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Russian-Ukrainian Resistance Says Government Is Planning a False Flag to Start a War
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We’ve been saying from the beginning that if the US is going to start a war with Russia or China, it will start with a false flag, as that is just the standard method for starting wars.

It may have seemed weird when US intelligence came out a couple of weeks ago and said that Russia was planning a false flag.

Probably, they did that so that when they do their own false flag, and Russia says “this was a false flag,” people are primed to think of Russia as the real false flaggers.

The CIA is too moral to do something like that.


In an interview with RT on Thursday, Eduard Basurin, a spokesperson for the forces of the unrecognised Donetsk People’s Republic outlined details of an alleged plot to conduct a false flag operation in Ukraine’s two breakaway eastern regions. Without providing evidence to back up the assertion, he claimed that commandos under the control of Kiev are planning to wear the uniforms of the Russian special forces as well as those of local fighters.

The official previously claimed, again without providing proof, that Ukraine was preparing six British-trained units with the task of infiltrating the rebel-held areas of the territory he represents, as well as that of the adjacent so-called ‘Lugansk People’s Republic’. From there, the commandos, he said, would conduct diversions and terrorist attacks on power stations, gas and water supplies, and chemical plants.

Kiev wants to unveil a fake rebel “defector,” who will claim on tape that the would-be attacks were orchestrated by Russia and that “all provocations were carried out by us,” Basurin told RT, citing what he said were intelligence reports. The end goal of the alleged plan is to frame Russia and “lure” it direclty into the conflict, he added.

On Thursday, Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, accused Kiev of whipping up tensions as a cover for military provocations.

Ukraine has not responded to the allegations, but in the past Kiev has repeatedly denied committing unprovoked aggression against the rebels, which it considers to be terrorist groups.

What the US appears to want to do is start a limited conflict in the Ukraine. They want to force Russia to send in troops to protect the Russian nationals (yes, they are “Russian nationals,” regardless of the passports they hold), and try to humiliate and destabilize Russia.

I don’t think they actually want a nuclear war. That doesn’t really make any sense. What they appear to be in the process of doing now is figuring out how to ensure they can limit the conflict to the Ukraine.

Of course, because of the incompetence of Russia, they allowed however many thousands of Moslems from their own Islamic regions to travel to Syria to get CIA terrorist training, and then return to Russia. So, if something happens in the Ukraine, these Islamic terrorists in Russia will be activated, and start blowing up trains and so on, which will agitate the people of Russia.

This is the Vicki Nuland model. It’s basically war by black magic.

The US will then use their intelligence networks – not least of which based out of Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook, which Russia still refuses to ban, to claim this is all Putin’s fault and Putin is trying to reestablish the USSR because he’s an evil dictator, and if he was replaced with a shitlib CIA shill, everything would be happy-happy.

This is to say: the goal is not all out World War. The goal is regime change. A war in the Ukraine would serve as an impetus for regime change.

Anyway, no one knows, but that’s how I read the situation. I can’t imagine that the people in Washington want a real war. A Ukraine war would be much more on par with the wars against the third world that they’ve been fighting since the end of World War II.

If I was Russia, I would escalate immediately and like, invade Estonia or something. I would also hope that China would have the nerve to go ahead and liberate Taiwan, while the US was bogged down in the Ukraine.

That’s the key here: if the US loses Taiwan, that is the beginning of the end. There’s no coming back from that.

This entire ZOG world order is a house of cards based on lies, and the geopolitical situation is all just endless bluffing. China liberating Taiwan and the US being totally incapable of responding would expose the whole thing for what it is. Whatever anyone tells you, the supremacy of the US dollar is based on the supremacy of the US military, and a crushing blow to the US military would trigger the collapse of the dollar and therefore the collapse of the entire Western order.

I have no idea what the US plan for the China side is. They’re moving in nukes and threatening to nuke China if they liberate Taiwan, but the thing about nuking China is that they are going to nuke you back.

If China gets nuked, it’s going to strengthen the resolve of the people. If the West gets nuked in response, the collective psyche will totally collapse in on itself. As absurd as these people in Washington are, they must understand that much, and so I don’t really think there is any plan to start firing nukes – just endless threats of doing so.

But of course, the situation is very fragile, and the people running the West are old and stupid, using strategies that don’t really make any sense in the modern era, and they don’t appear to be thinking about long term strategy. They appear to be so high on their own supply, that they think that fighting Russia or China is like fighting Iraq or Syria (not like fighting Afghanistan, though – Russia and China will be easier than Afghanistan, I’m sure they think).

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    The US likes war for a couple reasons. For one they’ve mostly been gainful enterprises with a couple exceptions. Second, none have been fought on the territory of the US since the 1800’s. The US has been shielded from the real impact of its wars, always fighting them in other people’s countries. After the Vietnam debacle it learned not to overcommit troops to any of its ventures so as to avoid domestic discontent. It’ll goad others in the current situation to suffer the brunt of any consequences that emerge. It’ll wage war on the territory of Europe with impunity using its proxies and flunky puppet troops to take the hits on its behalf. So many dead Europeans, so many refugees, so much thwarted economic development, just a great opportunity for the US.

  2. Emslander says:

    China could end all talk of US hegemony, today, by putting their US treasury bonds on the market in large numbers. The bonds would quickly fall in price, raising interest rates on any further US bond issuances. It would take the FED out of the picture. It would make our government bankrupt because rolling over debt is the only way our government now pays for weapons, swamp salaries and military maneuvers.

    Just like that.

  3. Athena says:

    If I was Russia, I would escalate immediately and like, invade Estonia or something. I would also hope that China would have the nerve to go ahead and liberate Taiwan, while the US was bogged down in the Ukraine.

    That’s the key here: if the US loses Taiwan, that is the beginning of the end. There’s no coming back from that.

    The Third Force of WWIII (october 2001)

    The Western script

    Using wahhabism, the West is trying to create the illusion of a global terrorist threat. Antrax is just a prelude. However, controllable terrorism has its own limits. That’s why some fuel is needed to give momentum to the script. Russia knows well that the Chechen war cannot be attributed to wahhabism.


    The Chinese script

    China has already win, both strategically and economically. (october 2001)

    It will be a war made in Taiwan, with american weapons and american technology. (october 2001)

    China backs both sides of all conflicts. US vs Israel, Russia vs Muslim world, etc.

    When the war is over, China moves to the new territories.


    Conclusion: The West needs a strategic alliance with the Muslim world, and this alliance is possible only through Russia. Only Russia, in an alliance with the Muslim world, can keep China in check and help her find its place in this new global ”world” order.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  4. “I would also hope that China would have the nerve to go ahead and liberate Taiwan, while the US was bogged down in the Ukraine.”

    It’s ridiculous, borderline retarded comments like this that make me wonder about AA.

    China’s best move regarding Taiwan is simply to improve China so much internally, that it makes ‘coming home’ irresistible economically. The Taiwanese are simply the greed heads descended from Cash-My Check’s gang of rapacious, murderous thugs who only loved the ‘freedom’ to plunder their fellow Chinese with impunity. Just continue making China the absolute economic miracle it has been, only better, and eventually the sweet smell of yuan will waft across the straits and the wayward children will come home to Baba Beijing, baby.

    With Taiwan, it’s not about ‘freedom’, it’s about money. And the US/EU have a much darker future in that regard than China. China will play the long game, and win. And no blood will be spilled, which is the best outcome for everyone. Another win-win, a Chinese specialty.

    And THAT is something that the US cannot countenance, which brings me to AA’s other observation about the US moving nukes around China. As the US is currently dominated by Jewish Supremacists, and these type favor the “Samson Option”, I suspect that if there will ever be a nuclear conflict, it will be instituted against China by these crazies who collectively feel, “If we can’t win, everybody loses!” And they won’t wait until China is ahead of the USA in that department, they’ll do it in the near future, if at all.

    That is the only thing that should worry the leadership in China. And I strongly suspect it does.

    The best prevention: a mutual defense treaty with Russia that is clear and specific: an attack against either is an attack against both. In writing. Announced to the world with great fanfare and specificity. Maybe during the Beijing Winter Games in a few weeks, or immediately thereafter.

    We can only hope……….

  5. @Mustapha Mond

    The comment is no where near “borderline retarded.” It is entirely retarded.

    Taiwan has no desire to join the rest of china under the CCP thumb. There is nothing to attract them, and nothing the CCP can do will cause Red China to become so irresistible that they will want to “come home.” The future of Red China is bleak and the economy is a house of cards.

  6. There is a little decisive secret:
    The Donbass is impenetrable.

    The Wehrmacht had fought the Red Army in the Donbass…(My mother’s oldest brother fell in Tscherkassy after his company went around that hotspot). The Donbass is a special place because of special installations. The Donbass is in a way even more difficult than Crimea and the Krim was hell doubled up.
    The JewS-Army’s war slaves will find out, when they get there and more so, when they are in there.

    Russia itself can stand relatively still and watch more or less. Russia does not need to get sucked in. That is actually the most important part: Russia must hold still and not do a Hitler-Germany and react openly.

    In effect the JewS-Army would need to completely destroy the Donbass (like Dresden et al…). To defeat the Donbass, the Jew’s hyenas would have to bomb it upside down and into a complete dessert, into a complete burnt-out pit…and still… It can not be taken on the ground, only through nuclear bombing in effect – in effect!

    Nuclear or conventionell total destruction would have a Vietnam effect of public anger in Europe and will hopefully be the end of the JewS-Armies in Europe and the end of “Jewish life” in Ukraine and eastern Europe (or whole Europe?!), because it is yet another Jewish War for bloody Jewish greed and unsatiable Jewish power hunger – that must be communicated anywhere and everywhere, just like any government is now enemy of the people (some more, some less). Enemy governments everywhere!

    Good luck to the white dumbos in dumb founded Jewish Nato-Armies – not really…
    No compassion for any white idiot fighting with the Jewish propaganda blended, manipulated Ukrainians.
    Any Bundeswehr soldier fighting there or even just being stationed there is dishonoring the Fatherland and the Motherland. And the Motherland! ZOG is yet again twisting the good standing of the Wehrmacht in Ukraine for its evil purpose, just the way it moulds any patriotic movement for its own evil gains.

    Let the scarry Israel Defence Force do the dirties for their Rabies:

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
    , @Roger
  7. @Quartermaster

    We’ll see who’s right, China-hater. The only bleak future is yours…..

  8. @Quartermaster

    Your logic would be only right if you lived a century ago in the 1920s and didn’t use that timeline in reference to the here and now.

  9. @Emslander

    Unfortunately the modern world is too intertwined financially for the option that you suggest to be viable. It would harm the Chinese themselves to bankrupt their biggest market. Do you think they would like to have several hundred million unemployed?

    Added to which such a move, after some period of difficulty (understatement) might end up helping the American people regain their country and shake the parasites out of their governmental and Wall Street lairs but still their customer base would be lost. The “Made In America’ label of bygone days would give them the shivers. Too many unknown knowns as Rummy might say.

    But more realistically it would be the financial equivalent of M.A.D. The Western money boys could not have been oblivious to this. They may be incredibly stupid in politics, history and military but they ‘nose’ the shekel game better than anybody.


  10. My expectation is that the US refuses to give Russia security guarantees, and the next step is Xi and Putin signing a mutual defense treaty during the Winter Olympics.

    That’s pretty much the end game.

  11. Emslander says:
    @Timur The Lame

    I fully agree with everything you say. Those are the reasons China doesn’t use the financial nukes, but the nukes would work as I said, and executing the option would end any threat the currently unhinged leaders of the US have become to the rest of the world.

    You may have overlooked the fact that the weapon could be used first as a warning shot, then as a weakener and further on down the line. It isn’t something you launch and then jump in the bunker.

  12. Athena says:

    They want to force Russia to send in troops to protect the Russian nationals (yes, they are “Russian nationals,” regardless of the passports they hold), and try to humiliate and destabilize Russia.

    Why are the US-UK-Germany NATO monsters always warning against potential attacks by Russia, while they are along Russia’s borders developing biological weapons courtesy of Porta Down and Fort Detrick?


    There Must Be a Response to the Risk of Biological Catastrophe Posed by US Military Laboratories


    ”A report published in the Frontiers of Public Health journal in 2021 confirms the link between the US and its NATO allies over military research in the Pentagon’s laboratories in Kazakhstan. It is about the Bundeswehr Institute of Microbiology’s (Munich) eight years of work in Kazakhstan. Military specialists from Germany worked in Kazakhstani institutes, controlled by the DTRA, studying the specifics of the spread of infections in the region. Financing was conducted through the OR12 branch of Germany’s Foreign Office, which is responsible for biological and chemical weapons. According to data on research funding, published in open sources, over eight years 28 projects have been carried out in Kazakhstan on behalf of the US army. Military personnel from the US Naval Medical Center (Maryland), employees from the Bundeswehr Institute of Microbiology (Munich) and soldiers from laboratories in Porton Down (Great Britain) were involved in them.”

    ”Research began in 2013 on Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) as part of the KZ-29 project. This took place in Kazakhstan with the participation of specialists from the US Navy and British biological weapons specialists from Porton Down. ‘Biologists’ studied the spread of the disease via ticks in the south of Kazakhstan at the ‘Center for Especially Dangerous Infections’ in Alma-Ata. A year later, a large outbreak of the exact same fever was recorded in Kazakhstan, moreover, in the south of Kazakhstan, and ticks were carriers of the disease.”

    • Thanks: emerging majority
  13. The West is looking for a chink in the Russian armor, and it turns out to be Xi.

    • LOL: Automatic Slim
  14. @Timur The Lame

    “ The “Made In America’ label of bygone days would give them the shivers. Too many unknown knowns as Rummy might say.”

    China has already announced its double track economic policy of furthering growth through internal consumption along with her traditional export surpluses. America is bound to be an important market for China for years to come, but then compare the ratio of Chinese exports to Chinese GDP twenty years ago to the same ratio of today, and you will notice that Chinese exports to the U.S. are less important than they used to be. Still, the fact of the matter is that the U.S. and Chinese economies are so closely intertwined that it is impossible to separate them without both economies suffering substantial damages. But then looking at the quality of trade between the two parties, it is becoming more obvious by the day that the added value products are mainly the Chinese exports whereas America is by and large exporting to China agricultural and raw materials. Trump’s trade sanctions against China did not make any modest dent in the U.S. trade deficit with China and any rupture of trade with China will worsen inflation in the U.S. way beyond where it stands now.

    If America is to keep the goose that lays the golden egg whereby it can exchange real goods and services in return for printed Dollars and U.S. treasury, America had better not risk confrontation with either Russia or China for that will spell the end of the Dollar hegemony as well as the end of unbridled U.S. consumerism.

    • Replies: @Timur The Lame
  15. Molip says:

    “What the US appears to want to do is start a limited conflict in the Ukraine.”

    What the US wants is energy prices so high in Europe that it damages their export industries. As AA says, they’ll achieve this by forcing the limited Russian incursion into Ukraine. This will result in stopping Nordstream 2 (five times more efficient that the current pipelines) and imposition of a sanctions regime that will ensure Russia stops all exports to Europe, particularly gas.

    I honestly though the Europeans, particularly the Germans, were smart enough to see that the US is trying to steal their export markets. If they aren’t then more fool them.

    Watch for LNG bulk carriers suddenly heading to Europe for an indication of the kick-off date.

    • Agree: Rich
    • Replies: @Athena
    , @PetrOldSack
  16. Far-Jew US puppet regime subpoenas far-right Fuentes and Casey.


    • Replies: @Ukraine Tiger
    , @Petermx
  17. Biden is willing to fight the Russians right down to the last Ukranian,

    This was the headline in a recent article I read on a forum called the Rense report. I hope it was a joke.

  18. ross23 says:

    Unlikely as it would upset and scare their potential allies like India and the surrounding Central & East Asia states. Something the US would use to its advantage, imagine being a leader of a small mid-level country with natural resources & suddenly waking up to find your living next door to two huge military superpowers working in tandem to dominate your region, you might look to the US for balance.

    Each would also be dragged into each-others potential conflict, Russia with propping up N Korea to keep out the US from its border. China harming its business with the EU by being up to their border with Ukraine & Bel.

    Better policy for them to keep it low key a de-facto alliance that keeps everyone guessing but deniable at the same time.

    Looks like with each passing year the west gets weaker & China & Russia stronger. Reminded of the following movie quote:-

    “Every minute I stay in this room, I get weaker, and every minute Charlie squats in the bush, he gets stronger.”

  19. @Mustapha Mond

    I agree that the nature of the Brandon regime in that it is comprised, at the highest levels, almost entirely of Zionazi zealots, explains its deranged aggressiveness. The ‘President’ and Veep are figure-heads made of papier-mache.

  20. @Timur The Lame

    Chinese foreign trade is six TRILLION, the US share 750 BILLION ie c.12%. ‘Several hundred million unemployed’? Really?

    • Replies: @Timur The Lame
  21. Curle says:

    “ After the Vietnam debacle it learned not to overcommit troops to any of its ventures so as to avoid domestic discontent.”

    After the Vietnam debacle it got rid of the draft thus ensuring only poor families would face the consequences of war.

  22. @Quartermaster

    China actually builds and produces consumer items and goods. They mine rare minerals and sell them to the rest of the world. They buy T-bills so America has cash to waste.

    If that is an economy that is “a house of cards”, what is the American future? We produce nothing except debt, our society is torn apart and our southern border is a joke. America spends more than it produces, year after year, and the debt increases year after year. If that is a recipe for success, please explain exactly how that is.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  23. @Quartermaster

    The KMT, which has 35% of all registered voters, officially supports reunification.

    You’re completely wrong when you say there’s no desire to rejoin China. In fact, its never been higher.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  24. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s simpler than all that.

    It’s Jews (and Satan and their allies) against Mankind and Christ.

    • Replies: @Crush Limbraw
  25. Athena says:

    This will result in stopping Nordstream 2 (five times more efficient that the current pipelines) and imposition of a sanctions regime that will ensure Russia stops all exports to Europe, particularly gas.

    Then Russia will sell more gas to China, while Europe will freeze in the dark.

    ”RenCap: Russian economy too resilient to be crippled by U.S. sanctions”
    Posted on January 17, 2022
    By Andrei Skvarsky.

    ”An analysis by investment bank Renaissance Capital suggests that the Russian economy’s degree of resilience practically rules out it being sent haywire by Ukraine-related sanctions the White House has on the table and that harsher sanctions might have exorbitant international costs for the United States.”

    ”Sanctions formulated in a bill put before Congress by Democratic lawmakers last week would pose “no crucial risks” to Russia’s economic growth or fiscal position, RenCap economists Sofya Donets and Andrei Melashchenko say in a report released on January 14.”

    ”Those sanctions, which would mainly target Russian sovereign debt, some Russian banks and the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, would only have a “moderate negative effect”, Donets and Melashchenko say.”

    ”What will become “Defending Ukraine Sovereignty Act of 2022” if the bill is signed into law would authorise more rigorous anti-Russian sanctions if the Ukraine crisis keeps escalating, with Russia’s extractive industries – the oil and gas, coal and other mineral-producing sectors – being put in the United States’ crosshair.”

    ”But even those measures would hardly get very far, according to Donets and Melashchenko, who are economists for Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.”

    “We believe that Russia, with its robust external and fiscal position, abundant reserves, de-dollarisation, potential counter-sanctions toolkit etc., has quite a high ‘pain threshold’ now, and the related international costs of overcoming it could be too high to go for,” the two economists say.”

    • Agree: Levtraro, InnerCynic
    • Replies: @Athena
    , @Athena
  26. Anonymous[260] • Disclaimer says:

    Actually, if Putin had any strategic nerve (he clearly doesn’t), he would encourage Israel to attack Iran. The US oligarchs clearly don’t want to deal with this issue right now (which is why they shut down the Afghanistan operation so quickly), there is no way they could focus on Russia if Israel’s fifth column in the US forced them to bail out Israel.

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Avery
  27. Anonymous[159] • Disclaimer says:

    As dumb and hopeless as many Americans are, they clearly aren’t nearly as abject as the typical European, who seems willing to freeze so that the Americans can dictate what happens to an irrelevant, ex-Soviet basket case.

  28. Great article AA and I love your artwork. And yes, liberation of Taiwan by China while the Western Demon is distracted by the Ukraine is the way to go IMHO.

    • Replies: @Clyde
    , @RJJCDA
  29. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    Funny how Zionist warmongers, who call devastating IDF invasions of Gaza “incursions,” now whine that it’s misleading…even evil…to call Russia’s acts incursions if it enters Ukraine.

    Funnier still: how “open borders” Sorosians are losing their stool over Russia’s threat to disrespect Ukraine’s borders.

    Juden were instrumental in over-throwing Christian Russia’s czar and culture.

    Juden promoted the killing of 11,000,000 Christians during Ukraine’s “Holodomor.”

    Juden inaugurated the looting of Christian Russia when the USSR fell apart.

    Juden shite-stirred in Georgia/Ossetia during the Beijing Olympics, prompting Russia to kick arse there like it did later in Crimea.

    Juden instigated Maiden rebels to overthrow a duly-elected leader in Ukraine.

    Juden now call for war with Russia after threatening to put NATO nukes on its border. How did the USA react when the USSR put missiles on Cuba? How does Israel treat arms smuggled to Hamas and Hezbollah?

    It seem Juden are working on Project 110: getting the Tribe booted, once again, from sane, civilized, peace-loving nations.

  30. Ghali says:

    It is a rehearsal to repeat Nazi Germany acts of terror against Russia. This time is much smarter than what the Nazi did before the start of the terror against Russia. It is global war propaganda coupled with a pandemic designed to scare the population.

  31. IronForge says:

    I Posted the Source RT Article on the NewsLinks Yesterday…

  32. @Anonymous

    I agree with everything but your last bit, 123. Don’t boot the beasts out of your country. That just inflicts them on others.

    Historically, the problem had been solved. They were disappearing. Let’s return to that solution. Disenfranchise them, place restrictions on them, and don’t allow them to leave the country.

  33. Jim Stone tabled an interesting theory why Biden needs a war, to hide all the deaths from the vaxx:
    ” (a) reader wrote and said “We are already over a million dead, Rense has the numbers”
    My response: I have said repeatedly we have to have 10 – 20 million dead already if the job stats are legit, a number arrived upon based on a near depression level economy, with far fewer jobs available that still cannot be filled to the tune of at least 10 million. Less jobs, and they still cannot be filled.

    My chart was based on probably fraudulent data from the CDC which lowballed it, calculated forward. There’s no way we are going to be able to overlook the number of dead by April/May

    Now there are rumors that “they” want a nuclear exchange so they can explain where all the vaxxed dead went. That would not surprise me AT ALL. “They” are hopelessly busted in their Corona con job, and they will be perfectly happy to murder their way out of accountability, no matter what it takes, including nukes. That happens to be a big problem and a big reality when society allows itself to be ruled by psychopaths one way or another, in this case via rigged elections that have been going on for 30 years.”

    My theory is that Biden’s Presidency is down the toilet, and the Corona Hoax has met it’s Waterloo so with the nation in government mandate chaos, war is the answer, or rumors of war is the answer. I am not convinced at all that Putin is going to take the bait. In pedo Joe’s latest press conference our fearless leader says big words like “held accountable if it invades”. Whatever that means, but I am sure his handlers are desperately trying to improve his morbid ready to keel over image. I know it inspired confidence in me, to seek a place to live upwind of any potential fallout. There was, of course, no mention of all the countries we invaded.

    The other big event this week is that our government says the Russians may pull a false flag. I thought false flags were only for conspiracy kooks. I don’t think there’s going to be any false flag or war or nuclear exchange, I think this whole thing is a gigantic media generated distraction to take our minds off the Covid vaxx hysteria failure. BoJo ended all mandates in UK coincidentally, and the truckers are going to blockade that liberal faggot Trudope’s home in Ottawa. Covid agenda just hit a brick wall, now it’s cold war rhetoric toe to toe with the Russkies. Trudeau is most certainly done for. He is out.

    None of this matters anyways because it looks to me like Armageddon is about to hit the stock, bond, and real estate markets – interest rates are going up and the stock market is selling off. Many stocks are already crashing hard, today Netflix dropped over \$100 a share, -22%. Peloton has cratered, and plenty of others including Cathie Woods ARKK ETF has lost 50%. What does this mean? Biden is the sitting President when the market crashes means he is done, and I predict old man Joe will not last to the end of his term, I think he will be replaced sooner than anyone thinks. And most people have no idea how big this bubble is, it is a super bubble of epic proportions that when it comes undone evil bastards like Klaus Slob have wet dreams of a great reset.

    I think this whole Russia Ukraine thing is a signal by the owners they are switching tactics, their grand covid plan is being shit canned and they are taking it to the next level. And they want us dead, the Georgia Guidestones say 500 million while the world is near 8 billion, so they might want to use nuclear war as a culling also. I think the real death toll from the jab is not yet realized, if all those who got vaxxed have compromised immune systems, as the new data suggests, the real death toll might take years to play out as the baby boomers are sent into early graves, saving the underfunded social security trust fund and life insurance companies who no longer have to payout when the cause of death is listed as Covid-19.

    Amerika is in a death spiral, and the Iraq War was our last big war. Afghanistan collapse is a road sign as the empire crashes and burns then augers in. The next war could very well be a civil war of patriots vs Jew commies. Amerika is not going to war against Russia, that is for sure. They may be baiting Russia to get bogged down in Ukraine because Israel is pissed that Russia has been helping Syria and Iran – and Russia may be preventing Israel from carrying out a strike against Iran. But I’ll wager this whole Russia – Ukraine thing is a big nothing burger. It’s politics and distraction as usual while they re-organize the machinery to screw us with the great reset.

    • Replies: @JR Foley
    , @Levtraro
  34. Right here in the United \$tates is where the pot has reached high-simmer. It is not yet aboil, but there is a tenseness and unease throughout the land. Grocery shelves are emptying out. Significant storms have snarled traffic. The Covid Plandemic blackmail and bribery routine is getting shop-worn. Many of the twice-vaxxed are beginning to smell a skunk. Pro\$titicians in the Di\$trict of Corruption go on and on with their yo-yo games and fewer people are getting on those bandwagons and taking sides. A whiff of independent mindedness is in the air.

    Rural America has had it with the lies and the bullshit which still keeps many sub-urbanites enthralled, but even in those centers of delusion, eyebrows are quietly raising. 76,000 semi-loads transiting between the U.\$ and Canuckistan are no longer delivering the goods—both ways. Truckers do not want to take the jabs and they are putting their foot down—and on the brakes, not the gas-pedal. The little legacy dictator in Ottawa is pushing this one and can expect to see mumbling in the working-class right across the provinces–particularly in those wind-swept prairies.

    Blacks killing Blacks in ghettos throughout the land is frightening urban residents in the megalopoli. They dare not go downtown after dark any more. Parents are up in arms (maybe not literally at this point) about their kids getting jabbed without parental permission. The simmer is just about to transit into larger bubbles as it quickens.

    Big Pharma rules the advertising minutes on boobtoob noose and throughout the “Great Wasteland”. Does anybody notice that ? Do they connect the dots between Reuters, a Rottenchild holding since its inception and the #1 “news” distributor in the world and Pfizer, bloating and gloating with multi-billions by marketing death-jabs by their chief of Propaganda and dirty deals, the little gangster-connected and highest paid federal employee, Dr. Fauci? Is he the reincarnation of Dr. Goebbels?

    Now Kamala’s Foote is bellyaching about the Democrat regime’s little “voting rights act”, which would eviscerate reasonable controls over ballot fakery and “when the machines count the votes, voters’ votes don’t count” shtick. She’s working to get the November election cancelled because her party’s cheat-sheet is not getting a patch job. Meanwhile the Rhino Republicans like Liz Cheney and her unspeakable father, along with the exquisitely blackmailed senators, including the senior ones from Kentucky and West Virginia keep playing footsie with their alleged opponents and do all they can to keep the mass uprising from overthrowing the control mechanism embedded in the RNC. Two peas in one pod, those parties.

    People are catching on. What to do? How can the elite keep the lid on the pot once those bigger and bigger bubbles start roiling?

    FALSE FLAG, right here in the land of the free and home of the brave, as they keep reassuring us. But the old lies aren’t cutting it anymore. So a submarine launched nuke takes out Nashville, as I pointed out the other day. Perfect target, not on main north-south and east-west transportation arteries and right smack-dab in the middle of the biggest nests of Gawd-fearin patriots in the whole durn place. I can see the mobs now hollerin “U\$A! USA! USA!!!”, just like they did for Baby Bu\$h after the last false flag attack on 9-11-01 and a reprise of FDR’s little vacuum job on the Japanese, sending them on their fool’s mission on Pearl Harbor on 12-7-41.

    Whoever comes up with the exact date for this coming “Homeland” False Flag wins the official Booby Prize. Gotta still be alive to get the award, though.

    • Thanks: Thor Walhovd
  35. Oops: Meant to say rather than the senior senator from W. Va., the one from another double-handled state: South Carolina. No, those two honeys did not hop on the Lolita Express, their interests lie elsewhere. But McConnell and Graham happen to represent a lot of folks who are Southern Badtist’s and Holy-Rollers and suchlike who don’t much cotton to the performances that pair are suspected to prefer. Hey, everyone has the right to do what pleases, but when the matter of hiding it leads to blackmail…

  36. Kat Grey says:

    Another opportunity to slaughter more whites making them even less a percentage of the global population. Meanwhile more Africans are invading Europe almost daily, many of them bringing COVID and other diseases to infect us. And stealthily replace us.

    • Agree: Gordo
  37. @Supply and Demand

    If the PRC invaded, at least half the population would welcome these as liberators. The gay, ‘trans’ and other noisy minorities might blanch, but when they discover that the PRC will treat them well, while not allowing them to control Government policy, they’ll chill out. The true traitor compradore scum can be locked up, or given one-way tickets to one of their Western paradises, say the USA, UK, or, if they luck out, Austfailia. In any case, the PRC will just sit back and wait for slow, peaceful, re-unification.

  38. sally says:
    @Timur The Lame

    Andrew Anglin says ” I can’t imagine that the people in Washington want a real war. ” In this case I think, war or no war, is not up to Washington, its up to the monopoly powered global trading corporations
    ( the GBDCs, defined below) that control every one of the 256 nations that divide earth’s 8 billion humans into 256 different information-controlled, nation-state regulated, social environment crucibles.

    I agree with @ mulga mumblebrain 12% decline in Chinese exports to the USA is mildly significant to China.? I do not think Emslander’s nuclear financial option would end threats to the world if it happened. There will be no war and no financial nuclear option unless the global corporations [those with all of the copyright and patents monopoly powers and government contracts in their assets <=mostly those who are traded as Global big daddy Corporations (GBDCs) on global in reach stock exchanges] wish war. If the GBDCs war global war or limited war, there will be no peace anywhere on earth until they get what they want.

    I think GBDCs may actually be promoting a global war. War would destroy the nuclear option, destroy the ability of governed persons in many countries to control the governments of the nations they were born to. Basically I think the GBDCs want the entire nation state system to declare bankruptcy under cover of global war so the GDBCs can install the great digital-platform reset. That reset would establish direct GBDC control over all nations that govern the masses in the world, the governed people would become like cattle in the global farm owned bythe GDBCs. The danger is not that Russia or Washington act with events leading to war, but instead, the danger lie in the wishes and wants of the GBDCs which will push the world into global war.

    Levantine's Made in America (MIA) comment has merit. Many Americans feel, I think, the only way to reverse course and to retake control over the rich mans Republic from the GBDCs, and restore that bottom up American feeling of "My Government is for me" is to see the financial, social and foreign control by third party actors over the USA, eliminated. The GBDCs could not buy a roll of toilet paper, if the nation state were not there to pass and to enforce laws that create and distribute monopoly powers (patents, copyrights, etc.) into the possession of the GBDCs. Patents and copyrights do not exist in nature, they are products of the rule of law. Basically "those wishing a traditional America" may support a war because, in their minds, the result would be equivalent to a domestic revolution, which they think might restore the government in a restored before the digital platform form.

    The bottom classes no longer have their businesses, their education, their wealth, their freedom, their bill of rights, their imagined control of things, because they vote every 3 or 4 years, nor their long lost highly moral self supporting pride: "made in some city in America by real independent competing Americans ". The difference between the USA governed "Today's America" and long lost moral America with honest and just governance, is interplanetary in distance.

    So I am not buying that "it [war] would be the financial equivalent of M.A.D.

    In war the food subsidies held in place by USA agency rules which prevent American farmers from growing crops, and distributing them to Americas, would be removed, and China would be forced to find alternative ways to feed its stock, Americans would return to self-produced non GMO food stuffs and familyowned American farms would once again feed Americans.

    • Thanks: simple mind
    • Replies: @Biff K
  39. GMC says:

    What’s left to invade and occupy in Ukraine. The Globalists stole most of the Farmland and the US Navy has a port near Odecca as the security force for the Globees – Monsanto, Carghill, DuPont Lily Pharma and others. The Brits and Nato are building military bases in the West. No new industry that I know has been renovated or is exporting major products. The infrastructure is still rated 145th worse in the World. The neo Nazis are planted well within society/politics and have unlimited weapons. Not to mention all the foreign armies of Nato, US proxies, the Turks, Jews, etc. Utilities, food etc. is much higher than before the Maidan.The Hryvnia was at 8 to 1 in 2013 and is now 24 to 1 buck. The existing Government in Kiev is 10Xs worse than when the Ukrainian Mafia ran things. And now they let in 12 Bioweapons labs .

    Sound familiar ? Sort of like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, So. Sudan, Guatemala, Venezuela, and any other country the US occupies , does a coup in or tries a regime change. Let’s see – Do I want to live and be friends with Russia , or do I want to live and be friends with the West ? Go ask a Crimean that one !

    • Agree: Alfred, CelestiaQuesta
    • Thanks: Robjil
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Athena
  40. “This is to say: the goal is not all out World War. The goal is regime change. ”
    I think A.A is correct. The US doesn’t want a war per se (at least one that comes as any cost to it).
    Naturally, here,
    seeking long term goals with short term gambling is extremely dangerous.

  41. Clyde says:

    China could end all talk of US hegemony, today, by putting their US treasury bonds on the market in large numbers. The bonds would quickly fall in price, raising interest rates on any further US bond issuances.

    Wrongo. The CCP/Chinx do not own enough of them. Only 1.3 trillion dollars worth. Last I read. So you or anyone can verify this number if you like. I might be off 10% either way on the current numbers.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  42. anonymous[366] • Disclaimer says:

    Another idea afoot is that Russia is inviting Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania to take their own slices of Ukraine as it is carved up, as in the image below.

    There is some basis for this, in that Ukraine – like the old Czechoslovakia – is an artificial, too-big state that took multiple ethnic territories. Few know now, that Poland took its own slice of a crumbling Czechoslovakia before Hitler went into Prague. When Stalin was carving up Europe and drawing the Soviet-sphere map, he made a mess of creating Ukraine, and that wrong is just now getting undone.

    From 2014, according to former Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski:
    ‘Putin Offered Poland’s Prime Minister The Chance To Join Forces And Partition Ukraine’

    • Thanks: Miro23
    • Replies: @Miro23
  43. Petermx says:

    “What the US appears to want to do is start a limited conflict in the Ukraine. They want to force Russia to send in troops to protect the Russian nationals (yes, they are “Russian nationals,” regardless of the passports they hold), and try to humiliate and destabilize Russia.

    I don’t think they actually want a nuclear war.”

    I largely agree (but I would not call ethnic Russians “Russian nationals”) and if fighting does flare up in the Donbass, I agree that most likely the US was behind it. I believe the same people are behind these war threats as who sent the US to attack many Arab countries starting in 1991, the first war against Iraq – Jewish Neo-cons. Those wars were for Israel, this one is because their ultimate goal is regime change in Russia so they can install a Jewish government in Russia (again), as they have done in Ukraine. They dominate the government there and have/are imposing their will on the Ukrainians.

    Right now, I believe they don’t want to point the finger directly at Ukrainians too much (they say the “NAZIS” murdered the Jews) because people might be repelled by that but they do talk endlessly about “anti-Semitism” generally without being too specific. When they feel the entire population has been drenched with enough propaganda and Jews are perceived as the victims (as opposed to the 8 million Ukrainians they killed), then they will become more specific and point the finger at Ukrainians and accusing them of being horrible anti-Semites and killing Jews during WW II. Right now, I think they are probably careful and don’t say that too much. They will do to Ukraine what they did to the US and western Europe.

    In the US the Jews now have Whites referred to regularly as anti-Semites, White supremacists and NAZIS and that leaves Whites powerless and Jews in full control. They are well on their way to doing that in Ukraine and then they will tear down the statue to Ukraine’s national hero Stefan Bandera and no Ukrainians will honor those that fought alongside the Germans to free their people any more. Next stop Moscow. They will then do the same thing there what they have done to everyone else. Can they be stopped? It doesn’t look good.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  44. @Quartermaster

    Calling the World’s sole industrial superpower a house of cards is beyond even retarded. It’s devolution from a mongoloid to a baboon born with cretinism.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
  45. PJ London says:

    Russia has already stated that an attack on Russia would result in attack on the US mainland.
    There is no point in fighting on the plains of Germany or the swamps of Belarus, when the orders are coming from Washington.
    In the past, the US mainland was too far away to touch, today it is mere hours away.
    Russia can/has demonstrated that in hours a “Tonga” earthquake with double the capability (100ft Tsunami) could take out the West and East coasts in a matter of hours. If they are pre-positioned it is mere minutes.
    PS Dear Vlad, could you also put one off Tel Aviv, this would solve 90% of the world’s problems.

  46. @Anonymous

    Juden now call for war with Russia after threatening to put NATO nukes on its border. How did the USA react when the USSR put missiles on Cuba?

    This might be interpreted as nitpicking, but IMO it’s still important – the Cuban Crisis comparison based upon the accepted Western narrative inverts the optics of Good Guy / Bad Guy, as though the USSR was the “Bad Guy” in 1962 and the USA is the “Bad Guy” now.

    The truth is the USA has always been the “Bad Guy”, back in 1962 and now in 2022.

    The USSR was compelled to move nukes into Cuba because the USA had already secretly moved nukes into Turkey pointed directly at Moscow. The USA, not the USSR, was the aggressor in the Cuban Crisis.

    And now in 2022, we see precisely the same scenario unfolding, with precisely the same actors in the same roles.

    The USA is the “Bad Guy”. Always has been.

    Just saying.

  47. @Quartermaster

    Taiwan has no desire to join the rest of china under the CCP thumb. There is nothing to attract them, and nothing the CCP can do will cause Red China to become so irresistible that they will want to “come home.” The future of Red China is bleak and the economy is a house of cards.

    That’s a pretty emphatic assertion of the Taiwanese thoughts on the matter, one might even suspect a certain amount of projection is going on there.

    TBH it’s probably a foregone conclusion that Taiwan will be reunited with Mother China at some point, the only questions are when and how much force (if any) will be required to accomplish it.

    China is Taiwan’s biggest trading partner, and the bonds of language, culture, race and geography argue for a closer relationship, not the American-fuelled politics of hostility and division.

    The need for Chinese military intervention at all is only dictated by the military occupation of the island by the American foreign power. The Taiwanese didn’t appreciate the occupation of their turf by Japan, why should they have any more acceptance of permanent military colonisation by the USA, to be used just like South Korea and Japan as a pawn in their Games of Empire?

    I wouldn’t presume to know. How about we let the Taiwanese decide?

  48. An innovation in war mongering. A false false flag.

  49. anonymous[343] • Disclaimer says:

    Whatever anyone tells you, the supremacy of the US dollar is based on the supremacy of the US military, and a crushing blow to the US military would trigger the collapse of the dollar and therefore the collapse of the entire Western order.

    The military bases in the Middle East help keep oil priced in US dollars which is one of the main elements in the value of the US dollar. It’s what you use to buy oil. However, there is a way bigger main element: the New York Stock Exchange. Holding US dollars is appealing because you can use it to buy shares in lots of valuable companies.

    The US dollar is supreme because the US is still a huge, very rich country so it has many valuable companies. And, the US is able to go further and use coercive tools other than the military to help keep its companies valuable. In 2020, Huawei was put on the Entity List. Companies put on the Entity List are subject to a complete export ban of US technology or even technology produced in Japan or Europe that uses US technology. Due to the listing on the Enity List, Huawei had to close down its mobile business. Apple is going to report 2x the profits in 2021 of \$94 billion. I think Apple can thank the use of export controls against Huawei for helping keep it valuable (and also the US dollar via the market cap of US stock exchanges).

  50. The Jews have hijacked Ukraine yet again…
    The Jew always wants more and more and more and more mbp – money-blood-power; in ecstasy when Goy’s children’s blood flows…

    All Moscow (the eastern chapter of the thieves in the law [Jews/Bolshois])
    was interested at the time was to bring or keep the pearl Crimea under control (for the eastern chapter);

    The western chapter is insatiable and wants a fine paid for being left out of the eastern bazaar.
    The western chapter (Rome-London-NewYork) is happy to fight down to the last Ukrainian and EastEuropean in general (incl. the remnants of stupid Germans designated as “Nato spearhead” – what idiots!).

    What is overseen is the hand of the Anti-Christ (Bergoglio) in this nasty pokergame of money-blood-power.
    If “Xi is the chinx in the Russian armor”, Bergoglio is or must be made the chinx in the western chapter’s armour.

  51. @Emslander

    Or they could demand payment in Yuan only for exports to the USa.

  52. US has become a banana republic

    • Replies: @Petermx
    , @Presocratic
  53. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    There is simply no problem in this world that is so big or complicated that it can’t be solved by dropping a nuclear warhead on Tel Aviv.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  54. MLK says:

    I won’t belabor what is indisputable, the geo-strategy of the US since the collapse of the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact has been a monumental failure.

    For the last now three decades, those most responsible for the Sad Story of our “unipolar moment” have made it ever more clear by their actions and propaganda that nothing matters to them except hiding their malefactions.

    All to avoid the unavoidable question, Who Lost Russia?

    Believe me, I don’t begrudge anyone, including this author, middle schooler Risk! game-playing jibber jabber in mother’s basement. But for those functioning at a higher level, the devil isn’t in the details of the current Ukraine failed-state.

    It is in getting your mind around what the US waltzed itself into over the last two decades vis-à-vis Russia: A do-over of the post-Cold War arrangement.

    Much is made at the moment of the broken promises not to expand NATO to the East. Let alone right up to Russia’s border. I’m not the first one to observer that Russians are great at strategy. Thus, even at their recent nadir in 1996-99, when the USG had installed Yeltsin for a second term, Russia didn’t negotiate from a position of extreme weakness and governmental compromise.

    Now, with the weak and illegitimate Biden installed — the American “Yeltsin” circa 1996, and anyone over the age of ten who knows how to fog a mirror aware that the US was spectacularly successful, and increasingly so until Trump took the oath, at not only greasing the wheels for CCP China’s rise to dominance but paying for it, Russia tells us what time it is.

    Comprehensively, and without any exception coming to mind, there could not be a worse moment than this for the US or a more propitious one for Russia. The only question, really, is what short, medium and long-term geopolitical wins Russia insists upon in return for letting “Biden” claim glorious victory.

  55. gotmituns says:

    “Russian-Ukrainian Resistance Says Government Is Planning a False Flag to Start a War”
    All I care about is that we don’t get involved. Otherwise, I don’t give a rat’s butt what they do or don’t do.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @GMC
  56. Emslander says:

    One doesn’t know the number beforehand, but this debt market is so overbought that it might not need very many dollars’ worth of bonds thrown on it all of a sudden to start a stampede.

  57. John Boye says:

    Both Victoria Nuland (remember her complain about the \$5 billion the US had ‘invested’ in ‘bringing democracy’ to Ukraine) and Antony Blinken come from families whose ancestors ‘escaped the pogroms’ of Ukraine. One imagines that there was little affection for the country in their respective households – unlike, say, those of Scots, Irish or Italian descendants. Not ideal candidates, one would have thought, for their political appointments – unless warmongering was the intention.

    • Replies: @simple mind
    , @Canute
  58. Didn’t the US just get regime changed??

    Ain’t that was all this is/was about?

    Operation “Get Trump” right?

  59. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The ((Jews)) have gotten away with all of the treachery you describe only as underlings, first within the British, and now the Anglo-Zionist empire. Sadomasochistic WASPs have basically allowed the ((Jews)) to take over the dominant role, and have become the submissives.

    They’re both sick, mentally and morally, and so will continue to unravel. When the British/WASPs had Christianity keeping the lid on their “issues,” the Empire functioned as a well-oiled machine. Now it’s just a twisted, warped, depraved old whore and her senile Johns, going through the motions.

    The only remaining Master Plan is Zionism, which is a joke. Look at ((Schumer)) — a complete fool and dilettante. Same with Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden. Same with Trump. Same with Israel.

    China, Russia, and Islam are rising. The Silk Road is the future. The Anglosphere whore has been burrowed out by the ((Jewish)) rat.

    It could have been different if the WASPs had kept their wits and kept the ((Jews)) in their place. But the ((Jews)) used democracy for themselves, to advance their own interests (basically leveraged the masses against the WASPs), and the WASPs additionally bought into the whole “Holocaust” grift, which was key to the ((Jewish)) takeover.

    So what we’re witnessing today is the continued unraveling of the British/Anglosphere Empire, with the ((Jewish)) rats in charge, but unable to govern because the rats hate their “goy” subjects. That’s because they’re ((Jewish)), so they have to in order keep the Tribe alive. Their entire religion is built upon race-hate, an always will be.

    Congenital haters are not a people that can govern an Empire.

    • Replies: @Petermx
    , @lavoisier
  60. Athena says:

    Furthermore, concerning the USD, the IMF, and the ruble:

    (found on this site) : The Other Side of the Story: Russia’s view on Geopolitics, War and Energy Racketeering

    (excerpt, emphasis added)

    ”Q: Who controls Russia’s Central Bank?”

    ”A: You must understand how our Central Bank works. The Central Bank is the Depositary of IMF and secures and answers for worldwide USD circulation and includes part of Russian territory. So the Central Bank is part of USD circulation. The Russian Ruble is a derivative of USD and Euro circulations. The Ruble emission is carried out proportionally to part of export deals, as part of USD and Euro income as a result of such operations. So, the Central Bank policy and ruble policy does not reflect the Russian economy at all. It just shows our export potential. So we understand we need reforms to nationalize our currency exchange system and Central Bank. And reforms would create a ruble currency bulk inside Russia in correlation with exports. Similar to what the ECB and Forex are doing. We plan this reform.”

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  61. Decoy says:

    China selling our Treasuries “would make our government bankrupt” is not correct although all the other ramifications you stated would occur. When you own a fiat dollar printing press you never have to go bankrupt. You just keep printing so the effect is the same. But legally, no bankruptcy will occur.

    • Replies: @barr
  62. geokat62 says:

    No more brother wars. We all have one common enemy.

  63. Athena says:

    Here is Trudeau, the agent of Soros, with his IMF for Ukraine, while he continues to indebt Quebecers, with his friends Bronfman and Powercorporation (Maurice Strong), while Quebec’ François Legault sold Hydro-Québec to New York to power the computers of the Federal Reserve and sell electricity to the USA at half the price Quebecers must pay.

    When a power shut down occurs in NY thanks to faults in the Rockwell or Siemens Scada (automatic centralized control of electric power generation and distribution), as warned by Mr Klaus Schawbb, will the USA blame Quebec as they usually do to extort Quebecers? Quebec outdoors temperature has been within -30 and -20 Celsius since the last 7 days.

    What’s the most bizarre is the insistance of UkraNazi Christia Chomiak Freeland and François Legault to have 100% of Quebecers double (or even triple-) vaxxed, while 90% of Quebecers are already double vaxxed (including their children), and teachers are asked to open the windows of the schools at -20 degrees C to have a fresh air circulation (against the covid).


    Canada loaning Ukraine \$120 million as tensions with Russia escalate:

  64. Two critical points were left out in my response to AA’s suggestion that China should seize Taiwan if/when America gets engaged with Russia via the US proxies in the Ukraine. Before rectifying that, though, I must say that my comment #4, supra, was unduly harsh and uncivil in claiming AA’s suggestion was ‘borderline retarded’. I regret that; mea culpa. I should have said, ‘nonsensical’, which is 100% accurate, but far less inflammatory. Here are the two reasons why, which I left out of my previous comment:

    1.) China will never attack or try to occupy Taiwan for economic reasons, as I make clear in my point #2, infra. China will only attack and possibly occupy Taiwan if Taiwan continues to let Uncle Shmuel use it as an ever-growing forward base for American aggression against the Chinese mainland. The Taiwanese leadership is beyond foolish (or extremely well-paid) if it continues to expand its military might or worse, allow more US troops and possible missiles and other threats to the Chinese mainland to be housed in Taiwan, despite the stern warnings the mainland leadership have been issuing in those regards.

    2.) China well knows that if they do ever have to militarily attack and/or invade Taiwan to eliminate the threat (similar to Russia and the Ukraine and former eastern block countries in NAZO), the USA will almost certainly raize to the ground any and all critical infrastructure and especially any/all valuable production facilities extant in Taiwan, in a ‘scorched Earth’ campaign that will destroy any usefulness to China from the island for many years to come, and pose a large financial burden of reconstruction (that China will in all likelihood use to simply grow its own industrial base by funding all such reconstruction and keeping the profits therefrom, if any.)

    Thus, China has absolutely nothing to gain economically by invading/attacking Taiwan, other than eliminating the growing military threat to the mainland from the US/NAZO and their obedient Taiwanese lap dog leadership.

    • Agree: SaneClownPosse
  65. JR Foley says:
    @Yukon Jack

    The only thing that can save Joe Biden is to merge Amtrak with Boeing.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  66. Petermx says:
    @Chris Moore

    I once had a Russian girlfriend that said something similar. She said the Czar kept the Jews in check.

    • Replies: @Biff K
  67. WJ says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    Yes, the “China liberating Taiwan” statement is quite retarded. Taiwan doesn’t appear to meddling in other countries’ affairs and it seems free. I was there in the 80s and found it quite nice. I can understand why a voracious China would want it back but I can’t understand why a stooge on Unz Review would think it’s necessarily a good thing.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
    • Replies: @Anon
  68. Petermx says:
    @Priss Factor

    I used to find that scene funny but I don’t anymore.

    • Replies: @Plato's Dream
  69. Anonymous[360] • Disclaimer says:

    Russia will liberate Ukraine, China will liberate Taiwan, India will liberate Tibet and America will liberate Korea. The world will be a happy place. Lol!

  70. @Athena

    Those Tribe rulers of Canuckistan has them by the short-hairs and currently runs the show by means of their “legacy” dictator in Ottawa. Are the Canadian people catching on? Sure looks as if the truckers are leading the pack. No more cross-border trade with the U.\$. except for what can be slipped in by air. This is HUGE. How long will the face-off last. Only hockey insiders know for sure and they are not telling.

    Jabdeath tolls go up considerably in Quebec and the fools and tools in Ottawa better get their mucklucks on board and get ready to make tracks. Those folks across the river might wake up one morning and swarm the place, armed with putine pies and fortified by Molsons and LaBattes. Wouldn’t it be amazing if those second most pacified runts among the Five Eyes begin taking matters into their own hands.

  71. @Athena

    “So, the Central Bank policy and Ruble policy does not reflect die Russian economy at all.”

    Do the 8,5 % interest rate and the 8,5 % inflation rate in Russia stem from the USD and Euro trade?

  72. @Mustapha Mond

    Taiwan is controlled by the Banksteins. They have Tranny parades too. Xi has come out with some very interesting writings as of late, which mark a departure from the previous regimes there. Before the scenario you describe (Taiwan Chinese coming home) can happen, Xi must deal with the extensive corruption within China itself. Seeing how they have allowed the criminal CIA gang led by Fauci, et al to operate a level-4 biowarfare “gain of function” lab (illegal in US) in Wuhan, the transport hub for all China, Xi has a considerable problem on his hands. Exposing CIA-run traitors and removing them with extreme prejudice should be a top priority for him. The bad actors installed by the Rotten Banana Empire have been infiltrating Chinese society for some two decades, so it’s not going to happen overnight.

  73. El Dato says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    The Taiwanese are simply the greed heads descended from Cash-My Check’s gang of rapacious, murderous thugs who only loved the ‘freedom’ to plunder their fellow Chinese with impunity.

    Learn2Chinese history instead of following western pop culture memes (aka. “it’s red so it must be good”)

    China under Chiang were the ones keeping the Japanese busy (although with horrific losses of the civilian population and with morally abhorrent means), thus actually keeping whole armies off Amurrica’s back – while Mao was forcing people fleeing the Japs to read his little red book at gunpoint. And that’s just for starters.

    Who is the real bastard?

    • Agree: simple mind
  74. @Molip

    The quest for Europe is indeed at the core of the Ukraine diversion. The Wholy Grail of the twenty-first century is it. Europe is up for takes. And sublimely their underclasses will stick out their limbs to conquer their own demise. A beast of a burden awaits the lowlands. A Belgium squeezed between England and it’s fifer the Netherlands and France of lore. The battle is on.

  75. Levtraro says:
    @Yukon Jack

    I think this whole Russia Ukraine thing is a signal by the owners they are switching tactics, their grand covid plan is being shit canned and they are taking it to the next level.

    Interesting view. There are signs of serious trouble in USA economy, even possibly the long-awaited collapse, so a distraction would be in order. However, the current Russia-Ukraine scare seems to have started independent of the USA. It either started with Russia amassing over 100 thousand troops and gear in great locations around the border to solve the Ukraine issue for good or it started with the Jewish comedian planning some move in the Donbass that we don’t know about. The only explanation that the Russians have given for their troops and gear on the border is that they can do whatever they want in their territory, but that is disingeneous. The Jewish comedian also is in serious trouble: the Ukraine still is a shambles, second poorest country in Europe after Moldova, not recovering any lost territory, not recovering the economy, deep in debt and corruption, and the Jewish comedian himself with super low approval among the Ukies. So perhaps you’re giving too much credit to the cretins running the show in the USA.

    • Replies: @DaveE
  76. barr says:

    But those dollars in new situation wont work The confidence will be rattled .Even the Honduran drug dealers wont take dollars . Too much dollars in the world market will reduce its buying power also .America will have to pay more a lot more to get grocery . Countries whose major destinations is USA for export will tumble and stay stagnant for a while .But local economy will flourish . Vietnam Indonesia Philliones’s rich will now have to orient to the local needs and demands .
    Drug based economic sectors of Latin/Central America will crumble .

    Both China and Russia have reduced the holdings. Russia to almost zero.

    Worst scenario is America may not be able to resist “Versailles ” type dispensation .China might go after land, factories, intellectual properties, and other resources to recoup losses .Very soon other countries will demand for compensation, justice, and trial for murder charges .

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  77. Notsofast says:
    @JR Foley

    that sounds like the ultimate train wreck, all i can imagine is a 737 max’s a.i. kamikazeing it into the silver star.

  78. @Emslander

    I’m pretty sure somebody would just “cancel” those bonds and render that pointless

  79. With globo-homo, it’s more the False-F*g.

  80. Bamba345 says:

    How would an attack in Donbas be “false flag.?” Would they try to pretend that Russia did it? Absurd. The mistake is to think the US has a plan, other than fucking things up wherever they can both inside and outside the US. Remember, they equate Republicans with Russians. Maybe the long term hope is to pick off Iran, Russia, China and Texas one by one, but a plan?! No one in DC has the brains for a plan. They are too busy sniffing out which way the wind is blowing. It’s total paralysis other than sneaking around to toss wrenches into the works. They don’t respond to speech other than trying to hide their utter confusion. They have one hope — that bullshit will cover brainlessness.

    • Replies: @GMC
  81. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Chris Moore

    Look at ((Schumer)) — a complete fool and dilettante.

    Schumer is a traitor and an enemy of the historic American nation and its people. But he is no fool, which makes him very dangerous.

    • Replies: @Anon
  82. @John Boye

    Why would Scots, Irish or Italian descendants have any “affection” for the Ukraine??

    What a strange thing to suggest

    • Replies: @Tindo
    , @Ukraine Tiger
  83. Anon[168] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    Calling what must be a simple smash and grab of it’s final remaining territory in enemy hands, in a glorious, manly way, a move that will ellectrify your people, guarantee your regime in power for another century(prob), simultaneously break the back of the ‘Mad Dog of the World’, and saving Russia, your only real ally, calling this “borderline retarded”, is itself *beyond* borderline retarded. It is retarded, if not fully retarded.
    Sometimes in life you have to take the initiative. Entire theories of war speak of little else. I agree with you that the Jewish supremacists would gladly blitz the world in nuclear fallout, rather than give up their position at the top.
    But this sad end is more likely if you just sit back and constantly do nothing year after year after year like a bitch, giving the neurotic weirdos enough time to hit the required ideological sweat spot of despair, paranioa, mental illness and sado masochism, that they finally work up enough lunacy to pull that trigger.
    These gimps aren’t going to do such a thing as Samson in a rush of bravery or adrenaline. Those are masculine traits, the leaders of ZOG don’t possess them.
    Plus ZOG’s plan, as anyone can see, is to run their satraps with women & homosexuals, as white men are the enemy and only these two groups are capable of coming close to matching Jewish supremacists in merciless sadism.
    So we can all see the direction this is going. Leaving this as a metaphorical burning dumpster fire while it sets fire to the orphanage, the puppy rescue centre and now the town’s power supply, may or may not be a good strategy for the Chinese, I’d say not, as isn’t the Chinese economy somewhat dependent on there being a somewhat working civilization in the West?
    I don’t claim to see things clearer than you, but hope you will take on these possible dangers of just letting things constantly drift. You get little historical credit for walking in and taking over a dead empire. Strike the killing blow that ends the evil empire, that’s a much different story.
    It’s not just how these things will be written of in the centuries to come, doing the aggressive, correct, right thing at the time brings measurable positive energy and pride to your race at the time.
    There’s no argument about whether the Chinese care about such things.

    • Agree: Exalted Cyclops
  84. The two childhood besties plus godparents who cut me off last Summer and Fall because I refused the jab recently came crawling back with their tails between their legs, with a strong whiff of fear and self-doubt/humility in the air…

    Eyes are being opened on the Covid deception right now all across the land, even if a majority of the screeching Clintonite harpies are still resisting and in denial, and my guess is that not even war or economic privation will distract from or satisfy their anger once they understand how the little ones were targeted with deadly, fertility-destroying jabs. It’s one thing to destroy some poor country on the other side of the globe, but another to understand that your local city hall and statehouse did it to you.

    And then last night, in the middle of a commercial break during an old Western on Grit, amidst the ads seeking \$ for all the injured veterans left behind by the V.A., there was a Save The Children ad for all the starving youngin’s and “immigrants” in rural USA.


    • Thanks: John Q Duped
  85. Anon[523] • Disclaimer says:

    Oh, so it’s your belief that the Chinese people living on Formosa island enjoy being governed by woman, are excited to be ZOG’s front line cannon fodder, are proud of the homosexual parades of sexual degeneracy in their cities?
    Are they, the common people on the island, not the bought elite, rooting for the collapse of their ethnic brothers in their ancient land, so they themselves can in the future partake of ZOG’s wonderful blend of vibrancy & diversity by having their homeland invaded by criminals and rapists?
    Do they long for the time, as our parents and grandparents did, of a glorious Jewish future where your son will be gay, your daughter hooking up with abusive blacks, and any mullato grandkids you do have, if they survive the tranny phenomenon without topping themselves, are taught to above all else, hate your guts with passion? Just like in the rest of ZOG’s colonies?

    Truly, this is how you see the situation? I’ll will give you this, I wouldn’t have the nerve to hold to such a belief.

    • Troll: 36 ulster
  86. Anon[523] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t believe a charge of treason would ever stick to Shumer, I don’t believe he is a traitor, morally or legally. He very obviously is exactly what he appears to be, an enemy combatant.
    Could anyone really in good faith argue that he has ever even pretended to work for or care for Americans? Of course not.
    Come the revolution, if it’s too much for you guys to see Shumer scramble away with the rest of the rats on the last few planes to Tel Aviv, my suggestion would be to charge him as a spy. That way you’d at least have an open and shut case, and could see him swing.

    • Agree: 36 ulster, lavoisier
  87. DaveE says:

    I think this whole Russia Ukraine thing is a signal by the owners they are switching tactics, their grand covid plan is being shit canned and they are taking it to the next level.

    Noam Chomsky admitted himself that this is a standard Jewish tactic. Read this many years ago and can’t find the exact quote anywhere, but something to the effect of:

    “…. the standard zionist tactic of appearing to switch sides at the last minute, to avoid being blamed…..”

    Still, great news that the Shlomovirus Scam is kaput. And Shlomo’s spastic logical – dance – routine is getting blindingly obvious, too.

    • Disagree: Sarah
  88. Mankind’s knowledge has been increased from above and it’s arriving at a fast pace now. It’s being used for good, for evil, for selfishness, for greed …. or any combinations. Evil is winning and that means the evil perpetrators cannot stop themselves. Their evil father won’t let them. He’s angry and so are they.

  89. @anonymous

    This is all easier to understand if you use a poker card game analogy. Who has the most chips on the table? Who has the winning hand? Who is willing to bluff and for how much?

    The JUSA is led by stupid people, who are controlled by people who are narcissistic sociopaths, inbred, and just plain out and out evil. Calling them Satanic would be accurate.

    You cannot talk about China or Russia as separate entities regarding an issue, e.g., Taiwan (annexed on China’s lunch hour), or Ukraine. The fact is China and Russia are outside the REAL controllers of the World, the International Corporate Elite, as entities and individuals. They have, in personal wealth, at least 3 TRILLION IN DISPOSABLE WEALTH.

    China and Russia are beyond their control and they are panicked. Both could destroy Israel on their coffee breaks, if they chose. Obliterate it.

    So any action or threat is directed now at “Chussia”. Realize they are their own NATO. Neither can afford for the other to go down or be reduced. So what chance does NATO have against this two-in-one colossus? Low, low single digits percentage. America is all bluster and bluff. It does not have the chips or cards. You can see the European countries putting more and more distance between themselves and Amurka. “Russia is a European country”-voiced several times by European leaders. Russia would be clever to play nice to the EU and adapt the “kissing cousins” routine, which I think you will see in the short term.

    Once the oligarchic families of world finance are broken, the game will be over. That day is coming eventually, when not if.

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  90. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    What the US wants is a justification to end Russian gas supplies to Europe. Then Europe will have to buy liquified US natural gas at twice the price.

    To achieve this, all that the US needs is “proof” of Russian aggression in Europe, i.e., Ukraine, a country that no one in Europe wants to have anything to do with. Then the US will impose economic sanctions on Russia that require the EU to impose permanent closure of GazProm’s newly built Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

    This way, Europe will pay its “fair share” for the defense of the West, as President Trump insisted they should.

    Biden in action is not as goofy as Biden in person appears to be.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  91. 36 ulster says:

    Yeah, I’m sure that the Taiwanese are creaming themselves and ululating at the prospect of “liberation” eminating from Peking. They’re probably down to two choices: “fight” or “Finland(ization).”

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  92. Alfred says:

    Actually, if Putin had any strategic nerve (he clearly doesn’t), he would encourage Israel to attack Iran.

    The Israeli ruling class is not stupid like that of the USA. They know very well that attacking Iran would result in the Jews having to evacuate Palestine.

    Just look at how even Saudi Arabia and the UAE are sending emissaries to Tehran – rarely in the other direction. 🙂

    • Replies: @karel
    , @Anonymous
  93. SunTzu says:

    Russia sailed 4 assault ships through the Channel recently. The Ruskies should do the unthinkable: Invade the England! with an overwhelming force take over the City and liberate the world from The Masonic Mr Global.
    The English would not be able to resist a spetsnaz blitzkrieg right to the Heart of Darkness!
    England would not be prepared and it is possible that the “Resistance” might support the temporary Russian occupation until England’s traitors are tried and hanged and English sovereignty is restored.
    Could we trust a Russian to be “decent”? For sure the UGLE folks are absolutely NOT.!
    Once the head of the Beast is severed, Fauci et al. Can also be sent to the gallows…see Dr. David E. Martin… the bottom of all terrorism there is a rotten little Englishman e.g…PeterDazak

  94. @CanSpeccy

    Biden would squish his Depends if he were to be required, all by his lonesome, to call the shots. Hell, he’s even having problems reading his cue-cards. Only reason he’s still the faceman is because the actual shotcallers over at the Agency, fixed him up with his replacement in the person of former SF Mayor Willie Brown’s personal lapdancer. Kamala’s Foote is about as popular as the legendary fart in church.

    The situation in the Di\$trict of Corruption has gone way past ridiculous. All sentient beings in this ruptured republic are covering their eyes and holding their breaths.

    The U\$ government still has some level of support from a dwindling minority of maaaybe 30% of the population. Those fast-emptying grocery shelves will reduce that receding support-base to the terminally Woke. Rest of the population is waking up and sniffing the coffee and maybe even noticing that the container that they bought is smaller than the ones they purchased last summer and that to add insult to injury, the price for that go-juice has gone up and up.

  95. SunTzu says:

    Russia should do something totally unthinkable and completely unexpected: spetsnatz blitzkrieg the City of London, arrest all the Common Purpose, Masonic police and MI 6 types try and hang all the traitors, restore free and fair elections, none of this pedophile shit and then move on to the US with loyalists restoring a New World Order made up of decent people not the Peter Dazack, Fauci shitheads!
    See Dr. David E. Martin……..who are these people? UGLE. United grand lodge of England they are all on the square. Black or white banker or Doctor….it’s a magick trick
    Invade the Heart of Darkness and restore the Light to the City on the Hill!

  96. Canute says:
    @John Boye

    The deliberate falsification of the German entry into Ukraine, is designed to imply that the Nazi s were there to primarily kill off the Jews through the deployment of Einsatzgruppen. In reality, the deployed forces were there to eliminate the Communist Party Commissars and their entire infrastructure from any further presence in the region. Today it is treated as the opening round of the “holocaust” story. The reality is that the Soviet CP Commissariat was almost entirely Jewish and hence it was predominantly Jews who were being executed. Blinken and Nuland both hold dual citizenship with Israel. How far do you think a government employee – appointed or engaged, would get in the Federal Government if he/she/it held dual citizenship with Ireland, or Italy, or Mexico or Norway? US foreign policy is entirely the creation of the Zionist operatives within the US. If their actions have any positive relationship to the interests of the US or it full citizens, it is entirely coincidental.

    • Thanks: Towey
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  97. Avery says:

    {Actually, if Putin had any strategic nerve (he clearly doesn’t), }

    Actually, Putin has been ably guiding and leading Russia to its present very strong condition for a couple of decades or so. Since the disastrous years of Yeltsin, when Russia was on her knees, and was facing possible breakup. He has been baited many times by the GloboSorosistas, but has stayed on course.

    Putin and his inner circle have lots of nerve and then some: how many other countries do you know that stared down the entire NATO+Israel+KSA+Gulf sheikdoms……. in Syria and forced them to abandon their plan to destroy Syria?

    Not being stupidly rash and getting sucked into a swap and having the wisdom to wait when you have the advantage is not the same as supposedly not having ‘strategic nerve’.

    It is amusing how posters in blogosphere know – absolutely kone – what Putin should or shouldn’t do. Obviously posters know more about what’s good for Russia and Russia’s strengths and weaknesses than the President of Russia, who has been in government service his entire adult life (from the days when he was a KGB officer.)

    Putin is President of Russia and you clearly are not.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  98. Anon[523] • Disclaimer says:

    He explained in his piece why it would be a “good thing”. It would lead to the eventual collapse of the dollar and so ZOG. Plus it would liberate the Chinese on Formosa from being a ZOG colony. You think it’s going to end with gay parades? All ZOG’s bitches get the full package of off the hook degeneracy, trannism for kids, enforced whorism, destruction of culture, tradition, stability, order, turning kids against parents, influx of vibrant rapists and criminals. And whatever joys they’ve got lined up for us in the future, pedophilia, beastiality, never ending injections to wreck our health, anti-natalism on steroids, concentration camps etc. And those are just a selection of the ones we can see coming down the tracks. Imagine what we don’t know about? Child sacrifice?

  99. Those running ‘Clown World’ have been calling for war with Russia since before the great fall. Their tentacles reach everywhere GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM reside. They are the media, tech, government and arms manufacturers all rolled into one happy cult of satanic overlords.
    There’s no stopping what can’t be seen. They’ve become virtual and live inside the minds of humanity like a cancer lives in a host.
    “Until death do us part”.

  100. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Mustapha Mond

    And THAT is something that the US cannot countenance, which brings me to AA’s other observation about the US moving nukes around China. As the US is currently dominated by Jewish Supremacists, and these type favor the “Samson Option”, I suspect that if there will ever be a nuclear conflict, it will be instituted against China by these crazies who collectively feel, “If we can’t win, everybody loses!” And they won’t wait until China is ahead of the USA in that department, they’ll do it in the near future, if at all.

    That’s the question on everyone’s mind: do the Zionist ((crazies)) have the nerve to unleash the nukes — on China, or maybe Russia or Iran, etc?

    I think the odds are lower than they once were. Netanyahu and the neocons might have at the height of their arrogance and insanity, and the ((Jews)) might cultivate another generation of genocidal maniacs, but I don’t think the current generation of ((Jews)) or their stooges has the nerve or the level of “chosen” delusions of grandeur that the previous generation did.

    They’re still pure poison, and must be dealt with bigly if the Anglosphere is to salvage any future, but I don’t think wannabe rock star ((Antony Blinkin)) and crew have quite the messianic, suicidal insanity that Netanyahu did, married to that crazy ((Jew)) bitch who probably saw herself as the reincarnation of Queen Esther. ((Nuland)) is a crazy ((Jew)) bitch with a princess complex too, but I don’t think she’s got her finger on the button.

  101. Biff K says:


    Hey, Hippie Chick:

    GMO means stock empirically bred to ultimately produce increasingly productive stock (something done long before DNA was even known). Whatta you thinking? Cows eggs injected with gain of function mRNA? I know that’s what you’re thinking. And that gof mRNA is gonna get into your system, and make your grandkids born as freaks. Science moron. Never took a genetics course, I bet.

    Your boys are 3.8″ taller than your dad (and have bigger penes and tiny nuts) because of hormone laced milk from cow feed, idiot.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  102. @Kurt Knispel

    Do you have any idea exactly why Donetsk/Gorlivka is impenetrable? It certainly seems to be, This is why the insurgents survived there. These are cities on a hill or to be more precise, a ridge. So they clearly control the high ground so approaching them is not easy, far less capturing the city. Is there anything special about the surrounding territory? Forests? Ravines? Lakes, Mud? Colliery waste tips? Obviously, the palce being full of civilians has held the Ukrainians back.

  103. Anonymous[255] • Disclaimer says:

    Nor are you, although you appear to be a Putin nut-hugger.

    • Replies: @Avery
  104. raga10 says:

    Russians amass over 100,000 troops on their border, but Ukraine is planning a false flag to start the war… after they’ve been clearly told there will be no military assistance coming to their aid if attacked.

    It makes perfect sense, don’t overthink it.

    • LOL: Peter Rabbit
  105. Biff K says:

    I’ve noticed the same thing. Juice in those days were in hiding, too; doing the Jerry Rivers thing. And, notably, the czar paid for it with his life.

    That, by the way, was when the magic number “6 million” was supposidly coined – late in the 1800’s (although a bible thumper somewhere said it existed long before).

  106. @barr

    From Blair, over Obama to Biden, better die then face the music? International Justice might be China – Russia flavored. No wish, just rational consequence.

  107. @Biff K

    Boof, I’m not surprised to see you shilling for Monsatan, too. It’s a living! GMO was an invented PR term designed to allay the suckers, because the more correct Genetically ENGINEERED frightened the unicorns. The old way was ‘Genetically SELECTED’ where select animal was put to select animal, and those with ‘favourable’ characteristics only were used for further breeding. Like thoroughbred horses to today.

    • Agree: Towey
    • Replies: @Biff K
  108. @mulga mumblebrain

    When I stated intertwined it was for a reason. Figure out the peripheral effects. That is the ‘unknown knowns’ of the equation.

    In plain English, how many other economies would be affected by a US demise? Think of political pressures, military adventures and other measures unleashed before a ghost may be given up by a dying beast. Name the other Chinese markets that may be lost therein.

    Learn to think beyond simplicity. Maybe you noticed that your car insurance went up after 9/11 (mine did). The stewards of the great financial boondoggles do this constantly and even then don’t really know how it will really end. The fact that it hasn’t happened is proof that it is a M.A.D. scenario.


  109. @Canute

    All those Jewish women and children, Party Commissars. Who would have guessed? Spell your name correctly, anagramitically at least, Cnut.

  110. America could collapse anyhow, due to internal conflict!

  111. @36 ulster

    Only a REAL racist cretin says ‘Peking’ anymore. Must try harder-give ‘Pekin’ a go.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  112. @Joe Levantine

    Just to maintain perspective my reference to ” Made In America” was in the theoretical sense of American manufacturing returning home. After the Mad Max stage of course.


  113. Ktulu says:

    I’m somewhat convinced this is all just a big play to try and get NATO to kiss as much American ass as possible despite the consequences of the ongoing occupation of Europe, like forced medical experimentation and a social credit system.

    If they got Russia to invade, great, they get to arm flail more. If Russia does what Scott Ritter suggested they might do and establish air superiority under an S-400 SAM net and bomb the NATO forces to dust from a standoff distance and they not invade, Russia gets what it wants and NATO gets none of what they want. NATO look like incompetent hysterical crybabies and Russia looks like an uninterested party defending itself.

  114. @Petermx

    Especially after the Chauvin and McMichael “trials”.

  115. Miro23 says:

    Thanks for that.

    If Ukrainians were given a free vote on that map my guess is that red would vote for Russia (sure), the yellow for Poland (sure), the green for Hungary (maybe), the purple for Rumania (maybe), and the Ukrainian flag (regime change minority) in Kiev against the whole thing.

    • Replies: @DATA
  116. DATA says:

    These confrontations that occur throughout the world can be compared to Mafia families fighting for territory or retribution. To claim one country’s leader is superior to the other is folly. Mix in all the money to be made through arm sales, exploiting the losing side’s resources, the banksters, etc. Earth could easily be renamed the Corruption Planet. Not getting killed on the battlefield (whether foreign or domestic) or incarcerated for criminal activity (or woke crimes) have become everyone’s default goals.

  117. DATA says:

    The same would happen inside Russia!

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
  118. RJJCDA says:

    The drumbeat for WAR against Russia for “alleged” aggression toward Ukraine is beyond dangerous. The Globalists want that war, even if nuclear, because they know that w/o the MacKinder World Island, they cannot win the world for themselves.

    Russian forces are on RUSSIAN territory, which borders Ukraine. Many are 200 kilometers away and doing war games, like every other power does. Millions of Russian ancestry live in eastern Ukraine, and are threatened by the Ukra Nazis controlling discourse in Ukraine. US and NATO have positioned offensive missiles next to Russia in Poland and Georgia, Reverse Cuban missile crisis anyone?

    Gorbachev was promised by US that we would not move NATO east when he dissolved Warsaw Pact and permitted unification of Germany. WE LIED.

    And look at a map and you will notice that a small disconnected piece of Russia called Kaliningrad is separated by several countries from Russia. Deja vue Dresden corridor in 30s?

    • Agree: Decoy
    • Replies: @raga10
  119. RJJCDA says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Liberation of Taiwan? I visited there several times in 60s, and admired the Taiwanese very much. But the writers here seem to suggest that the CCP control of Taiwan would be a LIBERATUON!

  120. Avery says:

    {Nor are you,}

    I know I am not, that’s why I don’t write S____ like this ‘Putin …… would encourage Israel to attack Iran….’. How many countries have you been the President of, Retard*?

    {you appear to be a Putin nut-hugger.}

    Oh wow! is that the best you could come up with retard?
    The difference between me and you is that I know a little about Russia and the Russian mindset. And I know a little history involving Russia.

    You, on the other hand, are a stupid S_________Head jacking off in your basement computer room to computer wargames. Pretending you know S_____ about world affairs. You would throw up and pass out at the sight of a soldier cut to a dozen pieces with an artillery shell, with his guts and brains all of your frightened face. Your ilk — keyboard warriors — are dime a dozen.

    You are eager for war? Then put on your uniform, polish your boots, grab your M-16 and kit and head to Ukraine/Donbass. Post some pictures of you in the trenches

    * I don’t insult posters and don’t call them namesc first: but if they go low, I’ll go even lower.

    • Agree: Ukraine Tiger
  121. karel says:
    @El Dato

    Mao was forcing people fleeing the Japs to read his little red book at gunpoint.

    That is why the Chinese could not run so fast. What a clever little idea of yours, el Dato, I would have never thought of that.

    May I point out that the first edition of the Little red book appeared only in 1964. But perhaps Mao forced the unfortunates to read the Little Red Hood (originally, Le Petit Chaperon Rouge from Charles Perrault) story and you have just mixed it all up. How old are you?

  122. karel says:

    Clever, clever, clever. But why not encourage Biden to launch an attack Israel? That would be an even better idea. What do you think?

  123. annamaria says:

    “The West needs a strategic alliance with the Muslim world”

    — Agree. But you need to factor in the influence of Zionists who hate viscerally both Russians and Muslims. Western civilization is under a threat, and it comes from the Fifth column of the Friends of Israel in the UK and the AIPAC in the US. The zionist parasite has gained too much power to dismiss it.

    • Agree: bombthe3gorgesdam
    • Replies: @anon
  124. @Quartermaster

    Quartermaster says: “…Taiwan has no desire to join the rest of china under the CCP thumb…”

    The other responders notwithstanding, what you say may be mostly true.

    But the ROC government does not get to choose whether or not the PROC annexes them. The PROC does. The ROC’s independence has depended on the guarantee of the U.S. a great power in decline which is led by 1) a profoundly incompetent leader and 2) a profoundly incompetent leadership cadre, none of whom have any applicable foreign policy experience or at least none which has been crowned with success and 3) everyone of whom are either wholly owned by the CCP or views them positively.

    Anglin says: “…I would also hope that China would have the nerve to go ahead and liberate Taiwan, while the US was bogged down in the Ukraine…”

    I think Andrew is using the word “liberate” in the same ironic sense that BLM looters go about “liberating” Rolex watches and Louis Vuitton handbags in their quest for down payments on “reparations”. But I do expect if America’s clowncar foreign policy leadership do get the U.S. in a war in the Donbass that Xi will make his move.

    All that said, I do expect Russia to annex at least the Donbass or perhaps the entire Ukraine. And when they do, the U.S. will at most impose sanctions, as President Magoo admitted in his press conference the other day.

  125. raga10 says:

    Gorbachev was promised by US that we would not move NATO east when he dissolved Warsaw Pact and permitted unification of Germany.

    This is just Russian propaganda. In reality there were no such promises or even any discussion of this topic – this is according to the person who should know, namely Gorbachev himself:

    RBTH: One of the key issues that has arisen in connection with the events in Ukraine is NATO expansion into the East. Do you get the feeling that your Western partners lied to you when they were developing their future plans in Eastern Europe? Why didn’t you insist that the promises made to you – particularly U.S. Secretary of State James Baker’s promise that NATO would not expand into the East – be legally encoded? I will quote Baker: “NATO will not move one inch further east.”

    M.G.: The topic of “NATO expansion” was not discussed at all, and it wasn’t brought up in those years. I say this with full responsibility. Not a singe Eastern European country raised the issue, not even after the Warsaw Pact ceased to exist in 1991. Western leaders didn’t bring it up, either. Another issue we brought up was discussed: making sure that NATO’s military structures would not advance and that additional armed forces from the alliance would not be deployed on the territory of the then-GDR after German reunification. Baker’s statement, mentioned in your question, was made in that context. Kohl and [German Vice Chancellor Hans-Dietrich] Genscher talked about it.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
    • Troll: Peter Rabbit
    • Replies: @Avery
  126. Anonymous[126] • Disclaimer says:

    This is probably true, but Israel is in an untenable position. Hitler was right on this: Israel is not a normal country, it is a safe haven for Jewish criminals to flee to when they run afoul of their host countries. But under a single world government that the Luciferians seek to create, there is no need for an entity like Israel. Hence it will be thrown under the bus when necessary/convenient. While there is much overlap between the Luciferians and Zionists, their ends are definitely not aligned, and in conflict over things like Iran. Ironically the Zionists and Russians (and Chinese) DO have common interests, which they should cooperate on.

    • Replies: @anon
  127. Anonymous[126] • Disclaimer says:

    I should think this is too obvious to belabor, but: it is completely irrelevant that Russia does not want war. The globalists want war against Russia, so it behooves the Russians to prepare for it in the best way possible. Thinking that time is on their side is fantasy at best.

    • Troll: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  128. Anonymous[917] • Disclaimer says:

    the US Navy has a port near Odecca as the security force for the Globees – Monsanto, Carghill, DuPont Lily Pharma and others.

    Thanks for pointing out. I didn’t fully realize Ukraine has been captured by multinationals. US Major General Smedley Butler has described how the American military act in a protection role for multinationals in his 1935 book “War is a racket”.

    • Agree: GMC
  129. @Poupon Marx

    All of the major, and most minor, nations are ruled and controlled by a few ultra wealthy, ruling families, a few relative to the number of families making up the rest of the eight billion population.

    WW1 was between cousins, Kaiser Wilhelm and King George V were cousins, from the interrelated ruling families. A managed war to make City of London bankers wealthier.

    Every nation around the globe has been playing along with the Covid scam. Even Iran and Russia are goose stepping to the Covid Parade March tune.

    A minor ruler in Africa exposed the PCR testing fraud and received an early heart attack for his effort.

    Daniel Ortega, a so called Sandinista, is from a line of wealthy families, originally Spanish Jews, that have ruled Nicaragua and Honduras since independence. The same families most likely ran the colonies.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
    , @wiggins
  130. @El Dato

    My wife is Chinese. I know much more about Chinese history than you. You’re not even close, you literally have it backwards. But that’s okay. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And you were civil, and I appreciate that. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

    But modern China is a far, distant cry from the horrors of the Cultural Revolution. On that, few can rationally disagree…….

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  131. @Anon

    China, by vastly improving the lives of its least well off, and by offering unlimited opportunity via meritocratic advancement, sets a superb example that puts the West to shame. Taiwan leadership (if you can call it that), to the extent it continues its path towards Western wokeness and anti-China militancy, will very likely alienate its own people, as is happening in the West, thus making China’s job of reunifying Taiwan with the Mainland much easier as time marches on. No shots need be fired. Time is on China’s side, unless the Samson Option comes into play.

    I understand your frustration, but violence is the Western way, and Beijing is wise to avoid it wherever possible. Sadly, that is becoming harder and harder.

    I will ignore the nasty intro that you began with, and put it off to that frustration you expressed later on in your reply. But AA is mistaken, the worst thing China could do would be to follow in the USA’s footsteps and commence a military action against Taiwan, where none is currently needed. Should the USA continue putting offensive weaponry in Taiwan, well, that’s an entirely different can of worms, as I stated clearly in my follow-up to the original post (#4) at comment #65, above……..

    • Thanks: emerging majority
  132. Where’s the pro-Russian charlatan who lives in Florida? No, no, not Tom Luongo, though that’s a good guess. He’s calls himself … the Saker! That’s it. Where’s any of his articles on this Russian-Ukraine hullabaloo? This should be right up his alley. But he’ silent as a church mouse!

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz, DATA
    • Replies: @Dnought
    , @DATA
  133. Dnought says:

    He no longer posts at Unz. You can still find his writings at his personal website.

  134. @mulga mumblebrain

    When speaking English do you say Roma and München?.No. What about Burma? Athens, Brussels? And so on for hundreds of examples. Parking was just the usual English version before somehow a clumsily mispronounced Beijing took over. In fact the person I remember most vividly using Peking to make some kind of point was the wife of an American who was herself Chinese from Hong Kong. Would you like to suggest some good PC rules? Would it include instructions to officials of cricket clubs in India who insist sti on Bombay, Bangalore etc for their clubs names?

    • Replies: @Biff K
  135. @Mustapha Mond

    What do you mean “offensive weaponry”? How could that make a big difference? After all, there is no way Taiwan could initiate offensive action against China. So, do you mean, any weapons with which Taiwan might make invading it expensive?

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  136. @Mustapha Mond

    You ought, to be consistent, see the parallel to Israeli trading on permanent historical victimised and object to it. After all there was a lot of stuff in that century of humiliation well before your cut off point of the Cultural Revolution that was truly creepy looked at from a modern point of view. How about slavery? How about castrating boys to become Court eunuchs ? How about arrogantly refusing to learn from the modernising West (unlike the Japanese)?

    And as I’m running over quota for replies let me express here my profound disappointment that Ron has naively, carelessly, added yet another Russia shill (in the case of The Daily Stormer’s man you’ld have to say “if the Russians would have him”) to exploit his profound ignorance of Ukraine and Putin’s Russia. Ron, whose articles on Hispanic crime and The Myth of Meritocracy, for example, were so good, appears to have gone feral concerning Russia and Ukraine simply on the basis that there was a lot to criticise in America’s post Cold War relations with Russia and that neo cons were responsible for a lot of the malice and folly.

    • Troll: Peter Rabbit
  137. Anon[168] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    I appreciate the reply, and I wasn’t calling any of your opinions retarded, I was calling you calling AA’s point retarded, retarded.
    But you didn’t really answer my or AA’s point. Rushing Taiwan is not simply to liberate the Chinese on that island, that’s a secondary goal. The main reason is to deliver a knockout blow to American military arrogance.
    I appreciate your aversion to spilling blood, it’s always much better if there are much more of your types in the world, just as pacifism is a doctrine I respect, even as I acknowledge it’s totaly unworkable.
    But there really isn’t going to be any resistance from the Chinese on Formosa Island against their racial brothers.
    Nor did you counter with any arguments my points about letting things just drift and drift. The longer Jewish supremacists control the American military, the more innocent people will be murdered arond the globe by these monsters.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  138. Athena says:

    I agree. NATOCanada recruits the best engineers and scientists and therefore drain the ”brains” for the NATO ”efforts”. Meanwhile, the schools, roads, and infrastructure are crumbling.

    Meanwhile, Canada, which help defeat the nazis (1943 and 44) in Coventry is now backing the nazis in Ukraine. Pathetic:



    ”We saw a similar response back in March when it was first reported that Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s maternal grandfather, Michael Chomiak, was a Nazi collaborator during the Second World War. Instead of admitting that this was true, Freeland attempted to portray herself as a victim of Russian disinformation.

    The problem with the simplistic ‘blame Russia’ excuse is that it does not change history.

    Freeland’s grandfather was indeed a Nazi collaborator who, as the editor of a Ukrainian-language newspaper, published anti-Semitic rants and encouraged volunteers to join the 14th Waffen SS Galizien Division. This is the same unit that is immortalized and honoured by the statue in Oakville.

    Despite the chorus of Ukrainian apologists who claim otherwise, members of the 14th Waffen SS Galizien Division were no Boy Scouts. Notorious SS General Jurgen Stroop was one of the Division’s early instructors. Stroop is perhaps best known for his annihilation of the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw.”

    • Thanks: GMC, annamaria
    • Replies: @Petermx
  139. annamaria says:

    What is astonishing is the approval of the neo-Nazi aspect of the Kievan regime by the Jewish Community in the US and the UK.

    Zionists have been quiet as mice while the UK and the US provided lethal weapons to the self-proclaimed neo-Nazi (Banderites) whose original ideology was based on fighting “Judeo-Bolsheviks.” These Judeo-Bolsheviks, who wracked Russia at the beginning of 20th century, were financed by American Jewish bankers such as J. Schiff and Kuhn, Loeb & Company.

    The Jewish Community at large in the UK and the US is totally comfortable with the many neo-Nazi parades glorifying fascism, which were held in major Ukrainian cities after the representative of the Kagans’ clan had accomplished regime change in Kiev in 2014.

    Here is a list of numerous Jewish communities in the UK:
    Their tacit support of the UK’s weaponizing the neo-Nazis in Ukraine is an insult to the memory of Jews who perished during WWII. What a Disgrace!

    And here is a list of those who, allegedly, care about the “Holocaust” while supporting the Banderites (self-proclaimed neo-Nazis):
    International Holocaust Remembrance Day:\
    – Irwin Cotler, Canadian Special Envoy on Preserving Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism
    -Ellen Germain, United States Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues
    -Fernando Lottenberg, the Organization of American States Commissioner to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism
    -Katharina von Schnurbein, European Commission Coordinator on Combating Antisemitism and Fostering Jewish Life

    These people support the delivery of lethal weaponry to the neo-Nazis. Guess they also love, love the neo-Nazi parades in Ukraine

    And here is the most visible defiler of the memory of the Holocaust: A. J. Blinken, Secretary of State:

    My stepfather was just a boy when he lost his entire family to the Nazis.

    Then why are you supporting the neo-nazis, Mr. Blinken? You have no respect for the victims of WWII, whether Russian, Ukrainian, or Jewish.
    And who was your step-father? – Samuel Pisar “was the lawyer and confidant of British publisher Robert Maxwell,” the daddy of Ghislaine Maxwell, who was a Madam acting to satisfy Epstein’s pedophilic desires. Epstein’s property (courtesy Israel-firsters of the Mega Group) was used by Mossad to trap politicians during pedophilic acts and thus make them pliable. So virtuous!
    “Robert Maxwell is outed as an agent of Mossad, Israel”:

    What are you doing in the US government, Mr. Blinken?

    • Agree: Avery
  140. Athena says:

    ”The people of Ukraine who see their salvation in the form of a NATO intervention should take a good look at NATO’s “success” in Kosovo. Short-term military solutions do not solve long-term economic problems.”

    ”Despite its declared independence, unemployment, poverty, corruption and widespread crime are driving a new flood of Albanian Kosovars to seek a better life — anywhere but in Kosovo.”


  141. Avery says:

    {This is just Russian propaganda. }

    No it isn’t.

    {In reality there were no such promises or even any discussion of this topic }

    Yes, there was such a promise and yes there were discussions of this topic.

    { this is according to the person who should know, namely Gorbachev himself:}

    Gorbachev has become senile.
    Nothing he says can be taken at face value.
    He is not remembering things, so as to save his “legacy” or something, knowing what a disaster he has wrought on the Russian people and all the other peoples of former USSR.
    He was either a deep agent of the GloboWest or an idiot: the way he recklessly dismantled USSR. What kind of leader of a major power prostitutes himself by selling Luis Vuitton handbags?

    Archives have better, unbiased memory:

    [Declassified documents show security assurances against NATO expansion to Soviet leaders from Baker, Bush, Genscher, Kohl, Gates, Mitterrand, Thatcher, Hurd, Major, and Woerner]

    [Washington D.C., December 12, 2017 – U.S. Secretary of State James Baker’s famous “not one inch eastward” assurance about NATO expansion in his meeting with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on February 9, 1990, was part of a cascade of assurances about Soviet security given by Western leaders to Gorbachev and other Soviet officials throughout the process of German unification in 1990 and on into 1991, according to declassified U.S., Soviet, German, British and French documents posted today by the National Security Archive at George Washington University (]

    • Thanks: emerging majority
    • Replies: @raga10
  142. Petermx says:

    What is astonishing is that after Jews created the USSR and murdered millions of Russians and Ukrainians, Ukraine would turn over all power to the descendants of the Jewish mass murderers and let the Jews accuse Ukrainians of crimes when they fought back against the Jewish mass murderers.

    Description of German book written in 1937 on Amazon:
    “Communist Jews were the commandants of 11 out of the 12 main Stalinist-era Gulags, or concentration camps, including the camp system directors Matvei Berman and Hershel Jehuda.”

    Russian President Putin: 80 – 85% of First Soviet Government were Jews (no wonder that same government outlawed Christianity and criticism of Jews).

    2008 – Ukraine’s Security Service says Jews carried out the Holodomor, the deliberate starvation of millions of Ukrainians in the 1930’s.

    • Thanks: annamaria
    • Replies: @annamaria
  143. DATA says:

    Saker got called up. He’s in Donbas, freezing his butt off…

  144. Augustus sent Varus to his death, by withholding crucial information. Why? Because the legions commanded by Varus were among the best militarily, but morally “old school” and hence of doubtful loyalty to the new dictator.

    I think our “elites” are concerned that somewhere within the regular military forces there might still lurk enough democratic sentiment to make them averse to the NWO, and that they alone still have the power to deal with the mercenaries at the “elites’” beck-and-call. So they are sent into an unwinnable war for classical decimation (in Roman parlance: killing off every tenth man by lot) and later on probably replenished with docile faggots, trannies and chimps.

    This is not US versus Russia, or NATO versus anyone, or whatever; this is the Cabal versus everybody else.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @annamaria
  145. GMC says:

    It’s a little too late to sit on the Fence G and Koyla, The US was involved when they sent Senator Obama to Donetsk in 2005 , in order to de arm the Eastern Ukraine army. Notice he didn’t go the the Western Nazi stronghold , in order to de arm the Nazi battalions, with the 45 million he had in his pocket . Take a stand – Russia, Donbas, Crimea or the US, US proxies, Nazis and Nato.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  146. Petermx says:

    No doubt, you believe any horrible accusation directed at the Germans that you have ever heard. Do you still believe the lies about making lampshades and soap from human skin and fat too?

  147. GMC says:

    Agree , the gig’s up. The Fed has printed 30+ trillion, gave it to their buddies dba Wall Street, MIC, Israel, Globalists, Pentagon, UN, NATO, CIA and a slew of others. The Peoples Government left the building years ago, the US domestic economy is history { red ink everywhere} with no industry to fall back on, the individual states look like a chinese fire drill, and the people are waking up to a pandemic that was suppose to kill everyone, instead it’s the big Pharma killing everyone.

    These idiots running the country think by blaming Russia for everything is going to get them off the hook – while they ride into the Great Reset Sunset. Look over here everyone – Russia did it – not us – not US. It ain’t gonna work this time.

  148. Roger says: • Website
    @Kurt Knispel


    You make a lot of claims, but offer nothing at all to back them up.

    1. “The Donbass is impenetrable.” Why? What is there about the Donbass which makes this true? Impenetrable to what? Ground troops? Air power? Missiles? But, then, your very next line gives the lie to this preposterous statement.

    2. “The Wehrmacht had fought the Red Army in the Donbass…” Apparently, the Wehrmacht did not realize that Donbass was impenetrable and went in anyway. BTW, this tidbit is totally irrelevant to the conversation.

    3. “The Donbass is a special place because of special installations.” Again, why? What special installations? Come on, come on! If you have knowledge of these “special” installations, then please enlighten us. Better yet, advise the Kiev government of them so that they do not waste their resources trying to destroy them.

    4. “The Donbass is in a way even more difficult than Crimea and the Krim was hell doubled up.” Ditto. See my comment in #3.

    5. “The JewS-Army’s war slaves will find out, when they get there and more so, when they are in there.” This is akin to Nancy Pelosi’s statement in 2010 re the ACA bill (ObamaCare). “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” In other words, the “Jews-Army’s war slaves” do not have a clue, but they are going to find out once they get there. Ooooh, my, yes! They will find out all right! As if they didn’t already know.

    OMG, all that in only the first two paragraphs!

    I recommend two things.

    1. Start commenting from a position of rational, logical thought backed up by hard data and facts. Quit with the shrill, hysterical, hateful posturing. It does nothing for your reputation as an analyst.

    2. Work on your spelling and grammar. They are atrocious.

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  149. annamaria says:

    Talmudists have no shame.

    “Communist Jews were the commandants of 11 out of the 12 main Stalinist-era Gulags, or concentration camps, including the camp system directors Matvei Berman and Hershel Jehuda.”

    Jewish Bolshevik Isaya Berg was the inventor and practitioner of gas chamber.

    Berg was the head of the administrative and economic department of the NKVD of Moscow Oblast which suffocated batches of prisoners with engine fumes in a camouflaged bread van while on the drive out to the mass graves at Butovo, where the prisoners were subsequently buried.

    Jewish Bolshevik Shaya Itsikovich (Philipp Goloshyokin) was a bloody opportunist guilty of the genocide in Kazakhstan; 40% of ethnic Kazakhs died on the subhuman orders of Shaya Itsikovich.
    The Goloshchyokin Genocide in Kazakhstan:–1933
    Shaya Itsikovich (Goloshyokin) was also personally involved in the murder of the last Russian tsar and his family, including five children.

    Jewish influence was attributed to the decision to execute the tsar’s family,” wrote forensic investigator Vladimir Solovyov, who headed the 1993 reopened investigation into Nicholas II’s murder….
    “Jews savagely destroyed the Royal Family. The Jews are responsible for all the evils that have befallen Russia,” wrote Dieterichs in his book, “The Murder of the Royal Family and Romanov House in the Urals.” … In the 1920s, British journalist Robert Wilton wrote several books defending the theory that the Romanovs were murdered in a “ritual killing.”

    The Talmudists’ most cherished and joyful celebration is genocidal Purim compete with cookies in the form of a human ear – for children. Barbarians through and through.

    • Agree: Towey
    • Replies: @Petermx
  150. @Anon

    Good point about the Samon option. That said, Mustapha Mond’s point about China waiting out the Bankster-controlled regime in Taiwan is correct. All Xi has to do is wait and the emerging wokeness in Taiwan will prod most of the Chinese (along with the native population) into joining the mainland. Xi is no Mao, but more in the mold of Sun Yat-Sen.

  151. annamaria says:
    @Gaylord of the German Gaylands

    “…this is the Cabal versus everybody else.”

    — This is why the RF must target the Cabal’s locations, one by one. There is no other way to save humanity.

  152. annamaria says:

    Obama has been an obedient tool of the Cabal. His greatest achievement is the flourishing slave markets in destroyed Libya.

    • Agree: Towey
    • Thanks: GMC
  153. @Mustapha Mond

    Violence is the universal way because it is the lowest common denominator, the perfect means of communication. The meek shall not inherit the world. They just die.

  154. @anonymous

    I hope to God you’re right.

    But in the meantime I’d dearly love to see some emerging competent, clean, swift safety-net political assassinations in and around Washington as soon as possible.

    Just to… umm… “mow the lawn”, so to speak.

    • LOL: Ukraine Tiger
  155. Anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:

    Boycott Israel for their selling of secret US Military tech to China.

    There is nothing more terrifying for the Israel first uniparty and their ziospecialinterests owners than a potential right wing and/or Christian  boycott Israel movement. They can use low effort narratives and cuckservative plants to eradicate BDS, but a right wing/Christian boycott movement would be impervious to those counters.

    To see proof of how much the ziosubverters fear a boycott movement, watch the “The Lobby: USA” documentary. Here:

    Making goals of the movement to demand the removal of all Zio lobbies and subversion from the West would be a very effective tool against that particular type of subversion, and would lead zios to over reach in their Israel first efforts, which would only show more of the general public how nefarious their lobby and activities are.

    It would also have the controlled opposition cuckservatives in a situation that if they try to go against it, they unmask themselves as controlled opposition to the masses, and they can no longer claim that boycotting movements are Muslim or lefty. Make the movement anonymous and decentralized without any official hierarchy of organization (based only on individual calls to action, and the reasons why people should boycott), and you have a no loss, no cost weapon against the subversion that weakens the controlled oppo and thus allows the people to elect the people who truly represent them.

    It’s literally all upside and no cost strategy. They fear it, big time, to the point controlled oppo wants to make even more states make it illegal to boycott Israel.

    Boycott Israel for their selling of secret US Military tech to China, spread the word, God bless!

  156. raga10 says:

    Yes, there was such a promise and yes there were discussions of this topic.

    Probably, at some other point. But not in 1990 and there was no room for misunderstanding what Baker was referring to, for the simple reason that Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact still existed so there was nothing to discuss. Baker’s assurance was in relation to moving NATO troops into East Germany after unification and not about expanding NATO membership, period.

    But if you think you can speak about how the person conducting these negotiations understood the issues with more authority than that person himself, obviously there is no convincing you.

  157. @SaneClownPosse

    I did not know that. I have read that 5 Sephardic families control Guanomala. The same is true for Jamaica, hotels and tourist industry. They even have their accents down perfectly. It’s like owning your private island.

  158. JamesinNM says:

    Seems the majority of the world belongs to Satan.

  159. @The_Masterwang

    Power is everything today; nothing else matters.

  160. All just a sham.

    • Thanks: Maowasayali
  161. @El Dato

    China under Chiang were the ones keeping the Japanese busy (although with horrific losses of the civilian population and with morally abhorrent means), thus actually keeping whole armies off Amurrica’s back…

    I think that was the kosher plan: to inflict “horrific losses of the civilian population and with morally abhorrent means.”

    Why do I think this? Because I think Chiang was probably a double-agent. Most observers of that War bypass the glaring fact that Chiang was a Japanese officer. I am unable to determine his rank, but it is not at all disputed that he received his military training in Japan and was a graduate of Tokyo Shinbu Gakko. Nor is it disputed that Chiang served in the Imperial Japanese Army from 1909 to 1911.

    As for Mao, well, he was a Yali (Yale in China) but Chiang–despite all the American aid–was a “Japanophile” to the very end of his life:

    In a 1969 speech, Chiang related a story about his boat trip to Japan at nineteen years old. Another passenger on the ship, a Chinese fellow student who was in the habit of spitting on the floor, was chided by a Chinese sailor who said that Japanese people did not spit on the floor, but instead would spit into a handkerchief. Chiang used the story as an example of how the common man in 1969 Taiwan had not developed the spirit of public sanitation that Japan had.[13] Chiang decided to pursue a military career. He began his military training at the Baoding Military Academy in 1906, the same year Japan left its bimetallic currency standard, devaluing its yen. He left for Tokyo Shinbu Gakko, a preparatory school for the Imperial Japanese Army Academy intended for Chinese students, in 1907. There, he came under the influence of compatriots to support the revolutionary movement to overthrow the Manchu-dominated Qing dynasty and to set up a Han-dominated Chinese republic. He befriended Chen Qimei, and in 1908 Chen brought Chiang into the Tongmenghui, an important revolutionary brotherhood of the era. Finishing his military schooling at Tokyo Shinbu Gakko, Chiang served in the Imperial Japanese Army from 1909 to 1911.

    Source: Wikipedia

  162. @Wizard of Oz

    I’m thinking the same stuff that the US is placing around Russia, e.g., missile ‘defense’ that is a smokescreen for offensive weapons that could easily be mounted with nukes. Of course, the USA has submarines for that, but they really like to get in your face and say, “What are you gonna do about it?” Like a gangster, which is a good analogy. (Ask Smedley Butler.)

    Russia has had enough of this crap, which is the basis of the original subject article by AA herein.

    I have no crystal ball when China will have ‘had enough’, or what will trigger a military response. Let’s hope that never happens……

  163. raga10 says:

    Of course, the USA has submarines for that, but they really like to get in your face and say, “What are you gonna do about it?” Like a gangster, which is a good analogy.

    Another good analogy would be Russia, since that’s exactly what they did in Cuba.

    Posters here just love to bring up Cuban missile crisis. The difference is that back then there were actual missiles involved, on both sides. This time there are no missiles on NATO’s side – there are none in Ukraine now and nobody wants to put them there. Ukraine is not in NATO now, and it didn’t even apply for membership as of today. There are Russian troops on their border, however – that much is a fact.

  164. @Anon

    If you read my comment #65, you saw I withdrew the ‘borderline retarded’ description and expressed remorse for such terminology. I still emphatically disagree with his position, but name calling is rude, and he didn’t start it, I did. Thus my contrition.

    “Nor did you counter with any arguments my points about letting things just drift and drift. The longer Jewish supremacists control the American military, the more innocent people will be murdered arond the globe by these monsters.”

    That’s a different can of worms.

    I completely empathize with your feelings in that regard. I just don’t see China invading Taiwan as in any way an effective counter to the pernicious effect of rampant, unrestrained Jewish Supremacism and murderous zionism, worldwide. Where to start and what to do to stop the bloodshed and horrors that JSI et. al. wreak around the globe is truly one of the critical questions for the 21st century. One that I sadly do not have any answers for, as I oppose bloodshed, and they do not. As Master Wang correctly noted in his reply to my comment #135, violence is the lowest common denominator, and has sadly proven over and over quite effective. It has been that way since we walked upright, and long before. Even Plato’s “Republic” poses (via Thrasymachus) that ‘justice is the interest of the stronger”, i.e, might makes right.

    One can only hope that the greed and avarice of these monsters will be their undoing, and I take hope that China is resistant to them, not being under the sway and influence of the judaeo-christian tradition, which JSI and its bootlickers exploit for all it is worth. In short, China is likely our only hope in that regard, and thus my very protective attitude towards the PRC………

  165. @The_Masterwang

    “The meek shall not inherit the world. They just die.”

    Sadly, you are quite right in that regard. I just eschew violence whenever possible.

    But self defense is an entirely different matter. Thus my feeling that China should only attack Taiwan when and if Taiwan truly presents an existential threat, which I described in my response to Wizard of Oz: if the US tries to put nukes in China’s back yard, like they are doing against Russia currently.

    But routinely resorting to violence is primitive and simply evil in nature. Which is why I find the USA’s behavior so revolting. It’s time to put an end to it. Perhaps Russia (possibly in conjunction with China), in the words of Edgar Cayce, will somehow do so and ‘save the world’ from America and the greedy, rapacious murderous turds who pull its ‘leaders’ strings…..

  166. anon[168] • Disclaimer says:

    Why muslims with any brain left will cooperte with the post post 911 West?
    Anyway Zionsist have captured Sudan Bahrain UAE Saudi Egypt and Azerbaizan . The west cant escape the Zion. The elite muslim of Pakistan is notoriuosly corrupt and always on teh market .

  167. anon[168] • Disclaimer says:

    China has no common interest with Israel . Nothing common between the two strategically or economically. Russia and Iran may not agree on Israel just as Russia and Isarel dont agree on Iran or Syria.
    If USA goes down, so does Isarel . The hardcore religious will stay put but other will leave. They will have nowhere to go but slowly will make way to neighbroing countries and S Europe.

  168. Petermx says:

    Seeing this comment from you, I’m surprised you are critical of Ukrainians and other nationalities that joined the Germans in the fight against the mass murdering USSR when they were liberated by the Germans. The British and Americans did not care about those people. They were allies of the Soviet mass murderers.

    I don’t know if you have seen this book about which I have posted before but it contradicts the narrative (or shall we just say “lies”) that have been prevalent since Germany lost the war. It takes a long time but gradually a grain of truth finally comes out. The Norwegian historian says Germans were welcomed by many Russians (in addition to Byelorussians, Ukrainians, Latvians and Estonians) as liberators from their own bloody government (which was heavily Jewish with Jews being even dominant at times). The common people helped the German soldier and the Germans helped the common people. The Russians also wished the Germans success in defeating the USSR. This pretty much contradicts everything the lying victors have ever said about the Germans.

    This is a review of a new book from the Norwegian academic Johannes Due Enstad. Eastern European authors are writing similar books. Many Russians hoped that Hitler would free them from Stalin.

    So, how could the Germans be so good to the Russian and Ukrainian peasant but so “bad” to the Jews there. How about the fact that the Jews were in charge in the USSR, they held the powerful positions which also helps explain their homicidal attitude towards the Germans. The Jews were in power in the USSR and they strongly supported the murderous regime which Germans and other Europeans sympathetic to them called “Jewish-Bolshevist” and they had no qualms about behaving in the most beastly manner towards Germans and the Germans returned in kind.

    This is a review of a New York Times article that boasts of Jews murderous behavior towards Germans, including female assassins operating under cover. The “NAZI” has been so thoroughly demonized that the Jews at the NY Times now boast of Jews murderous behavior towards the German soldier, the same German soldier the Russian peasant gave food and clothing to.

    “Slimes: In 1943, Niuta Teitelbaum strolled into a Gestapo apartment in Warsaw and faced three Nazis. A 24-year-old Jewish woman who had studied history at Warsaw University, Niuta was likely now dressed in her characteristic guise as a Polish farm girl with a kerchief tied around her braided blond hair. …. She smiled meekly and then pulled out a gun and shot each one. Two were killed, one wounded. —- Niuta, however, wasn’t satisfied. She found a physician’s coat, entered the hospital where the injured man was being treated, and killed both the Nazi and the police officer who had been guarding him.
    Analysis: A mass-murdering young Jewess disguised as a Polish farm girl, then as doctor. This is the type of evil shit that Bolsheviks had been doing to Germans trapped in Poland long before the war had even started.

    Slimes: “Little Wanda With the Braids,” as she was nicknamed on every Gestapo most-wanted list, was one of many young Jewish women who, with supreme cunning and daring, fought the Nazis in Poland.
    Analysis: Ya hear that? “Many young Jewish women murdered Germans “with supreme cunning” — Geneva Convention rules of humane engagement be damned. Oh, by the way, these partisan gangs were the very same “Polish” characters who had volunteered to fight in the Spanish Civil War of just a few years prior — in which they Jews carried out horrific massacres of priests, nuns and other assorted supporters of General Franco.”

    Since we have been lied about the leading Jewish role in the USSR and people that know better continue to lie about Jewish Bolshevism (I just saw a brand new book by an American academic claiming there was no such thing) do you think that the Jews leadership role in the USSR and their fervent desire for the USSR to win the war could explain their murderous behavior towards Germans and the Germans same behavior towards Jews. Doesn’t this provide a real explanation of the hostility between Germans and Jews in the war, especially in view of the German soldiers good will towards the Russian peasant. The Jews were in power in the USSR, they created the foundation of the USSR (banning Christianity) and they would do whatever they had to do to the German so Jews could stay in power. Doesn’t that provide a real explanation as to what went on as opposed to the stupid claim by Jews that there is no valid explanation for “anti-Semitism”. Sure there is.

    And in Germany, where my parents were in 1945 no one welcomed the enemy soldier as a liberator. Why? Because Germany did not have a government that committed mass murder against its own people before or during the war (contrary to Jewish propaganda) , including German Jews.

    • Disagree: Towey
    • Thanks: GMC
    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @GMC
    , @annamaria
  169. AGuy says:

    1) Weird how this involves Khazaria.

    2) no Russian ever called me goyim

  170. Athena says:

    All these crooks in the UK, US, Canada, and Germany have one thing in commun: the Russian-Israeli mafia, which they (and NATO) use against Russia.

  171. Anonymous[668] • Disclaimer says:

    It is indeed an honor to be flagged as a troll by’s resident shit-for-brains, the Whizz of Oz.

    • Agree: Ukraine Tiger
  172. Athena says:

    ”Who is the aggressor?”

    NATO and Russia with a view to Germany and Ukraine
    by Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Jochen Scholz, Berlin
    *(excerpts, emphasis added)


    ”Looking at the facts, one can only be amazed at the vehemence with which Russia is held responsible for the security situation in Eastern Europe. One should never forget to ask the question what is action and what is reaction, and above all not to confuse the both.”

    ‘Promises of the NATO states

    ”Here are a few references to such historical facts:”

    ”1. The telephone conversation between President Bush and Chancellor Kohl in May 1990.3

    2. The promised implementation (transformarion of NATO into a consultative body) at the following NATO summit in London.”

    3. The Charter of Paris in the same year.5

    4. And what happened next? With the Wolfowitz Doctrine, also known as the “No-Rivals-Plan”, all agreements were turned into their opposite.6”

    ”All further strategy documents since that time have gone in the direction taken at that time.”

    US-Neocons and the “Project for the New American Century

    ”The essence of NATO’s eastward expansion was and still is evident from the letter from Willy Wimmer, former State Secretary in the German Ministry of Defence and in 2000 Vice-Chairman of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, to then-Chancellor Schröder.8 He discusses the contents of the Bratislava conference in 2000, which was held on behalf of the State Department by the American Enterprise Institute, whose working group “Project for the New American Century”9 published the strategy paper “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”10 a few months later, to which only neocons contributed. Ten individuals from the working group served in the George W. Bush administration beginning in 2001, including Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz. The implementation of the Bratislava intentions occurred in 2002, and NATO was expanded to include the three Baltic states, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Slovakia.”

    Preventing German-Russian coexistence …”

    ”Fifteen years after Bratislava, George Friedman, then head of the private intelligence agency STRATFOR, gives a talk at a Chicago think tank, puts on a slide (see map) in the subsequent press conference and declares as a constant goal of American foreign policy to prevent a prosperous German-Russian coexistence.11”

    US missile system to neutralise Russian second-strike capability

    Plans of conquest by the Ukrainian government

    ”A leap into the year 2021, as far as Russian troops on Ukraine’s eastern border are concerned. Do you know this decree of the National Security Council of Ukraine from March 2021?16”

    ”In accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine ‘On the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine’, the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, having considered the draft Strategy of de-occupation and reintegration of the Timorese occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, has decided:”

    ”1, recommendation of the draft strategy for de-occupation and reintegration of the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.”

    ”With this map (without the German-language inscription on the right-hand side), George Friedman illustrated what he meant by a “cordon sanitaire” separating Russia from Germany.

    2, requesting the President of Ukraine to approve the Strategy for Deconcentration and Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol.

    3. the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to develop and approve within three months a plan of measures for the implementation of the strategy for the evacuation and reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.”

    Russia should not be allowed to react to this, especially since one can be sure that such decisions are not made in Ukraine without Washington’s and London’s approval or acquiescence?”

    Minsk agreements are sabotaged

    ”It is clear from it that the German and French sides had no intention to influence Ukraine to finally comply with its obligations under the Minsk II Agreement21 of 2015 (!), which is applicable international law22. This primarily concerns points 9, 11 and 12.”

    The failure of the German generals

    ”Since the war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999, which was contrary to international law, it has been clear that the gold-braided Generals have surrendered their obligations under the German Soldiers’ Act in Washington and sin against Stauffenberg23 every year on 20 July in the Bendlerblock24 [today the seat of the German Ministry of Defence] with unctuous words. The prospect of being retired with a decent pension is more unbearable for this group of people than the prospect of being shot was for the officer who tried to kill Hitler in 1944.”

  173. Anonymous[159] • Disclaimer says:

    To the extent that China is targeted by the Luciferian NWO, and to the extent that Israel (as a safe haven for elite Jews who run afoul of national governments) is superfluous under such an order, they both have a common interest in opposing the rise of the NWO. No doubt they have little else to ally on, but this issue is a pretty big one. And despite the Zionists’ enormous influence in DC, they have been consistently blocked in their efforts to get the US to attack Iran. The US is far more useful to the globalists as an instrument of globo-homo than as an attack dog for Zionism.

  174. @anon

    The Chinese attitude is that Chinese and Jews are fellow human beings, who had better get along, or there will be trouble for both. That is the Chinese attitude to everyone-if you don’t act as an enemy, we must co-operate-‘win-win’.

  175. @annamaria

    Imagine if there was a Euro Commissioner dedicated to ‘fostering Roma life’, or ‘Seventh Day Adventist life’, or ‘Buddhist life’ etc. The demands NEVER will cease. Never, ever.

  176. Tindo says:
    @simple mind

    I think it’s pretty obvious he meant that Italian-Americans have affection for their forefathers’ homeland – Italy, as do Irish-americans for Ireland etc…

  177. Anglucks doing the bidding of Jews.


    Video Link

  178. Athena says:


    Jan. 24, 2022

    ”Renaissance Capital reportedly said in a note to clients that the ruble could fall by up to 20% to the dollar in the event of a military escalation.”

    “We expect Russian equities to extend losses today due to an escalation in geopolitical tensions over the weekend,” analysts at Alfa Bank said, as quoted by AFP.” (AFP = Rothschild’s mouthpiece)

    The Spy Business
    Just follow the money


    ”The arrest came as part of the special counsel John Durham investigation into Russiagate and related matters, most specifically the claim that Russian intelligence agencies had interfered in the 2016 election. This latest activity comes after Durham’s recent charging of Hillary Clinton’s former campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann in an indictment that alleges that he lied to federal investigators in September 2016, when he gave them information that he falsely claimed showed a connection between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank in Russia.”

  179. @raga10

    Of course, the USA has submarines for that, but they really like to get in your face and say, “What are you gonna do about it?” Like a gangster, which is a good analogy.

    Another good analogy would be Russia, since that’s exactly what they did in Cuba.

    Well, the USSR (not Russia) kinda did that in Cuba, but not exactly, not like a “gangster” as you seem to imply, seeing as how whatever they did in Cuba was a response to the USA secretly moving nukes into Turkey and pointing them at Moscow (like a “gangster”).

    Posters here just love to bring up Cuban missile crisis.

    I personally don’t, but generally when someone does, they get the story upside down and back-to-front because the events which precipitated the Cuban missile crisis followed from an American aggression from the outset, not the naughty USSR up to their usual tricks as the accepted Western narrative would have us all believe.

    The difference is that back then there were actual missiles involved, on both sides.

    No, the difference is that there’s no difference between the dynamics of the Cuban missile crisis way back then and the potentially existential crisis now unfolding. The USA was the aggressor on the USSR’s doorstep back in the 1960’s, and once again is the aggressor on Russia’s doorstep in the 2020’s.

    If Russia now chooses to station strategic capabilities in Cuba or Venezuala to mirror the American threat, then the literally direct analogy with the Cuban Missile crisis will be complete.

    This time there are no missiles on NATO’s side – there are none in Ukraine now and nobody wants to put them there.

    With respect, this statement identifies you as either a stooge – a paid troll – or an idiot.

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating. If there are no missiles in Ukraine and “nobody wants to put them there”, then I guess we can expect the fake Biden administration to acknowledge Russia’s security concerns and agree to their demands for deconfliction measures and verifiable written security guarantees.

    Why don’t you take a deep breath and hold it while we wait for that to happen?

    Pig’s arse.

    • Thanks: DevilAdvocate
    • Replies: @raga10
  180. @siberiancat

    Russia doesn’t actually need the security guarantees although that would be preferable. What Russia needs is the USA written response to the demand for security guarantees. If the written response tells Russia to shove it then Russia then has the right to do what ever the USA does, in the eyes of all players, such as placing missiles in Cuba and there would be nothing the USA could do about it short of all out war.

    I expect that a defence treaty between Russia and Chima WILL be signed during the next few weeks.

  181. @Priss Factor

    6’2″ and 187. WTF does he want, a medal? Talk about vanity!

    • Replies: @Petermx
  182. Petermx says:
    @Priss Factor

    Here is Nick discussing the subpoenas on his website.

  183. GMC says:

    This is hard to explain because there are two or more sides to every historic event. Too many people like to ride on the bloody shirt tails of others and exploit it. Germany’s records make it very clear who was F..n them over. Hitlers Mein Kamf , if it hasn’t been altered, shows a whole lot of the problems Germany faced. He was certainly – more than disturbed- about the Bolshevik Jews in the East. It’s pretty clear what happened after that , but there is a reason this part of the story was never told in the Western History books . Because Germany’s problems before WW II are now in the USA.

  184. HBM says:

    Yeah but they’ve got China now. They’ve enriched China which will ruin the US and the West and give them a new proxy enforcer and ultimately a new place to flee to when the “antisemitism” breaks out here for no reason whatsoever. Currently we’ve got the Jew war agitators AND the Jews holding open the gates for and building the escape bridges to China. They did this thousands of years ago with the Greeks and Romans, and they are repeating it with us. Some day, after everything has gone to shit, Jews will invite the Chinese onto American soil to “keep peace”. Anyone paying attention can see it coming together right now.

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  185. Derer says:

    You forgot one crucial factor and that is promoting NATO yoke…deceiving appearance of collective escapades.

  186. raga10 says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    I personally don’t, but generally when someone does, they get the story upside down and back-to-front because the events which precipitated the Cuban missile crisis followed from an American aggression from the outset, not the naughty USSR up to their usual tricks as the accepted Western narrative would have us all believe.

    I agree, that’s why I said there were actual missiles involved on both sides

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    It is, indeed. So show me one NATO missile in Ukraine!

  187. It’s for domestic consumption.

    Like calling Corona the “Wuhan virus” instead of the Fauci- or Elite virus.

    The USA killed tens of millions of people in various genocides in various countries (starting with the American Indians in its own) – yet it’s never mentioned or acknowledged in full and when a tiny bit of it gets mentioned, god forbid, then it was all done for “a just cause” like “fighting communism” or “Iraqi WMDs” or some other pretend bullshit.

    It’s intended for idiots. To make them think “Murica better than China” – so they never really take a look at how bad their own country itself has become and how little its government really cares about its own citizens.

  188. Derer says:

    that Ukraine was preparing six British-trained units

    That must be a relieve for Russians…Brits are famous for “build bunkers” strategy.

  189. annamaria says:

    I respect your review of the disastrous effect of Jewish Bolshevism in Russia.

    Here are two remarks:
    1. German civilization (and German blood) have been important for Russian statehood and culture. From princess von Anhalt-Zerbst to the Nabokovs’ family, Germans were great Russians.
    2. Russians are naturally tolerant people; see their tolerance towards Jews. While the US population is seething with the righteous rage towards zionists (ziocons), which can eventually lead to another expulsion of Jews (number 110), Jews have been tolerated in Russia despite the blood-curling genocidal crimes of the leading Jewish Bolsheviks from Trotsky (Bronstein) and Naftali Frenkel (of concentration camps fame) to the disgusting Goloshyokin (Shaya Itsikovich) a genocidal maniac and murderer of Tsar’s family.

    What is wrong with protecting one’s culture and families from invaders? Stalin was a monster but he is not anymore yet the Russian language, belle letters, philosophy, mentality are alive. During the last 3o years, Russia has been experiencing her Renaissance. If not for the Jewish plot that brought about the bloody Bolshevik revolution, the 20th century would have been a Russian century. Instead, humanity got a Jewish Banksters’ century, along with the destruction of human dignity, mass murders, cultural degradation, and hopelessness.

    As for Ukrainians, the Bandera-Shukhevyc movement began as a reaction to ‘Judeo-Bolshevism’ and ended up with a union between Banderists and Zionists against Russia. There is obvious dissonance in this story, don’t you think?

    By the way, the ‘virtuous’ Shukhevyc was a “military leader of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), and one of the organizers of the Galicia-Volhynia massacres of approximately 100,000 Poles.”

    Moreover, the western territories of Ukraine were stolen from Poland by the Soviets and should be returned to Poland. The terrorist activities of Bandera and such began long before WWII:

    In 1929, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) was formed in Vienna, Austria, and was the result of a union between radical nationalist and extreme right-wing organisations, including the Union of Ukrainian Fascists. The organization initiated a terrorist campaign in Poland, which included the assassination of prominent Polish politicians, such as Interior Minister Bronisław Pieracki, and Polish and Ukrainian moderates, such as Tadeusz Hołówko.

    So please don’t try to dirty the memory of those Russians who died during WWII while defending their country. It is not their fault that Ukraine has become the Kaganat of Nuland – a union of zionists and neo-nazis. Not that I am against the German Nazis who knew the value of decent behavior.

  190. @HBM

    It will be as United Nations “Blue Helmets” rather than as “Red Chinese” troops.

    Ironically, one of the top grossing movies in China in 2021 was The Battle at Lake Changjin aka Battle of Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War.

    I say “ironic” because the Korean War was another Jew Bankster War and officially sanctioned by their front organization the United Nations. Cf. United Nations Security Council Resolution 82 of June 25, 1950.

    One has to wonder who is really running China and if the Chinese are even aware that they are being expertly played like a Mighty Wurlitzer.

  191. raga10 says:

    I got interrupted while writing my post, so to continue…

    Well, the USSR (not Russia) kinda did that in Cuba

    Russia of today is little more than continuation of previous regime by different means. Literally, in some cases: it’s no classified information that Putin’s career started in Soviet Union’s KGB. He was a member of the Communist Party. It’s likely he would’ve been successful or at least perfectly comfortable under that administration too.

    whatever they did in Cuba was a response to the USA secretly moving nukes into Turkey

    My point was that the statement “of course they had submarines to deal with that but they like to get in your face” applied just as much to Soviet reaction to American missiles as it did to American reaction to Soviet missiles.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  192. Derer says:

    Taiwan has no desire to join the rest of china under the CCP thumb.

    “Borderline retarded”. China is Taiwan’s main customer and in addition to family ties makes them inseparable entities. Communists left Taiwan as a temporary sanctuary for defeated Chiang Kai-shek. The Washington bribe is loosing its benefits.

  193. @PJ London

    “PS Dear Vlad, could you also put one off Tel Aviv, this would solve 90% of the world’s problems.”

    Look, would you include me in your PS to Vlad?! . . .

  194. RobinG says:

    Time for a little reminder who staged a false flag and a coup, and installed a puppet regime in Ukraine.
    In which our ambassador to the European Union says, rather undiplomatically, “Fuck the EU!”

    Марионетки Майдана

    The Not-So-Secret Ukraine Phone Call

    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  195. @raga10

    I agree, that’s why I said there were actual missiles involved on both sides

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    It is, indeed. So show me one NATO missile in Ukraine!

    And of course the salient point here is that the tension involves both sides, but is being principally instigated by one of those sides, uninvited, on the other’s doorstep.

    As to whether the USA has already positioned strategic assets in Ukraine pointed directly at Russia’s heart, that question is moot as their intentions are clear to the Russians.

    Suffice to say that, although corresponding Russian strategic assets to balance the American threat may not yet be present in Cuba or Venezuala, if the Americans continue on their current course, they will be.

    • Replies: @raga10
  196. Russia needs to take Russokraine.

  197. annamaria says:

    “it’s no classified information that Putin’s career started in Soviet Union’s KGB. He was a member of the Communist Party”
    — You do know that prez. G. H. W. Bush was a director of the CIA, don’t you?

    “Russia of today is little more than a continuation of the previous regime by different means.”
    — The USSR had its collection of crimes but they were mostly internal.
    How would you qualify the activities of operation Gladio?

    What is so irritating for you about Russia today? – Unlike the US, it does not have 800 military bases abroad to prop its worthless currency by any means however bloody.
    It was the Obama regime that has destroyed the formerly prospectus and peaceful Libya. There are slave markets currently flourishing in Libya – are you aware of that?
    Millions of the innocent civilians of ALL AGES (including thousands and thousands of children) died in the Middle East thanks to the illegal wars of aggression run by the US. – Are you aware of that?

    It was the US Secretary of State who stated that the death of 500.000 Iraqi children “was worth it.” This monstrosity was a designer of the genocidal plan against children.

    A son of a current US president can get enormous bribes, get filmed while taking drags and romping with prostitutes – and remained untouchable by the law. Yet, the US administration has been hunting an honest journalist because he has exposed US war crimes committed during wars of aggression to please Israel. Are you aware of that?

    The US and the perfidious UK have been stocking fires on a border of Russia. They are arsonists. Your post brings to mind the treasonous Vindman brothers who care only about their ethnic vengeance and would sell the US for a few shekels, when convenient. The ongoing disaster in Ukraine has Kagans’ clan fingerprints all over. Are you aware of that?

    • Thanks: emerging majority
    • Replies: @raga10
    , @Athena
    , @raga10
  198. @RobinG

    Ah, yes, that cretinous, Israel First hag Nuland. . . .

  199. raga10 says:

    You do know that prez. G. H. W. Bush was a director of the CIA, don’t you?

    I do, but that’s not relevant here – post-Bush American administrations never claim to be a different country and something completely separate from Bush era.

    Russia supposedly became something else once the Soviet Union fell apart, but I say that alleged change was superficial at best. The salient point is not that Putin was in KGB as such, but that he was a member of elites in Soviet Union and he simply managed to stay on top when Soviet Union disintegrated. Maybe he adjusted, but he never changed.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  200. Athena says:

    What is so irritating for you about Russia today? – Unlike the US, it does not have 800 military bases abroad to prop its worthless currency by any means however bloody.
    It was the Obama regime that has destroyed the formerly prospectus and peaceful Libya

    I agree,

    The US Government would support the devil himself.” Dr. Michael Parenti


    ”Parenti:What do you mean giving up their…?Who’s giving up their…? The Ukraines are giving up their sovereignty?

    Robles: Well, in my opinion and I think many people would agree, that any country that joins the EU, and that is one reason the UK didn’t want it, they would give up a lot of their sovereignty.


    Parenti:Oh. Right.

    Robles: In joining NATO they give up their sovereignty. I mean, when you have American troops in your country…


    Robles: Like in Serbia, what did they do? They recognized Kosovo and the first thing they did, they built the biggest military installation (US military installation) in the world outside the USA, in Kosovo?

    Parenti:In Kosovo! Yeah, yeah.

    Robles: Yeah.You’ve written and spoken about Serbia in the past?

    Parenti:I wrote a book called “To Kill a Nation: The Destruction of Yugoslavia”. And that was what it was about, it was about the whole war that took Yugoslavia, which was a viable social democracy where more than 80% maybe 90% of its economy was publicly state owned and it was going well and they were trying to also build up the worker-controlled enterprises and such, and turn it into a cluster of small right-wing mini-republics where everything has been privatized and everything has been deregulated and the people are poor and miserable, and that is what they got.

    Or in the immortal words of our “friend” Lech Walesa: “you wanted America, you got it”. But now most of those people did not want it, they got bombed into it, you know.”

    See also on :

    Britain To Supply 75 Armored Vehicles For War In Ukraine

    Ukraine To Enforce Prison Terms, Martial Law, Forced Billeting

    U.S. Congress Readies \$1 Billion For War In Ukraine

    Ukraine’s Poroshenko: We Count On NATO Solidarity

    The Devil Quotes Scripture To Drag Ukraine Into NATO, Europe Into War

    NATO to Train Ukraine Regime Troops for Southeast Operation

    Ukraine Crisis Exposes NATO’s Eastward Expansion Drive

    Silence of the Wolves: Ukraine and the Moral Stultification of the West

    USAID and “Democracy Promotion” in Ukraine

    Videos: NATO’s Top Military Chief Invokes Article 5 War Clause Over Russian “Military Invasion” Of Ukraine

    Ukraine: U.S. Proxies Launch Bloody Civil War
    April 15, 2014

    • Replies: @annamaria
  201. Athena says:

    See also Who profits from the war (for dummy) on

    – Ukraine central bank asks police to shield sanctioned Russian-controlled banks from riots

    – Soros Ready To Invest \$1B In Ukraine If West Helps

    – Ukraine forbids its banks to open ruble accounts

    – Warsaw bourse says unaffected by presumed cyber attack from Ukraine rebels

    – Sberbank wants apologies from Ukraine’s top prosecutor

    ”Sberbank chief executive Herman Gref has asked Ukraine’s chief prosecutor to apologise for “groundless” allegations that Russia’s biggest lender has been financing pro-Russian separatists who are fighting government troops in eastern Ukraine.”

    – EBRD provides €30m for district heating infrastructure in Western Ukraine

    – Dragon Capital invests in pharmaceutical company Sperco Ukraine

    and so on and on and on ……….

  202. raga10 says:

    What is so irritating for you about Russia today? – Unlike the US, it does not have 800 military bases abroad to prop its worthless currency by any means however bloody.

    Fair question but I don’t think you are ready to receive the answer, since you immediately frame your question with comparison to USA. It seems you have so completely internalised the dichotomy between USA and Russia that you simply cannot comprehend any other view point… Nevertheless, I’ll try: my answer is that I am neither Russian or American and I don’t see the world as dichotomy between USA and Russia. I am not espacially keen on either of them but here on this forum I concentrate more on Russia, since there is no shortage of posters heaping it on the US already.

    Russia is every bit as murderous and ruthless as America; admittedly they’ve been somewhat less successful at dominating the world but it isn’t for lack of trying – just because they are not as good at it as Americans doesn’t make them in any way morally superior.

    It was the Obama regime that has destroyed the formerly prospectus and peaceful Libya.

    Yes, except that Gaddafi’s Libya was neither especially prosperous or peaceful. Gaddafi was a murderous fucking tyrant who tortured thousands of Libyans with full blessing from Soviet regime who supported him militarily and with full knowledge of the West who turned the blind eye because he was convenient for them. If the West eventually decided he was no longer useful and ended him, that’s still a plus on their side. Although it wasn’t Westerners who actually killed him, it was his own people who hunted him down, beat the shit out of him and eventually killed him… I guess he wasn’t so popular after all!
    And if Libya turned into complete shithole afterwards, well, Libyans themselves had something to do with that, you know.

    Millions of the innocent civilians of ALL AGES (including thousands and thousands of children) died in the Middle East thanks to the illegal wars of aggression run by the US. – Are you aware of that?

    I’m aware. Accurate figures are hard to come by, but Russians probably killed more Afghanis during their intervention there than Americans did in their 20 years, are you aware of that?
    Not that I’m going to fake any indignation; the truth is that I hate Islam more than I do either Russia or America… Deus Vult!

    Yet, the US administration has been hunting an honest journalist because he has exposed US war crimes committed during wars of aggression to please Israel. Are you aware of that?

    Yes, it’s an absolute disgrace. Freedom of press is not exactly flourishing in Russia either though, is it?
    Russia Drops to 149th out of 180 Countries in World Press Freedom Index
    (that article is from 2019; I believe they dropped even lower since then)

    The US and the perfidious UK have been stocking fires on a border of Russia.

    Yes, they amassed over hundred thousand of their troops on that border… no, wait – they didn’t. That’s Russia, again.

  203. Petermx says:

    It’s good that he didn’t and that is why he saved Russia from the disaster it was and the US is noticeably in decline. This may be the US last chance to provoke another war. The US no longer has the power to bully Russia and China who are allies now (thanks to American stupidity). Those two countries together are stronger than the US. Ten years from now there will be no doubt the US is not the biggest economy in the world and it will probably have lost the influence it now has. The US will probably be a middle power with its perennial high crime rate.

    Ukraine would have been much better off if it had rejected its American “friends”, the Zionist senator John McCain and the neo-con Jew Victoria Nuland when those two participated in the 2014 Maidan revolution. It might still have Crimea. Neither of those two, nor any American politician are a voice for Ukrainians whom Americans have been told are “NAZIS” because many Ukrainians did ally themselves with Germany. Naturally they did. The Jews ran the Gulags, were prominent in the secret police and starved 8 million Ukrainians to death. So, for decades after WW II Ukrainians were seen as the second most disgusting people on earth in the US, after the Germans.

    The US does not give a “” about Ukraine. The US is a puppet state to Jewish power and Jews now dominate Ukraine and American Jews want Jews to keep that power. The fact that many American Jews ancestors came from Ukraine, whom they hate as much as they hate Germans, is an additional incentive for Jews to have power over Ukraine. There is no Ukrainian lobby in the US. The Jewish lobby is the most powerful force in American foreign policy.

    Here is a prominent neo-con ratcheting up the rhetoric that Russia will soon invade Ukraine. His name is Max Boot. He was born in Moscow in 1969. How likely do you think it is that an ethnic Russian would take this position, except that he is not an ethnic Russian. He’s a Jew and he feels no connection to Russia or Ukraine except for his connection to other Jews that live there and how can they extend their power. His Wikipedia bio says “Boot is a strong supporter of Israel”. Yes, that is alright. But that shows where his loyalties lie. But he could be neutral and not say anything. But no, he speaks out and speaks in favor of war with Russia. No American politician will speak out against these people. He would be disgraced and lose his job.

    My apologies to Mr. Unz and other decent Jews but that is how I see it.

    He says something else that is dishonest. He says Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014. No, they didn’t. They did not have to invade because they were already there. Russia had (and still has) a major Naval base at Sevastopol so Russian troops were already in Crimea and have always been there. Ukraine was granted its sovereignty on this condition. Max Boot was not there and has no evidence Russia “invaded” Ukraine and I can guarantee you he would never attack Israel the way he attacks the country he was born in.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  204. annamaria says:

    Sorry for the typo: it was supposed to be the formerly prosperous and peaceful Libya

  205. @raga10

    Total disinformation about Gadhaffi and Libya. Under his reign, every newly married couple received a free home. Universal medical care for all Libyans. State supported education for all, including post-graduate degrees. This was all achieved by national control over the oil industry and the money not going to Western oil-barons and Bank\$ters.

    What really set things off were that the NATO powers, which with total aerial supremacy, not only massively devastated the Libyan military but also destroyed most of that land’s infrastructure including an 8 FOOT in diameter water pipeline from an underground lake deep in the Sahara, which if completed and on-line would once again have made Libya the breadbasket for the Mediterranean world, as it had been during Roman times.

    The straw which broke the proverbial camel’s back was that Gadhaffi was about to use oil revenues and Libya’s gold hoard to establish a USURY FREE money system for ALL of Africa. This did not please the Neo-colonialists in France as it would have eviscerated the Rottenchild and Lazard Freres banking control system in the “Francophonie” nations in Africa. That divorce from the Sanhedrin controlled central banking system was totally taboo. After all, even Abe Lincoln and JFK were assassinated for their attempts to liberate the U.\$. from the Bank\$ter funny-money monopoly.

    My assessment, Raga, is that you are spouting off regarding relevant history of which you are blissfully ignorant, OR that you happen to be a disinformation tool of the Bank\$ter agenda.

    • Agree: Petermx, Towey
    • Replies: @raga10
  206. @Petermx

    The US is a puppet state to Jewish power and Jews now dominate Ukraine and American Jews want Jews to keep that power. The fact that many American Jews ancestors came from Ukraine, whom they hate as much as they hate Germans, is an additional incentive for Jews to have power over Ukraine.

    Jews will always have a special interest if not special hate for Ukraine. One of the most influential Jewish leaders of the 20th century, Menachem Mendel Schneerson aka the “Rebbe” was born there.

    To a goy like me, it is inexplicable why Jews should hate the countries in which they were born; but they do, and I’ve noticed it is very similar to how African Americans think and behave. “African Americans” is a racial term and political concept invented by clever Jews, of course.

    I recently came across an “antisemitic” website that claims the Rebbe’s family was involved in blood sacrifices (blood-letting ritual murders) of Christian boys in Ukraine at about the same time that the American Jew Leo Frank raped and murdered young Mary Phagan in Atlanta Georgia on April 26, 1913.

    Unfortunately, I did not bookmark that website and cannot remember its name and can’t cite it now as a reference for further investigation into how Jews love to hate Ukraine.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  207. raga10 says:
    @emerging majority

    Total disinformation about Gadhaffi and Libya.

    More than 1,200 bodies found in Tripoli mass grave

    … Additionally, numerous mass graves that are the result of killings in the last days of the Gaddafi regime have been discovered in the past few weeks. Along with the infamous prison site at Abu Salim, they may provide important forensic evidence of what actually occurred during Qaddafi’s reign

    in the archives, we also found evidence of the strong-hand tactics he used to stay in power. Back in Benghazi, we were given a set of ancient Betamax videotapes that were recorded back in the mid-1980s, showing an infamous public trial and hangings at a sports stadium that signaled the beginning of an intensely repressive period of Qaddafi’s rule. Other images show hangings in the Benghazi harbor, beaten prisoners, smuggled weapons, and the mug shots of detained Islamists. Those too are an integral, if more brutal, part of understanding the nature of Qaddafi’s regime.

    As we discovered in theory, Gaddafi’s regime could be considered as the vanguard of advocates of human rights. However, in practice, Gaddafi and his henchmen were bluntly brutal in eliminating opponents and violating human rights. Gaddafi’s regime practices in human rights were in clear violation, not only of the laws that Gaddafi had enacted but also in violation of international laws and international guidelines.

    “The abuses that we gathered evidence of in Misrata are some of the most egregious war crimes and crimes against humanity I’ve heard of in Libya,” said Richard Sollom, deputy director of Physicians for Human Rights and author of the report.

    “There has been some evidence of crimes committed by rebel forces, but certainly nothing anywhere near as widespread and systematic as those committed by Gaddafi’s forces.”

    • Replies: @annamaria
  208. Petermx says:

    The website has at least one long and very interesting article on Menachem Mendel Schneerson if you haven’t already read it.

    • Thanks: Maowasayali
  209. annamaria says:

    “Gaddafi’s Libya was neither especially prosperous or peaceful.”
    — Your post is straight from the Atlantic Council book – a blatantly false propaganda a la zionist Anne Applebaum.
    Let’s see:

    – Under Gaddafi, education and health care were free for all.
    – Gaddafi’s government had legislation providing for a grant to newlyweds to buy their first apartment so as to help start a family. Claims are that the process was tedious and bureaucratic to the extent that not many people bothered to follow it through but the \$50,000 was there if one followed through.
    – The Gaddafi regime embarked on one of modern man’s edifices of development: the Great Man-Made River Project to make water available to the whole country.
    – Libya was a well-endowed state. To put this into perspective, the self-acclaimed champion of democracy and capitalism, the USA has a debt of over \$18 Trillion [currently, \$30 T]. Libya had none.
    – Having a home was considered a human right.
    – Universal access to primary education [for boys and girls] was achieved in a relatively short time under Gaddafi.
    – The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) confirmed that undernourishment was less than 5% with a daily calorie intake of 3144.
    – On 21 February 2011, Gaddafi launched a program to privatize all Libyan oil to every citizen of Libya. This would initially provide \$21,000 to every citizen from a total of \$32 billion in 2011 and effectively lead to the dissolution of the ministries of health, education and others to eliminate corruption, theft of oil by foreign companies and to decentralize power. [This is why the Banksters, oilmen, and multinationals hated and destroyed Gaddafi.]

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  210. annamaria says:

    Are you so naive to believe and quote these propaganda disseminators?
    Considering the fate of Julian Assange, who reported on the US/NATO crimes against humanity (on a massive scale) in the Middle East, your respect for Reuters and BBC is rather misplaced.

    Why don’t you mention 500.000 dead Iraqi children courtesy of Mrs. Clinton and Sec of State M Alright?

    How about the skyrocketing infant mortality and active slave markets in the formerly prosperous Libya? The slave markets should be named after Obama the Fraud.

    Millions of dead people, destroyed families, and ruined cities courtesy of NATO and the zionized US Congress (see Oded Yinon Plan for Eretz Israel), yet you parroting the CIA-controlled MSM tripes. Ridiculous.

    • Replies: @raga10
  211. raga10 says:

    Are you so naive to believe and quote these propaganda disseminators?

    You can always dismiss any source quoting something you don’t like to hear as “propaganda”, but that makes any further discussion rather difficult. At least I varied my sources, Reuters and BBC were not the only ones. Where did your facts come from? No matter – I can equally dismiss all facts you quoted about Libya as propaganda: there, end of discussion.

  212. Petermx says:

    ‘Russian Invasion Scare’ Unravels, Ukraine Breaks Ranks with US/UK, Denies Russian Invasion Pending

    Ukraine expresses its disappointment that US is sending its diplomats home and encouraging all Americans to leave Ukraine. They said Americans are safer in Kiev than in Los Angeles, LOL. Yes, they apparently said that.

  213. annamaria says:

    ‘I can equally dismiss all facts you quoted about Libya as propaganda’
    — Sure. Is this why you adhere to ‘facts’ delivered by western MSM? Your statements are music to Obama’s and H. Clinton’s ears.
    Ever heard about the Libyan Gold Dinar project? Or perhaps, you never wanted to learn about this project? Here is for you some educational material:
    “Gold Dinar: the Real Reason Behind Gaddafi’s Murder”

    With an excellent management of oil revenues, the Libyan state had managed to store hundreds of tons of gold (143 tons according to WikiLeaks) and the same amount in silver. All these resources were going to make Libya the most influential country in Africa, supplanting France for example.

    Gaddafi wanted to avoid American influence in his oil transactions by using this gold. He launched the gold dinar project, and other major African governments were ready to support him in this project. It was both an African dream and a nightmare for the West’s financial system.

    This information was discovered through Hillary Clinton’s electronic mailbox. One of the 3000 emails showed NATO’s willingness to overthrow Gaddafi’s government. NATO mainly wanted to neutralize the African gold currency supported by Libyan oil reserves.

    Neither Reuters nor BBC report on the real reason for the destruction of Libya and Gaddafi’s murder.
    If you are so eager to find big-time criminals look no further than Clintons, Bush, Blair, and Obama.

    • Thanks: emerging majority
    • Replies: @raga10
  214. raga10 says:

    I notice that you still didn’t tell me what your sources were, though. RT, perhaps?

    I am willing to stipulate that the reasons Gaddafi’s regime was destroyed were as you claim – that doesn’t contradict the fact that he clung to power by means other than just handing out hugs and kisses… things are usually not as black and white as we’d like them to be.

  215. raga10 says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    As to whether the USA has already positioned strategic assets in Ukraine pointed directly at Russia’s heart, that question is moot as their intentions are clear to the Russians.

    Far from being moot, that question is EVERYTHING. Facts are facts but what is clear to a lunatic might not even exist in reality at all.

    Suffice to say that, although corresponding Russian strategic assets to balance the American threat may not yet be present in Cuba or Venezuala, if the Americans continue on their current course, they will be.

    Well, I am consistent. Cuba and Venezuela are free in my opinion to make whatever arrangements they want and if the US wants them not to make deals with its enemies, it should just treat Cuba and Venezuela better.
    The same goes for Russia and its neighbours, though.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  216. Petermx says:

    The difference is Russia has no important reason (nothing comparable to the US) to take Libya’s side and there is no Arab lobby with influence over Russian foreign policy. The US is hostile to Libya and every other Arab country because Arab countries don’t like Israel and Israel plays a major role in guiding US foreign policy. Libya and Israel have never had international relations, Libya was a part of the Arab alliance against Israel in the Arab-Israeli wars and throughout the 70’s and 80′ the US was accusing Libya of terrorist acts in support of Israel. Gaddafi was constantly demonized by the US media.

    Here is Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel making a speech to the US Congress. The US Congress gave him 29 standing ovations. They have never given any US president that many standing ovations and certainly would not give any other foreign leader that many standing ovations, if any at all. When the columnist and former presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan called the US Congress “occupied territory” he was specifically referring to the Israeli stranglehold over the US Congress.

    US Congress Gives Israeli Leader 29 Standing Ovations

    Israel has similar lobbies and influence over the British, German and French governments.

    That is why RT is a more reliable source than Reuters, BBC or any other major western media outlet, all of which have demonstrated their subservience to Jewish/Israeli demands by enacting “Holocaust Denial” laws and their subservience in various other ways, including huge cash payouts as compensation for the so called Holocaust. That is also why the US destroyed Iraq twice. Do you know anything about the two American wars against Iraq? One of the first things Iraq did in the 1991 war was launch missiles against Israel when the US attacked Iraq. They retaliated against no other countries. Just the US and Israel. You may be blind to who controls US foreign policy but not everyone is.

    Here is a book on the subject from two professors. The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy, by Professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt of the University of Chicago and Harvard University respectively

    Once again, that is why RT is a more reliable source than Reuters, BBC or any other major western media outlet. Not that RT is perfect either. Israel/Jews have influence there too. Russia also enacted “Holocaust Denial” laws in 2014.

    • Thanks: emerging majority
    • Replies: @raga10
  217. raga10 says:

    The difference is Russia has no important reason (nothing comparable to the US) to take Libya’s side

    Historically, Soviet Union supported Gaddafi’s regime; his forces used Soviet equipment almost exclusively (apart from a few Mirage fighters). In any case, RT doesn’t need a reason. Its purpose is to spread disagreement and fake news on any subject, whether it is directly related to Russia or not.

    RT — which has tens of millions of followers across social media — is a vocal part of the country’s propaganda operation, according to the 23 journalists who spoke to the University of Oxford academics. Their efforts included skewing news output to promote narratives that showed the West as corrupt, divided and out of touch.

    • LOL: Petermx
  218. @raga10

    When your sources happen to be shit, excreted from the BBC, which was established in the 1920’s by Brutish intelligence and by Reuters, which was funded and founded by the Rottenchild Crime Clan to control the flow of world news reports ; you are essentially nothing more than a manure-spreader.But don’t expect to be taken on by any organic farmer, as their animals likely have a more healthy diet, one which does not result in chronic-wasting disease.

  219. @raga10

    Propaganda outlets in the West—all of them—are owned by the same people who own the U\$ government and those of its allies.

  220. @raga10

    Ultrafart the Brave

    As to whether the USA has already positioned strategic assets in Ukraine pointed directly at Russia’s heart, that question is moot as their intentions are clear to the Russians.

    Far from being moot, that question is EVERYTHING. Facts are facts but what is clear to a lunatic might not even exist in reality at all.

    No, you are wrong, that particular question in the context of American activities in Ukraine is indeed moot, as the last several decades’ history demonstrates clear malevolent intent by the Americans.

    Do you really want to deny American involvement in the replacement of a democratically elected Russian-friendly Ukrainian government with the current rabidly anti-Russian and openly Nazi regime, in a violent operation characterised by Stratfor as “the most blatant coup in history?”.

    Whether or not the USA has (so far) succeeded in placing strategic weapons in Ukraine has little bearing on their clear intention to do so.

    You imply that the Russian position is that of a lunatic, whereas current circumstances on the ground argue the exact opposite – an extremely sober and measured reponse by Russia to an imminent existential threat by an adversary which has a track record of destroying or attempting to destroy other countries around the world.

    However, let’s play your game of constructing strawmen to push unsupportable positions.

    Let’s suppose that the Russian leadership are indeed lunatics as you so blithely suggest. In that case, when Russia goes full retard and threatens Armageddon if the USA insists on parking on Russia’s doorstep on the opposite side of the planet to the USA itself, surely the sane response would be for the Americans to back off just to calm the supposedly lunatic Russians down? Why provoke a madman who is armed to the teeth with hypersonic nukes?

    So that’s the strawman falling down under the weight of its own twisted (lack of) logic.

    And yes, the original question is moot, because the strawman is in fact just a strawman constructed to obscure the reality of clear American malevolent intent with an unfounded allegation of Russian “lunacy”.

    And yes, you repeatedly insist that you don’t play “favourites” between the USA and Russia – but you sure put a lot of effort into both dismissing and deflecting attention away from what the Americans are up to in Ukraine.

    As you yourself acknowledge, the USA has a history of unilaterally provoking potentially cataclysmic crises with its chosen adversaries, as per the well-worn Cuban crisis.

    Well, now we see the USA doing the same thing again.

    Since when does Russia have to be anyone’s “favourite” in order to accept the reality of American mischief in Eastern Europe on Russia’s doorstep?

    Yes, we know, you don’t pick “favourites”. It’s starting to sound like a misinformation strategy. Who would have thought? (Times are hard).

    • Replies: @Petermx
    , @raga10
  221. Petermx says:

    The western media are the corrupt liars that constantly spread fake news. For 3 or 4 years the mainstream US media claimed President Trump was a spy for Russia and Muller’s investigation demonstrated he was not. The US media is the most one sided bunch of crooks that viciously attacked Trump 24 hours a day for 4 years and they are the same people that have branded the White majority NAZIS, White supremacists and anti-Semites in their own country, That same media covers up the crimes of vicious Black criminals and promotes riots when it supports BLM and antifa that have destroyed American cities. America’s worst enemies are within its own borders.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • LOL: raga10
  222. @annamaria

    If you’re going to have a dictator, make sure to get a good one.

    Muammar Gadaffi was a very good one (and a good man to boot).

    • Agree: annamaria
  223. Petermx says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    Sounds good but you lost me when you called a government dominated by Jews “NAZI”.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  224. raga10 says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    Why provoke a madman who is armed to the teeth with hypersonic nukes?

    Counterpoint: why try to appease a madman who is armed to the teeth? It will only encourage him. If NATO gives Russia the assurances it demands about Ukraine today, tomorrow they will demand NATO withdraws from, say, Poland… because “buffer”.

    All this bullshit about a “buffer” and “spheres of influence” is just that: bullshit.

    There are no such concepts in reality; Russia is not entitled to any buffers or to any sphere of influence any more than any other country. I’m sure Poland would also prefer a buffer between them and Russia – so what? They are stuck with the border with Kaliningrad (or more correctly, Königsberg) Oblast and even longer border with Russia’s bitch, Belarus… that’s just how it is, tough shit.

  225. annamaria says:

    You did not bother to read Lavrov: The crux of Russia’s proposal is mutual security.

    American stink-tanks’ lunatics and talmudic supremacists still hope that they will not suffer any consequences of their playing with fire thanks to being protected by two oceans. They have zero respect for human life, and they care not about Europe (see Clinton’/NATO’ bombing of beautiful Yogoslavia with depleted uranium). The opportunists and obnoxious “chosen” care only about their immediate paychecks.

    There will be the inevitable targeting of the US/UK industrial and administrative nodes by Russian and Chinese superior weaponry. Many innocent people will be endangered because the US does not accept the concept of mutual security.

    How to explain it to you in gentle terms… You have sided with Browder, Kagans clan, the City of London money-changers, and the likes. Whether your ethnicity (Jewish) or your west-Ukrainian roots (or both), you have certain convictions and boundless hatred (of talmudic kind) towards Russians and Muslims, which prevent any rational discussion.
    Perhaps this forum is too much for you.

    • Agree: Towey
    • Thanks: Ultrafart the Brave
    • Replies: @raga10
  226. That’s the key here: if the US loses Taiwan, that is the beginning of the end. There’s no coming back from that.

    The losers in that case would be ZOG and the globalists. The winners would be the White population of the USA and other Western countries.

    The USA is a anti-White country. It has been spreading anti-White rhetoric world wide for the past 50+ years, while at the same time having no qualms about wasting the lives of mostly young White men to clear out the enemies of Israel with “regime changes”. This has further demonized Whites as people who like to “bomb brown people” – the smears are all courtesy of the (((USA))).

  227. raga10 says:

    Whether your ethnicity (Jewish) or your west-Ukrainian roots (or both), you have certain convictions

    I love being diagnosed on the net! Some posters before you insisted that I must be Indian, because I criticised China – but all of you are wrong. I am not Indian, I am not Jewish and I am not Ukrainian.

    Perhaps this forum is too much for you.

    Nah, I’ve worked with retards before – there is nothing here that I couldn’t handle.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  228. Athena says:



    ”Until this dispute, there had been no third-party international review of a particular feature’s status as an Article 121(3) rock or Article 121(2) island, and the ICJ’s decision was difficult to predict. If it declared Snake Island an island, in delimiting the maritime zones, the ICJ could consider “special” or “relevant” circumstances and give Snake Island full, partial or no effect on the boundary. On September 19, 2008, the ICJ closed its public hearing.”

    Judgment issued by the ICC:

    ”The court delivered its judgment on February 3, 2009,[6] dividing the Black Sea with a line between the claims of each country. On the Romanian side, the ICJ found that the landward end of the Sulina dyke, not the manmade end, should be the basis for the equidistance principle. The court noted that a dyke has a different function from a port, and only harbor works form part of the coast.[7]

    On the Ukrainian side, the court found that Snake Island did not form part of Ukraine’s coastal configuration, explaining that “to count [Snake] Island as a relevant part of the coast would amount to grafting an extraneous element onto Ukraine’s coastline; the consequence would be a judicial refashioning of Geography”. The ICJ concluded that Snake Island “should have no effect on the delimitation in this case, other than that stemming from the role of the 12-nautical-mile arc of its territorial sea”.[7] While the judgment drew a line that was equitable for both parties, Romania received nearly 80% of the disputed area, allowing it to exploit a significant but undetermined portion of an estimated 100 billion cubic meters of deposits and 15 million tonnes of petrol under the seabed.”

  229. @raga10

    Ultrafart the Brave

    Why provoke a madman who is armed to the teeth with hypersonic nukes?

    Counterpoint: why try to appease a madman who is armed to the teeth? It will only encourage him.


    … and so the notion that your strawman (built around the assertion that Russia is run by lunatics) fails to withstand logical scrutiny – just encourages you to cling even more desperately to the very same flawed logic, wandering up a blind alley oblivious to your solitude.

    Here’s a revelation – it’s not the Russians who are determined to expand their territorial footprint. As a matter of fact, it never was. They most certainly don’t have 800 military bases dotted all over the planet, unlike their specific adversary in this looming conflict.

    You pretend to be unbiased and claim to have no “favourites” – yet in a confrontation involving two parties, you overlook the habitual Games of Empire practised by one party in order to accuse the other of the very same, for which it is innocent. It’s pretty clear that you’re very keen to disparage one of those two adversaries, facts and probity be damned.

    In short – and this is very plainly evident – you’re a liar.

    Obviously relevant facts, such as the American-driven violent coup to replace a Russian-friendly democracy in Ukraine with a rabidly anti-Russian Nazi regime, don’t sit well with your contorted world view – so you studiously and meticulously ignore such facts while layering fiction upon fiction to patch up a collapsing narrative.

    Your contributions have paid stooge written all over them. If not paid – well, don’t quit your day job.

    • Replies: @raga10
  230. Athena says:

    NATO MANIPULATORS in Ukraine: The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry says Croatia’s decision not to take part in the US-UK NATO crusade is ”unacceptable” and an insult to the memory of Ukrainians and foreigners who gave their lives for the European future of Ukraine.

    ”Croatian President Zoran Milanovic said that Ukraine does not belong in NATO and also called the events of the Revolution of Dignity a “coup. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is “deeply disappointed” with Milanovic’s statements and demands a public rebuttal of these statements. This is said in a statement on the ministry’s website. ”

    ”The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry invited Croatian Ambassador to Ukraine Anica Dzhamic, who was informed of the position about the categorical unacceptability of Milanovic’s statements about Ukraine.”

    ”The ambassador stressed that Zoran Milanovic’s statements about the events of the Revolution of Dignity insult the memory of Ukrainians and foreigners who gave their lives for the European future of Ukraine.”

    ”The Foreign Ministry expressed deep disappointment with the Croatian president’s statements about Ukraine’s membership in NATO and the irrelevance of assistance to our state against the background of Russian aggression. The ministry stressed that this was particularly dissonant with universal human values, given the bitter experience of the Croatian people’s war.”

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  231. raga10 says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    it’s not the Russians who are determined to expand their territorial footprint. As a matter of fact, it never was.

    You seem to have forgotten about all of Eastern Europe, which the Russians overrun and established their puppet governments in. Starting long before WWII for that matter, annexing Ukraine in early 20s… One could say, well… bygones – if it wasn’t for the fact that now they talk about their “sphere of influence” as if it was a real actual God-given thing, when in fact it was just a result of armed conquest of their neighbours that they managed to subdue for a brief (in historical terms) time.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  232. @Petermx

    Sounds good but you lost me when you called a government dominated by Jews “NAZI”.

    I fear we are dealing here with a paradigm – a preconceived mindset so strong as to filter out any contrary information.

    Do you honestly believe that a Jew can’t be a Nazi? Ask George Soros for his point of view on that one.

    Alternatively, ask your average Palestinian what he / she thinks about it.

    Incidentally, IMO the Israeli government is a perfect example of a Nazi regime (how ironic).

    BUT in specific reference to the regime which forcefully replaced the legitimate democratically elected government of Ukraine in a violent coup (the most blatant coup in history, according to Startfor) – yes, a Nazi regime.

    Their armed forces have even taken to wearing the SS armbands made so notorious by their WWII German counterparts. Ukraine under the current regime embraces and celebrates Nazism.

    Understandably, none of this is given coverage in Western media.

  233. @raga10

    That was NOT Russia, you creep. It was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Russia is no longer a part of that collapsed union and that union is not a part of Russia. Lenin lies there in his glass cage, rather similar to Jeremy Bentham. Good places to take a spit.

    The carnival is over and many Russians still mourn their losses to a hateful regime, where its tyrannies abroad were overmatched by those it imposed on the Ukranian, Kazahk and RUSSIAN peoples. The only ones who generally made out like the bandits they were when they held imperial power at the foot of the Caucasus a thousand years ago; were the Khazarian Talmudists.

    • Thanks: Ultrafart the Brave
    • Replies: @raga10
  234. @Ultrafart the Brave

    They may be wearing the regalia of the Nazis, but they are ruled by the Ash-can-Nazis.

    • Agree: Ultrafart the Brave
  235. Petermx says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    I know what a NAZI is. Do you? My parents grew up in Germany when Adolf Hitler was the leader of their country. The most important goals of the NAZIS was the return of certain territories taken from Germany at the end of WW I. Germany wanted Danzig returned, what was known as the “Polish Corridor”, Memel and the Sudetenland. The National Socialists (NAZIS) were fiercely opposed to communism, what they called Judeo-Bolshevism. They spoke out against the atrocities being carried out in the USSR and they vowed to keep it out of Germany and Europe. They helped Franco in the Spanish Civil War. The National Socialists believed Jews were not sufficiently loyal to Germany and that many betrayed Germany in WW I. They stripped many Jews of certain rights and strongly encouraged them to leave Germany. They were traditionalists. They respected Europe and its traditions and saw Judeo-Bolshevism as radically anti-European. Back then forbidding Christianity was a big thing for many people and they had many supporters for this against communism (but not the British or Americans). The NAZIS also wanted a strong Germany that could defend itself against foreign invaders because before Hitler came to power in 1933, other countries continuously sent troops into Germany to steal additional parts of Germany not given to them by the Versailles Treaty. For instance, my mother was born in the German city Memel in he 1920’s but 4 years before she was born Lithuanians invaded Memel and declared it part of Lithuania. The “allies” did nothing. They didn’t declare a world war on Lithuania for stealing the German city, so Germany put Hitler in power and he took it back in 1938. So, when I hear people talking about “neo-Nazis” in America or elsewhere (where they could not care less about Danzig or the Sudeteland) I assume the media is calling certain people NAZIS because they think they intend to make Jews into bars of soap and lampshades, as Americans and others said this for decades after the war was over.

    • Thanks: annamaria, Towey
    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  236. annamaria says:

    It seems that you are, indeed, a zionist, judging from your weasely Russophobic casuistics and casual badmouthing of the opponents – a signature of talmudic education.

    • Replies: @raga10
  237. peterAUS says:

    …given the bitter experience of the Croatian people’s war.”…

    Which is exactly the reason Croats are reluctant to participate in this adventure.

    Their military leadership, actually, has the most experience with scenarios which could happen if the shooting starts. Only Georgians come close; the rest are clueless.

    They simply think:
    with Russians, not Yugoslavs/Serbs, as an enemy. Terrible difference in effective firepower and operational art.

    That’s for the “E” in METT-TC.

    As for the first T in the acronym above Croat mercenaries have been active there for quite some time. Hence, Croat military-intelligence leadership is aware of qualities and capabilities of Ukrainian forces.

    And the last but not the least Croats had presence in Afghanistan. Learnt how the regime in Washington cares about allies, first hand.

    If this starts it will be bad.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  238. @Petermx

    I know what a NAZI is. Do you?

    Different labels for different times. Or the same labels for different purposes.

    My parents grew up in Germany when Adolf Hitler was the leader of their country.

    FWIW, I admire Herr Hitler, his genuine passion for the welfare of the German people and what he accomplished for the German state. As I like to say, if you’re going to have a dictator, make sure you get a good one – and IMO, Hitler was a good one.

    That being said, the myth of the evil German Nazis and the alleged Holocaust (seriously, basic mathematics pulls the rug out from under that one) is a universally understood meme. Hence Sienfeld’s “Soup Nazi” and so many other culturally pervasive references – an indication of the successful entrenchment of this propaganda (compare the allegations of German Nazi atrocities to the absolutely suppressed truth of American death camps for German POWs implemented immediately after cessation of Exercise WWII).

    We can see the Israeli projection of the German Nazi (anti-semetic?) narrative into the Western psyche, expressed in their own native savagery inflicted on the Palestinian Nation. Hence the irony of the State of Israel being the living real-life embodiment of the very same genocidal ideology from which they claim perpetual victimhood. IMO the State of Israel is indeed a “Nazi State” using their own characterization of the term.

    In few words, irrespective of its historical origins, the term “Nazi” is colloquially sysnonymous with the concept of the tyrannical “Master Race” ruling over their implicitly inferior subjects – again, ironically, something the Israeli State has consistently asserted as its rightful position in the world. Goyim take note.

    Getting back to the Ukrainian situation, let’s just say that their disposition seems to embrace something of the Master Race perspective – an attitude that never seems to end well.

  239. raga10 says:

    It seems that you are, indeed, a zionist, judging from your weasely Russophobic casuistics and casual badmouthing of the opponents – a signature of talmudic education.

    Well, here’s a bit of talmudic wisdom for you then: when you find yourself at a point where you have nothing more to say other than resorting to personal attacks, that is a good point to stop talking!

    • Replies: @Petermx
  240. Petermx says:

    Then I guess we can assume she is correct but I would characterize her statement as an accurate description of insulting Jewish behavior. That being the case, I would hope no one takes your advice, which would leave you continuing your insults while others say nothing.

    • Thanks: annamaria
    • Replies: @raga10
  241. raga10 says:

    which would leave you continuing your insults while others say nothing.

    It is usually not considered an insult for someone to have an opinion even if you find it controversial: freedom of speech and all that. Of course you might not actually subscribe to such ideas as freedom of speech – good to know!

    As for me, I never indulge in insults or ad-hominem attacks unless seriously provoked in kind, and even then I usually just leave the conversation if things get out of hand because at the end of the day this is just a forum and in any case I consider this as a win for me if you have no better retort to my points than name calling.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  242. @raga10

    I consider this as a win for me if you have no better retort to my points than name calling.

    Hmmm, yes, very interesting.

    Let’s break down the gist of your admission here…

    1. Your contributions to this forum are deliberately adversarial.

    2. The intention of your posts is to provoke hostility – you specifically categorize this as “a win”.

    3. You are looking for personal gratification – “a win for me” – so this forum is a means for you to indulge your ego.

    4. Ergo, you have explicitly identified yourself – by your own admission – as a troll.

    Not very professional. A paid troll would likely be more circumspect in their mischief.

    Food for thought (but not for you).

    • Replies: @raga10
  243. raga10 says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    Your contributions to this forum are deliberately adversarial.

    Not always – on some points (such as immigration and some cultural issues) I am in agreement with majority here. When it comes to Russia and China, I am not.

    The intention of your posts is to provoke hostility – you specifically categorize this as “a win”.

    It is common to look at the outcome of a debate in terms of winning and losing – that does not imply trolling.

  244. raga10 says:
    @emerging majority

    That was NOT Russia, you creep. It was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

    I’ve addressed this point before: there is very little difference and a lot of continuity between the two. USSR was simply Russia plus territories they annexed, today’s Russia is just Russia stripped of those territories.

    Their economic systems might differ, but their international politics have not changed much at all.

  245. @peterAUS

    If this starts it will be bad.

    Holy snappin’ arseholes Batman!

    … on the plus side – we could walk to Tasmania.

    (Then again, the authors in that study believe the Global Warming BS, so what’s their credibility?).

    And then there’s this…

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  246. @siberiancat

    I think we’ll not be seeing any mutual defense treaties between Russia and China. This is a US led Western concept and it doesn’t need to apply in the pragmatic politics followed by either state. That doesn’t limit their ability to co-operate, even to the extent of mutual defense. It does limit either sides’ opponents from being able to make easy predictions or assumptions.

    Whether or not either side will come to the aid of the other, any attacker, let’s dispense with niceties, the USA and it’s dogs; will have to take the possibility into account. In my opinion, entering into a formal agreement will only weaken their individual and joint positions. Their nemeses will then only need to limit their planning to the one model. Uncertainty is surely of more strategic benefit..

  247. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Walking to Tasmania is not a plus. No matter how you get there, from the first convicts who had become criminals in a convict colony, to this day when we just try to keep them caged on the island for everyone’s sake, Tassie is not a place normal Homosapiens would want to go. Whether walking, flying or transported on rotting sailing ships.

    Having Tasmanians access the mainland, by simply walking, is not what I would call a plus in any circumstances. We rely on their general lack of ability to swim far or fly, to stay safe as it is. We don’t even need their apples, better ones are grown in the SW of WA. But it keeps them supplied and on the island.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  248. America and its suicidal lackeys in Europe want a war with Russia to goose their speculative economies along with some other goals.
    Cut off the European Union from trade with Russia thus making the Europeans more dependent upon America. Especially for energy.
    A war, even a limited one, would justify the unjustified NATO.
    A Russian occupation of Ukraine would be a quagmire for them. The Russians aren’t stupid enough for this one as they have plenty of experience with American sponsored traitors, “dissidents”, and mercenaries, “rebels”.
    A confrontation with Russia would help the floundering Democrats in the midterms of 2022.
    None of this touches upon the legitimate grievances of Russian speaking Ukrainians in Crimea and the Donbas. The west stands ready to exploit the tensions between the Ukrainian “nationalist”, in fact useful idiots for western imperialists, and true Ukrainian nationalists and of course the Russian speakers. That the Ukrainian globalist elite is sacrificing their own country for America is the tragedy here.

    • Agree: Robjil
  249. @Rabbitnexus

    Walking to Tasmania is not a plus.

    But that’s where they got the poppies, Dude.

    Poppies, man, poppies!

    Having Tasmanians access the mainland, by simply walking, is not what I would call a plus in any circumstances.

    Jacqui Lambie… enough said.

  250. @Roger

    1. “The details” are purposely left out because there is a chance that it is not widely known.

    2. I am not making claims, I pointed to first hand knowledge.

    3. No ambition to be an anal ist.

    4. Why should I care about “reputation”? What would I want to proof to whom?

    5. For you it is “shrill, hysterical, hateful posturing.”

    6. The gangster lingo is not my native tongue. I speak and live the language of the Gods to the chore.

    7. Roger?

    8. Over!

  251. Biff K says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    “Monsanto” is to livestock and plants, what “vapor trails (from jets) are to ass-scratching hillbillies convinced those are “chemtrails.” It was the TV (and mebbe some estrogen, growth hormone-laced cow feed and the milk produced – which is where “Monsanto” might come in) that turned their sons into overly tall freaky looking fem-acting snowflakes; not those contrails. (but what do I know?)

  252. Biff K says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Rehashing English is a part of communization probably part of egalitarianism. It is important to erase some identities and invent some new ones. With everybody’s baby chile going to cowidge these days, it works well.

    Notice that the word “responsibility” has vanished. And, a 6th grader can correctly spell “narcissistic.”

    For the first 50+ years of my life the word was pronounced “mah, zlim” and spelled (in newspapers) “moslem”.

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