anglo-Saxon-Jewish Protestant worldview and identity.

  57. @Anon555

    10-4 good buddy; I’m glad you got all of that off of your chest and sincerely hope you feel the better for it.

    • Replies: @Bubba
  58. One thing you have left out was the sale of German real estate and industry to the jews. This was bought for pennies on the dollar. When the country went bankrupt, the only people who had money were jews, many of whom were financed by New York jews. Brings to mind the aftermath of the Soviet collapse and the rise of the Russian jew oligarchs.
    Hitler confiscated it all when he came to power.

  59. @Kolya Krassotkin

    About 4 centuries ago, there wasn’t much international trade but the little that was, was dominated by China and India; 50% and 20% respectively. The whole colonial enterprise was initially spurred by desire to obtain spices and fortuitously boosted by the industrial revolution.
    The East is rising again and does the West have anything to offer or counter this rise?
    This is an honest question.

  60. Dutch Boy says:

    1. Hitler was appointed, not elected.
    2. The creation of the Soviet Union as a result of WWI made WWII inevitable (the Versailles treaty and its aftermath was incidental).

    • Agree: Alden
  61. @Priss Factor

    Also one of the finest prose stylists in the language. Have a peek at “The Selfish Giant.” Perfection.

    • Thanks: Polistra
    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  62. @Wokechoke

    And this stupid nigger is a senior Representative with disciplinary powers in his party?

    Warning from the grammar police: “stupid” is redundant.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  63. Wokechoke says:

    I’ll concede that point of order.

  64. @Trinity

    [ ] but they are cowardly when it comes to fighting against Brown invaders, rampaging Black thugs or their Jew overlords.

    You forgot their own Wimminz (a specifically American thingy –
    H. J. Stammel used to call it “the Mom as national trauma”).

  65. Thomasina says:
    @loner feral cat

    I’ve only just begun to read Eustace Mullins’ paper. So far, so good, and I realize it was written years ago. But I think “parasitism” doesn’t go far enough. Yes, there’s a continual sucking off the host, but I’d go deeper than that. This is a deliberate “killing off” of the host. This is like what an “organized” serial killer does.

    Organized serial killers are intelligent (above-average IQ), methodical, planned, patient, cunning, deceitful, manipulative. Highly dangerous with no moral compass. They identify their targets carefully, secretively; they do not want to be caught. Their aim is power and control. They quietly gain the trust of the victim, setting up a trap. Once the victim is finally captured, the “mask” is ripped off and the torture begins. The torture phase is relished because now they’re in complete control, they hold all the power. Of course, the victim doesn’t see them coming until it’s too late.

    A lone serial killer wants to take one or two lives each time he strikes. A cohesive group of serial killers, in this case, wants to take a country, capture every important institution until the hosts are trapped, then kill off their culture, traditions, way of life. “You were stupid to let us in. We gained your trust because we played the victim and you bought it. Now you will pay.”

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a person or a country, these people are killers.

    • Replies: @loner feral cat
    , @Anon
  66. > If Weimar Germany was the greatest country ever, why did people vote for the militarized extremist?

    At the peak of his election fortunes, Hitler won 37.6% of the vote in July 1932. By November this had already started to decline again by a few percentage points down to about one-third. While this was a notable vote, it was certainly not a majority. More than that, in every election besides July 1932, the combined votes of the Social Democrats and Communists were greater than those for the National Socialists.

    Those 2 parties were very much at each other’s throats at that time, with the Communist Party (KPD) maintaining that “After Hitler, our turn!” They basically expected that Hitler would handle things as badly as General Denikin, Admiral Kolchak, Ataman Semyonov and other White leaders had in the Russian Civil War. The line which the Comintern took from 1928 on was that the Social Democrats represented the real counter-revolutionary threat and therefore it was better to have someone like Hitler take power and crush the Social Democrats (the way that Kolchak had carried out a coup against the popular Social Revolutionaries in 1918). Without this bitter division, any coalition between the SPD and KPD would have had more votes than the NSDAP.

    From another direction, one really serious parallel with events in the US is the way that many people who voted for Trump did so as a protest vote. The uptick in votes for the NSDAP which peaked in July 1932 was the result of traditionally conservative voters attempting to make a protest against the failures of conservative parties to get out of the Versailles reparations. As it worked out, Heinrich Bruning in 1932 succeeded in persuading the Allies to drop their insistence on the reparations and that was when the German economy began to recover. This was what led to the decline in votes for the NSDAP in November 1932. Those votes were starting to drift back to the conservative parties. But the labor votes for the SPD and KPD were never seriously affected by the votes for the NSDAP.

    It certainly is absurd to compare either the SPD or KPD of 1932 (whatever criticisms one might make of them) with Antifa or such today. Those older parties actually were bona fide labor parties and got the great mass of votes of industrial workers. The SPD tended to get the votes of steadily employed workers, and the KPD got the steadily unemployed. The underemployed tended to vacillate between the 2 parties. There actually was a bit of an uptick in votes for the KPD in 1932 because of the Depression, but it was all won at the expense of the SPD without actually making the labor bloc stronger.

    There is also no comparison between real wealth among German Jews in the early 1930s and that in the US today. Claims that German Jews held 20% of wealth in the country were an old staple of NSDAP propaganda. More realistic estimates place the share of national wealth held by German Jews between 0.96% and 1.57%:

    That is very different from today in the US.

    It’s also a useful reminder that, contrary to what is sometimes implied, there is no evidence of any surge in anti-Jewish (or for that matter anti-Communist) sentiment among German voters prior to January 30, 1933. When Hitler experienced his temporary rise in votes in July 1932 up to 37.6% of the electorate, he had been downplaying stuff about Jews and simply focusing on the economy and reparations. That was how many conservatives decided to temporarily flip their vote to Hitler in July 1932. That was also why, as the economy began to recover after Bruning had persuaded the Allies to stop pushing for reparations, the vote for Hitler began to drop in November. But nobody new was voting for Hitler in July 1932 because of Jews. All of the conservative parties in Germany at that time had some kind of anti-Jew line in their party. But Hitler himself had played it down to win over more voters.

    • LOL: Che Guava
    • Replies: @René Fries
    , @Davy Crockit
  67. @Old Brown Fool

    One difference between the USA and Weimar Germany is the military. The contemporary US military is among the best equipped in the world, while Germany’s was obsolete and hobbled by treaties.

    The patriotic Freikorps idea was briefly alive in the spirit of the Oath Keepers movement, regardless of its shortcomings and fed infiltration. This is why it was set up to be smothered – an American Freikorps is the greatest nightmare of occupied Washington, DC.

    One of the first moves of the Biden Regime was the ‘Timeout’ to bring in ADL ideological commissars. They told the military chiefs that Gadsen flags and Patriotic themes were forbidden. Then came the purge of patriots who refused the death vaxx.

    The emergence of an American Freikorps who could out-muscle communist thugs and rally the armed forces to the patriot side is the number one threat to the ZOG enterprise, and they know it. They were kind of hoping for a street clash with antifa in the summer of 2020, but the patriots didn’t take the bait. All they were left with was J6, and that just created a group of martyrs.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @Anonymous
  68. Ian Smith says:

    Bauhaus is not Jewish! Ashkenazi genes don’t produce blue eyes, cheek bones, and bass lines like that!

  69. Bubba says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Very intelligent and great response – well done sir!

    I’m still laughing!

  70. @Thomasina

    Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent. – Arthur Conan Doyle.

    It’s certainly a dark night of the soul. Remaining stable in these dire times is difficult.

    The theory of moral dualism, and belief in an eternal cosmic conflict between the benevolent and the malevolent, seems to be making more sense these days.

    Here’s a source of “red pills” that has helped me. They don’t work for everyone, but may be worth a try, if you’re interested.


  71. Brosi says:

    Most notably, you had the Jewish Frankfurt School, a group credited with inventing “cultural Marxism,” which fled to America after the rise of Hitler.

    I guess one could say that the importation of perverted homosexual Jewish Marxists was the mother of Operation Paperclip.

  72. Most notably, you had the Jewish Frankfurt School, a group credited with inventing “cultural Marxism,” which fled to America after the rise of Hitler.

    Not sure much of what’s happening now has much to do with Cultural Marxism. So much of current stuff is narcissistic. So, are the ‘woke’ a bunch of Marxissists? Not even that. All gayday, not mayday.

    • Agree: Slav
  73. Anon[288] • Disclaimer says:

    Good article. Lasha Darkmoon published a number of outrageous articles discussing Jewish sexual profligacy and perversion in Weimar-era Berlin. Her website has disappeared but maybe these articles can be found in some kind of Internet archive. They were shockingly informative.

  74. Anon[288] • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe a better analogy is like a Wall Street hostile corporate takeover. Where a foreign entity sweeps in buys up a majority of the stock and wins control of the corporation. This is what the Jews do. They seek refuge in various countries. They demand universal human rights. And then as they become more integrated in the society they try to seize control. I don’t think necessarily want to kill off the others but they want to control and dominate them. Of course in order to succeed they need to kill the spirit of the hosts. So in that sense you are correct that they are killers. But so are the ruthless financial manipulators on Wall Street. And unfortunately it’s all become accepted as the name of the capitalist game.

  75. Polistra says:
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    WTF! a vicious calumny!

    It was Professional Negro “Scientist” Neil DeGrasse Tyson who said that!

  76. JR Foley says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Rex Tillerson will in the inner circle —Kushner–McMahon — Rishi Sunak —

  77. JR Foley says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    Hedge fund managers –drama teachers—TV talk show personalities — 10,000 various stripes of Christian ministries — that sort of thing —

  78. Slav says:

    “After a series of debilitating scandals fueled by crack cocaine”

    Why do American racists in this discussion generalize blacks based on someone like him.

    There are many trash whites just like him, always been.

  79. Chriss says:

    an old thread,….and The Juice again,

    • Thanks: Trinity
  80. Anonymous[214] • Disclaimer says:

    The Jews have not been in charge since Obama’s second term. Obama is in charge, and he has his own coalition, the Black coalition.
    Largest indicator: Jews being classified as White under the civil rights agreement that limited White participation in Hollywood production companies to about 20% (Jerusalem Post said 10%) and led to all the “go woke go broke” movies/videos/advertisements we’ve seen. See:

    The establishment’s weak point is its dependence on disguised tribute from the American zone of dominance. The disguised tribute is borrowing, selling T-bills and the like. Present US sanctions in the Ukraine/Russian Federation conflict are de-industrializing Europe. Whether Europe revolts or simply deindustrializes, the US will no longer be able to sell T-bills to Europe, which is about a third of T-Bill sales. The US will then be unable to pay interest on its loans, and tribute will essentially cease, along with the remainder of the US dominated area. And that’s end-game for the establishment. Its members won’t work without pay (or, often, with it). No pay, no play, as the saying goes.

    • LOL: Bro43rd
  81. Paul54 says:

    Must be why the Germans are associated with sexual perversion even to this day.

    I remember talking to a couple of hookers in a bar in the Far East once, they were saying they didn’t like German men.

    I tried to imagine the kind of weird shit these guys may have been into for them to say that LOL

    • Replies: @Kinky Friedman
    , @TKK
  82. @beavertales

    The Freikorps were unique …
    a critical mass of déclassés academics with a shared existential experience
    that gave them political consciousness.
    The US haven´t had a real draft nor a real war in a very long time.

  83. Zane says:

    ” The country was entirely run by Jewish bankers ”

    Some things, it seems, never change. 😀

  84. Here is what 1 US dollar looked like in marks in 1923

    My father, born 1915, told us children that my grand-father, having glassed the windows of an entire house in 1923, wrote the bill and 2 days later cashed it. The amount, then, was just sufficient to buy some bread and cheese. (After that he made up his bills in USD or GBP as desired by the customer.)

  85. @Alrenous

    He was, in absolute terms, a radical, frothing leftist

    true enough [“(…) waren diese Kreise so blind für die Kräfte der Tiefe, dass sie es vermochten, Hitler und seinen Nationalsozialismus als eine rechtskonservative Bewegung anzusehen. Die Kommunisten und überhaupt alle ‘linken’ Elemente übernahmen die gleiche falsche Betrachtungsweise Hitlers und beharren noch heute darin. […] Der Nationalsozialismus war seinem Wesen nach eine groβe dynamische Bewegung des gewöhnlichen Volkes (…). Er war darum wesenhaft revolutionär und der instinktive Feind der christlichen Kirchen, wie aller aristokratischen und der besten literarischen Traditionen Deutschlands.” (Sir David Kelly, Die hungernde Herde, Piper Verlag München 1959, pp. 120 & 124]. Besides, he was an admirer of Mussolini [“Lui, le contestataire, imprégné des oeuvres de Blanqui et Bakounine, apôtre de la violence (…). ‘Mais je répète que c’est à Georges Sorel que je dois le plus. C’est ce maître du syndicalisme qui, par ses rudes théories sur la tactique révolutionnaire, a contribué le plus à former la discipline, l’énergie et la puissance des cohortes fascistes’. […] Mussolini se comporte en Suisse comme un authentique bolchevique et son extrémisme politique ne connaît aucune limite, pas plus que son extrémisme antichrétien.” (André Brissaud, Mussolini, Librairie Académique Perrin 1975, pp. 44 & 53)]

  86. @Patrick McNally

    The uptick in votes for the NSDAP which peaked in July 1932 was the result of traditionally conservative voters attempting to make a protest against the failures of conservative parties to get out of the Versailles reparations

    …not of all traditionally conservative voters, my grand-father in Hannover always voted Zentrum, as did my grand-father in Trier. Must have been a common trend among Catholic voters, since the Zentrum never declined as other parties did.

  87. Karl1906 says:

    The Dems – “Shitty Comparisons ‘r Us”

    Their complete and total ignorance is almost as bad as them shamelessly lying all the time.

  88. @Rev. Spooner

    “The East is rising again and does the West have anything to offer or counter this rise?”

    These days the main American export is alphabet soup: BLM, LGBTPQRSTUVW, AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, CIA, FBI, NSA, this sort of sh!t is pretty much all we’ve got anymore.

  89. @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    The deep state is clearly the problem. Vicky Nuland isn’t on the ballot…

  90. BuelahMan says:
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Anglin’s sentence was quite direct. But I will admit that he has a tendency to lie and obfuscate whenever he feels like it.

  91. @Rev. Spooner

    Because what the Victorian WASPs planned that was achieved during the 2 world wars, the entire WEST now is nothing more than forcibly converted WASPs. Everybody dances to the tunes of John Bull and Uncle Sam, which means dancing also to the tunes of Jewish financiers: Anglo-Zionism rules the entire West. All that this post-Christian West has to offer is more pillage and perversion, more forced Judaizing, more forced English language usage.

    The Saxon, just like the Jew, acts always to get even with those who dare refuse the offered gentle raping that the Saxon always makes before full war. The Chinese refuse to be raped any more, so the Chinese must be destroyed. So when the full war starts, the Chinese need a million men ready to go, with another 3 or so million partly trained or at least beginning training.

    The leaders of India must be prepared to arrest any and all Anglophiles in the country. Anglo-Zionists being what they are, I expect that Brit secret service has already trained a bunch of UK Moslems to be terrorists against India, using Indic ancestry and English accents as cover.

    And Russia must be prepared destroy everything that is Anglo or American that is on the continent, as well as perhaps all of England. If that is what it takes to put a stop to what the Anglo-Zionist elites plan to do to all of Eurasia, then that is what must be done.

    Only when the political and economic power of Anglo-Zionist elites is broken can the many decent people living in the Anglosphere have a chance to rebuild our lands in proper ways.

  92. @Paul54

    19th century Germanic Romanticism featured a sexual revolution. Nudity hiking became a huge fad among the young of the elites. Homosexuality became openly discussed in positive terms. Wife-swapping became a thing. Berlin was the Mecca of European sex clubs and therefore for sex tourism within Europe.

    All those things were legacies of both the sexual decadence of the Prussian court back to the days of Frederick the Great and the Bismarckian kulterkampf to render the Catholic Church utterly powerless.

  93. Weave says:

    Since 1/6/20 this has been my exact outlook. I am utterly removed from caring except to enjoy the ruination of it all.

  94. @Kolya Krassotkin

    “The Chinese are the chosen people!” Incredible! There are no chosen people! Chosen by whom?

    I find it incredible, pretty silly after human behaviour on this planet to the extent that we have come to know it in our capable conscious time so far, we can still seriously conclude that there is actually an entity in conscious existence that can and would select a superior human group as superior among human groups.

    That has become funny to me now! hahahahahahaha!

    That there is such an entity that could and would have actually created humanity…or in any way purposely have come to have been decisive in our evolution, seems pointless. The fun is that we human beings are now so perfetly subjective …over time, our subjective experience, we have become perfectly subjective, narcistic, forever becoming ever more briliantly stupid, as to be subject to be 100 per cent stupid, a failed evolutionary derivative, subject to extinction by human hands

    hahahaha! hahahahaha! Why would any god, who in our imagination is capable of anything at all make his creation as he made us, so inferior and bckward to itaelf? As such we are not only unlike IT – God! But wee are consigned, condemned actually, to a hostile, torturous interneccine, quite disatisfactory, blase’ and routine hellish life on Earth.

    The logic behind is clear! There is…none! We humans made all the religious non sense! And have come to believe it ourselves so we are deeply into CHOSEN! We are mostly into with this philosophically, ideological nonsense now it has having weaked us, giving ourseleves an existenticial emotional crutch, instead of using the truth nature to build ourslves up

    We can use the truth to build ourselves…the truth requires emotional strength, requires of us in time emotional impregnability of us.

    Nature has made it all and we ouselve shape our own chances and continuing existential potential by how we chose to live, guided by the truth we prove as we go, driven by our need and drive tp survive. Good and bad are determined by

    The conditions of our existence explains it all: We are evolved/Born unaware and insecure and we must learn how to live, survive, feed and teach our young, send them on their way as we die away leaving them to continue on. We may have an opportunity to increases, extend, expand life we do not know by what margins and lengths. We may have the potential to become godlike even but we must come to know how to it possible so we must learn. That requires us to accept and overcome then entire challenge of survival we are faced with and so come to know what is required of us ensure our existence

    It seems that simple to me…life! Complex yet by experience, expansion, analysis of and positive use of, and saving of, knowledge makes lots simple, is the purpose and point of this stagg. Currently it is essential for humanity to evolve to the next esential stage of our social evolution by ending capitalism as we have known it – minority, class dominated capitalism, crucially putting the very advanced material staged we have achieved to work for ll humanity, lifting human levels and chances of going on indefinitely, achieveing more and more as we go.

    This is the point about it all, the entire stage humanity has arrived at, that we can no longer advance in axistence on planet Earth wusing any of the provious social organzing systems we have used in the past

  95. Bert says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    The East is rising again and does the West have anything to offer or counter this rise?
    This is an honest question.

    What it has to offer are the replicated, failed experiments of Democracy and Socialism. And perhaps, via theory, a political structure, Demarchy, that would be as functional as the CCP’s socialism cum fascism without the repression.

  96. @Slav

    Math is the valid reason. If 30% of a thing is bad, while only 10% of a another thing is bad, then that first thing is certain to be roughly 3 times as much trouble as the second thing .

    Black violent crime are always through the ceiling unless whites sit hard on blacks to force them to behave as well as they can when they live in fear that bad behavior will cost them.

    When blacks are engaged in drugs, they tend to become even more violent. When whites become junkies, they tend to become totally pitiful, helpless. That’s the reason that after Big Pharma addicted so much of white middle American too prescription opioids there was not white violent crime wave. But blacks with any dope get revved up for more killing.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  97. geokat62 says:

    The entire country was utterly sexualized as part of a Jewish utopianist agenda…

    Jewish Utopia = Tikkun olam

    The Jews have referred to Weimar as a “Jewish paradise,”…

    Their Jewish paradise (Tikkun olam) is our, the Goyim’s, hell.

    • Replies: @Chriss
  98. Che Guava says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    Many good general points, but you are wrong on two. The English language does have detailed terms for degrees of cousins. It not being my first lamguage, I don’t remember the system past the first two steps, but it exists. An inoccent mistake on your part.

    The other is a plain lie, rates of first- and second-cousin marriage are very high, in many Moslem places, first-cousin marriages are the majority, second-cousin coming a poor second in many areas and invader groups in Europe (and no doubt, the U.S.A. of now, after all, Ilhan Omar married her brother to enter the country, any sane place would kick her out for such a crime, instead, she is now a member of one of the most pampered and privileged groups).

    So, it seems that you just want to hide one of Islam’s many dirty secrets.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  99. @Priss Factor

    I wonder if Weimar Republic might have succeeded if not for the punishing war reparations, the dreaded Versailles Treaty. With mountains of debt, the German Republic had no chance of success, especially as the entire world economy sank into a depression in 1929.

    The French policy toward Germany in the period after World War I, as exemplified by France’s occupation of the Ruhr, was also a factor in the demise of German democracy that began during the Weimar period. Far from promoting the nascent German democracy, the French under Poincare in particular were determined to prevent any revival of Germany, democratic or otherwise.

  100. Bert says:
    @Priss Factor

    In life, jumping the shark is silly. In political propaganda, jumping the shark is a sign that the rebels are putting their boots on.

  101. Anonymous[214] • Disclaimer says:

    Pop tart and political analyst Linda Ronstadt told Rolling Stone in 1976 that America of that time was “just like the Weimar Republic”. It was the same issue that featured a two page picture of her in pink panties on a bed. Mmmmm…

    It’s just something you say. It’s easier than thinking.

    Bit more to it than that. I was alive back then, and actually participated in the events of the 1960s in the New York City area. These events were literally a re-run of the Weimar Republic. Same themes, same tools (“Be-ins”, same media techniques, targeted assaults on politicians by small groups, bomb campaigns, organic foods, sex, drugs, publicity, apparently even sex changes, . . .) by the same people (Jewish coalition).

    Hitler countered this by using exactly the same tools. It was received wisdom back in the late 1920s and early 1930s that a rank and file German ethnicity Red supporter (Communist) could be converted to a Brown supporter (Fascist) very in a month or so. Apparently, quite a few of Hitlers Brownshirts had worked for the Reds first.

    So, Ronstadt wasn’t exactly wrong. Maybe it was just by accident, maybe she was just repeating “what everybody knows” in her circle, but the Jewish coalition of the 1960s made no secret that they thought the only trouble with the Weimar republic was that the bad guys had overthrown it. The Jewish coalition did not publicize its beliefs, but in its own publications (_Village Voice_, for example) made no secret of that belief either.

    And that’s why the Jewish coalition sees Trump as “literally Hitler”. The Jewish coalition still can’t quite understand how it lost Weimer when the Jewish coalition thought it had everything won. They even had very good relations with the USSR, good enough for Germany and Russia to jointly conduct (on USSR territory) the original field exercises that developed and tested the tank tactics of WW II. They had it won, what could go wrong? Well, Hitler could.

    The Jewish coalition today fears this. It fears something like fate of every comic book villain who says “Nothing can stop me now!” right before something stops the villain cold. In Trump’s case, he’s just too close to Hitler — a more or less populist leader that is resisting Jewish coalition attempts at absolute power. (You might say that “absolute power” is an exaggeration, but consider — the State wants the power to try to convince your kids to insist on being castrated, and to take your kids away and maybe charge you with terrorism as a “White Extremist”. That’s about as absolute as you can get.)

    Look at things that way, and they make a lot more sense.

    And I’d like to point out that the Hitler analog has risen twice: once with Trump, once with Obama. Obama and his Black coalition (Obama as leader, Black African 2nd generation immigrants graduated from the Ivy League as his executives and administrators, and Black Americans as his voters and fist). So, once again, the Jewish coalition can’t win for losing — just like every other time in history when a similar coalition has been sooo close. And, once again, the society in which the Jewish coalition has tried for the Jewish dominance of Jewish eschatology gets hashed. This time it’s us.

    History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes. First time as tragedy, second time as worse tragedy.

    • Thanks: beavertales
  102. Anonymous[214] • Disclaimer says:

    And are we forgetting that the 1923 hyperinflation was caused by defaulting on an absurdly gigantic war reparations payment demand, after the WW1 allies had already looted Germany’s gold reserves and were busily strip mining her industrial and mineral wealth?

    Not at all. See:
    As I understand it, Weimar was using hyperinflation just as the US is today, to avoid paying a dept (whether just or otherwise) that could not be paid without hyperinflation. The French in those days were vindictive SOBs, so the Germans tried to be equally hard nosed.
    The US has used inflation to avoid paying debts since the end of WW II. While this has taken most of the accumulated wealth from the American middle and lower classes, it has taken even more from the rest of the world, and is a thinly concealed levy of tribute on every country that uses the US Dollar as a reserve currency. That’s why Biden can say truthfully that the US has one of the lower rates of inflation in the world. Everybody else is trying to increase their currency faster than the US can inflate its currency, but of course US gets the “first issuer” bonus.

    The attempt at tribute through inflation is working less and less well in that the “multiplier effect” of fresh currency issuance is apparently now less than 1. That is, for every dollar of new currency, the US GDP is increased by less than one dollar as valued just before the issuance. Also, the Empire’s subjects are getting a bit sick of the whole process, the more so for the subjects that have had their raw industrial feeds cut off by US sanctions and now have an active mechanized war to their East.

    So, yes, hyperinflation is now a part of the mix of strong possibilities, and the US today is actually more like Weimar than it was back in the 1960s. Granted that the hyperinflation wasn’t exactly imposed by enemies of the US, but was rather a rather poor way of financing the “Pax Americana” that fostered the globalism that is presently being dismantled, still, hyperinflation is hyperinflation

    • Replies: @Thim
    , @Old Brown Fool
  103. Nat X says:

    Hey Andy, try getting laid and take some B12 to take the edge off, ijs…

  104. @Trinity

    What fucking colour are ‘jews’……white this, Jew that, Jews are as fucking white as any inbred fucking retard high in the Ozark flatlands.

    Wait, are you implying all Jews are rainbow coloured ……..amazing, people conflate colour with religion……speaking of low IQ………more of an inbred issue for colour blinded fools.

    • Replies: @Breeze
    , @James Scott
  105. Clyburn is a god damn fool.

  106. Chriss says:


    During the interview, Salman was discussing the issue of homosexuality being illegal in Qatar.

    Salman told ZDF that being gay was “haram,” meaning forbidden according to Islamic law. “It is damage in the mind,” Salman said.

    As many people are expected to travel to Qatar for the World Cup, “let’s talk about gays,” Salman said.

    “The most important thing is, everybody will accept that they come here. But they will have to accept our rules,” he said, adding he was concerned children may learn “something that is not good.”

  107. Wild Man says:

    The Wiemar thing is interesting. It seems European stock (pretty much like any human stock probably) loves to get down and dirty, in a cacophony of creative play, to turn on the physical/neural/psychic/spiritual pathways to turgidtude, … like demented monkeys that don’t have anything better to do, ….. extremely creative demented monkeys, …… who really, really, really are over the moon for the turgidtude feelz (horny masturbators).

    I think humans are like dogs in some ways. The turgidtude thing, sniffing around the gushing loins of the bitches in heat, comes up all the time. It seems like it isn’t hurting the species (even though that culturally, we do much to mitigate for it, …… this way over the moon drive for turgidtude feelz), and is probably part-and-parcel of species success (like dogs). And so, …. maybe the right way to look at this human sexuality thing is that we come from the mammalian line, with the mammalian tendencies for deep endocrine over-riding control over otherwise conscious actions, especially impacting upon the reproduction domain, ….. and furthermore, come from the primate line of mammals, where there have been many species members that already bring a cacophony of creative play, to turn on the physical/neural/psychic/spiritual pathways to turgidtude, relatively-speaking (compared to the rest of the mammalian domain, ….. but or course, humans take the cake on this front by a long shot), ….. that these traits probably have served to maintain and grow the human species, however, the added dynamic, is that culture imposes a sexual access hierarchy (same as many many species), but for humans, this ‘culture’ really started to take on a life of its own, upon the advent of livestock management practices and agriculture, …. towards a self-programming culture, as much less directly dependent on genome control, …. at least in the short to medium term, … it remains to be seen, the degree that human culture can indeed continue to escape the dictates of genome control, also known as ‘reality’, in the long-term, ….. at the current juncture, it is probably still somewhat of an illusion, as to the degree of power our 10,000 year-old human culture in fact possesses, this way, ….. an illusion which may never be uncovered, because the 10,000 year-0ld human culture of animal husbandry and agriculture, is currently being usurped by a brand new transhumanist culture that now features technologies like mRNA tweaking of the physical genome (and these tech-moves will cover for any prior-illusions, that may indeed exist, around long-term efficacy of cultural attenuation of underlying human sexuality drive). What I am getting at here, is that, from one perspective (the Terence McKenna perspective let’s say), ….. this 10,000 year experiment in the cultural attenuation of the underlying human sexuality drive, which is akin to the animal-domesticators (that’s us) domesticating ourselves now (setting up a covert system of who gets to f*ck who), ….. and the thing is, within the human genome, the oversized-humanity-success-so-spawned by the various abstract cultural interventions (including the interventions up0on underlying human sexuality as I am suggesting here), has on the other hand, brought some genomic degradation (useless mutations are accruing).

    So from one perspective, it’s a dog-mode, and endocrine-consciousness-overriding ‘human-sexuality-on-monkey-crack-by-genomic-design’ (Terence McKenna had some very far out ideas, in this respect), ….. that probably worked just fine, back in the mists of the hunter-gatherer times, but which drive has been subverted by culture since these mitigating cultural influences came upon the human scene, say 10,000 years ago.

    Which is more dangerous, go-forward, human sexuality-wise,…. is it the original ‘dog-mode, and endocrine-consciousness-overriding human-sexuality-on-monkey-crack-by-genomic-design’, or is it the ‘human sexuality since subverted by culture, in order to attenuate and direct this sexuality, since these mitigating cultural influences came upon sexuality within the human scene, approx. 10,000 years ago, upon the advent of the human culture of animal husbandry and agriculture’?

    It’s hard to know. In some ways, this ‘dog-mode, and endocrine-consciousness-overriding human-sexuality-on-monkey-crack-by-genomic-design’ is like ‘going to seed’ (at least since the advent of the new cultural influences upon human sexuality of 10,000 years ago). I think that has been one of Anglin’s contention, all along. And that was also probably one of Hitler’s contentions, too.

    Who are we? I don’t think we can properly proceed, unless we properly answer that question. Did we emerge from free-love magic-mushroom-munching humanoid primates (Terence McKenna-style), who blew their minds on pharmacologically-induced mind-altered metaphysical considerations, whilst f*cking everything that moved, in psychedelic orgiastic ecstasy, whilst at the same time experiencing deeply-felt psychedelic-induced abstractive-empathies with colleagues and fellow f*ckers and f*ckees, so as for abstract language to emerge, so as to downplay the role of Darwinian sexual selection upon this new psychedelically-directed humanoid species, (as such a orgiastic free for all, at least initially), … because said species, at least initially, was so unbelievably advantaged, by this new language development, that natural selection, for a temporary period of time during the advent of this new species (us), was not meaningfully impinging upon this new species (spreading like like wild fire by then), and as such, sexual selection was a dynamic of much less importance under these windfall conditions for the species (i.e. – if you talk, you then got this new abstractive empathy, and as such, you fuck your fellow talkees who are also prone to this empathetic orgiastic ecstasy,, …. and as such, the formation of a new exclusive species sieved by empathy-spawned-abstractive-communcation-power, then ensues)? Let’s say Terence McKenna had got it right, …… that would mean that even though, normatively, we do not operate quite like that now (i.e. – behave like we are lost in psychedelic orgiastic ecstasy in a love -in free-for-all), ….. humanity is still marked by this artifact of the human species’ travails through a past Darwinian bottleneck of ‘harsh environment/extremely-powerful-novel-adaptive-response.’

    Food for thought. What I am getting at here is, …… maybe it is not out of line for hyper-curious people (be the Jews or anyone else) to wonder about the oddities of human sexuality, and then come up with theories about that (like Freud at al did). These Jewish theories, it’s true, seem to hearken back to, and accentuate the reality of, perhaps what truly was, temporarily, a root condition of human sexuality , … this ‘psychedelic orgiastic ecstasy in a love -in free-for-all’, and as well, some of these Jewish theories of human sexuality also speak to the conflict that now arises, because this root condition is no longer possible, now that humanity’s success has grown so exponentially.

    Maybe the issue is that there has not been good gentile responses to the Jewish theories of human sexuality (perhaps only wrong by way of emphasis). Maybe we need to get on with that. Interestingly, ….. this is the topic in which I first entered the convo (about 8 years ago), on all these weird cultural anomalies (maybe about 20 great big huge lies) that we are currently dealing with, ….. all are rooted in misunderstandings around human sexuality. Look, …. I am not saying I understand human sexuality. What I am saying, is that it is a topic so deep, that we have barely scratched the surface yet, …. once one starts to examine, it very soon becomes apparent that the topic is so huge and impenetrable, ….. it is apparent we still have not invented or discovered the correct tools to fully penetrate this topic. And the reason, I think, that it turns out that there is such a solid lock to pick on this pandora’s box, is because, once we pick it, we will see that it is the same pandora’s box that holds the life-force mystery (what it is, what is its origins, …. which remain extremely deep mysteries).

    • Replies: @Chriss
    , @Jim Bob Lassiter
  108. TKK says:

    Is PJW gay or just have a female Chinese partner?

  109. TKK says:

    I was in the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok about 8 years ago.

    I could not sleep and went down to the lobby to wonder around. When I got back in the elevator, I was joined by a German man and a young Thai girl who was dressed like a prostitute.

    She seemed about 9 or 10, but had on Tammy Faye baker eye shadow and reeked of terrible cheap perfume and had on a tiny mini dress and clomping high heels.

    But what I remember most was her hysterical giggling, as if the sanity had been kicked out her head, and the glaring looks from the German man at me. Ready to take her up to his room and do what….the mind recoils.

    I wanted start a fight, but remembered the doorman of the hotel was who had let them in, and the concierge probably arranged it. And Thai prisons.

    The world does not derserve to survive, as it hates its own young. Look up what happened to a young boy by a white cop named Valva. Then look up what a black Hog Beast Ariel Robinson did to a little white girl, after tweeting about white privilege.

    The world yawns. It is time for a Great Reset, but not what the Normies had in mind.

    • Replies: @ross23
  110. Treg says:

    4 years ago, the Netflix series called “Babylon Berlin” was a huge hit. Its well worth watching.

    • Agree: Weave
  111. Hirschfeld was also instrumental in coining the term, “racism”
    racist is yiddish for white

  112. @War for Blair Mountain

    Surely, he would have signed it; however he would not had a landslide majority Congress that could have limited the excesses that it contained. Thanks again LHO and LBJ.

  113. Thim says:

    Why they voted for the Corporal? What did Professor Quigley reveal about that? In Tragedy and Hope? Anglin doesn’t read books, so I will tell you what Quigley wrote of.

    Hitler was a second or third tier politician. The German nationalists wanted to elect from one of two or three outstanding nationalist Generals. But all of these Generals were rejected by the three powers, Washington, London, and Paris.

    The three powers were threatening to invade and destroy Germany. All of the serious candidates were vetoed. Out of desperation the nationalists proposed Hitler, and to their astonishment the three powers said Hitler was just fine.

    And that is how Hitler got in. Foisted on the hapless Germans by the West, who wanted a new war, and put Hitler in power for that purpose.

    And it all worked. Germany was wrecked, but the power behind the three powers, the money power, got everything they wanted. Thanks to Hitler, the eternal Corporal.

  114. Chriss says:
    @Wild Man

    …. pandora’s box

    Neal borrows from the work of Polish psychiatrist Andrzej Łobaczewski (1921–2008) to argue that our elites are staffed predominantly by characteropaths, individuals who, through biological condition or genetic predisposition, are given to a psychological disposition to evil. Beneath the elites are pathocrats—maladapts and political actors given to the psychology of evil who are also skilled in the infiltration of institutions. Since characteropaths cannot thrive under normal conditions, they “must destroy what is good and healthy in order to live.” The foot soldiers of both groups are schizoids; a lumpen population of the hypersensitive, the distrustful, and the eccentric. Also of assistance in this scheme are skirtoids (the uncritical, the egotistical, and those drawn to the primitive), and “jackals”—violent mercenaries. Neal illustrates these categories with some interesting examples, most notably that of legal scholar Cass Sunstein, who is presented as a quintessential pathocrat skilled in subversion and the manipulation of language. Neal points to the manner in which Sunstein, a “spellbinder,” “has a long-standing preoccupation with the control of information flow and human behavior. … [He] seeks to nudge people away from their deeply evolved instincts toward attitudes that favor the governing classes.”


    Spellbinders like Sunstein, who “cannot function in a healthy society, and feel wronged by it,” help suspend cognition in the masses through changes in the meaning of terms like ‘racism’, ‘anti-Semitism’, etc. Since many reactions to the decline of society and civilization (disgust, anger, etc.) are based in evolved and natural responses to negative stimuli, changes in language and the interruption of cognition results in the fact that “a whole range of emotional responses (disgust, confusion, ambivalence, reticence, self-preservation etc.) are no longer legitimated for anyone outside of the spellbinding class.” In fact, through speech laws and other legislation this narrowing is enshrined in law. The project of delegitimizing identity is thus so total that it acts as a catalyst to extremism among those deprived of natural emotional responses.

    In some pathological responses, the result is, of course, an inversion of the suffocated emotions, and Neal remarks that “it is possible to critique oneself out of existence”—something that is clearly ongoing throughout the West. There is a very real incentive, therefore, for hostile elites and spellbinders to continue with the status quo. Neal points out that

    once the central pillars of the individuation process are toppled, we are all but helpless to make up the difference, particularly when they are replaced with toxic simulacra—psychological facsimiles—that are transient and wholly inferior to the real thing. We become ripe for exploitation.

    White left-liberals are described by Neal as some of the most prominent victims of elite extremism, since, through concept creep, they have come to regard most of their own heritage as either non-existent or uniquely evil. As explained in American Extremist, these individuals, for a range of reasons, are capable of great “sensitivity towards injustice directed towards others but not the self.” Many, of course, also become ambitious for advancement within the status quo, and are only all too aware of the price for admission—one they are in many cases quite willing to pay:

    Without the ability to creatively construct his identity, to conceptualise his experience in terms that he uniquely understands for himself, contextualised by his community, man becomes something easily molded and controlled. Modern American identities are passively accepted by the transformed consumer classes; developed by academic spellbinders and reified by figures of cultural influence, so chosen not because they actually represent anything of significance or because they are trusted members of some community, but rather precisely because they are willing to compromise themselves—to purge their consciousness and accept another in its place—is what earns them the role of high priest or priestess of the American empire.

    In the second book of American Extremist, Neal profiles the psychology of extremists of both the left and right while maintaining the basic principle that “the extremist is a cultural creation through and through.” The section begins with a thorough denunciation of centrists and fence-sitters who view themselves as somehow apart from the poles of the system. For Neal, the static centrist is characterized by a numbing inertia that renders one particularly vulnerable to the nudges of the pathocrats. In short, the centrist believes he’s standing still while the changing of definitions all around him means he is in fact a pawn constantly moving in a direction dictated by the spellbinders. “Time and again, he cedes territory because of his habit of narcissistic ignorance and apathy.” From here, Neal moves to a discussion of the antisocial extremist of the left (AEL) and of the right (AER). Neal borrows somewhat heavily from psychoanalysis in this section and, depending on their opinion and knowledge of that subject, readers may or may not enjoy this style of profiling, heavy as it is in references to the ego, the id, and, in one case, even to the retention of feces. Freud is employed with qualifications, but again, I think some readers will find this approach difficult. For my own part, the use of this approach caused some hesitancy, but wasn’t so overbearing that I became dismissive. I was also aware of the fact that I’m simply not well-read enough in psychoanalysis to be able to offer a meaningful critique of this kind of discourse. My really rather limited reading is skewed overwhelming to the writings of Jung, and I haven’t read more than a couple of essays by Freud. I nevertheless found the section very interesting, with much that I couldn’t help but agree with. Neal’s description of the left extremist as psychologically underdeveloped and addicted to politics as part of a deranged pursuit of pathological pleasure certainly has a ring of truth.

    The Internet

    Book III, “The Digital Demiurge,” was one of my favorite sections of the volume, and offers some piercing insight into the way in which the internet, and social media in particular, has accelerated extremism. Being an instinctive Luddite, I’ve long regarded social media as an unmitigated disaster, and have several times in the past advised people to remove themselves altogether from the most data-intensive platforms. The internet has swamped us with information, with the result that we know more but act less. At the same time, the dynamic of Internet news media is such that sensationalism is a built-in and inescapable feature. For Neal, “the techno-informational age has made hermits of us all.” We buy online, we date online, and more and more of our social and political life is taking place exclusively online. The result is a proliferation of online lives that allow, to an increasing extent, ordinary people (especially those opposed to the system) to be targeted as if they were responsible for all the ills of the world. One need only look at the glee that accompanied attempts to dox attendees at the torch-lit rally the night before Unite the Right in Charlottesville. As Neal puts it, “the will to transgress is being directed at people with no influence whatsoever. … More and more, the average person is invited to participate in this new social ritual—to vilify, degrade, and shame the apostate of neoliberalism.” Neal continues:

    The prevailing psychologies of our time (hopelessness and loss, moral self-righteousness, narcissism, and rage) combined with free and easy access to total strangers creates the perfect storm of opportunity for irrational (and consequence-free) retaliation. The retaliatory object is symbolic, for it is almost never the case that the transgressor was personally slighted by them. Rather they are the image of the oppressor.

    Social media in particular has resulted only in the formation of herd mentalities, and has “permitted the control of global crowd consciousness in a way that has never before been achieved in human history.” Neal adds:

    Corporate control of these social media platforms simultaneously allows for the cordoning off of wrong think, which keeps the larger crowd docile and removed, while also permitting wrong thinkers and their ideologies to fester in isolation, thus more susceptible to self-cannibalisation and irrelevance.

    Neal spends a fascinating few pages on the nature of censorship that I found extremely enlightening, not least his characterization of it as an “evolving technique of removal,” and as a survival technique developed and implemented in a sick society by “the disease-makers.”

    Solving the Problem

    The final book of American Extremist is devoted to discussions around solving the problem of extremism. The section opens with a very good critique of false, but heavily publicized, “attempts” to address the issue, with special emphasis on Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility. Having reviewed White Fragility myself, I agree with much that Neal has to say on the subject, especially his discussion of DiAngelo’s “malicious” use of language to describe Whites and the “curiosity of an ethnically Italian-Jewish woman championing the cause of Blackness.”[3] Neal situates DiAngelo’s work, and her style of Capital-sponsored “Whiteness education” as falling into the same category as “corporate gym memberships, sports leagues, psychological services, and hot yoga classes,” since “anti-racism training promises to make the workplace a better environment for everyone. In the mind of the neoliberal, raising political consciousness has the same holistic value as any diet or fitness regimen.” DiAngelo claims to be fighting against the overwhelming strength of Whiteness, but, Neal asks, if this is the case then we must ask how she got her book published, and how she can command speaking fees in the tens of thousands of dollars. Her message is promoted in every company, school, and university. The answer, remarks Neal, is that extremism, or elite-created perceptions of it, is profitable. There will therefore be no genuine attempts to resolve it from within the system.

    Neal then turns to his own proposals for a genuine transformation of society, and these involve attacking extremism at its root. He first suggests an attack on the pathocratic vision of the future. He then stresses that Man must be provided something meaningful from within to steer him from despair. The entire moral framework of the elites must be rejected. A more philosophical mode of thinking should be introduced to the minds of troubled individuals. There should be a concerted effort to promote the building of faith, family, love, and honor. Finally, Neal calls for free and uncomplicated speech.

    Final Remarks

    Josh Neal’s American Extremist is a vast, wide-ranging, nuanced, and incredibly thoughtful treatise on the decline of American society and the rise of political extremism. The book is a product of a tremendous amount of study and effort, and it will require a similar level of study and effort from the reader if the fullest extent of its wisdom is to be extracted. It’s a book to be read and re-read, and I believe that, since we unfortunately may be shackled to neoliberalism and its ideological poisons for some time, it will continue to be of the utmost relevance. Its author is to be congratulated and thanked in equal measure.

    • Replies: @Wild Man
  115. @meamjojo

    America (and by extension American) didn’t exist as a “social construct” when Ellizabeth Warren’s ancestors were the dominant population. In fact, neither did written History.

  116. Thim says:

    Correct anon, comment 110. The war debts could be paid back in German Marks. It was written into the treaty. So they used the inflation to pay off the debt cheaply.

  117. HT says:

    Clyburn is among the Jews’ most notable house niggas.

  118. @Wild Man

    You be trippin’ straight outta Masters and Johnson.

    • Replies: @Wild Man
  119. @Stogumber

    Had Germany been Buddhist all these centuries, none of this would have happened. Jews cannot use Buddhism as a ladder and doormat of other people. Christianity has always been a tailwind for Jews gaining and triumphing over Goyim sheep.

    Kinky Friedman of the Texas Jewboys band said, “They don’t make Jews like Jewsus anymore.”

    • Agree: TKK, shadowy_figure
  120. anonymous[403] • Disclaimer says:

    Snatch X: “Hey Andy, try getting laid and take some B12 to take the edge off, ijs…”

    Oh, look what the wind blew in. The clueless little sambo checks in again.

  121. Agent76 says:

    Nov 7, 2022 Rattling the Bars: Prison slavery in America

    This year, 5 US states are considering amendments to their constitutions to remove language similar to the 13th Amendment. Historian Robert T. Chase joins Rattling the Bars to discuss what altering these state constitutions would really mean for incarcerated people.

    June 4, 2020 The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery?

    Private prison companies used to view California as one of their fastest-growing markets.” (The Guardian, September 13, 2019). “In FY 2018, DHS received $3 billion for custody operations. At least 75 percent of the detention facilities for which DHS contracts are privately owned or operated. Despite this level of funding, conditions at these detention centers remain dangerous, and detainees’ rights are routinely violated.

  122. Anonymous[123] • Disclaimer says:

    “The country was entirely run by Jewish bankers – primarily American Jew bankers collaborating with their cousins on the ground in Germany.”

    More like the bankers in the City of London… the Rothschilds!

  123. Miro23 says:
    @Priss Factor

    Weimar was different from the Spanish Republic that soon turned into a far left tyranny that went after political opponents, leading immediately to Civil War. Weimar allowed a great deal of leeway for forces on the Right as well as for those on the Left. Hitler didn’t get punished too badly for his attempted coup, and he had full representation. He was treated more leniently than some of the people who attended Charlottesville.

    True that. The National Socialist newspaper “Völkischer Beobachter” was freely available in Germany from 1920 with a circulation that reached 1.7 million in 1944 (only banned between 11/23 – 2/25 after Hitler’s arrest). It was owned by Hitler.

    In pre Civil War Republican Spain the media was wholly controlled by the radical left. They encouraged violent leftist militias and demonized traditional Spain. Meanwhile, the Republican government feared its own Bolshevik allies and turned a blind eye to church burnings and leftist militia murders.

    So by 1920, National Socialists in Germany had attained enough power to protect the “Völkischer Beobachter” ( ex WW1 Freikorps in street battles using heavy weapons to defeat two Bolshevik insurgencies – Leviné’s “Bavarian Soviet Republic” in Munich and Liebknecht/ Luxemburg’s “Spartacist Uprising” in Berlin – both 1919), while in Spain the traditionalist right was wholly repressed.

    The US currently looks more like Spain 1936 – but with no Franco in sight.

  124. Ace says:

    National Socialists were “right wing”?

  125. anon[318] • Disclaimer says:

    who is that fkng dindu-asshole?

  126. CSFurious says:

    Clyburn is quite uneducated. His IQ is likely under 100. LOL!

  127. People need to vote. We have to vote. But don’t kid yourself; nothing is going to happen.

    Come on, Andrew. That’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever written. Who but a fool would play the Jews’ rigged game? If your point is that we need to make our displeasure at the system felt, there are far more effective ways to do that that don’t involve engaging in the semites’ form of political masturbation. Unfortunately, we all know that the Amoricon sheeple are the slowest, most ignorant, most apathetic, and most fearful people on earth. They bear no resemblance whatsoever to their forebears of the founding generation, who would have stopped this semitic nonsense dead in its tracks.

  128. @Priss Factor

    That’s Elissabeff to you, white boy!

  129. Wild Man says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Well, not me personally trippin’ that way, ….. that would be Terence McKenna being a trip-lover extraordinaire, doing it so many times, and going so deep, including the crazy DMT … and bringing back these visions. I mean this kind of thing is not for me, but in my youth, of course I tried shrooms a few times. I will say this about it (about shrooms only, I never ever did the crazy DMT), that crazy as it sounds, does speak in favor of McKenna’s theory: At the right dose, it will have you speaking in tongues with your fellow shroom-takers, in an unrecognizable foreign language that the other shroom-takers understand and also speak, …. and that this strange dynamic first comes on with a strange sensation in the mouth, like marbles rolling around in your mouth, compelling you to speak. Very, very weird.

    This Terence McKenna sounds shrum-crazy on first blush. But yet if his theory, that we are derived from a selection-sieve bottleneck that occurred in Africa, among what was at first, a small group of shrum-trippin humanoids roaming around Africa, well before the human migration out of Africa began, …. well, if true, it would explain a thing or two – no?

    And otherwise, it indeed is true that humanity is all about the turgidtude. For crissakes, if a man don’t feel that just naturally arising for no reason whatsoever, in his pants, after a couple of days, he is going to conclude something is not right. We are very much like dogs, I would say. Dogs that have been put on leashes (by ourselves).

  130. ross23 says:

    Doorman probably had a cosy relationship with the local cops.

    You would have got arrested; they would then plant something on you and you`d be looking at a few years in the “Bangkok Hilton” as its commonly called out there.

    Seen all that before in many corrupt places in the world.

    Never trust the cops or local gov in these places

    • Agree: TKK
  131. Breeze says:
    @sean the leprechaun

    “Jews are as fucking white as any inbred fucking retard in the Ozark flatlands.”
    Not according to another deep thinker on this site who claims the vast majority of Yids are Turkic- Mongol MF’s who had settled in Eastern Europe and converted in the Middle Ages.

    The story goes that the Khazarian JEW Kingdom situated in modern Ukraine and Poland was no less evil than the modern Zionist/Khazarian State of Israel.

    Ultimately, crushed by Genghis Khan and Russia, the Khazar Jew fled to western Europe. Gradually, they all but supplanted the Semetic Jew, and now represent almost 92% of World Jewry, with Semetic Jews, putatively second class citizens in Israel.

    Today they are everywhere, and rule the Western World from Tel Aviv and Washington DC.

    Oy Vey! Oy Fukin Vey

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  132. @War for Blair Mountain

    Retarded is the best word to describe people who fell for the stone age savages are native Americans lie. Nations are not land nations are what people build on the land. White people founded and built the USA. White people are the real native Americans because America did not exist until white people came here and built it.

    Of course white people are the real native Americans.

    I have posted this claim hundreds of times all over the web and never once received any reply that disagreed. Retarded people like you just ignore it and then post the same retarded claim over and over again.

    Were you born retarded or did you get dropped on your head?

    • Replies: @Alden
  133. @sean the leprechaun

    Jews are an ethnic group and judaism is their religion. You can become a follower of judaism but you cannot become a jew.

    Jews are in charge of every single white privilege conference I have ever looked into. Jews place themselves as the first victims of white privilege therefor jews are not white.

    If you put the words My fellow white people into a search engine you will find links to jews claiming they are white so they can then write about white people doing something they think is wrong with white people. However if you look through the rest of their socail media posts you will find them telling some non white that they are not really white but jewish.

    You jews are toxic for white people and you are NOT one of us.

    Pogroms are coming.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  134. The problem is that not even the most paranoid anti-Semite can comprehend how radical, twisted and evil Jews are. Even when it’s exposed the Goy can’t grasp it… Are Jews modified by their scandals? Do you see any signs of guilt? Are there any apologies? Is there any shame?
    For years we heard conservative pundits drone on about America becoming the Weimar Republic… You imagined Gay bars and some mild pornography.
    Read this paragraph over and over till you at least have some idea what you are dealing with.

    They had buried the story before, but have brought it up as a good thing in light of the “trans” mania they’ve now created in the United States. You will find no articles about him between 1940 and 2017, other than people talking about how barbaric and deranged he was – now, every Jewish publication regularly makes a point to brag about how they were the pioneers of the trans movement.

  135. HT says:

    Weimar currency was called Jew confetti.

  136. @Breeze

    “Jews are as fucking white as any inbred fucking retard in the Ozark flatlands.”

    Not according to another deep thinker on this site who claims the vast majority of Yids are Turkic- Mongol MF’s who had settled in Eastern Europe and converted in the Middle Ages.

    Well their DNA shows they have bred with Whites along the way. Theories of pure Khazars or mostly pure Semites were debunked years ago with DNA tests. Amusingly some Jews were offended by the tests since it undermined the idea that they were of a direct linage to Israel. I thought that should have been obvious since the Whitest Jews tended to be from the Whiter areas. Greek Jews looked more like Greeks and Polish Jews look Polish. Kind of a duh. The real semite Jews never left.

    Cousin sex most likely happened because they discourage outbreeding. Even in NY the women complain about not having enough options.

    • Replies: @Davy Crockit
  137. @James Scott

    Jews are an ethnic group and judaism is their religion. You can become a follower of judaism but you cannot become a jew.

    The only religion where they will try and talk you out of joining. It mostly happens in mixed marriages where the woman is expected to convert.

    Imagine if Germans had a religion where your mother’s bloodline is everything and conversion is looked down upon and viewed as less genuine.

    • Replies: @Davy Crockit
  138. Alrenous says: • Website

    Waiting for the Savior to abolish the Fed for you is something that slaves do so that they can justify remaining a slave.

    It was always possible to simply not hold USD. Indeed every competent American already only holds USD-denominated debt, having and using cash as little as possible.

  139. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Kinky Friedman

    Bantu are comically obedient. The slaves were never freed. The root cause of most Bantu crime is that their slave masters tell them to be criminal.

    Britain’s crime rate has gone up over 50 times in the last 120 years. You can’t blame that on Bantu.

  140. Wild Man says:

    Thanks for the link. I have now read all of Andrew Joyce’s book review of Josh Neal’s ‘American Extremism’ book. I don’t find anything to disagree with. Looks to be a good analysis.

    We are being ‘divide and conquered’ by fabricated disagreements of no real consequence whilst becoming continually more atomized, by way of social-engineering-design, by forcing psychological deficiencies (narcissism etc.). There are some people that apparently like it that way (faux-west globalists who are afraid of their own Jungian ‘shadow’). I don’t like it that way. Because they have no vision, as Neal concludes (excepting Elon Musk who does have vision, to my mind), and if we keep listening to them (the likes of Bill Gates let’s say), these faux-west globalists will take us to hell instead of the glory we are destined for.

  141. Dutch Boy says:
    @The Germ Theory of Disease

    His fairy tales are outstanding (no pun intended).

  142. Paul Joseph Watson has a Chinese twink lover? What?

    Anybody got proof?

    AA is entertaining and stuff, but I smell either jealousy or a repressed wannabe bromance/crush situation.

    • Replies: @TKK
  143. @John Johnson

    What the “deep thinkers” miss with these arguments is how bred Jews are… Bred… Bred… Bred… Inbred! they’re all cousins… far more than any

    inbred retard in the Ozark flatlands.”

    Then try to comprehend how long they have been doing that… The major reason people can’t comprehend Jews.

  144. TKK says:
    @Thor Walhovd

    Agree- I was disappointed to read that and hope it is not true.

    I agree with almost everything PJW says. He especially hates modern art and open borders. I am right there with him.

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd
  145. @Patrick McNally

    The first part is topnotch stuff: debunking the myth of Nazi popularity… Hitler mesmerized and brainwashed the whole country… That myth is up there with Nazi efficiency and German military engineering genius… The Nazis were very insecure about their power base right up to the bitter end… It greatly effected the mobilization of the war effort.
    But then you threw the baby out with the bath water. Jews controlled Wiemar Germany lock, stock, and barrel… So your statistics are rubbish.
    The miracle of Hitler’s economic miracle is that it didn’t collapse do to Germany’s financial, economic and trade isolation. Part of that has to do with the genius of Hjalmar Schacht… one of those rare birds that could actually out Jew the Jew.

    Hitler, whose evil was never banal and who had an uncanny ability to size up friends and foes alike, also had an immediate reaction to Schacht: “He is a man of quite astonishing ability and is unsurpassed in the art of getting the better of the other party. But it was just his consummate skill in swindling other people which made him indispensable at the time,” the Fuehrer later told listeners during one of his after-dinner monologues.[1]

  146. @Davy Crockit

    When I lived in the city we had some Orthodox Jews near us.

    The men just seemed miserable. Not surprised a lot of them drop out.

    Women are more likely to stick with a religion out of guilt.

  147. Weimar turned into a dictatorship before Hitler – under Bruning 1932 who ruled by presidential decree

    Germany had been secretly re-arming after 1919 and lavishing money on weapons factories in USSR and Sweden

    It was Wall Street Crash that ended Weimar Republic as it was funded by hot money repatriated to USA – you know borrow short lend long

    Financial fraud was rampant including the President’s son who defaulted on loans and Hitler knew and blackmailed Hindenburg

  148. @Che Guava

    I am not powerful enough to hide a fact. I do not deny that among the Arabs, the number of marriages between first cousins is very high. But the general tendency in America is classify all cousin-marriages as incest, without understanding how much it was permitted by their own culture in the past. Many States have even explicitly prohibited cousin marriages.

    Incest, except within the biological family, is a social concept; that is, it is not instinctively prohibited by the nature, it is only social conventions that prohibit it. And social conventions are subject to change. The mere fact that one group of people considers first cousin marriage as perfectly valid and cross cousin marriage as taboo, and another group holds exactly the reverse ideas, shows that beyond the nuclear family, incest is defined by only social conventions. So, the commonly held American view that cousin-marriages amount to incest, is wrong. That is what I meant.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  149. @Anonymous

    One overlooked for the coming US inflation (I don’t know how hyper it will be) is the dollars which are circulating outside America, will start a homeward journey if Xi and Putin succeed in designing a multilateral currency swap mechanism. Such a mechanism is pretty simple if considered from Chartelist viewpoint, and sooner or later, Glazyev is going to stumble onto it. Not all the dollars will return, but enough will return to suck away whatever that is not bolted to the ground. And the irony is, the only way to prevent foreign hordes from taking away everything from America is, unfortunately, to jack up the prices through hyperinflation! So, as they say in America, hyperinflation is baked in the cake.

  150. Anonymous[214] • Disclaimer says:

    The emergence of an American Freikorps who could out-muscle communist thugs and rally the armed forces to the patriot side is the number one threat to the ZOG enterprise, and they know it.

    The necessary condition for the emergence of a Freikorps analog is the sort of anarchy that precipitated the 1920s Freikorps out of post-WW I German society. After the Kaiser abdicated (about 3 decades too late, but that’s another story), German government on all levels more or less vanished. One response to that was local Communist/Socialist government that worked about as well as Portland’s CHAS of recent memory. The other was the Freikorps, formed from WW I veterans sort of like the formation of the old “vigilance committees” or “Regulators” in US history were formed from frontier men when US government did not or could not adequately police frontier areas.
    As I recall, Freikorps actually fought effectively as formed units in some of the Communist inspired revolutions of the 1930s in Eastern Europe. Presumably Freikorps logistics were supplied by the anti-revolutionary governments.

    So, consider the US. Freikorps cannot form now because there is no anarchy; the US Federal Government has more than the force it needs to prevent anarchy (force it chose not to use in the summer of 2022. Provide the anarchy, and Freikorps analogs will of necessity arise. Such an anarchy could be provided by failure of the US Dollar, possibly caused by US retreat from Europe or Europe’s de-industrialization. Or, of course, a central war using nuclear weapons.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  151. @Slav

    Then Russia should take in all of America’s Negros…. Mr. Slav…

    • Replies: @Passing By
  152. The lesson of the election is this:

    Nonwhites vote completely and openly in terms of race…..

    What will happen when Native Born White Working Class Americans do the same?

    • Replies: @Passing By
  153. Pokie Joe says:

    The game is MONOPOLY.
    The game is over.
    YOU lose.

    Yes, goy,


  154. hayyoo says:

    he did’nt say elections he said control

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  155. @War for Blair Mountain

    They will have become a minority among others when it happens so their votes will be even more irrelevant than they are now.

  156. Che Guava says:

    Er, the late ‘teens and early twenties of last century, specifically in Germany.

    Bela Kun’s (I forget his real Jewish name) in Hungary was put down by an invasion from Romania.

    Thanks for the display of ignorance. Álways to be expected.

    • Replies: @awry
  157. awry says:
    @Che Guava

    His real (birth) name was Béla Kohn.

    • Thanks: Che Guava
  158. @War for Blair Mountain

    Communist would be a more appropriate pseudo for him. Besides, he seems way to fond of Jews for a genuine Slav.

  159. geokat62 says:

    US judge orders arrest of neo-Nazi website head for inciting antisemitic harassment

    District court says Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin yet to pay any of $14 million fine handed down in 2019 for orchestrating online campaign against Jewish Montana family

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  160. From Weimar’s broken humiliation

    Noble Germany had arisen

    Like a captive lion remembering

    His strength and made of the circus ring

    A reckoning for his spirit’s sake.

    For his pride the Enemy vowed to make

    Him cower, and marshaling all his proxies

    Bled him, beat him down in democracy’s

    Name. But in their rise and furious going down,

    Germany’s sons like Leonidas had shown

    A bold Aryan few, unbowed, unbought,

    Could by true inspiration be wrought

    Into lightning and his nemesis.

  161. BuelahMan says:

    The Dems aren’t in control, the jews are.

  162. Just when Anglin couldn’t surprise me anymore, he does. Go, Andrew.

  163. Che Guava says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    I like many of your posts, but this one seems like sophistry.

  164. @geokat62

    Hopefully he’s acquired foreign citizenship in a country that doesn’t extradite to the US.

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