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So Are We Doing This War with China or What?
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I love this image juxtaposition.

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Imagine being an Australian and being completely invaded by the Chinese. Like, literally everything in your country is owned by the Chinese, and they’re building colonies inside your country, because your government legalized selling national resources to foreigners.

Then imagine that while you’re being told that it is racist to complain about your country being sold to the Chinese, your government tells you that unlike the Chinese who came to your country, the Chinese who stayed in China are evil, and you have to go to war with them because the United States has decided that they want to force them to do gay anal sex and have child trannies.

Then, also, there will be much more serious campaigns against racism to stop you from complaining about the Chinese in your own country.

Would you think that was all very reasonable?


The highly-discussed AUKUS pact between Washington, London and Canberra to arm Australia with a fleet of nuclear submarines is “reckless” and will only expose the country to danger on multiple fronts, Aussie trade unions said.

Since its announcement a week ago, the trilateral deal to provide Australia with nuclear-powered, yet conventionally armed, submarines has faced a wave of international condemnation. France, which lost a hefty $66 billion contract for diesel-electric subs with Canberra because of the move, labeled it “a stab in the back” and recalled its ambassadors from Australia and the US. China blamed Washington, London and Canberra for the “Cold War mentality” as AUKUS is widely seen as an attempt to counter Beijing’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific. Russia warned that the pact may well end up putting “the entire security architecture in Asia” under threat.

Those criticisms sound pretty reasonable…

But you must understand: there are no anal child trannies in China, and they need that.

They also need their women to do gang-bangs with black men.

But it turns out that many inside Australia are also unhappy with AUKUS as two of the country’s major trade unions had some harsh words to say about the pact and Aussie PM Scott Morrison for deciding to join it.

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), which covers waterside and port workers, seafarers and professional divers, said it was in “total opposition” to the “reckless” agreement achieved between the US, UK and Australia.

With the Covid-19 pandemic underway, Morrison should’ve focused on securing vaccine supplies and helping Australians affected by the lockdown, instead of “pursuing secret military deals,” the MUA argued in a statement.

It’s almost like there’s some kind of a connection between sabotaging the entire world with a virus hoax and then ramping everyone up for a war with the Chinese.

I just can’t put my finger on it…

The AUKUS pact “will continue to escalate unnecessary conflict with China,” the union warned, insisting that its announcement already resulted in “seafarers stranded on coal ships and some trades shut down.”

“Workers have no interest in war with China or any other country. Every effort should be made to pursue peaceful relations.”

It expressed fear that the deal could push the Australian government toward trying to obtain nuclear arms. “The submarines will use highly enriched uranium ideal for nuclear weapons,” the union said.

The MUA also pointed out that “extraordinary sums of money have been wasted” on the canceled contract with France, and the delivery of nuclear submarines will likely cost the country much more than that.

A similar stance was voiced by the Electrical Trades Union of Australia (ETU), which described Canberra’s decision to join AUKUS as a “betrayal.”

The agreement is undermining “generations of highly-skilled, secure, well-paying Australian shipbuilding jobs,” ETU National Assistant Secretary Michael Wright argued.

Of course, no normal person supports a war – at least not until they are whipped up into a frenzy by the media.

But the major media frenzy right now surrounds the coronavirus hoax. So whipping people into a war frenzy is going to be either harder or easier because of that. I’m not really sure which.

Americans probably mostly are already ready for a war with China. Republicans believe that China controls Joe Biden, so will support Joe Biden starting a war with them, since that war would actually be against himself. Democrats will pretty much support any war, just on principle, as long as it is against a “right wing” (i.e., not anal feminist) country.

I typed “Vaush China” into Twitter, and it was what I thought it would be – he pushes the State Department line here (as everywhere else) and calls China “fascist” because they don’t do child trannies.

You can find a bunch more about Vaush type leftists pumping war with China on reddit and elsewhere. It’s well established by internet anal leftists that China is evil and the State Department and CIA are right (yet again!).

These people literally represent the mainstream leftist position.

The only possible resistance to a war with the Chinese would come from the right, and the right is off on some kook nonsense about how China is controlling the Democrats.

This is a Ben Garrison cartoon from before the election:

Obviously, Biden is a lot more hawkish on China than Trump was.

But that doesn’t really seem to have sunk in. They trumped up this “Biden is a China shill” narrative so hard that they can’t possibly roll it back.

Poor Mike Lindell, the main investigator of election fraud, is ignoring the boxes of votes that were rolled into vote-counting centers after the count was shut down and the windows boarded up in favor of a total gibberish theory about Chinese cyber-hacking.

Lindell is a good person, but he’s a crackhead and he’s being fed bad information. He can’t possibly prove Chinese cyber-hacking, so it does nothing to discredit the election, and actually makes everyone else talking about election fraud look retarded. But it does do something to pump more desire for Beijing Joe to start a war with the Chinese.

You combine the overwhelming anti-China sentiment on the left and right with the fact that we are under total censorship, and getting America to support a war with China is very easy.

Americans have no idea what it would actually be like to have a real war. Most of them don’t even know that China has surpassed the US economically. Most Americans literally think a war with China would be similar to a war with Afghanistan or Iraq – something you watch on television that has no direct effect on your life, other than maybe causing gasoline prices to fluctuate.

Australia tho?

Australia is right in the front lines of this war America wants. And they’re also in the middle of a complete apocalypse forced on them by the government under the guise of a fake pandemic.

So I’d expect them to be upset about this.

But of course, it doesn’t matter, because Australia no longer has anything resembling representative government. It’s a total tyranny. So the opinions of the public are completely irrelevant.

Also, with everyone locked in their houses, the government can just claim people support the war effort, and a person locked in his house can’t know any differently.

Australia is one country that could actually complain about the Chinese, because their entire country has been sold to the Chinese.

It is utter madness how much of Australia has been sold to the Chinese.

This map is from 2016, and doesn’t even include the land owned by Chinese who have acquired passports, or ownership by Australian companies with a majority Chinese stake:

Australia is also selling its actual infrastructure to the Chinese (here’s a useful Daily Mail article from 2019 outlining the fact that the entire country has been sold to China).

How could that possibly be beneficial for Australia?

Even third world countries don’t sell their own resources like this, and when they do, they do it because they don’t have the technical ability to develop the resources.

But I mean, let’s think that through for a second – who sold it? All the Chinese did was buy something that was for sale.

What were they supposed to do? Turn down a good bargain because they thought the people offering it were not in a proper state of mind?

That’s like turning down sex with a beautiful woman who throws herself at you because you suspect she has daddy issues. And that isn’t really the way international politics and finance work.

All that China did was take a deal that was offered to them. Getting angry at China about that is nonsensical. The Australian government should be held accountable for selling all of this stuff to a foreign country.

But it’s really just too much to sell all of this to the Chinese, and then come out and say “oh and also, we’re going to have a war with the Chinese because America wants to force them to do hardcore gay anal and interracial black-on-yellow gang-bangs. Right now, they just don’t have enough freedom, and it’s the American policy that they should have a lot of freedom, so we have to do this war.”

If they keep selling property and infrastructure to the Chinese at this rate, by 2035 the entire country will be totally owned by Chinese people. But they’re supposed to believe that the real threat of China is military. Apparently, as long as it’s a legal Chinese takeover, there’s no problem.

However, as we’ve seen – nothing is too much for the Australian government.

What’s insane: this is visible in the above videos of the anti-lockdown march:

How is it even possible to go to war with China when the whole country is run by Chinese people?

Are the Americans who run Australia delusional enough to think that Chinese who live in Australia are loyal to the geographical area?

I wouldn’t really be totally surprised if they are that delusional.

Americans need to be paying attention to this. A war with the Chinese is going to affect us, and I cannot imagine any other possible reason that the US would be arming Australia with these serious weapons than that they are planning on a war.

People say: “Anglin, you’re always predicting a war but I don’t think there can be a war.”

Maybe not?

I don’t know.

No one really knows. Even the people planning it don’t know. Everything is very chaotic.

It may never actually happen, but it is clearly the plan. All of this entire nightmare world they are creating, the whole system that has been brought in with this virus hoax, is totally impossible if the CCP is not neutralized. Completely lobotomizing and enslaving your own population is only possible if you don’t have any competitors.

And right now, the government is so completely powerful that there isn’t really anything standing in their way.

We saw with Afghanistan that they are totally delusional about the state of military affairs, because the system is so based on lies that no one can tell the difference between truth and lies. That doesn’t really matter in a university, and it doesn’t really matter much in Afghanistan, but it matters when you’re talking about launching a World War against the Chinese.

I wish public conversation was allowed, because I think most people could understand that if Joe Biden was controlled by the Chinese, he wouldn’t be trying to start a war with them. People should also be able to understand, in theory, that there is no “Chinese threat” other than that which our own government creates.

It’s likely that Europe would do a “Homer into the bushes” when the war started.

That would effectively end NATO.

Australia would fall pretty quick as the Australians would be shocked to discover that “Chinese-Australians” are loyal to their own nation rather than an arbitrary geographical territory.

If Russia had any sense, as soon as Australia fell they would Zerg rush Eastern Europe, meeting zero resistance.

Possibly, the US would start firing nukes from Korea and Guam or whatever. I don’t know. I do know that if it went nuclear, it’s something that the Chinese would have figured out the details of with very serious and honest mathematical precision, whereas in America, the computer systems would fail and it would end up basically with “niggers mashing buttons.”

Ultimately, I think the Chinese would win.

I mean, if you just look at the basic competence gap between China and America in any single area at this point, it just does not seem at all within the realm of possibility that the latter could beat the former in a war.

Everyone always points at the supposed technology gap, but that is shrinking every day while the human resources gap is widening. The US military is forcing intelligent white men out of the ranks with this vax mandate, ensuring that only stupid, docile servants who don’t believe in anything will remain in the military.

But billions of people would die in the fallout.

So, maybe there’s no downside?

At this point, I’ve surrendered my will completely to Jesus. Or, more specifically, as completely as I’m able. I am able to accept that I have no control over this, and what is going to happen is just what is going to happen, and all I can do is what I think is right.

I recently listened to E. Michael Jones’ speech at The Trad Forum and it really spoke to me.

Video Link


(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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